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Human Rights Alert, NGO

Joseph Zernik, PhD 12345 !"#$%&'i()*o&

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1301201 Human Rights Alert: Alejandro Mayorkas - key figure in the Rampart Scandal (199 -!"""# - is up for $um%er ! at &HS' 1i2h 3(e4'n5ro 6'"ork's, 'n e!per2 on *o7er 8p o9 485i*i'( *orr8p2ion 'n5 ('r%e0s*'(e 9'(se0i&prison&en2 in :os 3n%e(es ;o8n2", ;'(i9orni', 's <8&=er 2 '2 D>?, 'n5 @i2h <D33 in e99e*2, 2he :os 3n%e(es *'ses o9 2he A'&p'r20BCPs DB'(se(" C&prisone5 PersonsE 'n5 9or&er F? prose*82or Ai*h'r5 Bine,'s @e(( 's 2he *8rren2 *'se o9 Ao%er ?h8(er in 3('='&', &'" =e seen in hin5si%h2 's e'r(" s"&p2o&s)

"Rampart Reconsidered". Cover of the Los Angeles Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2 !"# regarding the Rampart $candal (%&&'(2 "# where it was discovered that thousands had been falsel) imprisoned in Los Angeles* + )ear old# former ,$ prosecutor Richard -ine was falsel) imprisoned in Los Angeles (2 &(2 % " after he e.posed that LA $uperior Court /udges too0 "not permitted pa)ment" (called b) media "bribes""* Alabama /udicial corruption blogger Roger $huler is currentl) falsel) imprisoned in $helb) Count)* .Ale/andro 1a)or0as in a recent testimon) before Congress. 2e served as ,$ Attorne) for the Central 3istrict of California during the Rampart $candal.

Occupy Tel-Aviv, December 16 - in Los Angeles County, with 10 million residents - the most populous county in the nited !t"tes, the Los Angeles !uperior Court is "t the he"rt o# the corruption$ %ollowing the &"mp"rt !c"nd"l '1(()-*000+ - the l"rgest court corruption sc"nd"l in the history o# the nited !t"tes, numerous o##ici"l, e,pert, "nd medi" reports concluded so$ %irst "nd #oremost "mong them "re the independent report, "uthored by -ro# .rwin


Chemerins1y in *001, "nd the o##ici"l 2lue &ibbon &eport 3&"mp"rt &econsidered3 o# *006$$ &eg"rdless, the #eder"l e,ecutive "nd 4udici"l br"nches re#used to en#orce constitution"l rights in LA County, C"li#orni", even "#ter o##ici"l Congression"l 5n6uiries #rom both 7ouse "nd !en"te$ 5n #"ct, the #eder"l 4udici"ry p"troni8es the loc"l LA-9& 'Los Angeles 9udici"ry &"c1et+$ Th"t w"s the n"ture o# the 7um"n &ights Alert ':;O+ submission, which 5 "uthored in *010 #or the #irst ever nivers"l -eriodic &eview o# 7um"n &ights in the nited !t"tes by the nited :"tions$ The 7um"n &ights Alert ':;O+ submission w"s incorpor"ted into the : 7um"n &ights Council -& &eport '*010+, with " note re#erring to< 3Corruption o# the courts "nd the leg"l pro#ession, "nd discrimin"tion by l"w en#orcement in C"li#orni"3$ One o# the 1ey #igures in the &"mp"rt !c"nd"l is Ale4"ndro ="yor1"s, who is now up #or "ppointment "s :umber * "t D7!$ During the &"mp"rt !c"nd"l, he served "s the ! Attorney #or the Centr"l District o# C"li#orni", "nd w"s "dvertised "s " young bright st"r$ A#ter the eruption o# the l"rgest court corruption sc"nd"l in the history o# the nited !t"tes, he permitted the LA-D to investig"te itsel# #or two ye"rs 'but never issue " report "t the end o# " *00 investig"tor, * ye"r probe+, then be prosecuted by the loc"l C"li#orni" DA O##ice, in the LA !uperior Court$ The results were predict"ble$ Ale4"ndro ="yor1"s w"s "lso vetted "s " =ember o# 2o"rd o# Directors o# 2et T8ede1 - " b"stion o# org"ni8ed white coll"r crime in Los Angeles, led by then Chie# Leg"l O##icer o# Countrywide, !"ndor !"muels, 1ey #igure in 3stre"mlining3 re"l est"te "nd mortg"ge #r"ud th"t brought us the #in"nci"l crisis$ The core business o# the LA-9& be#ore the &"mp"rt !c"nd"l w"s control o# wholes"le drug tr"de, in Los Angeles County, which bec"me the distribution center #or the C5A wholes"le coc"ine tr"##ic1ing oper"tion "s p"rt o# 5r"nContr"$ The LA-D, which did the wholes"le distribution, in collusion with the DA o##ice "nd 4udges o# the LA !uperior Court, #r"med, "t times tortured to e,tr"ct con#essions, prosecuted, convicted "nd sentenced thous"nds to long terms o# #"lse imprisonment on drug ch"rges - the &"mp"rt-%5-s '%"lsely 5mprisoned -ersons+$ Alre"dy in *001, -ro# .rwin Chemerins1y, " renowned constitution"l schol"r, #ounding De"n o# C 5rvine l"w school wrote<


