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Merry Christmas and welcome to
summer in Costa Rica! The cool, dry,
Christmas Winds are blowing and the
rainy season has ended here.
We are counting down the
months until the end of our
term here in Costa Rica.
Weve had an amazing 4
years of ministry that we
cant wait to tell you about.
Cod has surprlsed us over and over
agaln wlLh evldence LhaL Pe ls
esLabllshlng Pls work here on Lhe
unlverslLy campuses of CosLa 8lca.
Lach of you has been a parL of our
mlnlsLry here. Cur success ls your
success when we work LogeLher ln Lhe
klngdom. We wlll be flnlshlng our Lerm
ln !une and comlng home for a year of
lLlneraLlon. We hope Lo come speak aL
your church and Lo share some of Lhe
amazlng sLorles from our sLudenL
leaders shlnlng a llghL on Lhelr campus.
Amiot Family Christmas 2013
In Costa Rica

1he empLy nesL ls ofLen
a very hard LranslLlon for
mlsslonary famllles. We
are a very close-knlL
famlly who acLually
en[oys belng LogeLher on
a dally basls. We are
proud of our klds and
Lhe people LhaL Lhey are
becomlng. 1hough we
are sad Lo see our flrsL
chlld flylng ouL of Lhe
nesL, we are Lhankful
LhaL Lhe Llmlng of our
furlough wlll mean LhaL
we are ln Lhe same clLy
for hls flrsL year of
college. WhaL a blesslng
Lo celebraLe ChrlsLmas
1hls has been a wonderful year for our klds. 1hey have
conLlnued aL So[ourn Academy ln grades 12, 7, and 1.
Lucy ls learnlng how Lo read ln flrsL grade. l Lhlnk she
has moved ouL of Lhe phase where she was slgnlng all
her papers wlLh Lhe name LdlLh. Lmma ls ln !unlor Plgh
Lhls year. She was Lhrllled Lo flnally be old enough Lo
change classrooms each hour, Lo be a Leacher's ald for
grade, and Lo choose elecLlves classes. She has Laken
a klndle 8ook Club class and she's now ln urama. l can'L
Lhlnk of a more approprlaLe class for her. She'll probably
geL an A. 1aylor has been organlzlng school fund ralsers
and uslng Lhe skllls he learned ln hls personal flnance
class. !osh wlll be Laklng 1aylor and Lhe only oLher boy
ln hls graduaLlng class on a Senlor Class 1rlp ln Lhe
sprlng. Aprll has been worklng as Lhe AsslsLanL rlnclpal
aL So[ourn Academy. !osh has been preparlng our
leaders Lo Lake over Lhe mlnlsLry whlle we are home.
ln [usL a few shorL monLhs, we wlll be Laklng our flrsL
born back Lo Amerlca Lo aLLend college. We are all
acuLely aware of Lhe
blLLersweeL changes
Laklng place wlLhln our
famlly. ray wlLh us.
1aylor CelebraLes hls LasL ChrlsLmas ln CosLa 8lca
Assembly of Cod secure glvlng slLe hLLp://