The Two Sides Of A Coin

By Charles and Frances Hunter

Published originally by Hunter Books

EVERY FIVE OR TEN YEARS … a new fi!ure a""ears on the scene# $rin!in! so%ethin! e&'uisitely ti%ely This ti%e the fi!ure was a dou$le "ortion as a dyna%ic cou"le a""eared To our sin(weary de"ressed !eneration Charles and Frances Hunter ha)e $rou!ht lau!hter and li!ht They are esta$lished $est(sellin! writers $ecause of their sensiti)ity to the ti%es Each of their $oo*s ha)e $rou!ht teachin! and har)est to the $ody and the soul Hundreds of thousands ha)e acce"ted the $a"tis% with the Holy S"irit $ecause of the e&"erience related in

Two sides of a Coin+

Scripture quotations are taken from: The Authorized Version !"V# The $e% &nglish Bible The 'i(ing Bible) Paraphrased *heaton: Tyndale House) Publishers) +,-+#. All references not specified are from The 'i(ing Bible. Published /riginally by Hunter Books

+. 5. :. ;. <. 4. -. S. ,. +C. ++. TH& T*/ S01&S /2 A 3/0$ B'0$1&1 6 B7 6 2 &A8 TH& STA8T /2 A 1&S08& 6 2/8 3HA8'&S TH& STA8T /2 A 1&S08& 6 2/8 28A$3&S TH& =$/ $/> TH&$ 0T HAPP&$&1? TH&8& 0S A 1022&8&$3& T/ HAV& A$1 HAV& $/T @&T TH/S& HA$@ABPS /BT 0$ TH& /P&$ TH& =@ift> /2 T/$@B&S *H7 TH& BAPT0SD *0TH TH& H/'7 SP080T 6 0S 0T 8&A''7 $&3&SSA87? *HAT 0S TH& 3HA80SDAT03 D/V&D&$T? H/* T/ 8&3&0V& TH& BAPT0SD *0TH TH& H/'7 SP080T *HAT 3/D&S A2T&8 TH& BAPT0SD TH& S&3/$1 H/T '0$& 4 9 +, 55 :; ;+ 44 -5 -,: +C C +C ++ 9 +5 ; +: 4

+5. +:. +;. +<.


0T?S @&$B0$&) 0T?S 8&A') A$1 0?V& @/T 0TE 0 nearly screamed the %ords o(er the telephone after 0 had frantically dialed 3harles. 0t %as real. . . and 0 !$&* 0TE 0t %as genuine.. . and 0 !$&* 0TE 0t %as of @od. . . and 0 !$&* 0T) because "esus had gi(en it to me. 0 had reached up and He had reached do%n and touched me another time 6 this time as the Baptizer. 0 thought 0 %ould ne(er be able to contain myself because of this ne% reality of "esus 3hrist. 1id this really happen to meF 7es it didE *as it Gust an emotional happening or had a dramatic change occurred in my relationship to @odF Today 0 !$/*E *hat do 0 kno%F 0 kno% that a dramatic change occurred) not Gust a momentary emotional high of reaching @od) but a beautiful) stabilizing po%erApacked dimension %as added at that moment %hen my (ery soul cried out from the depths of my innermost being asking @od to pro(e the reality of a physical sign of the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. That beautiful second %hen 0 %as %illing to meet @od all the %ay 6 He sent "esus to meet me right at my point of needE 0 kne% it could change my life either %ay) and 0 had to be sure it %as @od?s %ay and He sho%ed me it %asE =@od) %hen did you put all those ne% (erses of scripture in the BibleF> 0 had ne(er seen them

before) and all of a sudden they began running through my mind 6 they had been there all the timeE 0 Gust hadn?t seen themE 0 hadn?t listened %hen @od %as speaking to meE Then it all seemed so simple. Sal(ation plus commitment plus baptism equals (ictory in "esusE Hea(enly 2ather) Ho% %e lo(e you) ho% %e praise you) ho% %e %orship you) and ho% %e thank you for gi(ing the Holy Spirit to us) and for making Him so real in our li(es. 7ou kno% %e?re not theologians) %e?re Gust t%o ordinary people %ho lo(e you (ery much) and %e thank you for %hat you?(e done for us. *e ask that those %ho read this book %ill kno% that %e?re not trying to present a theological dissertation) that %e are only desirous of sharing %hat happened to us) and %hat a blessing this =happening> has been in our li(es. 2ather) %e pray that e(eryone %ho reads this book %ill read it %ith an open heart and an open mind) and %ill let you speak to them through its pages. *e?d also ask that A'' %ho read this book %ill go on to ha(e a closer) more eHciting and more personal %alk %ith you. Thank you for hearing our prayer. Charles and Frances

By Frances 0n my kitchen hangs a happy looking plaque %hich says: ='ord) help my %ords to be gracious and tender today) for tomorro% 0 may ha(e to eat them.> @od kne% %hat He %as doing %hen He had me buy thatE 0t?s a good thing 0 don?t mind eating my %ords) because that?s Gust eHactly %hat both 3harles and 0 ha(e had to do. Praise @odE And %hat A an eHciting time %e?re ha(ing eating some of the things %e?(e said o(er the past fe% years. $o spiritual indigestion at allE Although %hen 0 first became a%are of the fact 0 %as going to ha(e to eat a lot of things 0 had said) there might ha(e been moments of panic %hen 0 en(isioned a big spiritual stomachacheE But not soI @od in His beautiful lo(e made it as painless as possible and His grace made it possible to be able to admit 0?d been %rongE 0 had really been blinded along the road of 3hristian gro%th Gust because 0 %as afraid of something 0 really didn?t kno% aboutE 0 %as completely blinded to an additional dimension of @od Himself because 0 %as not %illing to accept %hat He %anted to gi(e me) but 0 lo(e Him e(en more because He let me run the gamut of spiritual childhood %ithout getting pro(oked at me. Ho% lo(ing and patient @od isE

0 %as one of those indi(iduals %ho %as =born in the fire and ne(er satisfied %ith dead ashes> and from the moment of accepting 3hrist as my Sa(ior there has been a compelling desire to tell people %hat @od?s lo(e can do in their li(es. *hen 0 finally accepted the fact that @od %ill do %hat He says He %ill) 0 stood there and thought my heart %as Gust going to burst right out of the %alls of my body) because in that beautiful moment of the a%areness of @od?s splendor and po%er) 0 %as acutely a%are of the fact that "esus 3hrist %as personally li(ing in my heart. 0 remember lying in bed one night and as 0 looked do%n at my chest) 0 could see an eHtra strong heartbeat at that moment because 0 kne% that it %as no longer my heartbeat) but the heartbeat of "esus 3hrist) '0V0$@ 0$ D&E The a%esomeness of that realization o(er%helmed me) not only because He had come to li(e in my heart) but because He %as %illing to do the same thing for anyone %ho %ould simply in(ite Him to come in. 0 think of all the years 0 spent in darkness) runA fling after the pleasures of the %orld) thinking that the =fun> of the %orld %as the ans%er to life 6 that the happiness 0 found in material things such as parties) dances) cocktails) escapades and the like) %ere the only things that %ere real and the only things that %ere fun. 'ooking back no% and remembering the parties 0 used to ha(e) 0 can see that each year it took a little more money) a little more energy) a little more alcohol) a little fancier food) a little more in the %ay of decorations and in(itations) a little more strain and a lot more

pretending to con(ince e(en myself that 0 had as good a time this year as %e?d had at last year?s party. 0f my annual 3hristmas party happened to be follo%ed by a %orking day) %e al%ays Gudged the fun %e?d had the night before by the miserable %ay %e felt the day after. Practically e(eryone %ho came to the party %ould come into the office some time the neHt day) and %e?d laugh sometimes a little forced# at ho% miserable %e felt. 0 must be honest and admit that during those years 0 did ha(e fun 6 to the best of my kno%ledge at that time 6 but 0 ob(iously didn?t kno% (ery much. 8emember) too) the Bible says that e(en sin is fun for a seasonE *hile 0 didn?t realize that it had begun to pall) @od did) and in the fullness of His perfect timing) He began dra%ing me to Himself. 0 must honestly admit that as @od began dra%ing the gossamer %eb of His lo(e around me) the threads %ere so fine and delicate 0 didn?t e(en see them coming. *hen He dre% them tightly around me) 0 struggled for a %hile because 0 thought He %as trying to bind me) but %hen 0 sa% the beauty of %hat He %as doing) 0 lifted my hands in total surrender. $e(er %as there a partial surrender. *ith me) from the %ords =0 belie(e>) 0 %anted to gi(e @od e(erything 0 had) little realizing that %hat He promised in return %as e(erything He hadE 0 HA1 T/ T&'' TH& */8'1E 0 looked at my martiniAdrinking friends and recognized the @odAshaped (acuum in their li(es and 0 remember saying) =@od) am 0 going to ha(e to sa(e the %hole %orld by myselfF> 0 didn?t realize there might be anyone else around because no one had e(er spoken

to me about my soul in the first ;9 years of my lifeE And so 0 took off like a rocket) %ondering ho% long it %ould take me to e(angelize the %orld. Before 0 became a 3hristian) 0 %ent to my pastor and asked him %hat our church stood for. Among other things) 0 remember he said) =*e don?t belie(e in tonguesE =0 said) =*hat?s thatF> 0 had ne(er heard of anything like that) and so my introduction to this subGect %as gi(en to me by someone 0 had learned to lo(e and respect. 0 belie(ed %hat he said) since he had taught me so much about @od?s lo(e and the fact that "esus 3hrist %anted to come and li(e His life through me. 0 don?t honestly remember %hat his comment %as eHcept it concerned people %ho got carried a%ay and spoke in some kind of gibberish %hich didn?t make sense and %hich caused problems. And no% 0 realize he belie(ed this because this is %hat he had been taught. After that) tongues %ere a real =noAno> to me. After all) %hy shouldn?t 0 belie(e %hat he taughtF He had taught me the truth about being born again) so it %as only natural that 0 should belie(e this part of his doctrine. After 0 accepted "esus as my Sa(ior and 'ord) %hat a blast 0 hadE 0 began sharing 3hrist %ith e(eryone %ho came into my office. 0 shared His lo(e %ith the people 0 met at the filling stations) the grocery stores) e(en out on the streets. 7ou can?t start sharing your faith %ith e(eryone you meet %ithout beginning to come in contact %ith 3hristians) tooE 0 couldn?t belie(e %hat %as happening to me because 0 began recei(ing in(itations to speak in churches of many different

denominations. All 0 kne% %as 0 %anted to share "esus %ith anyone %ho %ould listen to me. Dy first real personal eHperience %ith tongues came as a result of my sharing my faith. 0 %as in(ited to gi(e my testimony in a certain church) and then gi(e any unsa(ed in the congregation an opportunity to pray to recei(e 3hrist. 0 %onder no% %hat 0 %ould ha(e done had 0 realized in ad(ance that this church spoke in tonguesE 0 probably %ould ha(e run as fast as 0 could in the opposite direction) but 0 didn?t kno% anything about %hat kind of a church it %as) so 0 %ent) happy in the kno%ledge 0 %as going to get to share in my belo(ed "esus. 8ight after 0 got there 0 %as told a tra(eling e(angelist had Gust come by that day and they %anted us to share the ser(ice. They asked if 0?d mind Gust taking 5C minutes or so) and sharing the rest of the time %ith him. 0n 3hristian lo(e) 0 said) =2ine 6 they?ll be getting a double portion tonight) %on?t theyF> 0 ga(e my testimony first) and the congregation %as (ery attenti(e. Then the =surprise> e(angelist began to speak. A short talk on the Holy Spirit %as gi(en. 0 had been reading some books on the Holy Spirit at that time) but didn?t quite understand e(erything he said. 0 %as anHious to learn all 0 could) so 0 listened attenti(ely. The e(angelist asked all 3hristians to come to the altar and pray. 0 %as %ondering %hy %hen the t%o ladies %ho had escorted me to my seat said) =*e?ll take you up there) dearE> Something %ithin me reacted most peculiarly. As %e started do%n the aisle) they flanked me on either side and a feeling of panic o(ertook me. As

%e reached the front pe%) 0 dropped back) quickly turned around and knelt there) %hile they proceeded to the altar) not yet realizing they had lost me en route. 0 had a feeling 0 %as %here 0 shouldn?t be) and %as trying to figure out a means of escape. A young girl neHt to me %as screaming) =$ot my %ill) but thineE> All 0 could think of %as) =This couldn?t be @od?s %illE> Talk about confusion) and talk about being scaredE 0 %anted to run and get under a pe% or somethingE Then 0 really pushed the panic button. 0 heard the booming (oice of the e(angelist and as 0 looked up) he %as coming straight for meE 0 felt like a cornered rat. 0 really %ould ha(e panicked eHcept for one thing 6 0 !$&* that "esus 3hrist %as li(ing in my heart) so 0 really called on the po%er of @odE 0 sent up one of the fastest and most earnest prayers in history: =@od) by the po%er of your Holy Spirit) 0 bind Satan right no% in this place) because all 0 feel is e(il. 0f %hat this man is going to do to me is not of you) stop him in the name of "esusE> The e(angelist looked as if he had slammed into an in(isible brick %all. He turned and %alked in another direction) and 0 got up and ran out of the building as fast as 0 could run. *hen 0 got outside and breathed the fresh air) 0 sa% an interesting sign %hich said this e(angelist had been there for one %eek already and %ould be there for a second %eek 6 not a =surprise> (isit as they had told me. The Bible says to =try the spirits> and 0 had tried this one and didn?t like %hat 0 found. 0 %as shaking from the eHperience) but managed to get in my car and dri(e to the parsonage %here 0

shared %ith my pastor and his %ife %hat 0 had Gust eHperienced. This really con(inced me that %hat 0 had first heard about speaking in tongues %as right) and %e all reGoiced that %e %eren?t in(ol(ed in anything like this. 0 carried the horror of that night %ith me and any time the subGect of =tongues> %as brought up) it %as like %a(ing a red flag in front of a bull) and 0 really chargedE 0 %as con(inced that anything that had to do %ith this subGect %as like %hat 0 sa% that night) so it couldn?t be of @od. $otice ho% 0 Gudged the entire Holy Spirit mo(ement by one meeting. 0 closed my mind to this issue and decided then and there this %as not for meE Ho% %rong can %e be %hen %e emphatically close the doors to anything of @od %ithout fully kno%ing the truth. @od had already begun spinning a little %eb around me again) but 0 didn?t realize it because he did a (ery interesting thing shortly after that. Someho% He ga(e me an a%areness of able to discern %hether or not a person spoke in tongues. 0 remember ho% surprised 0 %as to disco(er the interesting fact that %ithin seconds after meeting a 3hristian) 0 could tell %hether or not he spoke in tongues. This really intrigued me as @od began to cross my path more and more %ith =beautiful> 3hristians %ith %hom my spirit blended perfectly) e(en though 0 !$&* they spoke in tongues. There %as perfect peace and lo(e %hen 0 %as %ith them) and a blending of spirits that %as beautiful. Then 0 began to think ho% can this beF 0f it?s as e(il as 0 think it is) ho% can 0 !$/* positi(ely that these

people speak in tongues and yet their 3hristian lo(e is beyond belief. 0 began to search a little more. 3an 0 share %ith you a question that has really bugged me many timesF 0t %asn?t really a question) but the attitude in %hich it %as asked. /(er and o(er again after 0 had shared in a ser(ice %here the Spirit of the 'ord had really been poured out and many people had found 3hrist) someone %ould come up to me and %ith a complete lack of lo(e and haughtily ask) =Ha(e you recei(ed the baptism %ith the Holy SpiritF> 0 do not kno% of anything %hich can turn a person a%ay from this beautiful gift of @od faster than to ha(e someone %ith a super superior attitude ask them this questionE 0 finally began to gi(e a standard ans%er) =/h) yes) @od has really baptized me %ith His Holy Spirit) but it isn?t necessary to speak in tongues) if that?s %hat you mean.> The look of condemnation on their faces as they looked do%n on me because 0 didn?t carry the same =badge of spirituality> %as unrealE 0 no longer %as a sister in 3hristE $o longer did 0 ha(e anything in common %ith them. 0 Gust %asn?t on the same spiritual plane) being inferior because of not speaking in tongues. Dany of these soAcalled =superA spiritual> 3hristians really seemed to be the ones Paul spoke of in 0 3orinthians +::+: =0f 0 had the gift of being able to speak in other languages) %ithout learning them) and could speak in e(ery language there is in all of hea(en and earth) but didn?t lo(e others) 0 %ould only be making noise.> Then there ha(e been those =beautiful> ones %ho in great lo(e ha(e asked me eHactly the same

question and %hen 0 ga(e eHactly the same ans%er ha(e said) =0 hope you do some day)> and %e parted the best of friends %ith the Spirit of @od communicating bet%een us. Shortly after this) some in my o%n church began recei(ing the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. This didn?t bother me too much because 0 %as tra(eling a great portion of the time and %as not often in my home church. 0t seemed to me many of the most eHciting 3hristians %ere the ones %ho %ere recei(ing. 0 realize no% it %as those %ho %ere seeking more of @od) and not those %ho %ere content Gust to %arm the pe%s) %ho recei(ed the gift. &(entually most of those left the church quietly) %ithout disturbance or confusion) since our church did not belie(e in this. 0 %rote to a friend of mine %hen 0 heard of their family lea(ing. They %ere the dearest of friends and 0 %as grie(ed to see them go. Her letter in reply to me left no doubt at all that she %as directed by @od. 0 ne(er kne% %hy 0 sa(ed that letter until no%) but %ith her permission 0 am quoting it: “Dear Charles and Frances: “It was good to hear from you and catch up on some of your activities. Your new boo s sound e!citing and I loo forward to reading them. "he ne!t time you are in town I do wish you could spare a few minutes and come see us. #e would really love to tal to you and share with you. “I wasn$t too surprised to hear from you about our leaving the church. #e% too% have a special love for this church and the pastor. I don$t profess to

understand all the things that happen to us as we wal with the &ord% or why 'e deals with us in so many different ways. I do now we must be obedient to 'im and I now you believe that with all your heart and soul% too. “"he &ord called us to the church and we had wonderful fellowship. (ur two and a half years there blessed us in many ways and I hope we still have many dear friends there. But as the &ord called us to go there% 'e called us to leave. I$m not at all sure why it was at this time% but 'e nows% and it was a very definite call. “#e all want everything the &ord has for us and to wal closer to 'im as 'e gives us more and more light) #e are all faced with decisions each day and some of us choose one way and some another. *ll I can say is% I now% without any doubt% the &ord called us to leave the church. 'e didn$t give us lots of reasons% but only as ed us to obey. #e have had complete peace about it all and of course% spent much time in prayer and listening to 'im before we moved. “+very day grows sweeter with ,esus. "ongues is only a doorway to another e!perience with ,esus. #e% too% have seen the -bad$ side% but as with everything good from the &ord% the devil has a counterfeit. . . .(ur spirit witnesses with this e!perience. /lory. 0raise 'is 'oly 1ame. “#e really would love to really share with you. #e have a special love for you both and now the &ord is blessing your lives in a wonderful way. 0lease let us hear from you and try to see us when you$re in town.

“*ll our love in 'is precious 1ame%2 0 %rote back the day 0 recei(ed the letter and said) =0 understand.> And understand 0 did) because there ha(e been many decisions @od has required me to make %hich 0 didn?t understand) nor did anyone else at the time. 0 only kne% 0 had to be obedient to Him %ithout counting the cost) and the beautiful 3hristian lo(e in her letter said the same thing to me. She %as doing %hat @od had called her to do) and the blending of our spirits ne(er %a(ered. Here %as someone in %hom 0 had seen all the fruit of the Spirit: lo(e) Goy) peace) patience) kindness) goodness) faithfulness) gentleness and selfAcontrol. That spoke to me lots more than those %ho forgot to speak in lo(e. The letter didn?t condemn me one single bit 6 it Gust lo(ed me into a position of %anting to kno% more about %hat had happened to this beautiful sister in 3hrist.


By 3harles @od uses eHciting %ays to get our attention and goes to seemingly endless eHtremes to teach us simple little lessons. 0 %as amazed at the time and trouble @od once %ent to %ith "eremiah %hen he could ha(e eHplained the %hole illustration in about half a minute: "eremiah +:: +A+C =The 'ord said to me) @o) and buy a linen loincloth and %ear it) but don?t %ash it 6 don?t put it in %ater at all. So 0 bought the loincloth and put it on. Then the 'ord?s message came to me again. This time he said) Take the loincloth out to the &uphrates 8i(er and hide it in a hole in the rocks. So 0 didI 0 hid it as the 'ord had told me to. Then) a long time after%ards) the 'ord saidI @o out to the ri(er again and get the loincloth. And 0 did: 0 dug it out of the hole %here 0 had hidden it. But no% it %as milde%ed and falling apart. 0t %as utterly uselessE Then the 'ord said: This illustrates the %ay that 0 %ill rot the pride of "udah and "erusalem. This e(il nation refuses to listen to me) and follo%s its o%n e(il desires and %orships idolsI therefore it shall become as this loincloth 6 good for nothing.> 'ook at all the trouble @od %ent to to illustrate this one point. He did the same thing to me. He set up a %hole =teenage> problem to acti(ate a desire that lay sleeping %ithin me. @od allo%ed the

problem to arise and it shook our daughter "oanie to tears. 0 guess most of us keep ha(ing teenage problems all our li(es 6 problems %hich seem at the moment to be like mountains) but in @od?s mar(elous teaching process are Gust classroom situations He sets up to let us learn to trust Him. Because of a one night gapAin our tour itinerary) "oanie did not ha(e our phone number. She had called our hostess the night before %e arri(ed. /ur tomorro%Ahostess talked to "oanie Gust enough to kno% that she needed us urgently) that something (ery disturbing had happened) but did not press "oanie for details. About midnight %e %ere located. *e phoned our tearAsoaked) frantic child. After talking a fe% minutes to "oanie and then talking to @od) "oanie had all the peace she needed. As soon as she took her eyes off herself and her problem and put them on "esus) she kne% He %ould take care of e(erything. 2rances and 0 had Gust returned from our first !athryn !uhlman =miracle> ser(ice. As our hostess dro(e us back to her home) her face radiated the lo(e of "esus as she talked %ith us. There seemed something (ery special in her deep commitment. 0 asked her if she prayed in tongues. *hen she said yes) 0 %anted to hear ho% she recei(ed and %hat it meant to her. There %as a genuineness about her that stirred %ithin me a search for more truth about this subGect. 0?m sure @od had already said) J3harles) 0 ha(e something 0 %ant to gi(e you? and He had placed in the depth of my heart a desire to kno% more about it. She told us her story. 0 can only recall a little of the details) but %hen she

finished 0 kne% that %hat she had %as good and that it %as genuine. She told us ho% she had prayed the night before %hen "oanie called her. As soon as she hung up the recei(er after talking to "oanie) she %ent into her pri(ate prayer closet and started talking to @od in her prayer language. She had no idea %hat the problem %as so she did not kno% ho% to pray in &nglish. She told us ho% she Gust let the Holy Spirit pray through her as she released herself) her tongue) her (oice) her mind to His control. She said it seemed like she prayed only a short prayer but the clock registered a thirty minute pri(ate con(ersation %ith her hea(enly 2ather 6 so pri(ate that e(en she %as not a%are of %hat she prayed) but she kne% the %onderful completeness so she simply released herself and "oanie to @od. She said a sincere fer(ency %as constant as she prayed) and a peace came because she kne% that @od had heard. @od used this to impress me %ith this ne% dimension of prayer. Tongues %ere not an imaginary plaything) but instead %ere the means by %hich the Holy Spirit could pray through her for "oanie?s need. This stirred %ithin me an eagerness to eHperience this in my lifeE


The Start of a Desire – for Frances
By 2rances 0 don?t honestly kno% %hen the first small but real desire started in my heart. 0 %asn?t a%are of it being a desire) or 0 might not ha(e al%ays obeyed the Holy Spirit %hen He began to interest me about reading books on this subGectE 0 had been so adamant in my thoughts 0 %ouldn?t e(en ha(e a book in my house that spoke on the positi(e side of the subGect of tongues. &arly in my 3hristian life 0 had read a book called 2A3& BP T/ A D08A3'& by 1on Basham and 0 remember thinking) =*ell) that?s fine for him if he needs an eHperience like that) but 0 don?t because my life is already so eHciting 0 can hardly stand it.> Probably as much as anything else that kept me from reading the books %as the %ay they %ere presented to me) intimating that =0 Gust didn?t ha(e 0TE> At times) as 0 %ent some%here to speak) someone %ould sneak a copy of TH&7 SP&A! *0TH /TH&8 T/$@B&S in my pocketbook) or in my suitcase. Dany times 0?(e had < to +C copies of this book gi(en to me secret ser(ice style# %hile on a trip. As soon as 0 got to the airport) the first thing 0 did %as T/ 1BDP TH&D A'' 0$ TH& T8ASH 3A$S. 3harles says 0?m really going to be surprised one of these days %hen one of the trash cans begins =speaking in tongues> %hen 0 %alk byE# 0 %anted no part of anything that

e(en remotely discussed this subGect) let alone a book that came right out and appro(ed of it. SelfA righteously 0 dre% myself =abo(e> those people %ho needed this emotional stimulusE 8ight after Pat Boone?s book A $&* S/$@ came out) some friends in 3alifornia asked 3harles and me if %e had read this book) and recommended it highly. *e managed to pick up a copy in 'os Angeles and 0 thought 0?d glance through it on the plane on the %ay home. 0 couldn?t put it do%nE 0 sa% something 0 had ne(er seen before: this %as an added dimension to life) not as a =you?(e got to ha(e this or you ha(en?t got it> sort of thing. Here %as a book that emphasized the @0V&8 and not the @02T. 0 sa% the beauty and the po%er of the baptism. 0 read and reread pages ++C and +++ about 5< times %hich tell of Shirley?s baptism and 0 quote them for you here) because there is nothing 0 ha(e e(er read that says it better: =@od doesn?t gi(e us spiritual gifts Gust for our o%n enGoyment. 0nstead He gi(es us special abilities so that %e can better %orship and ser(e Him. That?s %here the real enGoyment isE This is %hat "esus meant %hen He told the early disciples that they %ould be baptized %ith the Holy @host so that they might recei(e po%er 6 po%er to ser(e 6 po%er to o(ercome 6 po%er to becomeE This is %hy some Bible scholars ha(e said) J1on?t seek the gifts) but the gi(er.? =They?re absolutely rightE *hen our heart?s desire is to ha(e a closer relationship %ith "esus 3hrist) abo(e all other things) then %e are in the best possible position to recei(e the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts He may pro(ide.). .=

