Occultism In Astrological Remedies

By U.K.Jha, India.
Every astrologer worth his salt has to field a question, if course of destiny is alterable and whether there exists any chance of escaping the virulence of sinful previous karmas. In case we, the wearer of this perishable mortal robe; the indwellers of this physical mould called body, are incapable of escaping the impending doom, then what purpose does astrology serve in telling those unpleasant things in advance, because the mechanical wheel of time (Kala chakra) would bring about whatever is destined, without any favour or prejudice. Any prior information can only be an unwanted botheration, nothing more than mere psychological burden. People go for horoscopic consultation in quest of remedies for the impending dooms and astrology has drawn its sustenance by providing remedial measures since time immemorial. If the remedies do not work, then there is no charm in prognostication atleast for the masses. For marketing the remedial measures, it is indispensable that the querist is comprehensively convinced that it does work if applied properly. But how does it work? An intelligent querist knows for certainty that the law of Karma is inviolable. It is firm and binding to ensure that every cause is articulately linked to its appropriate corresponding effects, else the guarantee granted by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita to work honestly without looking at the fruits thereof; for the fruits bound by actions would automatically accrue, would become void inviting total banishment of the great dicta Karmanyavadhakaraste ma phaleshu kadachan. The prospects of superbly seizing

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from University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee) U K Jha has produced over 100 thought provoking articles in several astrological journals and is a known name in the academic foray of this science. He is known for his innovative ideas, one point sharp logic, acute rationality and scientific approach for dealing with the things. He is the author of world famous book "Utopia and Anarchy of Stars" and his commentaries on Yoga-Pushpanjali and Phala Deepika is a master piece for absorbing reading. His another book "Lost Horizon of Vaidik Astrology" and a book on Tara Dasa is likely to come out soon. Presently he is busy writing commentary on Brihat Parasara Hora Shasta (BPHS). His vast knowledge of Tantra and esoteric psychology find conspicuous reflection in all of his works.


correspondence between the cause and its effects cannot be erased from the constantly suspecting minds of intelligentsia. Under such circumstances the power of remedy must integer and repose on possibility of the great verities which translate the cause and corresponding effects to something not necessarily linked and prearranged under the sway of any active force of superiority. As such, the philosophy of remedial astrology and the principles of inviolable law of cause and effect seem to be mutually opposed and contradictory theories brought to an inconvenient wedlock and the only solution in sight is to divorce the prognostications considering it an obnoxious set of aboriginal dogma. This can be the simplest way for a querist to rid himself from the snare of astrological obsessions since he does not get a convincing answer in respect of effectuation of prescribed remedies and the veracity about the effectiveness of any puissant use of such measures. Even the most erudite astrologers in their awakened thoughts feel that all their industrious research and well appreciated lengthy papers become redundant on the face of this one fundamental query emanating from the affirmation of normal human aspiration about efficacy of remedies. The sincere querist guided by such suspicions in his heart and the doubts active in the realms of thoughts raised at the highest horizon of his logical wisdom feels flustered and naturally remains engaged in tracing the triune path of remedies; not just for a lark, as he is genuinely concerned about his own situation; his inner confusion resting on the fulcrum of "Law of Action", and loaded with a strong desire to explore the convincing and comprehensive possibilities as to why and how the measures suggested for averting the virulent results of sinful actions already done in the previous births should work. It is; therefore, essential that he, in his absorbing quest, must get a resolving reply that can help him proceed from a new poise of being at the very depths of his psychic foundation; with conviction and confidence that means of remedies can really liberate him from the clutches of previous deeds. Man, so long he is riding the high waves of repeated success, gives little importance to the recondite things like destiny and divinity and attributes all the accomplishments to his own prowess, planning, skill, endeavour and dexterity. Till such time, the talk about luck and future; to him, is only the cup of tea for those who are found wanting in ability and expertise to perform and compete. His vanity of success and self-confidence provide a commanding light of conviction that everything in this world can be had by application of manipulative efforts, superior enough to snatch away the goal from the jaws of clashing material and other forces; for, in his wisdom, achievements are born only out of the struggles of intelligence and skill. He deems himself the master of the contending forces operating in the arena of competitions and considers himself smart enough to pull the success out of many actual and potential discords. Only when beleaguered by the constant failures, assailed by disappointing outcomes and assaulted by circumventing helplessness; which stands tall before him to devour his skills and abilities, that he thinks about intangible things like providence and destiny. Dejected and discouraged, defeated and trammelled, he feels forced to turn his gaze and approaches an astrologer for possible causes of failures and appropriate solutions. But his pride, though wounded due to defeats in the battle of life, still works incessantly, keeping his mind alert and awakened, to know if any such recourse as astrological remedies are really of any worth. Most of the people who seek remedial assistance from an astrologer are quite intelligent and have invariably met their water-loo in the struggle of personal and professional excellence. It is only after they have exhausted all the options at their command, squarely mauled by the over-powering circumstantial forces, that they revert back to the science of astrology. They are basically wranglers of top class and; as such, despite the defeats and devastation suffered, their

power of self-assertion remains intact and their active intelligence casts doubt on every intangible thing. This is because; they are the ardent practitioners of the theory;" I cannot conquer without waging war against my competitors and my surroundings." They cannot rest in peace with any honeyed gloss or any optimistic scufflings because they have lost stake and now need a concrete and convincing clarification, even if it is fragmental in the total firmament of truth. So, their suspecting position is generally justified and assuredly bonafide. Intelligence ruled over by Mercury is one of the subtlest attribute of the self and when it tastes few easy but big successes in the beginning; for which phenomenal causative factor is Rahu, the native feels unduly and falsely elated. There is nothing unnatural in it because Rahu himself is a planet of high intelligence who could accurately guess the fraud perpetrated on the demons and could also manage to have a taste of the nectar before being beheaded. The self-arrogation of success is caused easily by the influence of Rahu on intelligence (Mercury) that works at the abyssal layer of human constitution. So, such a querist can not and must not be expected to accept the remedial measures of astrology readily and would certainly like to satisfy himself by exercising all the slaughtering reasons and logic till it looks rational and assuredly accurate on the plane of pragmatic principles. Rahu, which is a planet of Karmic discharge; working on the principle of war and destruction at all the planes of existence, revels in trampling and breaking the things even in intellectual realms. As such, the doubts raised by the sincere querists bear no incongruity so long they are honestly in quest for a sound logic and verifiable fact of our highest psychological possibilities. The available texts on astrology and Karma-Kanda are shockingly silent about the operational pattern of Karma-Vipaka in respect of the cosmogenesis of Karma in the invisible realms beyond mind and matter. This has got to be accepted as a great shortcoming which can be removed only through the reading of related subjects dealing with the transition period and the crisis the soul experiences from death to rebirth. The philosophy of remedial astrology and remedies shall look frippery and moonshine so long a clear exposition of the great forces in cosmos; clashing together for rapid destruction and reconstruction, are not lucidly enabled for better appreciation of intelligence. The violent convulsions of chaotic vibrations in the occult world constantly remain operative and work incessantly upon the human beings and other terrestrial things through the planets on physical and psychological level. The need and basis of remedial measures can be eliminated by one single stroke of simple postulation that the universe exists merely as a mechanical operation of brute and indifferent material forces or an equally mechanical play of ideas and energy arising out of an original inexplicable non-existence. However, this would also simultaneously refute the basic tenets of astrology that destiny is nothing but the fruits of actions carried out in the previous births and that there was an existence prior to this existence which is inseparably linked to its past and present status. To avoid any such baffling situation or to thwart away such inconvenient incongruities one shall have to have a clear picture about the field; which is the play ground of the disembodied soul, and a regulating principle, the Supreme Immutable self or the knower of the field. The manifestation of the Divine Essence or all pervading principles into various names and forms constitute the eternal creation of this world in its multitudinous relativities. The source of the infinite Energy-Substance is some unknown invisible Sun located somewhere at the centre of the vast stretch of this cosmos. When in the orthodox astrology we say Sun is the soul of the cosmic universe–Kalasyatma Bhaskarh the reference is made to the unknown cosmic Sun, which in the terrestrial pattern of life and things is represented by our solar Sun. But it does not necessarily contain within it all that we fail to see and grasp, as means and material, condition and field on a plane belonging to other worlds beyond the horizon of our knowledge and the existence

