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ESSAY: Yasun Exploitation What does it mean to be a developing country?

The world is being taken over by a new ideology that has as its goal, to make people believe that development is equal to economic growth. This could not be farther from the truth. These past weeks in Ecuador, the main discussion has been about whether the exploitation of the oil beneath Yasun ITT, is going to cause more good than damage, or the other way around. This subject has created a lot of controversy and protests, although the government has said that it is the only way to go now in order to achieve social and economic development. Before making a decision about this particular subject it is necessary, to understand some aspects; such as: the environmental impact, human rights and sustainable economy. When talking about environmental impact, it is basic to know that anything or anyone could cause it. The Ecuadorian government has proposed to exploit the 0.01% of the Yasun Reserve. Although this number may seem to represent very little space, it is the habitat of millions of plants and animals. As a country, Ecuador, has been blessed because of its wealth based on its natural resources. Ecuador has so many fertile lands and such a great variety in flora and fauna that other countries cant even begin to imagine. Several international entities have tried to interfere with the decision of the Ecuadorian government especially because of the threat to human rights, it represents. There are many noncontacted communities that live there, so why should we meddle with their homes? Even though it is hard to understand the way these people live, nobody has the right to decide how and where they should live. Until now, there hasnt been a conclusive investigation about these tribes, and how oil exploitation would affect them. Even if the Ecuadorian constitution says that these communities are protected by law. Another problem that comes with the exploitation of oil is that this is not going to generate a sustainable economy for the country. As it is known, oil is a nonrenewable resource. In spite of the fact that our productive matrix is oil, we cant depend any more on it. Because it is going to end one day. On the other hand we should invest in other productive sectors as agriculture or small companies. Even if the income of the country increases in a short term, it doesnt mean that the country is developing or even will overcome poverty. Therefore, it is not the same to have an economic growth than to have a developing economy. Finally, the price to be paid in the name of development should never be the destruction of our identity. If we want to make a good choice about this we should be aware that the Yasun. Cant only be seen through the money glasses. This decision is going to change the course of Ecuadorian history forever, and we are never going to be able to go back. Ecuador is an amazonic country and not a place that has little pieces of Amazonia. The only way of developing is to keep our roots and culture.