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Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

J. Elliot: This book is dedicated to my wonderful family, my wife and three children. Your love, enthusiasm, and support through this process are only some of the reasons the book of Azamar is a reality. Thank you to those who have given your ideas, time, and imaginations. We hope our love and passion for gaming reflects off this first book created by WNG. Thank you again to all of our pledgers on Kickstarter - without you this would have taken considerably longer. Also a special thank you to Eric Gibson, West End Games, and Purgatory Publishing for releasing the OpenD6 OGL and making all this possible. Thank you to all my friends who inspired me through the years to continue gaming, Reed Alex, Adrith and Joe Bicchieri, Ray Biondi, Brent Bourgoine, Ben Goodheart, Jason Grass, Phaedra Hall, Mike Hash, Vaniesha Honani, Matt Mayne, Matt Mayner, Paige McKee, Alyssa Morrison, Andre Morrow, Marc Myslivy, Tom Oakley, Rock Peterson, Brett M. Pisinski, Brain Ranzoni, Matt Ruszkowski, Darian Sale, Fay Smith, Mike Smullen, Aaron Spiller, Mark Spyrison, Salvador Sumaria, Jared Tuveson, Josh Valdez, Karen Vittek, and Alex Wong. Brett M. Pisinski: This body of work is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan P. “Big Wyrm” Leahy (1976-2007) R.I.P. man, you are missed down here and until our paths cross again… Many thanks and blessings go out to those people in my life who continue to push my boundaries, skills and abilities as a human being, my parents, family and friends who support our mission and goals as a young company – we can’t do this without your support! Without that necessary foundation, this manifestation would not have been possible. I would especially like to personally thank each and every one of our Backers on Kickstarter for being so patient with us! It’s because of you we are able to move forward. My main inspiration: West End Games – thank you for keeping d6 alive! Those of you who pick up the dice and answer the call of adventure belong to a very special group of gamers. Keep on rolling, keep on imagining, and never forget to keep dreaming… Anything is possible.

Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

................... Xaraxamarath................ 24 Immyr................... 38 Random Backgrounds....................................... ........................................14 The Wild Die.................................................................................................. 76 THE WORLD OF AZAMAR............................................................... 33 Humans (Bu’Col)............................................................. 10 Third Millennia............................................................................ 21 Aptitude Skill Definitions .............................................................. 15 Dexterity Skills...................................................................................................................... Syndia of the Cliffs............. 10 Second Millennia.................... 30 Humans (Full Blooded)..................................................... 34 A FLIGHT OF DRAGONS................................................................................ 72 Order of the Veil..................................................................................................................................................................... 19 Persona Skill Definitions ...................................... 31 Humans (Urbane)........................................................................... ....................................................................................................... 11 Fifth Millennia....................................................... 10 Fourth Millennia............................................13 The Basics............................ Nooks and Crannies...................... .............................. 36 CHARACTERS........... 38 Character Development.................................................................. 40 Magic Across Azamar...................................................................................... .................................. ........................ 77 77 77 78 78 79 79 80 81 81 .......................................................................................... 37 The Blur Touched................................... 38 Corruption Events........................... 19 Strength Skill Definitions.................... 17 Intellect Skills Specializations......................................... 18 Dexterity Skill Definitions ............................. 10 First Millennia.. .............................. 28 Shrave............... .......................................................... .............. 18 Aptitude Skills Specializations................... 23 Enfri.. 15 The Five Attributes...................................................... 68 The Tatuaxe........................................................ 12 THE GAME .................. 67 Crux of Zamaranth.............................................................................................................13 Difficulty Ratings.............14 Earning Cinema Points................ 27 4 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Wyvine.....................................15 ABOUT ATTRIBUTES ............ 40 Creation Only............................................. .............................................................................................. ................... 62 Mastery Spells.............. 65 The Factions................... Shilutozen.................................................. 69 Guild of Spell Weavers.............................................................................................. 17 Persona Skills Specializations.... Sychorax.................................. ..................... ................................ 11 The Axiom....................................... ............... .. 59 ................................................................... Mo................................................................................................................................... 25 Tre’uoall........................................ 8 Providence Beckons................................................. Xujof...............13 Game Play.... 22 RACES.......... 66 The Elemental League.............. 16 Strength Skills Specializations........................................................ Journeyman Spells.... 8 A Recorded History............................................................. 12 The New War.................................. 16 Dexterity Skill Specializations.................................................................................................................................... 15 About Skills ................................................................................ .......................... 37 The Basics........................... 11 Exploring Azamar............ Ash Lord...........14 Cinema Points............................................................. The Pantheon.................................................. 59 Tyro Spells................................... 23 The People of Azamar. 16 Skill Specializations... 39 CHARACTER FEATURES......................................................... 39 Veteran Characters.......................................................... 73 VALE’S END...........................TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION......... 21 Intellect Skill Definitions ....................................................................... ....................................................... 66 Path of the Asceromancers.........................14 Spending Cinema Points.............

.... 91 Dorissit.......................................................... 117 Gaunt................................................................... 113 Sea of Abalos....................... 107 The Old Highway................................................................................................................................................................................................. 103 Olm.............................................................................................. 131 Weth........................................................................................................ 118 Gyet...................................................................... ....................................... 87 Remell..................................................................................................... 84 Holidays of Azamar....................................................... 129 Therian........ 85 Abalos....................................... 109 Bay of the Kraken............................................. 113 Sea of Obsalos................ 110 Adrya Ampais...................................................................................................................................... 86 Enfri........................................... ........................................... 83 Calendar ................................................................................................... 90 Azamar City................ 87 Orb.................................................................. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 117 Frost Hulk............. 84 Nobility................................................ 122 Korac.................................................................................... 106 Krom...................... .......................................... 115 Asazis. 98 High Tundra......... 123 Nauvowl............................................................................. 130 Troll............................... 96 Adrya Orth..... 134 ............................................................................................ ................ 116 Foragers. 96 Evercrow...................................... 108 Wyvine Grasslands.... ........................................ 109 Black Lake.. ..... 128 Sycoveen........................ ..................................................................... ..................................................................................................................................... 124 Orcs......................... 128 Swinders................................................................................................................. 115 Choruan.... 121 Kraken...................... 99 Sea of Black Water.......................... 102 Obsalos.............................. 120 Hydreans...................................................................................................................................... ......... .................... 110 Dragon Home..................................................................................... 105 Thiff............................................. 95 Uncharted Territories.................................................................................................................... 95 The Crag...... 127 Slane Worms.... 108 Proving Grounds............................. 94 The Forest of Azamar.. 112 Sea of Olm............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 131 Wind Stalkers............................................................................ 103 Grazen................................................................ 91 Krane................................................................................................................. 108 The Dama Plains................. 86 Clay..... ............ 123 Lurker................. ........................................ 88 Orb Lake................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 113 The Southern Ocean.............. 108 Hall of Memories......................... 132 Zull........................................... ................................. 89 Azamar..Balmaricth........................................................................................................................ .................... 127 Spindlers............. ............................................ 88 Clay Lake................................................. ............................... 95 The Wizards Bay............. 104 Throng............................................................................................. 105 Keldor................ 126 Shangilar.... ..................................................................................................... 85 Toponymies.. .................................................... ............... 114 BESTIARY............................................................................................................... .......................................... 103 Anathema....................................................................... 105 Antern..... 133 Zurn Warbler..................................................... 114 Sea of Caverns........................ 119 High Dragons...................... 95 The Wastes....... 88 Enfri Lake........................ 113 Evercrow Ocean.............. 97 Guradiin Ithural........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 94 Wild Lands........................................... .................... 118 Harrier..... 119 Hazel................. 85 THE GEOGRAPHY OF AZAMAR................................. 98 Lake Loragaarn....................................... 111 The Northern Ocean...................................................... 94 Vor......................................... .................. 110 Inerth.................. 122 Kongamato........................................... 109 5 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) The Olm Jungle............................................................................................................................................ 89 Remell Lake................................ 115 Bearsloth...... 124 Sentinels........................................................ 114 Hoarfrost Strait................................. 130 Uumul......................

......................................................... 159 Vraacch......................................................FIENDS........................... 139 Xur.... 136 Rakshai.................................... 152 Shields.................................... ...................................... . 163 Episode One: Audience With Vraacch.......................................................................... 142 Initiative............................................................................................... 143 Movement.................................................. .... 136 Agmai............... ..................................................... 155 6 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) GAME MASTER CHARACTERS.. 143 Running.................................................................................... 144 Scale................................ 163 Introduction....................................................... 158 Bowen’s Agents . ....... ..................................................................................... .................................... 147 Sundries.......... 146 Climbing ............... 149 Magical Foci........................................................................ 151 Boots.................. 164 Episode Three: Rescuing The Captive......................................................................................................................................... 145 PROPS....................................... 165 After The Battle................................................................... .......................................... 143 Executions....................... 136 Revenants... 153 Vehicles....................................................... 144 Damage & Healing............. 163 Episode Two: The Investigation Begins...................................................... 151 Wands........ 156 Zamaranth................................................................................. 151 Apparel & Armor............................... ................................................................................ 148 Liquids ..................... 142 Initiative Leveraging.............. Melee............................ 142 Taking Action...................................................................................................................................................... 163 Quick Start Outline....................................................................... ...................................... ......................................... 152 Helms. 149 Arms............................................................................................................................. 168 CHARACTER TEMPLATES ........................................................ ........................... ............................................. 144 Natural Healing ................................. 145 Flexible Spell Casting................. ................................... 149 Arms............... ............... 138 Syetans....................... 148 Apparel............. 153 Flora.......... 151 Rings............................................... 150 Amulets.............................................................................................. 152 Robes.. ................. 151 Staffs...................................... 146 Baggage.......................... 160 THE ROAD TO AZAMAR................... 191 .............................. 146 Travel Provisions......................................................... 167 GLOSSARY......... ................................................... 166 Potential Story Arcs......... 143 Multiple Actions.................................. 159 The Witch........................................................................................................................................................... 140 COMBAT.... 157 Lord Nickolas Bowen..................................................................................... 137 Saturians...................................... 190 D6 OGL LICENSE ................. 146 Money.................... 159 Divawd Edgot........ 147 Portable Lighting.................................................. Ranged............................ 143 Sneaking............... 155 Zintar........ 166 Let Your Imagination Go Wild!....................... ..................................... ................................................................ 153 Mails....................................................................................................... ............................. 170 Bu’Col Priest Bu’Col Shea’Ahk Warrior Enfri Aeronaut Enfri Shadow Human Asceromancer Human Swashbuckler Human Wizard Immyr Fusilier Immyr Soldier Immyr War Priest Shrave Archer Shrave Dragoneer Shrave Monk Tre’uoall Archon Tre’uoall Defiler Tre’uoall Sword Chanter Urbane Assassin Urbane Noble Wyvine Strider Wyvine War Scholar BLANK CHARACTER SHEET .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ........

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

it explodes when disturbed. It is a boom-barrel.” . Immyr?” Dav steps forward. Garn?” A little irritated. realizing that Beren is a Wyvine. the field explodes before them. still shouting even though close to Beren. He pulls corks from his ears. Charred grass stains their faces. as well as a sash to hide his pointed ears and Tre’uoall tattoos. as I pray that one day a Champion will rise and unite their clans into one. stopping their mounts at seeing his fist. waving an arm with an axe in his hand. adorned with practical armor and long white hair braided back. Beren silently accepts the small barrel and puts it aside. “Okay. traditional for Wyvine travelers.Torrace Holn Enfri. with a weapon drawn. Across the field. This brings a smile to Mogi’s face. will Azamar be at peace. and order will be restored to the Blur.” “What?” Dav replies. “There’s something wrong. the wind still whipping against the ground. sensing danger nearby. Beren was a warrior scholar. They hid. His eyes. Master Elemental “Are you joking?! Do those overgrown oafs even realize they’re sitting on a wealth of precious information that could help us all make Azamar a better place?” . There was a faint smell of smoke and rot on the wind. “Ho there!” A small man standing across the field yells. the small man approaches. the three companions crouched as they entered the tall grass. Scot. They all dismounted and brought their horses back to a small cluster of trees. now shouting only a little less. he put his right in the air as a fist. look for anything. You stumbled onto my proving grounds!” The Immyr. After tying off the horses. hands still up in the air. gestures back at the large field with a massive crater in it. What are you doing here. Only Beren recovers quickly. “Sorry about that. Such is the fate of the once noble race of Tre’uoall who are now despised by the others. Their eyes meet a moment later and the Immyr apologizes more.” 8 PROViDENCE BECKONS A cool breeze brushed across the dew covered grass in waves.Vandar C. Mogi walks around the field a little to his left. Pulling on the reins to his horse with a left hand. “Garn. Then. Dav restates himself. They knew Dav well. Waves of heat throw the three companions onto their backs with tremendous force. “Guess I used too much?” A pause of silence fills the air while Beren peers angrily at the Immyr. each walked back to the grassy field. crouching and posed to strike with his Wyvine Lance.” Beren states. an Asceromancer.” Garn suspiciously eyes Mogi. a double-ended Trident. Beren cautiously stands. Human. Mogi and Dav’s faces seem assuming as the Immyr approaches. and offers it for peace. dusting off. his blue-green robes whipping a little in the zephyr. less forgiving.” Dav. I guess. piercing the smoke and dust.INTRODUCTiON “The sting of defeat is never easy to swallow as it weighs heavy on the pride. “Immyr. their ears ringing from the blast. Beren’s anger subsides as the Immyr pulls some strong spirits out from his pack. Scholar/Historian (Reacting to his denied entrance of the Hall of Memories) positions. something. the scent of it hit Dav and he squeezed his eyes shut. “I’m testing. this Immyr is unusually tall. His voice seemed to carry only his companion’s ears. “My name is Garn. “my new invention. I made it a little too sensitivious. Mogi and Dav also stand up. Dav held a moment. I watch. Just as they took Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . “What are you doing here.” Garn establishes. spoke softly on the wind. worse. his horse swaying gently on the old dirt road. his friends and traveling companions. Behind him were Mogi and Beren. only then. a wizard dedicated to the protection of the defenseless. Immyr are shorter stout people who live primarily in the great underground. an angry Wyvine. looking carefully at the crater. Mogi wore very loose clothes to conceal a small bow and quarrel of arrows. since the wind set it off. He brought his horse around to face his friends.

Mogi begins crouching close. Two or three. A gesture occurs as Mogi signals axe in place. Garn glares spitefully at Mogi. he averts his eyes glancing toward “Yes. Beren gets up a new barrel of drink from his horse. Dav sheathes his sword. sarcastically. push his shoulder downward. his bow drawn. as they trade glances.“Apparently. Mogi’s a war scout for the Council. an arrow drawing his lance. still kneeling. continues walking the perimeter. Not at all.” Mogi chimes in. Mogi?” Dav calls over. Intimidated by “You’re a Wizard!” Garn exclaims. his left hand. “He is. “He is Tre’uoall?” Garn asks. is all. slowly. Beren drops the barrel on the ground. Dav slaps Beren’s shoulder and 9 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .” Beren replies. “Is this a we use. The axe drops with a hand on his back. the massive Wyvine. but still intent nods his head at Mogi.” Dav puts his blade in the dirt. loosening it into his hands. here. Mogi The last they see of Beren is as he disappears into the trees.” Dav. crouches down and reaches for Garn to knocked. A shimmer “No. and rushes off to the field on the right and woods beyond. readying the sword in his right. makes gestures with Mogi. Stay silent. Tre’uoall do not get out much. Seeing Mogi’s hand. Garn turns around and pulls at the tethers holding his waiting and waiting. “They’re “What is it. “Orcs. too. Dav watches Mogi intently. from Beren. whispers some words and the dirt problem?” rises and falls to the ground around them.” Dav whispers. you do not see them much surrounds Garn and Dav.” The Immyr steps backwards. gesturing with his bearded Garn goes to a knee. his voice rough and brash.” along the field and road. mumbling and scowling. “What’s going on?” chin at Mogi. I mean. “We have a signal tapping the barrel bindings with thick fingers. Dav draws his sword again. on the far edge of the clearing.

chose to attack the kingdom of Azamar with their naval fleet. as well as for quite some time. Never again along its rocky shoreline. Not everyone has access to the recruit new magic users from the far-reaching lands. his name is Zintar. making them both cringe “Come. unleashed on the world. rushing straight ahead across the field and consequently. at the height of their power. allowing the his power. near the Order of Wizardry. any Non-Wyvine visitors to the Hall must first prove themselves worthy to the Wyvine cause By way of a Lyceum established in the Northern realm of Evercrow. my friend. Under Zintar’s influence and power.” speaks Mogi to Dav as they move together. this peace ends when Zintar emerges fourth of fifth millennia depending on the nature of as a powerful Defiler. Blooded Human Monks. pulls back and moves quietly towards Mogi who has not moved since earlier. He the Great War and ends the Second Millennia. Second Millennia [Era of Peaceful Songs] they go left along the grass line disappearing beneath the The Second Millennia brought peace to the land of forest canopy. The Fiend invasion begins fourth. Accounts exist of the famous Wizard. and at the beginning of the fifth millennia. ruled the Kingdom of Azamar late into the Fiends to flood into Azamar. Providence beckons. Azamar. Third Millennia A RECORDED HiSTORY The Order of Wizardry collapses into chaos. a promising young Tre’uoall enters service before receiving access. most ended quickly through mediation by the The legendary Moonstaff. throughout this period on powerful Magic as the enables Zintar to unite the Fiends. Travelers adventuring between do the Dragons trust the people of Azamar as they Krane and Dorissit stopped at the monastery for shelter once did. While many territorial skirmishes occurred throughout Azamar. The Fiends 10 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) It was also within the First Millennia when the Wyvine. The stench of rot haunts the wind where Dav joins Mogi. he bursts forward shouting a war cry. Through this unified earliest magic users explored the source and limitations army of Fiends and the power of the Moonstaff. as a Wizard. the Order of Wizardry established Lyceums. Hall of Memories. created for Zintar. first began recording history Through sheer force of magic and great numbers. Near the end of the Players adventuring in Azamar will be set either in the Second Millennia. An order mostly comprised of Fullthe Dragons of Azamar to return to Dragon Home. but a legend discusses his disappearance through the Fabric without return. forcing world of Azamar. tears the your campaign. Dragons roamed freely throughout the land. the within their monastery located southwest of Dorissit. Ofvgar was integral in the research directly connecting Dragons with the strength of Magic across Azamar. Dragons fend off the invading Fiends. and the Fabric held stable by the Order of Wizardry. unprepared as the dreaded Fiends rise up to hunt the Dragons First Millennia of Azamar. further of Magic. Ofvgar. Dav tries to stop him unsuccessfully. No account exists of Ofvgar’s death. All people throughout Azamar saw prosperity as all disputes Game Master Note settled and alliances established under the continued The records that exist within the Wyvine’s Hall of arbitration of the Order of Wizardry. . the Full-Blooded Humans once prevailed over much of the Fiends spread rapidly throughout the world. to history of the First Millennia. damage to the Fabric becomes inevitable. Within the many Memories predate the commonly known and accepted realms. is the current King of Azamar. the crater he created earlier. now betrayed by Zintar and the Fiends he and the Monks recorded the travelers’ fantastic stories. Without warning. living during this millennium. Lord Nikolas Bowen at the height of very Fabric between Azamar and the Blur. The Order of Wizardry easily repelled the invasion and orchestrated a treaty. As they move into the woods. recorded by the Humans both dispatch Wizards to oversee disputes. A great deal of research occurred beginning of the Third Millennia by a Fiend Lord. His presence alone.soundlessly and Garn catches it.

wage the deadliest war Azamar has ever seen. Zintar finally meets his defeat thanks to the bravery of a young Wyvine warrior and the Alliances formed across the world. Secret factions and With the Great War ended and the surviving Fiends cults. is unable to offer their kind protection. Orcs.Pull Vhangratin. The Fabric is not something most people The Prince. the remnants of the Order of Wizardry not give up on their search and seek clues to resurrect continues repair of the damage done to the Fabric. the major races blame each other for the Great War and the near extinction of the “The best lesson to learn is that the more we know. if uncontrolled. Human. the more Full-Blooded Human race. the once powerful and proud Tre’uoall keep to themselves. Lord Nikolas Bowen. and banishing loose Fiends. it reverberates and releases Magical under the royal seal. Amid mistrust and anger. helping magic to slowly regain its potency. involving the Enfri. Shrave. while most of the now fractured energies. take advantage of an opportunity to return to the surface and begin a campaign across the surface . to answer the call to fulfill their obligations to the Wyvine. of Magic are capable of manipulating the Fabric and 11 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The rest of the Third Millennia traveling Wizards explore the world repairing tears in the Fabric. Most commonly used for of Azamar towards the end of the Fourth Millennia. their fallen leader. Lord Bowen direct and govern the other Fiends in the Blur. is crowned King can touch or understand. intelligent leader who is able to world overlapped with Azamar where the inhabitants are unite most of the nations across the breadth of Azamar. Tre’uoall. do banished. Many people across Azamar begin to fear that Zintar is immortal and cannot die. imprisoning Zintar’s disciples. The King While the Fabric is not tangible. where damage exists or holes are open. Fourth Millennia [Era of Infinite Sadness] Fifth Millennia [Return of the Dragons] As the Order of Wizardry heals the Fabric. through Magic. most of powerful repercussions capable of damaging the breadth them send emissaries to participate as a show of good of Azamar. Under the Prince’s direction and leadership. after Millennia away. immensely powerful and deadly magical beings known as However. a Full-Blooded Human Azamar is a world where many worlds touch and overlap arises to power. now each centered on different methods of using magic. After the defeat of Zintar. a The King is a strong. The details of Zintar’s defeat remain obscured by historical records. the Orc Each world separated by a barrier the people of Azamar armies are defeated and scattered. Human. Head Master. during the Battle of Evercrow. The Wyvine and the Immyr unite in an effort to wage war against the remaining Orcs. some users faith to the crown. Under controlled circumstances. Immyr. with a heavy disdain remaining towards the Fiends. they also appeal to the Dragons who apprehensively return to Azamar. have physical or otherwise Wizard factions refuse official membership. call a Fabric. The Fiends serve a council of some kind referred Tre’uoall. At any given time. However. sensing the weakness we realize how little we do. Academy of of Azamar. because Zintar was once one of them. EXpLORiNG AZaMaR In the midst of the Orcish War. During this turmoil and unrest. who endures most of the blame for the Great to as the Fiend Lords. the Fiends become despondent and easier to banish back to Blur. the Blur-Touched or establishes various Tre’uoall camps on the outskirts of those who can perceive Magic may concentrate and see Azamar territory to reduce interracial conflicts. claiming nobility as a Prince of Azamar.” and conflict. Lord Bowen tours the world hoping to ease tensions while the remaining Orc militants continue to pose a threat to established trade routes. When damage Lord Bowen also re-establishes the Order of Wizardry comes to the Fabric. The Shrave return to the surface. The war with the Orcs is enough to fracture Science and Sorcery the Order of Wizardry into factions. ten Fiend Lords War. still fanatically devoted to Zintar’s teachings. and Wyvine nations. The Enfri conscript their nation to aid the Order of Wizardry. referring to the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur.

others seek to ameliorate the lives of There are also several monasteries scattered around the all those on Azamar. his followers remained and dispersed. Conversely. . Many old religions in Azamar depict the Ash Lord as an underworld God. In Azamar. This ancient knowledge. play in the destiny of the world. closer-knit villages and townships. This understanding known to magic users and Supernatural beings is the Axiom. For the tyro to the old hand of experience. is a world essentially on discuss the Axiom with reserved reverence. but the belief is that they are the uncover those ancient secrets. who live in the country in smaller. sworn way to use the Axiom long ago forced the earliest magic to silence. THE AXIOM Becoming a magic user involves a realization. those who have realized their potential through the Axiom. but they feel powerless beneath the looming threats of the war. The next closest. the Urbane are such sycophants that they believe they deserve sparing should the Fiends ever invade the whole of the world. Azamar. army that will push the Fiends back across the Fabric called Anteprofidian. They serve a greater master. The remaining Humans inhabiting the main continent of Azamar live in distinct groups known as the Urbane and the Bu’Col. The Bu’Col are less naïve of the roles they 12 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) THE NEW WAR While the tide of the Great War fell with a victorious defeat over Zintar. learn. rivers and mountains. as well as a curse. Despite the convenience of the large cities in Azamar. No one understands magic now long since forgotten. no known Wizards returned from the Blur. and overcome. Those few who are capable of stepping in and out of the Slip Realm do so cautiously. perhaps all of those that divide. so no solid information exists of Amonde beyond speculation. came powerful for the day when the Fiends return. The only known creatures natively living in the Slip Realm are vile. Many people in Azamar this unifying truth is both a great boon to the people of believe Amonde is the world of the Gods. The only true hope lies with the Blur Touched. Azamar offers natural wonders and unspeakable horrors to explore. The old myths A rarely visited world. though many seek to why the Ascetics wait. over-lapping world to Azamar is the Slip Realm. The people of Azamar live apart in fear of war. The intricacies of living in Azamar are delicate lines. there are many divides to cross. thought to represent the means to should they ever again invade Azamar. known as the Ash Lord. overcoming the opposing side. as Gaunts are powerful and unforgiving creatures not worth confronting. Regardless of the myths surrounding Amonde.drawing upon released Magical energies to fuel their own spells. winged beasts known as Gaunts. they observe the world waiting and watching users into a war. noting that the opposite side of the Blur. they live apart because of race and station. The Urbane believe they are more refined and sophisticated than the Bu’Col. Neither the Many seek to abuse the power that rises from knowledge of Urbane nor the Bu’Col are Full-Blooded Humans. This divide and disagreement in the world belonging to the Reticent Order of Ascetics. and their relationship with magic. now the Axiom for their own benefit and repress the people of divergent bloodlines who dispute their purity. From the Great War. Azamar is a world separated by oceans and lands. Amonde. The realization is an understanding of the relationship between Azamar and the Blur. and you may one day cross those lines. where they wait Azamar. for those powerful enough to traverse the Blur to ascend among them.

