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Street Gang Documentary SLOB 187 CRAB 187 - PART 5
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Try out the NEW (beta) version of this page! Director Videos Subscribe to cripnic Added: January 18, 2007 From: cripnic Gang life is disassembled by its very... Gang life is disassembled by its very members in Serious Frog Slob 187/Crab 187. "Slob" and "Crab" are Jumpin' in both slang insults aimed at the infamous Los Calaveras Angeles associations, the Crips and the County Bloods. "187" refers to California police code 03:22 for homicide. In this shaky documentary, From: TheBookey real-life thugs talk about the struggles and rewards of modern-day warfare. Gang affiliations include the Crenshaw Mafia, Denver Lane, the Rollin' 60s, and the Shotgun Crips. Boasting a membership of a few thousand, the Los Angeles-area groups define :60 To Save The suburban life for many young people. Earth Everyday violence is further glamorized by 01:03 popular music and television. Slob 187/Crab From: current 187 takes an unblinking look at the inner workings of gang hierarchy. Featured players are Mack 10, Big S Ghost, and OG Chinaman. This documentary captures an often sad, often shocking image of life in South Central.. (more) (less) Feile Trad Tour Category Entertainment - Trinity College, crips bloods c-walk south central Dublin 2007 Tags: gang gangsta crip blood guns space07:51 ghost cob (more) (less) From: proggprod URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0meHpDfgm_c Embed

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