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december 16 - 22, 2013
New Legislation Introduced to Promote STEM Careers
for Women, Minorities and Economically Disadvantaged
2013 Economic Development
Council Awards Finger Lakes
Region Almost $60 Million
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Rochester stadium to host 10-day hockey festival
local news
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Detroit ruling opens
threat to NY worker pensions
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Interpreter at Mandela event:
I was hallucinating
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2 |DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
3 | DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
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Superintendent Vargas Sends Urgent Letter to Parents Asking for Help
By Delani Weaver
Social media sites such as Twiter
and Facebook have been flled with
statuses and tweets about the death of
18-year-old Kemari Hodricks, an RCSD
student who was killed on Genesee St.
across from local high school Joseph C.
Wilson Commencement Academy.
Though the arrest of 18-year-old
Dante Rankin, also an RCSD student,
has been made in connecton with the
murder, Superintendent Bolgen Vargas
stll felt the need to speak out on the
Vargas sent a leter to parents and
families in the Rochester City School
District explaining his grief over the
mater and asking for help:
Dear Parents and Families,
I write to you with a heavy heart and
urgent request.
Two days ago, an 18-year-old was shot
and killed on Genesee St. across from
Joseph C. Wilson Commencement
Academy. Yesterday, police arrested
another young man who is alleged
to have been involved in the crime.
Both are former students at district
schools, who were later served by
special instructon programs we ofer
for troubled youth.
My thoughts and prayers go out to
all the families, friends and school
communites afected by these tragic
events. But that is not the only reason
my heart is heavy. These are the
latest in a series of violent events this
year, in which the victms and alleged
perpetrators were current or former
Rochester students.
As I ofen say, the Rochester City School
District is ultmately responsible for
the educaton of your children. But we
cannot do it alone. Since I have become
superintendent, the community
has been overwhelmingly generous
in providing the help our district
requests. But that is not enough.
We urgently need more support from
parents and families to address the
problem of youth violence, inside and
outside our schools.
All of the school programs and
support services our community ofers
cant replace the need for actve and
commited parents, or other adults in
a parentng role. We need you to:
* Teach children that violence is never
acceptable as a means of setling
* Know who their friends are, including
the friends they communicate with
online. It is both acceptable and
necessary for parents to monitor their
childrens use of social media.
* Make sure that children atend
school every day.
* Require them to treat teachers and
other adults with respect, as you
expect them to treat you.
* Encourage them to put forth their
best efort in school, and to read every
Children who do these things will
succeed in school. I say that with
absolute confdence because many of
our students are already doing well.
But too many are falling through the
cracks, and falling prey to violence.
If you need help to make these things
happen, ask for it. Our community is
rich in resources to help families deal
with any issue that keeps children
from succeeding. Call 211, your childs
school, your minister or another
trusted adult. I assure you that people
will be there to help you and your
Our district will provide whatever
resources are needed to be sure that
school is the safest place for your
children to be, every day. We will
provide the academic instructon and
extra support they need to achieve.
But I cannot take total responsibility
for their safety or academic success.
We need your helpand they do, too.
Bolgen Vargas
Superintendent of Schools
The lives of residents driving the
growing popular electric cars will soon
be easier thanks to a grant that will
allow for the constructon of vehicle
charging statons throughout the city.
The Citys Plug-in Electric Vehicle
Charging Staton Project is now
underway at various City-owned
parking lots and parking garages.
This is an excitng step for Rochester
as we strive to increase our use of
alternatve fuel vehicles and decrease
greenhouse gas emissions, said
Mayor Richards. We are happy to
provide these charging statons for
electric vehicles and proud to contnue
our commitment to exemplary
environmental stewardship in our
The City was awarded a New York State
Energy Research and Development
Authority (NYSERDA) grant as part of a
Federal and New York State initatve to
accelerate the introducton of electric
vehicle charging statons throughout
the state.
The frst phase of the project
involves the installaton of conduits
and electricity for the new charging
statons. This underground electric
work is currently taking place at
City Hall and work at this locaton is
expected to be completed by mid-
Customers will be able to use the
Electric Vehicle Charging Statons
free of charge for the frst year afer
installaton is complete, which is
expected to be April 2014. Spaces for
electric vehicle parking will be clearly
designated and the statons will be
connected to an online network called
ChargePoint, where users will be able
to fnd and reserve spaces for their
electric vehicles and pay for service
using the Internet or smartphone.