The Game Master. Across Azamar. Zintar’s prison. Over time. She as walking down the road. Zamaranth needed a plan. add up the values and provide the sum to the GM. six-sided dice and a simple set of rules for adding up the dice to determine success or failure. the people of Azamar experience into Seasons. she swore Difficult 21 vengeance. The difficulty in this task was not in Heroic 46 releasing him. Each DR has a Target Number (TN). as well. Zamaranth rose up from the ashes. as it became bad practice or bad luck in decorum to speak of them. and wait in the quiet before the storm. in frustration. which is a measure of the sequences within a Combat Scene. Episodes. for rules. such Over the centuries.The followers of Zintar suffered punishment across the breadth of Azamar. (GM). Once Science and Sorcery in a Round. Academy of Characters enter Combat. Defeated in that battle. left with little in the way of upkeep.Pull Vhangratin. provides Players with the required Skill to roll. the various nations wait. Zintar and the Derisians. Head Master. Zamaranth Moderate 13 retreated and hid. The many prisons that housed these horrible offenders. Bracing at the brink of this Great War. Zamaranth waits for her plan to unfold. Azamar seems quieter now. swearing to avenge Zintar’s legacy and return him to Azamar in mind and body. It’s the best way for us to converse Characters are located currently within Azamar. marking the beginning of the new war between good and 6 Easy evil across Azamar. the prisons emptied and decayed due to abandonment. (DR). If the . Rounds. Characters may only take a specific number of actions due to the dangerous and extreme conditions ThE BaSiCS inherent to combat. and used every resource to gain access. A player does not roll when doing an effortless task. many were tattooed and imprisoned. For this. War threatening each day as news returns of the GaME PLaY dark endeavors that unfold. she exposed her presence to Rating a nearby Asceromancer Lyceum. or Sessions. Zamaranth grew in power. Of Zintar’s followers. slowly crumbled. in “Rules only matter when there is a need to describe the order this case. (c6). Seasons are a group of Episodes. T G Azamar uses the Cinema6 RPG Framework. The difficulty lies in finding him. moves and is 60 Epic nearly impossible to locate. An Episode is a period where Players get together to play Azamar. Ashamed of this defeat. Human. typically four or more hours. they roll some dice. woven of Anteprofidian magic. A scene with the other people of the world. discovered the location of an Anteprofidian library. eventually forgotten to time. C6 uses only standard. Persecuted and castigated anywhere they traveled. Scenes. they begin a Round. Settings. How it works: Players roll dice when their Characters use Skills to accomplish something and there is a chance of failing. Unable to open Target Number Difficulty the library.” can involve watching other Characters in combat. As the divides Azamar uses game play that breaks up the role-playing between race and station distort. labeled as Derisians. The TN provides the sum needed for a successful roll. the setting is Azamar. A Setting is hE aME a specific environment or greater climate for a game. A battle broke out. and started a conspiracy to return Zintar from Very Difficult 31 his imprisonment. The sum of the rolled dice then compares against a Difficulty Rating. 13 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Scenes are places where of the world around us.

or otherwise creative thinking. normally the to determine the degree of the failure. staying in Character. exert significant effort. The typical Cinema Point reward for an Episode is three this is a failed roll. perseverance. Using a Wild Die in game play dramatically changes the dice mechanic and game play experience. CiNEMa POiNTS As a Player plays through games. Cinema Points provide the raw material for improving a Character. This die is your Wild Die. Very Difficult: Characters must own a level of expertise. solving a puzzle. Every time a roll occurs. The Experience Value of an opponent relates directly to the difficulty of prevailing over that Character in combat. if the roll results in a six (6). the Player rolls again. Earning Cinema Points During an Episode. design. a GM may reward a Cinema Point to a Player for a successful and dramatic Roll or just for thinking outside the box. and experience training or practice in accomplishing this action successfully. Whenever a Wild Die results in a one (1) on the first roll. Whenever a Character overcomes an enemy. The GM may ask for a second roll to eight (3 . results in a one to five (1-5). a GM rewards Cinema (6) occurs. a GM rewards Cinema Points based upon the Experience Value of the defeated opponent. and own complete mastery in an area to successfully accomplish this action. After a defeat. How it works: Whenever a Wild Die results in a six (6) on the first roll. and generally for surviving. Epic: Characters must experience lots of luck. Below is a chart that assists in assigning Cinema Points for defeated opponents based on the methods used for defeat. and or color. and personal growth. concentrate. as well as any following time a six At the end of every Episode. A GM may reward a Cinema Point to a Player for Role Playing extremely well during the Episode. Points to all Players for their progress in the story. Players spend Cinema Points during Game Sessions. Moderate: Most Characters must concentrate and have some degree of natural talent or some training to accomplish this action successfully. Difficult: Characters must concentrate. select one die different from the others. and a significant experiential background in accomplishing this action successfully.8) Cinema Points per Player. When choosing not to use the Wild Die. Cinema Points are the most important aspect of a Character’s development and survival. differentiating it by size. teamwork. Using a Wild Die provides the potential for Cinema Point spending reduction during game play by creating an avenue for re-rolling. the failure is significant. a GM rewards Cinema Points to all Characters in the party. ThE WiLD DiE An Optional Feature to c6 is the concept of the Wild Die. and exert some effort in accomplishing this action successfully. Heroic: Characters must expend significant effort and concentration. as well as to improve every aspect of a Character between Episodes. but can still fail. The concept of a Wild Die derives from the basic principles of a Wild Card in a card game. the GM should reward more Cinema Points during game play. If the second roll number is a blanket amount unless one Player does 14 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Method of Defeat Killed (Slain) Outwitted (Deceived) Converted (Persuasion) Obviated (Tactics) Captured Estimated Value x1 x2 x3 x2 x3 . they earn Cinema Points to represent experience.DiFFiCULTY RaTiNGS Easy: Most Characters can accomplish this action without significant difficulties. Each six (6) adds to the total sum of a roll. the failure is marginal. have a modicum of luck. The GM determines the outcome of the failure. exert significant effort and concentration.

motor skills and situations that call for grace under pressure. A GM Attributes. Strong Advantage +3d and Throw.something extraordinary during an Episode. Pick Pocket. which if distributed evenly creates an Average Character. Heavy Good advantage +2d Weapons. this is when Strength becomes vital to your longevity. Skills provide a more unique and detailed way to better customize each Character than 15 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . If you need help by a Character Feature typically involves rolling two or with interpreting the dots on the Character Record. In some cases. a Spending Cinema Points Player with three dice (3d) in Strength wants a Character If a Player chooses to spend a Cinema Point during an to Climb a wall. Push-Pull. it is for Improving a Character.4d) in a given Skill. and Swim. this is from Strength. A GM may set Advantages for one of ThE FiVE ATTRibUTES the Players in the Opposed Roll given the context of the Dexterity situation as needed. A tie requires a re-roll. or activate a Character Feature. but has no dice score in the Climb Skill. activating a Character Feature provides a magical effect or a body weapon. Whether you crash through a wall or square off against your arch nemesis. ! ! ! ! 4d or four dice OppOSED ROLLS ! ! ! ! ! 5d or five dice When a Character takes action against another. Dodge. If a )! 1d or one die Player chooses to spend Cinema Points between Episodes. The higher roll wins. Climb. An Average Attribute is three dice (3d). Improving a Character ! ! 2d or two dice involves increasing Skills & Attributes. Characters begin the game with one die (1d) in every Attribute and ten dice (10d) to distribute among the five (5) Attributes. Strength is the Parent Attribute for the Skills: Vitality. at least one of the dice rolled is always a see the below chart. please more dice (2d6. always a “Wild Die”) die and add the result to the current the attached Skill intent is Climb. Stamina. Episode. “Wild Die”). if one is easily Attributes are the core elements of how a Character interacts with a story. Persona This Attribute determines whether your Character is likeable. or for completing a major quest or Character succeeding with a three to four dice score (3d story premise. . how one is received by others. Sneak. they lose one (1) Cinema Point and one of two The GM instructs the Player to roll the three dice (3d) things can happen. may also create special rewards for completing a group of An Average roll during game play revolves around a Episodes. Jump. Lift. Athletics. and these have Dot Representation Number of Dice specific rules and guidelines associated with them. a dice score below three dice (<3d) is a Below Average Attribute. as a Season. Melee. The bonus applied for Azamar uses dots to represent dice. Ranged. Brawl. Riding. This Attribute dictates your base Initiative. a dice score above three dice (>3d) is an Above Average Attribute. the speed of Opposing your physical prowess. since it is the parent Attribute however. buying new ! ! ! 3d or three dice Features. See the Characters Development Section for more information. you get to roll at least one (1d6. Dexterity is the Parent Attribute Small Advantage +1d for the Skills: Initiative. AbOUT ATTRibUTES Strength This Attribute dictates your Hit Points and Move. Grapple. including tasks that involve handSituation Modifier eye coordination. At no time should an Attribute roll occur absent of an attached Skill intent. The Character Record roll. For example. and modifying other stats. both ! ! ! ! ! ! 6d or five dice Players make Opposed Rolls.

Intellect is a Parent Many Skills have Skills Specializations representing a Attribute for the Skills: Academics. Aptitude is the Parent Attribute for the Skills: Communication. The derived stats for characters are Hit Points. Languages. Scorpion Dart Specializations. Initiative. Catapult. Search. Persuasion. Business. Security. Gambling. Initiative and Vitality increase like Skills. Two-Weapon • Pick Pocket . • Specializations: Axe. and Specializations. Medicine.Use to do complex physical maneuvers. Below is a quick list of Skills and possible Law. Piloting. and utilize some a Character comfortably and naturally understands what martial arts. DERiVED STaTS • Specializations: Feigning Arrows. Move. Engineering. Survival.Use for personal theft. Culture. (whether genuine or not). Vitality increase independent of any Attributes.Use it to kick. focused area. Intimidation. • Specializations: Bump and grab. Initiative. Persona is the Parent Attribute AbOUT SKiLLS for the Skills: Artisan. Swipe and Run • Ranged . Thrown Weapons. trebuchets and Character Creation Hit Points. • Dodge .Use for firing bows or other ranged . • Specializations: Boxing. a high score in Aptitude reflects that • Brawl .Use for avoiding any attack. or whether an effective • Vitality: Used to absorb and resist damage when hit. How well were they schooled? Do they may desire taking with a Character while in Azamar. understanding.Use for ballistae. Politics. This Attribute represents a knack in operating. 16 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) • Melee . Martial Arts. and performing often more mechanical • Specializations: Acrobatics. Tactics. Azamar is comprehensive and covers the breadth of Character actions available to players. Long Sword. First Aid. • Move: The number of spaces a Character can move in a Round.trusted. Dexterity Skills Aptitude • Athletics . others normally require training to understand. have a sharp wit that allows survival? Intellect reflects how quickly a Character’s mind processes information SKiLL SpECiaLiZaTiONS during critical moments of stress. and other heavy weapons. and Vehicle Weapons. Navigation. and Hit Points increase using a constant Thrower cost. Dagger. Claws Demolitions.Use for swinging or parrying with a weapon. • Initiative: How quickly you or your group react in combat. and Vitality. Persona also determines how well a Character interacts on a Magical level. punch. Fencing Move. Improvised Weapon. Streetwise. Derived Stats • Hit Points: How much damage a Character may suffer before death. Empathy. Move increases like Skill • Specializations: Ballista. Command. Finesse or technical tasks with technology and the surrounding world. Balance. After • Heavy Weapons . and The list of Skills included with the basic Character in Willpower. The This Attribute measures the academic and mental capacity following Skills cover the majority of actions any Player of a Character. Development Intellect of more general Skills with Azamar is intentional. leader. Deception. Players should only calculate these four character stats at Character Creation. Operate. Typically.

Poison • Swim . subterfuge. Sword hand • Intimidation . High Jumping • Lift . • Specializations: Frighten. aquatic. • Specializations: Diplomacy. • Specializations: Inspire. • Specializations: Crossbow. Orchisian. Rock • Jump .Use for throwing any object • Specializations: Dagger. Weth • Sneak . Short Bow. Chel’Ehtram (Ancient Tre’uoall). Improvised Weapon. Strong Current Persona Skills • Artisan . Impersonation.Use for avoiding detection by others. Immyrian.weapons.Use for identifying the motives of others. Anteprofidian (Ancient). • Specializations: Cards. Long Bow. Darkness. Sniping • Riding . Enfri. Drawing. 17 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) • Specializations: Drinking. Diving.Use to appear menacing to others.Use to lift objects much heavier than is comfortable or normal.Use to interpret ancient and modern artwork.Use to act longer.Use to jump. Traditional (Trade Language).Use to direct and inspire others through the tide of battle. • Specializations: Cold water.Use to push or pull an object and apply momentum and torque. Shrave.Use to charm or convince others to see a point of view. Tre’uoall • Persuasion .Use to swim through water. Mediation. • Specializations: Cliffhanging. Hold Breath. • Specializations: Improvised Wheels • Grapple . • Specializations: Azamarien Horse. vertically or a combination of both. • Specializations: Silence. Threaten • Languages .Use for wrestling and subduing an opponent. dance and music. and increase tolerance to ales and wines. lying. and trickery of others.Use for games of chance. resist certain poisons or diseases. Dice.Use for riding on flying. Objective • Deception . horizontally. • Specializations: Restraint. or landbased mounts. Forleen (Wyvine). Infernox (Inferium Trade Language). • Specializations: Angwis (Dragon). Dance. .How well one learns other languages and how many languages are already known.Use for coercing. or create art including acting. • Specializations: Long Leaping. Strapping • Push-Pull . Ice. Sculpting • Command . Deep water.Use to scale a vertical surface. Holding Still • Throw . Gyet. • Specializations: Acting. Short Sword Strength Skills • Climb . • Specializations: Levers. Long Con • Empathy . • Specializations: Forgery. Martial Art • Stamina . Psychology • Gambling .

Use for applying and understanding charts and maps.Use for understanding local politics. Throng • Medicine . Pulley Systems . manufacture. Tourniquet. • Specializations: Enfri Gadgets. Resist Manipulation. • Specializations: Enfri. • First Aid . • Specializations: Investigate. Tundra • Tactics . Bartering • Culture . Immyr. Sneak. Ring. Spy. adapt and live in the wilderness. and determining routes. Democratics. Manufacture • Engineering . Mathematics History. Resist Fear.Use to change. • Specializations: Aristocracy. and generally when searching for anything.Use for creating. Seduce • Willpower . Military. Forest.• Specializations: Pressure. • Specializations: Close Quarters. Rogue’s Guild 18 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) • Survival . • Specializations: Networking.Use for conducting research or recalling specific knowledge.Use Search against Pick Pocket. Improvised Repair. Tracking • Streetwise . Stabilizing.Use to design. Triage • Navigation .Use to communicate effectively at long range.Use for interacting with criminals and navigating the underworld of crime. Listen. • Specializations: Cartography. Orienteering • Operate . placing.Use for bargaining and conducting business.Use for understanding local laws and customs. • Specializations: Appraisal. Orc. recognizing. and repair complex devices or mechanisms with lots of moving parts. • Specializations: Azamar City. Tre’uoall. • Specializations: Arrange. Logic.Use to identify bonuses against enemies in combat or understand the enemy better. • Specializations: Desert. Smoke signal. Wand Intellect Skills • Academics . Science • Business . Bargain. Mounted.Use for applying advanced medicinal practices.Use for stabilizing someone in an emergency. Espionage • Search . Magic Devices. • Specializations: Bandaging. Staff. Triage. Schematics. Surgery • Politics . Mountain. Symbology • Demolitions .Use to operate a device or complex machine without an understanding of its innards. Ancient History. • Specializations: Herbalism. Autocracy. • Specializations: Hooded lantern. • Specializations: Alchemy. identifying location. • Specializations: Fix. • Specializations: Amulet. Grazen.Use to activate for magic foci weapons and resist another’s will. Defuse. Wyvine • Law . and detonating explosives.Use for understanding other cultures. Dungeoneering. Vehicle Aptitude Skills • Communications .

Galleon. Sneak allows you run at great speeds. Clever in a situation and unarmed it is time to put up your dukes throwing involves understanding how an object will and make sure you are the last one standing. You dive for cover! When the action gets intense this skill STRENGTh SKiLLS is critical in staying alive. hidden. direct shots with a hand bow.Use for understanding and applying security. as well as a range of handwielded weapons. Melee When you have run out of arrows and all you have on you is a trusty blade. or moves on the ground. the skill of Athletics. Throw it involves blocking. Mounted Heavy Crossbow From the ballista to the trebuchet. No matter Athletics what the difficulty. Wyvine Clipper • Security . then you are using maintain control. • Specializations: Cannon. which is especially Dodge useful with explosives. The art of stealth is essential to survival. Melee covers attacks and parrying. punishment.Use for firing weapons from a ship or vehicle. or shooting your opponents from a distance with a longbow. sometimes we have to do it.• Piloting . aquatic. and complex. kicking and some martial arts. • Specializations: Escapism. sometimes the creatures will have Whether diving through the air with grace or are able to ideas of their own. do complex physical maneuvers. Wagon. improvised. Pick Pocket Stealing. The act of brawling covers a lot more than just punching. Ranged Whether you prefer up close and personal. whether you are rolling for yourself or for a group. DEXTERiTY SKiLLS Initiative This is how quickly you react. Melee is the skill to use. aim. Traps • Vehicle Weapons . Vitality Heavy Weapons 19 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Used to determine how much damage. your method of choice uses this skill. Using Athletics will help your Character get in and escape from situations no ordinary Sneak person could conceive. it is sometimes vital to go first in Riding order to survive potential casualties. However. Whether flying. bounce and where it will go afterwards. it justifies the Pick Pocket skill that covers most actions involving any sleight of hand. When The ability to throw an object uses this skill. This skill helps overall in avoiding detection by Brawl others. Evasion. Most Heavy Weapons are complex machines and may need quick repairs. agree with it or not. or are creeping through the darkness only armed with a dagger. or land-based. • Specializations: Air Ship. and fire. and . and when avoiding sentries or similar countermeasures.Use to drive just about anything that flies. floats. Lockpicking. that is not a mount. Mounted Ballista. to more personal large weapons. and add a little flavor when swinging to move without detection or conceal an item so it remains a sword. and that is when the best Riders can pull off death-defying physical feats. the Riding skill dictates your control over riding creatures. Dodging an attempt to attack will help avoid harm. simple. all of them demand fast hands and hard work to maneuver. familiarity with a Heavy Weapon will only help in this cause.

Swim If you are battling a raging rapid or swimming a long distance. 20 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . horizontally. such as pushing open a door that is stuck. This skill allows you to lift objects much heavier than is comfortable or normal. Jump will often determine the difference between life. and understanding the basics behind momentum and torque to aid in this task allows you to push or pull a normally stationary object to some advantage. torture. or similar effects. Grapple Being able to bring your opponent into a submissive hold can always help prevent an undesired action. A high stamina allows you to act longer as well as resist certain poisons or diseases. Climb Used when your Character scales a vertical surface that requires a bit of skill or when under stress. or serious bodily harm. Push-Pull The raw skill behind pushing or pulling an object to get it moving. the art of Grappling may come in handy when the situation calls for it. Stamina Your endurance is essential. As well. vertically or a combination of both. Lift While brute strength alone is a good thing to have. Vitality determines how long a Character can stay conscious due to pain. including an increased tolerance to ale and wine. Whether you are jumping from vehicle to vehicle. Unlike brawling. Swim determines how long the Character can survive before succumbing to fatigue or cramping. rooftop to rooftop or sprinting through some hazardous terrain. death. the instinct that guides you through lifting an object so you will not hurt yourself is a better idea. Jump This determines the distance a Character can clear in a jump.suffering a Character can absorb before losing Hit Points.

or just understand and identify small white resources and time at your disposal. Resisting another’s will to dominate you or pressing yourself Deception to move on is a trait vital to survival. role-playing during the scenario is encouraged. to offend your guest due to ignorance. and intimidation. such as using Magic through Willpower. you use Gambling. use Persuasion. 21 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Languages. Language barriers often An artistic flare or a well-trained eye can help interpret hinder encounters between people. Use Deception when a Character wishes of your ability to resist that breaking point. or a squadron of experienced mercenaries. but the well traveled ancient works of art as well as modern ones. Did you attend school? How far did your wishes to reveal the truth from others. history. INTELLECT SKiLLS Empathy Academics The need to recognize the truth in others is imperative and any good interrogator will use it to navigate around A background rich in Academics will benefit any the Deceptions of others. or when another. Culture may also aid you in negotiations where if the situation were sensitive. Gambling Betting a small fortune requires using the Gambling skill as well as a lot of luck. or fast-talk their way out of using supernatural abilities. fun. Culture What is the difference between our cultures? Those with a high rating in Culture know what to look for to find those Sometimes in order to get your way you have to make differences. persuasion. etiquette. Use Willpower to conceal their own motives. depends on your familiarity with the particular field. may act as a bonus to another skill. determines the number of fluent languages your Character understands. recognize emotional Character advance? Depending on a situation and the reactions. Intimidation Business The art of business and understanding the local economy uses this skill. point of view. Inspiring a legion of troops just before battle is no easy Persuasion feat. governs artistic areas such as acting. Being able to decipher good Business decisions from bad and using your Business shrewdness. the mind and physical body are at others to obtain information often find employment as risk of reaching a breaking point. blend into a crowd. the use of Academics lies. Use Empathy when a Character Character. literature occurs when you wish to appear menacing to the point and religion. those with Command can often influence the tide of Willpower battle. Those who make a living by deceiving strenuous conditions. Exert supernatural The act of subterfuge or tricking those around you is a trait abilities. Willpower is a measure mercenaries.PERSONa SKiLLS Artisan Languages Knowing more than one language can help especially on a large world like Azamar. Those who whisper that fortune favors the bold may be onto something and taking risks can be rewarding or devastating. lie to others. dance and music. Everyone starts with at least Command one native language. Under possessed by many. or addictive. Whether it is a platoon of rag-tag When you wish to charm or convince someone to see a militiamen. you would not want where it breaks the will of opponents. impersonate when resisting con. a situation. This skill often know how to recognize mannerisms and dialects. Whether professional. Culture indicates your awareness and study of those around you feel uncomfortable. Intimidation a culture’s preference with art. those gifted with Command seem to pull off amazing inspirational speeches.

Politics can pull off. Long-range communications complex understanding of local laws. and have Survival an understanding of what lies along the destined route. Operate Survival is the ability to live in the harshest of terrains. Use Search to counter Pick Pocket. from when perceiving clues. or magic. you know what to look out for and have a basic to hikes into the jungle or when venturing into dangerous mountains plagued by ogres. as the GM deems appropriate. of intent. its innards. often involve smoke signals. While the hand-eye coordination involved when carrying out the preferred methods vary. and species. you are able to predict by Streetwise. Medicine Demolitions From applying medicinal herbs to performing surgery. other Skills. the more complex the explosives you can and key figures in more regionalized Politics. sizes. hooded lanterns. Tricks of the trade learned here come Navigation through their knowledge and networks. Sneak. but mastered by few. influence your dealings with local authority figures that Engineering are giving you a hard time or knowing the proper people A high skill rating in Engineering will allow a Character to to bribe when a situation gets sticky. You are using Operate to easily identify and Tactics control a machine without the worry of understanding Gaining the upper edge over your opponent is a trait every little aspect of how it works. The better you are in Politics allows you knowledge of local people in office Demolitions. Deep down in every being’s core is the essence of survival. perform basic maintenance and repairs to major overhauls Search to any device or mechanism with lots of moving parts. from a simple pulley practiced by many. Rumors also emerge from every corner. Depending on your Navigation. First Aid covers the intense concentration and Criminals come in all shapes. Survival is the ability to change. adapt and live off your Sometimes you can just walk up and comfortably Operate a device or complex machine without an understanding of surroundings.Law Communications Styles of law enforcement vary from place to place. The more attuned the criminal the more informed they would become when The ability to get from Point A to Point B is not a feat for the word gets out. their upbringings typically the task of stabilizing someone in an emergency. and food consumption. the timid. the knowledge of Medicine and using it properly can spell the Knowing how to place explosives and time detonations is a craft not easily mastered but highly sought after. Piloting ApTiTUDE SKiLLS 22 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Those gifted with a high Piloting skill are able to control a ship or vehicle as if it were an extension of their will. Using The ability to Communicate effectively is essential during Law. Having a team of engineers at your disposal will help (when used for impersonating others). While Medicine covers the knowledge of drugs and surgery Streetwise techniques. and observing changes. the distance and time. spotting First Aid danger. The art of Navigation allows you an adequate and the chances of you hearing it first will be determined knowledge of charts and understanding of magnetic north. identifying details. those experts in the field of Demolitions have Politics little trouble finding employment. to a complex against your opponents to add a bonus to Initiative or machine created for producing light without fire. Use Tactics system used to raise and lower a drawbridge. and generally lower the overall difficulty. Regardless difference between life and death. start on the street. Deception. .

