Shanmukha a.k.a T.S.V.R.

Rao, is 30 years, a graduate in Electronics
and Communication Engineering, works in
a Science organization of Indian Govt. He
started his study of Astrology when he was
22 years old and though not traditionally
trained, he is very fond of the wonderful
system of Jaimini and learns it from his
Guru Sri Iranganti Rangacharya. He, is now
working on ancient commentaries on
Jaimini and writes some of his musings on
Jaimini system at his personal blog

Real Jaimini
– 2
An analysis based on Jyotisha
Phalaratnamala of
Krishna Mishra
Shanmukha, India.

Readership Level: Advanced

[Dedication: This first article of my life is
reverentially dedicated to my Guru
Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Iranganti

Karma Yoga in Karakamsa,
Yoga for Professional Fame

Jaimini says Saturn in Karakamsa or in 2

house from Karakamsa Lagna indicate the
person will be known for his work. The
adhikara sutras
ूिस4 कमर =ीवः शनौ १-२-२०
prasiddha karmajjīvaḥ śanau 1-2-20

िरःफे ब

धे I9े वा मं दवत

riaḥphe budhe dṛṣṭe vā maṁdavat 1-2-42

Though it is Krishna Mishra Navamsa, My
Guru calls it Jaimini Navamsa
Sri Rangacharya is an erudite scholar and
authority on Jaimini system and has been
publishing articles on Jaimini since the last five
say that Saturn in 2
or Mercury in 10
or the aspect of Mercury on 10
indicate the person
is known for his work.

Example: Mother Teresa
, 26 August 1910; 14:25 hrs

In the chart of Mother Teresa
, Atmakaraka Moon placed in Scorpio Navamsa, with Venus
and Jupiter, Ketu in trines.

• Mercury in 2
house and Saturn in 10
house is a combination for Karma Yoga is
found in Jaimini Navamsa & not in Parasara Navamsa. Mother Teresa is a real
mother for mankind and her service to the nation is recognized worldwide. In fact she
was awarded Noble peace award for her service.

• Moon as Atmakaraka with two exalted planets in trines in watery signs indicate the
kind-heartedness and Love she showered on the helpless. Krishna Mishra gave a
specific combination of Moon with Mercury for firm belief in traditions and she was
well known for campaign against the birth control operations, for they are against

3 Marcello Borges quotes the photo-bio "Faith and Compassion, The Life
and Works of Mother Teresa," in Portuguese by Raghu Rai and Navin Chawle, Element Books.
Chawle is a civil servant in India and had close contact with the nun. On p.22, “Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
was born 26 August 1910 in Skopje. The date is often given as August 27, which is the date she was
baptized." Astrolog quotes Astrol Auskunfsbogen for August 27, 1910, 2:25 PM MET. Helen Adams
Garret gives August 26 (with 4:58 AM MET, no source) in the ISAR Emailleter Vol.41. As Yugoslovia
was on the Julian calendar, the question remains of whether the date is OS or NS.
In order to maintain brevity of article, North Indian style charts are not given here, readers can
download Jhd files of all the relevant charts in this article from download section.
• Look at the Moon in Karakamsa and Mercury in 2
house. Jaimini indicates the
Scorpio Navamsa ~F हिनः (stanya haniḥ) as meaning the lack of milk. Karakamsa is
placed in Scorpio Navamsa and the orphans played an important role in the life of
Mother Teresa.

• Exalted Jupiter in 9
house with Ketu shows the Mother’s firm belief in her religion.
The relevant Jaimini adhikara sutra
समे शु भ Iगयोगात

धमर िन~ः स~वादी ग

6 भि*¾ १-२-५१
same śubha dṛgyogāt dharma nityaḥ satyavādī guru bhaktiśca 1-2-51

Translation: If benefic in 9th or aspect 9th, the person will be virtuous, truthful and
devoted to preceptor.