A total of 24 charging ports will be
installed at the following locatons:
. City Hall parking lot, 30 Church St. (2
. Rochester Public Market, 280 N.
Union St. (2 ports)
. Port of Rochester, 1000 N. River St.(4
. Washington Square Garage, 111
Woodbury Blvd. (4 ports)
. Court Street Garage, 194 Court St. (4
. Sister Cites Garage, 28 N. Fitzhugh St.
(4 ports)
. East End Garage, 475 E. Main St. (4
Construction Begins for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Superintendent Vargas
4 |DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013

When you text a driver, you
take their eyes off the road
for as long as it takes to drive
the length of a football eld
at 55 mph; F.Y.I. thats
to see how you can help end distracted driving.
New Legislation Introduced to Promote
STEM Careers for Women, Minorities and Economically Disadvantaged
The STEM Gateways Act, introduced
by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-
NY) and Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-
MA) Tuesday, is meant to encourage
women, minorites and economically
disadvantaged students to pursue
careers in science, technology,
engineering, and math (STEM).
This new legislaton would provide
grants for classroom learning, career
preparaton, mentoring, internships,
informal learning and other
appropriate educatonal actvites,
ofcials stated.
New York is home to the greatest
colleges and universites, and the
worlds most innovatve minds, said
Sen. Gillibrand. But if were going
to compete and win in the global
economy, we must prepare our
students with the educaton they need
for the jobs of the future. That starts
with getng more talented young
women, minorites, and students
in high-need communites into the
STEM pipeline. We are relying on our
children today to be the innovators of
tomorrow. Its our job to make sure
they are prepared.
Minorites account for only three out
of 10 professionals in the STEM felds.
Not only are the number of women
and minorites in STEM felds low, but
their numbers are decreasing. The
number of engineering bachelors
degrees awarded to African-American
women has steadily declined since
the late 1990s. Additonally, students
from economically disadvantaged
communites struggle to access STEM
opportunites, with the vast majority
of federal resources channeled into
higher educaton insttutons where
these populatons are signifcantly
For too long our natonal STEM
eforts have failed to efectvely
reach critcal segments of the U.S.
populaton, said Rep. Kennedy.
By under-investng in educatonal
opportunites for populatons
historically underrepresented in
STEM felds, we arent just doing
those individuals a disservice; we
are leaving a tremendous amount
of economic potental on the table.
The STEM Gateways Act will help
us close pervasive opportunity gaps
and support the diverse and dynamic
workforce that leadership in a global
innovaton economy requires.
The STEM Gateways Act would provide
funding through the U.S. Department
of Educaton to help schools implement
rigorous STEM academics, with a focus
on reaching underrepresented groups.
As a former educator who represents
Silicon Valley, I know frsthand that
STEM Gateways Act is a step in the
right directon to ensure that each
and every child receives an excellent
educaton, said Rep. Mike Honda (D-
CA), an original co-sponsor of the bill.
STEM training provides for a high-
quality workforce and a well-informed
public, and this critcal legislaton
addresses the unique challenges that
many women and minority populatons
face. Closing the opportunity gap will
help ensure the future success of our
Selected elementary and secondary
schools, in partnership with
community colleges, non-profts, and
other partner organizatons, would be
able to use federal funding to support
STEM, classroom actvites, extra-
curricular and afer-school learning,
summer programs, student tutoring
and mentoring, and professional
development for educators.
Such focused eforts on expanding
STEM opportunites for girls, minorites
and economically disadvantaged
students will broaden and strengthen
the pipeline of American STEM
workers, ofcials stated.
5 | DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
SUDOKU by Myles Mellor and Susan Flanagan
Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has
been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares.
To solve the puzzle each row, column and box must
contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in
three grades: easy, medium and diffcult. Level: Medium
CALL US @ 585.301.4199
6 |DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
Nearly $60 million will go to the Finger
Lakes Region of New York afer Gov.
Andrew Cuomo announced the annual
economic development awards in
Albany Wednesday. Ten diferent
regions across the state competed for
a porton of the $750 million in state
funding and tax incentves available
to fund 824 projects. Dozens of
important projects in Monroe County
and the Finger Lakes region will
receive funding through the Regional
Economic Development Council
(REDC) award process.
I remain proud of the work of the
Finger Lakes Regional Council as we
contnue to transform our region into a
knowledge-based innovaton economy
that is a natonal leader in several
felds, said Assembly Majority Leader
Joseph D. Morelle (DIrondequoit). I
am happy that several critcal projects
in Monroe County received funding.
