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H.E. My topic is unemployment in the world. So today Im going to talk about: What is unemployment !

!auses o" unemployment E""ects o" unemployment Solutions o" unemployment #he de"inition o" unemployment as e$plained in the dictionary o" economics is %the state o" an indi&idual looking "or a paying 'ob but not ha&ing one%. (owadays unemployment is one o" the biggest problems among all countries in the world. It is caused by many reasons and it is more comple$ than it may seem.

Poor education system Lack of training facilities, Bad leadership

These causes is typical of poor countries. The education structure used poor countries is not beneficial to the students as it does not directly correspond to the prevailing economic activities outside the school system. Rather than providing useful skills to students and molding professionals, theory is hat is being taught instead of practical. )nemployment in poor countries is also linked to the bad leadership and corrupt attitude o" indi&iduals in power. #his means "unds re*uired "or impro&ement o" education are di&erted "or sel"ish personal use. Sometimes unemployment is a result o" ad&anced technology+ such as computers or robots+ which replaces worker tasks with machines. I" the workers are not retrained+ they may not ha&e the skills needed to get a new 'ob. #his is known as structural unemployment. )nemployment can also be caused by 'ob outsourcing+ when a company mo&es its manu"acturing or call centers to another country where labor costs are cheaper. #his occurred in many states a"ter (,-#,.!orth "merican #ree Trade "greement$ %&iaur's "merikos laisvos prekybos sutartis$ was signed in /001. It was also caused when workers in !hina and India gained the skills needed by ,merican companies. 2arge scale unemployment is caused when consumer demand slows enough that businesses lose too much pro"it. I" they don%t e$pect sales to pick up anytime soon+ they then must lay o"" workers. #his usually happens during the recession phase o" the business cycle 3acial discrimination still pre&ails in many organi4ations. It%s one o" the most serious causes o" unemployment. 5eople who are not citi4ens o" that particular country remain unemployed due to discrimination on grounds o" race+ religion+ caste and ethnicity. It becomes &ery di""icult to "ind out a decent 'ob under such circumstances. #hus+ earning money "or sur&i&al becomes di""icult and ultimately they are "orced to lea&e the country.

E*ually +increased birth rate can no doubt be said to be another cause o" unemployment looming in the world as a whole. #his becomes worse i" the numbers o" children born are more than the number o" those retiring "rom 'ob. ,lso+ when there is baby6 boom+ like the one that occurred in /001. #his means that by the time the babies turn 7/ years+ they will be in need o" employment almost at the same time yet the number o" people retiring may be &ery minuet and e&en the go&ernment may not be in a position to create new ones. #here"ore it means that there would be more work"orce a&ailable than re*uired hence unemployment as stated in the 8eynes theory where the demand "or 'obs supersedes the supply o" 'obs. Inability to look "or employment can be a probable cause. 5eople who are too la4y to look "or 'obs usually remain unemployed. Some e$perts consider employee &alues and perception o" employees as other probable reasons "or unemployment.

5o&erty loss o" money or loss o" power to buy9ha&e goods and ser&ices 2ow rate o" Economy as a result the economic power were going down+the shortage series made our country lost in line. E$panding di&isions in Society increasing the discrimination le&el on the community. Increasing Illiteracy rate cause by una&ailable "unds+ lack o" money and ser&ices. !rime rate le&el increased an e""ect o" illiteracy+ crime is one o" the most popular e""ect o" unemployment nowadays .E$amples o" this are snatching+ smuggling+ murder+ kidnapping+ drugs business and etc. Here we can see world map o" countries by rate o" unemployment. ,s we see biggest unemployment is in ,"rica. In Mali+ !ameroon+ (amibia. 2ithuania gets into *uite high unemployment le&el.

Possible solutions:
:;o&ernment all o&er should encourage youth to go into agriculture by pro&iding enabling en&ironment in terms o" stable go&ernment policy as well as subsidi4ing agricultural inputs. :, use"ul suggestion "or those who are 'ob searching would be to take up more trainings or education+ to gain new skills coherent with the needs o" a market+ what would be possible with a material support "rom the go&ernments . ,s a result people would ha&e proper *uali"ications "or types o" 'obs a&ailable.

:, good solution would be to create a kind o" groups o" support that could ha&e a moti&ating and super&isory "unction at the same time. 5eople would "eel more con"ident+ moti&ated and they would share with each other their problems+ hopes and ideas. :,nother use"ul suggestion "or reducing unemployment would be to create more 'ob positions and working places. ,t present it is hard to set up a business or establish own company. !reating workplaces would gi&e a chance "or those who are unemployed. It would be real chance to lower unemployment rate. #here is a risk with "inancial conse*uences that such a company may collapse. Howe&er+ without a risk we will not ha&e chance to succeed. :<ne "inal suggestion+ that would help+ is "or go&ernments to create new opportunities "or young people+ to gi&e them chances "or apprenticeships which are certain to pro&ide a better start at career path. #o sum up I wan to say that unemployment is a disease "or any gi&en economy. #his disease is &ery dangerous and increasing day by day. Steps should be taken not only by the go&ernment but also by e&erybody o" us.