Example: Mahatma Gandhi; 02 Oct 1869; 07:20 Hrs

In Mahatma Gandhi’s horoscope, Atmakaraka is Jupiter occupying his own Navamsa
Sagittarius in Jaimini Navamsa, with Saturn and Mercury in 2
, Rahu in 5
, Venus and
Mars in 6
, Sun in 9
, Moon in 12
house. The yoga for professional fame is indicated by
Saturn in own house and Mercury in 2
house from Sg Karakamsa Lagna as per verses
quoted previously, and Gandhiji was one of the greatest personalities and adored as

Jaimini is again specific about the Mercurys placement in 2
विनज~~ु वायिँशि~नो 7वहारिवद¾ सौFे
vanijastantuvāyaśśilpino vyavahāravidaśca saumye

Translation: The person will be either a businessman, a weaver, a sculptors, or adept in
litigation ( in present scenario, may be a statesman, an executive etc.), if Mercury occupies

• Gandhiji’s accumen for his statesmanship and love for his weaving can be attributed
to well placed Mercury in 2

• Mars and Venus in 6
house, a prominent house in Artha trikona shows he was a
qualified lawyer (Mars), and also involved with politics (Venus).

• Well placed Sun in 9
house Leo, indicate his Satyavrata, though there is malefic
aspect of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, but Saturn is well placed in his own house, and Sun
himself basically very strong. Yet, the differences with his Guru could not be ruled
out, since aspect of Rahu and Saturn on the 9

Example: Srikant Jichkar; 14
September 1954; 2:05hrs, 5:30East, 21N09, 79E06, India.

Dr. Srikant Jichkar was a scholar-politician, a qualified medical doctor, an astrologer and a
highly qualified person with tons of postgraduate degrees to his credit.

Atmakaraka Sun placed in Sagittarius in Jaimini Navamsa, with Venus and Saturn in
second house. Jaimini says Saturn in 2
house indicate the person is well known for his
work, Sun in Karakamsa and Venus in 2
house indicate the person’s inclination towards
politics though he was a qualified medical doctor. Mercury in 10
house in own house with
well placed Rahu indicate the person is a doctor in allopathic, yet the influence of Sun and
Venus on Karakamsa and its 2
brought him into politics and he worked as a minister at
state level a couple of times. Jaimini and Krishna Mishra attribute the signification of logic
to Mars. The 2
house from Karakamsa occupied by well-placed Saturn, itself indicate the
person is well known for his work and the aspect of Mars from Leo explains the person’s
logical approach and his lectures on analysis of budget were so popular.

Moon in 5
house aspected by Mars shows he was a prolific writer and gave him a couple of
books to his credit. Sun placed in the sign of Jupiter gave him the knowledge in Vedic
scriptures. Krishna Mishra mentions that 4
house and 5
house are the houses of education and
mentions different combinations for the expertise in the different branches. He mentions
combinations of Moon and Mercury with other planets. He is specific that the combination
of Moon with Ketu indicates the person is a poet. Ketu’s occupancy of 4
house and benefic
aspect of Mercury, Moon in 5th indicates the person is an educationalist having probably
many degrees to his credit.

Example: Swami Vivekananda; 12 Jan 1863, 06:33 hrs

In this chart of Swami Vivekananda, Karakamsa Lagna is Sagittarius as Sun is Atmakaraka.
• Rahu in 2
house and Saturn in 10
house of Karakamsa in Jaimini Navamsa indicate
the Karma Yoga. Swami Vivekananda is known for his work and who fought for the
revival of Hinduism and its application for the benefit of mankind.

• Sun being Atmakaraka and well placed Moon occupying the 9
house indicate the
person for his excellence in Dharmic life. The verse 1-2-51 cited above mentions that
benefic influence on 9
house makes the native righteous, satya vadi and devoted
towards the Guru. Swami Vivekananda is known for his quest for the truth, logical
approach (Mars in 6
house), and devotion towards Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

In the Karakamsa chart of Swami Vivekananda, 12
house falls in Scorpio Navamsa and
Venus and Jupiter occupies it. Sage Jaimini attributes devotion towards Parvati
Parameswara (Sa Amba Sive) vide the following Sutra.

6णा सां बिशवे १-२-८०
guruṇā sāṁbaśive 1-2-80

Krishna Mishra extended the principle and lists out that Jupiter makes a person
Bramhātmavādi (Ardent follower of Advaita Vedanta)

Swami Vivekananda was an advaita follower and Sun being Atmakaraka adept in Vedanta.

• Krishna Mishra lists out very important combinations for renunciation and which is
perfectly valid in case of Swami Vivekananda. The literal interpretation of the
combination gives that the influence of Rahu + Saturn in malefic house with aspect of
Jupiter and Ketu makes the native either a renunciate or a यित (Yati) who is an ascetic,
restains his passions and devotes his life spreading a message. Similarly Jupiter with
Mars makes a person a renunciate.

