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Quantum Entrainment

Instant & Permanent Healing Process

Armin Kiy Free Powerpoint Templates Practitioner of the Quantum Entrainment Process

Why the need for QE?

1) 2) 3) 4) Increased pressure and stress levels at work and at home. Little exposure to walks, exercise or meditation. Increased incidences of health problems and low priority given to these issues. Existing forms of treatment could be having side effects.

6) 7)

A small health issue ignored for a while usually becomes big.

Cases of no success in health improvement, inspite of having tried several modes of treatment. Individuals are doing everything possible in their personal capacities to treat themselves and some help from the Universal Powers have the potential to make dramatic changes.

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What is Quantum Entrainment?

1) Quantum Entrainment (QE) is a scientifically reproducible process based on the studies of Quantum physics, that produces a rapid, deep rest in the body stimulating healing within minutes.
2) QE effectively heals the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It reduces and eliminates all kinds of pains and discomforts creating a heightened sense of wellbeing.

3) QE has been developed by Dr Frank Kinslow, who is based out of Sarasota Florida in the US.
4) What we do in this process is expose the person and his / her problem to the space of Nothingness or Pure Awareness. And by the virtue of the problem being in this space, healing happens naturally. 5) Everything is made up of matter and when we break down matter into the smallest particle possible and trace it to its origins, we realize Everything comes from a place called Nothingness or Pure Awareness.

6) In this space of Nothingness or Pure Awareness, there exists nothing and therefore there can exist No problem! Thus all kinds of problems start to melt away with its exposure. Free Powerpoint Templates

QE Explained
1) QE works on all physical or emotional issues ranging from simple headache to paralysis and from mood swings to severe depression. And so can it work on Diabetes and Hypertension. 2) QE does not make any claims of healing anyone completely. Although in most cases it does. Also the practitioner does not take the credit of healing the issue. The only thing a practitioner can do is, to take the problem in the space of nothingness, with the QE process. It is the Nothingness" or "Pure Awareness, which does the healing and not the practitioner. 3) What kind of improvement happens and in how many sessions, is absolutely beyond the Practitioners control and is always different for everyone. More chronic the problem, more exposure to nothingness might be required. 4) You might think that the problem for which you are asking the Practitioner to heal is your biggest problem. However, Nothingness knows, if there is another problem in your body or mind, which is more severe than the problem in discussion, which you might not even be aware of. Hence the healing will automatically be directed there first and then on Powerpoint theFree problem on focus.Templates

QE Explained
5) The results of this healing reflect sometimes instantly, sometimes in a couple of hours, in a day or two, in a week or even longer. But the fact is, whatever healing one is exposed to, always benefits one wherever it is required first.
6) I have had experiences where very chronic problems have been completely healed in less than 30 mins. And I also have experienced cases where problems have taken more than 1520 hours of healing, but it did heal completely. 7) We accept whatever we get and it is important to stay unattached to the results. We have to let improvements unfold naturally. 8) QE does not have any side effects whatsoever and it complements and supplements all forms of treatments. 9) This process might appear similar to Reiki or Pranic Healing, however in reality is different. Every healing modality has its own processes, benefits, advantages and ways of working. Reiki and Pranic Healing are Energetic Healing Modalities. Quantum Entrainement works even below energy levels, in the Nothingness space, where everything (the smallest particle) originates from. Free Powerpoint Templates

QE Healing Session
What happens during a QE Session?
1) The patient (subject) is standing, sitting or lying down.

2) The QE Practitioner checks with the subjects for the intensity of their problem (on a scale of 0-10) if the person is experiencing discomfort or pain at that point in time.
3) The subjects are asked to close eyes and let their thoughts wander. Any effort of any kind on the part of the subject is counter productive. 4) The Practitioner places his / her hands on the fingers of the subjects and the process starts. 5) The Practitioner takes him / her self to the Nothingness space and intends that the subject be healed for the problem being discussed. 6) The Practitioner continues this with his / her eyes closed for the duration of the session. 7) Once the stipulated time is over, the Practitioner checks with the subject for any changes being experienced. 8) In most cases the subject will be feeling much better and also mentally very calm, relaxed and peaceful. Free Powerpoint Templates

Remote QE Healing Session

1) A QE session can also be done in a remote fashion, where physical touch is not required. You could be in any part of the world and the QE practitioner can do a session for you. 2) This works because everything in this world is connected and can be influenced with an intention, while in Nothingness. 3) In a remote QE session, the subject can sit with eyes closed and let his / her mind wander, while the QE Practitioner is doing the session.

4) Alternatively, the subject can continue to do his / her work while the QE Practitioner does his job.
5) The healing impact of a QE session in person vis a vis a Remote QE sessions is absolutely the same. 6) The feeling of relaxation and calmness is much better and evident during a QE session in person. 7) This works very well for people who are in different locations than where the practitioner is and / or are not in a position to travel even while being in the same city.

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A humble suggestion
If after reading through this note, you feel you are inclined to experience QE. I would humbly suggest that you should get started with these sessions with an intention to continue till the time you see substantial results and not with an intention - just to try for one or for a couple of sessions. I am sure you would agree, that when a doctor advises a course of medication for a serious medical condition / disorder, you do not stop taking the medicine after taking just a couple of doses and say that its not working. More chronic the problem, more time it might take. And this would require a great amount of faith and patience.

QE is working each and every time you are exposed to it. Your being in a hurry or being attached will only slow down the process!

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