We will contnue to demonstrate to
the rest of the state that our region
is a place where Albany can get an
excellent return on its investment and
again lead the way in job creaton in
New York State.
Included in the awards was a provision
for the I-Square project in Irondequoit,
which will receive two grants totaling
$2.32 million, and will go to great
lengths in helping developers Mike and
Wendy Nolan complete the project,
ofcials said.
The I-Square award comes from
funding made available from the
states Cleaner Greener sustainability
initatve, as well as the NYS
Environmental Facilites Corporaton.
Other key projects in Monroe County
receiving funding include: $750,000
for the redevelopment of the Sibley
Building in downtown Rochester, $1
million for the Rochester Insttute
of Technologys planned Center for
Urban Entrepreneurship, $500,000
for the Health Sciences Center for
Computatonal Innovaton (HSCCI) at
the University of Rochester, $150,000
for the Town of Brighton to update its
Comprehensive Plan, and $250,000
for St. John Fisher Colleges proposed
Integrated Science and Health Sciences
The award also provided funding for
several key insttutons and projects
in the city of Rochester, including:
$1.2 million for the Promenade at
Erie Harbor which will link Rochesters
southern neighborhoods to
downtown,$500,000 for the Rochester
Public Market to allow the city to
contnue to implement its Master
Plan for the natonally-recognized
market, $227,612 for renovatons
at the Litle Theatre in downtown
Rochester, $224,000 for Geva Theatre
in downtown Rochester, $100,000
for the Rochester Fringe Festval, and
$600,000 for the Garden Aerial Project
over High Falls in Rochester.
Governor Cuomos regional council
process contnues to succeed because
it is allowing local stakeholders to
communicate its priorites to Albany,
said Morelle. We have much more
work to do, but our region has much
to be optmistc about today.
2013 Economic Development Council
Awards Finger Lakes Region Almost $60 Million
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) Rochesters
downtown minor league stadium is
set to host the frst outdoor game
ever played by the citys professional
hockey team.
Crews have been working for weeks to
transform Fronter Field into the Frozen
Fronter, home of the 10-day outdoor
hockey festval that starts on Friday
night with the Rochester Americans
hostng the Lake Erie Monsters in an
American Hockey League matchup.
The weekend schedule includes games
featuring mens and womens college
teams from Rochester and elsewhere
in upstate New York and a Bufalo
Sabres-Rochester Amerks alumni
A 3-on-3 pond hockey tournament,
open skate sessions and a full slate of
local high school games are scheduled
for the weekend of Dec. 20-22.
For tcket and schedule informaton,
check out www.frozenfronter2013.
Rochester stadium to host 10-day hockey festival
BUFFALO, N.Y. - (AP) -- Teachers across
New York will wear blue and rally for
more funding and less testng Monday
as part of a natonal Day of Acton
organized across numerous states.
The overriding message is reclaiming
the promise of public educaton,
said Richard Iannuzzi, president of
New York State United Teachers, who
planned to begin Monday at an event
at Nyack High School with American
Federaton of Teachers President Randi
Weingarten, parents and legislators.
Events also were planned in Albany,
Binghamton, Rochester, Syracuse,
New York City, Yonkers, the Bufalo
suburb of West Seneca, and at least
two dozen other states.
While teachers, students, community
groups and educators planned to
tailor their actons to states individual
concerns, a central theme across
numerous states, including New York,
Florida, Idaho and Iowa, was a call for
more funding for public schools.
In advance of the events, New York
organizers published an open leter
to state educaton leaders which, in
additon to underfunding, decried
a lack of access to public higher
educaton, rushed implementaton
of new standards and evaluatons, an
obsession with testng, lack of support
for teaching and learning (and)
insufcient stafng and layofs.
Iannuzzi said recent changes
announced by SED, including the
eliminaton of a math test for some
eighth-graders, fall short of the major
reset that is needed.
State educaton ofcials did not
immediately respond to a request for
New Yorks decision to base
standardized tests and teacher
evaluatons on new Common Core
learning standards adopted in all
but fve states has been met with
resistance from educators and
parents who say implementaton
of the more rigorous standards was
rushed. Educaton Commissioner John
King Jr. has defended the decision as
necessary to prepare students for
college and careers afer graduaton.
Mondays protests will support calls
for a three-year moratorium on high-
stakes consequences linked to state
standardized tests, untl the standards
have been fully implemented.
