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He’s been nominated four times for the • Nominated in 1995, 1997, 2000 and
Nobel Peace Prize … 2001. (See attachment 1 for
freeing American hostages held by some
of the world’s worst dictators. • North Korea – 1994
Sudan – 1996 and 2006
Iraq – 1996
(See attachment 2 for details.)

One of America’s “Best Governors” … • Inc. Magazine Press Release
October 3, 2006 – Governor Bill
Richardson received top ranking
of “4-star” Governor for his
governing policies and 3rd best on
health care policies. (See
attachment 3 for details.

He has “more international experience • Associated Press. Nedra Pickler.
than just about anyone else in the 2008 “Richardson Touts Unique
field.” Qualifications.” February 3, 2007.
(See attachment 4 for details.)

But what would Bill Richardson do
differently to heal America and our
restore our place in the world? His life’s
work has been bringing people together
… through patient, determined
diplomacy … and governing with humor
and high expectations.
In New Mexico, he’s used tax cuts to • Created the “High-Wage” tax
reward companies that put people to credit for companies that pay over
work. a certain wage and made the
“Rural Job Tax Credit”
permanent to create high wage
jobs in rural New Mexico. (See
attachment 5 for details.)

Helping create over 80,000 new jobs. • New Mexico Business Weekly. New
Mexico Taxes Down, Employment
Up” April 5, 2007. (See attachment
6 for details.)

Up to sixth in the nation for job growth. • New Mexico was ranked 6th in the
nation for job growth in October
2006. NMEDD Press Release
“Governor's Pro Business Policies
Given Top Ranking by Inc.
Magazine, October 2, 2006”. (See
attachment 7 for details.)

And no other state has done as much to • In 2007, Governor Richardson
promote renewable energy and fight signed landmark renewable energy
global warming. legislation – quadrupling New
Mexico’s renewable energy
requirement to 20% by 2020. Press
Release March 5, 2007. (See
attachment 8 for details.)
• In 2006, he issued an executive
order to dramatically reduce the
state of New Mexico’s greenhouse
emissions and joined the Chicago
Climate Exchange. Press Release
December 28, 2006. (See
attachment 9 for details.)

He has an optimism that our leaders can
meet in good faith and achieve great
things …

Because he’s done it so many times