=&(en though she didn?t understand eHactly %hat %as happening) she prayed) J"esus) 0 need 7ou 6 and only 7ou. 7ou said that if 0 ask for bread 7ou %ouldn?t gi(e me a stone. And if 0 ask for fish 7ou %ouldn?t gi(e me a serpent. 0 don?t %ant anything from Satan) 0 don?t %ant some psychological counterfeit. 0?m offering you my (oice) my lips) my soul) my life. 0 %ant to gi(e all of me to 7ou. 0 kno% 7our Spirit has been %ith me) and in me) but please) dear 'ord) no% 0 need 7our Spirit to fill me. =0f you ha(e another language for me) 0 %ant it 6 but only if it?s from 7ou. 0 %ant you to baptize me in your Holy Spirit 6 as you promised.? =And then %hen she?d said all she kne% to say) she offered her (oice) making soft sounds.. . kno%ing it %as a step of faith) reaching out for "esus. And He met herE .. . She %as o(ercome by the sense of the presence of the 'ord and o(er%helming feeling of lo(e. =The amazing thing that happened to me %as that 0 felt myself immersed in lo(e. 0 don?t kno% ho% else to eHplain it. *e talk about being baptized or totally immersed in %ater. 0 %as totally immersed in lo(e. 0t %as so beautiful.> 0 didn?t realize it at the time) but @od %as putting Shirley?s %ords into my mind to be recalled Gust about a year later. 3harles read the book as soon as 0 finished it) and he felt the same %ay 0 did. *e %rote a letter to the Boones telling them ho% %e enGoyed the book) and also sharing the fact that %e really had been =turned off> on tongues. *e are constantly cautioning people about not being legalistic) but rather encouraging them to let @od %ork in and

through them. Suddenly %e sa% somethingE ='ook %ho?s been legalistic all this time on thisE 0?m sure there ha(e been many times %hen %e?(e said to @od) =*e %ant &V&87TH0$@ eHcept tongues.> Ho% stupid could %e ha(e beenE A $&* S/$@ made a tremendous impression on us. Then @od began spinning another part of His little %eb around us. 0 had been scheduled to speak at the Holy Spirit Teaching Dission in Diami) 2lorida. "ust prior to this 3harles and 0 %ere in the Pittsburgh area and %e disco(ered %e had a night free. This had ne(er happened before. *e looked in the paper to see %hat 3hristian speaker %e might go to hear. *e sa% they %ere ha(ing a 3harismatic 3onference at a Presbyterian 3hurch there. *e both prayed and decided since 0 %as going to be speaking at a 3harismatic meeting in Diami it might be a good idea if %e attended one here Gust to see %hat %ent on. 0 %as still carrying in my mind %hat had happened in that church so long ago and so) apprehensi(ely) %e %ent. *hen %e %ent in) %e made (ery sure %e %ere close to the eHits because %e kne% that sometime during the meeting they?d start beating people on the head %e had al%ays heard =they> did this 6 and isn?t it ridiculous ho% %e can belie(e things like thisF#) and %e %anted to be in a good position for running) because %e %eren?t going to let =them> beat us on the headE Then it beganE And you?d ne(er guess %hat happenedE They sang some real enthusiastic songs 6 the same songs 0 had been singing for the past < years) and 0 kne% them allE Then %e heard some testimonies) and 0 really got

eHcited because they %ere %hat "esus had done T/1A7. $one of the old =sa(ed and sanctified for -< years bit)> but fresh manna for the meeting. *e began to relaH a little because the Spirit of the 'ord %as so real. Then as if on cue) %ith e(eryone being directed by @od Himself) people began singing in a most unusual %ay. The only %ord %e could distinguish) or thought %e did) %as the %ord =HalleluGahE> /ther than that) it seemed like a beautiful harmonizing choir %ith about +)CCC (oices humming. 0 looked at 3harles and said) =*hat?s thatF> He looked back at me saying) =0 don?t kno%) %hat do you think it isF> *e %ere irresistibly dra%n to this beautiful singing. 0t built up to a soft crescendo) and then Gust like it started) it stoppedE *ithout being told) e(eryone seemed to kno% eHactly %hen to stop. Spiritual goose pimples ran up and do%n our spines. 0t %as the most beautiful singing %e had e(er heard. *illie Durphy after%ards announced) =2or those of you not familiar %ith this type of singing) it is called Jsinging in the Spirit.> 0t %as beautiful) and ne(er to be forgotten) because it %as a miracle) a supernatural %ork of @od. The message follo%ed) and it %as full of lo(e) po%er and ob(iously directed by the 'ord. So far there had been no rolling on the floor) nothing out of order) nothing much different from lots of ser(ices %e had conducted oursel(es eHcept for the singing in the Spirit. *e %ere prepared) though) because %e kne% =something> %as bound to happen.

*illie Durphy) Gust glo%ing %ith the lo(e of @od then asked the entire congregation to stand and to make a little cup out of our hands as %e sang the song) =2ill Dy 3up) 'ordE> 3harles looked at me and 0 looked at 3harles and said) =Shall %e) or shall %e notF> After all) %e didn?t do things like this in our church. 0?m sure our con(ersation and the looks %hich passed bet%een the t%o of us %ere hysterical. After all) 0?(e al%ays been a super enthusiastic 3hristian) but this %as Gust a little too much. *hyF 'ooking back) 0 kno% %hy. 0 %as a%are that there %ere many %omen there %ho had heard me speak during the past %eek at the Pittsburgh 3hristian *omen?s 3lubs) and if 0 %ere to be totally honest right no%) 0?d ha(e to admit 0 %as afraid of %hat someone might think if they sa% me lifting my hands in the air. 0 %ant to tell you an interesting side issue of this) too. Because of my natural enthusiasm) 0 really like to participate in a church ser(ice) and for years e(ery time %e %ould sing a song such as =/h) Ho% 0 'o(e "esus>) 0 %ould ha(e to lift my hand up in Goyous agreement that 0 really did '/V& "esus but only one hand#. The thought of raising t%o hands %as T// DB3H) especially %here some people could see me. The Spirit of the 'ord had been so gloriously felt during the entire e(ening there %asn?t anything else %e could do eHcept be a part of this beautiful %orship time. *e decided to go ahead and participate) but 0 said) ='et?s do it behind the pe%) so no one %ill see us.> *e actually bent o(er and behind the pe% %e made a little cup %ith our hands.

The %ords of the song go) =2ill my cup) 'ordI 0 lift it up 'ord> and e(erybody lifted their hands up) symbolically lifting their cup to the 'ord... 1o you kno% %hat 3harles and 0 did %ithout a %ord to each otherF *e both came out from behind the pe% and lifted our cup to the 'ord to be filled) and it %as beautiful. The song %ent on) =3ome and quench this thirsting of my soulI Bread of Hea(en) 2eed me Jtil 0 %ant no moreI 2ill my cup) fill it up and make me %hole.> *ho doesn?t %ant to be filled up and ha(e the thirsting of their soul quenchedF &(eryone %ho lo(es @od %ants this. The song ended) and then they in(ited anyone %ho %anted to recei(e the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit to go through a side door. 3harles and 0 looked at each other and the silent %ords %e eHchanged said) =That?s not for usE 'et?s get out of here.> 0n my mind 0 secretly %ondered %hy they %ere ashamed to do %hate(er they had to do to you in public) instead of ha(ing to take you off to some dark corner. Probably to hit youE# *e left) but the singing in the Spirit lingered on. *e kept saying to each other) =Ho% did they do thatF> *e tried to imitate the sound) but %e couldn?t do it. 0 belie(e %hen %e heard the miracle of singing in the Spirit) this %as the thing that made us belie(e that speaking in tongues %as genuine and of @odE The neHt day %as another ne(erAtoAbe forgotA. ten day. *e had heard a lot about !athryn !uhlman and the di(ine healings that took place in her =miracle> ser(ices) but %e had ne(er attended one. The neHt morning there %as to be one at the 2irst

Presbyterian 3hurch) and a friend of ours (olunteered to take us. *e got there in plenty of time) but the cro%d %as so great) it %as ob(ious that many %ere going to be shut out. *e prayed fer(ently) asking @od to let us get in) if He had a purpose in our being there) but if not) to let in the sick and afflicted. "ust as the doors %ere beginning to close) %e sa% a little girl neHt to us %ho looked only a step a%ay from death) and 3harles and 0 both instincti(ely prayed) =@od) if it?s her or us) let her in) because she needs it more than %e doE> *e stepped back to let her family ahead of us and then %e heard an usher say) =3harles and 2rances Hunter) %ill you step this %ay) pleaseF> *e could hardly belie(e our ears) but immediately stepped out and follo%ed the usher to a seat in the second ro%. @od %anted to be sure %e could see e(erything clearlyE *e %atched things %e had ne(er seen before. *e sa% dramatic di(ine healings of all kinds 6 a deaf mute healed) the little girl %e had prayed @od %ould let in before us %as healed) and %e sa% things first hand that %e had heard about. *hen they came for%ard to testify of their healing) %e noticed !athryn !uhlman Gust laid her hands on them and they all fell back%ards. *e had pre(iously heard of this) and 0 felt it must be for %eaklings or something. &ither that) or she pushed them o(erE *hen 0 sa% !athryn !uhlman for the first time) 0 realized she %asn?t big enough to push anybody o(er) and yet here 0 %as sitting in the second ro% and %atching as many as 4 or 9 people all falling =under the po%er> at the same time. 0

couldn?t understand it) but 0 still %ondered if there %asn?t some kind of a trick connected %ith it. All of a sudden !athryn left the podium and announced that the po%er of @od %as so strong He didn?t need her there) so she said she %as going to do something that she normally didn?t do. She %as going to %alk do%n the center aisle) and she asked that no one touch her and she also asked that no one come out of their seat until she called them. She came do%n to the second ro% and turned to the seat across the aisle from %here %e %ere. She sa% 8alph *ilkerson) pastor of the Delodyland 3hristian 3enter) and motioned for him to come out. He?s bigger than she is) so 0 decided she couldn?t (ery %ell push him o(er. She laid her hands on him and Gust said) ="esus) bless him> and this big man fell o(er back%ards. 0 looked at him real good) and he looked like he %as enGoying %hate(er %as going on. The ushers helped him to his feet) and again she laid her hands on him) and again) do%n he %entE 0 couldn?t belie(e my eyes) and then 0 looked directly at !athryn) and sa% she %as pointing her long slender finger) and on the end of that finger %as D&E 0 decided 0 %as bigger than she %as) so 0 stepped out. She Gust laid those soft hands on my temples e(er so gently and asked @od to bless me) and bless me He did) because %ould you like to guess %here 0 %asF 8ight on the floorE And in my best dress besides) kno%ing 0 had to speak at a luncheon that dayE 0 could ha(e cared less. 0 felt as if 0 %as in hea(en. The Spirit of @od had breathed on me and 0 felt like a feather as 0 %ent do%nE 0 ha(e ne(er been the sameE

/n the %ay home from Pittsburgh) 0 opened my Bible to the +9th chapter of "ohn and began reading) and you?d ne(er guess %hat 0 disco(eredE An interesting (erse that 0 kne% @od had Gust put in the Bible that (ery afternoon because 0 had ne(er seen it before. Verses ;A4 read: ="esus fully realized all that %as going to happen to him. Stepping for%ard to meet them he asked) J*hom are you looking forF? J"esus of $azareth)? they replied. J0 am he)? "esus said. And as He said it) TH&7 A'' 2&'' BA3!*A81S T/ TH& @8/B$1E> 0 almost tore 3harles apart right on the plane yelling) ='ook) look) look %hat it says in the Bible about falling under His po%erE> /nce more @od had let us see and taste of His supernatural po%er. @o back %ith me a little bit) %ill youF 0?d like to share ho% 0 happened to be speaking at the Holy Spirit Teaching Dission. 0 had recei(ed an in(itation and %as praising the 'ord because the in(itation happened to be on the day our daughter %as to graduate from high school. 0 declined the in(itation) feeling (ery happy because =0 kne% the 'ord didn?t %ant me in(ol(ed %ith those charismatic people)> but because @od had begun dra%ing me to Him in another area of my life) 0 added a P.S. on the letter. =0f you %ant me to speak there) and you can change the date) 0?ll be glad to come.> 0 mailed the letter. 0 ne(er kne% that mail could go so fast bet%een Houston and Diami) because the neHt morning 0 had a telephone call from Diami asking me to choose %hat day 0 could come to speak at a luncheon. 0 kne% 0 couldn?t lie and tell

them that 0 %as going to be busy until "esus came back) so 0 made another date %ith them. The %eek after %e returned from Pittsburgh) 0 fle% to Diami completely bathed in prayer that =nothing bad %ould happen> %hile 0 %as there. 0 %as so concerned about being =beaten on the head> or something equally disastrous) 0 had called my belo(ed Diami pastor and asked him to round up some of my nonAPentecostal friends to go along %ith me and protect me from anything those =tongues> people might do to me. 0 returned the same afternoon) but in that short space of time) @od granted an eHperience 0?ll ne(er forget. 0 %as %ell a%are of the fact that almost +CCK of the charismatic group had recei(ed the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. 0 %as also a%are of the fact that they %ere going to =pray tongues do%n on me> and 0 %as also equally sure they %eren?t going to succeed. After lunch 0 again heard the singing of that hea(enly choir %here all the (oices had been orchestrated by @od Himself. =Singing in the Spirit> really united our hearts. Then it %as time for me to speak. So much prayer had gone up before my arri(al that the day %as beautiful beyond belief. The Spirit of the 'ord %as so strong) it %as one of those special times %hen 0 felt 0 could actually reach out and physically touch the Holy Spirit) His presence %as so real. As 0 closed in prayer) the 'ord directed me. to do something 0 normally ne(er do. He directed me to gi(e them a moment of silence to look at their o%n li(es. 0n that moment of silence %ith the presence of @od so real) someone quietly began to speak

beautiful) lo(ing) soothing %ords in a language 0 did not understand. 0t sounded like one or t%o sentences and that %as all. 0 thought to myself) =That must be tongues) but it?s beautifulE> 0nstantly there %as an interpretation. =The %ords you ha(e heard from the lips of 2rances Hunter are not her %ords. They are Dine. Take heed and obey.> The Spirit of @od crackled like electricity through the room. $o other %ords %ere spoken) but it %as a moment of &ternity. $o one could ha(e been there and e(er again doubted the reality of @od. The tremendous lo(e %hich filled the room %as indescribableE As my friends %ho had gone %ith me to =protect> me took me back to the airport to return to TeHas) the fact that the Spirit of the 'ord %as upon all of us %as apparent. /ne of them said) =7ou kno%) if 0 had to make a choice bet%een being dried up or emotional) 0?d pick being emotional. Ho% about youF> 0 had to honestly ans%er) =So %ould 0)> and %ith those %ords @od tightened that gossamer %eb closer around me.


By 3harles ='a) la) la) la) la) la) la) laE That %as my first introduction to speaking in tongues) and that?s as near as my father e(er got to understanding the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. 0f you could ha(e heard ho% he said it) you %ould be quite sure he %anted no part of it. He felt this %as the silliest) most useless) and %holly ungodly gibberish he had e(er heard. He said the =tongues> people %ork themsel(es up into a false emotional high and artificially make utterances they create by their tongues going =la) la) la) la.> Because %e children ne(er doubted Papa?s %isdom) this became part of my =doctrine> and it lasted about forty years. As 0 ha(e searched for the source of the beliefs and opinions 0 held about tongues) 0 sent my mind hurling back through time) grasping the tiny pieces of recalled thoughts and pulling together the story that placed speaking in tongues in the =noAno> of my religious %orld. 7ou %ill notice in the beginning part of this book 2rances and 0 refer often to beliefs about =tongues>. *e had ne(er associated this %ith the Holy Spirit. *e did not understand that speaking in tongues had anything to do %ith the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. Because of our misunderstanding of the baptism) %e are deliberately lea(ing in our

reference to =tongues> as %e relate our preAbaptism beliefs. 0 can still hear Papa today. Dy first recollection of anything religious %as %hen he and Dama became 3hristians %hen 0 %as about eight years old. Although their formal education %as (ery limited) their spiritual education %as deep and strong. 0t came mostly from reading the Bible and Gust trusting @od?s Holy Spirit to teach them. They %ere t%o of the most beautiful) simple) childAlike saints of @od 0 ha(e e(er kno%n and 0 %as richly blessed under their parental instruction. Dy mother is still ali(e at age 9; and her faith is as simple as the trust of a little girl) and so (ery) (ery great. Papa?s attitudes %ere gentle and kind) molded in the lo(ing likeness of "esus. He %as a strong disciplinarian) and the most se(ere discipline %as that %hich he meted out to himself in his relentless search for @od?s plan for his life. *hen 0 %as t%el(e years old our family found the church denomination in %hich 0 %as to %orship for the neHt thirtyAfi(e years. 0t is a church that beautifully proclaims the truths of the teachings of "esus and again 0 %as blessed to be in such an atmosphere to learn. 0 became a Sunday School teacher in my teen years and %anted to be a good one for @od. 0 diligently studied the Bible and my lessons) seeking all the kno%ledge 0 could find to do an outstanding Gob. 0n the process of accumulating this kno%ledge) 0 became legalistic about many of my beliefs and dogmatically insisted my beliefs %ere right) no matter %ho challenged them.

The more 0 %as challenged) the harder 0 studied to be able to pro(e my beliefs) and probably e(en harder to dispro(e my opponent?s. *hat battles 0 foughtE About this time 0 read ho% the chosen children of 0srael tried so hard to legalistically obey the once simple la%s of @od. They made them so compleH and impossible by applying their o%n ideas and interpretations. 7et 0 became Gust as legalistic in my unbending opinions formed about many doctrines) among %hich %as the doctrine of =tongues>. Dost of the children of 0srael had their eyes so fiHed on their doctrines that they didn?t see "esus. 0 really belie(e 0 had %andered into the same desert of defeat) as a =3hristian)> as they had. The %all 0 built around my doctrines %as so solid that 0) too) couldn?t al%ays see "esus. Ho% (ery simple are the teachings of "esus %hen %e allo% the Holy Spirit full control of our minds and our desires) and Gust simply accept and belie(e all He says. /ne of my %alls enclosed the belief that tongues %ere humanly coerced upon others by =those Pentecostal people> and %ith all of my doctrinal %isdom 0 thought of this as a pathetic misapplication of the Bible truths. 0 recall %hen 0 %as about fourteen years old) going to a Pentecostal tent meeting one night. 0 %as Gust a fe% seats a%ay from the altar %here people gathered and knelt on the sa%dust co(ered ground. A young girl) a little younger than 0) %as one of those at the altar. 0 %as close enough that 0 could hear the instructions being gi(en to her by the altar %orkers. There %as a lot of

urging about speaking in tongues and it really turned me off the %ay they did it. 0 heard them tell her to say =glory> and obediently she did. Then they said say =glory) glory)> then) =glory) glory) glory> and they kept her repeating the %ord faster and faster and faster until it became a muddled garbling of sounds at %hich they (ictoriously shouted) =She?s got itE She?s got itE> 0 %as filled %ith utter disgust. They may only ha(e been a%k%ard in their instructions) but it left me cold. Dy mind %as closed to tongues after that for a long) long time. 1o you notice ho% %e ha(e the po%er to close our mindsF And @od does not compel us to open them to His bountiful %ays. *e %ill ne(er be forced to take %hat %e don?t %ant) e(en if it is %hat @od %ants us to ha(e. 0t?s so easy to put our doctrines in front of @od?s doctrines and block our (ie% of "esus. 0t?s ne(er important at all %hat %e think. 0t?s so necessary to release our minds and hearts to the acceptance of @od. He longs to tell us %hat He %ould like to gi(e us. 0t?s all in His *ord. His gifts are so much better than the manAmade beliefs %hich %e are inclined to cling to so firmly. 0n +,49 0 totally released control of all of my life to @od and asked Him %ith all the earnestness 0 possessed to take all of my life and make me spiritually %hat He %anted me to be. 0 simply turned loose. *hen 0 %as se(enteen years old 0 %as =sa(ed>. 0t %as not until 0 %as ;9 that 0 finally %anted to yield e(erything to His control. 0 kno% no% that this is the allAimportant start of being baptized %ith the

Holy Spirit. *e must first gi(e up =self>) then let that emptied temple) (acated of selfish purposes) be filled %ith @od himself 6 filled %ith the Holy Spirit. 1uring the thirtyAone years 0 spent in a spiritual desert of religious acti(ities 0 set up defenses against attacks on my religion and my pride. 0 recall one time attempting to defend my beliefs to friends of another denomination and %as embarrassed in my %eakness but too proud to admit 0 failed. Dy opponent also failed) in my opinion) to pro(e his doctrine %as better than mine. 0 %as a man of strong determination so in my semiAshocked) embarrassed state 0 searched for a summary of the beliefs of my church. That %as supposed to be %hat 0 belie(ed) but since 0 %asn?t sure ho% to define and support it to others 0 %as not sure about %hat 0 %as so sure about. 0 found a little tract %hich really condensed it into about ten oneAline facts. So) 0 memorized it 6 0 put on %hat seemed to be the %hole armor of my church of course the Bible says the %hole armor of @od#. $o% 0 %as fully fortified. Although it %asn?t a part of the pamphlet) my first description of my church %as =it is nonAPentecostal.> Another denomination Pentecostal# had the same name as mine and this %as a constant source of embarrassment to me. But after surrendering myself utterly) there %as nothing left of me to be embarrassed about. Then) in the ne% spiritual %orld in %hich 0 began to li(e about three years ago) 0 began to face many issues honestly %hich had seemed so important doctrinally. As these %ere brought to my

attention by the Holy Spirit) 0 %ould openly discuss them %ith @od. 0 %as finally %illing to allo% @od) through His *ord) to defend His o%n doctrines e(en if they differed from mineE Some of His teachings Gust didn?t fit comfortably in my mind. And yet) because 0 ga(e Him all of me) 0 sincerely %anted Him to ha(e His %ay e(en if it changed the %ay %hich 0 had presumed %as His %ay. /ne of these contro(ersial subGects %as tongues. *hen 0 came upon scriptures about tongues 0 began discussing %ith @od the meaning they might ha(e in my life in Gust the same %ay that 0 %as seeking His application of e(ery scripture. 0 really sincerely %anted @od to change anything He %anted to) no matter %hat it %as. 0 practically li(ed in the $e% Testament for o(er a year follo%ing my plea for @od to take all of me. 0 felt the po%er of the Holy Spirit beginning to %ork in my life. He %as softening my harsh attitudes. 0 %as filled %ith a tremendous desire to do anything He %anted me to do) yielding moment by moment) thought by thought) to e(erything He %as teaching me. 0 continued seeking more and more and more of HimI asking Him to control my e(ery thought and looking for His desires in e(ery %ord He spoke to me through the Bible) no% made ali(e by the Holy Spirit controlling my life. $/TH0$@ DATT&8&1 T/ D& &L3&PT T/ 1/ A'' H& *A$T&1. 0t %as in this magnificent presence of @od that He started softening the mortar in the %alls %hich %ere so solidly set by years of hardening against this mysterious realm of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This %as Gust one of my

structures He %anted to demolish so He could construct a more proper temple in %hich He could d%ellI one in %hich He could freely mo(e in all the areas) and not be shut out by the rooms 0 %anted to occupy and control. Prior to this my temple had no room for tongues. @od had mo(ed me into another denomination for about t%o years. /ne of His purposes %as to free me from my old church responsibilities and from the en(ironment %here 0 %as content to li(e %ithin doctrinal habits) in seclusion from the open freedom of the mo(ing of the Holy Spirit. He %anted me to breathe fresh spiritual air and %anted to breathe into me a ne% life 6 His life) His Holy Spirit. 1uring this time @od brought into my life a deeply spiritual man in %hom 0 had great confidence. He discussed the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues as he shared his personal eHperience %ith me. /ne thing he said %as completely ne% to me: that he could pray in tongues at any time he %anted to. This surprised but fascinated me. 0 guess 0 had presumed this %as something that %ould come uneHpectedly and to do uncontrollable things to you. 0 %as %illing to breach all teachings of my life in this matter if @od %anted me to do so. Dy beliefs and pride (anished and 0 %as ready to accept anything from @od) e(en tonguesE


By 2rances "anuary of +,-+ found us in Ha%aii) and the 'ord really granted a har(est out there 6 not only in souls for His kingdom) but a har(est of 3hristian fello%ship. /ur Ha%aiian friends) the Dc3ulloughs) ga(e me t%o books called =3risisA America> and =7ou Shall 8ecei(e. . . =by @eorge /tis. 0 read =3risisAAmerica> %hich 0 thought %as eHcellent) but the other one smacked of =tongues>) and 0 almost thre% it a%ay as 0 had done all other books of this nature) but 0 didn?t. Someho% @od?s Holy Spirit impressed me to keep the book) so 0 stuck it in my luggage and thought maybe 0?d read it =some time> after 0 got home . . . but 0 didn?tE 0 hid itE 0 didn?t %ant anyone to find that kind of literature in my house. 3ame the summer of +,-+ and 3harles and 0 %ent to the 0nternational 3hristian Booksellers 3on(ention in 1en(er. *e %ere at the booth %here D7 '/V& A22A08 *0TH 3HA8'&S %as being featured) Gust looking the situation o(er prior to our autographing session. As %e looked around the huge con(ention hall) %e sa% directly across the aisle from us a sign %hich said =@eorge /tis autoA graphing here from t%o to four p.m.> Then 0 sa% a (ery distinguished man sitting there autographing books) and 0 thought) =0 %onder %ho that is.> Then another thought came to my mind and 0 said to

3harles) =*ho is @eorge /tisF> A little bell had begun to ring in my mind concerning that name and 0 %as trying to recall %hat it %as. Then it da%ned on meE 0 said) =3harles) that?s @&/8@& /T0SE> 0 grabbed 3harles and ran o(er to meet him. 0 remembered that this man had a tremendous influence in the life of Pat and Shirley Boone. He?s in their book. *e had Gust heard a lot about him in Ha%aii. Then it came back 6 this %as the man %ho had %ritten =7ou Shall 8ecei(e.. .= %hich 0 hadn?t read# and others. The 'ord must ha(e sho(ed us across that aisle) because %e had an uncontrollable urge to meet @eorge /tis. *e introduced oursel(es) and 0 said) =7ou don?t kno% %ho %e are) but that?s all right) because %e kno% %ho you are.> @eorge /tis came back %ith the most shocking statement 0 could imagine because he said) =Are you really 2rances HunterF 0 Gust got back from Ha%aii and e(ery%here 0 %ent all 0 heard about %as the %ay you turned that island upside do%n for 3hrist.> 0 %as flabbergasted that anyone like him %ould ha(e e(er heard of me. 0 couldn?t belie(e my ears) but 0 could belie(e the lo(e of @od %hich radiated from him. *e talked and talked and our spirits blended beautifully %ith his as %e shared %hat the 'ord had been doing in our li(es. $e(er %as there a moment of strangeness as %e talked 6 but then) in 3hrist there ne(er is) is thereF 'ater in the afternoon) Pat and Shirley Boone came o(er and %e had a mar(elous time praying %ith them as %e knelt on the floor of the 3on(ention Hall in 1en(er.

