Part I: Mar 5-8 Part II: Mar 9-18 Part III: Mar 9-1 Part IV: Mar 1!-1" Part V: Mar 1"-18 -


Study the materials in the unit Gap Year Travel. Optional Speaking Activity based on Gap Year Travel material. Send a written contribution to the Forum ( A!"Gap"Year"Travel #older$ omment on other students% written contributions in the Forum. &ake a video or audio recording and send it to 'angblog. omment on other students% voice recordings in 'angblog. (eading omprehension )*ercise. Find a group to work with #or A+.

Part VI: Mar 19- 5


Plea#e note t$e#e %ate# are re&o''en%e% %ea%line# ()t i* it i# 'ore &onvenient *or +o), +o) &an al-a+# #en% -or. to t$e &la##roo' (e*ore t$e#e %ate#/

• • • • • ,rite in#ormally about travel plans. )*change opinions in an online Forum. -repare a short talk about a travel destination. 'isten to descriptions o# travel destinations. -ractice reading comprehension.

556 • • • • 556 • • • • • In%ivi%)al -ritin7 ta#. #ent to t$e 8or)' ( A!"Gap"Year"Travel$ ompletion o# the task (.ave you answered the /uestion0$ 1se o# grammar 1se o# vocabulary and e*pressions #rom the unit 2rganisation o# the te*t into sentences and paragraphs In%ivi%)al re&or%in7 ta#. #ent to Lan7(lo7 ompletion o# the task (.ave you answered the /uestion0$ )##ectiveness o# the communication (3s your message clear0$ 4atural intonation 1se o# grammar 1se o# vocabulary and e*pressions #rom the unit


Part I: Mar&$ 5-8
2t)%+ t$e 'aterial# in t$e )nit This A activity is about holidays and travel. A activity ! corresponds to the 5Gap year travel6 material which you will #ind under Recursos in the classroom. The e*ercises are sel#-correcting (the answers are provided #or you$ and you can do them at your own pace. ,e recommend that you start your work #or this A by doing these e*ercises so that you can learn the vocabulary needed7 revise grammar and read about the topic.

Part II: Mar&$ 9-18
Go to 'angblog where you will #ind an optional speaking activity based on the 5Gap Year travel6 material. ,e encourage you to do this activity #or e*tra speaking practice and also #or practice with 'angblog be#ore you do the assessed oral work #or A! in -art 38.

Part III: Mar&$ 9-1
Write a(o)t travellin7 an% #en% +o)r -or. to t$e 8or)' ,rite a message (between !9: and +:: words$ to the #older in the Forum 5 A!"Gap"Year"Travel6. 3n this message you should provide the #ollowing in#ormation; o Talk about your travelling e*perience7 i.e. ,here have you been0 ,hen did you go0 etc. o ,here would you like to go #or a month abroad i# you could choose anywhere in the world0 o ,hat kind o# activities would you like to do during that month0 o ,hat kind o# people would you like to travel with0 (e.g.7 e*troverted7 adventurous7 cautious7 smokers<non-smokers7 etc.$ Think o# a suitable sub=ect line #or your message that gives a clear idea o# what your message is about (e.g.7 Sur#ing trip$. .ere%s an e*ample;

Hi everybody, I haven’t really travelled very much, except for my honeymoon when my wife and I went to Cancún in Mexico, but there are lots of places where I would like to go If I could go abroad for a month I would li!e to go to a good surfing spot such as California, "ustralia, #apan or Hawaii $ersonally I’d prefer to go somewhere %nglish is spo!en so that I can get an " in my %nglish course when I’m bac!& I would also prefer to go to a place where it is warm because I love sunbathing I don’t have a lot of money so I would prefer to stay in hostels, camp on the beach or wherever 'herefore, my ideal travel companions should be willing to sleep outside, be able to improvise, en(oy the stars in the s!y at night, and be good)humoured when there’s only a can of


tuna for brea!fast I have to warn you that I’m a heavy smo!er and not very good at planning I’m loo!ing forward to reading about more travel ideas "ll the best, "lex I'portant All work which you submit #or this course ')#t be original. 3t is per#ectly acceptable to #ind in#ormation #rom web pages and<or books7 but your contribution must be written in +o)r o-n -or%#7 and any material taken #rom another source must be credited (#or more in#ormation about originality o# work7 see $ttp:99&v/)o&/e%)9:#;eao;5555;)519pla7iari#';IM/$t'$