• In this chart the 12
house Scorpio occupied by Jupiter with Venus
in a malefic
Martian sign and strong aspect of Rahu and Ketu, made him a Yati spreading the
message of Indian spirtual values.

• Jaimini indicated that Rahu in Karakamsa or its 2
makes a person जां ग

(jaṁgulikaḥ). The word was interpreted by most scholars that a person who roams in
forests, yet it could be interpreted as a person who travels a lot in the modern context,
for example, service engineers, medical practioners in villages etc.

Example: Sri Viswanatha Satyanarayana
, 10 Sep 1895; 07:21 hrs, Machilipatnam, India

Sri Viswanatha Satyanarayana, popularly known as “Kavisamrat” was the uncrowned
monarch of Telugu literature. He was the most venerated and equally criticised writer of
Telugu literature of 20
century. He is an Jnanapith awardee, the highest Indian award for
literature and a protagonist with deep belief in indian traditional culture. He excelled in all
forms of literature, be it novel, play, prosody, poems etc.
• Atmakaraka Moon occupies Sagittarius Navamsa with Mars in Jaimini Navamsa.
Saturn in 2
for fame in the professional front, Jupiter in 6
(he retired as a

Sage Jaimini treats Venus to be equivalent to Saturn for God worship - Devata Bhakti. शु बे च 1-2-84.
Source: Jyotisha Ratnavali (Telugu) By K. Seshavatara Sastri, Part 2, page 229.
principal). Jaimini and Krishna Mishra were very specific that the influence of Moon on the
trines to Karakamsa Lagna makes an author. Moon in Karakamsa, Saturn in 2
in own
navamsa with aspect of Venus and Sun, Rahu in 5
gave him fluency in a number of
languages including English (Rahu).

• One important combination given by Krishna Mishra is the combination of Mars
with Moon or Mercury gives the person fluent in Telugu language. For Atmakaraka
Moon conjunct Mars, Sri Viswanatha had more than 100 books to his credit in Telugu
and translated Srimat Ramayanam into Telugu.

• One more specific combination given by Krishna Mishra is that the combination of
Moon with Mars makes person adept in traditional attire and Sri Viswanatha was
famous for his campaign for Hindu traditions and even wrote a couple of novels
ridiculing the theory of Aryan Invasion. Aspect of Venus on Rahu in 5
confirms the same.

• In this chart, Venus and Sun occupies the 12
house. The Ishta Devata of Sri
Viswanatha was Lord Sri Rama and their family constructed and maintained a Siva
temple, the Linga being brought by his father from Banaras. He even translated the
epic Ramayana with sheer devotion towards Lord Sri Rama. Though he was not a
renunciate, yet he used to live a very dharmic and almost renunciate life and did
tremendous work in spreading the Hindu culture through his books.

• Krishna Mishra lists out a specific combination of Saturn with Venus for devotion towards
Lord Venkateswara. Lord Venkateswara was their family diety. In this horoscope
Venus occupies 12
house with a strong aspect of Saturn from Capricorn. The aspect
of Rahu on 12
house is nullified by Karakamsa falling in Jupitarian sign.

Example: Rukmini Arandale; 29 Feb 1904; 12:10 hrs, 09N56, 79E07, India

Rukmini Arandale was a great classical dancer, brought out the Bharatanatyam to the
general public. Bharatanatyam was only performed by the traditional families and she is the
first female dancer to bring it out.

Atmakaraka Mercury in Gemini sign in Jaimini navamsa, Saturn in 2
, Venus in 4
Moon in 8
, Sun in 10
and Jupiter and Mars in 12
house. Venus in 4
house is
combination for excellence in classical arts. Saturn in 2
house is a specific yoga for fame in
professional front.

So far we have seen celebrity charts, now the chart of a common man, the father of this
scribe is discussed.

Example: Nooka Raju; an Ayurvedic doctor, yet practices allopathy.

This native is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor yet practices Allopathy for his livelihood and
leads a dharmic life. He has been doing the Gita Yagna since the last 30 years in the month
of Kartika without break.

