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Books for MA ELT students.

These are provided via the EBL database (from the library catalogue page, click on DATABASES on the left then search for EBL). Note that these books do not appear on the library catalogue. This list is increasing constantly and it is always worth checking for a book you need but dont see in our library catalogue. Please email if you spot other relevant books offered via EBL. Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics English Syntax and Argumentation Interlanguage Variation in Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspective Language and Social Relations Language Change : Progress or Decay? The Articulate Mammal : An Introduction to Psycholinguistics Vocabulary and Writing in a First and Second Language : Processes and Development Aarts, Bas Adamson, H.D. Agha, Asif Aitchison, Jean Aitchison, Jean Lawrence Erlbaum 2007 9780203827147 Associates Palgrave Macmillan 2001 9780230801776 Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Routledge 2008 9780203887363 2006 9780511256202 2001 9780511046827 2007 9780203934715

Albrechtsen, D.; Haastrup, K.; Henriksen, B. Palgrave Macmillan 2008 9780230593404 Palgrave Macmillan 2008 9780230233690 Cambridge University Press 2010 9780511727559

The Developing Language Learner : An Introduction Allwright, D.; Hanks, J. to Exploratory Practice English Grammar : Understanding the Basics Migration, Accommodation and Language Change : Language at the Intersection of Regional and Ethnic Identity Re-framing Literacy : Teaching and Learning in Altenberg, Evelyn P.; Vago, Robert M. Anderson, B. Andrews, Richard

Palgrave Macmillan 2008 9780230582422 Routledge 2010 9780203853122

English and the Language Arts Pragmatics and Grammar Analyzing Linguistic Data : A Practical Introduction to Statistics using R The Syntax of Argument Structure Academic Writing Researching Collocations in Another Language : Multiple Interpretations Alphabet to Email : How Written English Evolved and Where It's Heading Vocabulary A History Of The English Language Positioning Gender in Discourse : A Feminist Methodology Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora Language Change Language in the Real World : An introduction to linguistics Critical English for Academic Purposes : Theory, Politics, and Practice Variety in Written English : Texts in Society/Societies in Text Ariel, Mira Baayen, Harald Babby, Leonard H. Bailey, Stephen Barfield, Andy; Gyllstad, Henrik Baron, Naomi S. Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Routledge 2008 9780511422959 2008 9780511386305 2009 9780511516788 2006 9780203087909

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230245327 Routledge 2001 9780203194317

Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes Basturkmen, Dr Helen Bauer, Laurie Baugh, Albert C.; Cable, Thomas Baxter, Judith Beal, J.; Corrigan, K.; Moisl, H. Beard, Adrian Behrens, Susan; Parker, Judith Benesch, Sarah

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230290518 Routledge Routledge 1998 9780203026052 2002 9780203994634

Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230501263 Palgrave Macmillan 2007 9780230223936 Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge 2004 9780203694350 2010 9780203839812 2001 9781410601803 2010 9780203852408 1996 9780203039021

Understanding Advanced Second-Language Reading Bernhardt, Elizabeth B. Bex, Tony

Standard English : The Widening Debate Register, Genre, and Style English L2 Reading : Getting to the Bottom The English Language Teacher in Global Civil Society

Bex, Tony; Watts, Richard J. Biber, Douglas; Conrad, Susan Birch, Barbara M. Birch, Barbara M.

Routledge Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press

1999 9780203054062 2009 9780511656941 2006 9781410614933 2009 9780203878040 1999 9781410601667 2001 9780203193679 2010 9780511768620 2005 9780511081644

Second Language Acquisition and the Critical Period Birdsong, David Hypothesis Globalization and Language Teaching The Sociolinguistics of Globalization Discourse : A Critical Introduction Block, David; Cameron, Deborah Blommaert, Jan Blommaert, Jan; Mesthrie, Rajend