of which is absolutely beyond the rapidly encompassing ken of human intelligence. Sages knew it well and; as such, they also made provisions for delineating the chart with respect to the AtmaKarka, despite describing Sun as the significator of soul. Unfortunately, the procedures pertaining to proper use of Sun with respect to Atma Karaka for knowing the karmic energy signatures of the embodied soul has been lost over the aeons. But this does imply that the relation of the man with respect to the cosmos has become absolute and this relationship can become intelligible only if the horoscope is studied in the light of the occult doctrines. The universe is no cluster of blinding and helplessly self-existent masses thrown haphazardly into the orbit of eternity nor is it the creation of ignorant forces engaged into an unguided and uncontrolled process of self-creation and self-destruction. There is a definite order subsisting behind each and every thing from the subtlest to the grossest level of creation and destruction and which is wholly self-aware, endowed with secret Intelligence and; therefore, being the master of itself, functions in a self-imposed regulatory manner to conceal and reveal the progression of phenomenal perpetuation. Because of its own inbuilt self-instincts, it involves itself in each and every step or level, realises itself in various names and forms and informs and unfolds itself to the individual seeker. No remedial therapy of astrology can work efficiently without invoking and favourably activating this infinite active force to provide healing and relief. Scriptures describe it by the term Sachchidananda or Ultimate or Absolute Reality. In its reduction to the physical mould of mind and matter, it has an inlaid nature of concealing itself at each successive levels in the ever enveloping successive veils. So, in the process of revealing which is necessarily a progressive one, it ascends to unfold itself layer by layer, and level by level, wherein each concealing level or layer work as an instrument of ascension for the ardent and genuinely articulate seeker. Both the universe and the individual are the descention of same ultimate Substance– Energy and it can be approached also through the same path through the reverse way, all other relevant collectivities being the product of their own interactions. This Substance-Energy is verily referred to as chit-shakti in Tantra doctrine and its veiling characteristic as Maya-Shakti, the later not being separate from the former but inalienably subsisting as a permanent attribute ever operative to create the universe and all other things as mind and matter. The globe of the individual karmic energy signature of an embodied soul is pervaded and constantly influenced by this Supreme Substance Energy. Astrology is purely secular and works in accordance with the principles of absolute nonduality. However, astrological monism does not regard the Pure principle of Existence or Universal Chit as an epiphenomenal accident or bizarre proclivities of sustenance but holds it as the plenum that sustains and vitalises all phenomenal existence, or a datum on which all forms of multiple experience rests. This pure-principle in the horoscope is called the Kala-Purusha or the infinitude of awareness; without any name or form, without any determinant, having a state of complete quiescence where the potential is zero or infinity. In the individual nativity its presence can be deemed as a condition without any strain or tension which actually accentuates or springs up from within, the moment even a slightest construction; owing to previous Karmic energy signature, is put upon it. Kala Purush is impartial in nature and stands above all antithesis of rest and motion (event), existing as an equipotent surface of energy distribution that is in a state of complete quiescence. All the individual embodied souls (Jeevatma) shed lustre by His lustre and shine because He shines. So all things depend on this universal consciousness (Kala Purusha) but It has not to be dependent on anything for its manifestations. It is in fact an inscrutable being upon which no category can be fastened. Kala Purusha as Sachchidananda persists in all the state of Becoming because in Sat aspect, it is the root of the principle of Divine Will that, though itself remaining unmanifest, finds expression 409

in Divine Power as Shakti, whereas, in the chit aspect it is the root of all the Mind principle which is the cause of all manifestations. For any manifested state, the essentiality of Maya or the obscuring and veiling principle is intensely and unavoidably inevitable and the Vaidik bards while formulating the principles of astrology through horoscope, in the light of inevitability of reincarnation, did not keep this essentiality at abeyance. The nodes in the birth-chart fulfil this requirement of veiling principles, the Rahu being more formidably assertive than Ketu to obscure and veil the all pervading principles and engender the ocean of great ignorance. Their impact is more severely noticed on the luminaries–Sun and Moon, that is the spiritual and mental aspects of the embodied ego. The aspect of Rahu on Sun is recognised as the weakening of soul-force and that of the same on Moon as degenerative to intellectual, temperamental and emotional disposition of the individual so as to incapacitate him to take up any courageous advancement on the path of unfoldments. The nodes work as obscuring energy for the house they are located in as well as for their dispositors. They also act as veiling force for the planets and the houses they cast their aspect on. The effects of the nodes play to prevent the rise and growth of the intellectual and ethical perplexities into a higher consciousness governed by some superior set of laws. As such, it is always imperative to select an appropriate Mantra for the native on the basis of his horoscope for effective mitigation of the virulent effects and the situation of Rahu and Ketu becomes crucially significant for working out the right type of Mantra. While accommodating the selected Mantra in the horoscope of the native it is invariably found that they break on the critical points produced by the nodes. However, it is not difficult for the enlightened adepts in the field of spiritualism and the scribe has tested in several instances that the Mantra given by the great masters safely accommodates in the horoscope of the aspirants. The selection of an appropriate Manta is extremely essential so that the vibrations raised by them may result into more refined actions and purified desires so that the personal virtues can easily exceed the personal sin. This happens due to the subtle transformation in the inner configuration of the man on psycho-somatic plane. Absentation of the obscurities enables the universal, the impersonal and the divine spirit to work through the incarnated ego for fetching desired effects as well as for its actual upward evolution. However, the nodes are not the lone obscuring and veiling principles operating in the birth chart but infact work in tandem with the lords of 6th, 8th and 12th houses which are another set of forces for creation of ignorance. Lagna and its lord are the vital truth of natural existence of the embodied soul and all that is favourable, say 5th and 9th lords, help it in attaching itself to the same truth of that same order. This remain ever engaged in the struggle of ascension from lower to the higher self for pursuance of spiritual goal that is to enhance the enablement of a state for the struggling ego to cease to be mind and to become spirit even while dwelling in its physical robe. This upward transference can result in the production of actions, be on mental or verbal or physical plane, befitting the requisite requirements of the evolutionary process. The soul is made to reincarnate not merely to exhaust the credit balance of its previous Karmic energy signature but also to appropriately apply and involve itself into the requisite deeds and actions needed for advancing the cause of liberation, to associate in the field of evolution in such a way that the individual sin can be slaughtered by the ethical sense of personal virtues congenial for amelioration of social and public duty. But unfortunately, under the atrocious attack of greed, avarice and sense gratification etc. it forgets fully its principal objective to defend that right and to combat the oppressive forces of seducement ever existent at play in the normal human life and mind, and thus deviates from the path of upward transferences, the foundation of which is cast in our abyssal inner being. The mighty power contained in the process of sense gratification is the cause of derailment of the ego from its predetermined goal of appointed consummations leading to