Part IV: Mar&$ 1!-1"
1/ Co''ent on +o)r &la##'ate#< -or. (ead the messages the other students have sent in to the #orum and consider who you would like to travel with. (eply to at lea#t t-o messages in the #orum. You may7 o# course7 comment on as many as you like. .ere are some e*amples o# what a reply can be like; * Hi "lex, I thin! you plan sounds wonderful, I’d love to see one of the places you mention but li!e Marta and +ederico I have never surfed before ,o you thin! I could travel with you even if I don’t go surfing"ll the best, Isabel

. Hi "lex, /hat a coincidence, I am also an experienced surfer I went to Hawaii last year It was brilliant& /e were able to catch really good waves I wouldn’t mind trying a new place How about "ustralia- 0 unless you are afraid of shar!s of course& %sther


/ Re&or% a 'e##a7e *or +o)r &la##'ate# in Lan7(lo7 Re&or% a vi%eo or a)%io &ontri()tion in Lan7(lo7 o# appro=i'atel+ 1 'in)te about one o# your #avourite travel destinations. 3n this talk you will be e*pected to mention some (but not all$ o# the #ollowing points; >escribe the place. .ow do you get there0 ,hat%s the weather like0 ,hat can you do there0 ,ho would you recommend this travel destination to0 03T, >O4<T 2AY T?E 4AME O8 T?E PLACE? 3n the ne*t part o# this we will ask other students to guess which place you are talking about. A

Plea#e note t$e *ollo-in7: (ecord your contribution in 'angblog @ Activities @ A! Gap Year Travel.

3# you have any problems using 'angblog7 click on A.elpA in 'angblog and click on AActivitiesA to see video tutorials which e*plain how to use 'angblog. Tr+ to #o)n% a# nat)ral a# po##i(le. You are advised not to read #rom a written te*t. .owever7 you can prepare what you are going to say in advance and you may use note# to remind you o# the main points o# your talk and develop them as you speak. ,e also recommend you listen to your recording be#ore you send it to make sure you are happy with the /uality. -lease remember you are responsible #or ensuring that the teacher is able to hear the recording. 3# you want to repeat the recording7 click on the record button again and a new recording will be created (deleting what you had previously recorded$.

Part V: Mar&$ 1"-18
Co''ent on +o)r &la##'ate#< oral &ontri()tion# in Lan7(lo7 'isten to other students% voice recordings in 'angblog and comment (orally$ on at lea#t t-o o# them. You may7 o# course7 comment on as many as you like. 3# you know the name o# the place described by one o# your classmates7 post a message on 'angblog and tell us what it is? (emember7 the more you get involved in 'angblog and Forum comments7 the more you can practise )nglish and the more you will improve? >onBt #orget to answer your classmatesB guesses and tell us i# they were right?


Part VI: Mar&$ 19- 5
>o a Rea%in7 E=er&i#e an% 1oin a Gro)p !. You will do ! Rea%in7 Co'pre$en#ion e*ercises this semester. The #irst and second readings will be corrected but the mark will not in#luence your A result. .owever7 the third and #inal reading will be assessed and will be part o# your A9 mark. There#ore it is important that you use the #irst and second reading e*ercises to practise #or the #inal A9 reading. This will give you time to develop your reading skills without the pressure o# having the mark in#luence your A! (#irst reading e*ercise$ or AC (second reading e*ercise$ mark. To do this e*ercise7 go to 5(ecursos6 in your classroom and click on 1Reading %xercises2. You will read two te*ts. For each te*t you have to answer a multiple choice e*ercise and a vocabulary e*ercise. ,hen you have completed all the e*ercises7 press 5230MIT6. Your results will be available a#ter the deadline. There is a 5.elp6 document in (eading )*ercises which you can consult i# you have any problems.

+. >uring this week you need to @oin a 7ro)p to work together #or the activities in A+7 AD and AC. Go to the Group Formation section in the Cla##Wi.i where your class teacher will open a page #or group #ormation7 and sign up #or a group there. 3n A+ and AC7 you will participate in two synchronous Skype meetings with one other student in your group so it is important you =oin a group with similar availability to you. .owever7 you will be able to do most o# the group work in your own time.


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