Optimizing: A Lexical Approach to Instructed Second Boers, Frank; Lindstromberg, Seth Language Acquisition Working with Specialized Language : A Practical Guide to Using Corpora The Think-Aloud Controversy in Second Language Research Nonnative Speaker English Teachers : Research, Pedagogy, and Professional Growth Teaching English as a Foreign Language Reading and Dyslexia in Different Orthographies English and Ethnicity Bowker, Lynne; Pearson, Jennifer Bowles, Melissa A. Braine, George

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230245006 Routledge Routledge Routledge 2002 9780203469255 2010 9780203856338 2010 9780203856710 1978 9780203412541 2010 9780203858462

Broughton, Geoffrey; Brumfit, Christopher; RoutledgeFalmer Wilde, Roger D.; Pincas, Anita Brunswick, Nicola; McDougall, Sine; Davies, Paul de Mornay Brutt-Griffler, Janina; Davies, Catherine Evans Psychology Press

Palgrave Macmillan 2006 9780230601802

The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Codeswitching Multilinual Living : Explorations of Language and Subjectivity Doing Action Research in English Language Teaching : A Guide for Practitioners Cambridge Guide to Second Language Teacher Education Phonology and Language Use Context and Culture in Language Teaching and Learning Verbal Hygiene Corpus-Based Approaches to English Language Teaching Boys and Foreign Language Learning : Real Boys Don't Do Languages Vocabulary : Applied Linguistic Perspectives Language and Creativity : The Art of Common Talk Working with Texts : A Core Book for Language Analysis Working with Texts : A Core Introduction to Language Analysis Trust the Text : Language, Corpus and Discourse English Language Assessment and the Chinese Learner

Bullock, Barbara E.; Toribio, Almeida Jacqueline Burck, Charlotte Burns, Anne Burns, Anne; Richards, Jack C. Bybee, Joan; Anderson, S. R.; Bresnan, J.; Comrie, B.; Dressler, W.; Ewen, C. J.; Huddleston, R. Byram, Michael; Durham), Peter Grundy (both of the University of Cameron, Deborah Campoy, Mari Carmen; Gea-Valor, Maria Lluisa; Belles-Fortuno, Begona Carr, Jo; Pauwels, Anne Carter, Ronald Carter, Ronald Carter, Ronald Carter, Ronald; Goddard, Angela; Reah, Danuta; Sanger, Keith; Bowring, Maggie Carter, Ronald; Sinclair, John Cheng, Liying; Curtis, Andy

Cambridge University Press

2009 9780511507199

Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230508675 Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Multilingual Matters Routledge Continuum 2009 9780203863466 2009 9781139040389 2001 9780511054044 2003 9781853596728 1995 9780203991695 2010 9781441182029

Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230501652 Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge 1998 9780203070239 2004 9780203468401 1997 9780203977354 2001 9780203468470 2004 9780203594070 2009 9780203873045

Emergent Lingua Francas and World Orders : The Politics and Place of English as a World Language Analysing Political Discourse : Theory and Practice

Chew, Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chilton, Paul

Routledge Routledge Continuum Routledge Routledge Routledge

2009 9780203866566 2003 9780203561218 2010 9781441178756 2002 9780203994894 2001 9780203221525 2007 9780203933626 2002 9780511076206 1992 9780203200063 2007 9780511349195

Multilingualism, Citizenship, and Identity : Voices of Youth and Symbolic Investments in an Urban, Clark, Julie Byrd Globalized World Teaching Academic Writing : A Toolkit For Higher Education Language of Speech and Writing Teaching Authentic Language Arts in a Test-Driven Era Coffin, Caroline; Curry, Mary Jane; Goodman, Sharon Cornbleet, Sandra; Carter, Ronald Costigan, Arthur T.

