================================================================================ PES 2013 Editor [ PC ] ================================================================================ description: Tool to edit PES2013 Edit.bin file [ OF | Option File ].

supported platforms: 1. PC only ( not planned any other platform ) features: 1. edit player's - name - abilities - positions - motions - shirt settings - cards - face & hair relink - boots relink 2. edit team - names ( all 20 languages supported ) - numbers - team squads ( transfers via drag&drop ) - formations - strategies - team styles - supporter, kit and radar colours - home stadium relink ( ingame created stadiums supported too ) - emblems relink 3. edit kits - kit slots relink - detailed settings of player's and keeper's kits 4. import/export - players [ CSV ( PES6-2013 ), OF2, .Player files ( PES2011-2013 ) ] - teams [ OF2, .Team files ] - formations [ OF2, CSV ] - kits settings [ .Kit files ] - emblems [ most of graphic files ] 5. global adjustment - abilities - boots - injuries - motions - cards - macro reader ( to generate XML with global changes ) - all with variable options ... 6. leagues and stadiums - names editing ( real or default names by one click ) 7. other - footbal manager [FM] stats conversion - adding of players - quick removing of fake names - global renaming and adjusting size and style of names - and much more ... requirements: - installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5) how to use:

1. open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Socce r 2013\save\ 2. do the chages 3. save thanks to: neogeo64, krejik, goldorakiller, Davide Citarelli, foxtrot, jenkey1002, GOAL, Tommsen, PATe.Arminia, Kenny, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulsion, SMcCutcheon , FCH, Inas, seraph, -Panos-, Patros46, barcafan, EPT team, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, gigimarulla, i dsaturn, Nrby, zioborgo, DeFrenZ, hio, joserruiz, Simcut, Stelios, gigimarula, Omar Ahmed ... and anyone forgotten ;-) info and donation: Please, say thanks if you like or use my work in your patch! It costs no thing ... support: evo-web: http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/showthread.php?t=68944 homepage: http://www.fifacz.com/editor.aspx donation: If you're feeling generous, consider a donation. Any and all PayPal donations are sincerely appreciated. Thanks! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=krejik %40seznam%2ecz&lc=US&item_name=www%2efifacz%2ecom&item_number=PesEditor&currency _code=EUR&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted how to enable extra teams support: 1. close PES 2013 Editor 2. open editor.exe.config file in any text editor 3. find key countOfExtraTeamsInOptionFile and change its value ( allowed v alues 0-284 ) 4. find key loadExtraTeamsWitInGameIdEqaulsToZero and change its value ( t rue or false ) 5. save file 6. run PES 2013 Editor hint: You can specify own order of teams and its types by changing ..\cfg\ team.cfg\ file warning: Use at your own risk! This functionality is not fully tested and do not expect any support from my side for this functionality! how to use chants relink: 1. extract by GameGraphicStudio or by any other tool chant-relink file -> unnamed_28.bin from dt03.img ( no DLC ) or unnamed_3040.bin from dt0f.img ( DLC 2.00 ) 2. open PES 2013 Editor and load OF as usual 3. load chant-relink file ( Main Menu -> Tools -> Chants -> Load ... ) 4. use chant relink form ( use right click on team or use tab 'Team' ) 5. save chant-relink file ( Main Menu -> Tools -> Chants -> Save ... ) 6. save OF hint: If you want to load and save unnamed_28.bin file automatically t ogether with OF -> specify chant-relink file in 'Settings' tab ( don't forget to apply settings by Save button ). changelog: version 1.8 - removed support for custom stadium names - added player's of ML NEWFACE EURO, AMERICA and JAPAN to the ML Youth

list - updated fake_players.cfg file ( thx Tottimas, zlac, cRoNoSHaCk, Nick TheJoker, GOAL ) - fixed import from PES12_Team files - added 'Edit shirt numbers' form with sorting function and indicator of multiple usage of number - bugfixing and few other minor chages version 1.7 f editor e tactics version 1.6 xter ) ue ) r ) some minor improvements in edit team form import/export GDB kit configuration files fixed issue with wrong allowed nationalities in different versions o fixed issue with tactical assistance settings fixed function "mark player on wrong position" improved color conversion code ( thanks PATe ) and color picker form improved global adjust of team sliders and added posibility to chang bugfixing new edit team form ( I'm impressed by myself - is it bad? :) ) fixed slow speed of FM converter form updated configuration files ( thx Davide Citarelli, NickTheJoker, Ba changed exporting of players via context menu ( Chinese language iss changed exporting of teams to csv files ( will be improved more late added Somalia to nationality.cfg file added search by player ID function bugfixing and few other minor chages

version 1.5 - added support for DLC 2.00 - fixed ranges of abilities Age, Height and Weight ( Holý DLC 2.00 issue ) - updated nationality.cfg file version 1.4 fixed nationalities ( update configuration file ) fixed stadium names issue improved editor to be more culture invariant ( Turkish i issue ) improved import of player commentary from PES 2012 added import of all team names via .PES12_Team files updated face_and_hair.cfg file added few shortcuts

version 1.3 - reworked chants relink - fixed global function to copy team names between languages - bugfixing and few minor chages version 1.2 - added option to find special faces into the remove fake plyers funct ion - bugfixing version 1.1 - updated CFG files and fake players list ( thx Omar Ahmed, krejik, fo

xtrot ) fixed issue with new S cards while importing PES 2012 player fixed saving of chants relink file improved pasting of PSD data ( SWP position issue etc. ) added support for stadiums renaming bugfixing and few minor chages

version 1.0 - first public version ================================================================================