Then @od had us do an unusual thing. *e sought out @eorge /tis again and said to him) =0f you?re e(er in the Houston area) %e?d lo(e to ha(e you stay in our Jguest room for the 'ord.> The only other ones %e eHtended an in(itation to %ere Pat and Shirley. *e are gone so much of the time %e don?t often eHtend in(itations because %e kno% %e %on?t be there) but %e especially %ent out of our %ay to in(ite @eorge. 0n August 0 %ent to the hospital for eye surgery and the %ay the 'ord guided my reco(ery %as fabulous. &(en so) there is still a certain amount of %eakness after an operation. The day after 0 came home from the hospital 0 got a telephone call from 3alifornia. 0t %as @eorge /tis? secretary %ho said) =@eorge asked me to call you and tell you he?d lo(e to accept your in(itation to stay at your house. He?ll be arri(ing too early that first Saturday morning. He %ill stay in a motel that night. 7ou can contact him at the 2ull @ospel Businessmen?s meeting and he?ll go home %ith you and stay %ith you Saturday night if it is con(enient for you.> *e hadn?t e(en in(ited @eorge for that %eekend) but 0 didn?t think too much about it because %e had gi(en him a =(ague> in(itation at the 3hristian Booksellers 3on(ention) but 0 didn?t realize the tremendousness of @od?s miracle until months later. 2riends of @eorge?s had seen in the ne%spaper that he %as coming to Houston and had called 3alifornia asking him to stay %ith them) but @od?s Holy Spirit crossed the communication lines and the call %as placed to us) accepting the =%rong> in(itation. */*E Praise @odE

0 immediately started to tell her that %hile %e %ould sincerely lo(e to ha(e him) 0 had Gust gotten home from the hospital and it %ould be impossible for me to ha(e a guest at this time. Those %ords didn?t come out of my mouth at allE *hat did come out really shocked me because 0 said) =*e?d lo(e to ha(e him to be our guest. *e?ll pick him up Saturday at the meeting.> 0 listened to her further instructions and hung up the telephone and almost collapsed. This %as ridiculous eHcept 0 kne% it had to be of the 'ord. Humanly there %as no %ay 0 %ould be physically ready to ha(e a guest in Gust one more day. 0 *&$T T/ B&1E Before 0 did) ho%e(er) 0 prayed and said) ='ord) you?ll ha(e to gi(e me the strength 0 need) because 0?ll ne(er be able to do it.> Then 0 picked up the phone by the side of my bed and called 3harles and said) =Honey) do you kno% %hat 0 Gust didF> And then 0 told him. 3harles is so protecti(e %here 0?m concerned that 0 kne% he?d call @eorge?s office right back and tell them 0 %asn?t able to ha(e company) BBT H& 101$?T. He said in his real s%eet %ay) =Honey) 0?m sure the 'ord %ill gi(e you Gust eHactly the strength you?ll need %hile @eorge is here.> 0 fell back in bed eHhaustedE Then 0 remembered 0 hadn?t read @eorge?s book and 0 thought it %ould be a%ful if 0 hadn?t read my guest?s book. 0 scrambled out of bed) praying all the time) =@od) %here did 0 hide that book 0 didn?t %ant anyone to see in this houseF> Praise the 'ord He had seen %here 0 hid it and reminded me quickly %here it %as. 0 got as far as +9 pages then 0 Gust collapsed

and %ent to sleep. The minute 0 a%oke) ho%e(er) 0 picked up the book again and read the balance of it) and someho% 0 !$&* then %hat %as going to happen. 3harles and 0 talked late into the night about the genuineness of the gift of tongues and held to our =amended> opinion that it %as genuine. 0t %as scriptural) but it =might not> be for us. Ho%e(er) both of us prayed fer(ently that night and said) ='ord) if this is of 7ou) let our minds be open and recepti(e to %hate(er 7ou ha(e for us.> The second morning after the telephone call) %e %ere up at the crack of da%n) and left to go to the 2ull @ospel Businessmen?s meeting to pick up @eorge. *e felt obligated to go because %e didn?t feel it %ould be polite not to attend the meeting %here @eorge %as speaking) and %e didn?t think it %ould sho% much 3hristian lo(e on our part if %e came after the meeting. @eorge later said he ne(er dreamed %e %ould attend the meeting) but there %e %ereE 'ater @eorge said it really made him self Aconscious %hen he kne% %e %ere present during the ser(ice in %hich he %as speaking. He %as afraid it might destroy our friendship since he thought %e %ere against the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. *hat he didn?t kno% %as ho% %ell the Holy Spirit had prepared us for the meeting @od Himself arranged. *e ha(e often remembered this as %e ha(e hesitated in speaking to others about the baptism. Sometimes %e forget that @od has already gone ahead of us.

*e %ere fascinated %ith @eorge?s testimony that day) seeing ho% @od had %orked in his life. The po%er and authority in his life %ere e(ident and his lo(e for the 'ord blazedE The "esus in 3harles and me lo(ed the "esus in @eorgeE After the meeting @eorge held a session for those %ho %ere seeking the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. 3harles and 0 didn?t %ant to go 0 %onder if it %as because %e thought someone might see usF# but %e %anted to be close enough to hear %hat %as going on) but not close enough to get in(ol(ed. Se(eral people came to talk %ith us after%ards) so try as %e might) %e couldn?t hear anything @eorge said. *e kept =stretching> our ears trying to hear %hat %as going on) but couldn?t hear a %ord. 0 %hispered to 3harles) =See) the 'ord Gust doesn?t %ant us to get in(ol(ed %ith this kind of stuffE> *e had lunch %ith @eorge and his Houston friends. A question one friend asked me %as) =Ho% come @eorge is staying %ith you %hen %e asked him to stay %ith usF> 0 thought nothing of this until later %hen @eorge realized @od had purposely confused the telephone calls. @eorge came back to our house and %e talked about nothing but "esus the entire time. Then %e learned @eorge %as speaking again that night at the Bni(ersity of Houston. *e sat right in the front) anticipating %here he %ould put the people %ho came seeking the baptism. *e %anted to be close enough to hear this timeE *e %ere eager to find out %hat %as going onE

@od had other plansE *e thrilled again to @eorge?s message and %hen this meeting %as o(er) %e kne% %e %ould be in a good position to hear %hat %as going on in the second meeting %ithout getting in(ol(ed. Then someone came and asked us to T%o or three times during @eorge?s teaching session on the Holy Spirit %e tried to slip for%ard) but each time %e got held up by someone else. *e came home and all %e talked about %as "esus) "esus) "esusE @eorge had ne(er yet e(en mentioned the baptism. He %as Gust bubbling o(er %ith %hat @od %as doing in these daysE As soon as %e got in bed) %e %hispered to each other) =See) @od doesn?t %ant us in(ol(ed because did you notice ho% He blocked us again from hearing %hat @eorge saidF> But the Holy Spirit %as still %orking) so %e said) =But if 7ou %ant to gi(e it to us) Gust gi(e it to usE> *e laid there %ith our arms folded. $/TH0$@ HAPP&$&1E *e got up the neHt morning to take @eorge to a church %here he %as speaking. /ur breakfast con(ersation %as fabulousE $otice ho% @od did the Gob as He al%ays does) co(ered %ith His bye. @od kne% our greatest dislike %as people %ho had tried to cram =tongues> do%n our throat) but here %e %ere %ith this fabulous guest in our home) and he hadn?t yet said one %ord to us about the baptism. All %e %ere talking about %as the current miracles of "esus. 2inally) 0 couldn?t stand it any more. Here %e had this man in our house) one %ho had %ritten books about the ministry of the Holy Spirit) and he hadn?t said a single solitary %ord to usE 2inally 0

started the con(ersation and said: =@eorge) you !$/* %e don?t speak in tongues) don?t youF> 0?m sure 0 must ha(e sounded real smugE# @eorge said one of the funniest things 0 e(er heard because he ans%ered: =$o) 0 hadn?t noticedE> He %ent right on eating his breakfast. He didn?t continue the con(ersation. So 0 didE 0 said) =*e belie(e there is a genuine gift of tongues. There %as a time %e told @od %e didn?t %ant it) but %e realized ho% %rong this %as) so %e?(e told @od if He %ants to gi(e it to us) %e?ll Gust take it. But %e?re not going to go out of our %ay to get it) because %e Gust don?t think %e need it.> $o% look at old selfArighteous 2rances) because 0 added: =The Bible says Jye shall recei(e po%er?) and you can look at our li(es and see that @od has already gi(en us po%er.> 0n lo(e @eorge said to me) =0 kno% the po%er you?(e got in your life) because 0?(e seen the e(idence of %hat happened %hile you %ere in Ha%aii) but %ouldn?t you like to ha(e D/8& po%er from @odF> 0 honestly felt like 0?d been kicked right in the stomachE *ho %as 0 to tell @od 0 had so much po%er 0 didn?t need any moreF 0 felt a little sick. 0 shot up a silent prayer to @od apologizing for thinking that 0 didn?t need any more po%er than He had already gi(en me. Then @eorge made a challenging statement) =2rances) you?(e already got /$& Hot 'ine to Hea(en. *ouldn?t you like to ha(e T*/F> He %as referring to one in &nglish) and one in the spirit 6 the natural and the supernaturalE#

Again that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomachE *hy shouldn?t 0 %ant a second Hot 'ine to Hea(enF *hy shouldn?t 0 %ant a =doubleA portionF> Then 0 began to use the usual clichMs 0 had heard so many times) =*ell) then) Gust let Him gi(e it to me.> @eorge came back %ith) =@od doesn?t %ork that %ay. He %on?t force the baptism on you any more than He %ill force sal(ation on anyone. 7/B ha(e to take the first step) then @od %ill do the rest.> Then 3harles said) =Daybe @od is building a reputation for us as %e share across the nation to sho% you can be filled %ith the Holy Spirit %ithout speaking in tongues.> @eorge looked up from his breakfast and again in great lo(e said) ="esus %orked %ithout reputation)> and another fetter broke %hich bound =selfArighteous> 3harles. That?s %hat 3harles called himself#. By this time) breakfast %as almost o(er and %e had to race to get dressed for the ser(ice %here @eorge %as to speak. As %e %ere %alking to get into the car) 0 panicked because 0 realized that @eorge %ouldn?t be back to our house before returning to 3alifornia. *e %ere to take him right to the airport after church) and %e still didn?t understand this =tongues> business. 0 hadn?t forgotten the t%o kicks that @eorge had gi(en me) so as %e stood at the door the %ords Gust tumbled out of my mouth: =7ou don?t by any chance ha(e a tape or something %e could listen to) do youF> @eorge said) =0 Gust happen to ha(e one in my suitcase) and 0?ll consider it a pri(ilege to lea(e it %ith you.>

@eorge had one unedited tape %hich he had felt impressed to finish Gust before he came to Houston 6 the first and only one he had e(er made at that time# teaching on the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. 0 belie(e @od?s Holy Spirit had @eorge record it Gust for usE @eorge ga(e us the tape H/* T/ 8&3&0V& TH& @02T /2 TH& H/'7 SP080T that %as to dramatically change our li(es and complete the gossamer %eb that @od had been spinning for years around us. 0 couldn?t %ait to get home from the airport. 0 %as completely eHhausted by this time) so 0 fell in bed and suggested %e play the tape. 3harles) in his beautiful %isdom) kne% 0?d ne(er be able to listen because 0 %as so tired. He said he thought %e?d better %ait until the neHt night %hen 0 %asn?t quite so eHhausted. 0 could hardly %ait until 3harles got home on Donday nightE 0 had reread e(erything 0 could find on the subGect of tongues all day Donday. 0 had searched the Scriptures) asking @od to re(eal the truth to me as to %hat He %anted in this area of my life. And all of a sudden certain portions of the Bible took on a ne% and greater meaning. 0 read and reread the book of Acts that day) and %hen 0 read Acts +C:;;: =&(en as Peter %as saying these things) the Holy Spirit fell upon all those listeningE The "e%s %ho came %ith Peter %ere amazed that the gift of the Holy Spirit %ould be gi(en to @entiles tooE But there could be no doubt about it) for they heard them speaking in tongues and praising @od.> @odE *hen did you put that ne% (erse in the BibleF#

A thought came into my mind. . Ho% could they !$/* the @entiles %ere filled %ith the Holy SpiritF The last sentence really hit me) =for they heard them speaking in tongues and praising @od.> *as this the sign) thenF *as this an automatic o(erflo%F *as this for A'' belie(ersF 0 continued reading and came to Acts ++:+<: =*ell) 0 began telling them the @ood $e%s) but Gust as 0 %as getting started %ith my sermon) the Holy Spirit fell on them) "BST AS H& 2&'' /$ BS AT TH& B&@0$$0$@.> Ho% did Paul !$/* the Holy Spirit fell on themF 1id they immediately begin to manifest the fruit of the SpiritF Ho% could they in such a short timeF They couldn?t) so all of a sudden 0 began to %onder if) %hen the Bible says) =the Holy Spirit fell on them) Gust as He fell on us at the beginning)> it meant the same sign) speaking in tonguesE 0 %ent back to Acts 5:;: =and e(eryone present %as filled %ith the Holy Spirit and began speaking in languages they didn?t kno%) for the Holy Spirit ga(e them this ability.> *as this a manifestation of the enduement %ith po%er from on highF 0 began to %onder... Then 0 read 0 3orinthians +;:;A< and it said) =He that speaketh in an B$!$/*$ tongue edifieth himselfI but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.> 0 had al%ays misunderstood the %ord =edifieth> and took it to mean =glorifieth> himself and 0 didn?t think that %as good#) but 0 took time out to look it up in the dictionary and it said =build up one?s faith.> And 0 thought) =So %hat?s %rong %ith building up your o%n faith. $/TH0$@E> 0

read 0 3orinthians +;:+, %hich 0 had heard so many times) =yet in the church 0 had rather speak 20V& %ords %ith my understanding that by my (oice 0 might teach others also) then ten thousand %ords in an B$!$/*$ tongue.> !"V# Al%ays 0 had heard this comment on that (erse: =See e(en Paul said it %as ridiculous to %aste your time speaking in tongues) because fi(e %ords in your o%n language are better than ten thousand in an unkno%n language.> And he %as right) but he said 0$ TH& 3HB83H. He didn?t say anything in that (erse about the pri(acy of your o%n prayer closet. 0 had al%ays heard that (erse used as one of the strongest arguments A@A0$ST tongues) but all of a sudden it began to speak to me in a totally different %ay. 0 sa% there %ere t%o kinds of tonguesE /ne for public use %hich is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. The other for your pri(ate prayer life. The Bible didn?t say to me any longer that tongues %ere %rong) but that there %as a place for them) and a time for them) and a need for them to be in complete harmony %ith @od?s plan for our li(es. 0 backed up and read some more. 0 started at 0 3orinthians +5 and read it o(er and o(er. 0 got out the $e% &nglish Bible) the 'i(ing Bible) the American Standard) the 8e(ised Standard) the !ing "ames) e(ery translation that 0 kne% of and they all said about the same thingE 0 quote from the $e% &nglish Bible: =There are (arieties of gifts) but the same spirit. There are (arieties of ser(ice) but the same 'ord. There are many forms of %ork) but all of them) in all men) are

the %ork of the same @od 0n each of us) the Spirit is manifested in one particular %ay) for some useful purpose.> 'isten to the 'i(ing Bible: =$o% @od gi(es us many kinds of special abilities) but it is the same Holy Spirit %ho is the source of them all. There are different kinds of ser(ice to @od) but it is the same 'ord as %e are ser(ing. There are many %ays in %hich @od %orks in our li(es) but it is the same @od %ho does the %ork in and through all of us %ho are His.> Suddenly 0 =gre% up> enough to understand that @od had $&V&8 said that %e %ere all going to ha(e the same abilities. @od had ne(er said He %ould treat each one of us eHactly alike. @od had ne(er said %e %ould all ser(e Him in eHactly the same manner. He did say there %ere all kinds of gifts) and all kinds of ser(ices) but it is still the same @od %ho does the different %ork in and through all of us %ho are His. 0 read e(ery translation in our house) and they all included the same message. *hen they got to the 59th (erse and listed the gifts of the Spirit) e(ery (ersion included the gift of speaking in tongues. Some refer to it as =ecstatic utterances)> or =languages they ha(e ne(er learned> ha(e the same abilities. @od had ne(er said He 8&2&8 T/ 0T. There isn?t a single translation of the Bible %hich lea(es out this gift. &(ery translation includes the gift of tongues along %ith all the other gifts. *hy) then) do %e act like @od made a mistake %hen He included this gift right along %ith the eight othersF The Bible seals the fact that it 0S a gift of the same Holy Spirit %ho gi(es all

the other gifts. *ouldn?t %e ha(e to deny all of them as rele(ant for today if %e deny oneF *ell) then) ho% about the fact that it is listed lastF *hen Paul said) =co(et earnestly the best gifts)> doesn?t this mean %e should co(et those listed firstF 1oes Paul indicate any%here %hich is the most important of the giftsF 2rankly) 0 %ould like e(en the least of one of @od?s gifts) %ouldn?t youF He does say) ho%e(er) that e(en if you speak %ith the tongues of men your o%n mother tongue# and of angels your hea(enly language# but ha(e not lo(e) you are a real $/TH0$@E 0t doesn?t say the @02T is a real nothing. 0t says 7/B are a real nothing if you eHercise the gifts of the Spirit %ithout lo(e. 0 again remembered all the arguments 0 had heard about the gift of tongues being last) and that being the reason %e shouldn?t seek that one. Paul said seek A'' of them) and at one time or another) %e read of each of them %orking in Paul?s life. Dy thinking %as changing 6 rapidlyE 0 thought of the years %hen 0 had said) =@od) 0 1/$?T %ant that gift. That?s no goodE> Then 0 remembered that for years 0 had said) =*ell) @od) if you %ant to gi(e it to me) that?s /.!.> Then 0 thought about %hat He %as saying to me today. He %as saying) =7ou?(e sought all the others) %hy not this oneF> *ith that the last of my defenses folded) but 0 %as still confused because 0 didn?t realize that %hat 0 %as seeking %as the gift of the Holy Spirit) not the =gift> of tongues. *e bolted our supper do%n that Donday night and finished up quickly anything in the house that

had to be taken care of. Then %e hurried to bed) turned on the =TAP&> and listened. Before %e listened) ho%e(er) %e prayed fer(ently) asking @od to do %hat He %anted to do %ith our li(es. *e prayed) =@od) if this is a ne% dimension 7ou %ant in our li(es) then let us be %illing to take the first step and boldly ask for it.> $either of us said a %ord until the end of the tape. *e had listened (ery intently. *e heard teaching from the *ord that really made sense. *e realized that in accepting the gift of sal(ation) each of us must take the first step) and then @od %ill take the rest. *e had to cry out to @od for forgi(eness of our sins and ask "esus to come into our hearts before He ga(e us the gift of sal(ation. He did not make either of us accept it until %e asked for it. And %e said) =0t?s the same %ith the baptism 6 %e ha(e to take the first step.> *e %ere especially impressed %ith one point. 8emember Peter %hen he %alked on the %aterF Peter himself had to put his foot o(er the side of the boat) and only then did "esus make the %ater hard 6 hard enough for him to %alk on. *hen Peter not only trusted "esus? %ord to =3omeE> but acted on it) the miracle happened. *e listened intently as the tape ga(e the instructions 6 nearly all of it scripture) and yet mentioning the fact that as intellectual adults %e might feel foolish. But @od puts a premium on obedience and coming as a little child. *e played the tape again) and again %e listened to the instructions %hich said to pray for "esus to baptize

%ith the Holy Spirit and then begin to speak as the Spirit gi(es the utterance. @eorge had suggested that %e raise our hands in %orship and surrender to @od. There %e lay) side by side) hands raised in %orship to @od. *hen the tape said) =$/*)> the silence %as deafening. 7ou couldn?t e(en hear either of us breathing. $/T A S0$@'& S/'0TA87 S/B$1 3AD& /BT /2 &0TH&8 /$& /2 BSE 0 couldn?t ha(e uttered a sound for anythingE 0 looked at 3harles and said) =Honey) %hy didn?t you say somethingF> 3harles looked back at me and %ith his fabulous dry sense of humor) he said) =Honey) @eorge said to not think) but Gust to let sounds come out) and 0 can?t make a sound %ithout thinking) so 0 didn?t do a thingE> *e decided %e needed to listen to part of the tape again) so %e did) and %hen %e came to the part %hen @eorge said) =$/*)> %e both raised our hands abo(e our heads) looked at each other) and began laughing like a couple of idiots. 0 don?t belie(e 0 e(er felt so ridiculous in my entire life. 0 didn?t kno% that 0 could be selfAconscious around my belo(ed husband) but 0 %as. *e decided the 'ord didn?t %ant us to try this together) so %e turned off the tape recorder and %ent to sleep. 0 couldn?t %ait for 3harles to go to %ork the neHt morningE Bsually 0 kiss him =:)CCC> times before he goes to %ork and 0?m still hanging on to him because 0 hate to let him go) but this morning 0 %as practically sho(ing him out the door. The minute 0 heard his car go around the house) 0 ran for the bedroom. 0 didn?t e(en take the breakfast dishes

off the table. The Holy Spirit %as really quickening my heart and 0 Gumped back into bed and turned on the tape recorder. The thing that really stood out in my mind %as ho% "esus had made the %ater hard under Peter?s feet. Alone no%) 0 listened to the tape all the %ay to the part %here @eorge said $/*E Then 0 turned off the tape recorder. There %as no one in the room but "esus and me) but the po%er and presence of @od %as as real as it had e(er been in my life. 0 softly %hispered a (ery simple little prayer) =@od) if it?s genuine) if it?s real) if it?s of 7ou) and it?s for me) then make the %ater hard) or in my case) make the air solid under the sound of my (oice) and "esus) 0 ask 7ou to baptize me %ith the Holy Spirit.> 0n that moment of yielding to @od of my mind) my soul) my spirit) my tongue) my brain) 0 ga(e Gust one or t%o little sounds) and instantly 0 %as baptized %ith the Holy Spirit. The room %as filled %ith the most beautiful glo% you could e(er imagine. 0 had to close my eyesE The splendor of the 'ord %as thereE The entire room seemed bathed %ith the lo(e of @od. 0 thought surely 0 must be in hea(en. $e(er ha(e 0 felt such a helplessness before @od as 0 did in that moment of yielding. @one %ere the barriers 0 had built up e(er since 0 became a 3hristian about the matter of praying in tongues. /ut of my o%n mouth flo%ed the most beautiful) soft =lo(e> language in the %orld. 0 kne% 0 %as praising and lo(ing @od Gust like the +5C did on the day of Pentecost. 0 ha(e ne(er felt closer to @od) more lo(ed by @od) more protected by Him) more sheltered by

Him) or more full of lo(e and praise for Him than in those moments. Dy cup %as running o(erE 0 couldn?t understand a %ord 0 %as saying) but 0 kne% @od could. Dy heart kne% that in my o(erflo%ing %ith lo(e for the /ne %ho had so changed my life) 0 %as praising His Holy $ame) and 0 %asn?t cluttering up the praise %ith some of my o%n inadequate %ords) but %as using the special =lo(e> language %hich He had gi(en to me. "esus speaking of this had said) =/ut of your innermost being shall flo% ri(ers of li(ing %aters.> 0 could ha(e kept praying all day) it %as so gloriousE But the 'ord reminded me of the one %hom He had Goined %ith me to become one) so 0 quickly called 3harles. All 0 said %as) =Honey) it?s trueE There 0S a beautiful hea(enly language and 0?(e got itE> Then 0 began to cry. Praise the 'ord and pass the !leeneH#... Then 3harles began to cry Praise @od for his tender heart# as he said) ='et me hear you.> At that time 0 belie(ed 0 had to ha(e my hands o(er my head to speak in tonguesI and since 0 %as holding the telephone) 0 told him it %as impossible. 3harles said) =Please try) honeyE> So 0 =scooched> do%n in bed again) trying to hold the decorator phone on my shoulder) and still keep my hands up in the airE 0 hadn?t forgottenE /(er the telephone 0 prayed for 3harles. All he could say %as) =0t?s beautiful) honey) it?s beautiful)> as the po%er of @od melted the telephone %ires %ith lo(e. 0 told 3harles the one

thing that had helped me so much %as asking "esus to make the air hard. Then 0 prayed) ='ord) so that %e %ill stay on the same spiritual le(el) 0?m going to ask that you baptize 3harles %ith the Holy Spirit and gi(e him a hea(enly language in the car on the %ay home tonight.> 0t %as a blessed dayE 0 prayed in &nglishE 0 prayed in tonguesE 0 praised @od in &nglishE 0 praised @od in tonguesE 0 sang in &nglishE 0 sang in the SpiritE The glory of the 'ord ne(er left our house that dayE 0 had gone to the store %hen 3harles came home and for once he %as glad 0 %asn?t there. He %anted to pray alone.# *hen "oan and 0 later dro(e in the dri(e%ay) 3harles raced out to meet us and 0 kne% by the eHpression on his face %hat had happened. @od had ans%ered our prayerE He didn?t e(en %ait for me to ask the question) because he kne% 0 %as going to ask) =1id you recei(e your special languageF> He simply said) =0 didE> Then it %as my turn to cryE 0 had asked @od to bless 3harles the same day) and He didE *hat reGoicingE *hat %ild GoyE *hat lo(e of @odE $o% many don?t ha(e the same emotional reaction that %e did at the moment of recei(ing the Holy Spirit. 8emember it isn?t a matter of feeling) but obedience that counts.# @od had %o(en the final gossamer thread) but it didn?t turn out to be a %eb at all. 0t turned out to be the lo(ely bo% on another of the beautiful gifts Gust for us 6 this time the 8&A' gift accompanied by a

special =prayer> language to be used for Him and for His purpose...