Writing Systems : An Introduction to Their Linguistic Coulmas, Florian; Anderson, S. R.; Bresnan, Cambridge Analysis J.; Comrie, B.; Dressler, W.; Ewen, C. J. University Press Advances in Spoken Discourse Analysis Style : Language Variation and Identity Language, Power and Identity Politics The Discourse of Commercialization : A MultiPerspectived Analysis Standard English and the Politics of Language Language and the Internet Language and the Internet Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics Pragmatics and Discourse : A Resource Book for Students Coulthard, Malcolm Coupland, Nikolas Craith, Mairead Nic Crichton, Dr Jonathan Crowley, Tony Crystal, David Crystal, David Crystal, David Cutting, Joan Routledge Cambridge University Press

Palgrave Macmillan 2007 9780230592841 Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230295230 Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230501935 Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Wiley-Blackwell Routledge 2001 9780511047787 2006 9780511245824 2009 9781444302783 2002 9780203994597

Second Language Acquisition : An advanced resource de Bot, Kees; Lowie, Wander; Verspoor, book Marjolojn Language Development Over the Lifespan Effective Practice for Adolescents with Reading and Literacy Challenges Changing Language Education Through CALL Psychology of the Language Learner : Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition Questionnaires in Second Language Research : Construction, Administration, and Processing Motivation, Language Identity and the L2 Self Language and Identity : An Introduction CALL Research Perspectives de Bot, Kees; Schrauf, Robert W. Denti, Lou; Guerin, Gilbert Donaldson, Randall P.; Haggstrom, Margaret A. Dornyei, Zoltn Drnyei, Zoltn; Taguchi, Tatsuya Drnyei, Zoltn; Ushioda, Ema Edwards, John Egbert, Joy L.; Petrie, Gina Mikel

Routledge Psychology Press Routledge Routledge LEA Routledge Multilingual Matters Cambridge University Press LEA Routledge

2005 9780203446416 2009 9780203880937 2007 9780203937259 2005 9780203008423 2005 9781410613349 2009 9780203864739 2009 9781847691293 2009 9780511634307 2005 9781410613578 2010 9780203841174 2009 9781847691767 2006 9780203593769 2010 9780203846742 2009 9781847691644 1997 9780203992364

Measurement and Evaluation in Post-Secondary ESL Ekbatani, Glayol V.

Ellis, Rod; Loewen, Shawn; Elder, Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Second Language Multilingual Catherine; Erlam, Rosemary; Philp, Jenefer; Learning, Testing and Teaching Matters Reinders, Hayo Language and Globalization The Discourse of Teaching Practice Feedback : A Corpus-Based Investigation of Spoken and Written Modes Becoming Interculturally Competent through Education and Training Learning To Teach Modern Foreign Languages In Fairclough, Norman Farr, Fiona Feng, Anwei; Byram, Michael; Fleming, Mike Field, Kit; Pachler, Norbert Routledge Routledge Channel View Publications RoutledgeFalmer

The Secondary School : A Companion to School Experience How to Study Linguisitcs : A Guide to Understanding Finch, Geoffrey Language The Evolution of Language New Perspectives on Call for Second Language Classrooms Language and Ethnicity Attitudes to Language Professional Encounters in TESOL : Discourses of Teachers in Teaching Fitch, W. Tecumseh Fotos, Sandra Fought, Carmen Garrett, Peter Garton, S.; Richards, K. Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230802131 Cambridge University Press LEA Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press 2010 9780511679971 2004 9781410610775 2006 9780511245244 2010 9780511723049

Palgrave Macmillan 2008 9780230594173 Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press 2000 9781410606006 2001 9781410604651 2004 9780203005675 2004 9780203594216 2010 9780203850992 2010 9780203847886 2006 9780511146480

Stimulated Recall Methodology in Second Language Gass, Susan; Mackey, Alison Research Second Language Acquisition : An Introductory Course Introduction to Discourse Analysis : Theory and Method Situated Language and Learning : A Critique of Traditional Schooling How to do Discourse Analysis : A Toolkit An Introduction to Discourse Analysis : Theory and Method Educating English Language Learners : A Synthesis of Research Evidence Gass, Susan; Selinker, Larry Gee, James Gee, James Paul Gee, James Paul Gee, James Paul Genesee, Fred; Lindholm-Leary, Kathryn; Saunders, Bill; Christian, Donna

