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Post: Responsible to: Grade and Conditions of Service: Main P rpose of Job: Director of Curriculum (Assistant Principal) Principal The salary for this post is reviewed annually by the College Remuneration Committee. The salary will be !"#""" per annum . To play a full role in the senior management of the College. To ta$e a lead in relation to certain activities. These will include curriculum planning# strategic planning# policy development in certain areas and leadership of all College%wide &uality issues. To contribute to the wor$ of the whole College in a variety of ways not specifically listed. To share with other members of the senior management team line management responsibility for team leaders and co%ordinators. 'n common with the other Assistant Principals to deputise for the Principal as re&uired. Specific D ties: (. Curriculum) a) to lead on planning for the implementation and delivery of the College curriculum b) to lead on curriculum strategy# both in relation to national policy and local and partnership needs c) in consultation with the Principal# determining the number of course groups which operate

d) leading Programme Team *eaders as they ma$e their staffing arrangements e) liaison with e+ternal awarding bodies# both ,- and .Jobdes.470 March 2010


to lead on arrangements for student assessment# monitoring and review. g) oversight of the provision of learning resources to support curriculum delivery

/. Planning)

a) playing a lead role in bringing together and producing the College development plans# strategic plan# etc b) contributing significantly to policy development in certain areas# including leading on the promotion of e&uality and diversity c) liaising with the Director of 0perations# to ensure efficient and effective use of buildings and rooms.

1. 2uality)

a) liaison with e+ternal &uality agencies b) lead on the self%assessment review c) co%ordinate and oversee the wor$ of the 2uality Co% ordinator

d) oversight of .- &uality processes e) wor$ing with the 2uality Coordinator# to maintain detailed analysis of student achievements and to prepare results for presentations and publications as necessary f) to monitor the wor$ of e+ternal verifiers and similar activities 3odies regarding

g) liaise with all Awarding achievements4appeals

h) to lead the College in its preparation for any inspections i) 5. 6tudents) to lead on the maintenance of College &uality systems for student higher education references.

a) to play a full part in the operation of College mar$eting events b) to participate in the programme of guidance interviews arranged for all full%time students


March 2010


to accept responsibility for the maintenance of student discipline as appropriate

d) responding to complaints and other issues as appropriate. 7. *ine 8anagement) a) to be *ine 8anager of a number of middle managers9 these will initially include the *earning Resources 8anager# -+ams 8anager# the 2uality Co%ordinator and a selection of Programme Team *eaders.

General Re! ire"ents:

As a member of staff the postholder will be re&uired to further the agreed aims of the College by participating fully in the following)% The scheme for appraisal and review of performance adopted by the College. The provision of a high &uality environment for student learning and associated activities. 6tudent :elfare and 6upport 6ervices. The development of a fle+ible and responsive institution. College Promotional and 8ar$eting Activities. The safe and appropriate use of College e&uipment# premises and property. .ealth and 6afety Procedures as laid out in the College .ealth and 6afety Policy. 6taff Development Activities. ;eneral College Development. Truro and Penwith College is a young institution# which is going through a period of rapid growth and development. All members of staff must be prepared for changes in their responsibilities and wor$. The postholder will also be re&uired to underta$e such other tas$s as the Principal from time to time may determine.


March 2010


The person sought will possess most if not all of the following characteristics) (. /. 1. 5. 7. <. !. =. >. (". ((. (/. (1. (5. (7. An honours degree or similar e&uivalent professional &ualification and a recognised teaching &ualification. A record of continued study or professional development. A substantial record of involvement in post%(< education. 6uccessful tenure of a middle or senior management position in post%(< education. A record of achievement in teaching and in educational leadership. A personal history of successful involvement in educational initiatives. *eadership &ualities and an eagerness to assume responsibility and innovate. The intellectual ability to analyse trends and develop an appropriate educational response. 3e an effective communicator# both written and oral# and have a high level of presentation s$ills. 3e well organised# able to give attention to detail and capable of ensuring efficient procedures. 3e committed to good wor$ing relationships and have the ability to motivate others. 3e committed to the implementation of a curriculum and wor$ing practices which are free from any bias relating to gender# disability or ethnicity. -nthusiasm for new opportunities to help continue to ta$e the College forward. Demonstrable habits of hard and sustained wor$. .ave a cheerful# fle+ible and ?estful approach to wor$ and a well developed sense of humour.

The appointment panel will welcome applications from candidates who are keen to develop their careers in Further or Higher Education to the highest level.
Jobdes.470 March 2010