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Shanmukha a.k.a T.S.V.R.

Rao, is 30 years, a graduate in Electronics
and Communication Engineering, works in
a scientific organization of Indian Govt. He
started his study of Astrology when he was
22 years old and though not traditionally
trained; he is very fond of the wonderful
system of Jaimini and learns it from his
Guru, the living Legend of Jaimini
Astrology Sri Iranganti Rangacharya. He is
now working on ancient commentaries on
Jaimini and writes some of his musings on
Jaimini system at his personal blog.

ॐ नमः िशवाय
Rajayoga of Jaimini
Shanmukha, India

Readership Level: Advanced

[Dedication: This second article of my life is
reverentially dedicated to my Guru
Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Iranganti
1. Introduction

Sage Jaimini in his Upadesa Sutras
expounded very important rajayogas
the 3rd pada of 1st chapter. Apart from
discussing rajayogas and dhana (wealth)
yogas, he gave very specific yoga that
makes a King. In fact, all Jaimini
Rajayogas are very concise and easy to
apply and hard to fail, once we understand
the correct implication of the yoga.

This paper deals with such a very potent
rajayoga called “Manipravala Rajayoga”.
This yoga is very important Prabhu yoga
since the sage dealt Amatya (minister)
Yoga and Senadhipati (Commander-in-
Chief) Yoga in the ensuing sutras right
after this.  “Mani” means the Gem and the
“Pravala” means the cowry or marine
shell. So this yoga forms by placement of
benefic (Gem) and a malefic (Shell) in a
particular sequence.

Rajayogas mean Combinations that give life
like a king, which in modern context should be
treated as comfort & authority positions.
Manipravala Rajayoga 1 (MP1):

This Manipravala yoga is deduced from the Jaimini Sutras given below.
~ भागय दार मातृ भाव समे ष

राजानः १-३-३०
sva bhāgya dāra mātṛ bhāva sameṣu rājānaḥ 1-3-30

कमर दासयोः पापयो¾ १-३-३१
karma dāsayoḥ pāpayośca 1-3-31

िपतृ लाभािधपा¬ै वम

pitṛ lābhādhipāccaivam 1-3-32

For sutra 1-3-30 :
Katapayaadi numeric system:
भागय = 2 (भ = 4, य = 1; 14 %
12 = 2)
दार = 4 (द = 8, र = 2; 28 % 12 = 4)
मातृ = 5 (म = 5, त = 6; 65 % 12 = 5)
भाव = 8 (भ = 4, व = 4; 44 % 12 = 8)
सम = 9 (स = 7, म = 5; 57 %12 = 9)

According to Neelakantha, the great commentator on Jaimini sutras, if there is equal
number of benefic planets in 2nd, 4th, 5th from Atmakaraka, then the native becomes a king.
For example, if one benefic in 2
, then there should be a benefic in 4
and a benefic in 5

According to Sri Rangacharya and other ancient commentators, if benefic planets in 2nd,
4th, 5th, 8th, 9th houses from Atmakaraka, the native become a king.
For sutra 1-3-31 :
Katapayaadi numeric system:
कमर = 3 (क = 1, म = 5; 51 %12 = 3)
दास = 6 (द = 8, स = 7; 78 %12 = 6)

In Computer C language programming % means remainder. So 14 % 12 yields, the remainder 2.
Translation: If malefic planets in 3rd, 6th houses from Atmakaraka planet, the native becomes
a king
For sutra 1-3-30 :
Katapayaadi numeric system:
िपतृ = 1 (प = 1, त = 6; 61 % 12 = 1)
लाभा = 7 (ल = 3, भ = 4; 43 % 12 = 7)
Translation: The above yoga can be seen from the lord of Lagna and lord of 7th house also.

In the above sutras, it was not mentioned about the planet in the 7
house. And from the
above Jaimini Adhikara sutras, the planet in the 8
house should be a benefic. Yet from the
analysis of various commentaries and the instruction of my Guru, the following is deduced
as the correct interpretation of the yoga.

So, in summary, if benefic in 2nd, malefic in 3rd, benefic in 4th, benefic in 5th, malefic in
6th, benefic in 7
, malefic in 8th, benefic in 9th from either Atmakaraka or Lagna lord or the
7th lord makes the native a Maharaja. Let us call this yoga MP1.

Jaimini further explains the other effects of this yoga in the following two sutras.
िमॐे समाः १-३-३२
misre samāḥ 1-3-32

दिरिः िवपरीते १-३-३३
daridraḥ viparīte 1-3-33

Translation: If both benefic and malefic planets combined in the above said places, then
though the native can’t be king, yet he will be treated as equal to king. If benefic and malefic
planets reverse the places then he will be ruined. For example if a malefic in 2
, a benefic in
, a malefic in 4
etc.., then the native will be ruined.

Manipravala Rajayoga 2 (MP2):

According to the doctrine of “Manipravala”, the same yoga can be extended in the following
way. If benefic in 2
, malefic in 3
, benefic in 4
, malefic in 5
, benefic in 6
, malefic in 7
benefic in 8
, malefic in 9
from either Atmakaraka or Lagna lord or the 7th lord makes the
native a Maharaja. Let us call this yoga as MP2

It must be noted that, in the above MP2 yoga, the nature of the planets are
interchanged only from 5
house while 2
, 3
and 4
remains the same. The first yoga is

It is the corollary of MP1 Yoga. And corollary theories are very much the part of Sutra Vangmaya
where sutras are cryptic.
important for the wealth and fame where as the second yoga gives highest order of

For the sake of easy comprehension of this yoga, the following table is given.