They boast an open-minded nation where all are welcome. If we do not recognize what each of us offers. The Enfri are a race of inventive. smoking weeds. Those understanding how security works are able to slip by undetected and possess unique talents. directly Firing guns on a ship or vehicle takes a lot of coordination connected to and descended from the High Dragons. Piloting is the ability to drive just about anything that flies or moves on the ground. short folk. though their homes are smaller than is suitable for most guests. honor. and the Urbane). The Shrave live in the molten depths of the Inferium. and Across the lands of Azamar live many creatures. The various races their race has its roots on the Western coast of Olm. as well as pass a magically executed test. the Immyr. humility. The Wyvine society is seafaring at its heart.Pilots can find employment easily everywhere and often love their chosen trade for the rush and the freedom of traveling. as these creatures are the Humanoid races. that value augments the Pilot’s roll. the Full Bloods. claiming birthrights to an especially large region beneath the surface. and the Wyvine. Yet they apply very different techniques in eliminating potential threats. individuals and items is highly sought after everywhere. Their claims go unverified. Amongst tradition. While Orcs are also humanoid. the Tre’uoall. These races include the Enfri. and training. far below any other Vehicle Weapons race. and those that live in cities do so in groups or in special areas to segregate them from the rest of the population. the Humans (who are divided into three groups: the Bu’Col. who dwell primarily in the Inferium. peace-loving people who populate Wyvine travel great distances to experience the finest in most of Azamar. who value adventure and experience as much as a good 23 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Ambassador to Olm ThE PEOpLE OF AZaMaR The Tre’uoall live dispersed by hate. but most prefer to remain in the safety and comfort of augments your Vehicle Weapons. ten course supper. Security The security of information. we shall fall. RaCES “It is in variety that Azamar knows true strength. Their kind remains elusive and ancient. If a ship or vehicle has a Maneuverability rating. and can trace a long lineage back. but truly know they are not. Those who wish to dodge enemy fire while Piloting a vehicle use their Piloting skill. Full-Blooded Humans are rare. more than any wars afflicting Azamar’s past. Enfri. somewhat fool hearted folk. The Urbane are of those Humans who believe they are FullBlooded. The Bu’Col are of those Humans whose bloodlines directly involve Tre’uoall. FullBlooded Humans hold an especially strong connection with magic and the Blur. who above all else value courage. their homes deep in the Inferium. A ship’s The Shrave population is massive and they outnumber weapons may contain a Fire Control rating which most other civilizations in Azamar by about three to one. Those proficient in using Vehicle Weapons are able to fire a vessel’s weapons accurately. The Wyvine are a race of warriors and scholars. The Immyr are a race of rugged. compassion.” . The Humans are a scattered race. Many represent the thinking.Zee’Get Wazzle. high appetite. Use Security when a Character intends to avoid Sentry patrols or similar countermeasures. Security patrols and sentries are often found in every corner and can be dangerous. the Shrave. the other races do not consider them equals due to their territorial nature and inability to negotiate for peace when approached. Their kind live in small communities far from most cities.

They stand Restriction : Due to their small size. Each year. and do little traveling in cold weather. black or brown. avoiding politics and war. Enfrin Stout Ale. homeland of the Enfri. and Executions are DR Heroic. which they prize above all others. Enfri. but there are misconceptions about their machines as Magical due to ignorance. today. Enfri scarcely commit to a war. and darker shades of skin. It is by their sacrifice that we survive them. the around them. and raw the continent of Abalos. especially those of the Tre’uoall or Wyvine. keeping their explorations and vacations to Homeland : Abalos warmer seasons. and Archivists. some have taken up becoming thieves. however. Engineer to large cities. Farmers. steed less carriages. Engineers. and weaponry.Carridol Fenn. due to their knack with locks and complex devices.ENFRi as such. The Enfri Background : The Enfri are a peaceful race originating from export small traveling devices. the Urbane. It is because of an Enfri invention that the Azamar capital city has running hot and cold water in the royal palace without the aid of Magic. The Enfri enjoy the finest foods and beverages. rivers. contains many rolling hills between the world of the Humans. Known for their love of festivals materials such as lumber and unrefined ores. Enfri have darker. They often use small pack animals as mounts. and an identity among the Tre’uoall people. many Enfri make a pilgrimage to the Hall of Memories where they do research and on the archives of the experiences chronicled by the Wyvine across many centuries. Bu’Col: “These distant relatives to the Tre’uoall struggle Abalos. however Main Attribute : Aptitude when they have done so. they are encouraged to explore Outlook: their imagination. and finding and small mountain ranges as well as lakes.” the Enfri people live carefree lives in and amongst the other races. gray or brown eyes. 24 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . fame and last of the Humans are the reason Azamar remains safe adventure. made from wools and cottons. Enfri wear light clothes.” the other races on Azamar. as well as towards inventions to make daily living easier for all the people of Azamar. Enfri choose to explore the world Full-Blooded Humans: “While an endangered people. Scientists. they are extremely effective and Senescent Age : ~300 years proficient. layered for colder climates and wearing less for warmer. Most Enfri make capable engineers and researchers. hair. and wacky inventions such as flying machines. savoring them with unusually large appetites. Most Enfri will go the extra mile in acquiring unique food and wines. so Enfri are cautious when introducing them. and keep amiable relationships. They live in small townships. height and weigh-in near Human children. Enfri apply their communal knowledge towards the development of innovative and new machines. They cannot extensive caverns. The Enfri are non-judgmental towards embrace an identity until they embrace themselves. preferring them . Enfri prefer peaceful existences. leaving home to seek wealth. The Enfri move all the races of Azamar forward in thinking. Sneak Attacks are DR on average from a third to a half of Human average Difficult. enjoying both the privacy and freedom.

Archivist and Researcher Urbane: “I wouldn’t trust an Urbane diplomat as far as I could throw ‘em. Smoke Weed Farmer Shrave: “Yeah. The newest city. Traggart. I feel sorry for them and help out whenever I am able. Just be sure that when they are grumpy. and Explorers. if you meet an Immyr within your travels. magical weapons. and they tend to channel their nerves through a war cry. eh?” . Background : Miners. they tend to speak when nervous.Heth Vinch. the Immyr [im-meer] Dwarves primarily work and live beneath the ground.” . All Sneaking difficulties are one higher than normal (DR +1). architecture. Path of the Asceromancers IMMYR Homeland : Loragaarn Main Attribute : Strength Senescent Age : ~500 years Restriction : Immyr are just not quiet folk. Seamstress Wyvine: “I met a Wyvine once. Diplomat Immyr: “These guys build some really. They are a noble race who have fallen under negative scrutiny only because Zintar was once one of them. Its for certain.Uridoom Riltton. The Immyr are a strong people known for their endurance. Enfri. Enfri.. Explorer Tre’uoall: “Most of what is said about the Tre’uoall is not true. is under construction below the North Eastern mountains on the continent of Azamar.Filligree Risth.” .” . just south of Dorissit. rarely taking time to go to the surface. Definitely got the Dragon in them. you remain within their good graces.” .Dit Somdark.Kraat Silvershaker.Cullighan Wuld. Hailing from the Inferium (the cavernous underground) the Immyr have major cities under every continent. who recounted many acts of heroic deeds in battle. Smiths. Truly a fearless race. Enfri. 25 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Enfri Wizard. And ya know its not too far. Enfri. really neat underground cities! Worth befriending. The Immyr are very secretive about Traggart since the main goal of this Immyr Stronghold is to rid the Wild Lands of the Orcish threat. I remember seeing one of them at some official estate ceremony a long time ago. She was part of a heavily armed group of mercenaries who were traveling north through Krane on their way to Dorissit. Soldiers. She was a fantastic storyteller.

Immyr speak an old dialect called Immyrian. . the Immyr also export their Ale. Ale Smith Bu’Col: “They struggle for the very nature of their souls. Many of those who do not understand Immyrian call it “Rock Biter”. They tend to be heartier than Humans and more rugged. in numbers by the thousands. While the Immyr do not dispute the claims of the Humans about the Tre’uoall. They are dangerous and should only be attacked when we have numbers.Oberhon Hewn. and they live lavishly with food. they escape and return for vengeance in the night. I do not look forward to the day there remains only one. Immyr. Besides the export of jewels.” .” . only a handful are concerned about their own well-being.and strong ales.Kalhzar Renderalimb. . Most are reasonable within a small group.Nerin Doomhammer.Kamehen Rockbiter. Immyr. Their eye and hair color ranges are just as diverse. else. Keep in mind the Enfri can get into places most cannot. preferring to live beneath it in the Inferium. An old Immyr tradition is designing small. some of whom even remember the Fracturing. they play at foul games to survive the impending doom of the future… while the true Humans go extinct. Immyr.” . Stoneshaper Clan Tre’uoall: “Thieves and liars. they seclude themselves back in their strongholds amongst their own kind after having complete their Urikuak…whatever they call It. Immyr prefer comfort to vanity. while they do not make good wizards. clothes. Elemental Enfri: “These little people have the biggest hearts in all of Azamar. a highly intoxicating drink.Rex Jewelcrusher. Prince to Crown of Loragaarn Shrave: “These creatures lurk in the dark.Ragen Stoneshaper. Warrior Wyvine: (While intoxicated) “Wyvine’s are a lot like us. Most can be trusted but do not take them for granted. Ha!” . but similar in weight. Immyr. The Immyr live in parallel with the Blur. they do nothing. and stone from the mines. Often having trouble dealing with non-Wyvine. Immyr often wear fine jewelry and expensive clothes. is rich. the nearextinction of the human race. In some cases these puzzles were ornate and magical and always held a prize. extremely tough people. despite its location in the Inferium. they are all capable of utilizing their closeness with Magic to infuse objects with Magical effects. Their civilization. I say we toast them to their struggle. Immyr. and other luxuries. The Immyr are a long-lived. as spoken it sounds like a mouthful of gravel. wearing arms and armor in times of war or when performing guard duties.Stern Stonefury. and toast them again to ease the pain along the way. Immyr. Immyr are about one-half to three-quarters the height of average Human.” 26 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . these cowards prefer to hide in their forests and refuse to accept responsibility for one of the greatest tragedies in Azamar’s history. Stonecutting Apprentice Outlook: Full Blooded Humans: “These folk survive by little more than the hair on their chins. Immyr rarely visit the mainland of Azamar. Zurn Cutter Urbane: “Liars and braggards. so when traveling they go with sensible options.” . the Immyr do not hold the entire race accountable for the event. ore. extremely complex puzzles for their children and then presenting them with these items when returning from long digs. a large number of Wyvine gathered together can often turn… *hic!* chaotic without any warning. Immyr. a proud race of great warriors.

While though they rarely adorn their fare.” do not trust others. Scouts. but do not Azamar amongst any race willing to tolerate them. Some understand that at one time we were all but a single people. Nauvowl Trainer and High the other races and therefore no longer true Tre’uoall. as well as alchemical to nature. thus are closer to the Blur.Nu’ern Pahl.Tre’uoall live in harmony with all things. Assassins. Even the youngest of the Tre’uoall can instinctually detect very powerful magical events at great distances. considered the best at binding magic with metal. Bowyer and Fletcher wares. especially the full-blooded humans of Azamar. fearing that Humans will one day attempt genocide on the Tre’uoall. instead dwelling throughout the land of Bu’Col: “They cling so hard to their roots. they choose to sell it for high prices. which is considered a great blessing for one of their kind since such Senescent Age : ~1. though this was never confirmed. Willpower DR Outlook: Moderate. the Urbane: “It seems they wish they were something else. Full Blooded Human: “Our long lost cousins do not see the Background : Considered primitives and untrustworthy by role they play in things to come. or suffer Damage: 1d + 36.800 years a feature is considered magical in nature. Modern Tre’uoall possess . a Tre’uoall feels it and must survive the experience. a handful there are some Tre’uoall metalworkers. A Tre’uoall prefers lighter clothes and natural fabrics. passes. the Tre’uoall are not trusted or considered wise.” the Tre’uoall bear the blame for starting the war against Zintar and his army of Fiends. Tre’uoall. the poverty stricken districts of various Human cities. Thieves. A Tre’uoall always hides magical talent of any kind due to the existing prejudices towards them as well as those who generally fear magic. When a Corruption Event brews. so shall we all. rarely traveling en masse. Tre’uoall normally have blue or Main Attribute : Persona green eyes. Tre’uoall. They view them as domesticated by . Swordchanter no main city. primarily having hair for eyebrows and head hair which they grow long and often braid. Despite their spiritual closeness and long lives. occurs. They do find refuge in the Immyr lands of Loragaarn. While they wear clothes made from plant life. They are similar in height to Humans. Archon Hunters. Tre’uoall are pervasively excellent at hiding and remaining quiet while moving in the wilderness as most of them are at least sensitive to the vibrations of the Blur. If the last of the Full Bloods other races. even their own “cousins” who choose to live in the cities. some bear tattoos. or when many lives are taken at once. A Tre’uoall tends to have skin shades similar to Humans. Tre’uoall often move in small to moderately-sized nomadic groups. but only we remember now. and Mystics.Fischelt Preysce. live in the forests and establish small communities. close Wine. and close to animals. Most Tre’uoall have little body hair. and rumors even exist of a far away realm where the Tre’uoall still have a nation. which is always affected by any use of Magic. however Homeland : Nomadic much thinner on average. They rarely have silver or golden eyes. which 27 TRE’UOaLL Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Tre’uoall export Restriction : Tre’uoall are naturally empathetic beings.

the Wyvine remained in Olm and its people have learned to be more cautious when planning military strategies instead of relying on sheer numbers. you will never meet a more loyal folk. Order of the Veil Enfri: “However kind they may be.Aaranown Dre’vissit. but fail to see their own potential. and must spend five (5) Cinema points at Character Creation to be Blur Touched. the Wyvine fleet decimated.” .” . The massive Wyvine fleet set its sights on the kingdom of Azamar. The quest took us all over Azamar. Background : This proud race of warriors was once able to amass a large naval fleet and conquer new territories.Asna Qilles. dedicated to perfecting Wyvine Military Theory. but respect their views and the peaceful lives they have crafted for themselves amongst all this turmoil and unrest. they could do so much good.” Senescent Age : ~300 years . Sword Chanter Restriction : Wyvine cannot innately use Magic. I pity their failed existence. An entire wing within the Hall of Memories exists. I have the honor now of calling them friends.Elreen Leafthurn. Tre’uoall. As warriors. Tre’uoall. and in that heart is nothing. Priestess WYViNE Wyvine: “A rather brutish lot. Do not lend them all of your trust. the cost is forty (40) Cinema Points for becoming Blur Touched at a later point. Tre’uoall. At first they raided small coastal villages but then began expanding their borders beyond Olm. Dragonrider (unconfirmed) Shrave: “Their motives are unclear and their kindness brings trust. They dedicate themselves to war and battle is everything to them.Quadorrn Plexnoft. This is the only thing that separates them from the Orcs. they are fearsome in battle but as traveling companions.” . The battle for Azamar was quick and in the end. Tre’uoall. but they serve the heart of the ancient Dragons. Without this code. Now the Wyvine send their young warriors to visit the land of Azamar when 28 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . the set of rules they live by Main Attribute : Dexterity would cause the Wyvine society to dissolve into chaos. otherwise.they can never change. Their burden is not one I would choose to carry. Weaver Immyr: “I traveled with a group of seven Immyr mercenaries once.” . if you listen to them you will never have a turn to speak.Blasdgig Krah. Since then. as they obey a strict Homeland : Olm code of honor. Tre’uoall. but hate and fear and the suffering of magic.

Their people are proud and loyal.” . Wyvine. They shall have a day in the light. Wyvine speak in a deep dialect called Forleen. and sea going vessels of superior quality. the warrior returns to Olm. due to the massacre of their fleet. we help them whenever possible. for this alone we honor their people. recording the lessons learned from their adventures within the Hall of Memories. They are determined in battle and are quick to answer the call.embarking on their Urikuarik. Sailors. believing in life debts and honor above all else. the Wyvine (near Human) people live a life governed by a constant state of turmoil and change. they are capable of crafting many strange machines but for the most part the Enfri live undisciplined lives while avoiding focus. Immyr warriors are not to be underestimated. They officially avoid the land of Azamar. Mercenary of the Crimson Scales Outlook: Full Blooded Human: “Once they were a people who we could not conquer. Old Highway Guardian 29 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .Zorrans Kelltar. the warrior leaves in search of a life long journey to make amends for the disgracing action. at the least en masse.” . Scholar and protector of the Hall of Memories Immyr: “Our brothers in arms. as well as the knowledge of the Wyvine. Lance Prime Bu’Col: “They are formidable warriors. The Wyvine nations have waged war consistently for the past five centuries. They often choose to don the armor and weapons created by the metals of the Dwarven land of Loragaarn. Wyvine. Wyvine. Wyvine have gray or red eyes. When each Wyvine journeys from their homeland on their Urikuarik. despite the few who remain. but many years in the darkness. completely white or silver hair (which they tend to braid to stay combat ready).Maxxard Traiton.” .Nihithal Brey. They tend to travel light yet use heavier armor and weapons when they expect battle. Wyvine export arms and armor. One cannot become a true warrior as they do without having honor in their blood. whether with other people or their own.” . We honor our oath to them. and typically stand one to two heads taller than do most Humans. Wyvine. and respect their word. and Explorers by trade. Wyvine. If a warrior disgraces him or herself.” . Wyvine. Urbane: “Their words are sleek and bring warmth to the soul. very pale skin.” . there seems to be very little rhyme to their reasoning. specifically those forged in the deep mine city of Guradiin Ithural. Without honoring the trust given. Warriors.Mitteran Slace. Elemental Enfri: “While they can talk a lot. mount barding. After this completion of the ritual of inner growth. Master Armorsmith Tre’uoall: “The Tre’uoall I meet never live to tell their side of the story. we cannot honor ourselves. Most Wyvine use the best armor and weapons available to them.Durhafrell Eastreader. We keep our word now. Yes.” . Emissary to Grazen Shrave: “They kept their word for helping the great war. Wyvine. They help provide our military with the strongest of weapons in all of Azamar and in return. the inner exploration involved provides a means to selfdiscovery to expand both the inner person. Now they are a people struggling to keep their lives intact.Exavh Annik. Despite any other words of them.Lillist Ocomptram. Each Wyvine feels obligated to chronicle the journey in writing and return the tome to the great annals of the Wyvine.

Shrave appear a cross between an Orc. The Wyvine honored their alliance with the Shrave. the Shrave survived across centuries as the only race capable of feeling Full Blooded Human: “This ancient and endangered race is at home near the molten depths. though 30 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Outlook: .” their ancient alliance formed with the Wyvine Millennia . a trait they have in common with the Wyvine. Most Shrave speak the many Azamar surface languages. They when accompanied by a Wyvine. Shrave are cold-blooded humanoids who share a great deal in common with reptilians. only Bu’Col: “While they fear our kind. we will not forget though they may for centuries. and Tre’uoall. Shrave are patient and coarse. DR+2 in sunlight). lizard. where casting of each communal decision occurs. and their youth only takes place over two to three decades.ShRaVE Homeland : Inferium Main Attribute : Intellect Senescent Age : ~1. sharing the similarly instinctual bond that Orcish-kind still use. and suffer blindness in sunlight. but treat it with reverence and caution. Special: All Shrave have Claws that deal Strength + 1d (3) Damage through Brawl. though they wear clothes when dealing with outsiders. They tend to go without apparel due to the comfort and warmth of the molten depths. The Shrave are an extremely communal race. green. They have a natural affinity with magic. though this gift takes many decades of training. somehow avoiding poverty and unfair treatment. Warrior Caste ago. This leaves the remaining Enfri to their prejudices with the Shrave. The Shrave population is massive. using a strict caste system that provides political and social structure. and blue eyes. They have scaled brows and large ears. Humans and Tre’uoall are perhaps the only other hope for the people above. Seen as a threat by the the last hope in the final war. Search difficulties are extremely difficult in light (Search DR+1 in light. Shrave travel safely. Enfri have a similar alliance with the Shrave as the Wyvine. Shrave occasionally develop powerful immunities to very high temperatures. which tend towards similar reactions as the Humans and Tre’uoall. though on closer examination their skin is a tight weave of small iridescent scales. Each Shrave attends local councils that send representatives who carry local decisions on larger matters to the central Shrave city of Mammon. Shrave have yellow.200 years Restriction: Shrave cannot see well in bright light. they intrigue us. Shrave have ashen skin tones. Shrave sought to reignite have. They gave their lives for our Immyr. allowing them to pass into Olm. mistaking their kind for Fiend servants or Orcs. tend to attack Shrave prematurely. Background : In the depths of the Inferium. a handful have eyes that glow in low light. Shrave. like the Tre’uoall. Many Shrave have a strong relationship with wild animals. however many of the Enfri who remember the Shrave alliance have long since passed on. black. (similar to many nocturnal animals). Shrave don magical amulets to travel to the surface of Azamar to stay warm while away from the molten depths.Newnyen Ogra. the Shrave strictly avoided the upper Inferium brethren and ancestors. They have small tusks but do not use them in combat. as most Shrave live two to three centuries. In recent years.

At the GM’s discretion.” . Sentinel Caste Tre’uoall: “These people are tied to the beginnings of the world.Schimt. Wyvine Emissary Enfri: “They are a strange people who do not acknowledge normal limitations placed on the rules of magic.” . the full-blooded humans of Azamar were plentiful.” . went on to become one the most well known schools of thought for magical practice throughout the world. Shrave.Kalum. They were a race that dedicated themselves and contributed to Azamar’s culture and development as a learning center. even though they fail to see it. Shrave. Shrave. In fact.. established in the second Millennia. their culture rich and flourishing. Deep Song Priest Caste Wyvine: “They honor us with ceremony and celebration. the University of Azamar. While it is obvious. Wizard Caste Urbane: “These people are confused about the reality about them and mistake it for the freedom they so desire through pure blood.they must first pass the great trials ahead. Earth-Elemental Caste HUMaNS. Shrave. their own fate lies intertwined with the rest of Azamar. Their fortune is tied to ours.Feth. due to the extreme rarity of Full-Blooded Humans. and to the end of it. Towards the end of the Second Millennia when the threat of the Great War first started to gain momentum.Hurn Ept. only one (1) Full Blooded Human should exist per game. they do not respect us. FULL BLOODED Homeland : Azamar Main Attribute : Intellect Senescent Age : ~400 years Restriction : Humans have no specific restriction other than the fact that they are endangered. before the Fracturing.” . Warrior Caste Immyr: “While we respect the Immyr for their resilience and desire to defeat the Orcs. Shrave. Background : Before the Great War.” . At one point. We are apprehensive about our alliance with them. but continue to honor our agreement.Toorch. the Humans aligned themselves with 31 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .. Fools. Shrave. Humans represented the largest population of any race on Azamar.” . We give them wide berth at all costs to avoid a war that may lead to their demise. but are cautious to call us friend.Cherrax. and we seek an Alliance with these creatures.

they must realize the actions these people took may have dire consequences. they stand unified and are one of the only species other than us who openly welcome the return of the Tre’uoall. They have created themselves a strict code of honor and have perfected their fighting techniques over the centuries. aided by the Moonstaff.” . These hardworking peoples do not get the credit they deserve for keeping Azamar safe.the Tre’uoall and took up arms to fight against Zintar and his legion of followers. However.Sol Walker. It is imperative that the others learn from their example. who remain scattered throughout the land. Harbor Master Outlook: Bu’Col: “Good friends and allies to have on your side. Zintar’s forces brutally hunted and slaughtered those they could find. and often altogether denying their bloodline in the face of political schemes and pandering by diplomats who seek the favor of the these rare descendants. the Wyvine made no mention of their existence.” . Was it because they felt more human than Tre’uoall? Why did they suddenly choose to separate themselves from the Bu’Col? While they number only in the thousands. Nevertheless. Nikolas Bowen. despite their confidence being recently shaken by the departure of the Urbane. They wage war like no other.Karande Stilton. Human-Fullblood. I have witnessed a handful of Shrave warriors working alongside a group of Wyvine mercenaries. Suddenly.Xvonne Lordischmidt. Within the walls of the Inferium. Sadly. Some choose to remain close to the city of Azamar and its university. which was crafted for him by a powerful fiend lord. The Full Blooded population today remains at near one hundred people. is himself a Full Blooded Human and preaches unity and toleration for all the races. King of Azamar Wyvine: “Strength is not everything and even these brutish savages can see that.” . Monk Shrave: “They are mysterious beings that lurk in the shadows. It was only through the curiosity and research of the Full Blooded Human civilization that Anteprofidian magic was discovered long ago. Only a handful of survivors foresaw a prophecy unfolding before them and received warning to take what they could and flee far from the Great War. Azamar will move into a new age of prosperity. I have sworn an oath to protect them. as they once did for us. . Wizard of The Order Enfri: “They are a silly folk. Keeper of the Wizard’s Bay Urbane: “A curious. avoiding attention to their heritage. recent phenomenon whose true intentions are still unknown.Ryill Verot. a Hero shall rise and repair the damage inflicted upon the Blur.” .” .” . Full Blooded Humans often possess rare and powerful magical talents that carry with them a great burden of destiny. Human-Fullblood. When approached. Speculation remains as to why the Fracturing took so many Human lives at once.Sadie Rhizznor. Human-Fullblood.” 32 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . I have foreseen that one day. succeeded in wiping out most of the Full-Blooded Humans through the act of the Fracturing. the Derisians. Once the fabric has been restored. they have been on the front lines fending off the threat of the Orcs for untold centuries.Zimm Krhistor. spoken of only as legend. Mercenary Immyr: “The only trait that matches their courage is their stubborn nature. Apprentice Brewer Tre’uoall: “The Tre’uoall was our strongest ally during the Great War. The Lord of Azamar. allowing the Order of Wizardry to effect true change across the world. Human-Fullblood. believing it a beacon of hope. this is all they know. far from our eyes. the unthinkable happened and Zintar. Human-Fullblood. Humans today try to appear as other races. Human-Fullblood.Lord Nikolas Bowen. Human-Fullblood. As they did. but from such nonsense emerges fantastic inventions! Perhaps this is their greatest strength. but it is likely due to the closeness they possessed to magic. This will forever perplex me.