Charles 7ielding myself to %hat @od %ants has been one of the most eHciting) most mar(elous thrills of my ne% life. "esus yielded His desires so completely to those of His 2ather that 0 didn?t kno% %hat He %anted. Probably the biggest reason 0 didn?t kno% %as that 0 %as trying to ser(e Him on a partA%ay basis. He made His commands (ery clear to the 0sraelites) but they found other desires greater than obedience to Him. 0t %as the la%) and not lo(e) %hich moti(ated them. As a carnal 3hristian 0 used to try to obey the la% %hich really %as more the la% of my o%n church. Dy church la% said speaking in tongues %as a =noAno> and the teachings of man molded my attitude. The Holy Spirit %as no% absorbing my e(ery thought and desire but 0 %as suspicious and doubtful about this gift so clearly offered in the $e% Testament. 0 %as hesitant to (enture a%ay from the safe harbor of my teachings 6 my church la%. 2or a time 0 %as attending another church %hich did not e(en teach the simplicity of sal(ation: asking @od to forgi(e our sins and asking "esus to come into our li(es and control our desires and thoughts. /ne Sunday the minister) %hom 0 lo(e (ery much) began his sermon by saying) =0 don?t care %hat Jthey? say) 0?m going to preach this sermon.> He then preached the beautiful plan of sal(ation for %hich "esus ga(e His life. 2or one day he risked the security of being controlled by the rules of his church) %hich %as the same undiminished %all that stood bet%een me and the

acceptance of one of @od?s beautiful gifts 6 the %all %ithin %hich denominations so often theologically ensla(e their people from the freedom He %ants to gi(e. The absence of my %illingness to relinquish a manAtaught doctrine in fa(or of seeking the instructions of the Holy Spirit through the truths of the Bible %as a %all %hich stood bet%een me and the gift. *e can ne(er kno% the meaning of the truths of the Bible %hen %e refuse to seek His desires. *e only kno% @od?s promises after %e) by faith) obey %hat He says. *e must take the first step. 2rances and 0 share all our thoughts %ith each other and because our thoughts are constantly about @od and 3hrist "esus %e seek together to kno% e(erything %e can of His instructions. This %e %ere doing one day as %e fle% from the Pacific $orth%est to 'os Angeles. *e really began discussing %ith @od and each other about %hether tongues %as to be a part of our li(es. *e doubted they %ould be and in this %ay %e sort of doubted @od?s *ord. /ur usual reply to questions concerning this %as that %e %ere %illing to ha(e this gift but that @od apparently had other plans for us. Then %e read the book A $&* S/$@ by Pat Boone. *e %ere made a%are of the beauty and genuineness of this gift. 0t %as not referred to by this disturbing %ord =T/$@B&S)> but %as described as the hea(enly language of lo(e as Shirley) Pat and their daughters each %ere gi(en their o%n indi(idual praise language to be used Gust for their personal pri(ate talking to @od. Some%ay)

0 kne% there %as more to %hat happened to them than Gust a =thing> called speaking in tongues. Dy heart melted in this pool of lo(e. Since 2rances has told you about our encounter %ith @eorge /tis and his (isit in our home) 0 %ill Gust mention some of the other ad(ances the Holy Spirit made through him in my life. Because %e %ere %ell a%are that @eorge spoke in tongues) and because %e kne% (ery clearly that his (isit %ith us %as planned and timed perfectly by @od) %e %ere eagerly anticipating his arri(al. *hen %e heard @eorge?s testimony and felt the po%er of the Holy Spirit in him) our confidence in his relationship to @od %as complete. The lo(e) Goy) peace) gentleness and a bushel of the other fruit of the Spirit radiated abundantly from him. @eorge became the channel of @od?s plan in our li(es as the Holy Spirit through him completely prepared our hearts and minds. 0n the informality of our breakfast room e(en as %e began discussing the subGect of tongues 0 belie(e the Holy Spirit had already fully %on the doctrinal battle and had gi(en us a %holehearted desire for this gift. T%o days later my heart leaped %ith eHcitement as 2rances shared %ith me the beautiful ne% language @od had besto%ed upon her only minutes before. Tears of Goy filled my eyes as this beautiful language flo%ed from her lips. 0 didn?t understand the %ords but my spirit understood their significance. @od is so thoughtful and considerateE That %hole day 0 %as %orking at the side of at least one other person) but for the fe% moments 2rances %as

on the phone %ith me e(eryone left the room. @od ga(e me the pri(acy to feel the ne% depth of His lo(e in 2rances and the fresh fragrance of the Holy Spirit as she shared her ne% language %ith me. After 2rances called that morning 0 could hardly keep from bubbling o(er %ith eHcitement) thrill and almost uncontrollable eagerness to get through my day and be free to accept the gift 0 %as certain @od had for me. 0 %as %orking in do%nto%n Houston that day and as soon as the %ork day ended) 0 rushed to the car) and mo(ed into the hea(y traffic. 0 had been praising @od all day 0 ha(e learned to =think to @od> as 0 %ork# and no% 0 %as asking Him to prepare me for recei(ing the gift as soon as 0 reached the free%ay. 0 get eHcited %hen 0 ha(e a special gift for 2rances or "oanie. 0 can hardly %ait to gi(e it to them. He %ants so much to gi(e us His abundance) 0?m sure He %as as eHcited as 0. He seemed to mo(e cars out of my %ay to rush me onto the free%ay. "ust as soon as 0 rounded the cur(e %hich leads onto the free%ay) 0 prayed) ="esus) 0 ask you to baptize me %ith the Holy Spirit and gi(e me a hea(enly language as you did 2rances.> 0f you think 2rances had a problem raising her hands) trying to balance the telephone on her shoulder %hile lying do%n) you should ha(e seen meE 0 %as dri(ing 4C miles an hour in free%ay traffic. 7ou don?t really ha(e to raise your hands. 0t is necessary to raise your heart in lo(e and praise to @od) to keep your spiritual eyes on "esus lest you sink back into self as Peter did.# 0 simply opened

my mouth) making only one or t%o sounds. /ut of my mouth poured a beautiful) ne%) %onderful hea(enly language of lo(e) unbelie(able and gloriously genuineE The car %as flooded %ith the glory of @od as 0 yielded my deepest desires to Him in a ne%Afound release. *hat magnificent and o(er%helming Goy 0 eHperienced as 0 felt the (ery presence of "esus as the Holy Spirit %ithin me %as speaking %ith my mouth) my (oice) my tongue directly to my 2ather in hea(en. "esus said He pro(ided for us to go into the (ery presence of @od Himself. At that moment 0 felt 0 had literally done so. $e(er before had 0 felt so completely under the po%er of the Holy Spirit or so released to His 3ontrol. This mighty miracle of streams of li(ing sounds flo%ed out of my mouth as the Holy Spirit spoke %ithout the direction of my human mind. "ust as 0 had released my life to Him) so 0 had no% released my tongue. The Holy Spirit confirmed His control of my life) my mind) my desires) my spirit) as He physically assumed control o(er my tongue. HalleluGahE The =hea(enly language> continued to flood my soul all the %ay home for the neHt t%enty minutes. 2or the only time in our married life) 0 prayed 2rances and "oanie %ould not be home because 0 Gust %anted to submerge into this presence of @od. Again His lo(e blessed as 0 rushed into our study) sat in my chair at my desk) and raised both arms as far to%ard hea(en as 0 could. The Goy of the 'ord came upon me as 0 praised Him in my beautiful language of lo(e for thirty %onderful minutes. Then 0 heard our car come into the dri(e%ay) and ran

%ith outstretched arms to my s%eetheart. 0n bursting Goy 0 simply said) =0 didE = Ho% %e thanked "esus for baptizing us %ith the Holy Spirit and besto%ing upon both of us in the same day our hea(enly praise languageE


/ne of the biggest surprises came %hen %e realized there %as a difference bet%een the =gift of tongues> and the =prayer> tongues. @eorge had sho%n us this from the Scriptures. This really helped clear up some of the confusion. *e had al%ays put them all into one category) that of =speaking in tongues> and $&V&8 realized any difference at all) nor did %e associate this %ith the po%er of the Holy Spirit. $o %onder %e thought) =1o all speak in tonguesF> applied to us negati(ely. Praise @od for His grace because %e are beginA fling to be a%are more and more of the complete misunderstanding that eHists concerning the out%ard sign of ha(ing been baptized %ith the Holy Spirit. Dany people %ho praise @od in their o%n pri(ate language ha(e ne(er recei(ed the =gift> of tongues to the assembly) and many ne(er %ill. 'ook %hat the Bible says: =Se(en %eeks had gone by since "esus? death and resurrection) and the 1ay of Pentecost had no% arri(ed. As the belie(ers met together that day) suddenly there %as a sound like the roaring of a mighty %indstorm in the skies abo(e them and it filled the house %here they %ere meeting. Then %hat looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on their heads. And e(eryone present %as filled %ith the Holy Spirit and began speaking in languages they didn?t kno%) for the Holy Spirit ga(e them this ability> Acts 5:+A;#.

The Bible specifically says =all> or =e(eryone> %as filled %ith the Holy Spirit. 0t doesn?t say part) it doesn?t say Gust some) it says =e(eryone>. &(ery person %ho %as gathered in the upper room %as of one accord. They %anted to be obedient. They didn?t %ant to miss out on anythingE They %ere eHcitedE "esus had promised them po%er from on highE They had gone to %ait) as "esus told them) until the Holy Spirit came after He had returned to His 2ather. These %ere not casual 3hristiansE 3an you imagine the air of eHcitement that must ha(e filled the upper roomF 3an you imagine the suspense of %ondering about the eHact moment %hen the Holy Spirit %ould arri(eF They %ere all anticipating something they didn?t kno% anything about. 3an?t you Gust hear some of the con(ersations going on bet%een Peter and "ames and "ohnF =Ho%?s He going to do thisF *hat %ill the 3omforter be likeF And ho% is He going to gi(e us po%er in our li(esF *ill %e feel anythingF *ill %e be able to see the Holy SpiritF *ill it hurtF *ill %e be frightenedF 3an you imagine "ames saying) =Peter) %hy don?t you go check on your boatF Are you sure it %as anchored goodF> Dore than that) can you imagine Peter?s reply: ="ames) you?re out of your mind. "esus told us to %ait in the upper room and if you think 0?m going to take a chance on missing out on this) you?d better think again.> They %anted to be right %here "esus had told them to be %hen the promised Holy Spirit or 3omforter# came. They %eren?t there grumbling) they %ere there eHpectingE &Hpecting the gift %hich

%as to gi(e them po%er to be %itnesses in ="erusalem) throughout "udea) in Samaria and to the ends of the earth) about the death and resurrection of "esus.> They %ere A'' eHpecting) and not one of them %as disappointed) because the gift of the Holy Spirit %as for e(ery single one of them. $otice that e(ery translation says that they immediately began speaking in languages they didn?t kno%. Ho% could they possibly speak all these different languages they ne(er kne%F =2or the Holy Spirit ga(e them this ability.> 0t %as the Holy Spirit %ho had no% come to empo%er the belie(er %ho ga(e them this ability. They could ne(er ha(e done it on their o%n. And it is the same Holy Spirit %ho comes to empo%er the belie(er today and gi(e them this same ability. "esus 3hrist is the same yesterday) today and fore(erE As Peter continued %ith this magnificent sermon that day) he said: =And no% He sits on the throne of the highest honor in hea(en) neHt to @od. And Gust as promised) the 2ather ga(e Him the authority to send the Holy Spirit 6 %ith the results you are seeing and hearing today> Acts 5:::#. As 0 reread this) ho% could they possibly hear unless there %as an audible manifestation %hich accompanied the baptism of the Holy SpiritF The same thing is true today. "ust as the 2ather ga(e "esus the authority to send the Holy Spirit) He ne(er %ithdre% this authority so the Holy Spirit is here today) 2/8 &V&87 B&'0&V&8E Again) =And Peter replied) J&ach one of you must turn from sin) return to @od) and be baptized

in the name of "esus 3hrist for the forgi(eness of your sinsI then you also shall recei(e this gift) the Holy Spirit. 2or 3hrist promised him to each of you %ho has been called by the 'ord our @od) and to your children) and e(en to those in distant landsE Acts 5::9A:,#. =But the manifestation of the Spirit is gi(en to e(ery man to profit %ithal> 0 3orinthians +5:!"V#. Therefore) the gift of the Holy Spirit) and the pri(ate =praise> language %hich is an o(erflo%ing) or manifestation of the Holy Spirit) is a(ailable to all. This is the Holy Spirit %ithin us) making intercession for us in %ords %e cannot understand. This is an earth%ard to hea(en%ard praise and prayer language. This is the cry of the Holy Spirit from our innermost being speaking to the 2ather in Hea(en concerning those needs for %hich %e don?t e(en kno% ho% to pray. $o% let?s look at the =gift> of tongues. 0n 0 3orinthians) 3hapter +5) %e ha(e an entire chapter de(oted to the nine gifts of the Spirit. The =gifts> might also be called =Gobs> or =abilities.> To some indi(iduals he has gi(en the Gob of being an =apostle) a prophet) a teacher) an indi(idual %ho performs miracles) a person %ho has the gift of healing) those %ho can help others) those %ho can get others to %ork together) and those %ho speak in languages they ha(e ne(er learned> 0 3orinthians +5:59#. The last one listed is the =gift> or =Gob> or =ability> to recei(e a message from @od and then transmit it to an assembly out loud in a tongue to

the group of belie(ers. This type of tongue is to be follo%ed by its companion gift of interpretation. =*ell) my brothers) let?s add up %hat 0 am saying. *hen you meet together some %ill sing) another %ill teach) or tell some special information @od has gi(en him) or speak in an unkno%n language) or tell %hat someone else is saying %ho is speaking in the unkno%n language) but e(erything that is done must be useful to all) and build them up in the 'ord. $o more than t%o or three should speak in an unkno%n language) and they must speak one at a time) and someone must be ready to interpret %hat they are saying> 0 3orinthians +;:54A5-#. 3ompare the difference bet%een the =praise and prayer> tongue that is for all) and the tongues to the assembly that is not for all. *hen the anointing falls upon a person %ith a message 28/D @od) it is a message hea(en to earth. This is a message from @od to His people and in order for the congregation to understand it) it must be follo%ed by an interpretation into the language they understand. The person %ho has the =gift> or =Gob> of interpretation has another gift to be manifested in partnership %ith the tongues spoken out. He recei(es the interpretation from @od and transmits it to the congregation in their local language. $o% think back on %hat the =praise> tongue is. 0t is Gust the re(erse of the =public> tongue. 0t does not need an interpretation) because it is a prayer of intercession by the Holy Spirit directly to @od. He is all *isdom and all !no%ledge. He understands all languages) so does not need anyone to interpret for Him. The prayer is to Him) and Him

alone) and not to be shared %ith anyone on the earth. 8emember this is the =earth to hea(en> con(ersation. The other is a =hea(en to earth> con(ersation) and there is a differenceE


/ne of the questions that arose in my mind o(er the years actually had a (ery simple ans%er. The only problem %as my o%n lack of understanding. At (arious times %e all ha(e a tendency to put our eyes on people instead of on 3hrist. @od had a big lesson for me to learn in this area concerning the subGect of tongues. 0 had seen people %ho professed to kno% the =fullness of the Spirit> because they spoke in tongues) but %hose personal li(es certainly didn?t in any %ay e(idence a godly life. And 0 %as confused. Probably one of the most persistent people %ho insisted 0?d ne(er kno% the =fullness of the Spirit> until 0 spoke in tongues %as a businessman %hose life %as full of sin. He insisted that 0 didn?t kno% %hat the abundant life %as all about. 'ittle do %e realize that the %orld looks at 3hristians and says) =0f that?s %hat it?s all about) 0 don?t %ant itE> Ho% can %e tell them that "esus is the ans%er to life and yet not reflect it in our o%n li(es. This really baffled me) e(en after @od had gi(en me the beautiful gift of the Holy Spirit and a special language to communicate %ith Him. 0 began to search the scriptures more and more. Then the ans%er came so quickly 0 %as amazed that 0 hadn?t seen it beforeE 0 had questioned many people in my search for the truth concerning this matter. =3an you be a

carnal 3hristian and still speak in tonguesF> 8ead 0 3orinthians %here immorality and depra(ity ran rampant. 0ncest %as there. *arring among the saints %as there. Arguments and dissension %ere in the church. They %ere e(en quarreling about %ho belonged to %hom. As Paul said in the first 3hapter) +5th (erse: =$o% this 0 say) that e(ery one of you saith) lam of PaulI and 0 of ApollosI and 0 of 3ephasI and 0 of 3hrist. 0s 3hrist di(idedF *as Paul crucified for youF /r %ere ye baptized in the name of PaulF> Here these 3hristians %ere arguing and squabbling like a bunch of little children. 0 especially lo(e the 'i(ing $e% Testament?s 0 3orinthians :::: =2or you are still only baby 3hristians) controlled by your o%n desires) not @od?s. *hen you are Gealous of one another and di(ide up into quarreling groups) doesn?t that pro(e you are still babies) %anting your o%n %ayF 0n fact) you are acting like people %ho don?t belong to the 'ord at all.> And don?t %e act the same %ay todayF Paul goes on to say) =There you are) quarreling about %hether 0 am greater than Apollos) and di(iding the church. 1oesn?t this sho% ho% little you ha(e gro%n in the 'ordF> Nuarreling and di(iding the church certainly indicates a lack of godliness) doesn?t itF 8ead %hat 0 3orinthians ;:5C says about this: =The kingdom of @od is not Gust talkingI 0T 0S '0V0$@ @/1?S P/*&8.> 0t?s ob(ious that some people at 3orinth spoke in tongues. 7et it is also ob(ious that they %ere not

all li(ing by @od?s po%er. Some %ere still li(ing in the =flesh> and not being controlled by @od. The ability to speak in tongues %as apparently not %ithdra%n) in spite of their ob(ious sin and flaunting of @od?s la%s) so scripturally it is completely possible to speak in tongues and still not be controlled by the Spirit all the time. This 0 belie(e is %here some of the greatest problems begin. Dany of the people %ho speak in tongues turn others off because of their insistence that this is their spiritual badge of holiness. At this particular point in %riting this book) 0 %as stopped by a telephone call from a young married couple %ho %ere both ready to =thro% their 3hristianity do%n the drain> because they felt the confusion in their li(es caused by this issue %as bringing them nothing but torment. Dy ans%erF 0 told them to seek @od) the gi(er) and not the gifts) and this %ould bring the fruit of the Spirit %hich %as %hat they %ere lacking in their li(es. A light finally began to break through as 0 shared the difference bet%een the =gift> of tongues and the prayer tongue %hich accompanies the filling %ith the Holy Spirit. A'' began to speak in tongues %hen the =Holy Spirit fell on them)> but not all ha(e the =gift> of tongues) or the ability to recei(e a message from @od in a public meeting and speak it to the rest of the church for interpretation. They had ne(er realized this beforeE /ther things became clear at this momentE Some of the 3orinthians had been baptized %ith the Holy Spirit) and continued speaking in tongues e(en %hen their li(es %ere carnal) carnal) 3A8$A'E

@od doesn?t %ithdra% %hat He gi(es. So it is todayE At that moment %hen %e in total surrender gi(e all of oursel(es to @od and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit) He gi(es it to us %ith the scriptural e(idence of speaking in tongues. 0t confirms this act. 0n %ater baptism %e are submerged in the %ater and then brought out again) but the fact remains e(en %hen our clothes are dry) %e ha(e been baptized. 0t does not mean that %e are continually in the %aterE The same thing is true of the Holy Spirit baptism. At the moment %e ask for the baptism and are %illing to recei(e it) the manifestation is there. Bnless %e stay dead to self) the out%ard manifestation of that first time baptism %ill still be there e(en though the in%ard manifestation can =dry up> Gust as your clothes got dry after your %ater baptism. *e must continue daily) moment by moment) %alking %ith @od. 8ead any translation that you like concerning the spiritual gifts. They all say the same thing. Paul %anted to make sure there %as no ignorance) misunderstanding or misinformation concerning them. He starts out the +5th 3hapter of 0 3orinthians specifically mentioning this: =And no%) brothers) 0 %ant to %rite about the special abilities the Holy Spirit gi(es to each of you) for 0 don?t %ant any misunderstanding about them.> Black and %hite 6 no gray 6 all black and %hite. He says he doesn?t %ant A$7 misunderstanding concerning them. And yet %hat other subGect is more misunderstood than tonguesF &ach side is literally ripping the body of 3hrist apart by saying)

=7ou don?t ha(e it 6 you don?t speak in tongues)> or =There is no such genuine gift.> $o one can e(er be baptized %ith the Holy Spirit before he is sa(ed. The most supernatural gift of all is the gift of spiritual rebirth. Has @od remo(ed this from today?s %orldF $o) praise @odE He certainly has notE 0t is the foundation for e(erything @od has for His children thereafter. And no%here in the Bible does it say that this ability to pray in the Spirit has been %ithdra%n from 3hristians today. There is no scripture that takes a%ay this supernatural gift of @odE And neither has He remo(ed the po%er He promised) %hich He ga(e at Pentecost. But neither does one then ha(e to attain any spiritual le(el before they can recei(e the Holy Spirit. $o one can e(er become good enough to deser(e either the gift of eternal life or the gift of the Holy Spirit. He gi(es the belie(er the eHtra spiritual po%er to become more like 3hrist.