House MP1 MP2
Benefic Benefic
Malefic Malefic
Benefic Benefic
Benefic Malefic
Malefic Benefic
Benefic Malefic
Malefic Benefic
Benefic Malefic
2. Analysis on Various Commentaries:

In this section, the description of this yoga given in various ancient and modern
commentaries is discussed. The relevant verses are given in the appendix. Though the literal
translation of all these verses is not given here, but the gist of them is presented for the sake
of brevity and compactness. Interested readers will do well to read those verses and derive
the meaning.

2.1 Neelakantha Commentary:
Neelakantha didn’t take the katapayaadi numeric for words भाव (bhāva) and सम (sama) and
thus interprets the sutra that equal number of benefic planets in 2
and 5
house from
AK makes the native a King. Where as, Krishna Mishra, Somanatha Misra, Raghava Bhatta
and modern commentator Sri Rangacharya took the kapayaadi values and they include the
8th and 9th houses as well, which is shown in ensuing paragraphs.

2.2 Maharshi Parasara - BPHS:

The available BPHS lists the following verse explaining this yoga.
बृ हत

पराशर होरा
लPे शात

कारका¬ािप धने तु य च प¾मे
शु भखे टय

ते भावे जातो राजा भवे I ु वम

bṛhat parāśara hora

This variation can be read in Jaimini Sutramritam, Jataka Sarasangraha, Kalpalatha, and a Vriddha
lagneśāt kārakāccāpi dhane turyeca pañcame
śubhakheṭayute bhāve jāto rājā bhaveddruvam

Translation: If benefic planets are placed in 2
, 4
, and 5
house from either lord of Lagna
or the Karaka (Atmakaraka
), the native becomes a king for sure.

But, another available version of BHPS of Sridhara’s Sanskrit commentary gives a slightly
different first pada (line) of the verse as follows.
बृ हत

पराशर होरासारां शः(ौीधर सं Pृ त 7ा~)
bṛhat parāśara horāsārāṁśaḥ (śrīdhara saṁskṛta vyākhya)

0ू ननाथात

धने तु य च प¾मे
lagnādhīśāt dyūnanāthāt dhane turyeca pañcame

Translation: If benefic planets are placed in 2
, 4
, and 5
house from either lord of Lagna
or the lord of 7
house, the native becomes a king for sure.

So, if we combine those two versions of BPHS, then it will be in tune with the first part of the yoga
in Jaimini sutras, that to reckon this yoga either from AK, lord of lagna or lord of 7

2.3 Krishna Mishra – Jyotisha Phalaratnamala:

Krishna Mishra listed this yoga in 9
chapter of his Phalaratnamala. He mentioned both
variations of Manipravala yogas (he didn’t call them Manipravala yoga, though) and gives
slightly different starting point. He wants us to reckon the yoga either from Yogada, or
. If the yoga doesn’t occur from the above reference, then the yoga can be reckoned
from Moon also. It should be understood that Phalaratnamala is not a simple commentary
but a complete Magnum Opus of Jaimini system.

2.4 Somanatha Misra - Kalpalatha:

Somanatha Mishra, in 3
pada of his Kalpalatha commentary, listed both of these yogas very
lucidly and gives much importance to the MP2, saying that MP2 will result in Maharaja
Yoga, where as the MP1 makes the native a king of a state. He wants us to reckon this yoga
from Karaka. He didn’t mention lagna lord or 7
lord, but Karaka can, broadly, be known as
lord of lagna.

2.5 Ragahava Bhatta – Jataka Sara Sangrahah:

Karaka, in general, means Atmakaraka only, which is in line with Jaimini
Please refer to ‘True Jaimini Navamsa’ article by this scribe – 1
Annual issue of Saptarishis Astrology
Feb 2009 for definition of Yogada and Vilagna. Krishna Mishra gives utmost importance to Yogada
planet, sometimes than Atmakaraka, which is very radical.
Raghava Bhatta, in his excellent work “Jataka Sarasangraha” wonderfully described this
yoga by quoting the authority of a Vriddha Karaka. He wants us to reckon this yoga from
lord of lagna, and didn’t mention either the Atmakaraka or the 7
lord. In fact, it was
Raghava Bhatta, who coined the term “Manipravala Yoga”. He revealed the key of
interpreting yoga by explaining that reckoning of houses is according to Graha Chakra.

According to him,
1. MP1 results in wealth and fame and kingship
2. MP2 results in a ruler of a big empire, thus giving importance to MP2.
3. It is important that a benefic, a malefic and a benefic in 2
, 3
and 4
must occupy to experience this yoga.
4. The reckoning of houses must be according to Graha Chakra, as explained later in
this paper.
5. In quantifying this yoga, the placement of planets like Own house etc. can be
2.6 Vriddha Karika – The Final Authority on Jaimini Sutras.

A Vriddha Karika verse explains this yoga and authorizes the interpretation of this yoga by
Raghava Bhatta is correct and comprehensive. Vriddha Karika further explains that Sage
Yavanacharya instructs us to reckon this yoga according to Graha chakra.

2.7 Sri Iranganti Rangacharya – Jaimini Sutramritam:

Sri Rangacharya interprets this yoga in line with Vriddha Karika and Raghava Bhatta.
Further, he told this scribe that lagna lord or the 7
lord should be a benefic planet, where as
the Atmakaraka can be a malefic also.