Day of Action planned by NY teachers, union
7 | DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) A federal
bankruptcy courts decision in
Detroit last week putng that citys
consttutonally protected public
pension on the table for cuts cracks
the door open for pension reductons
in New York.
The concern among unions is that
the assurance that New Yorks public
workers have operated under since
1938 that pensions shall not be
diminished or impaired could now
be threatened by local governments
fghtng of insolvency.
Its a turning point. ... What has
been sacred pensions are not
sacred anymore, said Syracuse Mayor
Stephanie Miner, who has been a
leader in seeking acton to save New
Yorks distressed municipalites from
insolvency. That has so far been
avoided through higher taxes and
layofs and reducing services.
The Detroit decision could give
struggling municipalites leverage in
negotatng other concessions to avoid
bankruptcy court.
Miner said Albany where politcians
campaigns beneft greatly from
organized labors money, volunteers
and votes will also have to take
notce. She and some other local
leaders have long sought far more
acton from Albany, including relief
from unfunded, state-mandated
Now, inacton could drive a municipality
to bankruptcy for relief and be worse
for unions.
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli
has determined at least 23 cites,
countes and towns from Niagara Falls
to Nassau County are signifcantly or
moderately stressed. Seventeen others
from Erie County to the Adirondacks
town of Newcomb are susceptble to
In November, Gov. Andrew Cuomo
signed a law to allow Rockland County
to borrow $96 million to address its
defcit, even as county taxes rise to
help meet the shortall.
While municipal bankruptcy has
never happened in New York, it is
clearly not beyond the realm of
possibility, said Peter Baynes of the
New York Conference of Mayors. He
said the state must help more because
the problem bleeds beyond city lines.
The stressed New York municipalites
share many of the same pressures
as Detroit: Aging communites losing
populaton, leaving diminished tax
bases strapped by a legacy of growing
health care and pension costs from
historically large public workforces.
The result has driven away employers
and young New Yorkers.
For some, the judges decision to make
Detroits pension fair game came as no
surprise. They saw it happen 40 years
ago, and it helped save New York City
from bankruptcy.
With New York City facing default,
United Federaton of Teachers union
President Albert Shanker met with
Gov. Hugh Carey in the apartment of
Richard Ravitch, who Carey brought in
to prevent the citys bankruptcy. They
agreed pensions would have to be on
the table to negotate a survival short
of that.
The reality that entering bankruptcy
would end the consttutonal
protecton of pensions was critcal
... we never would have goten the
unions, said Ravitch, who later served
as lieutenant governor. He and former
Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker
issued a nonpartsan task force report
in 2012 that said states are grappling
with long-term budget problems,
including pension costs.
Unions representng nearly 2 million
public workers and retrees statewide,
most with pensions of $20,000 to
$43,000 a year, say the Detroit decision
is cruel, unfair and unnecessary in New
This was a ruling that should send chills
through every working American,
said Stephen Madarasz of the Civil
Service Employees Associaton union,
which represents 265,000 members.
It really suggests that any semblance
of the social compact is dead.
Madarasz said he fears the ruling will
be used at the negotatng table as
leverage by unscrupulous politcians.
They will probably do that at their
own peril, he said.
Illinois has already trimmed some
retree benefts, and Stockton, Calif.,
has cut the cost of retree health care.
This should remind them of what
Hugh Carey was reminding city workers
40 years ago, said E.J. McMahon of
the Empire Center for Public Policy, a
fscally conservatve think tank. That
all bets are of.
The state comptroller who is the sole
trustee of the state pension fund said
history shows New Yorks pension
members should feel secure because
the states fund is fully funded, as
opposed to Detroits city pension.
Even in the unlikely event of a
bankruptcy, New Yorks public pensions
shouldnt be afected, DiNapoli said
Sunday. For more than 90 years,
the more than 3,000 partcipatng
employers have consistently paid
the required contributons necessary
to fund the benefts for employees
and retrees in return for their public
Detroit ruling opens threat to NY worker pensions
Photo credit: AP | FILE - In this March 16, 2012 fle photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, right,
and Syracuse, N.Y., Mayor Stephanie Miner talk during a bill signing ceremony in the Red Room at
the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. A federal bankruptcy courts decision, Dec. 3, 2013 in Detroit to put a
consttutonally protected public pension on the table for cuts means a major change in New York
and for millions of public workers and retrees as local governments stave of insolvency. Syracuse
Mayor Stephanie Miner called the Detroit decision a turning point in New York where politcally
powerful public unions have long been assured their pensions are untouchable. (AP Photo/Mike
Groll, File)a
NY prosecutor shuts down illegal puppy sellers
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New Yorks
atorney general has shut down two
women who bought puppies for cheap
online or got them for free and then
sold the sickly animals for proft to
unsuspectng customers.
