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Saptarishis Astrology’s Astro News

This issue we launch a new section of Astro News that focuses on the latest events in the
world of global astrology. Here only extremely significant news will be covered that helps in
spreading true & good astrology. So if you have an event or a conference of international
level you can send in a well drafted Press Release to .
This section will not be a regular feature and only very significant events will be reported
here, also it will not be under the editorship of the publisher of this magazine. Ms Carole
Schumacher from US will be the editorial head of this section. Volunteer Reporters can join
in the team by writing to

It’s Hot - Traditional Astrology Radio Launched

We've seen forums and blogs, but know, Traditional Astrology has its own radio station
called WTARadio "Traditional Astrology Radio" which will kick-off on Monday the 25th of
May at 6:00 PM Atlantic and Eastern time, 5:00 PM Central time, live.

All you have to do is visit;, from anywhere in

the world, and you can listen in and chat or call free of charge to ask our guest any questions,
or simply participate. If you want to call just dial (347) 237-4536, and you are in participating.

What if I cannot make it in time to listen?

Just visit their blog; and you can listen on

your free time to their latest guest. We suggest you stop by soon and see the page, which is
also intended to leave your feedback on the show, provide suggestions, ask questions, or
simply tell us what you think about the program. Ah! And participate in their latest poll;
How Traditional are you?

WTA Radio Schedule

You would find some of the hottest names in international
astrology on David’s Show. Check out their broadcast
schedule and don’t miss it out.

June 1st. – Aquarius – Mr. Robert Schmidt from Project

Hindsight, will share his insight on Hellenistic Astrology,
about himself, and his upcoming book, Definitions and
Foundations. This promises to be an insightful interview.

June 8th. – Windy Has Stormy Eyes – Ms. Carolyn Egan

from WeatherSage, will inform us of the upcoming
weather events, astrometeorology, and her lessons on astrometeorology.

June 15th. - I'm so excited - Ben Dykes shares with us his upcoming projects, and his new
translations, which promise to have us all at the edge of our seats.

June 22 – Primary Directions with Rumen Kolev: Come discover an ancient technique of
prediction, Primary Directions. How the ancients used them and the importance in
traditional astrology.

June 29 – SolarFire with Madelyn Hills-Dineen: What’s new, and what needs to be added to
SolarFire to satisfy the appetite of us traditional astrologers. Your chance to share your
views, express your concerns and thank SolarFire for a job well done.

July 6th. – Do you believe in Magic? Co-host Christopher Warnock from Renaissance
Astrology, will talk about Astrological Magic, and what the ancients had to say.

Worldwide Group Research – Institute Of Scientific Jyotish

Press Release Submitted by ISJyotish

The Institute of Scientific Jyotish ( was founded by astrologer Ernst Wilhelm
in 2009 for the purpose of statistically testing astrological techniques and astronomical
calculations. It is Ernst Wilhelm’s goal to generate data that will help astrologers be decisive
in their selection of techniques and in their calculations, so many of which are controversial.
It is also our hope that these statistics will help astrology to be respected as a mathematical
and principled science and not only an intuitive art. Clear cut testing is what is needed for
astrology to earn respect for the super science that it is. The
average astrologer is more reliable in his predictions than is
the average doctor with the correct diagnoses of disease or the
weatherman in his forecasts, however, astrology is still not
considered a science as is medicine and meteorology largely
due to their not being any solid numerical proof of the merits
of astrology. Astrology is sorely lacking in statistics and so
the creation of

Through taking birth data and short questioners it is the goal

of ISJyotish to determine which astrological techniques and
calculations yield better results. While astrologers have
always worked hard to test their techniques, the astrologer
working hand in hand with clients and working with charts is always somewhat influenced
by their preconceived ideas as well as their perceptions. Preconceived ideas can skew the
results of any test as it makes one blind to other possibilities, while an astrologer's perceptive
ability often takes him or her into the realm of intuition - beyond statistics. For statistical
study, the unbiased and unperceptive "mind" of a CPU will really show the worth of a
technique. The CPU does not have the ability to make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear," as the
astrologer's intuition often does with a weak technique.

There are computer generated reports which are quite satisfying, however, these reports are
all character and psychologically centered and really not as accurate as people believe. For
example, one study was made in astrology where several students at a university were given
a psychological profile generated from their horoscope. The students all agreed that the
reading was more or less accurate. They were then asked to pass their test to the person next
to them – lo and behold, everyone had the same report! The point is, psychological we can all
relate to very similar things. For this reason, psychological and character reports, while quite
useful in some respects, do nothing to prove astrology as a science. We are all, after all
human and so possessed of similar psychology and character to some degree. It is the many
events and the myriad details in our lives that make us completely different from our
neighbor. It is these things which must be tested.

We are testing astrological techniques and calculations in two ways:

First, by having people enter their birth data and answer a simple list of questions.
This first step will help us build up ground data and each such test will not just have a
right or wrong answer, but also a control - a control being something considered
important to any scientific testing and something always lacking in other astrological
tests. Such tests take only 2-3 minutes to complete as we do not want to place a large
burden of time upon those who which to participate in a test.

Second, by generating reports that can be viewed with different calculation options so
that the astrologer can see which option they find more accurate. This second part will
only be implemented after we have performed several tests via the first step.

ISJyotish is currently in its first phase and we welcome you to visit our site, to participate in a test or to read the results of completed tests. The first
tests which are underway at this time are very simple tests, considering only one astrological
detail at a time. As astrologers, we all know that in the horoscope there are always many
influencing factors, but we still thought it was important to begin with these simple tests. As
tests progress they will be more complex and take into account many astrological factors
simultaneously. Eventually we hope to build an artificial intelligence unit capable of actually
making concrete and not only psychological statements from a horoscope. At that point we
will begin the second phase of generating reports that astrologers can view with different
calculations options, such as different ayanamsas, so that they can see which option yields
better results.

To do these things we need everyone’s help to participate in the tests so that we can generate
the necessary data and test the necessary techniques and calculations. Tests are short and
fast and we do not keep any personal information that may be linked back to you.