mutation and variation of the personality; aims and objectives, dictated by providence. The 6th house is the house of appointed obstructions, 8th house is the deeper dark hole leading to limitless falls and frustration and the 12th house signifies the two possible directions of rotation of the vortex formed within and consisting of the eddy currents of evolution and involution of spirit. Hence, the recitation of Mantra demands personal mental application because the worship through the hired priests may not be very effective, on this front and for such objectives. The spiritual problem of a modern man has become insurmountable not merely on account of the fact that he has turned grossly materialistic but also because he has undergone greatest conceivable disappointments of all humanity's hopes. At the bottom, there is growing doubt behind all these palliative measures being marketed in the name of sure-remedies. Over the years, man has suffered fatal shocks in the hands of sooth-sayers and remedy marketers in the field of astrology and; as a cumulative result, he has become essentially uncertain about the efficacy of these measures; expectations and fantasies turning aside into traumas and terrors, frustration and fluttering agitation. This can be said from the experiences of those intellectuals whose penetrating questions on this front an astrologer has to field quite often, their intellectual grandiose seeking answers of similarly grandiose objectivity. As such, while taking up this vexed issue for rational and logically legitimate discussion, I am fully aware of the risks and the magnitude of the suspicions in the minds of the querist as well as the aspirations of our fellow students of astrology who always found convenience in evading such pointed questions by turning their head right or left. Many authors in their otherwise excellent works on the healing aspect in astrology have prudently avoided undertaking the treatment of this difficult issue and a few of them, just to conceal their own limited exposure to the relevant Sastra, have chosen to dispute the authenticity of Tantra and Mantra etc. Yet they can be seen in their proudest assertion recommending the worship of various deities on case to case basis. The basic point that confounds their wisdom and reduces their arguments; no matter on whose name it is made, to absurd banality is how astrology; if it is truly a Vedanga, can afford to repudiate the Vedantik concepts of creation. If the astrology is made to violate the basic rules for creation and the primary principles of manifestation what are we looking for through the positional manipulations of stars in the birth-map? The problem with this class of astrologers is that they have little or nought knowledge about the modern science and yet while dealing with a subject of totally spiritual nature as astrology, want that its principles ought to bear the hall mark of modern science. Spiritual principles deal with the higher and finer laws of nature; while, science (modern) works with the lower and gross laws of nature. Both have same objective. The process of birth of a planet and a child is astoundingly identical and their end is also governed by the same universal principle. These astrologers; therefore, behave erratically, just to conceal their own diffidence and lack of courage to accept astrology on purely spiritual basis, and ignorantly attack those sastras for the aid of which astrology was originally evolved to a full fledged subject. The worst victim of these ill-informed people, who at times rejoice moving with swollen head considering themselves as true contributors to astrological world, has been the crowning philosophy of Tantra. For example, when we talk about Maya or Maya Shakti, what clue astrology can offer about it; though it is there and can be comprehended logically with the help of the findings of the modern science. For the sake of those who have worked over-time to highjack astrology from its original source or root and are vaunting and flaunting the ill-construed outcomes of their so called articulate research, I have elaborated later how Maya is a totally pragmatic and scientifically acceptable concept. Materialism cannot remain concomitant with the spiritualism nor the modern man can be expected to relinquish their cherished goal and path of materialistic pursuits by application of any 411

negative persuasion or brute denials but can only be logically convinced to see reasons as to why spiritualism demands certain self-imposed disciplines owing to the inlaid requirements of the great cosmic ideation. His consciousness is a conditioned consciousness of mind and matter and his objectives, therefore, revolve round the basic necessities of materialistic origin. The sense of surety and security vanishes as one begins to realise that every advance step in external world brings about an increasing possibility for yet another catastrophe. Unless the passion to heap up necessary material comforts does not die out talk of spiritualism would continue to sound like hollow promises. One has to realize and get convinced at the bottom of his own heart that the so called success and achievements have accorded him nothing but temporary devilish delight. The process of return can set in motion like an avalanche only under the conditions of extremities of either hopes or despairs, whenever enough of them are gathered together. For the modern men religion does not seem to come from within, from the soul, but to have like inventory lists of the external world. Even while seeking remedies under the extreme physicomental duress, he is never seized by any strong urge for inner revelation, but tries instead to select a spiritual rescue. It is a conviction of putting religion on like the holiday bests, only to take them off finally, once the end and objectives are met. The generally increased awareness of intelligentsia towards astrology is no doubt interestingly appalling but they have not so far readily reconciled to it with good taste, because astrology has failed to unfold its original vistas of spirituality. As such, the passion invested in pursuit of these interests is without doubt psychical energy which has been turned back from the obsolete religious inklings but again finds itself obscured into the mere planetary juggleries of exoteric imports. One must not forget to take into account that these developments have inwardly a truly religious character even though externally they hanker for some scientific hall-mark. The concept of Mantra is too vast, controversial and enormously debatable, the detailed exposition of which, if taken to a fuller exposition, may give birth to a separate booklet which would be a digression from the present scope of this paper. Astrology being a science of cosmic exposition itself contains into its fundamental principles, the veiling necessities of cosmic process of manifestations through evolutions and mutations. This has got to be clearly understood and carefully explored in the nativities that depict the particular creation (event) at a particular point of time under a particular set of conditions (Dasha, Kala and Patra). Mantra is a set of words and alphabets and the concept of creation with the word is an eternally accepted truth. Word or speech is an attribute of the 2nd house of the horoscope. The energy of Mantra is a killer that kills the momentum of karmic energy signature of the previous births, if applied properly. The long application and faulty procedures of incantation can even kill the man himself. So, it is necessary that the procedure for incantation of Mantra must be learnt under the guidance of an adept, because it is too risky and potentially dangerous. Durga Saptsati has loudly cautioned the aspirants–Gyatwa prarabhya kurveet na kurvano vinnashyati- that they must tread on this risky path only after knowing the procedure fully. Mantra which is an attribute of the 5th house, finds its most active play in the 2nd house which is a maraka sthana (killer). Therefore, the wrong or improper application of the force contained in Mantra can also finish the user of this force. It is in this consideration that the sages have repeatedly advised not to drabble with the power of Mantra for a lark and only try to seek protection through it with most devoted and dedicated applications. After birth the embodied soul forgets its effulgent supernalities completely and lives a ramshackle life in demented state owing to the atrocious impact of previous karmic energy signature. Most of its actions are governed by the phenomenal flux of Karmic ruts or the peregrine worldly (circumstantial) drives of sense gratification as a result of which man lives a benighted life on planet earth like an ordinary runt. It is certainly perfidious in respect of the fantabulous