Atorney General Eric Schneiderman
said Thursday that the women have
been permanently barred from selling
animals or becoming licensed pet
Schneiderman said his ofce reached
an agreement with Carissa Seaman,
who he said illegally resold more than
two dozen puppies in one year. He said
she bought them on Craigslist or got
them for free and kept them in poor
conditon without veterinary care.
He said Seaman, of Cleveland, 20 miles
northeast of Syracuse, ofered to sell a
5-week-old St. Bernard puppy that had
feas to two undercover investgators
in July.
Schneidermans ofce also obtained a
court order against Stephanie Arcara
of Bufalo, who posed as a puppy
breeder, but the puppies she sold
were actually bought on Craigslist.
Schneiderman said consumers
reported malnutriton, feas, flth and
illness among the pets and that Arcara
sometmes misrepresented the breed
of the puppies she sold.
The atorney generals ofce said both
women violated state law by failing to
provide consumers with any records
of the puppies breeder or veterinary
care; ofering to sell puppies less than
8 weeks old; failing to have the puppies
examined by a licensed veterinarian;
and failing to advise consumers of
their right to return sick puppies.
Phone numbers for the women were
not listed.
Humane societes and rescue
organizatons in central and western
New York assisted in the investgaton.
8 |DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
6 -11 pm: Free Family
& Adult Open Skate
at Martin Luther King
Jr. Memorial Park
10 pm: Fireworks
Finale on the Main
Street Bridge!
7 - 9:45 pm: Free DJ
Dance Party & Family Fun
Activities at Riverside
Convention Center
Tuesday, December 31
New Yeas Eve
Follow the fun @cityofrochesterny #RocHolidays
Questions? Call 311
( - The seasonally adjusted
unemployment rate for African-Americans dropped
in November as the natons nonfarm payroll
expanded by 203,000 jobs, which was stronger than
what many analysts had expected.
The jobless rate for blacks, however, was stll much
higher compared to whites, to Hispanics and to
Asians, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statstcs reported
this morning.
The unemployment rate for Blacks was 12.5 percent
in November, compared to 13.1 percent in October.
The November rate compares to 6.2 percent
for Whites and 8.7 percent for Hispanics. The
unemployment rate for Asians was 5.3 percent, but
it was not seasonally adjusted.
The Bureau of Labor Statstcs reported that the
jobless rate in November for black men 20 years old
and older was 12.5 percent, down from 13 percent in
October. In comparison, white men in the same age
group reported an unemployment rate of 6 percent,
down from 6.2 percent in October.
The jobless rate in November for Black women 20
years old and older was 11.1 percent, compared to
11.5 percent in October, BLS reported.
White women 20 years old and older reported the
natons lowest jobless rate on a seasonally adjusted
basis. Last month, their unemployment rate was 5.3
percent, down from 5.5 percent in October.
The natons unemployment rate declined to 7
percent from 7.3 percent, BLS reported.
The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Economic and
Policy Research reported that the number of jobs
created in November was the second-consecutve
month that the economy added more than 200,0000
jobs. In October, the nonfarm payroll expanded by a
revised 200,000 jobs.
It was impressive that the jobs gains were broadly
spread across industries, the Center for Economic
and Policy Research reported. Manufacturing
added 27,000 jobs afer adding 16,000 in October.
This is the largest two-month gain since February
and March of 2012.
BLS also reported job gains in warehousing, health
care, professional and business services, retail,
constructon, leisure and hospitality. The Bureau
of Labor Statstcs noted, however, that 7.7 million
workers were employed part-tme and that there
762,000 discouraged workers in November. These
are workers who have stopped looking.

Black Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly in November:
Second consecutive month that job growth exceeded 200,000
9 | DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
Notce of Formaton of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) 1. Name of the Limited Liability
Company is PARK AVENUE TAXI, LLC. 2. Artcles of Organizaton were fled with the
Department of State of New York on 10/10/2013. 3. County of ofce: Monroe 4. The
Company does not have a specifc date of dissoluton. 5. The Secretary of State has been
designated as agent upon whom process against the Company may be served. The address
to which process shall be mailed: 504 HUMBOLDT ST, Rochester, NY 14610.
