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Anthony Gomez

Anthony Gomez
6838 Lemon Rd Mclean, VA 22101 703.635.5799

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Business Card
Instructor: Julia Peterson COMM 130 Section #5 Date: November 9, 2013 Objectives - You are asked to design a new logo and stationery items. Create a new logo, not one that was used in the last project, then design a business card and letterhead. Use The basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign. Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead. Use your new logo to design two stationery items with consistent design Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Description: The business card and letterhead projects are made for a real company owned by my dad, called New Beginning Home Improvement LLC. Process: In Adobe Illustrator I used the shape tool to create a triangle, and then I copied my design twice arranging each triangle to overlap one another with their opacity levels low. Using the eyedropper tool, I captured the color shades of blue, yellow, and grey from New Beginning Home Improvements website. For the letterhead I placed the logo into an InDesign document, and cropped it to the top right side of the page where next to it I wrote the title of the company, and across from the title the company employee email, address, and location information. Between the title and body copy I drew a straight line using the pen tool, and I reinserted my logo on the bottom of the page and lowered its opacity to 8% to create a watermark. For the business card project I brought my logo into Adobe InDesign onto two 3.5 x 2 boxes I drew with the shape tool. I put the logo on the left side of the first box with the title of the company next to it, and then I wrote the company address, email, and location information on the right side of the box.


Web Page


Instructor: Julia Peterson COMM 130 Section #5 Date: October 5th, 2013 Objectives - Your employer puts you in charge of a news flier. He gives you the information, a logo and one image to use. He asks you to create a new layout that will be attractive and more inviting to read. Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography. Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout. Retrieve image and logo from links on this page. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign CS6 Description: I had to design a news flier for a fictional employer about an leadership seminar for graduates. Process: After I drew sketches of the designs I felt like the gradient design was the most impressive. First, I used the shapes tool and made four small circles. I copied them and created another set of circles. I placed them on opposite corners of the page, and then proceed to create a set of bars and copy them to make another set. Like the circles, I also but both sets of bars on opposite corners of the page. I used the color tool and filled in the circles black and grey, while leaving the last one white. This made a gradient effect. I then proceeded to use the same gradient effect on the bars. I then created a text box making it also a gradient color. For the title, I used the font Modern 735 BT and stacked each word on top of one another like a stair case. I used the font Geneva for the body copy and colored it white. I placed the Vouant Communications logo on the bottom left corner aligning with the set circles on the opposite side of the page. I reversed the image of the graduates so it looked as if the flow of the image was going down, and put it next into the text box.

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