Glossary of Acronyms

A AC ACAPS ADP AeDIB AET AICPA AIME ALJ APP APR ASEC ASP AWG AWIC B B&D BCIS BL BPAO C CAP CAS CCNS CDI CDR CHIP CIO CMP CMS COOP COTS CPI CPI-W CPS CSQ CSR CSRS Competency Assessment Program Cost Accounting System Call Center Network Solution Cooperative Disability Investigations Continuing Disability Review Customer Help and Information Program Chief Information Officer Civil Monetary Penalty Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Continuity of Operations Plan Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software Consumer Price Index Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage Earners Current Population Survey Customer Service Query Customer Service Record Civil Service Retirement System Blind and Disabled Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Black Lung Benefit Planning, Assistance and Outreach Appeals Council Appeals Council Automated Processing System Automated Data Processing Accelerated Electronic Disability Annual Earnings Test American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Average Indexed Monthly Earnings Administrative Law Judge Annual Performance Plan Annual Performance Report American Savings Education Council Agency Strategic Plan Administrative Wage Garnishment Area Work Incentive Coordinator

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D D&T DCM DDS DI DOC DoD DOL DT E EAB EDR EIC EMIS EMODS EN EPE ESF F FAIR FAQ FASAB FECA FedCIRC FERS FFMIA FFS FICA FISMA FMFIA FMS FO FWTP FY G GAAP GAO GDP GISRA GPRA GS GSA Generally Accepted Accounting Principles General Accounting Office Gross Domestic Product Government Information Security Reform Act Government Performance and Results Act General Schedule General Services Administration Federal Activities Inventory Reform Frequently Asked Questions Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board Federal Employees’ Compensation Act Federal Computer Incident Response Center Federal Employees’ Retirement System Federal Financial Management Improvement Act Fee-For-Service Federal Insurance Contributions Act Federal Information Security Management Act Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act Financial Management Systems Field Office Future Workplace Transition Plan Fiscal Year Enumeration at Birth Electronic Death Reporting Executive Internal Control Executive Management Information System Earnings Management Information Operational Data Store Employee Network Extended Period of Eligibility Earnings Suspense File Deloitte & Touche Differential Case Management Disability Determination Service Disability Insurance Data Operations Center Department of Defense Department of Labor Department of Treasury


SSA’s FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report

H HCPS HEP HI/SMI HO HOTS I IG IPT IRA IRS ISM IT IVT IWMS K KPI L LA LAE M MCAS MD&A MS MSWC N NRA O OASDI OASI OCSE OCO ODS OHA OIG OMB Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Office of Child Support Enforcement Office of Central Operations Operational Data Store Office of Hearings and Appeals Office of the Inspector General Office of Management and Budget Normal Retirement Age Managerial Cost Accounting System Management’s Discussion and Analysis Military Service Military Service Wage Credit Living Arrangements Limitation on Administrative Expenses Key Performance Indicator Inspector General Intrusion Protection Team Individual Retirement Account Internal Revenue Service In-Kind Support and Maintenance Information Technology Interactive Video Training Integrated Workload Management System Human Capital Planning Staff High Error Profile Hospital Insurance/Supplemental Medical Insurance Hearings Office Hearings Office Tracking System

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P P&F PAR PART PE PEODS PIN PMA POMS PP&E PPWY PSC PTF PUMS PwC PWS Q QA QC R RO ROAR RPS RRB RRI RSDI RSI RZ SDO S SBR SCNP SDW SECA SEI SES SFFAS SGA SOF SSA SSASRT SSI Statement of Budgetary Resources Statement of Changes in Net Position Special Disability Workload Self-Employment Contributions Act Self Employment Income Senior Executive Service Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards Substantial Gainful Activity Status of Funds Social Security Administration SSA Security Response Team Supplemental Security Income Regional Office Recovery of Overpayments, Accounting and Reporting System Representative Payee System Railroad Retirement Board Railroad Retirement Interchange Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance Retirement and Survivors Insurance Redeterminations Service Delivery Objective Quality Assurance Quarters of Coverage Program and Financing Performance and Accountability Report Program Assessment Rating Tool Post Entitlement Post-Eligibility Operational Data Store Personal Identification Number President’s Management Agenda Program Operations Manual System Property, Plant and Equipment Production Per Workyear Program Service Center Payments to the Trust Funds Public Understanding Measurement System PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Performance Work Statements


SSA’s FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report


SSI Claims Report Social Security Number Social Security Number Verification Service Standard Security Profile Project Supplemental Security Record SSA Unified Measurement System

Treasury Offset Program Tax Refund Offset Tele-Service Center Trial Work Period

Unemployment Information

Visitor Intake Process

Employee Wage Reports Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center Workers’ Compensation Work Measurement Data Warehouse

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SSA Management and Board Members
Key Management Officials
Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Chief Actuary General Counsel Inspector General Chief Information Officer Chief of Staff Chief Strategic Officer Deputy Commissioner, Communications Deputy Commissioner, Disability and Income Security Programs Deputy Commissioner, Finance, Assessment and Management Deputy Commissioner, Human Resources Deputy Commissioner, Legislative and Congressional Affairs Deputy Commissioner, Operations Deputy Commissioner, Policy Deputy Commissioner, Systems Jo Anne B. Barnhart James B. Lockhart III Stephen C. Goss Lisa DeSoto James G. Huse, Jr. Thomas P. Hughes Larry W. Dye Myrtle S. Habersham James Courtney Martin H. Gerry Dale W. Sopper Reginald F. Wells Robert M. Wilson Linda S. McMahon Paul Hewitt William E. Gray

Board of Trustees
John W. Snow Secretary of Treasury and Managing Trustee of the Trust Funds Tommy G. Thompson Secretary of Health and Human Services and Trustee John L. Palmer, Trustee James B. Lockhart III Deputy Commissioner of Social Security and Secretary, Board of Trustees Elaine L. Chao Secretary of Labor and Trustee Jo Anne B. Barnhart Commissioner of Social Security and Trustee Thomas R. Saving, Trustee

Social Security Advisory Board
Hal Daub, Chairman Dorcas R. Hardy Martha Keys David Podoff Sylvester J. Schieber Gerald M. Shea


SSA’s FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report