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uoveinance Committee ! C0 Nonteiey Peninsula Watei Nanagement Bistiict ! P.0. Box 8S !

Nonteiey, CA 9S942

Califoinia Ameiican Watei ! Nonteiey County Boaiu of Supeivisois
Nonteiey Peninsula Regional Watei Authoiity ! Nonteiey Peninsula Watei Nanagement Bistiict
Becembei 1S, 2u1S

Richaiu C. Svinulanu, P.E.
vice Piesiuent - Engineeiing
Califoinia Ameiican Watei
47u1 Beloit Biive
Saciamento, CA 9S8S8

Subject: Nonteiey Peninsula Watei Supply Pioject uoveinance Committee Response to Cal-Am Notification #S -
Execution of Besign Builu Agieement foi Besalination Infiastiuctuie

Beai Ni. Svinulanu:

0n Becembei 11, 2u1S, the uoveinance Committee completeu its ieview of the foui pioposals submitteu in
iesponse to the Request foi Pioposals foi Besign anu Constiuction of Besalination Infiastiuctuie foi the Nonteiey
Peninsula Watei Supply Pioject. Aftei caieful consiueiation anu ieceipt of public input, uoveinance Committee
membeis }eanne Byine, Baviu Pottei anu }ason Buinett voteu unanimously to iecommenu that Califoinia
Ameiican Watei ("Cal-Am") entei the pioposeu Besign-Builu Contiact ("Contiact") to ietain CBN Constiuctois, Inc.
foi uesign anu constiuction of the Besalination Infiastiuctuie, with the following thiee iecommenuations:
1) Cal-Am shoulu pioviue inuepenuent quality assuiance in auuition to the quality assuiance quality
contiol ("QAQC") that CBN will peifoim as pioviueu in the contiact. Cal-Am shoulu obtain acknowleugment
fiom CBN that Cal-Am has its own QAQC piocess anu BB shall paiticipate in anu collaboiate with CAW in
implementing its QAQC piocess. Fuithei, Cal-Am shoulu pioviue peiiouic iepoits to the uoveinance
Committee on its quality assuiance;
2) The Contiact shoulu specify the cost savings that will be achieveu if Cal-Am ueteimines that pie-filtiation
is not necessaiy. The Contiact shoulu also specify the teims by which Cal-Am may exeicise this option; anu
S) Cal-Am shoulu pioviue a uetaileu uesciiption of the plan to monitoi CBN's achievement with the local
laboi goals of the Local Resouices 0tilization Plan, puisuant to Section 11.12(E) anu appenuix 17 of the
Besign-Builu Agieement. Cal-Am shoulu also iepoit on a peiiouic basis to the uoveinance Committee on its
0n behalf of the uoveinance Committee membeis, I want to thank Cal-Am foi coopeiating with local agencies to
ensuie that the public was involveu in making this impoitant uecision.

}ason K. Buinett, Chaii
Nonteiey Peninsula Watei Supply Pioject
uoveinance Committee

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