Understanding the Language Classroom The Expert Teacher of English Linguistic Landscape : A New Approach to Multilingualism

Gieve, Simon; Miller, Ines K. Goodwyn, Andrew Gorter, Durk

Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230523166 Routledge Multilingual Matters 2010 9780203844441 2006 9781853599170

The Construction of English : Culture, Consumerism Gray, Dr John and Promotion in the ELT Global Coursebook Language Policy Evaluation and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ESL (ELL) Literacy Instruction : A Guidebook to Theory and Practice Assessing Students' Written Work : Marking Essays and Reports Second and Foreign Language Learning Through Classroom Interaction Learning Language and Culture Via Public Internet Discussion Forums Grin, Franois Gunderson, Lee Haines, Catherine Hall, Joan Kelly; Verplaetse, Lorrie Stoops Hanna, B.; De Nooy, J.

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230283084 Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230502666 Routledge RoutledgeFalmer Routledge 2008 9780203894217 2004 9780203465110 2000 9781410605498

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230235823 Routledge Psychology Press RoutledgeFalmer Routledge 1999 9781410603371 2009 9780203853030 1998 9780203019641 2009 9780203880265

Generation 1.5 Meets College Composition : Issues in Harklau, Linda; Losey, Kay M.; Siegal, the Teaching of Writing to U.S.-Educated Learners of Meryl ESL Talking the Talk : Language, Psychology and Science Harley, Trevor A. Assessing Reading 1 : Theory and Practice Teaching Readers of English : Students, Texts, and Contexts Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics : A Practical Introduction Language Contact and Grammatical Change Harrison, Colin; Salinger, Terry Hedgcock, John; Ferris, Dana R. Heigham, J.; Croker, R. Heine, Bernd; Kuteva, Tania; Mufwene, Salikoko S.; Chaudenson, Robert; Kachru,

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230239517 Cambridge University Press 2005 9780511080111

Braj; Milroy, Lesley; Poplack, Shana; Silverstein, Michael Reading-Writing Connections : From Theory to Practice Talk in Action : Interactions, Identities, and Institutions Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs Grammar and Context : An advanced resource book Academic Writing in Context : Implications and Applications Motives for Language Change Academic Language/Literacy Strategies for Adolescents : A "How-To" Manual for Educators Lexical Priming : A new theory of words and language Cognitive Linguistics and Language Teaching Mind, Metaphor and Language Teaching Reporting Talk : Reported Speech in Interaction Appraising Research: Evaluation in Academic Writing English Grammar Spoken English, TESOL and Applied Linguistics : Challenges for Theory and Practice English Through Speech and Writing Heller, Mary F. Heritage, John; Clayman, Steven Hernndez-Gantes, Victor M.; Blank, William Hewings, Ann; Hewings, Martin Hewings, Martin Hickey, Raymond Routledge Wiley-Blackwell Routledge Routledge Continuum Cambridge University Press 1999 9781410601650 2010 9781444318142 2008 9780203894392 2004 9780203002148 2006 9781847142115 2003 9780511047220 2009 9780203859575 2005 9780203327630

Hirai, Debbie; Borrego, Irene; Garza, Emilio Routledge Hoey, Michael Holme, R. Holme, Randal Holt, Elizabeth; Clift, Rebecca Hood, Dr Susan Hudson, Richard Hughes, R. Hughes, Rebecca Routledge

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230233676 Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230503007 Cambridge University Press 2006 9780511333828

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230274662 Routledge 1998 9780203015469

Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230584587 Routledge 1996 9780203978122