3Any "n"lysis o# the &"mp"rt sc"nd"l must begin with "n "ppreci"tion o# the heinous n"ture o# wh"t the o##icers did$ This is conduct "ssoci"ted with the most repressive dict"tors "nd police st"tes$ > >?"nd 4udges must sh"re responsibility when innocent people "re convicted$@ >$$it is telling th"t there is virtu"lly no re#erence in the 2o"rd o# 5n6uiry &eport to the >code o# silence@ described by the 5ndependent Commission on the Los Angeles -olice Dep"rtment$@ >:o single re#orm c"n be su##icient$ &e#orm is not "n event, but " process th"t will t"1e m"ny ye"rs to complete$ The hope is th"t this crisis provides " uni6ue opportunity #or re#orm$ This opportunity must not be s6u"ndered$ This report is written with the strong belie# th"t re#orm is possible "nd th"t #uture &"mp"rts c"n "nd must be prevented$3 At the end o# the %irst &"mp"rt Tri"l the LA !uperior Court 9udge 9"c6ueline Connor reversed the 4ury convictions o# corrupt LA-D o##icers, under the guise th"t she hersel# h"d bi"sed the 4ury in her #"ulty 4ury instructions, "n unprecedented "ct #or " 4udge in the history o# the nited !t"tes$$$ 9udge Connor, " #ormer DA prosecutor, w"s deeply involved with LA-D in the underlying sc"nd"l "nd in obvious con#lict o# interests, " #"ct th"t w"s not lost on medi" "t the time$ '2y the mid *000s,9udge 9"c6ueline Connor w"s le"ding " group o# LA !uperior Court 4udges "nd others #rom Countrywide "nd 2et T8ede1 in re"l est"te #r"ud in the LA !uperior court, "nd "g"in, the ! District Attorney re#used to t"1e "ction$+ 5n *001-*, Ale4"ndro ="yor1"s prosecuted the City o# LA under viol"tion o# civil rights in the ! District Court, Centr"l District o# C"li#orni" 'US v City of LA et al)$ The outcome w"s the Consent Decree "nd the "ppointment o# ! 9udge ;"ry A %eess "s Overseer #or Civil &ights in Los Angeles #or the #ollowing dec"de$ At th"t time, Los Angeles sh"red the distinction o# "n Overseer #or Civil &ights with the prisoners in ;u"nt"n"mo 2"y, Cub", "nd the prisoners in the !t"te o# C"li#orni" prisons$$$ The 2lue &ibbon &eview -"nel &eport concluded in *006 3innocent people rem"in in prison3$ Only " #ew o# &"mp"rt-%5-s were ever rele"sed throughout the tenure o# the Overseer, "nd none by "ction o# his o##ice$ According to the 2lue &ibbon &eview -"nel &eport, the LA !uperior Court 4udges ob4ected to the rele"se o# the &"mp"rt-%5-s, since it would c"use the 3coll"pse o# the 4ustice system3$ 2y *00(-10, LA !uperior Court 9udge D"vid A"##e eng"ged in #"lse imprisonment under solit"ry con#inement o# the 00 ye"r old, #ormer ! prosecutor &ich"rd %ine$ &ich"rd %ine e,posed "nd rebu1ed the t"1ing by C"li#orni" 4udges o# 3not permitted3 p"yments 'c"lled by medi" 3bribes3+$ B/0