2.8 Sri Sanjay Rath – JMUS:

Sri Sanjay Rath interprets this yoga from either Arudha Lagna, lord of Arudha Lagna or its
lord. Probably, he interpreted this way, for the reason these Sutras were mentioned in
Arudha Chapter, which is valid. He didn’t mention the Graha Chakra reckoning. Anyway,
it is now, evident that his interpretation of taking from Arudha Lagna is not appoved by any
of the Jaimini commentaries and not even by BPHS.

2.9 Summary

In summarizing the above discussion and study of various Rajayoga horoscopes, the
postulates of this Manipravala Rajayoga can be formulated.

1. Manipravala Rajayoga 1 (MP1) is formed, if a benefic in 2
, malefic in 3
, a benefic in
, a benefic in 5
, a malefic in 6
, a benefic in 7
, a malefic in 8
, and a benefic in 9

from either Atmakaraka, or lord of lagna or lord of 7
house. This Rajayoga results in
wealth and fame.

2. Manipravala Rajayoga 2 (MP2) is formed, if a benefic in 2
, malefic in 3
, a benefic in
, a malefic in 5
, a benefic in 6
, a malefic in 7
, a benefic in 8
, and a malefic in 9

from either Atmakaraka, or lord of lagna or lord of 7
house. This Rajayoga results in
an Emperor (Highest order of Rajayoga).

3. The reckoning of houses must be according to Graha Chakra, not otherwise. Since
only 9 houses are mentioned, it is logical to use Graha chakra which was also
authenticated by the Vriddha Karika.

4. If we reckon the yoga either from lord of lagna or lord of 7
, then that lord shall be
benefic planet, in order to experience the yoga.

5. If the yoga is formed from Atmakaraka planet, AK can be benefic or malefic, for the
very reason that AK is always good and gives good yoga, unless he is badly afflicted.

6. The highest order of Rajayoga forms, if sequence of planets occurs in 2
, 3
and 4

consecutively. Even if the above yoga doesn’t occur in Toto, it assists in forming
Rajayoga, if there occurs a sequence, at least, in three consecutive places.

7. If the sequence is broken at 7
house then 8
and 9
places shall be occupied by
benefic planets, in line with Jaimini Adhikara sutra (see above cited Jaimini Sutras 1-

8. If placement of planets is interchanged, for example, malefic planets in places of
benefic planets and vice versa, then it results in poverty (Rajayoga Bhanga) and mixed
results are experienced otherwise.

9. The strength of this yoga depends on the strength of the planets like in exaltation,
own sign etc. This was specifically mentioned by Raghava Bhatta.

3. Application of this Yoga

3.1 The Benefic and Malefic planets:

In this system of Jaimini, benefic means the natural benefic or an exalted planet, similarly,
malefic means the natural malefic or a debilitated planet. Another Vriddha Karika verse
classifies the benefic and malefic planets, which is in contrast to the Parasara system. The
verse is given below for the benefit of readers.

67ज किवजः U

ः यथापू व शु भमहः
र7ारम¬ फिणनः बिलनः U

यर यो¬रम

चEोऽिपबूर एवाऽ Tिचदं गाौये
gurudhvaja kavijñaḥ syuḥ yathāpūrvaṁ śubhagrahaḥ
ravyāramanda phaṇinaḥ balinaḥ syuryayottaram
candro'pikrūra evātra kvacidaṁgāśraye

The natural benefic planets are (In the order of decreasing beneficence)
1. Jupiter
2. Ketu
3. Venus
4. Mercury
5. Moon (Having digital strength, or exalted)
The natural malefic planets (In the order of increasing maleficence)
1. Sun
2. Mars
3. Saturn
4. Rahu

In the above list, Ketu is considered benefic, next only to Jupiter, and Moon is considered
feeble benefic. In this system, the beneficence of Moon is decided by his association and his
digital strength. Moon is benefic when he is exalted, in houses of Jupiter, Venus. If Moon is
weak, or conjunct with either Saturn or Mars, Moon becomes malefic. Similarly Mercury
becomes best benefic when not conjunct with Sun.

3.2 Graha Chakra:

In Parasara system, we have only one way of reckoning that is to reckon the houses in
regular zodiacal order. But, in this Jaimini system we have four types of reckoning the
houses, used at appropriate situations. They are

1. Udaya Chakra, counting zodiacally for all signs
2. Prakriti Chakra, counting zodiacally for odd signs and anti zodiacally for even signs.
3. Vikriti Chakra, counting anti zodiacally for odd signs and zodiacally for even signs
4. Graha Chakra (Explained below)

A Vriddha Karika explained these four charkas and relevant verse about Graha chakra is
given below.

महचब मधो¯ते
लPधीशं समार- चो¬रो¬रतः ि¹तान

जा~ा महान


चब बमे णवै
महा एवं िहभावाः Uु ः लPिव¬ािदसं िजताः
एवं नवषु भावे षु िवFU नवशः महान

कमर ¹ाने ऽिप लPे शं FU लाभे धन ि¹तम

7ये तु षU रािश¹ं िवFUो* िवधानतः
महचबिमदं ूो*ं फलजानाय सू िरिभः
grahacakra madhocyate
lagnadhīśaṁ samārabhya cottarottarataḥ sthitān
jñātvā grahān caravaśādrāśīn cakra krameṇavai
grahā evaṁ hibhāvāḥ syuḥ lagnavittādisaṁjñitāḥ
evaṁ navaṣu bhāveṣu vinyasya navaśaḥ grahān
karma sthāne'pi lagneśaṁnyasya lābhe dhana sthitam
vyayetu ṣaṣṭha rāśisthaṁ vinyasyokta vidhānataḥ
grahacakramidaṁ proktaṁ phalajñānāya sūribhiḥ
Translation: Graha Chakra reckoning means reckoning the bhavas from lord of lagna (lord of
dasa rasi, in case of dasa karaka) in regular zodiacal (Udaya chakra) fashion. So, the lord of
the lagna will be the Tanu Bhava and the subsequent bhavas are the planets next to him by
Udaya chakra (Zodiacal) fashion. After the 9 bhavas, then lord of lagna (or lord of dasa rasi)
will be the 10
bhava, 2
bhava and 6
bhava found above will be the 11
bhava and the 12

bhava respectively.