Corpus Approaches to Evaluation : Phraseology and Evaluative Language English for Academic Purposes Confusing Discourse Assessing Reading 2 : Changing Practice in Classrooms Linguistic Awareness in Multilinguals : English as a Third Language Gender Perspectives on Vocabulary in Foreign and Second Languages Researching Chinese Learners : Skills, Perceptions and Intercultural Adaptations Second Language Teacher Education : A Sociocultural Perspective Language and Identity : National, Ethnic, Religious Becoming Biliterate : Identity, Ideology, and Learning to Read and Write in Two Languages Content-Based College ESL Instruction Foreign Language and Mother Tongue ICT and Language Learning : From Print to the Mobile Phone Program Evaluation in Language Education

Hunston, Susan

Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge RoutledgeFalmer Edinburgh University Press

2010 9780203841686 2009 9780203875728 2006 9780203006603 2007 9780203935927 1998 9780203024270 2006 9780748626540

Introducing Applied Linguistics : Concepts and Skills Hunston, Susan; Oakey, David Hyland, Ken Janicki, Professor Karol

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230250925

Crosslinguistic Influence in Language and Cognition Jarvis, Scott; Pavlenko, Aneta Jenkins, Rhonda; Coles, Martin Jessner, Ulrike Jimnez Cataln, Rosa M Jin, Dr Lixian; Cortazzi, Professor Martin Johnson, Karen E.

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230274938 Palgrave Macmillan 2011 9780230299481 Routledge 2009 9780203878033

Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching Johnson, Keith Joseph, John E Kabuto, Bobbie Kasper, Loretta F.; Babbitt, Marcia; Mlynarczyk, Rebecca William; Brinton, Donna M.; Rosenthal, Judith W. Kecskes, Istvan; Papp, Tunde Kenning, M. Kiely, Richard; Rea-Dickins, Pauline

Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230523470 Palgrave Macmillan 2004 9780230503427 Routledge Routledge Routledge 2010 9780203846438 1999 9781410603081 2000 9781410606464

Palgrave Macmillan 2007 9780230591325 Palgrave Macmillan 2005 9780230511224

Language Learning and Study Abroad : A Critical Reading of Research

Kinginger, C.

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230240766 Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge CRC Press Routledge 2010 9780511722622 2004 9780203622827 2004 9780203015742 2008 9780203932834 1998 9780203021156

Language, Culture, and Mind : Natural Constructions Kockelman, Paul and Social Kinds Language of Work Investigating Workplace Discourse Improving Testing For English Language Learners : A Comprehensive Approach to Designing, Building, Implementing & Interpreting Better Academic Assessments Introducing English Semantics Online Communication in Language Learning and Teaching Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts : Co-Sponsored by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS Teaching the Arts to Engage English Language Learners Using Computers in Linguistics : A Practical Guide Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition Koester, Almut Koester, Almut Kopriva, Rebecca Kreidler, Charles W. Lamy, M.; Hampel, R.

Palgrave Macmillan 2007 9780230592681

Lapp, Diane


2010 9780203839713

Larson-Hall, Jenifer Latta, Margaret Macintyre; Chan, Elaine Lawler, John; Aristar Dry, Helen Leaver, Betty Lou; Ehrman, Madeline; Shekhtman, Boris

Routledge Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press

2009 9780203875964 2010 9780203837238 1998 9780203059012 2005 9780511112911 2002 9780511045882 2010 9780511990724

Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency Leaver, Betty Lou; Shekhtman, Boris Linguistic Relativities : Language Diversity and Modern Thought Leavitt, John

Change in Contemporary English : A Grammatical Study

Leech, Geoffrey; Hundt, Marianne; Mair, Christian; Smith, Nicholas

Cambridge University Press Routledge Cambridge University Press Routledge

2009 9780511640285 2008 9780203930250 2009 9780511768491 2005 9780203342763

A Synthesis of Research on Second Language Writing in English : Synthesis of Research on Second Leki, Ilona; Silva, Tony; Cumming, Alister Language Writing in English Introducing Morphology Written Language Bias in Linguistics : Its Nature, Origins and Transformations Applying Cognitive Linguistics to Second Language Learning and Teaching Swearing: A Cross-Cultural Linguistic Study Lieber, Rochelle Linell, Per Littlemore, Jeannette Ljung, Professor Magnus