efforts put into by the guardian angels for upliftment of the soul before it proceeded for reincarnation. The body begotten after birth has its own deficiencies, discrepancies and shortcomings owing to the vast active force of Karma operating under extremely complex matrices of cosmic impulses. Nature does not accept him with an open arm like an affectionate mother but treats him like a slattern intruder disallowing easy access to each opportunity that can once again make him a sybarite. This is not on account of any ingrained hostility but purely intentioned to save the embodied soul from the squeals of grumpy sensual attractions and to enable it to stay timorous so that nothing can ever distract it from the original purpose of birth. But unfortunately, man delights in conquering the circumstantial impediments to score success on material front instead of conquering himself for the spiritual advancements. Such surly tendencies bring in only the rumbling sorrows and sufferings in life. Every embodied soul lives in seven bodies viz physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Mental body, Spiritual body, cosmic body and bodiless state of which the later four bodies remain dormant and inaccessible through ordinary modes of actuations and approach. Even the former three bodies do not live active and fully developed in most of the human beings which can be judged with little insight from the attitudinal disposition and behavioural pattern of a person. The first seven years from birth is governed by the forces of physical or gross body wherein neither the intellectualism sprouts forth with good intensity nor the desires (kama) manifest in high propensity. Many people live in this state till the end of their life and there is hardly any difference between these people and an ordinary animal who survive by assiduously attending the call of nature and react in accordance to the circumstantial stimuli without applying any sense of discrimination. Unfortunately over sixty five percent population of the world is composed by the people of this variety that provide a sumptuous feast to the ignominious designs of veteran charlatans and shrewd politicians of different nations. From the age of seven years to fourteen years second body that is etheric body tends to grow. Actually, with the development of this body develops the personal world of the native which stops at the age of puberty. The world has slightly less than thirty five percent of this class of people who live with two bodies despite the continuous growth and aging of the gross body. These people suffer with a strong urge of sensual desires of all types including sex that subsist till the end of life. Such people can be easily identified by examining the elements of strong sensuality and overwhelming passion in their all pursuits and ventures. The people living with three bodies that is those who have developed astral body are less than five percent in this world. This body develops from the age of 14 years to 21 years and enables the growth of logic, reasoning, discriminations etc. along with the fructification of inlaid intelligence. Depending upon the impressions (Samskar) of previous Karmic energy signature they can be a thinker, a philosopher, a top grade scientist, great social reformer etc. But in case the planetary glyph shows strong afflictions they may also turn out to be extremists of different varieties of social, political and religious order. They are very special people who can bring either cheer or the fear for society and humankind. These seven bodies or principle remain in each individual in seed form but the later four bodies do not develop without intense meditation under the guidance of a great adept. The vibrations passing through the seven planets of our solar system correspond to each principle at an unimaginably abyssal level. The first category of people who live with only one body in this world are governed by planet Mars and they continue their selfish life with an animalistic passion and aggression and remain always absorbed in accumulation of means for food, drinks and carefree luxuriations. After death these people take another birth within a very short duration and few of them even remember some important events of previous life during their early childhood. The

people of second category are controlled by Saturn whose passion and animalistic aggression is considerably refined but are extremely self-centred. The marked difference between these two categories is that the former is self-centred owing to animal greed but the later is sex- centred also. This is the reason that combination of Saturn with the sexual factors of the horoscope is deemed to deliver extremely virulent effects in that respect. All the activities of these people, in spite of all other good or bad considerations, can be ultimately found to be whirling around the subjects of carnal gratification. After death these persons (souls) move to the lower strata of the subtle world composed of multifarious desires and take birth under the impulses of some seizing desire that corroborates with his uncherished ambitions before death. The prudence and intelligence of the people living with three (initial) bodies is conspicuous in their all deliberations and acts of multitudinous intensities. They are governed mainly by planet Mercury and work incessantly to bring about intellectual revolutions. Even the top class leaders of extremists and separatists are fired with some thought provoking ideologies. Because of this cosmic reality dreaded terrorists, notorious swindlers and matchless manipulators mostly belong to the class controlled by sign Gemini of the Zodiac. These people after death move on to higher echelons of ethereal world and take birth only when favourable conditions come to pass. The people with a developed fourth body or mental body which grows from the age of 21 years to 35 years are rare to be found in this world. Mental body can be developed only through arduous yogic practices and is governed by the planet Moon. This body which subsists in every person in seed form only is full of multitudinous possibilities but the ordinary man is incapable of developing the same in worldly conditions, because the progression in this direction is also fraught with great dangers and huge obstructions. All the para-psychological activities manifests in this body and on account of this consideration all the aspirants are advised to concentrate and meditate for arresting the flight of mind. So long the mind is not conquered, advancement on spiritual path is not possible. Each directives and commandments of Yoga and Tantra are meant to develop the mental body which is the gate way for direct perception of the happenings of other astral world. Mantra works directly on the mental body and crash open the occurrence of unfathomable possibilities. Mantra-Shakti of a man is like the precious gem of a venomous snake and can dispel the darkness of virulence owing to the previous karma with its sparkling glow. Mantra mahamani visam byal ke; Metata kathin kuanka bhale ke" is how sage Tulsi has described the power of Mantra. As the Moon has its own dignified place in horoscopic delineations and process of prognostication, the mental body has its own specialised existence in the existence of all other bodies. It is the basis of all para-psychological studies and maintains its own independent existence. The first three bodies are tied to the limiting ambits of space and time but the mental body is free from all such obscurations. Its boundary is at par with the boundary of the cosmos and can freely travel anywhere. It is the substratum of the incarnating ego. All the Indian system of meditation especially yoga and Tantra system proceed along the line of mental body. They are not at all concerned with the gross body but strive to reach the mental body and progress upwards along the foundation provided by this fourth principle of the man. Telepathy, Sammohan etc. are the beginning of arousal of this body and different intricate meditational procedures of Yoga and Tantra are performed after establishing complete link with the mental body. Mantras work to energise and activate this body after commanding mastery over which the Yogis do the miracle. We would revert to this mental body in connection with Mantra, in astrological parlance subsequently. Lagna is hemmed betwixt the 12th house and the 2nd house which is vitally significant from esoteric point of view, especially when we enter into the dissertation of recondite things like Mantra and its effect in transformation of our being. The 2nd house in orthodox astrology stands 414

