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Harness the Power of Voice in Healthcare:

Voice Enable Your Clinical Workflows

Introducing VoiceFirst:

Intuitive Care Delivery

VoiceFirst puts the power of mobile voice recognition where it can be most effective, on the frontlines of patient care with patient-facing clinicians. VoiceFirst integrates state-of-the-art voice recognition technology with smartphone and wireless devices creating a truly mobile, hands-free, two-way conversation between the clinician and the EMR system, in real time, at the point of care. For the first time ever, clinicians can have a conversation with their EMR while being completely mobile and free to focus first on patient care. Improving service quality and reducing medical errors are critical success factors for healthcare providers. Expanding the use of information technology and evidence-based medicine are two key practices being used to achieve these goals. VoiceFirst enables healthcare providers to connect these two initiatives to deliver the best available patient information to clinicians at the point-ofcare from the EMR system.

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The Evolution
Over the last decade, Electronic Medical Record systems have had a profoundly positive impact on healthcare. They standardize records, reduce errors, create efficiencies and replace piles of paper charts with instantly accessible electronic files. But EMRs also require much of a clinicians time and may distract from personal contact with the patient. To further improve outcomes and restore human interaction, clinicians must be empowered to spend more time with patients and less with computers. Technology that augments the power of EMRs and further optimizes the clinicians performance will ultimately benefit both patients and staff.

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The Power of Voice in Healthcare

The human voice has always been one of the most powerful tools in healthcare. While existing voice technologies such as dictation and voice-activated personal communications systems have made clinical environments more productive, more cost efficient and safer for patients, these legacy solutions have significant limitations.


Using VoiceFirst, clinicians have a conversation with their EMR system insuring a higher quality of patient care, reduced patient record errors and clinical documentation improvement (CDI). These measurable efficiencies have immediate impacts on patient outcome, quality of care delivery, and a hospitals bottom line.


Practicing clinicians who believe that technology can make a difference in clinical healthcare developed VoiceFirsts clinical workflows. Studies show that clinician support of new technology, like EMRs, is vital to successful adoption. Surveyed clinicians who used voice-powered tools in frontline patient care overwhelmingly agreed (79%) that they are comfortable using voice technology during patient interaction with the majority acknowledging that voice-powered tools save time, reduce error rates and improve patient outcomes.

Enter voice-enabled clinical workflows with VoiceFirst

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Why leave your EMR system on the sidelines of patient care? Bring the full impact of technology to the patient bedside. VoiceFirst lets patient-facing clinicians truly mobilize their EMR system with hands-free interaction to make rounds, follow patient activity and have meaningful, datadriven conversations by sending and retrieving patient data, in real time, directly at the point of care.

Why VoiceFirst?
Improve Patient Satisfaction
As the hospital market becomes more competitive, your patients have more choice where they receive care. HCAHPS scores show how your patients perceive the quality of service you provide. By increasing clinician mobility and simplifying their workflows, VoiceFirst increases the time they spend directly providing patient care, improving patient perceptions of their experience.

Increase Efficiency & Throughput

Using keyboard-based systems, clinicians spend more than 35% of their time on documentation. With VoiceFirst, clinicians access and update patient records in the EMR in real time, at the point of care, with the power of their voice greatly reducing the time required to manually chart or input updates by keyboard. Clinicians no longer tied to hallway computers are far more productive.


By reducing distractions and simplifying workflows, VoiceFirst enables hospitals and other clinical environments to improve the quality of care and increase HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores. VoiceFirst can also improve the satisfaction and effectiveness of clinical staff by making care delivery more humanistic and intuitive.

Elevate Quality of Care

Improve care quality and reduce medical errors by bringing the EMR from the corner computer to the bedside. Voice interaction from VoiceFirst lets your EMR system play a more active role in the support of clinician evaluation and continuing patient care.


VoiceFirst is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is tailored to each clinical workflow using unique terminology, processes, procedures and requirements. VoiceFirst can adapt as your needs and requirements change.

Raise Clinical Team Satisfaction

Clinicians largely enter healthcare to spend time with patients. Activities that deter them from patient care often increase their frustration and lower morale. By simplifying complicated workflows and making technology more usable, VoiceFirst enhances the satisfaction of your entire care team.

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How VoiceFirst Works VoiceFirst streamlines care, making it more

personal and intuitive. Here is one example: IV Nurse Workflow with VoiceFirst

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When she arrives for her shift, the IV nurse verbally logs on to VoiceFirst, puts a smartphone in her pocket and a Bluetooth headset in her ear. She checks the screen and reviews the days task and patient lists. As she enters each room, she uses voice to retrieve pertinent information (e.g., Review Chart, Review Allergies, Review Line Type). VoiceFirst queries the EMR and responds instantly with voice and smartphone screen display. After completing the service, the nurse documents care using natural speech by stating into her headset, Inserted peripheral IV 20 gauge, left brachial, flushed with 5 cc normal saline, line intact, mother in room, patient tolerated procedure well. Nurse can view the documentation on her smartphone, say Save, and the data is automatically populated into the appropriate fields in the EMR as she continues to the next patient or task.

Wireless Headset

iPhone Application

Workow Services

Voice & Recognition

Clinical Interfaces

With VoiceFirst, the nurse is empowered to provide and document care more efficiently, right at the point of care.
Electronic Medical Records

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VoiceFirst integrates seamlessly with todays EMR systems, adapting its data and workflow procedures to voice recognition. Displays, checklists, forms and additional visual data are presented on the smartphone screen. System integration is an efficient, non-disruptive process managed by VoiceFirst professionals.

We Make Speech Work in Clinical Settings

Dynamic Grammar
To allow accurate use of natural speech and efficient throughput, VoiceFirst configures grammarbased interactions on the fly based on workflows. For highly structured workflows, VoiceFirst dynamically parses the grammar to satisfy the specified workflow.

Many users can operate VoiceFirst without training, however, Vocollect offers training sessions to optimize and ensure recognition performance. Users can confirm interpreted speech to verify accuracy.

Language Models
Domain-proved language models ensure performance, accuracy and workflow conformance in specific environments.

Low latency supports quick exchanges of data for natural, truly interactive speech.

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About VoiceFirst
VoiceFirst puts the power of mobile voice recognition where it can be most effective in healthcare on the frontlines of patient care with frontline clinicians. Mobile, voice-centric care solutions lead to improved patient care, increase caregiver time with patients and improve patient centered outcomes. VoiceFirst brings together clinical workflow expertise, state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, and smartphones to create a truly mobile, hands-free, two-way conversation between the clinician and the EMR system, in real time, at the point of care. VoiceFirst customers benefit from the insights and experiences gleaned from over 400,000 workers using our parent company Vocollects voice products to better perform their jobs.


To learn more how VoiceFirst can benefit your healthcare organization or to schedule a demonstration, please visit or call (412) 206-1225.


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