Karakamsa falls in Libra in Jaimini Navamsa, Saturn being Atmakaraka. Jupiter and Sun
occupies 5
house in Aquarius, Moon and Mars in 12
house and Mercury and Ketu in 2

house. Though the native stopped his formal schooling at 8
standard, he is much respected
for his traditional knowledge, for his speeches in Gita Yagna and dharmic life. Sage Jaimini
says vide the following Sutra

रिवणा वे दां तजो गीतज
raviṇā vedāṁtajño gītajña
िविश* वै याकरणो वे दवे दा¬ िव¬
viśiṣya vaiyākaraṇo vedavedānga vicca

6 सं ब¬े ण सां ूदाय िसि4ः
guru saṁbandeṇa sāṁpradāya siddhiḥ

धे न मीमां सकः
budhena mīmāṁsakaḥ
Translation: If the following planets in Karakamsa Lagna or its 5

• Sun Æ Adept in Vedanta, Bhagavatgita, music
• Jupiter Æa Grammarian, adept in Veda Vedangas.
• Jupiter association gives excellence in traditions
• Mercury Æ adept in reasoning and Mimamsa sasthra.

This can be confirmed with Ketu and Mercury in 2
house. Krishna Mishra interprets the
second sutra viśiṣya vaiyākaraṇo… pertaining to Sun and adds 2
house for exemplary
attributes of the native.

Venus in Karakamsa, Moon being the 10
lord and Mercury in 2
house aspecting 10

indicate the person being an Ayurvedic Doctor and could prepare the medicines at home.
Jaimini says if Moon occupy KL and aspected by Mercury it makes one a doctor. Here
though that yoga doesn’t apply, but Moon is the 10
lord from KL and Mercury aspects on

Krishna Mishra says Moon with Mars makes the person adept in traditions, Moon with
Venus make the person who wears religious symbols on his body and adept in Japa, good
character etc. Look at the Ketu with Mercury in 2
and Krishna Mishra was specific that the
native will have defective speech अPु टवाक

(asphuṭavāk) if Ketu in 2
but for the Mercury’s
(व*) association veto this and gives the native good speech with recital of complex sanskrit

In Parasara Navamsa chart, Rahu occupies 12
house indicating the love towards Goddess
Durga. But native is strong devotee of Lord Shiva. Now, look at the Jaimini Navamsa chart,
where in Moon and Mars occupy the 12
house clearly indicating devotion towards Lord
Shiva. Infact, he was instrumental in renovating an old Shiva temple in his native place
right from its Bhumi Puja to inauguration.

Ketu in 2
house with Mercury indicates the native is an adept in mechanism. Though, he is
a doctor, but a large share of his income comes from Radio and TV mechanic work. In fact
this native can repair a variety of instruments without formal training.

Sage Jaimini says
के तु ना घिटक यHी
ketunā ghaṭika yantrī
Transalation: Ketu in 2nd house makes the native a watch-maker.

Yoga for Politics
Jaimini gives yoga for politics and office in government in the following Adhikara Sutras.
तऽ रवौ राज कायर परः १-२-१४
tatra ravau rāja kāryaparaḥ 1-2-14
राजकीयाः कािमनः शत ििय¾ शु बे १-२-१९
rājakīyāḥ kāminaḥ śateṁdriyaśca śukre 1-2-19
तऽ रिव शु ब I9े राज ूे *ः १-२-४१
tatra ravi śukra dṛṣṭe rāja preṣyaḥ 1-2-41

Translation: If Sun in 2
house, the native leads political life or government servant. If
Venus is in 2
it makes one politician, passionate, and lives for 100 years. If Sun and Venus
aspect the 2
, the native lives as government servant.

From the above sutras it can be deduced that planets Sun and Venus are the significators for
the connection with the government. Moreover, Venus is the significator for the politics and
Sun for the higher jobs like IAS in the government. So, the involvement of Sun and Venus
with either Karakamsa Lagna or its 2
or its 10
indicate the inclination towards the politics
or government jobs.

Example: Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao, Ex Prime Minister, India

In the chart of Sri P. V. Narasimha Rao, Ex-Prime Minister of India, the Atmakaraka

Venus occupies Sagittarius Navamsa in Jaimini Navamsa. Sun occupies 2
, Mars in 3
Moon and Ketu in 5
, Mercury in 7
, Jupiter, Rahu in 11
and Saturn in 12

Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao had executed various offices as cabinet minister at both state level
and national level, as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and finally as Prime Minister of

Venus and Mercury occupy equal degrees and hence Venus taken as AK by his Naisargika strength.
India. He could miraculously run the minority government for full term of 5 years and
introduced financial reforms in the country.