Even though their presence continues to create controversy. Once they all were Bu’Col. Dorissit Captain of the Guard Bu’Col: “These foul and dirty cousins accept the betrayal of the Treasehan fools who think the pure bloods can help them survive the coming war. away from where they can do us more harm.Thraze Dulainguid. Urbane. but they refuse to accept our hands of assistance. At least they choose to live aloft in the wylds. Halfway between the center of the High Tundra and the Sea of Black Water. considered a lower class that deals with outside races. but not our love.Poom Foraswit. avoiding the rest of the world while plotting to return to power by the blood of their ancestors. There is a wing dedicated to spell structure. Emissary at Krane Shrave: “These beasts deserve no more respect or kindness . Whenever using Persona for social interactions. food. but after the separation. They have our respect. their presence has not gone entirely unnoticed. Homeland : Azamar Main Attribute : Persona Senescent Age : ~110 years Restriction : The Urbane may be resourceful and silvertongued. Urbane enjoy fine apparel. Being that they reside within the upper levels of the Inferium. the understanding of the Blur and the rituals performed when concocting potions. The only noticeable difference is the majority of “true” Urbane have a pale complexion and striking blue eyes. however they still possess prejudices as taught to them as children. the Urbane who chose to remain in the kingdom of Azamar continue to practice their art of magic within the University of Azamar’s curriculum. the Shrave continue to spy and keep a close eye on these new “intruders” to their world.” . Background : The wealthy and resourceful Urbane family broke off from the Bu’Col two centuries ago after a bitter dispute over territories and acceptance of their Tre’uoall heritage. the difficulty is higher (Persona DR+1). Most of the Urbane moved from Azamar to their new 33 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Outlook: Full Blooded Humans: “What makes them better than us? A little blood if you ask anyone else. Urbane are quick to pass judgment on the other people of Azamar.HUMaNS (URbaNE) home and started practicing their Blood Magic in seclusion. Your typical Bu’Col tend to have more Tre’uoall features while the Urbane bloodline appears more human.” . Urbane. instead choosing to use intermediary Urbane merchants who do all the “dirty” work of trade. and are spiteful for the perception formed of their people. The Bu’Col and Urbane are difficult to tell apart to the untrained eye. We are the same. Urbane Scouts unearthed a series of chasms and decided it would be a great retreat to settle. but will rarely deal with the producers of such fine sundries. and wine. Most Urbane remain isolationists. they are still not trusted. Urbane merchants suffer the disgust and disgrace of the rest of the Urbane people. Most of the Urbane who become merchants are far more tolerable to the outside races. the Urbane retreated and became isolationists as they constructed a fortress deep within Evercrow.

Weaver Enfri: “About as useful as far as they can be thrown. Urbane. The Bu’Col align themselves with the remaining full-blooded humans and Tre’uoall even as they 34 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . and give nothing in return but words and the honor of fools.. Bu’Col warriors earned a reputation. Good for the occasional bodyguard…” . do any pleasure on the eyes.” .. They demand respect and loyalty. any you may encounter. Background : The Bu’Col tend to resemble Tre’uoall more than Fullblooded humans with a slender to lean build. they may even have an olive colored skin tone. passionate people who feel entitled to an enormous debt by the other races for the role they played in the Great War. and smellier the Shrave. DR+3 when interacting with Tre’uoall and Full Blooded Humans. The Bu’Col are a reliable. Urbane. Depending on the Bu’Col. something often regarded as arrogance.Werenthdhal Phraghis.Olef Erthicksson. Avoid. Dead and in a hole. Even farther if you use one of their machines. which is actually pretty far. Fire-Elemental HUMaNS (BU’COL) Homeland : Azamar Main Attribute : Strength Senescent Age : ~100 years Restrictions : Since the Bu’Col are the products of interbreeding between the Tre’uoall and Full Blooded Humans they are in a constant struggle between their heritage and finding themselves. Urbane.Varren Bluegray. known for their cunning and contributions to many campaigns in the fight against Zintar and his army of Fiends.Faeless Umquamadidi. or kill. Diplomat to Loragaarn Tre’uoall: “These dirt loving Sprytes ought to stay where they belong. grass eating. and can hew stone like it was butter. Hehehehe…” . Grazen Merchant Immyr: “They make excellent ales. These Shrave-loving.Trenc’ge Obeouring. Spryte huggers are the worst of all the people of Azamar.than the bile coughed up from the wastes and uncharted territories.” . Else they are louder than a Weth.” . Urbane. Vor Captain of the Guard Wyvine: “While they are dangerous opponents and demand respect while in their presence. blades. Urbane. What few I have seen. we give them none behind their backs.

A blade and heavy ball on the ends of a long reaching chain.” . A historic Bu’Col started the warrior art around a weapon called a Shea’Ahk. Bu’Col. their true destiny will certainly affect ours. They refer to the Fullbloods as “Father” and the Tre’uoall as “Mother. Their contributions to the world of Azamar largely go unnoticed by the others nations since they are more focused on waging war. our family and our way of life! For that act of treachery.” . While their skills are highly sought after. likely the servants of our Urbane cousins. Tatuaxe Immyr: “While the Wyvine study the craft of warfare. They embody it as a spirit and as a culture. assisting the Wyvine council in eradicating the dangerous Harrier population that infest the region. If they do exist they are 35 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . traveling around regions in search of food. they have since vanished and choose to practice their dark arts in secret. What are they so afraid of?” . Priest Wyvine: “A race bent on crafting War. Bu’Col wear loose clothing. serving as patrols to keep the region free of more dangerous creatures.Juhbair Thast. as they learn magic quickly perhaps due to their close relationship with the Full Blooded Humans. and their acceptance of their Tre’uoall ancestry. such as Trolls and Therians. the Immyr have perfected the deadly tools used in battle.Eamian Dade. Bu’Col. They pride themselves on smithing the best of the best. Bu’Col. Bu’Col. initiate and wage it.Unsank Tenvleng. They prefer to live in the wilderness.Rilt Saind.” The Bu’Col live scattered across the world on just about every continent. While never forgetting our heritage.” . who live in the Dama Plains of Olm. Asceromancer Tre’uoall: “Mother looks the other way as she is saddened by the treatment she received. Emissary to Olm Outlook: Full Blooded Human: “To have been fathered by the Fullbloods is both an honor and privilege.fall from grace. they encompass all of its teachings while they study. where they form small village communities that function independently from any major city state or particular nation.Isolina Keil.” Eoveen Flintburn. such as woods or leathers. Bu’Col. Bu’Col. Bu’Col. the Inferium hides many secrets but you seem to be fond of spinning tall tales. Some Bu’Col began living nomadically about a century ago.” . most fail to realize the Immyr are also a very caring and noble race. except Dragon Home and some parts of Evercrow. Emissary at Azamar City Enfri: “These “Littlefolk” create the most wondrous inventions. used for precise and powerful strikes.” .Mireah Tremast. Many Bu’Col are recruited into various Wizard factions. avoiding the harder types of armor for those using more organic materials. Many Bu’Col work along the Old highway in Olm. There is a well-known group of Bu’Col warriors. It makes me angry because she does not deserve such ridicule. Order of the Veil Urbane: “They actively chose to abandon us. Shea’Ahk High Warrior Shrave: “What are you talking about? You cannot be serious! Yes. That is why we must continue to help them whenever possible. which is now the traditional weapon of the Bu’Col people.

Following the Derisians. Within the tomes were clues to the entrance to Adrya Ampais. actually a means to another end. the small group was to follow the mountain range which the Keep of Aetern sits atop. the party journeyed to Evercrow to seek Feldspar: a powerful relic rumored to possess the power to several scrolls and books from the remnants of an ancient transport people to and from the abandoned city of Adrya Lyceum. stood before the council. Beyond the valley lies a massive Agreeing to the charge. They moved through the woods. an Mogi crept quietly along. behind the others. the inner sanctum of Adrya Ampais and secure the aid of the fabled Dragon Riders. the small as a small branch caught his cheek. The mule of Olm. approaching a crest on one side of a large valley. most of all. Dav.A FLiGhT OF DRaGONS Wyvine war scholars. who of Wyvine council members who oversaw the governance fumbled for the reins of the mule to halt. as long ago the Keep was intended as a Ampais on Dragon Home. The path of another Wyvine who had recorded a journal and Keep is an uninhabited prison once used for holding brought it to the Hall of Memories long ago. The charge: to infiltrate until now. The task given the group was in Beren stepped carefully twenty paces ahead as Dav and seeking the help of the Dragons and the Dragon Riders.” Beren dropped as fast as the wind allowed months ago by the Wyvine Council. where the of meat from a leg of some fowl. throwing Garn nearly on Dav’s heels. Within the Keep is a fabled treasure called the same path as he. caught his eye. Then something band journeyed in a race against time. 36 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . but was This path to Adrya Ampais was lost to the annals of time. knew the dire situation as it had been presented to them “Down. Following ancient scrolls Beren walked from the woods. drinking from a mug and tearing bits This assistance has come at a dire time for Olm. The massive council chamber room housed the hundreds Dav and Mogi stopped and held a signal for Garn. summoned with his companions. point of travel for the Enfri and several Wizard scholars. who was from a long line of respected bucked. North lies besieged by Therians working for a powerful Derisian Defiler. Beren. called Seibrin. swearing under his breath and enclosed clues across the breadth of Azamar. him. Their journey was not specific to the Keep. Garn rode a small mule far ancient group possessing the gift to speak with Dragons.

was a massive ironbark tree with the Keep looming in the distance. 9. 7. Height. day to be there. The Blur-Touched represents a Character’s ability to use magic. Vitality equals Strength. 6. Money. Strength. he Description. Trade. Intellect. 1. They stayed hidden An Attribute with three dice (3d) is an average for a time. and Vitality. one of brimstone and ash. let alone do anything. bent over. and bringing it to his eye. 5. Mogi gestured at them to remain and he stood. Distribute seven dice (7d) to the many Dragons at once in millennia and the vision of it Character’s Skills. T B There were so many Dragons. Weight. Along the horizon a troll visibly hurried along the opposite cliffside. their impossibly long vision and also their keen sense of then all the Skills belonging to Dexterity begin at four hearing and smell. Then they noticed the strange flock of creatures flying towards Obsalos from the distant sea to the South East. and how a Corruption Event affects the Character. Beren and Mogi stood and walked to the great tree at the top of the hill in front of them. 8. Some Characters in Azamar are Blur-Touched. (Move = Strength staring at the magnificence of the Dragons. and rushed forward to kneel just behind Beren while remaining in the tree cover. and then was quickly hushed by his friends. The Dragons just flew past. Initiative. (Vitality = Strength). access supernatural powers.” . and Aptitude). In a moment of awe. Initiative equals Dexterity. awaited their fate. handed it to Beren. 37 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) 4. Each Skill inherits the score of the was beautiful and terrifying. Chronicle. Calculate the Derived Stats: Hit Points. and Weapons. first of the Dragons were upon them. moving as if fleeing from something. They took turns looking through the glass at the spectacle. Save or spend the seven (7) starting Cinema Points for raising Skills or purchasing Character Features. ChaRaCTERS “It is on the shoulders of the young the world rests. Wyvine. Dav pulled a spyglass from a pouch and assembled it. and Veteran Characters. Race. so adding one die (1d) to Dodge increases likely smelled long before the Dragons were near and they the Dodge Skill to five dice (5d). (Hit Points= Strength x3). the (Dexterity. Persona.“Damn mule!” Garn spoke. Level (Optional). in turn awe and fear came over 2. The taint of Obaslos was distant today on the hE aSiCS wind. May the dragons look kindly upon them. replaced by a stranger scent. Dragons were known for parent Attribute. to react. Hit Points equals The Number of Strength Dice multiplied by three. so should we. the four had no idea how 3. beginning Characters.Fesper Dhal. He gasped audibly. No one had seen that Move. shaking. The four knew they were seen and dice (4d). the smell of clothes after a night around the How it works: campfire. Create the Character’s Name. Move equals Strength plus three. (Initiative = Dexterity). Proving Grounds Trainer There are two main types of Characters in Azamar. Attribute score. Get starting Equipment.” Beren spoke calmly to Mogi. “Where a troll hides. Gender. The Flight of the Dragons had begun. As Garn finished looking through the spyglass. Distribute ten dice (10d) to the five (5) Attributes them. thus if Dexterity is at four dice (4d). . It was a good + 3). also called Tyros. who gestured for the others to move forward slowly. Before them at the top of the hill.

or specific Trades.” . Human-FullBlood. As well. There are standard costs to Character Development for Traits. CORRUpTiON EVENTS A Corruption Event is when the Fabric between Azamar and any other world is disrupted.Puhctek Der. by spending twenty (20) Cinema Points to activate the inner Emergence of becoming Blur Touched.” . specific Races. to meet all the fine people of the world. such as the emergence of supernatural abilities. Urbane-Human. The long-term effects of a Corruption Event are localized and permanent damage to the Fabric that makes accessing Magic by most individuals completely impossible in the area of such a tear. permanently alter Attributes. Features also often have prerequisites that effect cost. or Vitality Skill Specialization Hit Points Move New Skill Cost Current Rating x 10 Current Rating x 3 Current Rating 2 Current Rating 6 38 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Traits are any part of a Character that are not Character Features. Trait Attribute Skill. Blur Touched Characters have many benefits. or the may choose to become Blur Touched later. 1d) Damage Take 1d+15 Lose 1d Persona (Min.Pull Vhangratin. Characters may begin as Blur Touched at Character Creation for free. aside from being painful and time-consuming to the Character. 1d) Damage Take 1d+9 Lose All Cinema Points Damage Take 1d+6 Take 1d+30 Damage Damage Close (<20 distance) ChaRaCTER DEVELOpMENT “Everyone is different. Once a Character is Blur Touched. How it works: Improving Traits costs the number of Cinema Points outlined below. and the very physical nature of the world. 1d) Damage Take 1d+12 Lose 1d Intellect (Min. Those who are Blur Touched are subject to detrimental effects when near a Corruption Event. Its why I started teaching long ago. Initiative. Head Master of the Academy of Science and Sorcery Development of Characters is the process of customizing and improving the various Traits and Features. Krane Defense Minister Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 ThE BLUR TOUChED Some are born Blur Touched. The Purging. others develop it later in life. permanently reduces the Character’s Total Hit Points by twelve (-12 Hit Points. the Character dies). and it requires the Character to remove all but one (1) Cinema Point.“More and more people lately seem Blur Touched… I think it is a sign of things to come. access to using magic. a Corruption Event can deal damage to those extremely close to the epicenter. if this drops below zero (0) Hit Points. but Features vary widely. Near (<50 distance) Take 1d+21 Vanish into the Blur Damage Take 1d+18 Lose 1d Persona (Min. they can remove it permanently through the Purging: a painful day-long ritual. including possessing other Features or holding certain dice pools in specific Traits. This sends ripples through the World of Azamar and affects any Characters who are Blur-Touched and are more sensitive to changes in the Fabric. Lord. and the ability to sense and interact with the Fabric between worlds. How it works: Each Blur-Touched Character rolls one die (1d) and compares to the following results. The short-term effects of a Corruption Event is a disruptive force that can knock a Blur-Touched person out of Azamar and through the Fabric.

Instructed in secret and given the tools for survival: Cinema Points +5. Roll 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Background Born into extreme poverty. the rest is up to you. Condemned and abused.Lord Ajran of Krane. you lived off the land: Survival +2d. Raised by in the wilderness.New Skill Specialization 4 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 “The world needs more Heroes. you persisted despite the odds: Streetwise +2d. We produced a random background chart that really adds a bit more to a Character and gives them a little more uniqueness and personality.” . Criminals carved out your childhood: Pickpocket +2d. Multiply money by two (x2). Veteran Characters use the basic Character Creation process. 18 With the comfort of a stable family. you struggled with finding basic needs and got good at saving for later: Multiply money by three (x3) You worked as an apprentice to learn to surpass others: +3 Cinema Points. Any Skills +2d. Your early life was about saving everything: Multiply money by two (x2). Rigorous military training and focused academics gave an edge: Any Skills +4d. Raised by siblings. Grapple +1d. They keep jumping in the way of arrows to save other people. but they receive an extra number of Cinema Points based on how the GM desires to distribute them. The following table provides guidance to distribute Cinema Points to Veteran Characters. Defense Minister RaNDOM BaCKGROUNDS (OpTiONaL) An optional method of adding some flavor to new Characters is by rolling for a random background. you dreamt of adventure and trained yourself into shape. Echelon Journeyman Adept Professional Veteran Prime Suggested Cinema Points 30 50 90 120 200 39 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . it is an excellent way to spice up any new Character! How it works: Roll three dice (3d). persevering into a stronger person: Hit Points +12. VETERaN ChaRaCTERS Sometimes. you received superior academics throughout childhood: Academics+2d. add them up. Life in a monastery taught you to improve the self: Brawl +1d. Move +3. Your master gave you everything. You survived your family. you learned to get your way: Persuasion +2d. Dodge +1d. Urbane-Human. Any Attributes +2d. A Rival forced you to fight whenever possible: Dodge +1d. you learned the art of avoidance: Sneak +2d. Raised in a modest household. Adopted by a wealthy tycoon. and compare to the chart below. Take it or leave it. These are Veteran Characters. GMs create games specifically for more experienced Characters.

each subsequent generation has carried the Affliction. This is always a gamble. Cost: 5. if you succeed in a roll with an Epic DR or better. When a Character Feature permanently increases Attributes or Skills. the DR increases by one. Since then. Ambidexterity keeps the camouflage through skin color changing. the Character can do things easily involving Strength (+2d) to all Strength based rolls. but an Adrenaline Junkie is always willing to take the risk. If the Player chooses to begin with 1d Persona. however the Character is not nearly as quick and has difficulty with things involving Dexterity (Dexterity can never be increased above 2d). General. Description: Your Character is either very large or very small for her species. unless the Race and Trade does not match. Activation: Immediate) (No DR change for offhand. Without this Special Ability. Creation Only. are the cost specified. If the Player chooses to begin at 2d and the Character is 20-29 years old. Cost: 7. they may never exceed six dice (6d). Creation Only. Every time you spend at least one (1) Cinema Point. Persona drops by 1d every decade of the Character’s life until hitting 1d. Creation Only. Description: The Character was born with a natural resistance against flames and fire. Description: Your Character enjoys being a dare devil and doing things that others would never try. Creation Only. more Cinema Points cannot be gained in this manner. Cost: 5. Cost 7. Description: Your family was in the line of fire on Evercrow. If a Character Feature is Race or Trade Only. Race Only: Shrave.ChaRaCTER FEaTURES To assist in Character Development. +5d distribute to any starting Attributes except Persona. forever. Achromatic. Sixth Sense. a magical condition that manifests through physical changes. then the cost is doubled (cost x2). when the Fracturing occurred. Cost: 5. and Magic. Creation Only. Being very large has the opposite effect. Cost: 3. able to sight Description: The character ignores all detrimental details of Reality. Character Features that are Trade or Race Specific. Character Features provide options for Creation Only and Veteran Characters to spend Cinema Points for detailed Character Customization. DR equal for the off-hand when using Dexterity rolls. without the DR level increases by one level) Acumen. including Willpower. and is not permanent. you get one (1) Cinema Point back immediately. you have a unique. providing a boon and a curse simultaneously. the Character actually begins with 1d in Persona. Adverflammian. lending to it the advantages of such. (Permanent. Ascendant. 2d Max Attribute on likely cast out from normal society) Opposite Attribute Dexterity or Strength) Ambidextrous. and can Description: The Character was born with the ability to use both hands equally well. 40 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Creation Only. Being very small gives a bonus to do things involving Dexterity (+2d) to all Dexterity based rolls. the named Trade or Race may take that Character Feature. Race Only: Shrave. the Character is horribly disfigured from birth and is (+2d to Dexterity or Strength. Replace Willpower for Search as desired) Adrenaline Junkie. (Armor +20 against Heat and Fire) Afflicted. to provide improved Character Customization. The World of Azamar uses Character Feature types. Persona skills can never increase. Description: Your Character is Ambidextrous. Creation Only. Once the spent Cinema Point returns. Race Only: Shrave. The bonus temporarily provided Strength or Dexterity benefits is considered a surge in an Attribute. Description: The Character was born with the ability to perceive supernatural elements of nature. Sneak +9 while moving. and the heat associated with them. Creation Only. Persona can never increase. Cost: 3. Creation Only Abnormal Size. (Permanent. Creation Only. corruption event effects. Blur-Touched. (Sneak +15 when not moving. Cost: 3. however the Character is not nearly as strong and has difficulty with things involving Strength (Strength can never be increased above 2d).

a secret society of assassins. Race Specific: Enfri. taught by the Reticent Order. Description: The character can carry a lot of stuff over long distances that would make others collapse in exhaustion. Cost: 3. Description: The character ignores obstacles and moves briefly at great speeds. (Athletics +12 to traverse over obstacles. Cost: 7. and taught the ways upon the true Source. +2d Brawl. the Character learns of belongings to the Glow. Description: The character is an expert at breaking down 41 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Chitonous. making them able to quickly spot details. (Permanent) +6 Hit (Permanent. Cost: 3. Race Only: Full Blooded Human. The Character emanates an aura of power. While you have more to learn. Regardless of Corruption Events or issues in the Blur this Character can tap into and use Magic where others may not) Beast of Burden. no matter the cost. inherently Magical in nature. Creation Only. +2d Grapple. (Lift +12. Race Specific: Enfri. Description: The Character was born with the ability to . +2d Dodge) Points) Brute Force. Cost 3.(Permanent. (Permanent. any allies within a fifteen (15) unit Description: With Bury. +2d Melee. Blur-Touched. (With a successful Tactics. Cost: 7. Blur-Touched. Sneak +9. Creation Only. Race Only: Urbane. Cat Burglar. Creation Only. Cost: 7. of the criminal underground. bent on preventing another Fracturing. and can do so through concentration in combat to expose fatal flaws in an enemy. DR Moderate. Creation Only. They appear to glow blue slightly in light and appear as a beacon of hope in the worst of times. your studying (Now highly trained in using Daggers. Starting Persona +3d Bury. (Security +9. Avatar. Creation Only. Lift +12) Burst of Speed. Description: Many Enfri learn technical affinities. an Enfri may immediately strike an enemy and deal Sneak Damage. Creation Only. Cost: 6. +2d Throw. Description: Your Character learned to fight in handto-hand combat from the earliest age possible. however Combat) difficult to spot. Race Only: Shrave. Race (+3d Sneak. Stamina +12) Blood Ties. Activation: Immediate) Chiromancer. if successful: Move +10. Cost: 3. Cost 2. (Cannot exceed 6d). Activation: Immediate) Specific: Humans. +2d Athletics. for better or worse. the monks brought many lessons each day. Creation Only. Creation Only. Ignore Corruption Event Effects) Auroran. the Character gains provided a foundation for early mastery. with Daggers. this does not provide extra actions) (Permanent. raised amongst a syndicate. doors and ripping gates from mortar. By digging deeper into the Character’s history and uncovering old family records. and underwent the painful initiation rites of the Glow. Description: Aurorans are those Humans destined for greatness who have an innate and supernatural ability to influence and lead others. called the Glow. Cost 3. Creation Only. (Push-Pull +12. Athletics +9. Creation Only. Business: Appraisal +9. By taking the first step. Cost: 3. +2d Melee. Streetwise +9) Chink in the Armor. DR based on terrain. inherently able to drawn thieves. Description: A character who becomes an Avatar is a conduit of Anteprofidian Magic and can naturally tap Description: The character belongs to a long line of master into Magic regardless of location. an Enfri can hide just about distance of this Character gain +1d on all rolls during any object out of view. the Character is now a member of the Glow. Creation Only. particularly awkwardly. Description: Urbane have a long legacy behind a secret society.