It must be understood that if two or more planets occupy the same sign, then the planet that
gets less degree, minutes, seconds (DMS) is considered first
. The longitude of Rahu and
Ketu should be calculated from end of sign.

For example, in the following chart

House Bhava Planet
Tanu Bhava Jupiter
Dhana Bhava Ketu
Sahaja Bhava Venus
Matri Bhava Saturn
Putra Bhava Moon
Satri Bhava Mars
Kalatra Bhava Mercury

This clue is given exclusively in Somanatha Kalpalatha commentary.
Mrityu Bhava Sun
Bhagya Bhava Rahu
Karma Bhava Jupiter
Labha Bhava Ketu
Vyaya Bhava Mars

From the table above the Graha Chakra can be understood. Lord of lagna is Jupiter
represents Tanu Bhava. Since no planet conjunct Jupiter the planet in next rasi i.e is Ketu
becomes Dhana Bhava. Venus, Moon, Saturn conjunct in Aries, as Venus got least degrees
of these three, he is considered first and therefore becomes Sahaja bhava and Saturn and
Moon becomes next bhavas respectively. Similarly, Mars and Mercury, and Sun become
successive bhavas. Jupiter becomes Karma bhava, Ketu, the 11
bhava and Mars (lord of 6
Graha Chakra) becomes Vyaya bhava. Here after, in this paper bhava or house refers to the house
counted in Graha chakra only, not the regular house.

3.3 Illustrations

3.3.1 Manipravala Rajayoga (MP1, MP2)

A number of horoscopes are discussed below to prove the efficacy and application of these
two rajayogas. For the sake of clarity and easy comprehension, the yoga is shown in tables
with remarks. In the remarks column, the symbol ☼ indicates the planet in-line with yoga
and the symbol ☻indicates the break up of yoga. We sincerely hope this will aid in easy

Chart 1: Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, Male, June 4, 1884, 12N0, 76E38, T. Zone 05:06 East.

In the chart of Sri Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV of Erstwhile Mysore State of India, Sun is
Chara Atmakaraka. He was one of the most celebrated rulers among the Indian states when
India was still under British rule. At the time of his death, he was also one of the world’s
wealthiest men. He was considered a philosopher–king by Gandhiji and other eminent
personalities. During his rule Mysore became one of the well enriched states in India both in
arts as well as in wealth.


So, if we look at the table we find that the yoga formed at its maximum, missing at only one
place. Rahu, (a malefic) in 7
bhava, Moon in 8
bhava disturbed the sequence. Yet, from
the adhikara sutra of Jaimini, the Sage mentioned 8
house is the benefic place. This
peculiar situation shall be understood that if the sequence is disturbed at 7
bhava (that is a
malefic in 7
like this case), then a benefic must be in 8
and 9
bhava. Else, the above
interpretation of MP1 and MP2 shall be used.

Chart 2: Amitabh Bachchan; Male, October 11, 1942, 15:00hrs, 25N27, 81E51, IST

In the given chart of Amitabh Bachchan, the King of Indian cinema, Manipravala
Rajayoga 2 (MP2) occurs from both Atmakaraka and 7
lord. Let us tabulate them below.
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Sun (AK)
2 Mercury Benefic ☼
3 Saturn Malefic ☼
4 Venus Benefic ☼
5 Jupiter Benefic ☼
6 Mars Malefic ☼
7 Rahu Malefic ☻
8 Moon Benefic ☼
9 Ketu Benefic ☼

Amitabh Bacchan had a very humble start in his career, but rose to the position of superstar
of the Indian film industry. Not only he is famous in India, but also worldwide. In this chart
Moon is considered malefic since she is very near to Sun
. Though he faced a lot of
problems like hospitalization for months, financial setback of his company ABCL etc., but
eachtime he fought back and came back with much success. This is not an easy job for a
person in show business, which indeed a Raja Yoga.

Chart 3: Abdullah, King of Jordania, January 30, 1962, 05:23 hrs; 31N57, 35E56, TZone 2E00.

In the above chart of King Abdullah of Jordania, excellent Manipravala rajayoga 2 (MP2) is
formed. King Abdullah is the head of a constitutional monarchy in which the King retains
substantial power. Jordan's economy has improved greatly since Abdullah ascended to the
throne in 1999, and he has been credited with increasing foreign investment, attending

Some may argue that Moon is benefic as she is not very close to Sun. Even then, this Manipravala
Rajayoga applies upto 5
bhava resulting in good benefits.

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP2)
1 Sun (AK)
2 Venus Benefic ☼
3 Mars Malefic ☼
4 Mercury (Exal.) Benefic ☼
5 Moon (Weak) malefic ☼
6 Ketu Benefic ☼
7 Saturn malefic ☼
8 Jupiter benefic ☼
9 Rahu malefic ☼
meetings between public and private sectors. As a result of his reforms, Jordan's economic
growth has doubled to 6% annually under King Abdullah's rule compared to the latter half of
the 1990s.

