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Move into Life with Sandra Reeve

Body in Movement
Movement Workshop
7th - 8th November, 2009
Wootton Fitzpaine, West Dorset
To feel your feet on the ground. To breathe
To receive your condition. Not to run away.
To breathe. To let go – deep inside.
To see, to hear, to take a step in your life.
Step by step gives direction.
Sincerely to follow where you are
coming from.
To loosen the holding
In the body
Which chokes your life.
To relax.
To allow the changes
In each moment.
To study
Time and space.
To be still.
No longer to re-act
But to respond
To another.
To grow more intimate with yourself
Until inner life and outer act are one.
Discover, explore and learn new movement skills and
dynamics during the weekend. For example:

• active/passive
• staying/going
• proportion in movement

Use these skills at the weekend,

and afterwards, to expand your
awareness, transform your
movement habits and open up a
wider movement vocabulary.

Moving differently will suggest

creative ways to address familiar,
everyday problems or reveal new
possibilities for performance work.

Challenge your habits and familiar

ways of moving.
Held in the beautiful Arts & Crafts
Village Hall at Wootton Fitzpaine,
this refreshing and revitalising 2-
day workshop is an opportunity to
move in your own way and to
encounter the basics of Move into
Life with Sandra Reeve.

Through guided movement tasks,

you will learn to become more
• to the structure of your body
and how it moves
• to your movement habits in
relation to the environment
• to the way that thoughts, feelings, sensations and
memories influence you as you move.
All paintings: Greta Berlin

At previous workshops participants have become

aware through movement of themes like arriving and
leaving, anger and acceptance, holding back and
joining in, relationship and aloneness, thinking and

This new awareness can serve to develop an embodied

understanding of the relationship between movement
and attitude.
This workshop (all indoor work) is open to adults of
all ages. No previous experience is needed. This is also
the first in the cycle of five Move into Life workshops.
It’s the perfect introduction if you want to go on to try
the movement and communication, movement in the
environment, autobiographical or ecological
movement workshops.

The workshop is led by Sandra

Reeve, who has recently
completed a PhD on The Ecological
Body at Exeter University Drama

Her work draws on Buddhist

principles, physical theatre and the
teaching of the respected Javanese
movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo (with whom she
has worked for over 20 years).

Sandra is also a Senior Registered Movement

Psychotherapist and an experienced Shiatsu practitioner.
Previous participants have said:
“My first experience in this work with Sandra Reeve
was such a powerful and basic lesson for me that my
mind still reels from the experience. That lesson was to
find the measure and rhythm of my own step... it comes
to mind daily and calls me back to my reality.”
“Fun, inspiration, clarity, understanding, relationship,
“I have come home feeling incredibly restored - feeling
so much 'in the present' that I can scarcely believe it.
Such a sense of liberation.”
It allows a fullness of expression which words do not
allow, and forms can stifle. It has been a barometer of
my development without being invasive or over serious.
It is a great joy.
Movement never ends and I am starting, thanks to the
practice, to feel the pulse of reality in my body.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you and
your work to anyone.
Body in Movement
Movement Workshop details:
Cost: £100.00 + accommodation (B&B/campsite
list sent on request or view it here). (£15.00 discount if
you send in your deposit before Oct 1st.)
Location: Wootton Fitzpaine, West Dorset
Date: 7th-8th November, 2009

Contact details:
tel: 01297 560511 (intl: +44 1297 560511)
post: Move into Life
Westhay, Charmouth, Dorset DT6 6SD

If you’re booking near the time of the workshop,

please ring or e-mail first to check that places are
available. To book, please send a cheque for the full
workshop fee or a deposit of £50. (The balance can be
paid at the workshop).