for wealth that is Maya and the 12th house signifies Bhoga that is means of luxuriations. So, the 12th house is the actual and utilitarian gains of wealth in life. It implies in simple words that more would be the wealth, stronger revel-rout would be the person. The worst dissipation of the wealth occurs through the 8th house which shows that the excess of wealth produces all the tendencies to seek carnal gratifications through countless channels of revelries and a fettered soul is ever increasingly susceptible for fall in such depths. Bhoga or the enjoyments also dissipate through the 6th house and as such, possibilities of hardships and sufferings owing to the efforts of obtaining means of enjoyments become paramount. The disputes, combats, frustrations and various types of hassles in life are; therefore, inevitable which would further gravitate the enchained soul into the pool of materiality. The 2nd house is the Maya of Lagna and the 6th house is the Maya of Mantra-Shakti. So, the arousal of Mantra-Shakti also engenders the waves of Maya and the possibilities of the aspirant (sadhaka) to get engrossed in that Maya cannot be totally ruled out. This in fact happens with many aspirant and the allegorical story of Vishwamitra falling prey to Menaka is a pointer to that state when the Sadhaka becomes vulnerable for fall on account of the illusions created by the power of his own Mantra. This is a tedious stage and is fraught with many traps and pit falls where the guidance of an adept is indispensable; otherwise, the fall becomes inevitable and that makes many Sadhaka a Vishwamitra. The Mantra used for healing then becomes counterproductive and delivers a killing blow, as its wealth begins to fructify in the form of attributes of the 6th house. Thus the obscene news about the religious personalities of many sects involved in sexuality and other acts of carnality, as heard quite often, are not merely the realities of world today but are also the psychical inevitability of the fallen sadhakas easily comprehensible through the principles of astrology. As such; the sincere aspirants should take lesson from there and fear this cosmic inevitability while treading on the path of Mantra. This happens owing to the adverse impact of Mantra shakti. It is extremely difficult to withstand the impact of Maya because this manifested universe is the product of Divine Ideation and has come into being due to the play of Maya Shakti which is a changing aspect of the changeless Universal Chit-Shakti. Under its fantabulous sway, we; owing to the illusion (Maya), consider our individual world as something independent of the Divine World. It appears quite incongruous to our cognitive faculties and intelligence because we never realise that the illusion (Maya) pervades all human life and on account of our own inability to discriminate (viveka), we stand prevented to have an actual feel of the same. That is the agony and irony of being an intellectual human being, the most sophisticated creation of nature. The stunning advancement of modern science that has enabled humankind to hold mastery; certainly to considerable extent, over the laws of nature, is also exceedingly ceasing and strongly blinding, so much so that we fail to perceive the world of things and beings around us as unreal and any argument adduced to establish its unreality seems to be an act of utter madness. But that is indeed not the same; for, the modern science has also fortunately enabled us to understand the concept of Maya by dint of its advanced researches and the knowledge gained there from. It can be deemed as a great irony of luck that the modern science which laid the foundation of materialism in its efforts to demolish the structures of spiritualism has also provided the facts that squarely obliterate the scientific materialism although we are seldom aware of it owing to our intelligence ever loaded with logical justifications. In spite of the fact that it would be a digression, an attempt to enunciate the concept of Maya with scientific background becomes imperative here for making the subject more easily comprehensible. – We are all sitting on a high speed planet (Earth) having dual speed of spinning about its axis and revolving around its orbit at a tremendous speed of 1,07,200 km/hr and yet we presume that everything around us including our own state of so called rest as stationary. Is it not both baffling 415

and bewildering to imagine and consider anything stationary on a fast rotating and moving body? This is the Maya. – A line drawn on a curved surface shall always be a curve and never straight. To draw a straight line on the surface of a spherical ball is a physical impossibility. But all the technological experts while executing their construction and other plans insist for drawing with precision the straight lines for bringing proper alignment with respect to the directions. As a matter of fact, none of the straight line drawn on the surface of Earth is really straight, however, we always presume them to be truly straight on account of the grip of Maya. – Astronomers with the help of their highly sophisticated instruments and telescope study the universe and give us a picture of their studied universe which we presume to be real. But do these facts give us a true picture of the universe as it exists. We all know that the lights from various stars take millions of years to reach the planet Earth and; therefore, the picture that we get is of the universe which existed millions of years ago, but the current position of the universe is not known to us in its actual status. The whole galaxy that we see at night might have disappeared long long ago without our knowing anything about it but we remain under the illusion that we are seeing those universe that might have vanished long ago. This gives a rude shock to our knowledge about the universe we suppose to know so well and which the astronomers claim to reveal to us with exactitude and certainty of scientific investigation. Such is the great impact of Maya that has pervaded are life in all respects. – Science tells us that the whole universe is nothing but energy vibrations which when bottled up looks to be solid or liquid or in loose conditions appears to be radiations. Yet we never, even for a second, realise that all that we see and perceive is not solid or liquid but energy vibrations only. However, this revelation of modern physics has brought us to the brink of occult view that whole universe is the product of vibrations or Nada and Mantra is the science of Nada. – We know that the tangible solid objects around us are made up of atoms and molecules and the vibrations playing between them are also instrumental in constituting our sense-organs. The actual amount of matter being very small, these atoms and molecules are practically empty spaces. As such, it is mostly the movements of points with unimaginable speeds in space that compose these seemingly tangible solid objects. So do they really exist in the material world as we understand them to be? Yet to us they appear to be existing as compact solid mass. This happens on account of the Maya we live in. – Let us think what actually happens when we look, smell or touch anything say orange in our hands. The light vibrations from the so called orange strike the eyes, are carried away along the nerves to the corresponding brain centres and produce in the mind a visual image of an orange. The object that has produced this image has neither form, nor colour because it is a mere aggregate of a number of atoms and molecules reflecting light rays which fall upon it. It is these molecules reflecting light rays that strike the retina and get carried away to the brain along the nerves. Similarly, there are several vibrations coming from the orange strike the corresponding sense organs to produce in mind a sensuous impression of the orange. What we actually perceive is the impressions in mind that really does not exist in the object. Our mental image of the orange contains these sensuous components contributed by different sense organs and fused by the mind in a composite image. So, what we perceive outside are not the objects outside but the mental image in our own mind produced by the external world of atoms, molecules and vibrations that have no form, colour or smell. Yet we feel that the orange has a form, a colour and smell etc. What can be said to this illusion of our own sensuous perceptions. This is the Maya of the occult doctrine.