=As the deer pants for %ater) so 0 long for you) C @od. 0 thirst for @od) the li(ing @od> Psalms ;5:+#. 'et?s look at hangAups) shall %eF *e had about e(ery hangAup in the book and lots of them not in any book# concerning this particular manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 0f you ha(e fe% or many) little or big) scriptural according to your teaching# or nonAscriptural) praise @od) and come along %ith us. *e %ant to share %ith you ho% %e finally got rid of the hangAups %e had concerning this beautiful gift of @od. That (erse of Psalms quoted abo(e %as the secret to @od opening our eyes and re(ealing the simple and beautiful truth of His lo(e. *e continued to thirst for @od) the li(ing @od) as a deer pants for %ater) and in thirsting for more and more of @od) %e came across the beautiful ans%er 6 the li(ing %ater. 7ou may disco(er) as %e did) that @od has recently =put a lot of ne% (erses> in the Bible) or %as it Gust because %e didn?t *A$T to see them until recentlyE 0t is amazing ho% %e can zealously ser(e @od) lo(e Him) desire to do %hate(er He %ants us to) and yet be hung up on some particular doctrine or part of the scripture. *e really ha(e laughed at oursel(es as %e look back on this blind spot in our life) a total blindness to a real beautiful truth of

@od. *e remember all the times %e so energetically defended =our position> concerning tongues. 8ight no% %e?re %ondering %hose position %e %ere really defending. Ho% could %e ha(e attempted to defend something %e didn?t kno% anything aboutF Ha(e you e(er been trapped the same %ay %e %ereF Ha(e you e(er eaten your o%n %ords on somethingF Praise @od) because %hen any of us realize that %e do ha(e =hangAups)> then %e?re on the road out of the =maze> and are no% mo(ing into the Promised 'and. /ne morning %e came across a scripture and if you ha(en?t opened the eyes of your o%n spirit to be recepti(e to %hat @od has for you) listen: =Then "esus told him J0 ha(e come into the %orld to gi(e sight to those %ho are spiritually blind and to SH/* TH/S& *H/ TH0$! TH&7 S&& THAT TH&7 A8& B'0$1E = "ohn ,::,#. *e really %ondered if %e %ere still spiritually blind in certain areas) and you kno% %hatF *e disco(ered %e %ereE 0sn?t it eHciting %hen you?re submerged in "esus you can honestly laugh at yourself and some of the things you formerly didF 0sn?t it amazing ho% easy it is to say) =0 %as %rongE> 1id you e(er try to admit that before you became a 3hristianF Honestly) did you e(er grit your teeth and say) =0?ll die before 0?ll e(er admit 0 %as %rong.> *ould you like an honest admission from both of us right no%F *e %ere B/TH %rong in our understanding of this dimension and %ere %rong for a long time. *e feared the unkno%n. Before %e accepted "esus as our Sa(ior and 'ord) %e %ere

afraid of 3hristianity because it %as an =unkno%n> thing to us. *e %ere =afraid> of %hat %e might ha(e to gi(e up if %e became 3hristians. 2inally %e disco(ered the Truth) and again the truth set us freeE *e %ere afraid of tongues because %e didn?t kno% anything about them. Praying in tongues %as an =unkno%n> to us) so %e %ere afraid of %hat it %ould do to us. As a matter of fact) %e didn?t e(en kno% that tongues had anything to do %ith prayerE After years of ignorance %e disco(ered the truth. $o longer %as there fearE 2ear in our hearts indicates %e?re not trusting @od) doesn?t itF Are you hung up on %ords like %e %ereF 1o you immediately bristle at the thought that someone might be indicating that you ha(e pre(iously $/T been filled %ith the Holy SpiritF /h) %hat a glorious time your pride can ha(e %ith thisE =0?(e been ser(ing @od all these years) 0 !$/* 0?(e been filled %ith His SpitE> =1on?t tell me 0 ha(en?t been controlled by the Holy SpiritE> ='ook at my life) certainly D7 */8!S should be proof 0 ha(e been filled %ith the Holy Spirit.> Frances: At this point 0 ha(e to bring up something that really =bugged> me for a long time. Ho% could 0 eHplain about my pre(ious %alk %ith @odF 0 had prayed asking @od to fill me %ith His Holy Spirit. *ould @od ha(e denied my requestF 0 don?t belie(e soI ho%e(er) %as 0 refusing to accept His ans%er because 0 %as un%illing to surrender the most unruly member of my body) my tongueF

Harald Bredesen told us an interesting story %hich %e?d like to share %ith you. 0t (ery simply and beautifully eHpresses a truth about the situation. At the start of the 3atholic Pentecostal mo(ement) three of the brothers from 1uquesne Bni(ersity %ho had been baptized %ith the Holy Spirit held a retreat %ith :+ students) to study the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. They %ere apparently not making too much progress and decided to take time out for lunch. The retreat %as held in a camp %hich %as not used too often. As they started to prepare lunch) they turned on the %ater faucet) but couldn?t get any %ater. They informed the o%ners of the camp) %ho then told them the %ell %as dry. The retreat %as making too little progress any%ay) so they decided after this problem to call it off. 2inally one of them said) =0f "esus %as here) %hat %ould He doF> They all kne%) so they began to pray. 2irst they praised @od) then they petitioned Him and asked Him to miraculously fill the %ell) and finally thanked Him in faith# for ha(ing filled the %ell. Then one of the brothers %ent to the faucet and turned on the spigot. The %ater gushed outE 1o you see itF *hat good did it do them to ha(e the %ell filled) if they didn?t turn on the spigotF 0s this the same thing that happened to meF 0 asked @od to fill me and 0 belie(ed then that He %as ready to) but %hat good did it do me until 0 %as %illing to turn on the spigot and let the li(ing %ater flo% from my innermost being. See "ohn -::9# Dany people are Gust sitting there today %ith a cork holding back the po%er from on high. The

tongue so to speak# is like a cork %hich keeps the Holy Spirit held back) and keeps the li(ing %ater from flo%ing. 'isten to %hat @od says about being thirsty. =And the Goy of the 'ord shall fill you fullI you shall glory in the @od of 0srael. *hen the poor and needy seek %ater and there is none and their tongues are parched from thirst) then 0 %ill ans%er %hen they cry to me. 0) 0srael?s @od) %ill not e(er forsake them. 0 %ill open up ri(ers for them on high plateausE 0 %ill gi(e them fountains of %ater in the (alleysE 0n the deserts %ill be pools of %ater) and ri(ers fed by springs shall flo% across the dry parched ground. 0 %ill plant trees 6 cedars) myrtle) oli(e trees) the cypress) fir and pine 6 on barren land. &(eryone %ill see this miracle and understand that it is @od %ho did it) 0srael?s Holy /ne> 0saiah ;+:+4A5C#. @od is calling us out of the desert to the fountains that ne(er shall run dryE There?s an endless number of quotes %hich both of us ha(e either said or thought) but Praise @od that Hea(en could be carpeted %all to %all %ith rugs the 'ord has Gerked out from under us. Too often %e are =carpet 6 beggars> 6 %e %ant the old rugs back to stand on again instead of trusting Him all the %ay. *e remember ho% many times %e ha(e said)> *e don?t need tongues.> Ho% do %e kno% %hat?s best for usF /nly @od kno%s that) and ho% %e lo(e Him for not listening to some of the foolish talk %e ga(e Him. Here?s a real gemE =Those Jtongues? people al%ays act so superior like they?re better than %e

areE> *e Gust ha(e to quote something that 8alph Darinacci) a beautiful friend of ours) said at our house one night: =This doesn?t make me any better than 7/B are) but it makes me better than 0 %as.> 0sn?t that a beautiful thoughtF *e really had our =hear muffs> on the night he said that. 1id you e(er %ear =hearAnot muffsF> *e both did for a long time %here the baptism %as concerned. The thing to do is to listen to the doctor great Physician#) and not the doctrine) and honestly see %hat @od has to say about any matter. *e ha(e listened to some really interesting arguments at (arious phases of our 3hristian li(es. Arguing is one thing %e are careful not to do) because %e remember Paul?s %ords to Timothy %hich are personalized in our Bibles to us) and so the 4th 3hapter) (erses 5CA5+ reads: =/h) 2rances and 3harles) don?t fail to do these things that @od has entrusted to you. !eep out of foolish arguments %ith those %ho boast of their Jkno%ledge? and thus pro(e their lack of it. Some of these people ha(e missed the most important thing in life 6 they don?t kno% @od.> Arguing accomplishes nothing for either side) but gets e(erybody upset and then Satan really has a field day. 0f someone doesn?t agree %ith us) %e Gust say) =Praise @odE> 1o you ha(e a hangAup about praying in the Spirit being emotionalF *e did) and if you do) %e?d like you to think about a fe% little statements. 7ou?re right) there is emotion) but %ait a minute as %e share about ho% emotion plays a great part in all of our li(es.

1o you talk to those you lo(e %ithout any emotion at allF 1o you say) =0 lo(e you> to your husband) %ife) children or any other person in a dull monotone %ithout any emotionF &(en %hen %e speak of food) %e often say) =0 lo(e hot fudge sundaes)> or) =0?d lo(e to ha(e a real cold glass of lemonade.> 1o you say that in an absolutely emotionless (oiceF 0sn?t there enthusiasm or emotionalism# in your (oice %hen you say =0 '/V& hot fudge sundaesF> 3an you imagine %hat life %ould be like if %e all %ent around %ithout any emotionF 3an you imagine ho% dull and uninteresting the &nglish language %ould be if %e ne(er eHpressed some emotionF *hat if there %ere no eHclamation marksE *hat do you call the reaction of a cro%d during a football gameF 0s that emotionF. . .and ho% about a %eddingF 8ecently %e %ent to one of the most beautiful %eddings %e ha(e e(er attended. The minister asked the usual question) =*ho gi(es this %oman a%ayF> and her daddy replied) =0 do.> As he relinquished his daughter to her soonAtoAbe husband) he lifted the edge of her (eil) and planted on her cheek the most beautiful fatherAdaughter kiss you could imagine. 7ou?d better belie(e e(ery person in that church %as emotionalE *as that badF $o it %asn?tE 0t %as beautifulE The Bible says: =And thou shalt lo(e the 'ord thy @od %ith all thine heart) and %ith all thy soul) and %ith all thy might.> Ho% can lo(e like that be unemotionalF 0t Gust can?t beE So isn?t it all right to admit that praying in the Spirit is emotional tooF 0t?s tied up %ith the lo(e of @odE And our lo(e of

@od is %orthy of emotion. 7ou can?t '/V& @od %ithout ha(ing some emotionE 1id anyone e(er tell you that you can pray silently in tonguesF *hen a situation arises %here you need fer(ent prayer in a hurry for a crisis you don?t fully understand) you can pray in the Spirit %ithout uttering a sound. And you can pray %ithout e(en ha(ing to think %hat you?re praying) because the Holy Spirit %ho kno%s all things prays for you. /ne of the a%akenings %e had %as the kno%ledge that %e could stop or start at %ill. 1id you e(er ha(e the hangAup %e did about the fear of Gust bursting out %ith tongues %hen it might embarrass you to deathF So often 0?(e heard the remark) =0f tongues are from @od) ho% can you stop and start at %illF *ouldn?t you Gust break out in it at any time %ithout realizing itF 0f it?s @od speaking) ho% can you shut it offF> That?s an interesting question. 0f 0 praise @od in &nglish 0 can stop and start at %ill. *hy shouldn?t it be the same %ith tonguesF 0n the same %ay as our tongue in &nglish is under our control) so is the utterance of our o%n special =lo(e> language controlled by us. *e can start and stop as %e desire. *e al%ays control our o%n (ocal chords) but the language is controlled by the Holy Spirit. The beautiful thing about @od and His lo(e is that He ne(er remo(es from us the pri(ilege of eHercising our o%n %ill. By our o%n free choice %e can *0'' to follo% Him) or %e can *0'' to follo% the de(il. He ne(er forces Himself upon us) but gi(es us our o%n free choice. And %hen He

blesses us %ith the ability to praise Him in an unkno%n tongue) He still does not (iolate our %ill. Any indi(idual %ho praises @od in tongues can *0'' to start and can *0'' to stop. 0sn?t it ridiculous to think that the Holy Spirit is anything but a gentleman %ho %aits until %e *0'' to speak in tonguesF Then %hen %e *0'' to stop) He allo%s us to do Gust that. *e?(e heard pastors say) =0f @od %ants me to speak in tongues) then 0?m sure He %ill gi(e it to me) and all of a sudden 0?ll start talking in tongues.> Again) the Holy Spirit is such a perfect gentleman) He %ould ne(er force Himself upon us against our o%n %ill. *ell) no% let?s see) %hat?s another classic hangAupF Ho% about those %ho say that tongues are di(isi(eF Ho% many times ha(e %e heard thisE 7ou?re right 6 tongues can really di(ide a church 6 if B/TH sides are %rong. /ne side says it?s not of @od) and the other side might say you Gust ha(en?t =got it> unless you speak in tongues. *e look back at %hat irritated us about =tongues> people) and find the di(isi(eness %as because =%e> didn?t belie(e %hat =they> belie(edE *e had not recei(ed the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit) so ho% could %e kno%F *e %anted $/ part of them. 0t %as %e %ho argued against them in our ignorance 6 not them against usE Disuse of the gift or a superior attitude can be di(isi(e) but the Holy Spirit isn?t di(isi(e. 0t?s only attitudes that are di(isi(e 6 not @od?s gifts. Ho% many congregations ha(e been split apart by doctrines other than tonguesF Ho% many

churches ha(e been split apart because half the congregation appro(ed of the pastor) and the other half did notF Ho% many churches ha(e been split because of disagreement o(er a building fund dri(eF Ho% many leaders of churches ha(e left because of disappro(al of the youth programF &(en today) ho% many churches are being split apart because of the refusal of the =old timers> to accept the sincerity of the young people in the great "&SBS mo(ement that is s%eeping across our countryF Ho% often do people th%art the Spirit of @od mo(ing in a church because of a dogmatic attitudeF Ho% many people refuse to change =because %e?(e al%ays done it this %ay> and thus bring di(ision. =1on?t rock our <C year old boat.> And so you?re right) tongues can be di(isi(e) if not properly taught and understood by all concerned) and if not properly used. But then) so can a lot of other things. Ha(e you e(er thought of thatF Dost all of us %ho are =professing> 3hristians are hung up on one thing or another. Dany of the churches %e?(e attended are really hung up on their particular denomination instead of on "esus. They talk about their particular church and not the fact that "&SBS is the ans%er to lifeE And then you ha(e the =busy> 3hristian 6 the one %ho gets so in(ol(ed in doing all the =little> things in a church that he hasn?t any time left for @od. He has a real hangAup because he?s forgotten the @i(er and seeks after the personal glory that comes from ha(ing all the titles and responsibilities in a church.

/ne of the real =hangAups> of the charismatic mo(ement is because it?s so enGoyable) so eHciting) so mo(ing) so personal) so holy and uplifting) so en(eloping) lo(ing and beautiful that %e Gust %ant to enGoy it all the time) sometimes to the eHclusion of our other 3hristian responsibilities. *e get so caught up in %hat it does for our o%n personal life) that %e forget the @reat 3ommission of the Bible is to share the @ood $e%s of "esus) not Gust the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues is not the road to Hea(en for %e are told that "esus is the %ay 6 the /$'7 %ayE 0t is) ho%e(er) spiritually (aluable here on earth because it helps build our faith. *e could not speak in a beautiful lo(e language %ithout being constantly increased in faith) kno%ing that such a supernatural sign is a gift from @od. =There?s so much misunderstanding about praying in the Spirit) or speaking in tongues.> This is a real hangAup and keeps many people from going on) but instead of stopping) %e should in(estigate for oursel(es and see %hat @od has to say. Frances 0 %as sitting at my desk opening the morning mail %hen the telephone rang and 0 ans%ered in my usual manner) =@ood morning) @od is 2abulousE> 1uring the neHt ten minutes 0 disco(ered ho% some people feel about the other side of the coin. 0 could scarcely belie(e my ears as a pastor %ho had kno%n me for years identified himself and then said) =0 understand that @eorge /tis said %hen he spoke in Alaska that you no% speak in tongues.> @eorge /tis

had shared the fact that the 'ord had blessed us %ith the %onderful gift of the Holy Spirit in the same %ay %e?(e shared %hen someone has accepted 3hrist. The friendliness (anished from my caller?s (oice. He demanded: =0s the information correctF 2rances) do you speak in tonguesF> 0t %as suddenly as cold as if someone had put icicles on the telephone %ire. 0 prayed for great lo(e and %isdom. 0 said) =@od in His %onderful and eHciting plan for my life) has gi(en me another of His perfect gifts) and since A'' of the gifts of @od are good) 0 ha(e accepted the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit in the same lo(e as 0 ha(e accepted the gift of eternal life.> Very coldly he said) =Then %e %on?t be able to ha(e you at our church neHt %eek) because the meeting Gust %ouldn?t ha(e the right spiritE> 0 eHplained to him that 0 respect the rights of all churches. 0 felt as if 0 %as on a %itness stand being tried for murder) and he %as the accuser. He condemned me %ithout eHamination. 0 told him that at e(ery meeting) club) or church %here 0 had spoken since recei(ing the baptism there %ere people %ho had heard me speak before. &(ery%here) *0TH/BT &L3&PT0/$) 0?(e heard the same comment: =2rances there?s more P/*&8 in your talks than 0?(e e(er heard before. 0t seems like there?s a %hole ne% dimension.> Bp until this point @od had ne(er led us to take a public stand) although e(eryone %ho asked us outright recei(ed an honest ans%er.

Dy heart broke) because all 0 could think of %as %hat sorro% misunderstanding can cause us 6 misunderstanding because %e ha(en?t honestly opened oursel(es to @od to let Him re(eal the truth concerning certain passages in the Bible. 2ollo%ing the rut of tradition can be deadly at timesE The (ery fact that @od had met me in this %ay did not in any %ay stop me from being a child of @odE As a matter of fact) the ne% dimension brought me e(en closer and closer to @od. *hy %asn?t there the same Goy in that pastor at my accepting the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit as there %as %hen 0 %as sa(edF 0s the gift to be despisedF *e misunderstand because %e don?t really get into @od?s *ord and read and accept %hat He has to say. 0 kno% in my o%n life %hen 0 %as really turned off on tongues in the beginning) 0 ignored reading the parts of the Bible that %ere about it. 0 had read them once and read into them eHactly the doctrine of the church 0 attended) and nothing else. 0 ne(er asked @od to sho% me. /nly after 0 %as %illing to let @od re(eal %hat He had for my life) did the misunderstanding about tongues begin to disappear. *e?d like to earnestly suggest if you ha(e been one of those like us# %ho ne(er really understood the difference bet%een the gift of the Holy Spirit and the =gift> of tongues) that you clear your mind of e(erything you?(e heard concerning this gift. Ask @od to teach you from His *ord about it. Ask Him if it is no longer needed in this day and ageE *hen has it e(er been needed moreF# *as it %ithdra%n

%hen the last apostle diedF 6 1o you %ant to tell Him that you don?t need itF 6 That you don?t %ant itF 6 0s there no purpose in itF 0f you honestly %ant more of @od) %e?d suggest that you start reaching out to "esus) asking Him to meet you in truth on this subGect. Then get into your Bible and see %hat happens. 0t may be that because you ha(e been %illing to accept the beliefs of someone else instead of going directly to @od?s *ord) you are denying yourself this hea(enly gift. *hat do you as an indi(idual honestly !$/* about this giftF Be honest 6 not %hat ha(e you heard about this subGect) but %hat do you honestly !$/*F 2or my first siH years as a 3hristian) 0 only kne% the opinions of other people. $o% 0 kno% %hat @od says about this) and it?s beautifulE And ho% 0 praise Him because he opened up my mind and cleared out the cob%ebs of misunderstanding. *e firmly belie(e anyone %ho sincerely is seeing all that @od has for them %ill e(entually disco(er the reality and (alidity of praising @od in the SpiritE *e?d like to ask you once again 6 ha(e you honestly taken all of your hangAups out of the closetF *e e(en thre% a%ay the hangers in our house#. Take a real good look at any reason you ha(e and see if you still feel the same %ay. 0f so) pray right no% that @od %ill remo(e any hangAup that keeps you from the eHciting) abundant 3hristian life. And abo(e all else) remember to be honest %ith yourself) because you can?t be honest %ith @od until you are honest %ith yourself.

&(en if you feel you ha(e no need) %ould you be %illing to let @od pro(e Himself to you in a ne% %ayF Probably one of the biggest hangAups today is %hen %e feel %e ha(e no further needs. As you kno% from reading this book) this is the %ay %e felt) and yet there %as a need there that %e didn?t realize. Ho% %e praise @od He got rid of that hangA up) too. "hin about this. 3from Frances4: 0 %as lying in bed one morning) completely a%ake. 0 had been up and prepared 3harles? breakfast) but had gone back to bed to read the Bible and meditate upon the eHact meaning of the eHpression =baptism in the Holy Spirit.> Suddenly it became (i(idly clear. 0 %as a%ake 6 my mind thinking in all directions 6 talking to @od 6 praying 6 but my eyes %ere closed) so there %as a part of the picture 0 did not see e(en though 0 %as a%ake. *as 0 really a%akeF 0 did not ha(e all the =signs> of being a%ake) because anyone coming into the room %ould ha(e thought 0 %as asleep) but the sign %ould ha(e been opening my eyes) or making a sound. So are tongues an audible sign of the acti(ities of the Spirit. *nd this 3from Charles4: 0s the sign) speaking in tongues) an essential ingredient of baptism %ith theAHoly SpiritF 0s it important to sal(ation to tell others the good ne%s 6 to sho% the unsa(ed the %ay to eternal life through "esusF 8omans +C:9 6 >2or sal(ation that comes from trusting 3hrist 6 %hich is %hat %e preach 6 is

already %ithin easy reach of each of usI in fact) it is as near as our o%n hearts and mouths. 2/8 02 7/B T&'' /TH&8S *0TH 7/B8 /*$ D/BTH that "esus 3hrist is 'ord) and belie(e in your o%n heart that @od has raised him from the dead) you %ill be sa(ed. 2or it is by belie(ing in his heart that a man becomes right %ith @odI and %ith his D/BTH he tells others of his faith) 3/$208D0$@ H0S SA'VAT0/$. 2or the Scriptures tell us that no one %ho belie(es in 3hrist %ill e(er be disappointed.> $o% look at these (erses: Acts +C:;<A;-: =The "e%s %ho came %ith Peter %ere amazed that the gift of the Holy Spirit %ould be gi(en to @entiles) tooE But there could be no doubt about it) for they heard them SP&A!0$@ 0$ T/$@B&S and praising @od.> Acts +<:9. . .=@od) %ho kno%s men?s hearts) 3/$208D&1 the fact that He accepts @entiles by gi(ing them the Holy Spirit) Gust as he ga(e Him to us.> $otice ho% both sal(ation and baptism are confirmed by our mouth) or our tongue) %hich is our speech mechanism. So many people ha(e the hangAup of) =*ell) do you HAV& to speak in tonguesF> 0 lo(e the ans%er gi(en by *arren Black) 3omptroller for the $azarene 3hurch) as stated in the "une) +,-5 issue of Voice) =7ou can Jt speak in tongues until you are baptized %ith the Holy Spirit) then it?s a pri(ilege.> Ho% true) ho% trueE 0f you?(e gotten rid of your hangAups) then you?re ready for the neHt part of this book. HalleluGahE


The nine gifts) as mentioned pre(iously) might also be considered as =Gobs> or spiritual capabilities %hich @od has gi(en to certain people. Dany people feel %e ha(e the choice of selecting %hether %e %ant the gifts or the fruit) because they don?t understand the difference. @ifts are gi(en by @od for His glory and as an eHtension of the ministry of "esus. The fruit of the Spirit is the result of being possessed completely by the Holy Spirit. The fruit is promised %hen %e are controlled by the Holy Spirit. The only gift %e?re going to touch on in this chapter is the gift of tongues %hich has been misunderstood by so many. Because 0 %as among the many %ho misunderstood this gift) 0 asked @od to re(eal something real special to me in the scriptures that %ould con(ince both sides) and as 0 read 0 3orinthians +5th chapter) starting %ith the +:th (erse) it really spoke to me. 0 quote from the 'i(ing Bible because it is easy for e(eryone to understand) but you may refer to any translation of the Bible you enGoy and read) and it %ill say basically the same thing. 0 am quoting it) e(en though it is long) because 0 think it might clarify a point for anyone %ho reads this book. =&ach of us is a part of the one body of 3hrist. Some of us are "e%s) some are @entiles) some are sla(es and some are free. But the Holy Spirit has united us all together into one body. *e ha(e been

baptized into 3hrist?s body by the one Spirit) and ha(e all been gi(en that same Holy Spirit. =7es) the body has many parts) not Gust one part. 0f the foot says) J0 am not a part of the body because 0 am not a hand)? that does not make it any less a part of the body. And %hat %ould you think if you heard an ear say) J0 am not part of the body because 0 am only an ear) and not an eye?F *ould that make it any less a part of the bodyF Suppose the %hole body %ere an eye 6 then ho% %ould you hearF /r if your %hole body %ere Gust one big ear) ho% could you smell anythingF But that isn?t the %ay @od has made us. He has made many parts for our bodies and has put each part Gust %here he %ants it. *hat a strange thing a body %ould be if it had only one partE So he has made many parts) but still there is only one body. The eye can ne(er say to the hand) J0 don?t need you.? The head can?t say to the feet) J0 don?t need you.? And some of the parts that seem %eakest and least important are really the most necessary. 7es) %e are especially glad to ha(e some parts that seem rather oddE And %e carefully protect from the eyes of other those parts that should not be seen) %hile of course the parts that may be seen do not require this special care. So @od has put the body together in such a %ay that eHtra honor and care are gi(en to those parts that might other%ise seem less important. This makes for happiness among the parts) so that the parts ha(e the same care for each other that they do for themsel(es. 0f one part suffers) all parts suffer %ith it) and if one part is honored) all the parts are glad.

