Patriot Act

“It’s time for our Party to show some backbone. It’s time to stand for the repeal of the Patriot Act. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I spoke against it, I voted against it, and I introduced legislation for its repeal,” said the Ohio Congressman. “In campaigning across America, it’s unmistakably clear that there is an almost universal rejection of the PATRIOT Act.” government. I am the only presidential candidate who voted against the PATRIOT Act. As president, one of my first moves will be to repeal it.

Along with 20 other members of Congress, I have introduced the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act, which would repeal several major sections of the law. It would eliminate the PATRIOT Act’s subjective search-and-seizure Just 45 days after the September 11, 2001, provision, unwarranted incarcerations, and the attacks, President Bush rammed the authority of federal officials to search our “PATRIOT Act” through private records without Congress with virtually no probable cause. The act I am the only debate. This law poses an presidential candidate who voted would restore the unprecedented threat to fundamental right of against the PATRIOT Act. Americans’ individual attorney-client privilege, As president, one of my first moves revoke various freedoms and is a violation of our civil Department of Justice will be to repeal it. liberties. Many provisions secrecy orders, and repeal of the act had been long sought after by law provisions harmful to the rights of immigrants. enforcement and repeatedly rejected by In addition, it would restore transparency to Congress in the past. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security administrative procedures Without a warrant or probable cause, the by revoking Freedom of Information Act FBI can now search your private medical secrecy orders. records or access your library records. Your Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would doctor or local library is forbidden from notifying you when these searches take place. give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little The government may search your home while temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor you are away and in some cases even confiscate Safety.” In eroding our civil liberties, President your property. Judicial oversight of these Bush has taken our freedom while making us measures is virtually nonexistent. These are no safer, no better protected against terrorism. only a few of the PATRIOT Act’s provisions The “PATRIOT Act” is not what American that compromise our civil liberties. patriots fought and died for. As Americans, we cannot allow fear and scare-mongering to lead I believe the only way to stop these us to a place where we abandon our most unconstitutional infringements on basic precious traditions. American freedoms is to revoke the exorbitant powers the PATRIOT Act has granted the
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