Manipravala Rajayoga (MP2) from Atmakaraka Moon:

In this chart, the MP2 yoga is disturbed due to the reversal of sequence in 2
and 3
yet is a strong MP2 by involvement of 7 houses resulting in excellent Maha Rajayoga. Graha
Chakra reckoning is very useful in these charts where planets are cluttered in some houses.

Chart 4: Queen Victoria, May 24, 1819, 51N30, 0E10, Time Zone : 00E00

A planet in Own house, though malefic is not bad for Yoga Karakatwa. He can be considered as
benefic here
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP2)
1 Moon
2 Mars (Exalted) Benefic ☼
3 Ketu Benefic ☻
(Own house)
Feeble Malefic ☼ / ☻
5 Sun Malefic ☼
6 Venus Benefic ☼
7 Jupiter (Debilitated) Malefic ☼
8 Mercury Benefic ☼
9 Rahu Malefic ☼

Manipravala Rajayoga (MP1) from Atmakaraka:

Manipravala Rajayoga (MP1) from Lagna Lord:

Queen Victoria was the Queen of United Kingdom and and first Empress of British India.
Her reign is known as the Victorian era, a time of industrial, political, and military progress
within the United Kingdom. Her reign as the Queen lasted more than 63 years, longer than
that of any other British monarch before her.

In her chart, from the tables it can be understood that MP1 is formed both from Atmakaraka
and Lagna lord. But the yoga formed from LL is poweful for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses
involved. It is formed upto 6th house involving 5 places which itself a good yoga. Thought it
doesn’t occur in its full form, yet the native enjoyed the supreme power as the Queen of
British empire.

It is not out of place to discuss one more rajayoga here. Jupiter, as debilitated 8th lord
aspecting Lagna Taurus is one of the excellent Jaimini Rajayogas. So, Jupiter becomes
Yogada planet by aspecting Jaimini Navamsa lagna also. This Rajayoga is intensified by
having Poornargala as shown in following table.

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Mars (AK)
2 Rahu Malefic ☻
3 Saturn Malefic ☻
4 Venus Benefic ☼
5 Mercury Benefic ☼
6 Sun Malefic ☼
7 Moon (Exalted) Benefic ☼
8 Ketu Benefic ☼
9 Jupiter Malefic ☻
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Venus Benefic
2 Mercury Benefic ☼
3 Sun Malefic ☼
4 Moon (Exalted) Benefic ☼
5 Ketu Benefic ☼
6 Jupiter (Debilitated) Malefic ☼
7 Rahu Malefic ☻
8 Saturn Malefic ☻
9 Mars Malefic ☻
House from
Yogada Jupiter
Argala Planets Virodha Argala
2nd --- ---
4th Venus, Mercury --- No Virodha Argala ☼
11th ---
3rd Saturn, Rahu, Mars No Virodha Argala ☼,
Rare Visesha Argala
5th Moon --- Subha Argala ☼

From the table above. It is evident that Poornarala Rajayoga formed with three types of
Argala places (Mukhya, Visesha and Gouna (Subha) forming in three types of signs
(Movable, Fixed, Dual). This itself is a great Rajayoga and which is assisted by this
Manipravala Rajayoga.

Chart 5: Jawaharlal Nehru, Male, November 14, 1889, 23:21 Hrs, 25N28, 81E52, IST

In the chart of Jawaharlal Nehru, Manipravala Rajayoga 1 (MP1) is formed.

Manipravala Rajayoga (MP1) from Atmakaraka and Lagna Lord (Moon):

Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first prime minister of Independent India and a freedom fighter.
It’s the Nehru dynasty that had ruled in India for a lion share. MP1 Yoga formed from 3rd
house till the 7th house with a benefic in 8th house breaking it at 8th house. Nevertheless,
the missing of 2nd house in the sequence resulted, Nehru enjoying the Maha Rajayoga only
later part of his life. This again shows the importance of formation of sequence right from
2nd house.

Chart 6: Dalai Lama, Male, July,6,1935, 04:38 Hrs, 36N32, 101E12, Time Zone 06:44 East.

Dalai Lama needs no introduction and he is the current spiritual leader of buddists and in
particular to the Tibetans. Though, he is the King of Tibet on exile, yet he is a powerful
personality of the world propagating the teaching od Lord Buddha and a protagonist for
peace. He is believed to be incarnation of Lord Buddha himself. In his chart, Mars is
Atmakaraka placed in Gemini in Jaimini Navamsa chart with Ketu. Venus occupies the 12

house in own sign indicates the spirtuality of the native.

The Manipravala Rajayoga (MP2) is formed from Atmakaraka Mars and is tabulated below.
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Moon (AK, LL) Benefic
2 Saturn Malefic ☻
3 Mars Malefic ☼
4 Venus Benefic ☼
5 Mercury Benefic ☼
6 Sun Malefic ☼
7 Jupiter Benefic ☼
8 Ketu (Exalt.) Benefic ☻
9 Rahu ((Exalt.) Benefic ☼

From the table above, it can be seen an excellent MP 2 is formed, making Dalai Lama
one of the reknowned personalites of this century. Yet it must be noted that Saturn
representing 4
bhava is not a complete benefic, though in Moolatrikona, which makes the
native not enjoying full benefits of the rajayoga. He is to remain as king on exile and take
shelter of India. This shows why all ancient works are very strict on the sequence not to be
disturbed in 2
, 3
, 4

Chart 7: Chiranjeevi, Male, August 22, 1955, 10:31 hrs; 16N25, 81E26, IST

Sri Chiranjeevi is Megastar of South Indian Telugu films. He reined the Telugu film
industry more than two decades leading much ahead of his contemporaries, and recently
entered the politics. He is doing great service by campaigning for Blood banks and eye banks
and also has a charitable trust to look after these works.