=$o% here is %hat 0 am trying to say: All of you together are the one body of 3hrist and each one of you is a separate and necessary part of it. Here is a list of some of the parts he has placed in his church) %hich is his body: Apostles) Prophets 6 those %ho preach @od?s *ord) Teachers) A Those %ho do miracles) Those %ho ha(e the gift of healing) Those %ho can help others) Those %ho can get others to %ork together) Those %ho speak in languages they ha(e ne(er learned. 0s e(eryone an apostleF /f course not. 0s e(eryone a preacherF $o. Are all teachersF 1oes e(eryone ha(e the po%er to do miraclesF 3an e(eryone heal the sickF /f course not. 1oes @od gi(e all of us the ability to speak in languages %e?(e ne(er learnedF 3an Gust anyone understand and translate %hat those are saying %ho ha(e that gift of foreign speechF $o) but try your best to ha(e the more important of these gifts.> *hat @od sho%ed me in this particular passage of scripture %as confirmation of the fact =%e ha(e been baptized into 3hrist?s body by the one Spirit) and ha(e all been gi(en that same Holy Spirit.> There is only one Spirit %hich %e ha(e all been gi(en. All the parts of the body belong to the body) and none of them has the right to separate themsel(es from the rest of the body. Think of your o%n physical body 6 %ould you thro% your ear a%ay and say) =0 don?t %ant you because 0 don?t like your looksF> $o) because %hether you like it or

not) it is a part of your physical body. *ould you thro% one of your legs a%ay because you don?t like itF *ould you say) =7ou don?t belong to this body 6 0 don?t %ant you aroundF> $o) because your body %ould be seriously handicapped %ithout that leg. So it is %ith the Body of 3hrist. 8ead %hat it says concerning the list of some of the parts He has placed in His church) %hich is His body: 3an %e say to each other) =0 don?t %ant anyone %ho is an apostle around me) because that gift isn?t of @odE> $o) because the apostle is a part of the Body of 3hrist. 3an %e say the same thing about prophets 6 those %ho preach @od?s *ordF $o) because they are a part of 3hrist?s body) Gust as the apostles are. @o right do%n the list and see if there is any scriptural authority anyone has for thro%ing out of the body of 3hrist =TH/S& *H/ SP&A! 0$ 'A$@BA@&S TH&7 HAV& $&V&8 '&A8$&1.> Paul says) =The eye can ne(er say to the hand) J0 don?t need you.? The Head can?t say to the feet) J0 don?t need you.> $either can the apostle say to the tongues speaker) =0 don?t need you.> A part of the scripture that especially spoke to my heart %as the part that starts %ith (erse 55. =And some of the parts that seem %eakest and least important are really the most necessary. 7es %e are especially glad to ha(e some parts that seem rather odd. And %e carefully protect from the eyes of others those parts that should not be seen) %hile of course the parts that maybe seen do not require this special care.> /ften 0 ha(e heard the gift of tongues referred to as the least desirable of the gifts because it is listed

last: 0f that has been your thinking) see %hat it says about the %eakest and least important being really the most necessary. Some people think this gift is =odd.> &(en in our o%n physical bodies) %e protect the parts that should not be seen by others) and Paul says to do the same thing in our spiritual li(es. 0n the +;th 3hapter you %ill see %hat he has to say about speaking in tongues pri(ately %hich is really =carefully protecting from the eyes of others those parts that should not be seen.> Tongues are gi(en mainly to build up the faith of the indi(idual and should be treasured as a personal prize and protected from those %ho don?t understand or don?t care to understand. 0sn?t it beautiful ho% the famous '/V& chapter of the Bible 0 3orinthians) +:th chapter# rests snugly bet%een the t%o chapters %hich deal %ith this most contro(ersial subGectF To each side @od is saying) ='o(e is better than any of the gifts. &(en if you ha(e all the gifts) they are nothing %ithout lo(e.> 0sn?t he saying to the person %ho speaks in an Bnkno%n language %ithout lo(e it is nothing but noiseF And %hat good is noiseF 0f %e say to our brother or sister in 3hrist) =7ou are inferior because you do not speak in tongues> %e %ould be Gust making noise because it %ouldn?t be said in lo(e. $either can the other side say) =7ou are inferior or dangerous because you speak in tongues.> 0f there is 8&A' @odAlo(e on both sides) each %ill honor the other side. 'et?s see %hat Paul goes on to say about this matter of speaking in tongues. He says in the +;th chapter) (erse <) =0 %ish you all had the gift of

Jspeaking in tongues>. .. . There?s more to the (erse) but no% 0 Gust %ant to remind you that Paul said he %ished e(ery single one of us had the gift of tongues. *hyF Because look %hat he says in (erse +9 about thanking @od that =0 Jspeak in tongues? pri(ately more than any of the rest of you.> He kne% ho% much it built up his o%n faith) and he %ished e(ery single person %ould take ad(antage of this pro(ision of the 'ord to build up his o%n faith. The classic scripture eHcuse and 0 used it many times myself# is =0 %ould much rather speak fi(e %ords that people can understand and be helped by) than ten thousand %ords %hile Jspeaking in tongues? in an unkno%n language.> That?s so right for public use) but %here did he say not to speak the ten thousand %ords in an unkno%n tongueF $o%here. As a matter of fact the (ery last (erse in the +;th chapter of 0 3orinthians takes care of this (ery %ell because it says: =ne(er say it is %rong to Jspeak in tonguesI? @odE %hen did you put that in the BibleF# ho%e(er) be sure that e(erything is done properly in a good and orderly %ay.> Ho% much plainer can the Bible getF 0 ha(e since %ondered if 0 had e(er read that chapter all the %ay through. 0f so) ho% could 0 ha(e e(en thought it %as %rong to speak in tonguesF Ho% blind 0 %asE There are parts of our o%n bodies that are used more than others. As 0 sit at my type%riter %riting books) my fingers are used far more than my legs) but 0 certainly appreciate my legs %hen 0 get up from the type%riter. Toes are also rather funny looking if you look at them real closely) but 0 %onder ho% easy it %ould be to stand if %e didn?t

ha(e toes. They?re necessary) too. 2eet aren?t especially beautiful) either) but they are certainly (ital to my being able to get around. So it is %ith the different parts of the body of 3hrist. Some are used more than others and all are used in different %ays. Praise @odE *ouldn?t it be terrible if %e %ere all used in eHactly the same %ayF 0 like the %ay Paul gi(es the ans%er to this question in 0 3orinthians +;:+<: =*ell) then %hat shall 0 doF 0 *0'' 1/ B/TH. 0 %ill pray in unkno%n tongues and also in ordinary language that e(eryone understands. 0 %ill sing in unkno%n tongues and also in ordinary language) so that 0 can understand the praise 0 am gi(ing.> That is Gust %hat %e doE *hen 0 am alone in the house during the daytime) 0 praise @od in &nglish and 0 praise Him in =His> language. 0 sing in &nglish) and 0 sing in the Spirit) and ha(e a mar(elous time both %ays. &ach %ay lifts my spirit in a different manner. $either is better. Both are bestE "esus %as the perfect lamb) %ithout spot or blemish. Ho% can He be perfect in us if %e amputate one part of His bodyF


These t%o questions ha(e been asked us probably more than any other questions. *e?ll try to ans%er them in this chapter. 2e% of us actually understand %hat the %ork of the Holy Spirit is. *hen "esus died) He kne% (ery %ell the %eaknesses of each of the disciples. He kne% that e(en though they had %alked %ith Him) li(ed %ith Him) and eaten %ith Him) they still had no real po%er in their li(es. =1uring the ;C days after His crucifiHion He had appeared to the apostles from time to time in human form and pro(ed to them in many %ays that it %as actually He Himself they %ere seeing. /n such occasions He talked to them about the !ingdom of @od. 0n one of these meetings He told them not to lea(e "erusalem until the Holy Spirit came upon them in fulfillment of the 2ather?s promise) a matter He had pre(iously discussed %ith them. J"ohn baptized you %ith %ater)? He reminded them) Jbut you shall be baptized %ith the Holy Spirit in Gust a fe% days> Acts +::A<#. Then there %as His great promise in Acts +: 9: =But %hen the Holy Spirit has come upon you) you %ill recei(e po%er to preach %ith great effect to the people in "erusalem) through "udea) in Samaria) and to the ends of the earth) about my

death and resurrection.> He didn?t say that S/D& %ould recei(e po%er. He said that 7/B) meaning A'' of you) %ould recei(e po%er %hen the Holy Spirit has come upon you. And po%er does come %hen %e are %illing and prepared to recei(e it 6 po%er to li(e the 3hristian life) po%er to be the man or %oman @od %ants us to be 6 po%er to be used by @od. =Po%er to be> is a(ailable %hen %e are obedient to @od. "esus told the disciples to go into the upper room and tarry until they %ere filled %ith the Holy Spirit) and not to go right out to testify. They %ere obedient to Him. They %anted to do eHactly %hat "esus instructed them to do. They %ere open to recei(ing the po%er "esus had promised. &V&87/$& present %as filled %ith the Holy Spirit and began immediately speaking in languages they didn?t kno%) for the Holy Spirit ga(e them this ability. "esus had gi(en them the @reat 3ommission to share the @ood $e%s) and no% He enabled them to do so by deli(ering the po%er He had promised) and &V&87/$& %as filledE @alatians <:+4A5< really eHpresses a lot about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. =0 ad(ise you to obey only the Holy Spirit?s instructions. He %ill tell you %here to go and %hat to do) and then you %on?t al%ays be doing the %rong things your e(il nature %ants you to. 2or %e naturally lo(e to do e(il things that are Gust the opposite from the things that the Holy Spirit tells us to doI and the good things %e %ant to do %hen the Spirit has His %ay %ith us are Gust the opposite of our natural desires. These t%o forces %ithin us are constantly fighting each other

to %in control o(er us) and our %ishes are ne(er free from their pressures. *hen you are guided by the Holy Spirit you need no longer force yourself to obey "e%ish la%s. But %hen you follo% your o%n %rong inclinations your li(es %ill produce these e(il results: impure thoughts) eagerness for lustful pleasure) idolatry) spiritism that is) encouraging the acti(ity of demons#) hatred and fighting) Gealousy and anger) constant effort to get the best for yourself) complaints and criticisms) the feeling that e(eryone else is %rong eHcept those in your o%n little group 6 and there %ill be %rong doctrine) en(y) murder) drunkenness) %ild parties) and all that sort of thing. 'et me tell you again as 0 ha(e before) that anyone li(ing that sort of life %ill not inherit the kingdom of @od. =But %hen the Holy Spirit controls our li(es he %ill produce this kind of fruit in us: lo(e) Goy) peace) patience) kindness) goodness) faithfulness) gentleness) and selfAcontrolI and here there is no conflict %ith "e%ish la%s. Those %ho belong to 3hrist ha(e nailed their natural e(il desires to His cross and crucified them there. =02 *& A8& $/* '0V0$@ B7 TH& H/'7 SP080T?S P/*&8) '&T BS 2/''/* TH& H/'7 SP080T?S '&A10$@ 0$ &V&87 PA8T /2 /B8 '0V&S. TH&$ *& */$?T $&&1 T/ '//! 2/8 H/$/8S A$1 P/PB'A80T7) *H03H '&A1 T/ "&A'/BS7 A$1 HA81 2&&'0$@S.>

'et?s compare the t%o kinds of li(es. SP080TA3/$T8/''&1 P8/1B3&S: 'o(e "oy Peace Patience !indness @oodness 2aithfulness @entleness SelfA3ontrol $/$ASP080TA3/$T8/''&1 /8 3A8$A'# 0S VB'$&8AB'& T/: 0mpure thoughts &agerness for lustful pleasure things of the %orld# 0dolatry Spiritism Hatred and fighting "ealousy and anger 3onstant effort to get the best for yourself 3omplaints and criticisms The feeling that e(eryone else is %rong eHcept those in your o%n little group *rong doctrine &n(y Durder 1runkenness *ild parties

*hen you look at the list on the nonASpiritA controlled life) you might ha(e a tendency to say) =*ell) that?s not me) 0 don?t drink) and 0 don?t murder.> A friend of ours recently said) =All of a sudden 0 realized that they %ere all separated by only a comma.> 0mpure thoughts are not all concerning seH) as a lot of people seem to think) but in this category comes that common 3hristian sin of %orry. The Bible says) =%hy be like the heathenF> And yet 3hristians do %orry. Any %orrying thought is an impure thought and sho%s a lack of trust in @od. "ust check do%n the list and grade yourselfE The baptism %ith the Holy Spirit and the ability to speak in tongues is not a cureAall) nor a pass to get off of the roller coaster ride on %hich many 3hristians find themsel(es: high spiritually one moment) and then do%n in the (alley the neHtE But it is po%er for your 3hristian gro%th. 0t is for many =the fountainhead of meaning and (itality) a direct contact %ith @od.> 0t is for many the teeth %hich enables them to eat spiritual meat instead of staying on milk. 0t is the catalyst into the abundant eHciting 3hristian life) if you %ant it to be. The Holy Spirit is the one %ho %ill lead you and guide you to all truth and gi(e you the po%er you need. *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF Because @od understood the frailties of human nature. He kne% that man in his finite human strength could ne(er li(e the 3hristian life. This is %hy @od ga(e "esus the authority to send back the Holy Spirit. This is %hy "esus told the disciples to %ait until He sent

back the Holy Spirit. This %as the changing point in their li(es. $e(er again %ere they defeatedE And neither do you need to e(er be defeated againE *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF 0n our o%n personal li(es it has done many things. 2or the first time %e are no% better able to praise @od in the manner He deser(es. The Holy Spirit came to glorify 3hrist) and if %e are filled %ith the Holy Spirit %e %ill glorify 3hrist) %e %ill %orship Him and lift Him up. /ur daughter "oan said) =0t enables you to talk to @od on His le(el instead of your o%n le(el.> *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF Because of %hat it does for your prayer life. There is a prayer dynamic %hich %e ne(er dreamed %as possible. *e had %ondered ho% our prayer life could possibly be more fer(ent %hen %e didn?t understand %hat %e %ere saying. *e disco(ered it %as impossible 6 to man 6 but $/T T/ @/1. He) and He alone) gi(es you the freedom for more fer(ency and %e don?t mean emotionalism#. /ne of the things both of us really appreciate about praying in the Spirit is %hen the Holy Spirit puts into our minds the names of people) places) circumstances) dates) etc.) %e kno% at that eHact moment that person is being prayed for by the Spirit on our ne% =hot line> to hea(en. Dany times %e do not kno% the need of the person %ho has been recalled to our mind) but the Holy Spirit does. *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF Has there e(er been a time %hen you honestly didn?t kno% H/* to prayF *e ha(e Gust gone through such a situation. Praying in tongues in times of urgent need reduces you to a place of complete reliance and trust. The Spirit can

pray %ithout interference from our cluttered mind. /h) ho% many prayers %e ha(e seen ans%ered because of this in recent months. *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF 0t has gi(en us a better understanding of the spiritual meaning of scriptures) a greater desire to see people get beyond the defeated life and into the abundant life. 0t has increased our desire for Bible reading. 0t has pro(ided great guidance and understanding of @od?s %ill for our li(es. *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF 3harles says: =0t remo(ed the (eil) %hich dimmed my (ision of "esus.> 2rances: =0t ga(e me a greater ability to lo(e @od more than 0 had e(er had before. 0 had al%ays accepted His lo(e for me) but ne(er had 0 been able to return it the %ay 0 %anted to. The baptism %ith the Holy Spirit released the lo(e for @od in my life.> *H7 TH& BAPT0SDF Because it?s scripturalE


=0n the last days)? @od said) J0 %ill pour out my Holy Spirit upon all mankind) and your sons and daughters shall prophesy) and your young men shall see (isions) and your old men dream dreams. 7es) the Holy Spirit shall come upon all my ser(ants) men and %omen alike) and they shall prophesy> Acts 5:+-#. The %ord =charisma> refers to the gifts of the Spirit) all of %hich are being re(i(ed %ith the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these times. 2or years the Pentecostal and the Dain 'ine churches ha(e been at odds %ith each other. @od is pouring out His Holy Spirit on His people in all denominations today. The charismatic mo(ement is helping to heal the breach bet%een the Pentecostal and the $onAPentecostal. There should ne(er be harsh attitudes among 3hristians) regardless of the denomination. 0f. %e really belie(e that @od?s lo(e flo%s through us) then %e should act like it) and there should ne(er be an attitude of anything eHcept lo(e. @od is uniting His people into a single unity of belie(ers today) not by a great merger of denominations) but by the uniting bond of the Holy Spirit %ithin the hearts of people inside the denomination. The oneness of the Spirit dims our (ie% of doctrinal differences.

/ne of the most eHciting things about the charismatic mo(ement %hich is causing the B0@ surge in this direction is the relaHed attitude of the participants. &(eryone seems to ha(e eHpanded his kno%ledge of a personal relationship %ith "esusI there is more Goy) there is more %orship of @od) there is more sharing of the @ood $e%s of "esus. A bigger har(est for sal(ationE $o longer does there seem to be a reluctance to talk about "esus in e(ery %alk of life. See those blossoming bumper stickers and badges) tooF Dany of the groups that %e ha(e met %ant to share %hat "esus has done in their li(esI not telling %hat "esus did long ago) but all of the current little miracles. They bubble %ith a lo(e for "esusE $o longer is "esus some fara%ay remo(ed being that %e?ll get to be %ith %hen %e die) but "esus is A'0V& todayE Dany still ha(e ne(er kno%n the Goy of being the ne% baby in 3hrist %ho has been s%ept into the !ingdom on the crest of this ne% %a(e of surfing in the Spirit. And the only %ay you can stay on a %a(e is to ride it right on the topE There?s eHcitement in the air) there?s a genuineness to the talk) =He?s 3oming AgainE> People are saying it because they really mean it) not Gust because someone tells them to sing it in their church on Sunday morning. People are eHcited talking about the return of "esus because they?re 8&A17 for it. They?re eHpecting Him right no%E *e rode in a car the other day %ith a bumper sticker %hich read =Daranatha 6 *hat a %ay to goE> And someho% or other there %as a real Goy Gust getting into that carE

Some of the most beautiful lo(e %e?(e e(er seen eHhibited is the lo(e in the charismatic mo(ement. They seem genuinely in lo(e %ith their fello% man and are ready to help the needy. &(en %hen you %alk into a meeting) large or small) you are a%are of a tremendous lo(e of @od. 0t?s beautifulE There?s al%ays the feeling of) =0?ll share %ith you %hat 0?(e got)> not) ='ook %hat 0?(e got that you ha(en?t gotE> There?s al%ays a feeling of) =3ome on in) the %ater?s fine) and there?s room for all.> There?s al%ays a feeling of) =0 %onder %hat fabulous thing @od is going to do tonightF> 0t seems among the charismatic people there is a real longing to be %ith other 3hristians) a real desire to get together and study the Bible. There seems to be little reluctance to in(ite nonAcharismatic friends to this type of meeting) because something beautiful al%ays happens. *e ha(e %anted to conduct a Bible study in our home e(er since %e %ere married) and this year %e did. *hile it %as a good gro%ing period for all of us) %e noticed one (ery interesting thing. The moment %e concluded the Bible Study and then announced that %e %ould be sharing the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit the neHt %eek) our house %as filled to capacityE Pre(iously %e had a(eraged about 5C to 5< per Bible Study. The (ery neHt meeting %e had %as standing room only) as many people sat on the floor or stood for almost four hours. &(ery time %e are in Houston bet%een trips long enough to let the %ord go out that %e are ha(ing a meeting) our house is Gammed to capacityE People are hungry for the baptism %ith fireE People

are hungry for the po%er to make them %hat @od %ants them to be. People are hungry for a total commitment of their li(es and this hunger seems to be predominantly grounded or rooted in the charismatic mo(ement. /ne typical night %e had about -C in our home) %hich is certainly straining at the seams %ith that many people. *hat do %e doF *e sing a little) pray a lot) share miracles bet%een this %eek and last %eek) in(ite anyone %ho doesn?t kno% "esus to accept Him) share about the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit) and then %e pray for specific needs. $ot al%ays in this order) but as the Holy Spirit directs. People ha(e been freed from the bondage of cigarettes) alcohol) adultery) the occult and many other things. 0t?s amazing ho% these habits of long standing can be stopped in the t%inkling of an eye by @od?s Spirit %hen people are praying. 8ecently a man %as healed of asthma from %hich he had suffered most of his life. "ust as he %as lea(ing) he casually asked if %e %ould pray for his healing. 0mmediately someone brought a chair) he sat do%n and all the men laid hands on him. Some prayed in &nglish) and some prayed in the Spirit. *hen he got out of the chair) he %as staggering under the po%er of @od) and someone said it reminded him of the day of Pentecost %hen e(eryone thought those %ho had tarried in the Bpper 8oom %ere drunk. They %ere 6 not %ith %ine) but %ith the Po%er of the Holy Spirit. This man felt the same %ay %hen @od?s healing po%er touched him. He says he has taken no medication since that time) and looks better than %e?(e e(er seen him. 3igarette smokers

are set free by the simple ministry of a 3hristian praying =in the name of "esus.> People are hung up on reading their horoscope daily trying to find out %hat?s best for them to do) instead of trusting @od. This is a real abomination to the 'ord and certainly He?s pleased %hen people are made a%are of the fact that this is a sinE Scores are accepting "esus in our home in surroundings %here there is a genuine lo(e of @od. They are finding a relaHation in learning about the charisma gifts of the Spirit#. There is Gust a presentation of %hat happened to us and the =us> can be any of the couples %ho come regularly# and then a relaHed feeling of if you %ant to accept) great) if not) that?s up to you. There is no pressure) no hitting on the head %e used to think this is %hat =they> did to you#) no arguing) Gust the beautiful lo(e of @od s%eeping throughout the entire meeting. People are finding %hat e(eryone really %ants 6 A '0V0$@ "&SBSE Here?s a little letter 0 felt impressed to share %ith you. The letter is dated "une ,) +,-5: =1ear 2rances) =&d and 0 recei(ed such a tremendous blessing %hen %e heard you speak at Bethany 3hristian 3hurch. 0 felt 0 Gust must %rite and try to tell you %hat you mean to us. =Through you) our li(es ha(e been changed completelyE 2or this 0 %ant to thank you from the bottom of my heart. =The first time 0 read some of your books %as in September) +,-+. 0 re(ie%ed @/1 0S 2ABB'/BS

for our church round table. Since then 0?(e reread and =re> reread them all so many times. There?s hardly a day that goes by that 0 don?t ha(e a chance to tell someone about your fabulous books. =2rom the (ery first 0?(e ne(er felt a more kindred feeling to%ard anyone. 0 kept feeling that in some %ay you %ere going to play a big part in my life. 0 didn?t understand the feeling. . .%e had ne(er met and surely ne(er %ould. =*hen 0 heard you speak at the !es%ick 'uncheon the 'ord formed the impression in my mind) Jyou?re going to meet this glorious lady someday.? =Donths later 0 learned you %ere to speak to the *estchester High School Bible classes. 0 had a talk %ith the 'ord. 0t %ent something like this: J'ord) if this close feeling 0?(e had and this desire to meet 2rances Hunter is 7our prompting then 0?m going to pray a prayer of thanksgi(ing for allo%ing this to happen.? And Gust to hold the 'ord to it) 0 %rote Him a thank you note in ad(ance. This is the eHact copy: Thurs. 5:CC April 4) +,-5 Thank you 'ord for allo%ing me to go to 2rances Hunter?s home for prayer) for talking %ith her) for becoming a friend of hers. PT' soon) soon) 'ord. =0 suppose the note %ent airmail because look %hat happenedE /n April +5th 0 %as at *estchester High School and heard you gi(e your testimony to all three classes. *hen you finished) 0 astounded

myself by asking you out to eat. . .you couldn?t do that) but 0 %ould sa(e 3harles a trip if 0 could take you home.... =7ou %ere getting out of the car %hen the 'ord put this question in my mind) J%hat is this business of being baptized in the Holy SpiritF? And you said) Jcome to our home neHt TuesdayI %e?ll be discussing that.? =$e(er ha(e &d and 0 agonized o(er a decision as this: %hether to ask to recei(e or not. =0n yours and 3harles? testimony on that April 5<th night you ans%ered all our questions and my) %e Baptists had a lot of them#. By the %ay) if you kno% of anyone that has a tape of your testimony on the Holy Spirit %e %ould lo(e to get a copy.# =7ou prayed for me and 0 recei(ed my hea(enly language. As %e %ere lea(ing) you asked &d if he had recei(ed he hadn?t# and bless your heart) you took us back into the den and you prayed for &d. . .he gloriously recei(ed tooE The 'ord kne% 0 %ould later ha(e many doubts so) in His perfect timing He allo%ed me to %itness &d?s beautiful eHperience to bolster my o%n faith. PT'. =7ou and 3harles %ere so kind to open up your home again on Day +<th and %e %itnessed and recei(ed another miracle. . .being touched by His Spirit. 2rances) %hen %e got home &d and 0 %ere still so filled %ith the Holy Spirit %e %ere on cloud ,. At bedtime &d prayed for me and 0 %as Jslain in Spirit.? *e %ere amazedI then 0 prayed for &d and touched him and he too %as Jslain in the Spirit?. *hat does this meanF

