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Nowaday, the schools in Viet Nam and all over the world either require all students to wear

school uniforms or permit students to decide what to wear to school. And there are a lots of disputes among the topic: Students should wear uniforms or casual clothes to school. In my opinion, wearing uniforms when students go to school is better. !isrt, wearing uniforms helps students feel equal in many ways. "hey all start in the same place no matter they are rich or poor. #hen students wear uniforms, all of them are similar. $ou can%t &now that these students are poor or rich. And what happen if students can choose what to wear to school' (ertainly, the rich students will wear costly clothes,fashion clothes and the poor students don%t have enough money to buy new and model clothes so they wear old clothes to school and they will have inferior comple) about their status. "herefore, when students wear uniforms, there is no difference between the rich and the poor. Secondly, wearing uniforms ma&e students ta&e pride in their school #hen wearing uniforms, the students are encouraged to be proud of being students of their school because they are wearing the uniforms which labels bearing their school name. *)ample, you are a student of (huyen high school. #hen you wear your chool%s uniform to go to school, everyone &now that you are a student of (huyen high school and they will thin& that you must be an e)cellent student. So are you happy about this' !inally, If students are required to wear uniform, they will not have to spend time thin&ing about what to wear in the morning. "he spare time they have can then be used for more useful purposes such as...In fact, one may argue that as adolescents, they should focus on their academic pursuit rather than their outfits. +a&ing school uniforms compulsory arguably serves this purpose. Ng,y nay, c-c tr./ng h0c 1 Vi2t Nam v, tr3n to,n th4 gi5i ho6c l, y3u c7u t8t c9 h0c sinh m6c :;ng ph<c h0c sinh ho6c cho ph=p h0c sinh :> quy4t :?nh nh@ng gA :> m6c :4n tr./ng. V, cB r8t nhiCu tranh ch8p gi@a c-c chD :C: E0c sinh ph9i m6c :;ng ph<c ho6c qu7n -o gi9n d? :4n tr./ng. "heo F &i4n cDa tGi, m6c :;ng ph<c &hi h0c sinh :i h0c l, tHt hIn. !isrt, m6c :;ng ph<c giJp h0c sinh c9m th8y bAnh :Kng trong nhiCu c-ch. "8t c9 h0 :Cu bLt :7u 1 cMng mNt chO &hGng cB v8n :C m, h0 gi,u hay nghPo. Qhi h0c sinh m6c :;ng ph<c, t8t c9 chJng :Cu t.Ing tR. STn &hGng th> bi4t rUng nh@ng sinh vi3n gi,u hay nghPo. V, nh@ng gA )9y ra n4u h0c sinh cB th> lRa ch0n nh@ng gA :> m6c :4n tr./ng' (hLc chLn, c-c sinh vi3n gi,u sV m6c qu7n -o :Lt tiCn, qu7n -o th/i trang v, c-c sinh vi3n nghPo &hGng cB :D tiCn :> mua qu7n -o m5i v, mG hAnh :> h0 m6c qu7n -o cW :4n tr./ng v, h0 sV cB phXc tTp &=m hIn vC tAnh trTng cDa h0. VA vYy, &hi h0c sinh m6c :;ng ph<c, &hGng cB sR &h-c bi2t gi@a ng./i gi,u v, ng./i nghPo. "hX hai, m6c :;ng ph<c l,m cho sinh vi3n tR h,o vC tr./ng h0c cDa h0

Qhi m6c :;ng ph<c, c-c sinh vi3n :.Zc &huy4n &h[ch :> tR h,o l, sinh vi3n cDa tr./ng h0c cDa h0 b1i vA h0 :ang m6c :;ng ph<c m, nh\n mang t3n tr./ng h0c cDa h0. V[ d<, bTn l, mNt h0c sinh cDa tr./ng trung h0c (huy3n. Qhi bTn m6c :;ng ph<c cDa bTn chool :4n tr./ng, t8t c9 m0i ng./i bi4t rUng bTn l, mNt sinh vi3n cDa tr./ng trung h0c (huy3n v, h0 sV ngh] rUng bTn ph9i l, mNt h0c sinh )u8t sLc. VA vYy, bTn cB hTnh phJc vC :iCu n,y' (uHi cMng, N4u h0c sinh :.Zc y3u c7u ph9i m6c :;ng ph<c, h0 sV &hGng ph9i m8t th/i gian suy ngh] vC nh@ng gA :> m6c v,o bu^i s-ng. "h/i gian r9nh rOi cDa h0 sau :B cB th> :.Zc s_ d<ng cho c-c m<c :[ch h@u [ch hIn nh. ... "rong thRc t4, ng./i ta cB th> lYp luYn rUng, cWng nh. thanh thi4u ni3n, h0 n3n tYp trung v,o vi2c theo :u^i h0c tYp cDa h0 chX &hGng ph9i l, trang ph<c cDa h0. Qhi4n nh, tr./ng :;ng ph<c bLt buNc cho l, ph<c v< m<c :[ch n,y.