His Atmakaraka is Moon placed in Virgo; now let us reckon MP1 from AK.

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP2)
1 Mars (AK)
2 Jupiter Benefic ☼
3 Rahu (Debilitated) Malefic ☼
4 Saturn(Own house) Feeble Benefic ☻/ ☼
5 Ketu (Debilitated) Malefic ☼
6 Mercury Benefic ☼
7 Sun Malefic ☼
8 Venus Benefic ☼
9 Moon Benefic ☻

As per the table above, the four places viz. 2
, 3
, 4
, and 5
places full fill the condition of
the yogas, thus starting this yoga. Moon in 5
bhava from lagna lord contribute the native to
rise as prominent person in Government. Sun and Mars conjoining Atmakaraka Moon in
Jaimini Navamsa indicate the person rise in political arena. Yet, this Manipravala Rajayoga
doesn’t occur in its full form in this native and hence, he will experience the yoga when
appropriate Rajayoga dasas run

Chart 8: Elvis Presley, Jan 08, 1935, 04:35 Hrs, 36N16, 88W43, TZone 06:00 West CST

Elvis Presley was a well known singer and the “King of Rock n Roll”. He is the one of the
best selling and most influential artists in the history of music. He has been inducted into
four music halls of fame. He was born in a poor family and became the most famous person
in the rock music industry which indeed a Rajayoga.

Incidentally, he is about to run Cancer Mahadasa according to Chara dasa (Raghava Bhatta method),
where Sun and Venus occupy 2
from dasa rasi resulting in raise in politics.
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Moon (AK)
2 Saturn - Exalt Benefic ☼
3 Rahu Malefic ☼
4 Ketu Benefic ☼
5 Jupiter Benefic ☼
6 Venus Benefic ☻
7 Mars malefic ☻
8 Sun malefic ☻
9 Mercury benefic ☼

The Manipravala Rajayoga (MP1) is formed from Lagna lord Mars and is tabulated below.


In the table above, the sequence is distrurbed by Saturn at 7
house, which is compensated
by Benefic planets Moon and Keru respectively in 8
and 9

Chart 9: Nizam Of Hyderabad, April 6
, 1886, 06:30 Hrs, 17N30, 78E30, IST

This chart belongs to the Nizam of Ernstwhile Hyderabad state of British India. On
February 22, 1937, Time Magazine called the Nizam, the richest man in the world. He
recived the title of “His Exalted Highness” by British Government. He reigned as Nizam of
Hyderabad from 1911 – 1948. Even after abdication of Kingdom owing to invasion and
annexion by Indian government, he was elected as member of parliament and member in
many parliamentary committees. He enjoyed the Rajayoga throught his life, yet he was
controversial for his alleged encouragement of Razakars in his rule.

In case of Nizam of Erstwhile Hyderabad state, Manipravala Rajayoga 1 (MP1) was formed.

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Mars (Lagna Lord) Malefic ☻
2 Jupiter Benefic ☼
3 Sun Malefic ☼
4 Mercury Benefic ☼
5 Venus Benefic ☼
6 Rahu Malefic ☼
7 Saturn (Own House) Malefic/ Feeble Benefic ☻/ ☼
8 Moon Benefic ☼
9 Ketu Benefic ☼

Lagna lord is benefic and MP1 is distrurbed only at 7
house by Rahu, yet a fairly good
rajagoga formed invloving 6 places out of 8 as evident from the above table. Since the yoga
was not complete and a strong malefic Mars conjoining anothr worst malefic Rahu made the
native so notorious among his contempory leaders. Though he enjoyed full benefits of the
Rajayoga yet he was humiliated by Indian army and was lost his kingdom to them in a pity
situation. This again shows the importance of planets causing Yoga Banga (negation of

Now the cancellation of this rajayoga is discussed below.

3.3.2 Rajayoga Bhanga (Cancellation of Yoga)

Sage Jaimini instruct us that if the benefic and malefic planets interchange their respective
places then, the native experiences the poverty. This is called Rajayoga Bhanga and the
native is troubled by the fate.

Chart 10: King Edward VIII., June 23, 1894, 22:00 Hrs, 51N30, 0E10, Time Zone 0:00 hrs

Duryoga from Atmakaraka Saturn:

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Venus (Lagna Lord) Benefic
2 Ketu Benefic ☼
3 Sun Malefic ☼
4 Mercury Benefic ☼
5 Moon Benefic ☼
6 Saturn Malefic ☼
7 Rahu Malefic ☻
8 Mars Malefic ☻
9 Jupiter Benefic ☼

In the table above MP1 is not formed due to reversal of nature of planets in 2
, 3
, 4
, which
prima faci obstructs the formation of Manipravala Rajayoga. So, even from 5
house we can
observe planets suit for MP2, which is not valid for the very reason expalined above. So, a
strong duryoga (malefic yoga) formed. It must remembered that planets obstructing the
yoga are Mars and Rahu, the worst malefics. Hence, though native born in Royal family, had
to flee to USA on his abdication of the Kingdom due to his love with a widow.

Chart 11: Prince Charles, November 12, 1948, 21:14 Hrs, 51N30, 0W10, T. Zone 0:00 Hrs

In the chart of Prince Charles of Great Britan Manipravala Rajayoga is obstructed as
explained in the table below.

