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Joshua Oliva September 15, 2013 English 1100-27 Artificial Intelligence Technology plays a huge role in our modern day lives; its integrated into everything around us. We have been so accustomed to our access to technology that we have become dependent on it. This doesnt necessarily apply to everyone, but when was the last time taking a long walk across town or even reading a book that wasnt required to be read something people actually enjoyed doing on a daily basis. How often do students do long division on pen and paper or go to the library and research tons of books to write a paper? Technology has certainly changed our lives physically and mentally. Many people had very opposing views on digital technology; take for example Robert Jastrow and Nicholas Carr. Robert Jastrow believed that eventually computers would control all our needs.(Jastorw 208) This would include modern day issues like financial needs and social needs. He predicted that computers would save humanity and I would say I agree with his prediction. Computers are capable of accomplishing many tasks that humans cannot. Computers can complete medical procedures that are too risky or precise for humans to accomplish. Computers can also go access limitless information in a matter of seconds. These abilities are rather short of what technology is truly capable of. Today, we live in a modern era where everything is done with or involves technology and mankind has come a long way. The astounding thing is that we have only begun; the digital age

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has merely grown to in full. In a couple of few short decades mankind has been able to accomplish things such as traveling into space, landing on the moon, exploring different galaxies, creating the internet and creating smart phones. Not to mention our biggest inventions of cars, films and countless creations which we see in our everyday lives. Who is to say that where we are is as far as we come? Technology has a long way to go and there is no doubt that technology will soon be so integrated in our daily lives todays times will seem like the dark ages. Jastrow is correct by believing that technology can save humanity. (Jastrow 208) It has the ability, it is not definite but it certain has the potential. He states on page 208, Computer intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds, with no natural limit in sight. What exactly does he mean by this? First off, the growth of computer intelligence is completely dependent on humans. Without humans constantly working on improving and inventing new ways to make computers smarter and more human like, their intelligence would cease to exist. Meaning humans have to be more integrated with technology for the future to make this growth possible. That statement alone proves Jastrows theory that will be mans salvation in a world of crushing complexity. (208) Secondly, there being no natural limit in sight, as stated before, supports the potential of computer intelligence. There is no telling how far it can and will go; soon it will be out of mankinds control. Our future with technology all depends on how mankind choses to use these new discoveries and whether or not they will benefit humans or lead us to our own demise. Jastrow states As computers get more complex, the imitation gets better. (Jastrow 207) what exactly was he trying to say here? I believe he meant this line to make the reader realize that computers and artificial intelligence can go very far. The further that they progress the more imitation it dawns on us humans. What if we depend too much on technology and give machines a surplus of

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abilities and opportunities to realize that they no longer need humans? These are things man must keep in mind while creating the next big thing that will revolutionize the way we live. Carr agrees with some of that theory. He believes we have become too dependent on technology already. Though in the passage he does not flat out say it I believe it is the main point he is trying to get through to the audience. He believes that computers and technology have changed mankinds form of thinking. (38) Which is true, thought processing has definitely changed because of all the new information that we now know about technology. When the mind learns more about what it can create it processes thoughts differently. Carrs theory, unlike Jastrows, focuses on the past because he believes it was a better time for humans. The learning process should not be that we create things to do things for us. Although I do agree with this I have to disagree with Carr that it is a negative effect of technology. We should rely on technology to benefit our race, not to make us lazier or more dependent. Therefore, I agree with both Carr and Jastrow but I do not fully agree that either of them are completely right. Carr is right in the sense that our thought process has changed and Jastrow is right in believing that technology will be our salvation one day. All humans have to do is use technology in the right manner.

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