The ramifications of Maya as dealt in the scriptures are ponderous and our intent is not to go into those proliferous details. Since we are dealing here with the effect of Mantra, it was felt pertinent to give little idea that Maya is not at all mythical and does influence us like a great veiling principle. Earlier we have seen that all the Yogic and Tantrik activities are linked to the mental body and Mantra is the simplest mode for actuation and activation of mental body subsisting in seed form in each individual. The shortest root to reach the centre of mental body is Hridya which is an untranslatable world and the English word heart does not describe it in its full contingency and conundrum. So, the God is said to be residing in Hridaya that corresponds to some point in the chest region of the human body. In the horoscope this area is represented by the 4th house from where the inner nature of the man is studied. In natural zodiac this house is represented by the sign Cancer owned by planet Moon. Mind in astrology is represented by Moon and as Moon is the fastest planet in the Zodiac, mind is the fastest element of human constitution. According to the scriptures, mind travels at a speed of 400 trillion miles per second. So it is next to impossible to arrest the flight of mind that works incessantly round the clock. Only in the dead deep sleep it can be said to be stilled which is equivalent to shushuptavastha (dead sleep state). The 4th house of the horoscope is extremely important because it signifies the enormous possibilities and being Hridaya it represents the abode of God. It is also the seat of the mental faculties which implies that spiritualism starts from the mental body and the true spiritual potency latent in the native can be studied only from the disposition of the 4th house of his birth chart. If the 4th house is auspiciously disposed, affliction free and aspected or occupied by the benefic planets, the chances of actuation of the mental body is great and the Mantra recited by the man with full devotion and intense concentration would produce the effects earlier. Moon in the 4th house is not considered good in conventional astrology but it can be an asset for spiritual advancements and meditation for peace. Fructification of the effects of Mantra is dependent upon the conditions of the 4th house to a larger extent. More afflicted is the 4th house in the nativity, more stringent efforts in meditation shall be required to make the Mantra bear its fruits. This happens in spite of the healthy disposition of the 5th house. The latent power of the aspirant to make the Mantra fruitful can be measured only in terms of the auspicious disposition of the 4th house and there must not be any ambiguity in this respect. Many astrologers endeavour to examine the spiritual constitution of a person from the disposition of the 9th house of his nativity which en-essay represents the higher mind or supramental. Therefore, it gives only the partial pictures of the hidden spirituality of the man. Higher mind at the initial stage creates many doubts and obstruction in the smooth progression of spiritualism in man. This is so because the mental body exists on the boundary of the material and ethereal existence of the man and; therefore, chances of fall by default is great in actuation of this body. The 9th house is the house of suspicion and subtle illusions that tend to appear in the patina of reality. The mind element involved with the 9th house is very subtle and subtler anything becomes, chances of suspicion and uncertainty increase. There is a very thin line of demarcation between the subject and the object in the subtle realms. It is often advised to the aspirants to do the recitation of Mantra mentally without taking the help of the tongue because so long it tends to draw sustenance from the elements of speech the vibrations of 9th house would continue to work as an obstacle. Recitation of Mantra brings about valuable change in the inner configuration of the aspirant because its vibrations tend to harmonize the internal turbulence by removing or dissolving the cruder integuments of our previous sinful acts. But it has got to be done with total devotion and dedication with a great sense of gratitude towards the all mighty. Only then the potent seeds 417

capable of countering ordained virulent effects would germinate to take the form of huge tree of Divine grace and can whisper with these eddy currents in the high clouds of ether. It fills the heart with an all encompassing love that embrace and absorb everything including the vibrations of previous ugly deeds carrying the seeds of corresponding harmful effects in the current life. In the molten fire of eternal love, the seeds of those harmful effects are roasted. The vibrations generated in the body due to recitation of Mantra provides sturdity on psychological plane that also prevents the things on physical plane and obliterates the materialisation of bad effects. As an effect of vibrations of Mantra, a new being is borne inside the native who is capable of moving easily to the outside and into the inside. This is possible only when the barriers of ahamkar melts away. However, the recitation of Mantra without devotion and dedication can be nothing more than mental entertainment and would produce no useful result. The axis passing through the 9th and 3rd house is of paramount importance for the study of the spiritual potency of the native; for, they represent the axis of Bhagya (destiny) and parakrama (prowess). The Sthula ahamkar (gross conceit) is represented by the 3rd house because its vibrations work to arrogate the self. Stronger and more afflicted is the 3rd house, more densely dormant would be the mental body of the native. The seed of mental body in such a person is lying almost on an arid ground with very little chance of fertilisation. The impulses of this house strive to break the concentration, waver the faith and hamper the spiritual progression. It is the biggest obstruction in activation of the mental body and may be in consideration of this reason Parasara has considered 3rd house as an evil house. The destructive intensity of the 3rd house emanate from the active impulses of the 6th house. Proper practice of Mantra with devotion makes the man sober, sincere and kind. Its vibrations work effectively to annihilate the virulent impulses and prepares such a ground in the ethereal realms that lemon is automatically processed to become lemonade. Karmic Law, though it functions to a great extent automatically, is also guided by a universal intelligence and love and can be intelligently manipulated and diverted with the force of meditating mind coupled with the pulsations of Mantra. When the aspirant turns inward to search and concentrate on his own soul, which is the representative of Supreme Soul, Mantra begins to work, because the walls of ahamkar is collapsed. Since we are ourselves the author of previous actions and its corresponding effects, we can also divert and devastate them with appropriate energy and vibration generated by Mantra. One must not forget that there is a supreme consciousness which receives our gratitude and responds to it. Recitation of Mantra in deep devotion is the expression of same gratitude for giving us a birth to work out the previous misdeeds in spiritual manner. Sadhaka use the Mantra to give oxygen to his own inner divine flames or Brahma jwala, also called Nava-Durga to roast the impulses of his own previous sinful acts. It is difficult but not impossible. Mantra is an attribute of the 5th house which contains the subtle vibrations of the 3rd house and; as such, represents Sukshama ahamkar or the subtle arrogation of the self. Mantra is also the wealth of the 4th house or the mental body. But the 4th house stands sandwiched between the two houses of the self arrogation gross as well as subtle. The mental body which is very delicate easily acquires the impressions of these obliterating forces as a result of which Kalapana (imagination) takes to wings. The thoughts begin to fly faster in various imaginary forms that is imperilous for meditation. So, the 5th house is also called the house of speculations. As the Mantra starts working, the aspirant gradually tend to zoom into the land of speculations and he accepts many imagined things as the real experience (anubhuti) and gets distracted from his original course. This is the danger of the 5th house and Mantra fails to yield its desired results. To get the results, the aspirant shall have to have an infrangible determination and unwavering faith in the power of Mantra under the tutorship of some great master.