Notce of Formaton of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) 1. Name of the Limited
Organizaton were fled with the Department of State of New York on 10/17/2013. 3.
County of ofce: Monroe 4. The Company does not have a specifc date of dissoluton.
5. The Secretary of State has been designated as agent upon whom process against
the Company may be served. The address to which process shall be mailed: 131 CAVE
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accused of faking sign interpretaton
while standing alongside world leaders
like U.S. President Barack Obama at
Nelson Mandelas memorial service
said Thursday he hallucinated that
angels were entering the stadium,
sufers from schizophrenia and has
been violent in the past.
Thamsanqa Jantjie said in a 45-minute
interview with The Associated Press
that his hallucinatons began while he
was interpretng and that he tried not
to panic because there were armed
policemen around me. He added that
he was once hospitalized in a mental
health facility for more than one year.
A South African deputy Cabinet
minister, Hendrieta Bogopane-Zulu,
later held a news conference to
announce that a mistake happened
in the hiring of Jantjie.
Government ofcials have tried to
track down the company that provided
Thamsanqa Jantjie but the owners
have vanished into thin air, said
Deputy Minister of Women, Children
and People with Disabilites Hendrieta
She apologized to deaf people
ofended around the world for Jantjies
incomprehensible signing, and said an
investgaton is under way to determine
how Jantjie was hired and what vetng
process, if any, he underwent for his
security clearance.
The deputy minister said the
translaton company ofered sub-
standard services, the rate they paid
the translator was far below the normal
levels and that in order to maintain
the interpreters concentraton level,
interpreters must be switched every
20 minutes. Jantjie was on the stage
for the entre service that lasted more
than three hours.
She declined to say who in South
Africas government was responsible
for contractng the company that
provided the translator, or how those
rules could be fouted.
Its an interdepartmental
responsibility, she said. We are trying
to establish what happened.
Jantjie, who stood gestculatng three-
feet (1 meter) from Obama and others
who spoke at Tuesdays ceremony
that was broadcast around the world,
insisted in the AP interview that
he was doing proper sign-language
interpretaton of the speeches of
world leaders.
But he also apologized for his
performance that has been dismissed
by many sign-language experts as
I would like to tell everybody that if
Ive ofended anyone, please, forgive
me, Jantjie said. But what I was
doing, I was doing what I believe is
my calling, I was doing what I believe
makes a diference.
The statements by Jantjie raise serious
security issues for Obama, other
heads of state and U.N. Secretary-
General Ban Ki-moon who made
speeches at FNB Stadium in Soweto,
Johannesburgs black township. The
ceremony honored Mandela, the ant-
apartheid icon and former president
who died on Dec. 5. Many of them,
including Obama, stood one yard
(meter) away from Jantjie.
What happened that day, I see
angels come to the stadium ... I start
realizing that the problem is here. And
the problem, I dont know the atack
of this problem, how will it comes.
Sometmes I react violent on that
place. Sometmes I will see things that
chase me, Jantjie said.
I was in a very difcult positon, he
added. And remember those people,
the president and everyone, they were
armed, there was armed police around
me. If I start panicking Ill start being a
problem. I have to deal with this in a
manner so that I mustnt embarrass
my country.
Asked how ofen he had become
violent, he said a lot while declining
to provide details.
Jantjie said he was due on the day
of the ceremony to get a regular six-
month mental health checkup to
determine whether the medicaton he
takes was working, whether it needed
to be changed or whether he needed
to be kept at a mental health facility
for treatment.
He said he did not tell the company
that contracted him for the event
for about $85 that he was due for
the checkup, but said the owner of
SA Interpreters in Johannesburg was
aware of his conditon.
AP journalists who visited the address
of the company that Jantjie provided
found a diferent company there,
whose managers said they knew
nothing about SA Interpreters. A
woman answered the phone at a
number that Jantjie provided and
said it was not for the company, and
another phone number went to a
voicemail that did not identfy the
person or company with the number.
Jantjie said he received one year
of sign language interpretaton at a
school in Cape Town. He said he has
previously interpreted at many events
without anyone complaining.
The AP showed Jantjie video footage
of him interpretng on stage at the
Mandela memorial service.
I dont remember any of this at all,
he said.