underhanded. lowers cost of increasing an Intellect Skill by one half the cost (rounded down) in Intellect Skills your Character is trained in. the Character may easily access just Description: The character does very well with first aid about every bit of information about anything illegal. reads. Activation: 1d Rounds. (Academics. As Desired) Description: With long established ties in the criminal Combat Medic. Description: Using their smaller size to an advantage some Description: The character is an expert at directing and Enfri have heightened their reflexes and are exceptional at riding a mount. (Armor +12. Creation Only. Cost: 6. Race Only: Enfri. or Quintessence. Cost: 4. such that they are also ridiculously languages effortlessly. Cost 2. Cost 2. under stressful conditions. Cost: 3. Creation Only. Creation Only. (after an Initiative roll). (The Claws deal Damage Strength+9 on a successful (Once per Game Episode (or Session). Creation Only. new languages quickly. Creation Only. Frost. completely unfamiliar mechanisms and devices. community. borne of magic. you get to that deal excessive damage if used as a weapon. Cost: 5. (Language +15) Destined. Creation Only. Cost 2. Description: Some people are capable of remaining Description: The character speaks. Dragoon. Description: Your Character produces large sharp claws Description: Your Character has a Destiny. and writes many ridiculously still.harden areas of the skin and use it as Armor. Very Difficult for 4d-6d level Intellect Skill. Creation Only. the Character’s glands re-charge after three (3) Rounds. Cost: 4. after 1 round of Concentrating you receive a +4d on the next roll. (First Aid +15) Concentration. Creation Only. often able to understand completely 42 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Description: Your Character is better at putting effort behind things when concentrating. DR Difficult for 3d or less. avoiding strikes. (Permanent. Cost: 5. Duration: Immediate) Dragonscendant. or subversive. is able to produce a small breath weapon. Creation Only. Curiosity. decide on how it turns out. Creation Only. Cost: 3. and vehicles) Description: The Character was born with direct lineage (Piloting +15) to a Dragon. Cost: 5. Lightning. Cost 2. (Riding +15) (Permanent. Activation: 3 Rounds) Deftness. This is especially helpful if a Character is waiting to ambush an enemy or has time to focus on a task. Deriver. Fire. Retracting the Claws deals Damage 9 to the roll and gain a +12d (+36) bonus) Character using them. Select any single Brawl attack. Creation Only. Activation: Immediate) Claws. Creation Only. If you declare you are Concentrating ahead of time. Creation Only. This bonus does not work during Combat. Race Only: Description: The character is a crack pilot with all ships Shrave. Crack Pilot. Blur-Touched. Duration: Devian. Cost 2. +3d Dodge) Effigy. Damage: Willpower +21/+18/+15. another Character learns more quickly and easily. Gain a directed breath weapon of the selected Description: The character has an unnatural ability to use type: Acid. Description: With your Character’s tutelage. (Operate +15) Duration: Immediate. (Streetwise +12) Didactic. Range: 5/8/15.

is immediately Stunned for 1d Rounds. domestic cat. color of clothes. Creation Only. Duration: Immediate. Description: The character can swim and stay under water (Permanent. Cost 6. Blur-Touched. Cost: 7. Blur-Touched. Cost: 6. Cost: 3. Creation Only. Medicine +12) Description: The Character can almost perfectly mimic another person down to the very last detail including Inner Radiance. 43 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Most Characters have a difficult time remembering your name. and Persuasion) Description: Born magical in nature. catfish. Creation Only. Healer. Cost 2. (The Character is able to shape shift for limited periods. but might remember blurry details. (+4d Deception) Description: The very presence of the Character weakens Free Diver. innately formed the ability to shape shift shortly after Description: The Character sends forth a wave of lightning birth. Cost: 4. Creation Only. Blur-Touched. Minutes) Cannot take Fame. Cost: 6. difficult to detect without some form of Magic. your Character unknowingly drew on the Axiom for survival. Only: Full Blooded Human. Swim +12) of each Round. Creation Only. and damages enemies. Intrinsic. Description: Your Character is excellent at flattery and (Permanent. Description: Your Character is hard to remember. Duration: 1d Forgettable. Damage) making them feel more comfortable. Activation: Gifted. you with supernatural tenacity. Creation Only. effortlessly uses it to shield Fawn. Blur Touched. The (+6d Sneak to stay hidden without moving. (Business +15) Description: The character is a natural healer. Creation Only. Creation Only. Creation-Only. during this Damage: Willpower+6. voice and mannerisms effortlessly. Empathy. (First Aid +12. Creation Only. Instantaneous) Description: The character has a natural affinity with most Entrepreneur. Creation Only. and may suffer into a raven. your Character Fifth Rite. The Character emanates an aura of resilience. male or female. An Intrinsic is able to later expand and improve in a massive burst which damages and stuns anyone the natural shape shifting abilities. (Deception +12 for impersonation and disguise) Your Character. Willpower replaces Vitality for absorbing laying on praise in ways that lower others social barriers. (+3d Deception. Duration: During combat. Race with you. while active on one breath for long periods.your face. Cost 2. fine motor skills. Any enemies within a twenty (20) unit distance of this Character takes Damage: Willpower at the beginning (Stamina +12. nearby. (Anyone within a ten (10) unit distance of the Character (including all personally held belongings and clothes). Activation: period the Character is able to communicate normally. as an adult. Cost: 6. Description: Through the trials of childhood. Activation: difficulty to remember any details about your Character Immediate) is Epic regardless of how recent the person made contact Enervation. Description: The character can leap with amazing distance. Cost 3. Activation: Immediate. when the period ends the Character immediately reverts Spontaneous) to normal form. Cost 3. Cost: 5. Description: The character was born to buy and sell for (Aptitude +9) profit. Leap of Faith. Façade. Blur-Touched. like a rough age or height. or sewer rat. Creation Only.

The beam of light activates or deactivates as (Permanent. +3d Academics: Anteprofidian Knowledge. your can see perfectly in utter darkness. including crafting of weapons and armor. (+2d Athletics. (Cannot exceed 6d). Nimble. Oculis. Duration: As Desired) this power does not activate underground or indoors) Litigious. but never permanently. and the blind a target for 1d Rounds. and are light as desired. Blur-Touched.000) gains the following augments: +3d Strength. the Character Description: Through intense training in youth. Cinema Point) Description: Your Character has a keen sense of Perception. Creation Only. Creation Only. sometimes leaving visual echoes behind as a wake. Cost 5. Cost: 6. +3d Initiative. Activation: Immediate. Cost: 7. Cost: 4. Characters eyes glow blue-green with Magic when open. Cost 2. increase (Permanent. Cost: 5. culture +9. Cost: 5. Creation Only. (+4d Search) (Artisan +15) Mnemonics. the difficulty of (+2 DR) Search in bright light. Sneak. Humans do during the day in Low-Light and No-Light environments. Creation Only. 44 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Description: The character can inspire and raise the morale Description: The character is capable of always finding of allies in the worst of times. Description: The character interprets and understands the Description: Your Character has a unique gracefulness inner workings of laws. (Permanent. Masterworker. The Player may at will take Damage and surrender one (1) Hit Point and in return get one (1) Observant. Description: Born with the will to persevere. Description: The character can create masterpieces effortlessly. The Character can see clearly as other desirable as a Docent for the Hall of Memories. unconsciously capable of focusing magic capable of supernatural feats under the glow of the moons into a desired hand and emit the beam. and Persuasion) Noble. Description: The Character now belongs to a unique subrace of Humans. and is heir to a noble position of authority and power. Creation Only. law +9. Creation Only. Creation Only. Blur-Touched. Race Only: Full despite their lack of exploration. language +9) (Permanent. +3d Vitality. (Law +15) Martyr. called the Nightbreed. Creation Only. Creation Only. of Azamar. Race Only: Any but Shrave. (Politics: Noble +9. A common +3d Languages: Anteprofidian Linguistics) fix for this are Enfri Sun Goggles. Description: Born with enhanced vision. the light bright enough to temporarily +3d Dexterity. and is able to notice things more easily others just do not. Cost: 3. Blooded Human. Nightbreed. Creation Only. Cost: 3. and ability to move smoothly. Cost: 7. Cost 2. Cost 2. Character holds a complete memory of an Anteprofidian Codex. (Command +15) normally trafficked pathways through the wilderness.(Jump +15) Lightbeam. Under the glow of the moons. like all great things it is not without sacrifice. it will illuminate up to a five thousand (5. this Character is capable of focusing both passion and will in such a way that it makes them more capable of pushing through regardless of the outcome. This knowledge makes the Character highly (Permanent. Creation Only. unit distance away.) Natural Leader. Blur-Touched. Description: The character belongs to a Noble family and was raised within it. but is partly blind in bright light. the Character desired. They can Description: Your Character produces a directed beam of spontaneously discover this infusion late in life. Pathfinder.

Cost 2. (+2d to Intellect to recall anything. they are unaffected. A Shadow works with the expectation that sometimes Description: You have a natural grace to your movement. Activation: 1d Rounds. periods. Cost: 5. Cost: 5. Creation Only. This is not a supernatural ability.. simply practiced mentalism. Cost 3. combat is inevitable. Navigation: Land +9. (Demolitions +15) Description: Your Character remembers everything seen. a Distance of five (5) units per Rounds. Cost: 6. (as well as growing them ten times (10x) their voice in her head for 2-3 days. use. remains muffled completely for this Description: Enfri have a small. and fire a siege or and does so without tearing the Fabric. Description: The character has natural tendencies in Activation: Immediate) knowing how to properly create. Creation Only. Creation Only. Streetwise +12) Serpent Tongue. and detonate explosives. Description: Your Character is able to smooth talk others Description: Your Character can create fire from nothing by voice alone. Scout. Blur-Touched. secret community made Character) up of those who uphold Enfri laws as well as provide Refined. If they are able to resist. Cost: 5. Specific: Enfri. Duration: Permanent until the Character returns) Saboteur. the phrase may affect the target strongly. Duration. (Your Character moves into the Blur over a short period Description: The character can set. Cost 4. Cost: 7. +9) (Pick Pocket +12. particularly murder. Creation Only. As Desired) decides to lose inhibitions through chemicals or otherwise Quiet.(+3d Search for discovering hidden paths and roads. (+2d Throw. Pyromancer. This ability manifests original size). objects. even details not previously noticed) Description: The character can traverse the wilderness easily. even clapping. however if a target Character Activation: Immediate. mostly as an annoyance. Siege Specialist. Blur-Touched. Shrill. Creation Only. imbuing the Character with the ability to (Search +16 for listening or locating objects by sound) slip easily into the Blur across the Fabric. Creation Only. The Character automatically succeeds when Shadow League Initiate. Creation Only. Cost: 5. Creation Only. the target Character will hear your Character’s flames. sneezing. Creation Only. Cost: 5. Creation Only. and the Character can attempt to resist. You can decide on a phrase to plant into and manipulate its movement. 45 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Description: The Character has a nearly perfect sense of . arm. etc. previously viewed places. (Heavy Weapons +15) into Azamar delivers Damage 9. Cost: 4. Race Sneaking for sound alone. another Character’s mind. coughing. Cost: 3. etc. making physical feats look easy. Description: The character has a natural talent for criminal (Communication +12. Creation Only. Damage +6 with a thrown weapon) (Dexterity +6. Description: a Fiend blessed Your Character at birth by a Rite of Blood. Description: The Character can hear sounds of various ranges as desired. Culture +6) Rite of Blood. Creation Only. Survival pursuits. you also blend in well with the social elite. and direct any they are not. investigation into malicious crimes. Cost 2. stepping back heavy weapon effortlessly. Blur-Touched. Description: No sound occurs. able to live off the land and survive for long Purse Snatch. (+5d Persuasion) (Permanent. Creation Only. Snuffler. regardless of what the Character does physically. Photographic Memory. if (The Character can produce a small flame. including ultrasound and infrasound.

Cost: 3. Description: Your Character has a mental barrier that is (culture +9. and manipulate rocks (Choose a single sword and it is bound to the user and stones up to five(5) metric tons in weight. even by the most powerful of mental attacks. politics +9. Blur Touched. by scent alone. Description: Raised by Wizards. (Ranged beasts. in a constrained period. move. mimicking any other voice. Creation Only. a star. (+4d Engineering) Steel Will. Cost: 5. Melee +3d. Specific: Urbane. No roll required) the magical liquid. the Tumbler. Description: Your Character knows what time it is. +4d) (Persona +16 with creatures Intellect 2d or less) 46 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Ascendancy. better than many animals and can track Time Sense. Creation Only. Creation Only. Creation Only. specific weapon) Duration: As Desired) Archon. Blur-Touched. Cost: 30. Cost 4. Description: The character was raised while traveling the world. language +9) unbreakable. Spellfire. Race Spider Monkey. as developed specific advantages in moving between cultures and societies. The Character can mimic and throw sounds and voices perfectly up to a one hundred (100) The Character has a strong understanding of Engineering unit distance) and is capable of applying technically advanced knowledge Well Traveled. Cost: 5. Description: The character can climb as if born with Description: Through a little Magic and prestidigitation. and survived. Cost 1. Cost: 5. Creation Only. move. improve melee with a specifically bound sword. Automatic success for any roll normally Tre’uoall. Creation Only. hands for feet. the Character can perfectly throw a voice. Race Specific: (Permanent. Cost: 4. Description: The character is an expert at opening locks. Character learns exponentially faster. a distance Magically. the Tre’uoall gains distinct Description: The Character develops an affinity with advantages when using a Ranged Weapons. of understanding. Apprentice Sword Chanter. (Deception +16. Creation Only. Cost: 6. . Race Only: Tre’uoall. Cost 2. (The Character can levitate. Damage +9 when using that single. Creation Only. Your Character is immune to all mind-altering attacks or General telepathic abilities. Creation Only. add two (+2) all Cinema Points earned (Security: Lockpicking +15) forever) Ventrillo. Thurian. such as getting when getting closer to heavy gravity objects like Spellborne. of three (3) units per Round. Creation Only. (Search +16 for Smell and Taste) all the time. Description: As an Archon. Activation: Immediate. (Climb +15) Steamworks. Race Only: Urbane. your Character touched (Permanent. exactly. up to a rather long distance. Blur-Touched. Race Specific: Shrave.smell and taste. Blur-Touched. and can sense alterations in space-time. law +9. Cost: 7. Cost: 7. effectually imbue a small amount of Magic into oneself to and manipulate rocks and stones. involving Willpower to resist) Description: With minor training and the beginnings Stones. Cost: 6. an Apprentice Sword Chanter may Description: Your Character can innately levitate. (Permanent. Through this joining of Magic and your Character’s life energy.

Cost: 3. Ranged. providing them with an area of magical Spontaneous) force that allows them to bounce anyone or thing inside Aterum. Damage. Damage +3) Blade Warrior. these bonuses replace those of Blade Novice) Bloodlust. stress. (Shea’Ahks Only. Duration: Immediate. +4d Sneak in shadows. making them extremely difficult to see. Cost: 5. Vitality +9. Cannot exceed Shea’Ahk (a Bu’Col weighted chain whip). the dark similarly to that of cats. Blade Novice. (Swords Only. (Can Teleport to any location in Azamar. or Willpower. Melee +6. Cost: 5. into the air. and then (+2d Sneak in daylight. the character is capable of recuperating and healing minor wounds while not under 47 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Duration: Immediate. and deserves respect. Cost: 10. the Wyvine gains advantages playing games of chance and skill. Creation Only. (+4d Gambling) to Movement. Description: With Blurred. Melee. Raze & Vociferate. now capable of incredible and unmatched assaults with a sword. Damage +3 ) Brutal. Activation: Shrave. Dodge. +3d to the selected Skill: Brawl. Cost: 5. their drive and raw technique is unmatched. even Magical darkness. Description: With Brutal. it is always more than you need to survive. Race Specific: for one (1) Round. Description: Now a seasoned and experienced combatant. Cats Eye. capable to see in darkness. a natural six (6) on Immediate. Cost: 10. One thing is for certain. Duration: 1d Rounds) the damage roll stuns any living beings within the field Battle Intuition. and Attack. Description: Some of the Shadow League learned the (At least three blur-touched characters must activate this ability to manipulate darkness around them to conceal feature. Cost: 25. where others simply cannot. While this money is constant. which provides a source of continuous income. whether legal or illegal. that they use to throw any objects or people within that field into straight up the air up to 3d Units high. the 6d Maximum) Blade Novice . Melee or Brawl +9 for one (1) Description: Due to a long lineage and closeness with Round) Magical creatures. Description: Your Character has come into a source of money. temporarily becoming a form of pure magic. Initiative Description: The character forms a magical web with +9. Race Specific: Bu’Col. when activated they create a field of invisible force them from sight. (Brawl and Melee Damage +6) Capital. the Bu’Col claims the status as Blade Warrior. for a short period. (Heal 1d Hit Points) Bounce. a specific course of fighting as soon as they can lift a Grapple. their drive and raw technique is unmatched. Damage +9. and deserves respect. Description: Your Character has perfected the art of Description: With Bloodlust. Instantaneous) Description: The Character was born with the ability to Boundless. deal extra damage in a Melee or Brawling attack. Tether. Activation: drops them dealing Damage: 1d+9. some characters are capable of seeing in Blurred. (Swords Only. Cost: 5. Melee +16. Cost: 5. Melee +6. (Move +5. Activation: other characters. Cost 5. Cardshark. excel in combat.Description: The Character may take a nearly incorporeal form. the amount is variable. Description: Bu’Col are born warriors and practice (Permanent. Shadow League Initiate. Cost 5. Race Specific: Bu’Col. Race Only: All except Shrave. Description: Bu’Col are born warriors and practice a specific course of fighting as soon as they can lift a sword. Race Specific: Wyvine. Damage +6 . Cost: 5. Resilience.

In doing so. reacting earlier than most opponents do. (Through further training in use of throwing weapons. an arm. add one (1) unit of height and fifteen (15) units of area for each additional character activating Cloak. take this Feature up to five (5x) times. four or three (4-3): Arm. the field extends up to ten (10) units high and may at most be an area of fifty (50) square units. substitute Willpower for Strength in determining Damage. Damage +3 with Axe weapons) Cleft. (Permanent. Description: The Character has sworn to the Creedulience. Description: On a successful Melee. Blur-Touched. Damage augmented: +9/6/3. better at striking with greater precision. (On a successful Melee attack. anyone inside the field is completing invisible from outside view. any use of Magic Effects deals damage to any nearby life to fuel the Magic. (Damage +6 with an Axe. (this stacks with Blood Ties when using Daggers). For whatever reason. Cost: 10. the Character receives further training in the way of the assassins of the Glow and their ultimate goals. DR Moderate) Changeling. and two or one (2-1): Leg) Cloak. the Character appears as a person very familiar to all others. Corruptors often employ Defilers as guards and soldiers. Cost: 10.(Can see in darkness without a light source. Cost: 15. the character delivers a single. any other life suffers Damage: Willpower. the Character is now subject to selecting assignments from the Glow. instead of only taking orders. Cost: 10. As well. Description: Using arcane and evil rituals. (At least three blur-touched characters must activate this feature. when activated they create a field that cloaks themselves and anyone between them from view by anyone of anything outside of the field for the duration. the Wyvine has learned sharpened instincts in Combat. the field does not obscure sound. Cost: 5. a special technique focuses a strike on an opponent from a distance using a Shea’ahk weapon with exceptional accuracy. Activation: Instantaneous) Combat Instincts. if the target suffers any damage it ignites into flames) . dismembering the opponent in some cases. The Ties That Bind. Description: The character forms a magical field which conceals themselves and anyone within it from view for a period. or head is cut clean off if the Wild Die is a natural six (6 on the initial roll). Cost: 5. leg. the Character gains +2d Throw with any weapon. the character may strike an opponent with a chance of igniting the target in flames. This gives any Shea’ahk weapon a Range: 5/10/15. the sacred book of the secret society of the Glow. 48 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Description: Raised in a society where war is life. mighty swing with a perfect cut. harness Axe weapons with distinct prowess and deftness of hand. Race Only: Humans. each time the bonuses and distance it affects stacks and increases) Creedulient. (+2d Melee. Prereqsuite: Race Specific: Wyvine. +1d Damage on a successful Thrown strike. (Permanent. Description: After a binding with a Changeling Spirit. Description: With Cleaver. Changeling Spirits only bind with Humans. within a ten (10) unit distance any plants wilt. Willpower +9. Description: In a single devastating attack. Description: Using an ancient rune. (Permanent) +6 Hit Points) Crematory. (Permanent. and again underwent another painful initiation rite of the Glow. Cost: 25. Synergist. the second roll of the Wild Die determines the body part dismembered with this attack: Results: six or five (6-5): Head. only those who were previously familiar with the Character see the “true” identity. Duration: 1d Hours. Cost 5. but maintains the use of Melee for striking) Corruptor. to adjust between bright and dark attempt a successful Search. Cost 5. (Initiative +6) Confliction. Blood Ties. Persona +2d with all strangers) Cleaver.