The mental body does not develop easily owing to the annihilating impacts of the forces of self-arrogation. Because of its extremely soft composition, the mental body gets readily affected by the substance of intoxication and anaesthesia etc. May be due to this reason few aspirants adopted the use of liquor and other herbs and orgies of intoxication, as they felt that it would easily effectuate the impulses of the mental body and perfection (siddhi) would dawn to them earlier. These things, no doubt, can be helpful provided they are used in prescribed manner under the supervision of some adept. Otherwise, they would render the physical body weak and enfeeble the active mind. The pulsation of the 9th house in the beginning objurgates all the efforts to activate the mental body because it is 6th to the 4th house. The obtrusive forces of the 9th house becomes coaxial with the power generated by the recitation of Mantra; for, it is also imbued with the vibrations of the 5th house. Because of this reason, the man feels quite uneasy and restless when he starts the recitation of Mantra but gradually and with intensified practices he feels inexpressible joys when the vibrations of 9th house begin to work in tandem with the 5th house. This happens when the aspirant starts moving away from the world of materiality and gets absorbed deeper and deeper in spirituality with single objective of getting the grace of the deity represented by the Mantra. Recitation of Mantra is a means to invoke the great cosmic process (yajna) and hence is great in application. The chemistry of its working process can merely be experienced and never explained in words. Mantra facilitates the arousal of cosmic flames on physicho-somatic level. These flames already subsist in the body and keeps it warm to sustain the life. During recitation, aspirant starts Yajna inside his own being at the very base and centre of all feelings and realisations. All the deceitful proclivities and tendencies are offered as oblation in the same cosmic flames (Brahma jwala). The viceful inclinations inculcate in the man owing to the sinful acts of previous birth and works as a platform for manifestation of the corresponding virulent effects. Once these inclinations and proclivities are consigned to the cosmic flames of the Atma-yajna, the forces behind their germination are also burnt. Thus, the impulses of the virulent previous deeds can be destroyed in the cosmic flames with the help of Mantra. But for this, the body of the aspirant must be as much sanctified as a temple is ideally deemed to be. It explains how difficult is it to confound the vibrations of previous deeds. The mother of all Mantra is pranava (AUM) signified by the 2nd house which is also the playground to the forces emanating through the 5th house. The seat of the 5th house lies in 8th house that indicates that the Mantra would start getting effective when the reciter of Mantra reaches a death like state in his deep concentration. In that condition, all the mystic powers gets transfused with the vibrations of the 2nd house and the aspirant forgets everything including his rosary and Mantra. Everything is left behind in that state of great concentration because the active mind (Lagna) tend to dissolve itself with the power Mantra. Similarly the generation point of the higher mind resets in the 12th house, where the vibrations of the mental body (4th house) tend to fructify in full blast. So long Samadhi has not occurred 9th house plays through the energy of 6th house but once that quietude in meditation during recitation of Mantra is achieved, the forces of the 4th and 9th houses merge together in the 12th belt of Zodiac, also known as the house of emancipation. No desire of enjoyment is then left and aspirant becomes free from the atrocious impacts of ragging wishes. As the 12th house and 2nd house become operative during meditation, the Ajna chakra comes into play. Here again we find that the lordship of this centre has been given to planet Moon. Advanced Sadhakas become Kutashtha at this state.

The 12th house is the fate of all that is done through the mental body and the 2nd house stands for the net gains of the efforts of mental body. This is the astrological explanation of the general chemistry as to how the Mantra becomes effective with the transfusion of energy of various auspicious centres of the horoscope and yields the desired results. But how it works to mitigate or nullify the virulent effects of the previous karma? Each action has to meet its nemesis else the law of causation shall be disturbed. However, it is also true that the great masters could attain their impeccable heights after roasting the karmic seeds in the fire of devoted meditations, which points out that there is some impervious physics in spirituality for countering and destroying the momentum of Karmic energy signatures of the previous births and that is concerned to all the sooth seekers in the field of astrology. When the recitation of Mantra in the deep concentration on deity is centred around the forces of the 2nd house, the Mantra gets mingled with the breath of the aspirant and its recitation is automatically tuned to the exhaling and inhaling process. This happens when the turbulence of breath is normalised and the disciplined Median Breath represented by 2nd house becomes direct and lively. It is essential to reach to this stage during the recitation of Mantra so that the obstacles produced by the currents of 9th house can be overcome because only this breath has the power to tranquil the mind and integrate the psyche in its original essence. Median breath is nothing but the controlled and stream lined flow of air in the body without any haughty and sweltering exercise of impoverished external power. The strength and power of Moon at this stage is of immense help as it helps conquer the terrible disturbing forces of the nodes and no distraction can recur once the determined Sadhaka moves forward whole-heartedly to welcome the virulent vibrations from other planets. This is the process of reversal as the energy of cosmic Moon starts devouring all the troublesome pulsations including those that come through the nodes. This is a greater moment when the mental body starts expanding and pervading the saptabhuwam created by the seven breaths for taking on all the frontal assaults of the hostile vibrations from various malefic planets. Divine flame (Brahma jwala) of the body is enkindled vigorously and Nava-Durga starts consuming the Karmic ruts in full blast. Here occurs the inevitable confrontation of the Hanuman (aspirant) with the ever expanding and devouring worldly propositions (Surasa). To emerge victorious Hanuman has got to symbolically yield before Surasa so that the gravity of the cosmic impediments can remain intact and the sadhaka would proceed towards his destination without waging any war with the cosmic forces. Yogis describe it as the beginning of death in meditation because the favourable and benevolent forces of spiritualism engendered by Mantra or the Mantra Shakti opens its jaws to swallow the virulent forces of the ill-disposed planetary configuration. The stage for nemesis of negative karmic energy signatures is erected to destroy them in the ethereal realms without letting their effects manifest on physical plane. The forces of the negative or virulent currents are weakened, confused and made directionless under the impact of growing powers of the mental body riding the waves of Mantra-Shakti. The vibrations of the 8th house are the products of mental body whose own regenerative powers are seated in the 7th house. Hence a stir in the mental body caused by continued recitation of Mantra or the vibrations of Mantra work positively to awaken the Kundalini without application of any extra force in normal and spontaneous manner. In the natural zodiac these two houses are identical with Scorpio and Libra signs respectively. It may please be noted with interest that the Moon is depressed in the Scorpio and Saturn is exalted in Libra signs. As the mind is tranquilled along with recitation of Mantra the dormant Kundalini powers become active and the anchorite of heavens (Saturn) steps in to do justice to the vibrations of sinful previous deeds through mechanism of nemesis. The dark demoniac forces of the karmic ruts are sacrificed in the fire of 420