!uch p"yments re6uired the signing by then ;overnor !chw"r8enegger o# 3retro"ctive immunities3 'c"lled by medi" 3p"rdons3+$ &ich"rd %ineCs #"lse imprisonment w"s permitted to continue #or 1) months by the #eder"l courts "s well$ And the ! Attorney O##ice, Centr"l Disctrict o# C"li#orni" re#used to investig"te compl"ints "g"inst 9udge D"vid A"##e "nd !heri## Lee 2"c"$ Dith Ale4"ndro ="yor1"s, "n e,pert on cover up o# 4udici"l corruption "nd l"rge-sc"le #"lse-imprisonment "s :umber * "t D7! "nd with :DAA in e##ect, the Los Angeles &"mp"rt-%5-s "nd &ich"rd %ine, "s well "s the current #"lse imprisonment o# &oger !huler in Al"b"m", m"y be seen in hindsight "s e"rly symptoms$
L456$7 8%9 % ( :( ' 2uman Rights Alert (5;<" submission to the ,nited 5ations 2uman Rights Council for the ,PR of the ,nited $tates# as it appears in the ,nited 5ations 2uman Rights Council site,PR=3ocuments=session&=,$=2RAlert>,PR>,$A>$ &>2 % >2uman ?2 rights?2 alert%.pdf 829 % ( :( ' 2uman Rights Alert (5;<" Appendi. 4 to submission for the 2 % ,PR of 2uman Rights in the ,nited $tates# as it appears on the ,5 site7,PR=3ocuments=session&=,$=2RAlert>,PR>,$A>$ &>2 % >2uman ?2 rights?2 alert%.pdf 8@9 % (% ( % ,nited 5ations 2uman Rights Council Professional $taff Report# referring to 2uman Rights Alert submission with the note "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination b) law enforcement in California" (page !# paragraph :A" http7==daccess(dds(n),53<C=;B5=;% =%!&=!A=P3-=;% %!&!A.pdfC<penBlement 8:9&+(%2( ,$ 3epartment of Dustice# <ffice of 4nspector ;eneral# 3ecember %&&+ $pecial Report7 C4A 3rug Eraffic0ing to Los Angeles# California s +%'%:= 8A9 !( +(%A Rampart Reconsidered7 LAP3Fs Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2 !" 2@ != 8!9 %( ( Chemerins0)# B7 Ehe Rampart $candal and the Criminal Dustice $)stem in Los Angeles Count). ;uild Practitioner# A+7%2% (2 %" = 8+9 %( ( Burcham# 3avid and -is0# 6atherine ( Lo)ola $)mposium7 Ehe Rampart $candal ( Policing the Criminal Dustice $)stem. (2 %"!A : &= 8%9 +(%2(%+ $amaan v Gerni0 ($C '+: " 3avid Pasterna07 ;rant 3eeds in re7 @2 $outh Pec0 3rive# Beverl) 2ills# CA & 2%2# opined as fraud b) Dames Hedic0'= 829 '( '(2% $amaan v Gerni0 ($C '+: " Bmail letter b) highl) decorated -B4 veteran# Dames Hedic0# regarding refusal to 4nvestigate -B4 to provide 3r Gerni0 protection against real estate fraud ( corruption in Los Angeles Count) courts 8'9 % ( %(%+ -alse 4mprisonments in Los Angeles Count)# California>< %%+(!+@.html 8&9 % ( %(2% Attorne) Richard -ine ( dissidentFs false hospitaliIation in Los Angeles Count)# California><pBd5ews.Com %%'(:@A.html


