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Gazette Date: 30/11/2012 Last Date: 02/01/2013 Category No: 612/2012

SECOND N.C.A .NOTIFICATION Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the Commission after ONE TI!E "E#IST"ATION . Candidates who ha$e alread% registered can appl% through their profile. &. ). ,. .. Department Name of *ost Scale of pa% Number of $acancies ' ' ' ' (erala Collegiate Education +ecturer in !usic -.#.C. !uslim / )

Note'/ The abo$e $acancies are now in e0istence. The "an1ed list published as per this notification will be $alid until candidates are ad$ised and appointed against the $acancies earmar1ed to the abo$e communit% but remains unfilled due to the paucit% of candidates during the currenc% of the "an1ed list published on ,2.&2.)2&2 for the post. This is the second NCA notification for the post owing to non a$ailabilit% of 3ualified candidates belonging to the abo$e communit% as per the first NCA Notification 4#a5ette Date &..&2.)2&& . categor% No.,,67)2&& Direct "ecruitment 4"ecruitment from candidates belonging to the !uslim communit% onl%9 NOTE: Applications of candidates belonging to communities other than !uslim will be summaril% re:ected and indi$idual re:ection memo will not be sent to them. ;. Age ))/.2. Onl% candidates born between 2).2&.&<6) and 2&.2&.&<<2 4both dates included9 are eligible to appl%. For conditions regarding other age rela0ations *lease see para 4)9 of the #eneral Conditions. 8. !ethod of appointment '


=ualifications ' &. !aster>s Degree in the Sub:ect concerned with at least 88? mar1s or its e3ui$alent and good academic record . ). !ust ha$e passed a Comprehensi$e Test in the sub:ect concerned specificall% conducted for the purpose b% -#C or an% agenc% dul% constituted b% the state go$ernment in this behalf. @hen 3ualifications are being e3ualA preference shall be gi$en to those candidates who possess ade3uate 1nowledge in !ala%alam. Note' 4i9 4ii9 For *hD holders who ha$e passed !aster s Degree prior to &<.2<.&<<&A 82? mar1s for !aster s Degree shall be sufficient. 4#O 4!S9 No )7267B.Edn Dated ..&.)2269 Candidates who ha$e obtained *h.D Degree in the sub:ect concerned or ha$e passed !.*hil Degree in the concerned sub:ect b% ,&7&)7&<<, are e0empted from passing the NET e0amination4#.O.4!S9No.C;7267B.Edn dated &<.2;.)226A#.O4*9 No.&),72)7BEdn dated &6.2<.)22)9 For recruitment to $arious posts under these rulesA Degrees awarded b% the -ni$ersities recogni5ed b% -#C alone shall be considered.



!ode of submitting Applications'/ Candidates shall register as per ONE TI!E "E#IST"ATION s%stem on the Official @ebsite of (erala *ublic Ser$ice Commission for appl%ing for the post. Candidates who ha$e registered shall appl% b% logging in to their profile using their -ser/ ID and password. Candidates shall clic1 on the Appl% Now button of the respecti$e posts in the Notification lin1 for appl%ing for a post. No application fee is re3uired. Candidates can $iew and ha$e a print/out of the details in the profile b% clic1ing the lin1 "egistration CardA if re3uired. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrec% of password. Defore appl%ing for a postA candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile. The% must 3uote the -ser/ ID for further communication with the Commission. Applications once submitted will be recei$ed as pro$isional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission.Applications submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will be summaril% re:ected. Documents to pro$e =ualificationA communit%A age etc. ha$e to be produced as and when called for.

<. &2.

+ast Date of receipt of applications' 2).2&.)2&,@ednesda% up to &) midnight Address to which applications are to be sent' 4Candidates must see the general conditions i for instructions regarding *hotoA ID card etc.9 P.C. BINOY SEC ET! Y "E !L! P#BLIC SE $ICE CO%%ISSION