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Activation: Instantaneous) Description: Using arcane and evil rituals. Race Only: Immyr. Cost 5. controlling when they Description: Besides their Magical Aura from Warlock. (Counters all Magical Effects in progress. Duration: 1d Minutes. within a five (5) unit distance Willpower roll of the Magic User) of a target. with possession. to resist Custodian. they may freely exchange thoughts and sheer will. links with other characters. investigate all matters of Description: With little effort. Blur-Touched. distance and location do not matter. these (+3d Streetwise to contact Criminal Underworld) bonuses replace those of the Apprentice Sword Chanter. whether detected or not. Cost: 5. (Permanent. your Character can throw or fire a missile with deadly accuracy within a certain distance. Description: The ability to avoid Sneak attacks and associated damage. these bonuses brighter the glow. an Apprentice quickly gains powerful abilities and becomes cursed Criminal Contacts. the Character never suffers Sneak damage. Warlock. Consumption provides the ability to completely absorb Magical Effects in progress. Description: Through excessive practice. capable of imbuing Magical if any exists. Correspondence. unit distance of the character. the greater the Magical essence that replace those of Principal) exists) Danger Sense. Cost: 5. (At least two blur-touched characters must activate this always rolls Initiative. Dead-Aim. DR Heroic) Description: Few Immyr reach the esteemed recognition Detect Magic. Synergist. character may not bind an Apprentice to a Sword. the Tre’uoall can see a (+3d Melee. essence into each strike. wards. Race Only: Tre’uoall. and then must (All Magical Effects negate or fail within a twenty (20) be re-activated. weapons intended as missiles) Description: The character can form direct communication Defiance. only applicable to Correspondence. Cost 5. ideas at any distance with one another. Cost: 15. surprises and Executions. Cost: 5. nullifying the outcome of damage or otherwise. the as Elemental Effects with Axe weapons. Cost: 50. there is no way to detect a recipient may freely refuse to use Correspondence. and state as well as all others. Apprentice Sword Chanter. scripts. Cost: 5. (Permanent. when activated. must beat the (Apply Sneak Damage to a fired or thrown weapon. DR Easy. no powers affecting mental influence may be used Defiler. bestowed upon a Custodian. a Tre’uoall can feel and politics. given highest authority in the Immyr world to keep order. as Defiance once activated as it is an innate Wyvine ability) desired. lasts for the duration. and is Immune to Sneak-related feature. Cost: 40. Cost: 3. Description: The character may instantly teleport beside the physical location of another character. Blur-Touched. They are masters of somewhat perceive the very Magic essence around them. Door. no true Magical Effects may occur within an area of the (At least two blur-touched characters must activate Wyvine. (using Ranged or Throw). contacts in the Criminal Underworld and may call upon (Gains all the Sovereign Sword Chanter abilities except the them for information. Defilers often seek employment with Description: Your Character has a number of discrete Corruptors. now highly susceptible to possession as a conduit.Consumption. Principal. to coerce another character through Correspondence. Search. communicate and when they do not. Description: As a Guardian of the Immyr. requires a successful Willpower. Synergist. who now is capable of nullifying Magic through this feature. wielding an Axe in combat. or otherwise. Damage +9 and additionally Damage +9 glow to Magical objects. when activated they may choose to instantly Executions) teleport to the location of the other for the duration and 50 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

the nearby location does not guarantee safety. (+4d Empathy) Ersatz. some love you and some hate you. Cost: 10. there is no limitation on the distance. Dodge replaces Vitality for soaking Damage. Fame. Race Specific: Bu’Col. Evasion. Cost: 5. and Dodge the damage) supplies. Description: Through the use of a sword. A Character can quickly analyze an opponent and expose a weakness if any. to deal that opponent additional Flurry. one can inspire allies and intimidate enemies. by adding three (+3) actions per round) 51 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Cost: 5. however the destination character must have enough room nearby to reasonable fit the other character or this fails. but their reach is limited. Description: With Fearsome. it is gone. Brutal. (+4d Persuasion when recognized) confident enough to perform tricks and stunts while on a Favor. damage. galloping horse. Description: Your Character belongs to a fellowship demonstrating that the Character is so good at Dodging. a warrior is able (With a successful Tactics roll. a something done by another Character. Description: Your Character deceives others on a nearprofessional level. Blade Warrior. Cost 5. Cost: 5. Cost: 10.arrive within three (3) units of the destination character. Fellowship Member. the (Initiative +9 and raises the limit for multiple actions in a Character deals +3d extra damage) round. Damage. The Fame defines your Character and not by the actions committed unless publicized. Magical or otherwise) Fearsome. determines the limitation of this organization’s power and influence. (Never suffers penalties due to Fear Effects. affecting (+3d Deception) how they fight. The GM Expose Fault. Activation: Instantaneous) Dzhigitovka. Description: The ability to sense the motives of other Description: A character is immune to Fear. after that. Duration: 1d Rounds) Character perfects the process of avoiding damage. Fearless. Use it wisely. and completes unconditionally. This Favor manifests itself as Description: Through training and inherited senses. attack. +3d Athletics and Dodge: While Riding) from someone. and Player before committing this Special Ability to a (Search +9 for listening only) Character. Duration: 1d Hours. an organization with likeminded goals this essentially gives the Character a chance to Dodge the of the Character. Cannot take Forgettable. Description: Your Character has either purchased or otherwise earned some kind of Fame. Description: You have trained thoroughly with horses. Cost: 6. Cost: 10. (Permanent. Description: Your Character has earned a single favor (+3d Ride. Empath. and is for use character can heighten and sharpen the ability to listen while Role Playing. simply through presence. Other Character’s reactions will differ accordingly. DR Moderate and to attack in a combination of devastating swings. Cost: 15. a favor that comes without any strings Eavesdrop. immediately following up with a successful attack. of some kind. and never people passively suffers penalties due to it. A Favor is agreed upon by the GM for sounds. Known everywhere. information. Cost: 5. and it provides things such as money. Description: As a highly trained Bu’Col warrior the and Dodge for the Duration. Cost: 5. Cost: 5. Race Specific: Immyr. or questions. (Allies gain a bonus of +6 to all Attack types.

the the Wyvine Character delivers the final blow) Character may now nock up to two (2) arrows in a bow simultaneously without penalty. this compels enemies to (+4d Academics) resists. Raze. Willpower. Warrior Archon. Unlike Holes. Pilfer. Laconic requires a special understanding Description: The Character imbues Magic into stealing of body language and the subtle changes in walk and by creating micro chasms of space where just about any movement. Description: A Lance Adept represents the elite of the Description: Through extensive training. Immolation. other languages. (Intimidation. DR Moderate. Consumption. Cost: 5. between Melee or Brawl and Damage to the following Range: 5/10/20. Thrown: Str+36/33/30. Lance Reaper. they run in fear. any Cinema Points spent in the effort of (A Long Bow now works as a Melee Weapon using specifically attacking this target return to this Character if Ranged. Cost: 5. Cost: 10. Grounding. Counters and Absorbs all Elemental and Magical Effects in progress. +18 (for hiding stolen objects). Description: With Killing Blow. Interdiction. (Melee and Ranged +9 (to Throw). Lance Inept. while the stolen object (Permanent. dealing a base Melee Damage as Str +12. Melee: Str+42. Sneak they can see one another. DR Difficult. gain +15 to distribute as desired (x2) the Throwing Distance with the Wyvine Lance.Description: Your Character has come into possession of an artifact that acts as a massive information store that is Description: Your Character can cause enemies to falter wildly vast. an Immyr of this ability Grounding. tends to hold a perception as unstoppable against Magic Description: Rather than completely absorbing all the Users. attack) these bonuses replace those of Lance Reaper) Information Store. Duration: Immediate) Description: Capable of absorbing and dispersing both Magic and Elemental Effects. Those trained in this may both understand object may fit. Description: With High Archon. known only to the Reticent Order of Ascetics. must beat the Willpower roll disperse the Magic. Cost: 20. store. Race Only: Wyvine. Race Specific: Wyvine. Double (Tactics. the Immyr channels the essence into the surrounding world to absorb and (Willpower +4d. Cost: 3. faltering. DR Moderate. extraordinary damage. and communicate nearly perfectly in silence as long as (Pick Pocket +6 (stacks with and works like Pilfer). Blur-Touched. each time a Wyvine deals a Killing Blow to a target. must beat the Willpower roll of the Magic User) Fulminate. each arrow deals Laconic. Magical essence of a Magical Effect. High Archon. perfect understanding and communication must simply fit into the opening of the personal storage with Laconic) location. 52 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Counters all Magical Effects in progress. Cost: 10. independent damage) Description: You have learned the Silent language. or if they fail. Cost: 20. (Permanent. if successful they still take a step back. Cost: 15. there is no other requirement) Lance Adept. of the Magic User or Damage of the Elemental Effect) (Willpower +2d. You get a bonus to any Intellect rolls made or flee simply through a loud and intimidating rush to when your Character has time to reference her information attack. Killing Blow. a Wyvine Wyvine Lancers. now understanding the Wyvine fighting discerns an opponent’s weakness and exploit it to deal form behind the Lancers called Thrax. gain the ability to use a Long Bow as a melee weapon. Cost: 5. Cost: 15. This is not usable during combat. Cost: 15. all effort exerted on the target reinvigorates the Wyvine. Damage: +9.

considered masters of Thrax.(Willpower +6) Description: A Character maintains a natural affinity for Manifestation. Cost: 20. Lance Adept. By taking the any Skills in any manner. Cost: 5. and the selected Skill. Obelisk. good with using a specific Magic. Damage +16 with Ranged weapons. Cost 5. Cost: 30. Wyvine Lance. Str+36/33/30) (Ranged +16. Leap. Damage +6 with the feature of another character with permission. Lance. Melee: Str+42. dual-ended weapon). Able to jump double (2x) the character’s alternative to dodging. Thrown: Strength environments for long periods without the aid of +36/33/30. Description: The Character is now an officer of the Glow. Lance Inept. Race Specific: Tre’uoall. Description: The character briefly shares and uses the (Melee and Ranged +9 (to Throw). Interdiction. and speed as an Archer. few have become a Manifestation. Duration: 1d Rounds. Lance Reaper. Cost: 5. High Archon. Description: The Character may catch fired missiles as an (Jump +12. Description: Through practice. Cost: 10. for the duration. the Character is given complete training in the ways 53 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Blursuch as arrows) Touched. now nock up to three (3) arrows in a bow simultaneously Description: Lance Primes are feared and respected without penalty (each arrow deals independent damage). Immyr Champion from another life. warriors. trident-tipped. very far. Melee: Str+42. Blur-Touched. Note: Available one time. Add four Attribute Dice (+4d) to any taking the Oath of Embers and swearing oneself to the Attributes in any manner. add four Skill Dice (+4d) to entirety of the cause behind the Glow. Range: 5/10/20. of stasis and peace. Cost: 10. Natural. Range: 5/10/20. on a successful Willpower. capable of wielding the Wyvine Wizard. where they may each share one (1) Feature with each other. Cost: 20. a military regimen designed to bring War Mount as desired) about a strong affinity with the Wyvine Lance (a large Master Archon. Thrown: precision. the character is very Skill. Lance with great precision and tremendous force. Trade Only: practice and training. (+4d Stamina) Description: A Lance Reaper undergoes significant Merge. Creation Only. time. Custodian. Meditation. able to live in extremely harsh Range: 5/10/20. Race Specific: Shrave. Weapon Catch. Cost: 3.Description: The character has joined the ranks of the Moderate the Immyr can Magically summon an Immyr Wyvine Lancers. a Master Archon is unequalled in the lethality. May Lance Prime. Synergist. these bonuses replace those of Lance (At least two blur-touched characters must activate this Inept) feature. (Melee and Ranged +16 (to Throw). Activation: Immediate) (Use Throw as an alternative to Dodge for missile weapons Magic Affinity. Melee: Strength +42. Move. jump. DR oath. the Wyvine Lancer these bonuses stack with Archon and Warrior Archon) fighting form. Cost: 10. Creedulient. inheriting the abilities and powers of an Oath of Embers. these bonuses replace those of Lance Adept) equipment. (Permanent. Damage: +12. Cost: 20. Thrown: Str+36/33/30. Half the cost to raise a Skill forever) Description: Through the ages. (Permanent. and an affinity with (Melee +6 and Ranged +6 (to Throw) with the Wyvine a bow. affects one Description: With Magic Affinity. Description: The ability to put one’s body into a state triple (x3) the throwing distance with the Wyvine Lance. Activation: Instantaneous) Description: The Character was born with the ability to Missile Catch. Race Specific: Immyr.

Move +3. It is possible to. but also with great speed. with not only great honor and respect. lots Pospeshnos. Old Hand and Severance. Description: The Wyvine can cross a great distance to (Pick Pocket +16. a Blade bonus in Armor: +8 per character. With Obelisk. +2d Melee with any weapon. Race Only: Wyvine. The Blade Warrior learns a devastating bonus as well) series of techniques from the secret Sword Chantry and Pilfer. Cost: 5. Fellowship Member. they each successfully gain a Description: After years and years of fighting. The Character gains the following from the Paramount magical ritual: Vitality +3d . slam into an opponent with great force. survivability. Cost: 75. while using Onslaught) Description: With Pivot. (Damage +9. any choosing to Dodge Warrior earns a place amongst the most honored of the attack lose this bonus. through this Special Ability you will always regain your Description: Your Character has practiced larceny to a status. and Magical Effects are increased. (The Character now understands every intricacy in attacking a target. only for use with two handed melee weapons or other support from the organization that you previously or pole arms) did not rank high enough to receive. but also the most coveted magical ritual the Bu’Col utilize. militaristic. Cost 5. now considered an honorary the Phalanx and one of them Dodges. Cost: 15. Paramount. Race Only: Enfri and Immyr. (temporarily). sickness. (Permanent) +12 Hit Points) Obelisk. gaining an additional +2d Throw. together using Phalanx. the Character holds recognition as the Description: Wyvine can train to fight not only with great Paramount. point of making it an art form. the leader within the Fellowship organization receives many privileges. Slamming into a at random from others) target deals Damage: Strength +6. instead this means of Pick Pocketing is untargeted and used for taking objects (Move up to four times normal (x4). Description: Characters in close proximity provide Description. Cost: 20. (+3d Willpower or Stamina. Synergist. (Sword Only. Cost: 5. Melee +18. Race Only: Wyvine. lose your status for major mistakes however. Damage +6 to any successful strikes on an opponent) Phalanx. Blade Warrior. extra armor and protection for one another to increase toxins. the Character has perfected the replace those of Blade Warrior) art of stealing from others by hand. Blurred. but can only grab Onslaught. extra damage is committed when using a two handed melee weapons or Description: Your Character now considered a leader or pole arms. bestowed strength and ferocity. Description: Through trial and error. may employ them at will. a leader among the Bu’Col people. Cost: 5. Damage +9 . 54 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Initiative +1d . using small height as an Organization Leader. Pluck and Tuck. and while in adjacent spaces and bracing to absorb an attack Old Hand. Cost: 7. arrest and avoidance. of practice.of the Glow assassins. +24 Hit Points. and now went through the final rite of the Glow. Cost: 30. Sneak) Description: Through hardships and practice. Cost: 5. advantage with a lower center of gravity. the other loses the Sword Chanter. if only two characters are in sword-wielding fighters. such as requesting financial. things that will easily fit into personal pockets. these bonuses conviction and dismissal. resisting poison. all successful strikes now automatically bypass armor. and additional Damage: +3. the target is immediately Stunned for 1d Rounds. +Sneak +6 (for hiding stolen objects). No other actions are possible Pivot. the object taken is never chosen. (+2d Pick Pocket. (Permanent. as needed) (At least two characters must activate this feature.

the Immyr soul enters the small stone. Damage +6 with Axe weapons. Chances are good a Reputation will make you friends and enemies. (Armor +8) Rite of Blending. (Each one (1) hour spent in Reflection counts as four (4) hours of normal sleep in calculating healing. (Permanent. Cost: 5. as well. however when they die. Description: Each Immyr may go through a Rite of Stone. to all Allies within five (5) unit distance. Damage +3. melee or brawl only) Reflection. Rite of Stone. DR Easy) Reputation. a character remains aware of surroundings and achieves greater restfulness than sleeping. +2d Armor) Rite of Force. while a character is in Reflection. Race Specific: Wyvine. on a successful Willpower. Fearsome. and the Immyr cannot be resurrected or revived via any method. Rite of Stone. Cost: 10. Description: Each Immyr may go through a Rite of Blending. Description: With a deep meditative state. Cost: 5. (Permanent. +1D Strength. (Ignores enemy armor for damage from an attack. Description: With Resilience. NOTE: this does not provide earned respect and recognition. (1/day). nearby allies utilize specialized tactics under the character’s commands. they remain very aware and notice changes and sounds around them easily on a successful Search. allowing them to inherit the strength of stone. (+3d Melee. An Immyr who undergoes the Rite of Force. Cleaver. once a day. Your Character’s name is the Character cannot be resurrected by any means) recognizable within certain circles. which forms the bone structure into a hard-asstone substance. Cost: 5. +3d Magical Armor. Description: With Raze. (+2d to Attacks. you decide where your alliances reside. (+2d Melee. and the Reputation 55 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . allowing the Immyr a one-time increase to the amount of Damage they can suffer. No die loss for second combat action in a round. Draw the weapon before Combat Initiative to counteract an attack on you before Combat Initiative. Description: Each Immyr may go through a Rite of Zenith. which bonds an Immyr life force to a small stone. tougher than most. your Character has (Permanent. May freely exchange Melee Weapons as a free action once a Round) Rally. (+4d Persuasion with allies) Resilience. Cost: 5. Description: Your Character has practiced and practiced and finally can draw a weapon so fast it takes no time to do so. specifically with the use of Axes. now radiates a pulsing. Cost: 5. Description: With Rally. discretely providing additional protection. where they fuse an Immyr metal-woven lattice to their skin. Cost: 15. Race Only: Immyr. Race Only: Immyr. (Permanent. Description: Similar to Fame. Cost: 5. Range: 15/30/60. but unlike Fame is not a bonus beyond the 6d Attribute Maximum. a Principal has refined skills in combat.(Permanent. one (1) round) Raze. +12 Maximum Hit Points) Rite of the Mountain. all subsequent actions incur the normal die loss) Principal. these bonuses replace those of Cleaver) Quick Draw. may be good or bad. deep blue glow. the characters suffers less damage. dealing Damage : Willpower+24) Rite of Stone. Cost: 5. Description: Each Immyr may go through the Rite of Force. Race Specific: Immyr. DR Moderate the Immyr can evoke a magical wave of force in all directions. Cost: 5. Cost: 10. Race Specific: Immyr. where an ancient Magical spirit provides enhanced Magical protection and abilities. once dead well recognized everywhere. Description: Acknowledged as a true warrior. a successful melee or brawl attack ignores an opponent’s armor.

Blur-Touched.Scholar of Zurn. The Character is able to personally step out of and rewind time up to 3d Minutes and retain a memory of the previously future (Must use bound Magically bound sword. they Initiate. Cost 5. Medicine +12. once activated any character may use the points in the pool to perfect their skills. these bonuses replace those of Shadow ends and must be restarted. Damage: Sovereign Sword Chanter. Squint. based on a pool of points. May bind Scout. it for a cloak of darkness. Cost: 50. Cost: 5. without the Character must Wyvine are unmatched in the skills needed for traveling wear protective hoods or Enfri Eye lenses to see normally in bright light or suffer penalties) the open seas. Cost: 15. Cost 5. Melee +12. Sustained. Unfettered. Range Str+9/+6/+3. Aterum. an Apprentice to a Sword on a successful Willpower. Activation: Instantaneous) Description: The Shadow Magister is enabled the ability to use Shadows as weapons and armor in addition to using Sweep. Damage +15 . Cost: 3. Description: A master of the Shea’ahk reaches a point where they are hailed as a champion of the Bu’Col. these bonuses Description: The character forms a bond with other replace those of Unfettered) characters. (Navigation +12. DR Description: Scouts are trained in tracking in hunting Moderate) prey for hundreds of miles. providing them with a sustaining life force. Cost: 30. the work has paid off and the Character is able to use the Zurn stones to manipulate time momentarily to an advantage. (Permanent. +3d Damage with a of points becomes exhausted. Shadow League Agent. the shifts vision to remain seeing. DR Moderate. Seafarer. Synergist. Vehicle Weapons +12) Severance. (Search +12 and Survival +6 for tracking and hunting a Description: The Character was born with the ability to target) see normally in bright light. Description: The Character has studied the Zurn stones and the relationship between them and the flow of time. if Sustained still has points League Initiate) in the pool when the duration expires any characters with Shadow League Magister. in sudden. in any number desired to heal themselves until the pool (+2d Intimidation. unless deceased. these bonuses stack with they must make a journey to protect and guide their the features: Healer or Combat Medic) civilizations into a new era. (Shea’ahk Only. and (First Aid +12. Race Only: Shrave. Shadow wounds automatically heals the number of remaining points in the pool. Cost: 10. Description: The Character is now recognized as a master and capable of teaching Apprentice Sword Chanters as well as binding them to a sword of their choosing. determine the number of points provided with credentials of authority. Cost: 10. at which point Sustained thrown weapon. Avatar. Cost: 5. bright light this Character instantly Description: Through natural affinity and experience. Melee +12. may activate Sustained and create a link that heals damage Description: Now a recognized Shadow League Agent. (Throw Shadow Blades. Race Only: Wyvine. Race Specific: Wyvine. 56 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Shadow League (At least two characters must activate this feature. Duration: 1d Hours. Description: The character has developed expert skills in healing. Shadow Armor +3d) 4/6/8. Surgeon. Now after all that time. Damage +16 when using that single specific weapon. (Willpower. experiences) these bonuses replace those of Sword Chanter. +3d Throw. Creation Only. Sword Chanter. and extra training upon activation of Sustained as 2d points per character. Cost: 15. League Agent.

a character can reach a handhold. Transference. Thorns command great power. (+2d to each Attack roll following a successful attack) Tether. along with any other players who share this feature. so long as they are within a twenty (20) unit distance of one (On a successful Melee attack. Master (At least two characters must activate this feature. another. Cost 7. Sovereign Sword Chanter. through the magical force that binds them into safety. Description: The character coordinates an attack with (Shea’Ahks Only. 57 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Damage +12 when using that single specific weapon. Boundless. they may activate Tether and prevent sudden falls stunned. Cost 5. +2 Move over normal terrain) a rhythm while fighting in combat. and does not cause round) the other characters using tether to experience any issues. Cost: 20. if they all successfully hit they deal additional Damage: +9 per character) Description: In Tre’uoall society. Thorn. Blur-Touched. Transference. a Tre’uoall moves life force from oneself to another. the Wyvine trips and stuns a target for the following losing a handhold while climbing. for Healing the other person. The Ties That Bind. Jump. these bonuses replace those of Apprentice Sword Chanter) Description: In time a Bu’Col has become a true warrior with the she’ahk. Cat’s Eye. regardless of damage dealt. Race Only: Enfri. Sword Chanter gains significant bonuses when using their Unconscious characters may be tethered. Damage +6. rendering them feature. experience into a pool via a magical amulet. Cost: 3. able to move freely over normally prohibitive surfaces where others become Tempo Fighting. Cost: 6. they can move themselves. Activation: Instantaneous) Melee when wielding this sword to avoid hits. nearly every type of combat situation. Description: Your Character is capable of maintaining (+4d Climb. etc. preventing long falls and sudden drops Demonic creatures suffer Damage: 1d +6) through a magically binding force. Cost 5. characters must spend the Cinema Point to activate. instead it simply uses the magical tether to keep the fallen character suspended in mid-air until the duration ends. Synchronized Attack.. . Melee +12. Cost: 30. capable of defeating the most powerful of Fiends Description: The character may contribute any amount of and infamous of Corruptors. instead getting the upper hand with each successful attack. Treasure Hunter. and Archon. Thorns are champions. Cost: 10. Description: With Transference. having earned a place in Synergist. and when attacking via brawl or melee together. Apprentice Sword Chanter. making it possible for Description: Your Character learned to overcome any players to fund other players with Cinema Points) obstacle within the path of movement. Cost: 5. The player may opt to deposit or withdraw Tracer. using Magic Affinity. (+24 to any roll three times (3x) per day) (Permanent. Detect Magic. Synergist. Undead or other characters. Description: The character forms a magical tether with (Heal another by touch. however both designated weapon. Sword Chanter. stuck. this will prevent accidents such as falling into pits. Cost: 10. these bonuses other characters with devastating results and increases in replace those of Boundless) damage.Description: The Wyvine uses a Sweeping maneuver that (At least two blur-touched characters must activate this both outflanks and trips an opponent. Description: Conscripted as a Sword Chanter and now another character can pull the character to safety or if the comfortable with the Magical binding of the sword. learning and adapting the weapon to Synchronized Attack. Hit Points 1d+6. Race Only: Tre’uoall. Melee +9. Synergist. (Must use a Magically bound sword. history. any amount of Cinema Points from a pool. replace Dodge with Duration: 1d Hours.

deals (+2d to Attack with any weapon of the specific type) Damage: Strength +6) Weapon Catch. Cost: 10. outside Description: So experienced in battle and as a veteran of which only the direction is detected. Cost: 10. Immune to Execution. (Shea’ahks Only. or Long Swords. the character leaps up to the maximum Move. Damage +9. of many wars. Description: The character coordinates a ranged attack with other characters raining down a volley of ranged attacks on a single target simultaneously. successfully hit they deal additional Damage: +6 per (Permanent. which (Magical Aura (Armor +16). The character senses and character) identifies the source and strength of a Magical effect. Activation: Instantaneous) Volley. capable of discerning even amongst piles of gold and jewels. a character can innately detect the smallest and most subtle Magical changes. Description: With Tributaries. the Wyvine roars so loudly The Character mastered the use of a specific weapon type that it can stun nearby enemies into submission. Vault. (+6d Search for finding the most valuable items amongst many items) Tributaries. if the character lands on a target successfully. or willpower (with a magic foci weapon) together. (On a Jump. Cost: 5. the Bu’Col invented thousands of years ago. all Enemies within a fifteen (15) unit distance are stunned for the Duration. the Character to dodging. . Use Throw as an alternative to Dodge for (Permanent. Melee +18. Duration: 1d Rounds. Onslaught. Blur Touched. a Warlock is immune to Execution and other effects. Bloodlust. as such as Short Swords or Bows. Search. it is possible to bound high over Weapon Affinity.) single attempt at anything. Victor. at a greater when attacking via ranged. Cost: 5. The Character may catch thrown weapons as an alternative Description: Through trials and struggle. sense” within a three hundred (300) unit distance. Immune to this understanding arrives a harmony allowing a Bu’Col fear) to effortlessly delivery a barrage of attacks on an enemy. once per Episode) Vociferate. (this cannot identify the Magical effect). assumptions of the world. sometimes dealing The Character holds an affinity for using a specific weapon extra damage on impact. Through Immune to mental and illusionary Effects. type such as Daggers. The Ties That Bind. DR Easy. Synergist. Fearsome. landing a short distance away. Weapon Affinity: Specific Weapon Type. Description: With Vociferate. Cost 5. DR Moderate. Cost: 15. Quick Draw. and (At least two characters must activate this feature. Cost: 30. using Volley. may succeed at what matters most. 58 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Weapon Mastery. . and found complete harmony in their traditions and the shea’ahk chain weapons. (Damage +6 with Ranged weapons. Warlocks. Bows. Cost: 5. through a “sixth Warlock. Cost: 30. (Intimidate. only the direction of the source is discernible. and within a certain distance determine its source. if they all distance. Cost: 15. A Character automatically succeeds at a thrown weapons. throw. Archon. (Permanent. but those few remain feared and respected as Description: The Bu’Col has completely shed all champions. stacks with Archon) Description: With Vault. This does not work for catching missile weapons such as arrows. Warrior Archon. these bonuses Description: With Warrior Archon. Few Wyvine have established themselves as Unfettered. enemies. Cost: 50. gain the ability to replace those of The Ties That Bind) deal more damage with Ranged Weapons.Description: Many learn the ability to spot the most valuable trinkets in a pile of treasure.

Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 5. something The Character may now automatically redirect a thrown the users of Magic refer to as the Fabric. Range: 10/20/30. knowing it can do anything. Cost: 10. Range: 3/5/10. (Willpower+18 to Hit. Weapon Catch. MaGiC ACROSS AZaMaR Magic in Azamar draws from the interconnection of the world and the things just outside of the world. On the other weapon as a single smooth action. Governor of Adrya Ampais Blades. requiring no secondary roll) When crossing the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur. May over behind them. capable of piercing metal armor and sky. Those whose minds and spirits cross not exceed 6d Maximum. Tyro Spells Arrow. Magic users can traverse. Cost: 5. 59 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .(+2d to Attack with any weapon of the specific type. typically do so under very controlled circumstances. Human. its arcane nature and confusing. mentally and spiritually. Wyldborne. however there is significantly less risk in allowing a Fiend loose on Azamar. also takes practice. shaped Description: The Character calls upon the essence of of energy. Physically crossing the Fabric between Description: An Enfri has the potential for greatness with Azamar and the Blur is dangerous. or otherwise similar Those users of Magic powerful enough to physically Aptitudes. Duration: Immediate) “Magic takes practice. shattering rocks and trees.Ofvgar. Description: Your Character summons several magical blades and they impale a target with deadly force. Damage: (To Hit: Willpower +1d. Believing it can do anything is for fools. Trade Specific: Wizard. previously caught via side of the Fabric is the Blur. a place named as such due the Weapon Catch special ability. Arrow. which soars out seeking a target and striking Magic. appearing as a beam of energy that shoots into the with immense force. Trade Specific: Wizard. as few ever realize their potential in of surviving in the Wilderness. Cost: 20. Range: 1000/3000/5000. Blur Touched. Race Only: Enfri. Description: Your Character can emit an arrow. +3d with Demolitions or Engineering. often killing a subject to The ability to apply one’s passion and zeal to overcome a cause dramatically powerful effects. harnessing the full extent of such connections. Damage: Willpower +18/15/12 Blast. maze-like affect on the mind. Blur-Touched. Cost: 5. and then may direct it at any single target. either draining them of life or using a significant amount Zeal. and often forbidden. armor. weapons. cross into the Blur. Damage: Willpower+36/33/30) Willpower +6/+3/0. May be combined with any other bonus) Zenith. building inventions. careful to not allow anything to cross back (Permanent. Search +6 for discerning direction) some forms of Magic are fueled by the life force of others. Cost: 5. as physically. Description: With Wyldborne. stacks with Weapon Affinity and Quick Draw) Weapon Redirect. (To Hit: Willpower. situation or ignore pain (+2d to any roll. of life force to fuel it all at once. May be taken multiple times to into the Blur are in as much danger as those who cross apply once to each Skill) over physically of dying. as well Wrench Turner. Cost: 3. Anteprofidian Wizard. Cost: 50. Moreover. never be lost or incapable Drawing Magical power from the connection to the Blur is a rare and powerful gift. Avatar.” . Blur Touched. (Use Throw to catch and redirect a thrown weapon. (Survival +12.

Activation: 2 Minutes) Conjure Element. Description: Your Character can create a small camp via Description: Your Character can weave an elemental effect conjuration and summoning. Creates 1 gallon of distilled water. as it conjures magical forces to push with unchallenged force. (Willpower. Wizard. called providing their elemental services as beckoned. or a small bubble of air. a spark of lightning. except water (Willpower DR Moderate.Description: Your Character is able to send forth a concussive force in any direction. water. Damage: Description: Your Character can create something from Willpower +12/9/6. Cost: 5. earth. (To Hit: Willpower +5d. or lightning. is not Spellbound or controlled and may outright attack or otherwise when summoned. which is Permanent) Duration: Permanent) Elemental Union. but also bludgeons anything in its path. Duration: 10 Hours. While a practical display of power. Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 5. all come when Breach. Summons a random creature. Blast can both stun and deafen nearby people. The creature summoned be stored or consumed. Trade Specific: Camp. Duration: Immediate) nothing. Create a small campfire. Blur Touched. fire. a bucket of dirt. a small flame. Cost: 5. Duration: 1d6 rounds. up to three small tents. Trade Specific: Wizard. Most creatures do not (Willpower DR Easy. Cost: 5. Trade Specific: Wizard. Blur-Touched. Blur Touched. except the water element. 60 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Range: 5/10/15. and a small meal for up to three people. the elements in Description: Your Character can bridge the divide question return to the Elemental realms within six rounds between realms and pluck a creature from another realm. DR Moderate. Blur Touched. take kindly to summoning. which not only deals immense damage. air. which may bringing it to the present realm. after summoning.

air. Cost: 5. (Willpower DR based on the following chart.(fire. removes disease. Cost: 5. DR Target’s Willpower. Description: The Character touches a willing target and heals wounds and pain. as well as Purify food and water to make it edible and free of disease. such as Elemental Union only works as Lightning with Shield. such as Arrows. Trade Specific: Wizard. plague. once for Arrow. Description: A red glow emanates without a distinguishable source. Cost: 5. (This provides the heat of a roaring campfire through a red glowing area which provides enough warmth to keep travelers warm despite below-freezing conditions. bathing anyone nearby with warmth and red light. babbling incoherently at times. DR Moderate. Duration: 1d6 rounds) Difficulty Easy Moderate Difficult Very Difficult Heroic Epic Result +3 Hit Points +6 Hit Points. Duration: 1 round) Ofvgar’s Crimson Glow. Duration: Immediate) Garrulous. (Weave an elemental effect into a magical effect. Remove Poison and Plague 2d+6 Hit Points. Duration: 4d Hours) Purify. Description: Your Character can illuminate a darkened area despite the available light for a limited period. it also casts very little light and is only visible within a one hundred (100) unit distance. Cost: 5. and magical illness. once for Spell Storm. Duration: Immediate) Shield. earth. Duration: Immediate. Blur Touched. Cost: 5. Trade Specific: Wizard.e. (Willpower DR Easy. Elemental Union may be taken multiple times to use it with multiple magical effects. Description: Your Character forms an impenetrable and invisible field around a small area. Cost: 5. Duration: 1d Minutes) Levitate. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower DR Easy. Blur Touched. Cure Magical Illness +4d Hit Points. Blur Touched. Trade Specific: Wizard. which either resists or deals damage based upon that elemental type. Cure Disease 1d+6 Hit Points. etc. (Willpower DR Easy. Trade Specific: Wizard. Duration: 1d rounds) Heal. poison. Blur Touched. Cost: 5. 61 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Shield does not protect against Melee attacks. Trade Specific: Wizard. Levitate: Move Self or Target Up (up to 100kg) +15. Blur Touched. Activation: 1d Rounds. Duration: 3d6 rounds) Speed. +4d Sneak while outside a ten (10) unit distance of the target or group. Trade Specific: Wizard. Regenerate body parts Resurrection Illuminate. i. (Willpower DR Easy. making it easier to Sneak near them. Cost: 5. Description: Your Character can both Purify a living being. Trade Specific: Wizard. Description: A selected target is compelled to talk incessantly and pointlessly for a period. once for Shield. Description: This ability causes a selected target or group to become complacent. and on rare occasions grow back severed limbs. Range: Within a twenty (20) distance. Blur Touched. Cost: 5. Blur Touched. Purifies Food and Water. Missile Weapons. (Willpower. protecting the Character from missile weapon. Trade Specific: Wizard. Blur-Touched. Description: Your Character is able to levitate and float or cause a target to levitate or float a significant distance above the ground. Removes all Spellbinding. Activation: Instantaneous) Inure. Causes light. (Willpower. water. 50m radius. This is a good way to get over a tall wall or distract guards with a rock. removing any Spellbinding on another Character or creature. or lightning) into a magical effect. Armor +3d vs. Assign this to a specific Magic effect and use with that single effect. Blur Touched.

this time Wizard. Cost: 10. i. the Barrier allows Spell Expansion. once for levitation. Cost: 10. Duration: Wizard. i. Description: With Chary active.e. Spell Expansion may be taken multiple Chary. 50m radius. once for Fly. This apply. Cost: 5. i. Trade Specific: 62 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . DR Moderate. Trade Specific: effect. once for Description: Your Character can fly or cause a target to arrow. Duration: (Willpower DR Moderate. Cost: 10. Cost: 5.e. While Chary is active. (Creates a spell trigger for a single magical effect. times to use it with multiple magical effects. capable of protecting from all damage types including elemental attacks and the Description: Your Character can expand a magic effect massive force of a weapon like a ballista. All Damage. 1d Hours) Description: Your Character can extend the length of Darken. Spell Extension. Trade a magic effect by doubling the period. Cost: 5. Cost: 10. Causes darkness. Blur Touched.. Spell Extension may be taken multiple areas despite the even the sunlight for a limited period. or a target. times to use it with multiple magical effects. Trade Specific: Wizard. Spell Triggering may be taken multiple Wizard. once for shield. Blur Touched. enemy. fly in any direction at great speeds. If not removed. such as Spell Extension only works Description: Your Character can darken the brightest of with Shield. such as Spell Trigger only Fly. Cost: 10. Illuminate. once for Spell Storm. Duration: 3d6 rounds) (Doubles a single time period or duration of a magical Dilettante. unless re-activated again. Duration: 1 round) Journeyman Spells Barrier. the magic user may avoid falling into pits. Doubles Number of Actions. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: etc. Trade Specific: works with Blast. Blur Touched. Blur Touched. from 1 person or target up to 6 people or targets. This must be Specific: Wizard. even if only 1d) must be assigned to a specific Magic effect and can only be used with that single effect. This is the best way the Spell Trigger automatically releases the magic effect at to travel when trying to avoid roads and ambushes by an the end of the duration. Levitation. may take double the normal actions in a combat round. getting hit by a trap. This must be assigned to a specific Magic effect and can only be (Willpower DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Description: Your Character can glean basic and superficial Wizard. assigned to a specific Magic effect and can only be used with that single effect. Spell Triggering. Fly: Move Self or Target (up to Trigger lasts 1d6 days) 100kg) +50. Duration: Doubled) Wizard. Description: Your Character can create a conditional (+3d to any Intellect Skill currently not trained or owned. once for (Willpower DR Moderate. etc. Shield Blur Touched. once for blast. Duration: 1d6 rounds) Hubrous. Description: Similar to the Shield magic. once for shield. knowledge of unknown topics easily. Cost: 10. Armor +5d vs. times to use it with multiple magical effects. Blur Touched. the magic user instantly moves out of the way of danger one time. Blur Touched. etc. for a single use. such as Spell Expansion only Duration: 1d6 rounds) works with Blast. once for fly. (Expands a single magical effect from one person up to 6 people. (Willpower DR Easy.e.Description: Your Character. etc. Blur Touched. trigger for a magic effect to occur that will stay in place if an Intellect Skill is known then this bonus does not for up to six days or until the Character removes it. Duration: Immediate) (Willpower. Levitate. shimmering with energy and force. Blur Touched. Trade Specific: your Character to form a more formidable field. used with that single effect.

Blur Touched. Trade Specific: magical aura. DR Moderate. When the Character returns to Reality. Speed. Spellbind. Blur Touched. x2 Move while in Slip Realm. they appear to disappear Description: You can bestow great awareness on a target. target into service. Duration: Permanent eyes. When a Wizard. Heal. Duration: (Willpower DR Easy. This magic is very old and powerful and attracts the Hard: +2d6 Damage or Inflict a Poison or Plague. Wizard. Trade Specific: Willpower. Moderate: +1d6 Damage or Inflict a Disease. Target’s Willpower to resist. Duration 1d Rounds) for 2d6 rounds. (Willpower DR after touch. roll with a DR Easy or less experience memory loss of 1d Description: On a successful Brawl or Grapple. Wizard. Blur Touched. Cost: 10. into ashes. of your Character as you see fit. Rupture. fighting technique. Purify. Cost: 10. and are instantly until Purified) stunned for 1d Rounds. Blur Touched. Activation: Immediate. they are temporarily disoriented and must Search to reorient significantly increasing their reaction time in Combat. Trade Specific: Wizard. the hours. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower. time. Breach. Cost: 10. but during time in the Slip Realm. temporarily increasing their Side Step. you can calm anyone nearby through a Slow. to Reality forces a Search roll. (Willpower. Blur Touched. (Willpower DR Easy. Cost: 10. Inflicts a Spellbinding on a (A bright flashing light emanates from the magic user’s target. Trade Specific: plague. to the new location. Any Characters within a ten Description: Your Character or a target may take half the (10) unit distance of the Character receive a +2d bonus to normal actions in a combat round. The Character cannot interact with Reality from the Slip Realm Duration: total length of combat) during this time. Duration: Permanent) . +4d Initiative to a single. bypasses non-magical Armor Description: Your Character can open and keep open a (Brawl or Grapple): Effortless: +1 Damage. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Difficult. careful when Difficult: +3d6 Damage or Inflict an Incurable or Magical using it. disease. poison. Description: A selected target feels great confidence and arrogance on the battlefield. Cost: 10. Cost: 10. Halves Number of Actions. Very attention of the most powerful of beings. into the Slip Realm for a short period. Blur-Touched. (Willpower DR Target’s Resist. Easy: +3 gateway between realms for an indeterminate amount of Damage. Duration: 1 round) Immediate) Ofvgar’s Confoundabulator. a single. willing target receives The Character can temporarily step out of Reality and +2d to 1 attack per round for the duration of the combat. Cost: 10. Mercurial. DR Moderate. Character enters the Slip Realm. or magical illness on a target. the magic user does not get this bonus. Description: Through an intensely bright and quickly Description: Your Character can enthrall and Spellbind a blinking light emanating from the eyes of magic user. (Willpower. Blur Touched. DR Moderate to reorient or Description: Even in the most harsh or dramatic be stunned for a round) conditions. Duration: 1 Round) Character inflicts pain and injuries. Trade Specific: Wizard. any onlookers experience nausea. Cost: 10. Trade Specific: the Character’s Move is effectively increased. DR Difficult. 63 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) (Willpower DR Heroic. causing that target to do the bidding onlookers may experience temporary bewilderment. Blur Touched. Rips open a gate to another realm. Instantly step into the Slip Realm willing target.Wizard. returning Mollify. a single roll due to magic included calm they receive from Mollify. resisting this effect requires Stricken. sometimes resulting in short term memory loss. any onlookers who fail the resist Wizard.

Description: A target or group of targets suddenly experience an uncontrollable sense of cheer and laughter. Duration: 1d6 rounds) Reality Peak. Cost: 15. See the Elementals in the Flora and Fauna section for stats. each Healing potion has the effect of the Healing roll made when creating the potion. Potions can become very complex quickly. Range: magical effect is used. Trade Specific: follows. Cost: 10. With a successful Search roll. +2d to all Allies rolls. Trade Specific: Wizard. The Elementals return to the Elemental realms within eighteen rounds after summoning. to take (Willpower DR Difficult. Description: Your Character can Inspire all allies in an area. (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. thus avoiding disorientation. typically striking out at whoever is closest. Cost: 15. Duration: Immediate) Summon. Cost: 15. (Willpower DR Difficult. DR Difficult. Description: Capable of focusing on conjuring water. Duration: Permanent until consumed) Desiccate. Duration: Permanent) . 1d determines maximum targets. Cost: 15. Description: Your Character causes magic to bleed into the surrounding world. etc. DR Very Difficult. Repels most creatures and undead. Trade Specific: Wizard. Spellbind. the targets are effectively sent into a temporary euphoria. and imbuing it with a magical effect. Side Step. Cost: 15. your Character can create potions for storing magical properties. up to 2d Rounds. Blur Touched. An Elemental cannot be controlled by any means and is treated as a neutral character in combat. by making at least a Very target is completely dehydrated and has lost all water in Difficult DR roll as part of the desired magic effect. 64 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) (Spells cause a blatant aftereffect both drawing attention to and rejuvenating the caster. after the initial attack. providing a great advantage with a battle. Trade Specific: Wizard. Blur Touched. Duration: 3d6 rounds) Adept Spells Alchemical Conjuration. Blur Touched. This is a simple way to create large numbers of Healing potions. Cost: 15. Conjure Element. distracting them temporarily. Blur Touched. Duration: 2d Rounds or until the target exits one (1) Cinema Point returns to the Character following from the five (5) unit range) the initial magical effect. Blur Touched. Damage: Willpower + 15. Summons an Elemental being. capable of bringing forth a powerful Elemental being whose very nature and incarnation is destructive and chaotic. DR Difficult. the Character may effectively peak into Reality before reentry to avoid surprises) Repel. Summon. 500m radius. suddenly levitating except where the caster is sitting. which causes random magical causing extreme pain in the process. While a Character is in the Slip Realm. Epic: +4d6 Damage. (Willpower DR Moderate. If a Character can immediately Within a five (5) unit distance. Duration: 1d Rounds) imbued effects. (Permanent. The random magical effect that Inspire. Spell Bleed. Trade Specific: Wizard. the Character may peer through into Reality before re-entering it. Description: This ability quickly dehydrates a target. Blur Touched. Spellbind. sometimes imbuing archaic and amazing powers on a drinker. Blur Touched. requiring a Willpower. Cost: 15. effects to occur nearby the Character each time any (Willpower to Hit. 500m radius. Description: Your Character can bridge the divide between this realm and the Elemental realms. Blur Touched. including defending themselves or dodging.Illness. Duration: 1d6 days) Sanguine. Description: Your Character can create a field that causes most creatures and undead to avoid the Character for a period. or if significantly damaged. the capture that magical bleed. Conjure a potion magically with any actions. (Willpower DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Wizard. typically is blatant. such as every chair in a tavern Wizard.

dramatically Detain. . The creature Description: Your Character can employ the most summoned is capable of resisting the Spellbinding after powerful of traveling magic. Cost: 25. +4d to all Allies Intimidation 65 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Duration: 3d area to invoke fear in their enemies. will die. Description: Through magic alone. the larger the tear grows. Cost: 45. Trade Specific: While a Character is in the Slip Realm. and without medical attention or immediate healing. Duration: Immediate) Specific: Wizard. mental force imposes them to believe whatever Description: By devastating the Fabric locally around words spoken by the magic user. Blur Touched. including self. Cost: 15. to stop it. Cost: 40. Duration: Summoning Permanent. Teleport: Limited to line of Permanent until Purified) sight of extremely familiar locations. 1d maximum number Range: 5/10/15. Cost: 30. DR Difficult. the target begins bleeding. Duration: Immediate) Effusive. Fly. the Magic User they re-appear in Reality it appears they have crossed vast can slow time the passage of time and perception in a distances in the blink of an eye. There is no greater luxury than teleporting from one place to the (Willpower DR Difficult. Blur Touched. Move Self or Target Dust Lord. a target or small group of targets. next. Blur Touched. Breach & Spellbind. affecting the morale of the enemy. (Willpower to Hit. Blur Touched. DR Heroic. and instantly spellbind it in one foul swoop. Vapidity. Wizard. This is especially useful when little (Willpower DR Moderate. delivers immense damage. Description: A single target. teleport vast distances in the blink of an eye. whatever the magic says for the duration is completely believed and acted upon. (Willpower DR Difficult. (Willpower.). Tear Damage: Willpower+24/21/18. DR Very Difficult. suffering 3d direct damage to Hit Points (no soak). Trade Specific: Wizard. It lasts as long as the magic user desires however. etc. the tear grows by 2 (x2). Trade Specific: Wizard. Range: 100/200/300. can move with fantastic speed and strength. providing the capability to summoning.Revulsion. and Swimming) air is available. though it does not last a target. Blur Touched. x5 Move for Climbing. or injuring others in the case where it would not normally Description: Your Character can cause all Allies in a given occur (close friends and family. Trade Specific: Wizard.Traverse. the longer left open. Spellbinding (Willpower DR Difficult. Duration: Immediate) Inimical. Mastery Spells Cogent. DR Very Difficult. DR Very Difficult to resist self-injury Specific: Wizard. making them appear Seconds) overwhelming and difficult opponents. the tear is large enough for most Fiends to come through it. Area of effect: ten by ten (10 x 10) unit distance. While in the Slip Realm: x10 Move. Duration: Immediate) of Targets. the disruption between Azamar and the Blur long. causing the surrounding world to pass by more quickly. Cost: 20. Time passes at one-hundredth (1/100) the speed of time outside the bubble. For each month the tear remains open. etc. in six months. will begin bleeding profusely. Blur Touched. Willpower DR Difficult to resist. (Willpower. summon a creature to the present realm. Inspire. Trade injury. thus when Description: Through a tear in the Fabric. Blur Touched. Summons and Spellbinds a random creature. Reality Peak. Trade Specific: Description: Your Character can bridge the divide between realms. Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 20. Tear Radius: 1/2/3. Cost: 15. Willpower. each round until dead or Heal or Medicine is used. the Character Wizard. Time is slowed for a designated period by creating a slight tear in the Fabric. Trade (up to 100kg) +500. small area for a period. Jumping. Blur Touched. (Willpower.000.

an Asceromancer learns to draw directly from the Magical essences between worlds and utilize them to an advantage. magic is an understanding of how to stand between the two. The Zamaranth draw their power from the life force of others. Duration: 1d6 rounds) Spell Storm. and the abilities attributed to the Asceromancers. for power. Tre’uoall. Which course will you choose? Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . magic that seeks out all nearby enemies and punishes and go to great lengths and endure significant hardships them with concussive forces. Trade Specific: Wizard. Description: Asceromancers are capable of exposing a moment in time and space where all nearby can perceive the Blur as they do. the Initiate begins on the path of the Asceromancers. art of maintaining peace and order throughout Azamar. Brawl. Cost: 5. Duration: 1 round) “While mystery and reality come from the same source. trying to rip them apart.Kinrop Dul. making their magic both potent and devastating. to counter forces they view as evil. and the Order. Wizards who swear to defend the righteous using both Magic and their affinity with it in an effort to defend the helpless and survive the darkest of times. Blast & Summon. the Zamaranth. The Tatuaxe use glyphs and markings to form connections with their Magic and the Blur. the Tatuaxe. seeming to call on the Blur itself. The Asceromancers are a group of wizards dedicated to the Trade Specific: Wizard. Initiate. The Asceromancers swear their lives to fighting evil through an affinity with Magic. Damage: Willpower +9/+6/+3. (Willpower DR Moderate. the Elementals. but the ways they use Magic tend to fall into various categories. Hits all enemies in Range: 10/15/25. (No bonuses for an Initiate. typically aligning themselves with groups to garner strength or avoid persecution. Cost: 25. dedicated to bringing order in the chaos. the Weavers. to hold to triumph in the face of empirical defeat. the oldest and largest group of Magic users. In performing the ritual of reclamation. Willpower Skill replaces Melee. Initiate. Willpower Minimum (Attribute + Skill) of 4d. Cost: 10. Description: Able to focus and meditate on edge of the Blur. an Initiate declares the right to the long held tradition of reclamation. The Order. or Dodge Skill. burning and biting at them. this typically causes most to stand and stare blankly at the Asceromancer. Each of these groups uses Magic in unique and potent ways. 66 ThE FaCTiONS Choosing the Course The users of Magic in Azamar are versatile and expansive. (Permanent. stunned temporarily in awe of the event. The Elementals seek to push the bounds of the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur. Description: Your Character produces a whirlwind of The Asceromancers view themselves as keepers of good. Initiate. this opens the possibility of taking further Asceromancer Features) Purge. May be taken multiple times. Grapple. A rare few are unaffected and typically taken off guard by the effect it has on so many others. High Wizard to the King of Azamar Path of the Asceromancers Asceromancer Features Initiate.Skill. Blur Touched. each of them powerful in their own right. (+12 Willpower) Requiem. once for each Skill listed to replace with Willpower for rolling) Manifest. the Asceromancer is able to perceive the smallest of changes in the Blur and react to them as if a master warrior. The largest of these groups include the Asceromancers. Description: Through the right of passing. works to maintain the stability between the Blur and Azamar.” . Cost: 10. Cost: 10. Description: Learning to refocus Magic into fighting as an art form. 500m radius. The Weavers master Magic through the weaving of sounds and words.