• Venus in Karakamsa and Sun in 2
house is a classical Jaimini Yoga for Politics.

• Though no planet occupied the 9
house, but Jupiter’s aspect involving Guru -
Chandala Yoga and Moon’s aspect with Ketu and inimically placed Sun’s aspect, all
lead to the allegations he faced in running the government. He was believed to bribe
the opposition parties to attain the majority, and he could not reveal the true story
even in his biographical novel “The Insider”.

• Also he was the first Prime Minister convicted by the court of law. Look at the
Bandhana yoga by Sun in 2
and Saturn in 12
, Bandhana yoga occurs on Arudha
Lagna in the Rasi chart as well.

• Now, look at the Venus in Karakamsa, Moon and Ketu in 5
house. Sri Narasimha
Rao was a scholar and translated a couple of Telugu works into Hindi and he was
believed to fluently speak more than a dozen languages. Look at the influence of 4
planets on 5

Example: N.T. Rama Rao; 28 May 1923, 16:05 hrs, Nimmakuru, Andhra Pradesh, India
N.T. Rama Rao (NTR) was an actor turned politician, Ex- Chief minister of Andhra
Pradesh, a most popular actor of the Telugu film industry. His portrayal of mythological
roles were so popular and it is not exaggeration to say his portrait as Lord Krishna can be
found in every household of Andhra Pradesh.

• Karakamsa falls in Cancer Navamsa of Jaimini Navamsa, Saturn being Atmakaraka.
Venus in 2
, Mercury in 3
, Sun in 4
, Mars and Rahu in 5
, Jupiter and Moon in 9

and Ketu in 11
in Jaimini Navamsa Chart.

• NTR was a famous actor earning good deal of money in films and suddenly entered
politics and cruised into power. Saturn being Atmakaraka made him famous with the
people of Andhra Pradesh. Look at the placement of Venus in 2
house which finally
brought him into politics.

• He treated his elders, film directors and writers with much respect. Look at the Jupiter
with Moon in 9
in own navamsa pisces.

Sage Jaimini finally at the end of the Karakamsa chapter indicates a very important clue in
interpreting the dasa as well. He says
सव षां चै व पाके
sarveṣāṁ caiva pāke
Translation: All these results can be applied for judging the sign dasas.

This clue is very important and ancient commentaries
give much importance to the
placement of planets in the dasa sign in both Rasi chart, Navamsa and Dwadasamsa chart.

Conclusion: In this paper, the literal translation to the cryptic sutras of Jaimini is given and
readers do well to read excellent Sanskrit and English commentary by Sri Rangacharya for
better understanding of Jaimini System. A sincere attempt here has been made to
understand the Karakamsa chapter of Jaimini Sutras with the aid of Krishna Mishra’s
Phalaratnamala. Yet, only a couple of houses are discussed which indeed is the tip of iceberg.
These combinations can be applied to Yogada
planet as well, which was given a great deal
of exposition by Krishna Mishra. This scribe will attempt later to write an exposition on
Yogada planets as to what is currently known and what Krishna Mishra expounded.

Sage Jaimini indicated to see devotion from 6
planet from Amatyakaraka, which must be
well researched. Why the 6
planet shows the devotion? The key lies with understanding
the reckoning of 6
house, which was given by a Vriddha karika

We conclude this article with an urge to the scholars to study the ancient commentaries to
understand Jaimini concepts, as today the only source we follow is Jaimini’s Upadesha
Sutras for which commentaries are most essential along with Vriddha Karikas. And this
lack of in-depth study on commentaries is creating confusions in the already cryptic work of
Sage Jaimini. We appreciate the lead taken by Saptarishis Astrology in bringing the
manuscripts to the access of the jyotish fraternity.

[Acknowledgements: This scribe takes the liberty to record the encouragement given by friends by
their feedback on his blog, without which this article may not have come out in this form.]

For example, see the Drig dasa exposition by Raghava Bhatta in Jataka Sara Sangraha
These Yogada Rajayogas must be applied in Rasi chart only, for example 5
house from Yogada in
Rasi chart for devotion etc.
Vriddha Karikas are ancient Sanskrit verses on exposition of Jaimini Sutras, the authors of these
Vriddha karakas are unknown but their verses (vriddha karakas) are often quoted by ancient
commentators like Somanatha Mishra, Raghava Bhatta, Neelakantha.

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