=Thank you so much for allo%ing us to come to your home. Please) let us come again. /ur t%o teenage boys are asking about these eHperiences. 0t?s all so ne% to us. *e are praying that some time they too can come to one of your home meetings and you and 3harles %ill pray %ith them and that they too %ill recei(e these same Hea(enly Blessings. Author?s note: they didE# =$o%) 0 understand the feeling the 'ord placed in my heart from the (ery beginning concerning you. 7ou %ere to be in(ol(ed in one of the biggest steps in our li(es. *hen 0 think back o(er the e(ents of the last fe% months and look at @od?s calendar of e(ents 0 3A$ /$'7 SA7 J*/*? 6 *onder of *onders %hat the 'ord has done for these Baptists. =Thank you) thank you dear "esus for sending 2rances and 3harles Hunter into our li(es. *e %ill ne(er be the same. =Praise @od for %hat He?s going to do in your life tooE> @od has not limited the outpouring of His Holy Spirit on any particular denomination) but rather upon all the belie(ers in all denominations %ho hunger and thirst. Praise @odE The 8eport of the Special 3ommittee on the %ork of the Holy Spirit to the +95nd @eneral Assembly of the Bnited Presbyterian 3hurch in the Bnited States of America) copyright +,-C has some interesting things to say about the charismatic mo(ement: =*e are glad to note the beginning of a breakdo%n of the barriers that ha(e depri(ed us of fello%ship %ith Pentecostal denominations. Belie(ing that both of these are the result of the %ork of the Holy Spirit)

%e call on Bnited Presbyterians to be sensiti(e and responsi(e to the insights and eHperiences of fello% 3hristians %ithin all traditions.> Page +# =/ur conclusion) based on a study of the language and analogies used by Paul) is that in 0 3orinthians he is speaking of a peculiar kind of utterance attained in prayer in %hich praise and adoration o(erflo% in %ays that transcend ordinary speech.> Page 4# The final statement in the << page report states: =The subcommittee found no e(idence of pathology in the mo(ement. The mo(ement %as found to be dynamic) gro%ing) and in(ol(ing persons from practically e(ery denomination) %alk and station in life. Varied educational backgrounds) and personality patterns are present and the socioA economic status ranges from the uneducated through those in high eHecuti(e positions carrying great responsibility in maGor corporations) in federal go(ernment and in the space effort.> Page <<# 0n our home meetings) %e ha(e seen people from nearly e(ery denomination recei(e the baptism. *e ha(e seen hunger in all denominations. /n a recent tour) after one ser(ice) %e sa% members of ++ different denominations begin praising @od in their special praise language after accepting the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. Praise @od He hasn?t Gust selected one denominationE The Pentecostal &(angel) Day -) +,-5 has a (ery interesting article: =Something %onderful has happened in the church %orld in the past fe% years. Some describe it as a spiritual rene%al) a return to primiti(e 3hristianity. /thers call it a charismatic

eHplosion. /ne theologian said it is nothing less than a re(olution comparable in importance to the establishment of the original apostolic church and to the Protestant 8eformation. 0t %as indeed a spiritual eHplosion that brought the 3hurch into being. The book of Acts) chapter t%o) describes the e(ent by saying the belie(ers J%ere all filled %ith the Holy Spirit) and began to speak %ith other tongues as the Spirit ga(e them utterance.? That is eHactly %hat has happened recently to thousands of Presbyterians) Baptists) 'utherans) &piscopalians) and people of other denominations. They ha(e been filled %ith the Holy Spirit and no% they magnify 3hrist in other tongues) speaking of the %onderful %orks of @od in languages they ne(er learned. 0t has re(olutionized their li(es.> *e ha(e seen people recei(e the baptism indi(iduallyI %e ha(e also seen more than one hundred recei(e at one time. 2rances: /ne of the most humorous and blessed moments recently %as a young lady %ho came running into a meeting 0 had Gust concluded saying =/h) Drs. Hunter) 0 %ant to be baptized %ith the Holy Spirit and you kno% %hat "esus did %hen she said that sincerely) don?t youF#. . .and 0 %ant "esus to gi(e me a hea(enly> O.and not another %ord in &nglish came outE /ut of her mouth flo%ed a beautiful hea(enly language and after about t%o or three minutes) she stopped and looked at me and said) =0s that speaking in tonguesF> She had ne(er heard it before. Her desire %as for all @od had for her) so "esus baptized her the instant she askedE

Ho% %e praise @od for the old line Pentecostals. They ha(e been criticized by many including us# for some of their %ays) but %here %ould the great mo(e of the Holy Spirit be today if it had not been fanned and kept ali(e by many of those PentecostalsF They didn?t ha(e the (ast number of teaching books that %e ha(e today concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit) the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit) etc.) but bless them) 'ord) they did all they kne% to do) and %e =nonA Pentecostals> kept our dignity. Thank you) =old line Pentecostals> for being great spiritual pioneers. The beautiful part about this fabulous life in the Spirit is that it is a(ailable to all belie(ers 6 young and old) 3atholic) Protestant or "e%. Praise @odE Are you readyF


Before %riting this chapter) %e asked @od for a simple truth that %ould communicate the importance of asking for a special =lo(e> language. 0 think it?s most interesting that He ga(e us Acts 5:+A;. =And %hen the day of Pentecost %as fully come) they %ere all %ith one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from hea(en as of a rushing mighty %ind) and it filled all the house %here they %ere sitting. And there appeared unto them clo(en tongues like as of fire) and it sat upon each of them. And they %ere all filled %ith the Holy @host) and began to speak %ith other tongues) as the Spirit ga(e them utterance.> !"V# The dictionary defines clo(en as =split or di(ided.> A clo(en tongue is a di(ided tongue) or a split tongue. And Gust %hat is a =split> or =di(ided> tongueF A tongue %hich is di(ided bet%een the natural and the supernatural 6 a tongue %hich can speak either in the natural language or in a spiritual =unkno%n> language. And %hy %as the supernatural manifestation =tongues> of fireF Because the tongue %as the instrument through %hich the fire from hea(en %as to come) and so it is through your tongue that @od %ants to send the baptism of fire or the baptism. %ith the Holy Spirit.

"ust as sal(ation is a gift) being baptized %ith the Holy Spirit is a gift from @od. Belie(e it or not) many people do not kno% ho% to accept a gift. *e feel uncomfortable and stiff. *e freeze a little. $either of us understood ho% to become a 3hristian until %e %ere taught. Someone had to tell us and sho% us ho% simple it %asE *e didn?t understand it %as Gust asking @od to forgi(e our sins and then asking "esus 3hrist to come into our li(esE Paul says) =Anyone %ho calls upon the name of the 'ord %ill be sa(ed. But ho% shall they ask Him to sa(e them unless they belie(e in himF And ho% can they belie(e in him if they ha(e ne(er heard about himF And ho% can they hear about him unless someone tells themF> 8omans +C:+:A+<#. 8ecei(ing the baptism %orks practically the same %ay. Bnless someone tells you) ho% can you kno%F And Gust as sal(ation is simple) so is the Holy Spirit baptism equally easy to recei(e. The first step is to =kno%> you?re sa(ed. To eliminate any doubt on this score) let?s pray a simple little prayer right no%. ='ord "esus) forgi(e my sins. 0 am sorry for e(ery sin 0 ha(e e(er committed) including those 0 cannot remember. 2orgi(e me for %rong attitudes and bitterness. 0 turn from them. 0 ask you to come into my life and to be the 'ord of my life) not Gust my Sa(ior. 8ight no% 0 ask you to take A'' of me as 0 gi(e myself in total surrender to you. Thank you for coming into my life. 0 %ant to ser(e you the rest of my life. Amen.> Probably the most important thing to remember at this point is that you are asking this same "esus to

gi(e you the po%er of the Holy SpiritE 7ou are $/T seeking tonguesE !eep this in mind. After asking "esus to baptize you) you are going to accept) by faith) the Holy Spirit. 8emember you do not ha(e to struggle to recei(e the baptism) you only ha(e to accept it simply by eHercising your faith. 8elaH. The baptism really consists of three steps. 2irst) praying to be baptizedI second) belie(ing you areI third) stepping out in faith and accepting the pri(ilege of speaking in the language the Holy Spirit gi(es you =. . .for they heard them speaking>#. 0f you really belie(e that you can trust "esus) through faith) to meet you as baptizer) you are no% ready to be baptized %ith the Hoy Spirit and to recei(e your o%n special =praise> language. 7ou recei(e the Holy Spirit by simply asking and accepting. "esus said in 'uke ++:+: =And if e(en sinful persons like yoursel(es gi(e children %hat they need) don?t you realize that your hea(enly 2ather %ill do at least as much) and gi(e the Holy Spirit to those %ho ask for himF> 7ou may or may not at this particular time ha(e a tremendous emotional response) but don?t be concerned either %ay. 8emember %e mentioned earlier %hat @eorge had said to us about Peter taking the first step out of the boatF /nly then did "esus make the %ater hard under him. 7ou ha(e to do the same thing. 7ou ha(e to gi(e @od your (oice and His Holy Spirit %ill gi(e you the language. 8emember it is your (oice) and you must start speaking and the

Holy Spirit %ill turn it into a real language of the Spirit. 8emember to praise @odE Dore eHciting things happen %hen you praise @od than at any other time) because @od inhabits the praises of His people. 0n Gust a minute %e?re going to ask you to praise @od) BBT $/T 0$ &$@'0SH. The Holy Spirit doesn?t speak t%o languages at one time) so for right no% forget about &nglish. They %ill be funny sounding syllables) so don?t %orry %hether or not they make sense) because to you) they %on?t) but to @od it %ill be beautiful. *hy %ill it be beautifulF Because the Holy Spirit has inspired the utterance. To speak in your nati(e language you must make a decision to speak and your mind must instruct your (oice) mouth and tongue to utter the %ords needed to audibly eHpress a message. 7our (oice must make sounds and your tongue and mouth must form the %ords in obedience to the instructions of your mind. To speak in a language you don?t kno%) your (oice) mouth and tongue must still obey your ne% instructor) the Holy Spirit. There %ill be no reconstruction or redesign of your physical functions) and they %ill still perform their normal %ay in obedience to the Spirit. 0n the case of the unkno%n language) the Holy Spirit is the counselor 6 the instructor) and it is He %ho tells these physical parts of the body %hat to say. 7/B must gi(e the sounds) but the Holy Spirit gi(es the language. 7/B make the decision to speak and your mind tells your (oice to speak) but the Holy Spirit furnishes the %ords.

*e %ould like to make a statement right no% %hich %e feel is important for you to kno%. Those in the upper room %ere told by "esus to tarry until the Holy Spirit had come. *hen He came) they %ere 0$STA$T'7 baptized. *e do not ha(e to tarry) because the Holy Spirit is here) ne(er ha(ing returned to hea(en since Pentecost. That is %hy the moment you pray in faith belie(ing) "esus %ill baptize you %ith the Holy Spirit instantlyE All you ha(e to do is accept. And remember %hat you are accepting is the Holy Spirit %ho gi(es you the po%er to li(e the 3hristian life) the po%er to be a %itness) the po%er "esus promised %hen He returned to hea(en. 8emember also that the supernatural manifestation of speaking in tongues is not the baptism. 0t is the result of the baptism. Too often people seek the result) and not the baptism) and ha(e problems because of this. Again) let us remind you to relaH. 7ou can?t speak &nglish or your nati(e language (ery %ell if you are tense and ha(e your teeth clenched together) so Gust relaH and belie(e. Are you ready to prayF *ell) then) let?s Gust pray a simple little prayer together. ='ord "esus) 0 lo(e you %ith all of my heart. =0 %ant to be the person you %ant me to be) so 0?m asking you to gi(e me the po%er you ga(e to the disciples on the day of Pentecost. 0?m going to gi(e you my (oice and ask you to make the air hard under the sounds of my (oice) Gust like you made the %ater hard under Peter?s feet. "esus) 0 ask you to baptize me right no% %ith the Holy Spirit and 0

thank you in ad(ance for the language you?re going to gi(e me.> Amen. 1o you really belie(e "esus is %ith you right no%) %anting to baptize you %ith the Holy SpiritF *e do) and because %e do) %e?re asking you right no% to belie(e this prayer as %e lay =hands> on you in faith through the pages of this book: ="esus) baptize this 3hristian right no% %ith the Holy Spirit. 2ill him up all the %ay from the bottom to the top.> "ust sit there a minute until you kno% that "esus has baptized you. $o% %ill you lift your hands in praise and %orship to @odF =So 0 %ant men e(ery%here to pray %ith holy hands lifted up to @od) free from sin and anger and resentment> 0 Timothy 5:9#. "ust praise @od silently for a moment. $o%) Gust breathe in the Holy Spirit take a deep breath# and as you let your breath out) let it slide out easily %ith a long continuation of different sounds. 8emember this is one time you must come as a little child and be %illing to make simple little sounds. !eep your mind on "esusE HalleluGahE 1o you hear that beautiful praise language to @odF *ho baptized youF "&SBSE The instant the Holy Spirit used your (oice) you !$&* it %as real) didn?t youF Praise @od. Dark +4:+-.. . =And these signs shall follo% them that belie(eI 0n my name shall they cast out de(ilsI they shall speak %ith ne% tongues. .


A3T0/$E That?s %hat comes after the baptismE Praise @od %ith your ne% language e(ery opportunity you ha(eE 0 pray in the Spirit as 0 do all my household chores because there?s lots to praise @od for thereE 0 praise Him for the electric dish%asher 0 ha(eE As 0 scrub the sto(e) 0 praise Him in the Spirit for letting me cook on a sta(e that doesn?t require me to go out and chop do%n trees to get it heated up. 0 praise @od for my electric (acuum cleaner and ne(er mind the task at all. 3harles prays in the Spirit %hen he?s dri(ing to and from %ork. He and the 'ord ha(e a most %onderful time. This %ay he ne(er minds ho% many times he gets stopped by the red lights 6 it Gust gi(es him that much more time to praise @odE The more you pray in the Spirit) the more fluent your language %ill become. Someho% 0 ha(e ne(er been able to understand ho% @od uses something as =silly> as this) but H& sure does. @od said He %ould use the foolish things to confound the %iseE 1on?t try to understand it) Gust take ad(antage of this beautiful blessing the 'ord has gi(en you. And then sing) sing) sing in the Spirit. *e?(e disco(ered this does more to cement the reality of tongues than anything else. "ust let @od gi(e you the tune and the %ords. 7ou?ll probably notice %hen you sing in the Spirit that your (oice %ill be

considerably higher than it normally is. 0t is really great to ha(e the beautiful freedom of praise to @od in songE He enGoys it because 0?m sure %e must sound like an angel choir to Him. 3harles and 0 sing in the Spirit together in bed) around the house or in the car. *e ha(e often %alked do%n the corridors in airports arm in arm after a real eHciting meeting) and the po%er of the 'ord is so strong %e?re about to =bust.> /ur o%n &nglish (ocabulary Gust doesn?t eHpress ho% %e feel) so %e begin praising @od in the Spirit) singing softly. *e ha(e often been stopped by the people %ho can?t hear us) but %ho say) =0?(e ne(er seen t%o people as happy as you t%oE> *hy shouldn?t %e be happyI %e?re praising @od in His special languageE 7ou Gust can?t possibly pray to @od in the Spirit %ithout your o%n spirits being liftedE HalleluGahE 8ight no% %e %ant to remind you that Satan himself %ill come charging up to you saying) =That?s not realE 7ou?re making that up yourselfE> 8ebuke him in the name of "esusE 8ecently %e heard someone say) =0sn?t that Gust like the de(il) taking credit for the Jpraise? languageF> He?s so afraid of the po%er of the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit) he tries to take the credit himself and let people say tongues are of the de(il. Almost e(eryone has a quick (isit from Satan because he doesn?t %ant you to ha(e this added po%er. 0 did) and for a moment 0 thought =Am 0 doing thisF> 1on?t you try to take credit for it eitherE# And then 0 remembered one thingE *ho did 0 ask to baptize meF "esusE

*ho baptized meF "&SBSE *ho baptized youF "&SBSE. . .And don?t you e(er forget thatE So many things ha(e happened to us since %e opened our hearts to the fullness of @od?s Holy Spirit) %e are out of breathE 0sn?t it %onderful to kno% that %e can all share in thisF *e both feel %e %ouldn?t trade our li(es %ith anyoneE HalleluGahE "esus is more real than e(er before) and %e?re Gust lo(ing @od more and more all the time. @od has allo%ed us to get into some real eHciting spots and each time He has rescued us by His po%erE The first time %e e(er shared the ne%s that %e had recei(ed the baptism) 54 people came up to be prayed for. T%el(e %ere men and fourteen %ere %omen. *e %anted to see ho% someone %ho kne% %hat to do ministered the baptismE There %asn?t another person there %ith us. Both of us instantly cried out to @od because %e kne% %e couldn?t do a thing on our o%n) and "esus baptized all 54E *e learned real fast you don?t ha(e to be an eHpert) you Gust ha(e to trust @od) and He %ill ne(er let you do%nE He %ill %ork through any %illing (essel. 8ecently the 'ord has gi(en us so much eHtra boldness %e can hardly belie(e it. There is nothing %orse than a reformed alcoholic) unless it?s a re formed cigaretteholicE And that?s %hat 0 am. *hen "esus deli(ered me from cigarettes shortly after 0 became a 3hristian) He did it %ell. He took e(ery desire a%ay from me and no longer %as 0 chained to this tool of Satan. 2or years 0 ha(e shared the story

of ho% @od broke e(ery fetter) and each time 0 ha(e shared the story 0 ha(e said) =0?m not telling you %hat to do) 0?m only telling you %hat @od did in my life. 0f you?(e got a problem) it?s bet%een you and @od) not bet%een you and meE> 8ecently the 'ord?s been making me eat those %ordsE All of a sudden He?s reminded me that time is dra%ing short) and that a 3hristian doesn?t ha(e a right to %aste his time and his body smoking) and a 3hristian shouldn?t ha(e a right to spend his money on such instruments of Satan. And He?s reminded me that many of the smokers don?t realize their body is the =temple of @od.> They should do nothing to defile it. =!no% ye not that ye are the temple of @od) and that the Spirit of @od d%elleth in youF 0f any man defile the temple of @od) him shall @od destroyI for the temple of @od is holy) %hich temple ye are> 0 3orinthians ::+4A+- !"V#. The Holy Spirit has begun mo(ing me to people %ho ha(e cigarettes in their pockets and purses. @od is causing me to take a stand on the body being the Holy Temple of @od) and the results are gratifyingE At a recent luncheon meeting) the 'ord re(ealed to me that a number of %omen had cigarettes in their purses. 0 stopped right in the middle of my talk) and shared %ith them about the %ay the 'ord dealt %ith me on cigarettesE Then 0 asked e(eryone %ho had cigarettes to take them out) and lift them to @od) and crush them as 0 cursed them in the name of "esus. The number of packages of cigarettes left on tables) in %ater glasses) and on the floor) %ould ha(e restocked a store. 0 also added an eHtra little

prayer and said) ="esus) may they (omit and get (iolently ill if they e(er dare smoke againE> $ot e(eryone belie(es @od %ill ans%er a little prayer like that) but 0 doE A young girl said to her mother right after 0 prayed) =0 don?t like her. She hasn?t any right to tell me not to smoke. 0 enGoy it and 0?m going to keep on smoking.> *ith that she left the meeting. The mother came running up to me and said) =*hat shall 0 doF> 0 merely said) =Praise @odE He?s %orking in her life.> The daughter ran out of the plush restaurant %hich %as on the second floor of a building) ran do%n to the street floor) lit a cigarette) and =something> knocked her to the floorE Those behind her ran up and all she could say %as) =0?m so sick) 0?m so sickE> They ran to get her mother %ho looked the situation o(er and then came running back upstairs to %here 3harles and 0 %ere and told me %hat happened. She asked %hat she should do. 0 said) =Praise @odE The Holy Spirit is doing a great %orkE> Another %oman left the meeting) and as she %alked do%n the elegant hall%ay of the building) she lit a cigarette and V/D0T&1 all o(er the carpetE HalleluGahE 0nstantly se(en more %omen came running) almost thro%ing their cigarettes at 3harles and me) asking to be prayed forE *e didn?t see another person light a cigarette from then on. And so it goesE /n a recent trip to Albuquerque) $e% DeHico) the 'ord laid it on my heart the first night that the cigarettes needed to go. At the midA%ay part of the ser(ice 0 shared the abo(e story %ith them. *e

asked e(eryone to bring their cigarettes to the altar. Before the night %as o(er) 3harles and 0 %ere standing =ankle deep> in cigarettes %hich had been broken right in half) and thro%n on the floorE /ne of the most eHciting things that happened didn?t Gust concern cigarettesE /ne young man of DeHican descent came for%ard %ith his cigarettes) but the 'ord re(ealed his real problem %as alcohol) and not cigarettesE 0 asked him if it %asn?t really alcohol that bound him) and he %as honest and said) =7es.> He accepted "esus as Sa(ior and 'ord) then %e prayed for deli(erance from alcohol and cigarettes. The po%er of @od %ent through him and he looked up and said) =Something?s happened to me in hereE> He pointed to his stomach. Then he added: =0?m going home and pour all my %hiskey outE> 0 hadn?t said a %ord about that) but @od had spoken to him. "esus snapped the chains of alcohol %hich had bound him for 5- yearsE And He did it instantlyE An older DeHican man came for%ard crying at this time. He could not speak one %ord of &nglish) and hadn?t understood a %ord 0?d said) but the young man %ho had Gust been deli(ered from alcohol and cigarettes interpreted for his father and me as the father said) =0 %ant to be sa(ed.> Praise @od) His Holy Spirit came through the language barrier and brought con(iction to his heartE Then @od used the son %ho had Gust been deli(ered to translate the prayer of repentance to the father. HalleluGahE

The po%er of @od %as so strong) others began coming to the altar asking to be sa(ed) and %e hadn?t e(en gotten around to that part of the ser(ice yetE Praise @odE Dany recei(ed the baptism that night and %ere gloriously filled. Another man %ho had smoked a pipe for :years %as deli(ered) and the neHt day his family had =burial> ser(ices for his other < pipesE @od is mo(ing by His spirit and almost e(eryone %ho %as deli(ered said) =@od has been dealing %ith me about smoking)> or =0 decided to stop tonight)> or =0 thre% my cigarettes a%ay Gust before 0 came in the church.> @od had already done the %ork before 0 e(er got there) and all the people needed %as confirmation that it %as @od %orking. @od is freeing people from the sla(ery of fear) doubt) %orry) anHiety and hopelessness through the po%er of His Holy Spirit. 3ouples ha(e come to us in complete desperation) kno%ing they %ere sa(ed) but kno%ing also they %ere defeated 3hristians) because the real Goy %asn?t thereE After recei(ing the baptism) their li(es ha(e gone straight up to (ictory. The Holy Spirit gi(es you the ability to conquer all the things that bind youE He sets you free in a %ay you could ne(er imagine before it happensE @od said He %ould gi(e us all po%er o(er the enemy. A learned 3hristian psychologist %ho is the chairman of the 1i(ision of &ducation and Psychology at one of the leading uni(ersities in TeHas recently states: =0 can eHplain it psychologically) sociologically) and emotionally) but 0 can?t eHplain %hat happens to me inside %hen