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230245259 Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230292376 Routledge Continuum Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Routledge 2010 9780203854358 2010 9781441199225 2001 9781410604293 2009 9780511633744 2003 9780511054655 2010 9780203855997 2008 9780203866993 2010 9780203847954

Beyond the Grammar Wars : A Resource for Teachers and Students On Developing Language Knowledge In Locke, Terry the English/ Literacy Classroom Continuum Companion to Second Language Acquisition Foreign Accent : The Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Second Language Phonology Language Contact Languages in a Globalising World Language and the Market Society : Critical Reflections on Discourse and Dominance Gesture : Second Language Acquistion and Classroom Research Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Macaro, Ernesto Major, Roy C. Matras, Yaron Maurais, Jacques; Morris, Michael A. Mautner, Gerlinde McCafferty, Steven G.; Stam, Gale McEnery, Tony; Xiao, Richard

Chinese Semantic Priming Learning English : Development and Diversity World Englishes : The Study of New Linguistic Varieties Automaticity and Control in Language Processing McNamara, Timothy P. Mercer, Neil; Swann, Joan Mesthrie, Rajend; Bhatt, Rakesh M. Meyer, Antje; Wheeldon, Linda; Krott, Andrea Psychology Press Routledge Cambridge University Press Psychology Press Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Intellect Routledge 2004 9780203338001 1996 9780203993200 2008 9780511409042 2006 9780203968512 2009 9780511540073 1997 9780203131725 1995 9780203408735 2004 9780203487136 2008 9780511428852 2010 9780203862155 1998 9780203026038 2004 9781841509044 2010 9780203858110

Introducing English Linguistics : From Text to Sound Meyer, Charles F. Discourse Feminist Stylistics Discourse Language and Sexism Letters, Postcards, Email : Technologies of Presence Authority in Language : Investigating Standard English Designing Authenticity into Language Learning Materials Mills, Sara Mills, Sara Mills, Sara Mills, Sara Milne, Esther Milroy, James; Milroy, Lesley Mishan, Frieda

Introducing English Language : A Resource Book for Mullany, Louise; Stockwell, Peter Students Global Englishes in Asian Contexts : Current and Future Debates Success with Languages Lexical Meaning Murata, K.; Jenkins, J. Murphy, Linda Murphy, Lynne

Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230239531 Taylor & Francis Cambridge University Press 2005 9780203028377 2010 9780511916694

What English Language Teachers Need to Know, 1 : Understanding Learning What English Language Teachers Need to Know, 2 : Facilitating Learning Discourse of Blogs and Wikis Language Matters : A Guide to Everyday Questions About Language Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking Language Curriculum Design

Murray, Denise E.; Christison, MaryAnn Murray, Denise E.; Christison, MaryAnn Myers, Greg Napoli, Donna Jo; Lee-Schoenfeld, Vera Nation, I.S.P. Nation, I.S.P.; Newton, Jonathan Nation, I.S.P; Macalister, John

Routledge Routledge Continuum Oxford University Press, USA Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge

2010 9780203846339 2010 9780203846292 2009 9781441146236 2010 9780199750672 2008 9780203891643 2008 9780203891704 2009 9780203870730 2010 9780203856987 2010 9780203856949 2007 9780511284861 2008 9780203871652 2001 9780203470190 2006 9780203968017

Language and Culture : Reflective Narratives and the Nunan, David; Choi, Julia Emergence of Identity The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics From Corpus to Classroom : Language Use and Language Teaching The Longitudinal Study of Advanced L2 Capacities O'Keeffe, Anne; McCarthy, Michael

O'Keeffe, Anne; McCarthy, Michael; Carter, Cambridge Ronald University Press Ortega, Lourdes; Byrnes, Heidi Routledge RoutledgeFalmer Routledge

Learning to Teach Modern Foreign Languages in the Pachler, Norbert; Gaffney, Elizabeth Secondary : A Companion to School Experience Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School : A Practical Guide Learner Autonomy across Cultures : Language Education Perspectives The Structure of Language : An Introduction to Grammatical Analysis Negotiation of Identities in Multilingual Contexts Understanding English Grammar : A Linguistic Pachler, Norbert; Redondo, Ana Palfreyman, David; Smith, Richard C., Pavey, Emma L. Pavlenko, Aneta; Blackledge, Adrian Payne, Thomas E.

Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230504684 Cambridge University Press Multilingual Matters Cambridge 2010 9780511774966 2004 9781853596483 2010 9780511930652

Introduction Phonology in Context English and the Discourses of Colonialism Critical Applied Linguistics : A Critical Introduction Language as a Local Practice Learning to Spell : Research, Theory, and Practice Across Languages Research in Applied Linguistics : Becoming a Discerning Consumer Debates In Esol Teaching And Learning : Cultures, Communities and Classrooms Language, Thought and Reference Language of Conversation Analysing English Sentences : A Minimalist Approach An Introduction to English Sentence Structure Linguistics : An Introduction Pennington, Martha C. Pennycook, Alastair Pennycook, Alastair Pennycook, Alastair Perfetti, Charles A.; Rieben, Laurence; Fayol, Michel Perry, Fred L. Jr.

University Press Palgrave Macmillan 2006 9780230625396 Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge LEA Routledge Routledge 1998 9780203006344 2001 9781410600790 2010 9780203846223 1997 9781410604583 2005 9781410613615 2003 9780203696989 2005 9780203347089

English-Only Europe? : Challenging Language Policy Phillipson, Robert Pitt, Kathy Powell, Dr George Pridham, Francesca Radford, Andrew Radford, Andrew

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230274914 Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press 2001 9780203138700 2009 9780511506673 2009 9780511506666 2009 9780511479243 2006 9780511409158 2011 9780203834749 2009 9789042025981 2009 9780203876985

Radford, Andrew; Atkinson, Martin; Britain, Cambridge David; Clahsen, Harald; Spencer, Andrew University Press Cambridge University Press Routledge Academic Rodopi Routledge

Language in Late Modernity : Interaction in an Urban Rampton, Ben School Close Relationships Regan, Pamela

Corpus Linguistics : Refinements and Reassessments Renouf, Antoinette; Kehoe, Andrew Using Discourse Analysis to Improve Classroom Rex, Lesley A.; Schiller, Laura

Interaction Vocabulary Studies in First and Second Language Acquisition : The Interface Between Theory and Application Qualitative Inquiry in Tesol Introducing Semantics Linguistic Analysis of Jokes Richards, B.; Daller, H.; Malvern, D.; Meara, P.; Milton, J.; Treffers-Daller, J. Richards, Keith Riemer, Nick Ritchie, Graeme Palgrave Macmillan 2009 9780230242258 Palgrave Macmillan 2003 9780230505056 Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Routledge Georgetown University Press Cambridge University Press Multilingual Matters Cambridge University Press Wiley-Blackwell 2010 9780511679964 2003 9780203406953 2009 9780203885697 2002 9780203222850 2000 9781410605016 1995 9780203138144 2005 9781589013735 2005 9780511134715 2010 9781847692764 2006 9780511146541 2007 9780470751985

Generation 1.5 in College Composition : Teaching Roberge, Mark; Siegal, Meryl; Harklau, Academic Writing to U.S.-Educated Learners of ESL Linda Performative Linguistics : Speaking and Translating as Doing Things with Words Handbook of Undergraduate Second Language Education Text and Discourse Analysis Mind and Context in Adult Second Language Acquisition : Methods, Theory, and Practice Introducing Second Language Acquisition Contending with Globalization in World Englishes In Other Words : Variation in Reference and Narrative The Handbook of Discourse Analysis Researching Vocabulary : A Vocabulary Research Manual Robinson, Douglas Rosenthal, Judith Salkie, Raphael Sanz, Cristina Saville-Troike, Muriel Saxena, Mukul; Omoniyi, Tope Schiffrin, Deborah; Drew, Paul; Goodwin, Marjorie Harness; Gumperz, John J. Schiffrin, Deborah; Tannen, Deborah; Hamilton, Heidi E. Schmitt, Professor Norbert

Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230293977

English Around the World : An Introduction

Schneider, Edgar W.