8% 9 % ( +( ' 1arina v LA Count) (B$% &:2 " Complaint -iled with ,$ Attorne) <ffice# Los Angeles# against Dudge 3avid Jaffe and $heriff Lee Baca ( for Public Corruption and 3eprivation of Rights in 4mprisonment of Richard -ine A+ @@= 8%%9 % ( '( & Complaint for Public Corruption and rac0eteering against Dudge DACK,BL45B C<55<R and <thers at both the Civil and Criminal 3ivisions of the $,PBR4<R C<,RE <- CAL4-<R54A# C<,5EJ <- L<$ A5;BLB$# filed with the ,$ 3istrict <ffice# Central 3istrict of California7 8% 9 %%( :(2@ 2abeas Corpus in the ,nited $tates ( the case of Richard 4saac -ine ( Review ':= 8%%9 %%( '( % Gerni0# D7 Los Angeles $uperior Court ( widespread corruption and refusal of ,$ government to ta0e action# %!th Horld Criminolog) Congress presentation!%@A%:!&= 8%29 %2( !(2& Bet EIede0Fs $andor $amuels the $carlet Letter of the Los Angeles Dewish Communit)'!@'+&!= 8%@9 %@(% (2! Andrew 6reig7 Alabama Dournalist Roger $huler Beaten and ArrestedL><pBd5ews.Com Alabama>Corruption>3on($iegelman>4nterviews(%@% 2!(:%%.html 8%@9 %@(%2(%% Panel sends 32$ nominee Ale/andro 1a)or0as to $enate floor %@=%2=homeland(securit)(ale/andro(ma)or0as(% % %&.html

(anel sends &HS nominee Alejandro Mayorkas to Senate floor


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3(( De&o*r'2s on 2he *o&&i22ee 7o2e5 in 9'7or o9 3(e4'n5ro 6'"ork's) J 3P Pho2o

Ghe ?en'2e >o&e('n5 ?e*8ri2" 'n5 Ho7ern&en2'( 399'irs ;o&&i22ee 7o2e5 2o '57'n*e ' 2op Dep'r2&en2 o9 >o&e('n5 ?e*8ri2" no&inee 2o 2he ?en'2e 9(oor, 5espi2e 2he 9'*2 2h'2 he is 2he s8=4e*2 o9 'n '*2i7e inspe*2or %ener'( in7es2i%'2ion)