Mantra-Shakti. This sacrifice is the offering of old sinful acts at the feet of the all powerful Cosmic Man (Kala Purusha) with complete surrender and unshakable devotion. The process is not so simple because it demands a faithful determination and prodigious pledge to the all mighty that no sin shall be committed in future mansa vacha karmana-either mentally or orally or through any actions. The expanded mental body proceeds from the expanded consciousness and develops a supernal psyche which is comprehensive, composite and complete in several respects. It warns the man to refrain from indulgence in unholy and inglorious pursuits and suggests to turn upon a new leaf with firm resolves to live afresh with righteous and virtuous means of survival. The sensitivity of the mental body becomes the strength of renewed and refurbished psyche and the change in approach and attitude of the man becomes conspicuous in all deliberations.. Their actions and thoughts are laden with the ethical impulses of human instincts and they become absorbed in unifying themselves with the eternal soul. Mantra recitation prepares the stage for sacrificing the animal instincts to the Lord so that the subdued angelic powers can be regained at the higher level of meditation. Mantra works through power of propitious desires and rides on the vehicle of thought that moves faster than light. Mind is fastest having a velocity of 400 trillions miles per second. The velocity of light is 1,81,000 miles per second; whereas the thought moves with a speed of 1.2 billion miles per second. This speed is augmented further upto 1.5 to 2.5 times at the quietude of night which enhances the importance of Moon in meditation as its rays are found sedately supportive to the flight of concentrated thought. Once the aspirant enters into the samadhi with an absolutely tranquillised or dissolved mind, the speed of thought matches the speed of mind. Only with such a high speed it is possible for the Mantra Shakti to locate and annihilate the unfathomably distant centres of previous sinful acts in the limitless universe. So long the centre of the previous sinful acts in the illimitable heaven is not destroyed it would continue to despatch the impulses for effectuation of the corresponding effects. In the horoscope, present, past and future are denoted by 1st, 9th and 5th house respectively. The Karmas of the past birth remain normally buried in the 6th belt (house) of the Zodiac and the fructification of the bad effects can be prevented by Mantra Shakti which is an attribute of the 5th house. Being 12th from the 6th house it indicates the potencies that can be destructive and detrimental for the 6th house. However, the problems associated in the process are not simple but too large as has been adumbrated in the foregoing paras; for, the Mantra Shakti operates in a composite way from various centres of the horoscope. And in that elevated state the vibrations of the 6th house also become congruous by providing necessary feed to the Mantra Shakti. Man under the impact of Maya lives with a permanently fractured psyche filled with the flotsam of previous sinful deeds that tend to create a tendency conducive to materialisation of its own commensurate effects. These tendencies permeate through the psychical composition of the man and strive to live there with the potency of death so that the manifestation of the results of each bad karma may produce death like pains and traumas. The 6th house is the gain of the 8th house which shows that the dead action of the past try to come back to life with lust for punishing the embodied ego through manifestation of the corresponding effects. But when the mental body is actuated through the Mantra Shakti it tends to reverse the process and uses the energy of the 6th house as its own prowess. This helps in clearing the psyche from the flotsam of previous sinful actions and starts its integration for further upward progression. The thief becomes the police to help prevent the crime and man moves on the righteous path. With the effectuation of mental body and simultaneous expansion of the consciousness, the sleeping energy of Kundalini becomes active because all the chakras and the Kundalini are located in

the mental body itself. All these jointly work to augment the strength of body aura and make it ponderously enlarged and fantabulously vibrant. This tremendously vibrant body aura serves as a launch pad for the flight of Mantra Shakti on the vehicle of concentrated thoughts in the cosmic infinitude. The man stands in fact thoughtless in that state but as the mental body is soft and remains directed to the mental realms, thought do exist in the form of strong urge to get the blessings of the Lord for getting rid of the virulent effects of the planet. Mantra Shakti starts propagating in all the directions in the space with tremendous speed and also starts converging in the direction where the centres of previous karmic actions are located. Because of the identical vibration of the mental body and the previous actions, it does not encounter much difficulties in identifying and tracing those centres. Once it is done, the Mantra Shakti attacks in full force to annihilate those centres so that the source of supply of virulent vibrations to the gross body at physical plane is permanently cut off. Stronger are these centres more efforts are required by the aspirant to condense and guide the Mantra Shakti for destruction of those centres. So, unlike the gem stones, Mantra Shakti can effectively destroy the total momentum of the virulent karmic energy signatures. However, the process is difficult, cumbersome, tough and arduous. Karmic energy centres situated in far off corners of the cosmos constantly correspond with embodied soul and incessantly inform for the opportune moments of fructification of the commensurate effects. Once the external source of power supply is rent asunder, their impression subsisting as flotsam in the psyche become energyless but remain there. The energy of the Kundalini starts picking them up for final nemesis into different chakras located at the mental body. Mantra Shakti then starts effectuating and guiding the vast energy of the Kundalini, because it is not certain that Kundalini has really awakened in full, though its energy has started flowing in the mental body. Chakras are actually the death centres or the nemesis of the virulent karmas.
The significance of recitation of Mantra lies in the fact that helps start the Atma Yajna. A new window is opened somewhere very deep within the Sadhaka and his whole being is jolted by new zeal and unfamiliar pulsations. A hunger is created to perpetuate on the Atma-yajna by offering everything into the Brahma-jwala (cosmic flames). It is important for the Sadhaka to feel those fires clearly and visualise the offerings with ample clarity from within. The secrets of creation from the destructed existence is hidden therein. The impulses of previous sinful acts burn there to appear as new radiance of further growth on the divine path. The process has to be continued to avail the optimum results. After continued recitation of Mantra for a prolonged period, its vibrations form a globe of Mantra Shakti around the man pervading his karmic globes. Mantra Shakti enters the individual's Karmic globe with prana, penetrates the Kundalini and comes out from there with Apan. Prana and Apan never mingles together because that would cause instant death of the aspirant. This is the biggest danger at this stage and guidance of an adept is; therefore, mandatory. Apan is called the breath of death and the divinity has configured the human system in strange ways that the death contributes to the breath of life. That is why in orthodox astrology we find that the houses controlling breath (2nd) and death (8th) are placed opposite to each other. But when the death of the death occurs (in 3rd house) or when the man becomes freed from the fear of death, death starts contributing to the stream of life because the 3rd house is also 2nd from the 2nd house. No texts of Tantra and Yoga suggests to mix the prana with the Apana, because the drinking water cannot be mixed with the sea water for consumption. The house of Mantra that is the 5th house is also reckoned 3rd from the 3rd house which implies that Mantra Shakti is the lone force for controlling the flow of prana and apan through the distichous channels of human globe. They are governed by the nada of immortality. The flotsam of the Karmic ruts are picked up by the apan and pushed into the different chakras for nemesis. The chakras chew and burn the karmic ruts as a result of which the man is saved from their virulent effects, since they never manifest on physical plane. this is the chemistry of Mantra working on the psycho-somatic plateau.

Ordinary mortals give up the recitation of Mantra once the desired objective is met or the expected period of occurrence of the virulent effects appertained to any functionally malefic planet is over. But the masters continue rigorously to awaken the Kundalini fully and work with the apan to burn the entire karmic ruts, good or bad, to become free from the bondage of karma. They consciously guide the apan to different chakras in a systematic way till it reaches sahasrara piercing through the Ajan Chakra. The Tantra texts describe it as the meeting of Shakti with Shiva. The continuous cyclic flow of apan from Muladhara to Sahasrar cause incessant vibration of Kundalini and gives an exhilarating pleasure (ananda) of considerable variety which the sages describe as brahmananda.

(*Excerpts from authors forthcoming book titled "The Lost Horizon of Astrology")


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