Duryoga from Atmakaraka Sun:

Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Saturn (AK)
2 Ketu Benefic ☼
3 Moon Benefic ☻
4 Mars Malefic ☻
5 Rahu Malefic ☻
6 Venus Benefic ☻
7 Jupiter Benefic ☼
8 Sun Malefic ☻
9 Mercury Benefic ☼

It is very clear from the table, Manipravala Rajayoga is not formed in any form. It is well
known fact, though Prince Charles born to a Royal family, very famous (notorious???) for
his Love affairs, has not been able to become the King till the date. He has been doing all the
responsibilities of a King but the offical Kingship been been luring him. In fact, with an year
he will be the Prince having been in the position of all the British Dynasty. Look at the the
disribution of the planet that completely marring forming of Manipravala Raja Yoga. The
same situation can be worked out from the Lagna Lord as well to prove the misfortune of the
Prince Charles.
It is an interesting fact that if Mars is the planet that obstructs this rajayoga and the Kings
had to abdicate or loose the kingdom. It can be seen in the charts of Nizam of Hyderabad,
King Edward VIII, and Prince Charles. It is food for further research.

3.4 Extension Of Yoga

This yoga can simply be applied to the houses from dasa rasi in any phalita rasi dasas. In this
case, Graha chakra can not be used. Yet, the real application of this yoga in rasi dasas lies in
applying to the Dasa Karakas
. Somanatha Mishra explained that this yoga can be seen in
dasas as well. This scribe has been contemplating on this idea before he read Kalpalatha and
was stunned to learn it was mentioned in it. This yoga can effectively be applied to “Dasa
Karakas”, which this scribe vouches from his experience. This concept will be discussed in
an ensuing article. The very purpose of writing these lines is to encourage the readers to
study the ancient works on this system, not simply relying the information available on the
internet which is grossly incomplete and corrupted.

The quantification of yoga can be done by assigning numeric
values for planets as advised
by Somanatha. This has been effectively used by Sri Rangacharya in determinig Longevity.
Somanatha hints us to use the numeric values for yoga as well.

4. Conclusion

It has been shown in the above disussion that the yoga sequence occuring at least three
consequitive places generates the rajayoga. Since this is form of Mala yoga, this will
definitely substantiates the other benefic yogas of the chart. Ample example were discussed

Refer to New Light of Jaimini Astrology –II article in the 1
Annual Issue Feb 2009 of SA.
Refer to Jaimini Sutramritam by Sri Rangacharya or Somanatha’s Kalpalatha.
Bhava Planet Nature Result (MP1)
1 Sun (AK)
2 Mercury Benefic ☼
3 Ketu Benefic ☻
4 Mars Malefic ☻
5 Jupiter Benefic ☼
6 Moon Benefic/Malefic ☻/☼
7 Rahu Malefic ☻
8 Saturn Malefic ☻
9 Venus (Debilitated) Malefic ☻
above to show the Manipravala Rajayoga and Cancellation of it. Readers are requested to
study this important Prabhu Yoga and its Cancellation in their analysis. As it is advised by
elders that no conclusion be drawn with only one yoga on the horoscope. Horoscope analysis
is perfect only when all the factor are ascertained with an integated approach. Sage Jaimini
clearly instructs us to study the horoscope from various factors.
He says
सं वादात


saṁvādāt prāmānyam
ॐ त~त

बृ हत

पराशर होरसारा
bṛhat parāśara horasārā
लPे शात

कारका¬ािप धने तु य च प¾मे
शु भखे टय

ते भावे जातो राजा भवे I ु वम

lagneśāt kārakāccāpi dhane turyeca pañcame
śubhakheṭayute bhāve jāto rājā bhaveddruvam

बृ हत

पराशर होरसारां शः(ौीधर सं Pृ त 7ा~)
bṛhat parāśara horasārāṁśaḥ

0ु ननाथात

धने तु य च प¾मे
bṛhat parāśara horasāraṁśa (śrīdhara saṁskṛta vyākhya)
lagnādhīśāt dyunanāthāt dhaneturye ca pañcame

शु भलPे शु भ~थ तृ तीये पापखे चरे
चथु थ तु शु भे ूा8े राजवा त~मोऽिपवा
śubhalagne śubhatvarthe tṛtīye pāpakhecare
cathurthetu śubhe prāpte rājavā tatsamo'pivā

कृ 9िमौ कृ त 7ोितष फलर7माला
kṛṣṇamiśra kṛta jyotiṣa phalaratnamālā

उ¬े शु भे वा धनभाव सं ¹े तृ तीयगे नीच खगे ऽशु भे वा
चतु थर राशौ शु भखे चरे वा ~ो¬महे प¾मगे शु भो¬े
बूरे ऽधवा नीचखगे च षUे शु भे ऽथवा सप~भाव सं ¹े
तथा9म¹े = शु भे ष

तHा~रऽ सौFै नृ र पते HमUात

ucce śubhevā dhanabhāva saṁsthe tṛtīyage nīca khage'śubhevā
caturtha rāśau śubhakhecarevā svoccagrahe pañcamage śubhocce
krūre'dhavā nīcakhageca ṣaṣṭhe śubhe'thavā saptmabhāva saṁsthe
tathāṣṭamastheṣva śubheṣu tasmātparatra saumyairnṛpatessamasyāt

शु भे िãतीये ऽथ ततोऽन

नीचः बूरोऽथवा सौFखगः चतु थ

नीच~दतः शु भःच ततोऽशु भः त~रतः शु बो¾

पातः खगे धरायाः पितभर वे त


खे टाऽभावे चEतो माGमे तत

सव माGं Uाïशा~े वमे व
śubhe dvitīye'tha tato'nunīcaḥ krūro'thavā saumyakhagaḥ caturthe
tato'nu nīcastadataḥ śubhasca tato'śubhaḥ tatparataḥ śuboñca
tato'nupātaḥ khagedharāyāḥ patirbhavet yogakarādvilagnāt
kheṭā'bhāve candrato grāhyametat sarvaṁ grāhyaṁsyāddaśāsvevameva