Associated Press writer Ray Faure
in Johannesburg contributed to this
Interpreter at Mandela event: I was hallucinating
Thamsanqa Jantjie
11 | DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
Expert Collision Repair on ALL MAKES
The views expressed on our opinion pages are those
of the author and do not necessarily represent the
position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.
By Davy V.
Once again, just
when I think the
Rochester Police
D e p a r t me n t
cant get any
worse when
it comes to
v i o l a t i n g
the rights
of innocent
citzens, they
prove me wrong.
On Wednesday morning, Nov. 27,
Edison High School students Raliek
Reid and Daequon Carelock, both 16,
along with 17-year-old WanTauhjs
Weathers, were waitng for a school
bus in downtown Rochester.
The three star players on the Edison
Inventors basketball team were all
heading to a game.
But, they never made it. Thats
because an overzealous Rochester
police ofcer arrested the teens.
Why? It was probably for WWB, also
known as Waitng While Black.
Or maybe it was SWB; otherwise
known as, Standing While Black.
Too bad this happening in a city
with such a rich history of civil rights
leaders like Frederick Douglass and
Susan B. Anthony, who are both buried
in Mount Hope Cemetery, just minutes
away from downtown Rochester.
Of course, the RPD, who has had a long
history of misconduct and corrupton,
including several controversial arrests
in just the last couple of years, would
never admit that their ofcers are
trained to profle African-American
citzens for WWB or SWB.
Instead, they come up with a b.s.
excuse like saying the three young
men were obstructng the fow of
pedestrian trafc, even though they
were standing on a public sidewalk,
simply waitng for a bus.
It reminds me of Benny Warr.
A disabled, African-American, one-
legged amputee, who was also waitng
for a bus when Rochester police
ofcers Anthony Liberatore, Joseph
Ferrigno, and Mitchell Stewart II
pepper-sprayed and beat him.
All because, according to the ofcers,
Warr ignored their commands to move
from the sidewalk.
It was a public sidewalk.
Similarly to Warrs case, the Rochester
police ofcer who arrested the teens
claimed that they ignored his order to
Again, it was a public sidewalk.
When the teens tried to explain to
the ofcer that they werent loitering,
but instead waitng for a bus, the RPD
ofcer arrested them.
We didnt do nothing, said Raliek
Reid. We was just trying to go to our
Interestngly, the RPD report makes
no menton of any obscene or
foul language, or any other sort of
disorderly conduct.
We was just waitng for our bus and he
started arrestng us, said WanTauhjs
And, according to the teens coach,
Jacob Scot, when he asked the RPD
ofcer to let the teens go, the ofcer
threatened him with arrest as well.
He goes on to say, If you dont
disperse, youre going to get booked
as well, said Scot.
Scot, who is also employed by the
Rochester City School District as a
guidance counselor, added, I said,
Sir, Im the adult. Im their varsity
basketball coach. How can you book
me? What am I doing wrong? Mater
of fact, what are these guys doing
The Edison basketball coach says the
incident was not only traumatc for the
players who got arrested, but also for
others who witnessed it.
Its a catastrophe, said Scot. These
young men were doing nothing wrong,
nothing wrong. They did exactly what
they were supposed to do and stll
they get arrested. Im speaking to the
ofcers with dignity ... and stll and yet,
they see me get treated like nothing.
The players families had to post $200
bail in order to get their children out of
jail for Thanksgiving.
They are not bad kids, said Crystal
Chapman, one of the teens mothers.
They are awesome boys.
And to think, disgustng incidents
like this are commited by those who
take an oath to protect and serve,
but instead they abuse that oath by
mistreatng innocent students who are
doing nothing wrong.
I wonder what Douglass and Anthony
would say.
They would probably say, Shame on
the Rochester Police Department.
Shame on Rochester, NY.
Despite its history, Rochester is a city
where police continue to violate citizens rights
Benny Warr
One-legged amputee
beaten by Rochester Police ofcers
while waitng for bus.
12 |DECEMBER 16 - 22 | 2013
r a
l | P
By Charles Dickens , Adapted and Directed by Mark Cuddy
Music and Lyrics by Gregg Cofn | Musical Director Don Kot
Choreography by Meggins Kelley
Produced with support from Media Sponsors:
(585) 232-4382 |
Groups of 10 or more save up to 35%
Share the spirit of the holidays with your entire family!
Ages 5-12. For select performaces. Other performances 50% of. Call for details.
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