Cn ' p'r2" (ine 7o2e, '(( De&o*r'2s on 2he *o&&i22ee 7o2e5 in 9'7or o9 3(e4'n5ro 6'"ork's 2o =e 2he <o) 2 '2 D>?) Aep8=(i*'ns '(( 7o2e5 Kpresen2,L pro2es2in% 2he 'ppro7'( o9 ' no&inee 8n5er in7es2i%'2ion) )ontinue Reading KGhe Aep8=(i*'n &e&=ers h'7e '%ree5 2o 7o2e presen2 =e*'8se @e 5onM2 h'7e 2he in9or&'2ion 2o &'ke ' 5e*ision on 2his no&inee,L s'i5 ?en) Go& ;o=8rn DA0Ik(')E, 2he 2op Aep8=(i*'n on 2he *o&&i22ee) KCM& e!2re&e(" 8nh'pp" 2h'2 i2 @orke5 2his @'") C 2hink @e h'7e 5one ' 5isser7i*e 2o 2his *o&&i22ee)L Despi2e 2hose p'r2is'n 9ire@orks 'n5 HIP resis2'n*e, 6'"ork's is on 2r'*k 9or *on9ir&'2ion 58e 2o ' ?en'2e r8(es *h'n%e 2h'2 reN8ires on(" ' &'4ori2" 7o2e 2o en5 9i(i=8s2ers) Ghe HIP '(so %oycotted 6'"ork'sMs *on9ir&'2ion he'rin% in J8(", 'skin% ;h'ir&'n Go& ;'rper DD0De()E 2o p8sh ='*k *onsi5er'2ion o9 2he no&in'2ion 8n2i( 2he in7es2i%'2ion is *on*(85e5) Aep8=(i*'ns h'7e re(e'se5 in9or&'2ion '=o82 'n CH pro=e in2o 6'"ork's, r'isin% N8es2ions '=o82 @he2her he i&proper(" 'i5e5 ' *o&p'n" o@ne5 =" 2he =ro2her o9 9or&er ?e*re2'r" o9 ?2'2e >i(('r" ;(in2on @i2h 9orei%n in7es2or 7is's) D8rin% his *on9ir&'2ion he'rin% in J8(", 6'"ork's 2o(5 sen'2ors 2h'2 he h's Kne7er, e7er in &" *'reer e!er*ise5 8n58e in9(8en*e 2o in9(8en*e 2he o82*o&e o9 ' *'se)L ;'rper s'i5 =o2h De&o*r'2i* 'n5 Aep8=(i*'n *o&&i22ee s2'99ers @ere re*en2(" =rie9e5 =" 2he inspe*2or %ener'( on 2he in7es2i%'2ion 'n5 2h'2 K2o 5'2e, 2he" h'7e 9o8n5 no e7i5en*e o9 *ri&in'( @ron%5oin% =" 'n"=o5"L '2 2he Dep'r2&en2 o9 >o&e('n5 ?e*8ri2") ;'rper '(so no2e5 2h'2 6'"ork's hi&se(9 h's ne7er =een *on2'*2e5 =" in7es2i%'2ors O Kno phone *'((, no (e22er, no e&'i(, no2hin%)L 3n5 he @'s *ri2i*'( o9 Aep8=(i*'ns @ho h'7e re98se5 2o &ee2 @i2h 6'"ork's hi&se(9 2o '55ress 2he '((e%'2ions) K3*2in% &'n'%e&en2, '*2in% (e'5ership is no s8=s2i282e 9or ?en'2e0*on9ir&e5 (e'5ership,L ;'rper s'i5) K1e 5onM2 nee5 i2 ne!2 Be=r8'r", or ne!2 6'r*h) 1e nee5 i2 no@)L ;o=8rn s'i5 ho(5in% 2he *on9ir&'2ion 7o2e on 6'"ork's K'ppe'rs 2o =e 7ir28'((" @i2ho82 pre*e5en2L sin*e 2he inspe*2or %ener'(Ms in7es2i%'2ion is on%oin%) >e s'i5 2here 're si! @his2(e=(o@ers @ho h'7e pri7'2e(" r'ise5 *on*erns '=o82 6'"ork'sMs '*2ions 2o =o2h ;o=8rn 'n5 ?en) ;h8*k Hr'ss(e" DA0Co@'E 'n5 2osse5 'si5e De&o*r'2sM 'ss8&p2ions 2h'2 2he CH in7es2i%'2ion h's (ike(" 9o8n5 no @ron%5oin%) KC2 is no2 2r8e 2o 'ss8&e 2h'2 2here h's =een no @ron%5oin%,L ;o=8rn s'i5) K?o 2h'2Ms @h" @e nee5 'n CH repor2)L P82 De&o*r'2s s'i5 2he CH in7es2i%'2ion h's 5r'%%e5 on 9or 15 &on2hs 'n5 N8es2ione5 @h" i2 h'5 no2 =een 9's202r'*ke5 58e 2o 2he hi%h0pro9i(e n'28re o9 2he pro=e 'n5 o9 6'"ork'sMs no&in'2ion) ;'rper s'i5 2he CHMs o99i*e re*en2(" 2o(5 De&o*r'2s 2h'2 i2 @o8(5 =e se7er'( &on2hs =e9ore 2he in7es2i%'2ion @o8(5 *on*(85e, @hi*h De&o*r'2s 7ie@ 's 'n 8nne*ess'r" 5e('" %i7en 2he i&por2'n*e o9 2he posi2ion) De&o*r'2s '(so *on2en5 2he CH h's 5e*(ine5 2o respon5 2o N8es2ions pose5 in ' <o7e&=er letter =" ?en) P'2ri*k :e'h" DD0Q2)E '=o82 @h" Aep8=(i*'ns @ere no2i9ie5 o9 2he in7es2i%'2ion @hi(e De&o*r'2s @ere no2) D>? h's =een p('%8e5 =" ('*k o9 ?en'2e0*on9ir&e5 (e'5ership in i2s 2op pos2s) C2 is *8rren2(" oper'2in% @i2ho82 ' *on9ir&e5 (e'5er R '92er 9or&er se*re2'r" J'ne2 <'po(i2'no (e92 2his 9'(( 2o (e'5 2he Fni7ersi2" o9 ;'(i9orni' s"s2e& O =82 D>? no&inee Jeh Johnson is e!pe*2e5 2o =e *on9ir&e5 2his &on2h)


Ghe ?en'2e pre7io8s(" *on9ir&e5 6'"ork's 2@i*e 9or o2her posi2ions) >e is ' 9or&er 9e5er'( prose*82or in ;'(i9orni' 'n5 is *8rren2(" 2he 5ire*2or o9 F)?) ;i2i#enship 'n5 C&&i%r'2ion ?er7i*es)