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“Global warming is critical for the next president.” • In 2006, Governor Richardson issued an
And no other state has done as much as New Mexico. executive order to dramatically reduce the
state of New Mexico’s greenhouse
emissions and joined the Chicago Climate
Exchange. Press Release December 28,
2006. (See attachment 1 for details.)
• Albuquerque Journal “Governor Praises
Clean-Energy Bills,” February 18, 2005.
“‘It's a whole new era, the clean-energy era
in a long-time energy state,’ Richardson said
at the Capitol. Phil Clapp, president of the
National Environmental Trust, agreed. He
said the bills making their way through the
Roundhouse are ‘the most forward-looking
of any state energy legislation I've seen in
30 years.’” These bills were passed and
signed by Governor Richardson. (See
attachment 2 for details.)

We passed tax credits for wind, solar and bio fuels. • Associated Press “Governor signs solar tax
credit, education bills” March 4, 2006.
“New Mexicans could get state tax credits
for installing solar energy systems in their
homes and businesses under a bill signed
into law by Gov. Bill Richardson. The tax
credit, when used in conjunction with a
federal solar energy tax credit, could shave
nearly one-third off the cost of installing
systems for heating homes and hot water,
according to the governor's office. (See
attachment 3 for details.)
• Biodiesel Fuel Production Tax Incentives
(SB 607, HB 1145) and the Renewable
Energy Production Tax Credit Amendments
(SB 463) Press Release April 9, 2007. (See
attachment 4 for details.)
Utility companies have to use renewable sources. • In 2004 Governor Richardson signed New
Mexico’s first Renewable Portfolio Standard
into law. This mandated that 5% of New
Mexico’s electricity come from renewable
sources by 2006, increasing to 10% by 2011.
In 2007 he signed a bill that requires that at
least 15 percent of an electric utility's power
supply come from renewable sources by
2015 and 20 percent by 2020. Official Press
Release March 5, 2007. (See attachment 5
for details.)

And I set tough standards to reduce greenhouse • In 2006, he issued an executive order to
emissions. President Bush doesn't follow the Kyoto dramatically reduce the state of New
Treaty, but my state does. Mexico’s greenhouse emissions and joined
the Chicago Climate Exchange. Official
Press Release December 28, 2006. NM
follows the Kyoto Treaty in overall targets.
(See attachment 6 for details.)

I can do all that as president.

• The League of Conservation Voters called
the Richardson plan “aggressive” and Carl
Pope of the Sierra Club said, “there is one
presidential candidate with enormous depth
on the issue, and he's just raised the bar on
all the rest” of other candidate’s plans.”
releases/page.jsp?itemID=33471896 and
stepping-up-to-plate.asp (See attachment 7
for complete plan.)

Job Interviewer:
But what I asked you … was if you were a tree, what
kind of tree would you be? “I’m Bill Richardson and
I approved this message.”