Cambridge University Press David Fulton Publishers Routledge

2010 9780511930812 2008 9780203926567 1993 9780203419632

Teaching Children English as an Additional Language Scott, Caroline : A Programme for 7-11 year olds Language, Classrooms and Computers Language Learning and Teaching as Social Interaction Conceptualising 'Learning' in Applied Linguistics Cognitive Bases of Second Language Fluency Scrimshaw, Peter Seedhouse, P.; Li, W.; Cook, V.

Palgrave Macmillan 2007 9780230591240

Seedhouse, Professor Paul; Walsh, Dr Steve; Palgrave Macmillan 2010 9780230289772 Jenks, Dr Chris Segalowitz, Norman Routledge Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press SAGE Ltd. 2010 9780203851357 2007 9780203937600 1993 9780203136867 2009 9780511768279 2011 9781139011310 2009 9780511516382 2005 9780203493632 2006 9780203456491 2010 9780511768637 2000 9780857022202

Developing Reading and Writing in Second Language Learners : Lessons from the Report of the National Shanahan, Timothy; August, Diane Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth Language, Ideology and Point of View Acquiring Phonology : A Cross-Generational CaseStudy Conversation and Gender Language Management Child Language : A Resource Book for Students Gendered Discourses Simpson, Paul Smith, Neil Speer, Susan A.; Stokoe, Elizabeth Spolsky, Bernard Stilwell Peccei, Jean Sunderland, Jane

Palgrave Macmillan 2004 9780230505582

Language and Gender : An Advanced Resource Book Sunderland, Jane Meaning, Discourse and Society Methods of Text and Discourse Analysis : In Search Teubert, Wolfgang Titscher, Stefan; Meyer, Michael; Vetter,

of Meaning English Language Learning Materials : A Critical Review Materials Development in Language Teaching Language Teaching : Integrational Linguistic Approaches Why Do Languages Change? Language: The Basics Language Change Society and Discourse : How Social Contexts Influence Text and Talk Teaching Language Arts to English Language Learners You Know what I Mean? : Words, Contexts and Communication Critical Readings in Language Education Investigating Classroom Discourse Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners : Theory and Practice Language, Discourse and Social Psychology Gender Language and Discourse Teaching Academic Literacy : The Uses of TeacherResearch in Developing a Writing Program Language Testing and Validation : An Evidencebased Approach

Eva Tomlinson, Brian Tomlinson, Brian Toolan, Michael Trask, Larry Trask, R.L. Trask, R.L. Van Dijk, Teun A. Continuum Cambridge University Press Routledge Cambridge University Press Routledge Routledge Cambridge University Press 2008 9781441178565 2011 9781139041089 2008 9780203882269 2009 9780511768347 1999 9780203165287 1994 9780203977507 2009 9780511506475 2010 9780203856482 2008 9780511429194

Vasquez, Anete; Hansen, Angela L.; Smith, Routledge Philip C. Wajnryb, Ruth Wallace, Catherine Walsh, Steve Watson, Greg; Zyngier, Sonia Weatherall, A.; Gallois, C.; Watson, B. Weatherall, Ann Weese, Katherine L.; Fox, Stephen L.; Greene, Stuart Weir, Cyril J. Cambridge University Press Routledge

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500 Tips for TESOL Teachers Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar Text, Context, Pretext : Critical Isssues in Discourse Analysis Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy : A Guide for ESL/ EFL Teachers The Study of Language The Study of Language

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