0 pray in the SpiritE> He and his %ife recei(ed the baptism at our home and their li(es ha(e been turned right side up %ith the ne% po%er) Goy and enthusiasm. There is a definite =re((ing> up of your understanding %here reading the Bible is concerned. The scriptures almost leap out from the pages and it seems the thirsting for @od becomes more and more intense as the flame of the Holy Spirit burns hotter and hotter in your lifeE Souls become importantE Dore important than they?(e e(er been before. After the baptism) the longing %ithin your o%n heart is intensified to see more and more people come to kno% "esusE And the po%er you ha(e no% recei(ed allo%s you to become an instrument @od uses in their li(es. HalleluGahE Time becomes more producti(eE The Holy Spirit is efficient. $o% that you ha(e been energized by His po%er) He cra(es action) and you %ill disco(er a change in the %ay you use your time. 0n @od?s economy) time is precious) and is running out. There are still so many people %ho need to kno% about "esus. 7ou?ll find more efficiency in your house%ork and your business life to enable you to do %hat @od %ants you to doE He?ll gi(e you that eHtra time to get into the *ord %ith more energy than you?(e e(er had beforeE $e% things %ill happen %hen you talk to peopleE The po%er of the Holy Spirit %ill come through you in %ays you %on?t e(en kno%. /ne of the first ser(ices 3harles and 0 held) after %e had announced %e had recei(ed the baptism) %as full of

surprisesE *e %ere speaking at a retreat type situation) and had Gust read a scripture %hen a message in tongues came outE 0t %as probably the most electrifying message 0?(e e(er heard. 0t happened to be in a group %ho do not belie(e in nor practice the gifts of the Spirit) and all @od %hispered to me %as) ='et me do it my %ay.>. The message %as the (ery heart cry of @od Himself calling upon people not to turn a%ay from His lo(e. 0t so mo(ed the entire congregation that tears broke out all o(er the place. This %as follo%ed by an unholy scream) the likes of %hich 0?(e ne(er heard before nor since. 0 nearly fell off the platform) because 0 had ne(er dealt %ith a situation like this) but @od kept %hispering) ='et me do it my %ay) let me do it D7 %ay)> so 0 101 $/TH0$@. The %oman %ho had screamed told us later the po%er of @od %as so strong she sa% her o%n son in hell) being consumed by fire. *e ha(e been told it %as Satan himself %ho could not stand the eHtreme po%er of the Holy Spirit %hich had engulfed the entire meeting. *e continued to let @od ha(e His %ay) and as a result) almost all of those at the retreat came for%ard to rededicate their li(es to @od. Barriers %hich had eHisted bet%een people %ere broken do%n as the Holy Spirit ho(ered o(er us. People began crying and saying) =Someho% 0 kno% there?s more 6 ho% do 0 find itF> *e had said practically nothingE The Holy Spirit had done it all. 0 felt like a spectator rather than a speakerE @od?s Holy Spirit had used an

empty (essel through %hich He could mo(e to bring hundreds to a ne% relationship %ith "esusE At a meeting in northern Dichigan recently a most unique thing happened %hich 0?d like to share %ith you) Gust to sho% ho% @od?s Holy Spirit is being poured out these last days. *e had Gust concluded a : day cityA%ide crusade at a high school auditorium. &(eryone had gone home. The cleanAup committee %as folding up the chairs and putting them a%ay. All the lights %ere turned off. 3harles and 0 %ere ministering to a fe% people %ho %ere still left on the stage %hen through the one door %hich %as still unlocked came a man %ho had attended one or t%o of our meetings there. He %as ob(iously drunk) but %alked up and said) =0 don?t kno% %hy 0?m here) but 0 %ant to tell you a storyE> He had been sitting in a bar %ith another friend %hen all of a sudden =something> made him get up off the bar stool and go outside. He thought he %as going to go to another bar across the street) but =something> took him to his car and put him inside. This same =something> then made him dri(e the car to the high school auditorium %here %e %ere. He said there %as nothing he could do eHcept to follo% this =something> %hich %as directing him. He stood there) a picture of loneliness and despair) looking so lost and forlorn. Then he repeated) =0 don?t e(en kno% %hy 0?m hereE> 0 said) =0 do)> and then cried out) =@od) sa(e 2rankE> At that instant) the Holy Spirit broke him) and he began to sob as though his heart %as breaking. 0 then cursed alcohol in his life) and through his tears he cried) ="esus) 0?ll ne(er touch

alcohol or tobacco again as long as 0 li(eE> Then he took the cigar out of his pocket and broke it right in t%oE @od softly %hispered) =He needs the baptism) tooE> so 0 Gust kept my hands on him and said) ="esus) baptize him %ith the Holy Spirit)> and immediately bet%een the tears and sobs) he began to speak in tonguesE HalleluGahE 0n a matter of four or fi(e minutes) @od had reached do%n and sa(ed him) "esus had deli(ered him from alcoholism and tobacco) and he had been baptized %ith the Holy SpiritE @od is fabulousE The mighty rushing %ind %hich is s%eeping the country has gone into e(ery nook and cranny in our great country) *and probably in the entire %orld. People are being deli(ered from all kinds of problems as if @od?s eHtra po%erful (acuum cleaner %as turned on them alone. People are seeking the po%er of @od) and are becoming a%are of %hat the po%er of the Holy Spirit is really all about and ho% %e need it to be (ictorious in our 3hristian li(esE Praise @od for his promises. A young man %ith long hair and an immaculately trimmed beard came to me at a meeting recently and asked for the baptism %ith the Holy Spirit. 0 asked him if he %as positi(e he %as sa(ed) and if he kne% "esus as his personal Sa(ior) and he ans%ered he %as positi(e about this) but he needed something more in his life. 0 Gust simply asked "esus to meet his needI and He did) so the young man %ent a%ay reGoicingE 3harles and 0 had ministered to the needs of many people after the meeting %as o(er) and %e

%ere Gust gathering up our Bibles) %hen four young people came back into the restaurant. 0 sa% the young man %ho had recei(ed the baptism earlier in the e(ening take a deep breath) really straighten his shoulders) put his hand in his coat pocket) take something out) and then (ery deliberately and carefully %alk to%ard me. *ith his hand outstretched he said) =After the baptism) 0 had to come back and gi(e this to you.> 0 looked at %hat he had gi(en me. 0t %as the zigzag papers to %rap around mariGuana) but that %asn?t allE 3arefully hidden in the %rappers %as a =fiH> of heroinE Ho% %e praise @od for %hat He can doE He told me he had been an addict for +< years) but after recei(ing the baptism) he !$&* the habit %as gone. HalleluGahE


0 often ha(e to laugh %hen 0 think of the stomachache 0 recei(ed %hen @eorge said to me) =7ou?(e got one hot line to hea(en) %ouldn?t you like to ha(e t%oF> . . .and he %as so right) because that eHtra hot line can really gi(e you a lot of additional prayer po%erE /ne of the most eHciting things %e?(e found %ith praying in the Spirit is that as people?s names and faces come across your mind) you can instantly lift them up in the Spirit) kno%ing full %ell that the Holy Spirit %ithin you is praying Gust eHactly the prayer that needs to be prayedE Sometimes 0 %onder %hat a particular person?s needs are as they flit across the TV. screen of my mind) but 0 kno% that @od kno%s their needs and He has put their image in my mind so that 0 could pray for them) so %hy should 0 %orryF 0 Gust go ahead and lift that indi(idual in prayer. After 3harles and 0 had doubled our prayer life %ith our second Hot 'ine to Hea(en) %e of course began to notice more and more prayer ans%ers. @od began doing more and more of the impossible) and %e %ere con(inced o(er and o(er again of the eHtra blessing of being able to pray in the Spirit as %ell as in &nglish. ...and then came the %eek of "une +) +,-5. *e had been in Portland) /regon at a 8egional 3on(ention of the 2ull @ospel Businessmen?s 2ello%ship 0nternational) and %hile there %e heard

a speaker ask e(eryone to fast and pray one day a %eek for the President) the 3abinet) the members of the House and Senate. This really struck home to both 3harles and me. *hen %e arri(ed back in Houston %e decided to fast and pray for the eHecuti(es of our nation. *e selected the (ery neHt day as the one %hen all three of us) 3harles) "oan and 0) %ould Goin together in this special type of prayer. *e started off the day the same as %e do all others) saying) ="esus) 0 lo(e you)> and then) =*ell) 'ord) %hat fabulous things do you ha(e for us todayF> Try taking the name of "esus on your lips the (ery first thing %hen you %ake up e(en before you open your eyes# and see %hat happens to you %hen you doE Then %e got up and started our day of fasting and prayer. Some people don?t drink %ater %hen they fast) but %e did. *e started the day off %ith a glass of %ater and prayer) asking @od if He %ould mind if %e included my son Tom in %ith the prayers for the nation. Apparently He didn?t mind so as %e drank the %ater) %e Gust lifted Tom in prayer and said three little %ords) ="esus) sa(e TomE> *e might ha(e added more than that) but %e had recently heard 8alph Darinacci tell about his large 0talian family) and ho% one by one they all accepted "esus 3hrist as their Sa(ior and 'ord. Dama Darinacci %as first) and then Papa Darinacci) and then one by one all the little Darinaccis) eHcept 8alph. 8alph %as the stubborn one. He played the trumpet in a night club and didn?t %ant any of this =religious> stuff. He really

ran %hen any of his family spoke about 3hrist. His sister Angie %as really burdened for him) and e(ery night %hen 8alph came home from playing in the honkyAtonks) Angie %as on her knees praying Gust three little %ords) ="esus) sa(e 8alphE> After a %hile) this got 8alph so irritated and annoyed he Gust couldn?t stand it) so he %ent out and got himself sa(edE "ust the (ery simple %ay Angie asked for his sal(ation impressed me) so e(ery time %e got hungry on our first fast day) %e?d run to the %ater faucet in the kitchen) and as %e?d drink a glass of %ater) %e?d say) ="esus) sa(e TomE> "ust three little %ords) but oh) ho% important they %ere. *e decided if it had %orked so %ell in the Darinacci family) it should %ork in ours as %ell. Daybe 0 should tell you the beginning of the story before 0 go any further. 0 didn?t become a 3hristian until Tom %as 5+ years of age) %hich meant he had been raised in a nonA3hristian home. And mothers and dads) let me assure you there?s a price you pay %hen you raise your children in a non 3hristian home. Someho% or other) %hen %e raise a child %ithout the fear and admonition of the 'ord) things can happen in their li(es that shouldn?t. 0 %illingly take all the responsibility upon my shoulders) because Tom %as not raised in a 3hristian home) so ho% could he kno% %hat @od eHpected of himF 0 found "esus at the ripe old age of ;, and things really began to happenE Someho% or other %hen 0 met "esus) 0 didn?t see a =halfA%ay> "esus 6 0 sa% it had to be "esus all the %ay or not at all. 0 honestly

belie(e @od opened the %indo%s of hea(en and ga(e me a little peek to see %hat eternity %as all about) and 0?(e ne(er %anted anything eHcept more) more) more of @od from that day onE Praise @od) our daughter "oan accepted 3hrist shortly after 0 did) but Tom %as no longer li(ing at home) and any 3hristian influence 0 might ha(e eHerted %as lost. 0f you?(e read my book) 'ot &ine "o 'eaven) you?ll remember the dedication page %hich says: =1edicated %ith great lo(e to my son Tom. . . Some people accept 3hrist easily 6 they hear the @ospel and don?t put up a great struggle. Then there is the rebel %ho fights e(ery inch of the %ay. Such is my son Tom.> The closer 0 got to @od) the faster he ran from @od. The mother %ho had al%ays been so much fun %as no% a big pain to her son. 0 remember %hen he told me) =7ou?re no fun any moreA 6 you don?t drink) you don?t smoke) you don?t dance) you don?t tell dirty Gokes. . .you?re Gust not fun to be around any moreE> Someho% he failed to understand that "esus 3hrist had transformed my life and made a ne% creature out of me.. . a ne% creature %ho didn?t need the things of the %orld. . .a ne% creature %ho disco(ered the things of @od %ere far more eHciting than any of the things she?d e(er been in(ol(ed %ith beforeE Tom couldn?t see it that %ay) and in spite of e(erything 0 said) the more 0 fell in lo(e %ith "esus) the faster Tom ran in the other direction. 0 tried for a long time to do the %ork of the Holy Spirit) but finally one day 0 ga(e up and Gust ga(e him to @od and said) =@od) he?s yours 6 not mine. 0 @0V& H0D

T/ 7/B A$1 0?'' $&V&8 TA!& H0D BA3!. 1o %hate(er it takes) but sa(e himE = And from that day on) the %orry %as no longer mine. There %ere times %hen 0 had to slap my hand because 0 %anted to take the problem back) but @od reminded me that 0 had gi(en it to Him) so 0 Gust left it there. /(er the years 0 sa% Tom running as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Sometimes 0 %ondered if it %asn?t done deliberately to aggra(ate me. People ha(e asked me) =Aren?t you embarrassed to run all o(er the country telling people that "esus 3hrist is the ans%er to life %hen your o%n son beha(es the %ay he doesF> 0 had a standard ans%er for themE ="ust looking at my o%n son has con(inced me more than anything else that "esus 3hrist is the only ans%erE> Tom hadn?t e(en called me =Dother> for three years) and is there anything that hurts much more than to ha(e your o%n child call you by your first name instead of DotherF 2or se(eral %eeks before %e left to go to Abilene) TeHas) %e had been recei(ing phone calls from Tom and his %ife constantly. Their marriage %as really on the rocks) and it Gust didn?t seem as if there %as any hope for it. They %ould call us) and %hile the three of us %ere on the eHtensions in our home) Tom and his %ife %ould proceed to fight %ith each other. 2or some reason or other 0 became a little robot and could only say ="esus is the only %ay 6 there is no other ans%er for your problems.> 0t %as as though @od had blanked out my mind completely. 0 must ha(e sounded Gust like a little

parrot because 0 could say absolutely nothing elseE Daybe 0 %ould change the %ording a little and say) =$othing is e(er going to be right until you learn to put "esus first in your life and your marriage.> There %as not another %ord of ad(ice that could come out. But then) %hat other good ad(ice %as there to gi(eF $/$&E The heathen could ha(e ad(ised) =!eep the house cleaner so he %on?t ha(e to %alk through the garbage to get in the house at night)> or =*hy don?t you try being polite to her) and more considerate)> but this %ould only ha(e been patching an old %ineskin %ith a ne% patch 6 the infection %ould ha(e Gust broken out someplace else. So all %e kept saying %as) ="esus is the only ans%erE> or =Bntil you are %illing to turn to @od) there is no %ayE> Praise @od He teaches us lessons all along the %ay) and not Gust one lesson) but a lot of them. 'ong ago %e had learned to praise @od for all things) and %hen %e began to realize that Tom and his %ife %ere really ha(ing serious problems) %e really had to praise the 'ord. &(ery time %e %ould hang up the telephone after a call %hich made us feel there %as absolutely no hope because things %ere such a mess) %e %ould all Goin in the li(ing room and say) =Praise the 'ord. Thank you "esus. !eep on making them miserable until they get right %ith you. 'ord) Gust make them so miserable they can?t stand themsel(es until they look up and see you) Gust %aiting there %ith your arms outstretched to dra% them into your kingdom.> 0 %as Gust %ondering ho% many times %e ha(e said) =Praise the 'ord.. .Thank you "esus for making them miserable> %hen our

hearts %ere really breaking. 0sn?t it %onderful) though) ho% @od puts all of His Holy *ord into action %hen %e are obedientF Things really continued to get %orse and %orse) and Gust before %e left for Abilene) Tom and his %ife separated. *e said) =Praise the 'ord.> He %as li(ing in an apartment by himself on one side of to%n) and she got a Gob in a bar in order to feed the kids. /ne night %hile she %as at %ork) he %ent in and took the bed and TV set. See %hat Satan can do %hen he gets his grimy hands on peopleE *hen his %ife called us and said that Tom had made off %ith the bed) %e said) =Praise the 'ord) gi(e thanks for all things> e(en if you don?t ha(e a bed to sleep in.> *e disco(ered later he had left her an old bed.# Then %e added another) =Thank you) "esus> for the fact that the three kids didn?t ha(e a TV to %atch. All of us met in our TeHas room after that phone call and really praised the 'ord. 3harles and 0 sang in the Spirit) and Gust generally had a mar(elous time praising @od. Again %e prayed that @od %ould make them so miserable they couldn?t stand it any longer. Dany people %ould ne(er pray that %ay) but some people ha(e to go all the %ay to rock bottom before they can look up and see "esus) and %e felt the sooner the betterE 0 thought %e?d star(e to death before the end of the fastE 0t %as a day %hen %e prayed constantly and %ere all so (ery close to Him and so e(er mindful of His presence. Thursday %e left for Abilene. *e %ere eHcited about being there because it %as the first time %e had e(er been on the same program %ith @eorge

/tis. *e %ere really eHcited about the three of us being together. The 'ord had graciously allo%ed "oan to be %ith us on this trip) and on the %ay 6 no% %atch ho% @od %orks 6 all three of us 3harles) "oan and 0# =happened> to end up reading Pro(erbs in the 'i(ing Bible. 0 don?t belie(e it =happened> 6 0 belie(e it %as @od %ho had us reading %here %e %ere. As %e got farther and farther along) %e began laughing at (arious places in the 'i(ing Bible and finally decided that @od had %ritten Pro(erbs Gust for TomE By the time 0 got to the +Cth 3hapter) 0 kne% that @od %as saying some (ery important things to me at that time) so 0 began to %rite some of these things do%n in ink#. 0 read the first (erse of 3hapter +C: =Happy is the man %ith a le(el headed sonI sad the mother of a rebel.> Dy mind flashed back to the dedication of the book H/T '0$& T/ H&AV&$) so opposite this (erse 0 %rote the %ord =T/D>. "ust alongside the (erse 0 %rote =&L3&PT 2/8 "&SBS.> 0 had gi(en him to @od) so the %orry %asn?t mine) but 0 sure %ould ha(e been sad if it hadn?t been for thatE 0 continued reading and Pro(erbs ++:5+ spoke to me in a special %ay: =7ou can be (ery sure that the e(il man %ill not go unpunished fore(er. . .= Dy heart tightened up at that moment because 0 kne% that if "esus %ould come back right then) my o%n son %ould not go unpunished) and no mother %ants to see her son spend eternity in hellE 0 don?t belie(e hell %as e(er such a reality to me as it %as at that moment because 0 could see my o%n son being

de(oured by its flames. And %hat a feeling of complete helplessness) because 0 kne% there %as nothing 0 could do about it. That %as a horrible moment as 0 looked at Tom?s bleak future %ithout @od and 0 looked at his eternity. 0 had ne(er seen Tom?s eternal destiny as clearly as 0 sa% it that day) and 0 didn?t like %hat 0 sa%E 0 read on: =And you can also be (ery sure that @od %ill rescue the children of the godlyE> Dy heart almost Gumped out of my bodyE 'ook at this beautiful promise of @odE He promised he %ould sa(e the children of the godly. And %hat had 0 e(er done to deser(e the %ord =godlyF> $othing) absolutely nothing. 0t had all been done for me at 3al(ary. 0 really got eHcited) because ne(er before had 0 seen Tom?s eternal destiny in such a light as this. 0 %as ecstaticE Alongside this 0 %rote three tiny %ords 6 >"&SBS SAV& T/DE> All of my Bibles of all translations ha(e Tom?s name %ritten alongside many (erses) but this one really spoke to me that day high in the sky. 0 sho%ed it to 3harles) then to "oan) and the three of us claimed Tom?s soul again. Tom had called us Gust before this asking us to send him P<CC because he had quit his Gob as a printer. He said he =%asn?t about to get his hands dirty> and 0 asked him %ho %as going to feed his %ife and three children) but he didn?t seem to %orry. 0 found out later he %anted to use the money to make a do%n payment on a 3adillac. . .%e didn?t send the moneyE# Then 0 came to +5:,. =0t is better to get your hands dirty 6 and eat) than to be too proud to %ork 6 and star(e.> /pposite this) guess %hose name 0

%rote. T/D) of course. *e had a real good laugh o(er that (erse. Then 0 continued on to the +:th chapter) second (erse. =The good man %ins his case by careful argumentI the e(ilAminded only %ants to fight.> And Tom really lo(ed to fightE He?d rather fight than s%itch any day. $o% %atch %hat the 'ord had me %rite in my Bible that day. 0 %rote =T/D)> but 0 added something ne% and (ery special. 2or the (ery first time 0 %rote the initials = B.3.#> Before 3hrist# after Tom?s name. 0 continued on) and %e laughed at many of the (erses) feeling they %ere especially for Tom. Then 0 came to +<:+,. =A lazy fello% has trouble all through lifeI and abo(e this 0 %rote =T/D B.3.>#. And isn?t that really the truthF A lazy fello% %ho doesn?t accept 3hrist because he thinks he can get along %ithout @od really has a miserable time in life) and %ill continue to ha(e a miserable time. 8ight after that came the rest of the (erse. =. . .the good man?s path is easyE> 0 thought) ho% true this statement is) because e(en though %e ha(e problems after %e become a 3hristian) %e ha(e the Problem Sol(er) and "esus tells us to cast all our burdens upon Him and He %ill gi(e us rest) so think ho% easy our life really is %hen %e trust @od all the %ay. 8ight after that little (erse) 0 really stepped out in faith and %rote =T/D A3#> After 3hrist#. $e(er before had 0 e(er had enough faith to %rite that) or e(en think it) but @od %as really %orking) so that?s eHactly %hat 0 %rote in ink) so 0

couldn?t erase it either#. 'ittle did any of us realize %hat @od %as preparing for usE *e arri(ed in Abilene) and %ere eHcited about seeing @eorge) but didn?t get to see him until the neHt morning at breakfast. He sat do%n beside us) but didn?t stay long. 0 didn?t realize %hat had happened until about an hour and a half later. *hen @eorge returned he didn?t say a thing) but sho%ed me a little note %hich said =3all Tom Steder)> and the Diami telephone number listed beside it. 2or one minute Satan Gabbed me %ith a little fear dart concerning Tom and his family because 0 kne% the trouble that %as brooding o(er their home. 0 said) =1id you call themF> @eorge ans%ered %ith one %ord) =7esE> Dy heart really skipped a beatE 0 finally got out the %ords) =*hat?s the matterFE> @eorge Gust looked at me and said) =$othingE> And yet 0 kne% there %as more. Dy mind flashed in about <C different directions at one time. 2inally @eorge Gust said) =$othing?s the matter. . .Tom and his %ife both Gust accepted 3hristE> Dy cup o(erflo%edE $either 3harles) "oan or 0 said a single %ordE *e couldn?tE /ur Goy kne% no bounds) as tears flo%ed from all of us. @od sa% to it that %e %ere all together in this great moment of Goy and fulfillment of the scriptures)> And you can also be (ery sure that @od %ill rescue the children of the godly.> 0 %hispered) =Thank you) "esus> from the depths of my soul and then turned in my Bible opposite the abo(e (erse and %rote: =1ouble portion) "une 5) +,-5) Patty) tooE>

@od not only granted our request) He ga(e us a double portion as %ellE Ho% %e all reGoicedE =Thank the 'ord for all the glorious things he does: proclaim them to the nations. Sing his praises and tell e(eryone about his miracles. @lory in the 'ordI / %orshipers of @od) reGoiceE Search for him and for his strength and keep on searching> Psalms +C<:+A ;#. The 'ord immediately dealt %ith all of us concerning bringing Tom and Patty to Abilene to share their ne%found happiness. @eorge paid to bring them to Abilene) for e(en though %e felt %e should) %e kne% the Holy Spirit had said to gi(e him this pleasure) so %ithin t%o hours of their momentous decision to turn their li(es and marriage o(er to @od) reser(ations %ere made and they came to Abilene. *hat a Goyous reunionE @od %anted our family to be together at that beautiful and holy time %hen %e %ere all united under His banner of lo(eE Tom hadn?t called me =Dother> for years) but once he Goined the 8oyal 2amily of @od) that %ord came right back into his (ocabulary. The first %ords he said %ere) =Hello) Dother) you %ere rightE> And 3harles became 1ad. HalleluGahE @eorge /tis introduced them at the banquet on Saturday night and 0 feel his %ords are %orth repeating) because so many of us try to make our children Gust like %e are) or hope to be) and %e can?t do it. @eorge said: =0t?s a hard thing to be a son and a daughterAinAla% of somebody like 2rances and 3harles Hunter. @od made e(ery single one of us

%ith unique fingerprints) unique features on our face) different tone in our (oice. . .&(eryone of us is utterly unique. @od the great 3reator made you and made Tom and Patty) and then he broke the moldE He?s got only one Tom. Tom is T/D) more than he is the son of 2rances Hunter) and my son @eorge is @eorge more than he is my son. @od longs for each and e(ery one of us. And so 0?m delighted that these t%o %ould come here to grace this particular gathering of the body of 3hrist.> Tom said: =*ell) you kno% like %e?d been married for quite a %hile) and it %as a pretty rocky road by oursel(es. *ell) you kno%.. .There?s a couple of snickers out there) and you really don?t kno% %hat 0 mean. 8eally. 0 mean %e made a mess of it by oursel(es and %e?(e decided that %e can?t do so %e?re going to take @od %ith us) and He can do itE> Then Patty said: =*ell) like Tom said) %e really ble% it. *e ble% it badE Tom added: =As much as %e lo(e each other) %e ble% it.># And it finally got to the point %here %e kne% %e couldn?t make it 6 there %as no %ay 6 unless %e turned to @od. *e Gust %ant His arms around us all the time in all %ays.> 1id you hear the %ords that came back to meF Almost eHactly the same thing 0 had been saying all alongE @od stamped the %ords in their minds. Praise His Holy $ameE Dany times as parents %e back do%n %hen the storms really get rough around our children) but praise @od He didn?t let us gi(e them any ad(ice similar to %hat the heathen %ould

ha(e said) but only %hat He %anted) that the ans%er %as to turn to @od. 2or all you mothers %ho may read this) and %ho ha(e children %ho are lost) 0 pray right no% that you %ill lay your hand upon this page and claim the promise that 0 claimed) =And you can also be (ery sure that @od %ill rescue the children of the godly.> =2ather) %e praise you for gi(ing us hope. *e praise you for gi(ing us faith to belie(e that %hat you ha(e %ritten in your Holy *ord is true. *e praise you because you ha(e made pro(ision for our children. *e thank you that you ha(e promised to rescue the children of the godly. And %e thank you for the fact %e kno% %e are godly only by your grace and lo(e and mercy. Thank you for sa(ing us and making us your children. $o%) 2ather) as hands are laid on the printed %ords of this page) may you hear e(ery mother?s heart that cries out) J"esus) sa(e QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ EJ And no% 2ather) thank you) thank you) thank you) for sa(ing Tom and gi(ing us a double portion) because %e %ere praying for Patty) tooE And thank you) 'ord) for sa(ing the children of the godly %ho claim that promise right no%E>