सोमनाथ कृ त क~लता
somanātha kṛta kalpalatā
अथ कारकापे कया राजयोगो िन-7ते
atha kārakāpekṣayā rājayogo nirūpyate

कारकU िãतीये शु भः तृ तीये पापः चतु थ शु भः पं चमे शु भः ष9े पापः स8मे शु भः अ9मे शु भः नवमे
शु भः एव

ं ि¹ते राजयोगः मणडमािधपयोगः
kārakasya dvitīye śubhaḥ tṛtīye pāpaḥ caturthe śubhaḥ paṁcame śubhaḥ ṣaṣṭe pāpaḥ saptame
śubhaḥ aṣṭame śubhaḥ navame śubhaḥ evṁ sthite rājayogaḥ maṇḍamādhipayogaḥ

कारकापे कया िãतीयतृ तीय चथु था र दीनां यया~े सित प¾मे पापः ष9े शु भः स8मे पापः अ9मे शु भः नवमे
पापः दसमे शु भः एवं यिद महाराजयोगः
kārakāpekṣayā dvitīyatṛtīya cathurthādīnāṁ yayātvesati pañcamepāpaḥ ṣaṣṭe śubhaḥ saptame
pāpaḥ aṣṭame śubhaḥ navame pāpaḥ dasame śubhaḥ evaṁ yadi mahārājayogaḥ

पू वl*योगU मणडलािधपजातकमाऽे पयर वसानम


महाराज जातके ष


pūrvoktayogasya maṇḍalādhipajātakamātre paryavasānam
dvitīyastu mahārāja jātakeṣu draṣṭavyatvāt

एतT~लकणे िमॐे सित समा भवि~
उ*मकण वै परी~े दिरिा भवि~
etadutkalakṣaṇemisre sati samā bhavanti
uktamakṣaṇa vaiparītye daridrā bhavanti

राघव भJ कृ त जातक सारसं महः
rāghava bhaṭṭa kṛta jātaka sārasaṁgrahah

महचबरी~ा लPपते िãतीये शु भे तृ तीये पापे चतु थ शु भे पं चमे शु भे ष9े पापे अ¹मे पापे नवमे शु भे
grahacakrarītyā lagnapate dvitīye śubhe tṛtīye pāpe caturthe śubhe paṁcame śubhe ṣaṣṭe pāpe
asṭame pāpe navame śubhe rājayogaḥ

मिणूवाल Fाये न लPपते िãतीये शु भः तृ तीये पापे चतु थ शु भः पं चमे पापे ष9े शु भः सप~े पापा9मे
शु भः नवमे पाप इित मिणूवाल योगः
maṇipravāala nyāyena lagnapate dvitīye śubhaḥ tṛtīye pāpe caturthe śubhaḥ paṁcame pāpe ṣaṣṭe
śubhaḥ sapatme pāpāṣṭame śubhaḥ navame pāpa iti maṇipravāala yogaḥ

अऽ पं चम मार- पू वर योगापे कया िवरोध इित नाशं कनीयम

atra paṁcama mārabhya pūrva yogāpekṣayā virodha iti nāśaṁkanīyam

िãतीयU महाराजयोग~ात

ूथमU सं प7माऽ िवषय~ात

dvitīyasya mahārājayogatvāt prathamasya saṁpannamātra viṣayatvāt

सवर था िãतीये न शु भो तृ तीये न पापे चतु थ न शु भे भवतीत7ं
sarvathā dvitīyena śubho tṛtīyena pāpe caturthena śubhe bhavatītavyaṁ

वृ 4 कािरका
vṛddha kārikā

लPािधपितमार- बमे णािप िलखे त


महचबं तदाचायर वदं ितयवणादयः
उ¬े िãतीये सौFे तृ तीये पापनीचयोः
उच¬े चतु थ सौFे वा पं चमे तथा शु भे
ष9े पापे तथा नीचे स8मे च तथा शु भे
अ9मे च तथा पापे नवमे च तथा शु भे
ौीमं त पु 6षालोके िवपरीते िवपयर यः
lagnādhipatimārabhya krameṇāpi likhet grahān
grahacakraṁ tadācārya vadaṁtiyavaṇādayaḥ
ucce dvitīye saumye tṛtīye pāpanīcayoḥ
uccce caturthe saumyevā paṁcame tathā śubhe
ṣaṣṭe pāpe tathā nīce saptame ca tathā śubhe
aṣṭame ca tathā pāpe navame ca tathā śubhe
śrīmaṁta puruṣāloke viparīte viparyayaḥ

पं चमे च तथ पापे ष9े सौFो¬ये ~था
स8मे च तथा पापे सौFे चा9म ख़े चरे
नवमे च तथा पापे नीचखे टे िप वा तथाः
मिणूवाळ योगोयं तऽ राजभवे त

paṁcameca tatha pāpe ṣaṣṭe saumyoccayestathā
saptameca tathā pāpe saumye cāṣṭama ecare
navameca tathā pāpe nīcakheṭepi vā tathāḥ
maṇipravāḻa yogoyaṁ tatra rājabhavet


योगãयं महचबवशाच I97ं
idam yogadvayaṁ grahacakravaśāca dṛṣṭavyaṁ