Air Blast. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Moderate. providing as much The Elemental League is a powerful group of wizards protection as any natural Obstruction.000) gallons of water. or Swim. DR Easy. i. Duration: bend the Fabric as far as possible. either to gas. with a Push-Pull equivalent to 10d. Ephermal.e. Duration: Permanent until the water naturally changes state due to environment) Obstruction. Liquid. a single building fire. be dangerous as powerful Fiends reside in the Blur. +1DR per additional thousand (+1.(Once activated any other Characters. DR Very Difficult) Description: The Elemental is capable of extinguishing a normal fire of any size. strong enough to knock large creatures or escape. they tend to push the Description: The Elemental can cause the air to thicken limits of what Magic can do within Azamar. Density. once for each Skill listed to replace with Willpower a massive fire. Trade Specific: Wizard. this is not without a cost. Cost: 5. Jump. use any known Magical Effects and get +48 Willpower for one time. the time spent on the other side of the Blur can down.e. (Character loses half of total Hit Points. Asceromancer can travel into the Blur and bring up to Duration: Immediate) 1d companions along. (Willpower. Initiate.000) gallons of water. Climb. +1DR for each formed together to perfect the art of wielding Magic to additional Obstruction erected simultaneously. including massive structure or Description: Through a refocus of Magic into surrounding forest fires. DR Easy. air. Push-Pull. within Elemental Features a fifty (50) unit distance are stunned for two (2) rounds. invisibly reducing the damage of projectiles the Elements well beyond the imagination. Cost: 5. Changes the state (Gas. Completely extinguishes a athletic feats. to resist requires a Willpower. stretching before them. This fires a massive blast of (With a successful Willpower. Willpower Skill replaces Acrobat. DR Difficult. liquid. capable of commanding Permanent) awesome and devastating effects of nature such as controlling the base elements of fire. Trade Specific: Wizard. May be taken multiple Willpower. and water. DR Moderate. or Frozen) of up to one thousand (1. Initiate. capable of brilliant Magical feats other Wizards only dream of accomplishing. for rolling) Duration: Immediate) Asylum. earth. Trade Specific: Wizard. a forest or multiple building fire. DR Very Difficult. Description: The Elemental can pull up the earth into a wall or mound large enough to provide direct and complete cover in a specific direction. bonfire or smaller. While they do not tear the Fabric. Cost: 10. (Willpower. DR Moderate. the wind. Trade Specific: Wizard. extinguishes a large fire. Extinguish. passing through the field.) Description: The Elemental can change the state of existing water through magic. Cost: 10. return to Azamar) One Foot In. Cost: 5. the same roll must occur again to Change Water. Willpower. Completely extinguishes times. world of Azamar. (Willpower. Initiate. Description: An Asceromancer is physically capable of Description: The Elemental is capable of forcing a massive passing into the Blur and bringing others nearby for safety blast of wind. i. Cost: 5. friend or foe. 67 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Range: 4/8/12. Cost: 10. an Asceromancer can perform fantastic (Willpower. A wall of stone or mound of sand The Elemental League or dirt ruptures upward and provides an Obstruction as wide and tall as the Elemental. or solid form. Cost: 5. Lift. Completely (Permanent. Description: A rare Asceromancer masters the qualities of an Ephermal.

typically referred to as Crude Magic.(Willpower. Ritual of Zamaranth . if the target exits this (Willpower. Duration: 1d Rounds) Fire Burst. Cost: 15. well as impede the movement of anyone within the area. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. Vitality +20. A chosen target must remain the life force into a Crux Magic Conduit. Damage +3 each 68 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Cost: 20. Trade Specific: Wizard. roll unit distance dies. Cost: 10. devoted to using Magic in the rawest forms possible. The Crux Stone Barrage. funneling (Willpower. Duration: Permanent until destroyed) (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. two (2) units tall. sand. this deals Damage: Willpower+15 per round while in the field. DR Moderate. Damage: Willpower+21/18/15. Duration: 1d Rounds) Armor and 48 Structure Points. DR Moderate. and rock. Range: 10/20/30. Zamaranth Features Corruption. a Zamaranth at a thirty (30) unit distance from the Elemental for Pendant. add +2d to the Zamaranth Pendant Willpower for Damage in first round. Willpower to Hit. Cost: 10. +1DR if the target is Moving. automatically reducing all projectile damage heat. entire groups of wizards alone. or other shelter. intense heat. up. for the Elemental as desire. DR Easy. DR Moderate. Duration: Immediate) Archaminari. the wave is three (3) units wide. the heating process to continue. Duration: Immediate or until outside range) by 3d. The barrier has 3d Damage. enhance Brawling damage. +3d to Brawl out of the ground and nearby objects and forms them into an iron barrier. Duration: Immediate) Flay. capable of using it also to barrier or shape with it. Trade Specific: Wizard. Duration: 1d rounds) Extract. providing concealment Crush Depth. resist with Strength. Description: The Elemental points at a target and lightning ejects from the finger to the target dealing massive damage. Cost: 5. An Elemental rips the iron (Willpower. Damage: Willpower+9/6/3 per stone. live as vagrants. (Willpower to Hit. DR Moderate. Description: The Elemental is capable of ripping iron from Description: The Elemental can surround itself in an the surrounding ground and forming a metal. all the plant life within a ten (1) range it cools down. Range: 10/20/40. any metal objects that come Description: The Elemental can manipulate air or water within a four (4) unit distance most resist a Grapple+3d or pressure in an area. (Willpower. Cost: 5. Range: 5/10/15. Description: The Elemental emits a wave of hot blue flames along the ground in a specific direction. A field surrounds the following round. as the object is pulled to and sticks to the magnetic barrier. The Crux is capable of drawing upon the very essence in those around them and using it to fuel violent and mordant effects. Trade Specific: Wizard. box. Cost: 25. magnetic armor of dirt. Trade Specific: Wizard. this is initially uncomfortable quickly Description: An acolyte of the Crux pulls the life force resulting in a single target burning from the inside out. from nearby plant life to fuel some Magic. DR Moderate. A ten by ten by ten (10x10x10) unit volume of air or water can be made to sustain a significant force of density and weight on anyone caught inside. and causes Move to half (1/2). Golem. DR Moderate. target is unaware of the source of the Elemental. which can cause significant damage. Damage: Willpower +12. The few. Duration: Immediate) Crux of Zamaranth The Crux is an ancient and powerful faction of wizards. feared members of the Crux publicly known for their shear ferocity and (Willpower roll determines number of stones pulled cruelty. Trade Description: The Elemental may attack a target by focusing Specific: Wizard. is considered a secretive organization in which few of their Description: The Elemental pulls up nearby stones and members are outspoken and powerful enough to combat uses them as projectiles. Cost: 10. (Willpower+1d to Hit.

Ritual of Zamaranth. DR Very Difficult. Haze. the target must Wizard. (The acolyte now wears a Zamaranth Pendant. Description: An acolyte emits a massive wave of disruptive energy in all directions. DR target’s Willpower roll. Range: 10/20/30. This link can be broken only thus dealing extraneous damage. Trade Specific: specific Magical effect. however none acolyte gains Willpower +2d for draining the targets life. funneling the life force into a Immediate) Crux Magic Conduit. add +1d to the Zamaranth link to a target to power the Zamaranth Pendant until the target dies. Trade Specific: Wizard. binding their spirit to a Zamaranth Pendant. which must permanently remain on their neck. Ritual of Zamaranth. draining 12 Hit Description: An acolyte of the Crux attempts to separate Points a day. Ritual of Zamaranth. the acolyte creates a Wizard. Marionette. Duration: Immediate) Drain Life. permanent link to the worn conduit. day. This renders their Magic often very powerful. (Willpower. Cost: 25. Duration: (Willpower to hit. Ritual of Zamaranth. for every two (2) Hit Description: An acolyte is capable of creating a permanent Points in damage (after soak). to fuel the connection for a Expunge.Conduit strength. if successful deal Willpower+2d damage to the target. upon their life force. DR Target’s Willpower roll. Grim. (Willpower. the complete control of target’s body. Trade Specific: Wizard. The acolyte remains aware and in control of a target into a state of confusion making it easier to draw their own body while possessing the target. if removed it deals Damage The Tatuaxe are wizards who use imagery or markings 1d+36. bypasses non-magical armor. Cost: 5. Damage: Permanent until broken via Magic) Willpower+9/+6/+3. remain in a ten (10) unit distance. Duration: Immediate) Description: An acolyte of the Crux. disrupting anything it strikes. An emblazoned black through Magical Healing once established. a target must be asleep or stunned and touched directly. Cost: 15. a Zamaranth Pendant. Description: The acolyte undergoes the ritual of passage. targets can link to the Zamaranth Pendant. Cost: 20. Ritual of Zamaranth. Ritual of Zamaranth. Range: 5/10/20. on an opponent. Trade Duration: Immediate) Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: (Willpower. Ritual of Zamaranth. Cost: 10. Duration: 1d minutes) Duration: 1d Rounds) Ritual of Zamaranth. if successful gains (Willpower. Pendant Conduit strength. Cost: 5. DR Very Difficult. If removing the pendant. Duration: Immediate) Disrupt. a target already linked to a Zamaranth Pendant through Description: An acolyte of the Crux is capable of placing Subsidy. ignoring all armor. DR target’s Willpower roll. Damage: Willpower+9/+6/+3. Duration: Permanent) such as glyphs and tattoos. until the target dies. multiple orb fires at the target to disrupt their spirit. Strikes all targets in range bypassing non-magical armor. Touch. of the target’s innate abilities or otherwise. Trade Specific: (Willpower. 69 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . though sometimes less permanent than Wizard. an acolyte dies instantly and the pendant explodes with all the Magic energy contained within. Duration: force to fuel some Magic. Subsidy. deals damage directly to the life force of the target. Ritual of Zamaranth. adding +5d to the Zamaranth Pendant per the life force and spirit of a target from the physical body. speech. Trade Specific: Description: An acolyte is capable of temporarily possessing Wizard. if successful. Trade Specific: (On a successful Brawl. Damage: Willpower +3 in addition to normal Damage. an acolyte deals Wizard. Cost: 5. or Grapple. which has no maximum Magical limit for storing or expelling The Tatuaxe essence to fuel Willpower rolls. Cost: 5. Description: An acolyte of the Crux uses a target’s life bypassing magical and non-magical armor.

(Willpower. DR Difficult. providing life long bond of magical essence. giving Shaper Tyro. Duration: Permanent) Rote of Binding. Description: A Keystone marking causes a temporary the Tatuaxe often heralded for their ability to use glyph magical barrier to appear in midair. the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur is thin or weak. Cost: 5. Tatuaxe Features Affliction of Stains. and left in waiting. Trade Specific: Wizard. marking them as an enemy to all Tatuaxe. Duration: Permanent) Polarize. DR Easy. the target suffers Damage 1d+15 each round of weather and conditions. Description: The Tatuaxe learn to use their glyphs as powerful weapons. and may choose to transfer 1d Hit Points to Heal the other. as if at room temperature. Anyone who steps on the mark is stunned for a short duration. the target now may breathe with a complete absence of air comfortably. This places the magical mark on the target. Duration: 1d rounds) Mark of the Nemesis. (Willpower. Cost: 10. Duration: 1d Days) Description: This places a mark on a target person. or location with this Glyph. DR Moderate. spiritual damage to a target until the mark fades. only visible to other Tatuaxe. This places the magical mark on the target person. Description: This places a mark on a target person. Duration: Permanent) Fealty. Cost: 10. for 1d Hours. the target now ignores the coldest on a target. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Moderate. This places the magical mark on the target person. Cost: 10. (Willpower. anyone who steps on the mark is stunned Rote of Breathing. Cost: 5. DR Moderate. the mark remains. the target and Tatuaxe are always aware of the other’s condition and healthy. This places the magical mark on the target. This marking provides warning for other Tatuaxe to avoid the marked thing. Trade Specific: Wizard. blocking anyone who magic for healing. (Willpower. Cost: 10. (Willpower. them the ability to breathe in a vacuum or under water effortlessly. indicating someone or something involved in a betrayal or corruption. This places the magical mark magical markings that evoke powerful results. who will attack this person on sight. This places the magical mark on the target person. Duration: 1d rounds) suffering now damage or other effects from the cold while 70 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . DR Difficult. Famous for using as a ward against Fiends where Keystone. Description: With this mark. Eviction. Duration: 1d days) (+3d Willpower for Tatuaxe Features) Rote of Cold. Duration: Permanent) (Willpower. Cost: 10. Description: A marking. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 10. however magic can still traverse the barrier. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Difficult. Cost: 5. DR Moderate.desired. imbuing allies and enemies with (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. Description: This places a mark on a target person. the barrier will expand up to a five by five (5x5) unit distance in height and width. Trade Specific: Wizard. attempts passage. person. This places the magical mark on the ground. and this mark indicates this trust and loyalty to all other Tatuaxe who come upon marking. Description: This places a mark on a target person. placed on the ground and imbued with Magic. Description: The Tatuaxe can mark an object. the barrier that appears beside the marking stops all objects from passing through it. Cost: 5. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower. which causes the marking to disappear. DR Easy. the Tatuaxe imbues trust and loyalty to a person. on the target person. where the Tatuaxe and the target may freely draw upon one another for strength and healing. giving Description: The Tatuaxe can place a mark that deals them the ability to ignore the coldest of conditions. This places the magical mark (Willpower. This places the magical mark in place.

Trade Specific: Wizard. a Shaper is capable of Rote of Dust. Immune to Fiend allowing them to fly for a period. Immune to Mind Affecting allowing them to heal quickly wounds. Cost: 10. Cost: 10. Cost: 10. on the target person. Duration: Permanent) on the target person. Cost: 10. Duration: 1d hours) Description: A Shaper with this level of experience and study is capable of very powerful rotes with the greatest Rote of Flames. Shaper. Cost: 10. This places the magical mark for Tatuaxe Features. Duration: 1d rounds) Description: Now more powerful. able to leverage powerful Rote of Healing. Cost: 35. DR Difficult. Duration: 1d hours) powerful glyph making abilities. wielding Tatuaxe magic with ease. This places the magical mark Shaper Adroit. Non-Permanent: +4d Willpower for Tatuaxe Features. Duration: 1d minutes) Rote of Flight. a Fiend may not pass within a fifty (50) unit (Willpower. room temperature. Magic. Possession. (Willpower. Shaper Scholar. This places the magical mark distance of the mark. Cost: 10. Description: This places a mark on a surface. DR Difficult. allowing that person to fall as if a speck of dust. and long lasting markings. and suffers no ill effects as such while Description: A Shaper Majestic wields potent and the mark remains. Cost: 15. Duration: Permanent) (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. Immediate) Description: This places a powerful and ancient mark on Rote of Warding. Description: This places a mark on a target person. Cost: 20. May now apply Permanency to Non-Permanent (Willpower. the target now does not suffer Sneak Shaper Scholar. prevents any Fiend from passing nearby the ward. also now imbued with Description: This places a mark on a target person. DR Difficult. (Permanent: Vitality +4. Description: This places a mark on a target person. the target can move easily however of their own power while the mark remains. DR Difficult. on a surface. Cost: 15. Trade Specific: Wizard. Description: This places a mark on a target person. Shaper Tyro. An additional specialized marking applies to the Description: This places a mark on a target person. a target. temporarily providing protection from Damage. This is especially helpful at entrances and exits to confined areas. DR Difficult. of ease. Non-Permanent: +5d Willpower (Willpower. The Shaper now glows with a faint green aura. Trade Specific: Wizard. This places the magical mark markings at +2DR or double the Duration or Effect for on the target person. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. the target now has the wind resistance of a speck of dust. a specialized marking that helps protect the Shaper. which 71 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .the mark remains. which provides additional ability. (Willpower. now not capable of being knocked back or falling at great speeds. allowing them to ignore fire and heat completely. DR Difficult. Duration: Maw of Ofvgar. the target may now fly at will at Move x4 while the mark remains. Description: This places a distinct hand-like mark on a target. damage while the mark remains. protecting the target completely from possession by a Fiend. the target now completely ignores Scholar) all damage and difficulties with heat and flames. Duration: 1d hours) Rote of Daggers. such as caves. This places the magical mark allowing that person to suffer no Sneak damage. Shaper Adroit. DR Very Difficult. (Permanent: Vitality +4. the target now instantly heals up +1DR) to 3d Hit Points and the mark disappears. Cost: 10. This places the magical mark on the target person. (Permanent: Vitality +8. (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. this benefit overrides that of Shaper Tyro) Hand of the Fiend. as if at Shaper Majestic. this benefit overrides that of Shaper on the target person.

Trade Specific: Wizard. Range: 10/20/40. Trade Specific: Wizard. when the contrasting act occurs the target immediately reverts to normal. DR Difficult. Cost: 10. Description: With some pre-emption. DR Very Difficult. the Weavers discovered ways of Description: Trained in the ability to temporarily step changing the flow of Time. Cost: 5. are these types of wizards. Persuasion +5d. Cost: 10. Cost: 5. Can slow time where the Phase time period the Weaver may take normal actions outside a Initiate receives double actions. magically enhancing their fighting abilities. DR Difficult. DR Moderate. (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. Spell Weavers typically utilize their Magic to augment their natural personalities. (Willpower. DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower. Phase Bearer. Duration: Immediate) Description: The Weaver can utter a few words and cause Shatter. where the presence of lessened Willpower makes this easier. Rupture. Over time the Phase Nadir trained new strength behind the Phase Nadir faction. Causes random Characters in a crowd to attack one another) Weaver Features Fortification. Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 10. This places the magical +3. and return to normal time within the same round. Duration: 1d rounds) Phase Initiate. DR Moderate. during this (Willpower. (Willpower. Duration: Immediate) mark on a target. whether lying or Description: On the occasion that a Weaver is in amiable misleading. Cost: 10. If struck the target must resist. Nearby hardened objects 72 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Slumber. referring to the idea of the Bardic storytellers of the lands who use music and singing to tell stories. they called this inner faction away from time. their Character. (Willpower to Hit. Duration: Immediate) Contrast. the Weaver can create and wear a Magical form of Armor. perhaps making them hurt a friend or themselves. Duration: Immediate) Incite. Magic was accessible through words. Ignores non-magical armor. cause others to believe their words. Phase Initiate. Cost: 10.(Willpower. (Willpower. Trade Specific: Wizard. Damage: Willpower and whistles a shrill tone briefly. a target immense pain and damage. or fall asleep for 1d rounds. which causes everything else to seem frozen. Description: With a few well placed sounds and phrases. Vitality +16. however cannot force them to act outside company. Duration: (Willpower. typically useful for inciting riots or bar fights. Trade Specific: Wizard. Willpower. Duration: 2d rounds) Description: The Weaver creates a specific tune of words Guild of Spell Weavers and rhythm and cause a target to fall to sleep. Duration: 1d rounds) Influence. +5d Persuasion. the Weaver steps out of time. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Moderate. Description: A Weaver can influence a target to act outside their normal behavior. but the Guild of Spell Weavers perfected the art of using Magic through music and words. they can Inspire their allies with a few words. the target is now immune to Damage. For centuries. Cost: 5. +2d to Ally attacks and Immediate) dodges. Cost: 5. Cost: 5. learn the secrets of manipulating the flow of Time. way. a Weaver can Inspire. Trade Specific: Wizard. Duration: 1 round) round. DR Moderate. Initiates into the faction. The Guild’s Magic referred to as Bardic Magic. a Phase Bearer begins to see the true the Phase Nadir. Description: Weavers use this unique magic to cause others to act on already prevalent violent tendencies. so they could too. DR Moderate. Description: A Weaver exerts a specific pattern of words (Willpower to Hit. though many are particularly good at very quiet and subtle Spell Weaving. Description: Long ago. Range: 20/40/80.

Range: 10/20/40. ignores non-magical armor. +1DR for each additional object. DR Very Difficult. Duration: 1d rounds) the Weaver within a twenty (20) unit distance suffer Damage: Willpower +3. +3d Initiative) Enthrall. for those not belonging to non-magical armor.become brittle and can easily shatter. Phase Harbinger. making 5/10/20. (Willpower to Hit. a Weaver can instill (Willpower to Hit. willing to give their lives for the Duration: Immediate) Weaver. and Dilation is their primary means of Resonance. shift. Damage: Willpower+18. Trade Specific: Wizard. affects one (1) object within a any nearby who wish the Weaver harm to fall writhing ten (10) unit distance. Cost: 15. an additional two Actions per round where the Harbinger appears to be acting at the same time in each Order of the Veil action. Trade Specific: Wizard. such as metal or Interference. the flow of imbue 1d companions with the benefits they enjoy from time. Trade Specific: Wizard. the Weaver can now 1d companions with them on this step through time. which manifests in the chant opens a fissure in the Fabric at the exact spot where form of blue and orange light emanating warmth on the an enemy stands. the Phase Harbingers train with a unique relationship with the Fabric. Duration: 1d rounds) the Phase Nadir. few can wield it well. ignores magical and time. Cost: 20. Cost: 20. wood. extreme manners that they are unequalled in their prowess Description: As the primary force behind the majority of with an understanding of the flow between time and its the Phase Nadir. but are capable of manipulating time in such Phase Harbinger. Trade Specific: Wizard. and The Order of the Veil is the largest organization of wizards. (Willpower. Duration: Immediate) protect from damaging or disrupting the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur. (Willpower. and powerful understanding and ability to manipulate (Willpower. target. Phase Bearer. Description: Using words and sounds. DR Moderate. DR Very Difficult. they are immediately overtaken with searing pain Description: Many Weavers learn to impress changes in and remain Stunned for the duration. and the Blur. effort around Magic centered in alchemy and using the Description: An ancient song combined with a short essence of the Blur in its free form. Phase Nadir. Duration: Description: The Phase Nadir tend to stay out of the thick Immediate) of things. and even slightly move backward. Azamar. Description: A powerful mantra quietly spoken causes (Willpower. this causes the Weaver the following benefits: +4d their training as a Phase Harbinger) Initiative. the ability to perceive the events of a round. Blast radius: a potent whisper to the subconscious of a target. any who wish to attack striking for a period of time. a Weaver may step from time time. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Heroic. in pain. causing it to explode with violence. Description: A specific resonance focuses on a point and breaks apart anything at that point. Damage as the explosion: 1d+27/24/21. manipulating time. Persuasion +6d. bring (Willpower. correct them during the same round with one of the other sworn to using Magic within a specific set of guidelines to two Actions taken. Duration: Immediate) 73 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . and stop. DR Very Difficult. Cost: 20. to the target. The Order focuses a great deal of Fissure. them loyal to a fault. Cost: 20. each object becomes extremely brittle and shatters upon (Willpower. Range: 50/100/200. Cost: 15. Cost: 15. dealing tremendous pain and suffering Azamar-side of the Fabric. if any Hit Points are lost to any Dilation. DR Moderate. and move backward or forward as far as 1d days.

a vicar may appear to teleport. Causes the target while in the field. Frame. paralyzes a Fiend up to a Description: A vicar of the Order may sever a thread fifty (50) unit distance for the duration. or torn. Damage as explosion: Willpower+15/+12/+9. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. Range: 20/40/80. paralyze even the most powerful of Fiends. (Willpower to Hit. DR Easy. interrogation of a subject. (10) unit distance of the vicar that successfully strike the warping their perception of reality. DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Wizard. as well as maintain protection Description: A vicar of the Order may discern where the against possession by Fiends. as well as those (Willpower to Hit. Sever. (Willpower. Cost: 10. having begun on the path of Ablex. Duration: Immediate) Blast Wave. Cost: 5. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower. 20/30/60. Duration: 2d interconnecting the Blur to Azamar from the Fabric rounds) through an ancient incantation. Duration: 1d hours) Description: A vicar of the Order may now close much Exploit. Damage as explosion: Willpower +9/+6/+3. DR Moderate. Fabric is disturbed. Duration: Immediate) Dementia. Description: A vicar of the Order may create a magical 74 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . connecting the Fabric to Azamar. Cost: 5. Duration: 1d rounds) to see powerful and swaying illusions. DR Target’s Willpower. often used for Ablex Tenant. DR Moderate. Cost: 10. Cost: 5. Cost: 10. Cost: 5. Blast Radius: representative of existing Magical essence. interconnections between Azamar. closes minor or small tears in the riding upon the folded Threads of magic. the vicar may Move up to a thousand times (Move 1. Duration: Immediate) Vigilance. Cost: 5. Description: A vicar of the Order may create a field. Cost: 5. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. The vicar can discern the Azamar Duration: Immediate) as if glowing threads composed everything. and the Description: A vicar of the Order may temporarily Blur. larger tears in the Fabric. The vicar severs an existing thread between the something or someone in Azamar. Trade Specific: Wizard. Description: A vicar of the Order realizes that the Description: A vicar of the Order may close minor tears interconnections of the Blur and Azamar present an in the Fabric. The vicar can discern the closest tears in the Fabric and immune to Fiend Possession. Cost: 5. (Willpower. closes moderate or medium (Willpower. able to see the Fiend Binding. DR Easy. DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Wizard. Duration: Immediate) Detonate. Ablex Student. (Willpower. Fabric. which delivers a lessened amount of damage whenever anyone strikes the vicar. Description: A vicar of the Order causes a large explosion Description: A vicar of the Order may see the threads at a distance without any visible projectile.000x) normal Move instantly. the Fabric. Trade Specific: Wizard. disrupted. Blast Radius: 3/6/12. DR Moderate. opportunity to fold the Fabric and cross vast distances. DR Easy. tear or weak spot in the Fabric. (Willpower. vicar suffer half of any damage they deal (rounded down) (Willpower. Perceive. Trade Specific: Wizard. knowing the exact distance Duration: Immediate) and direction. Range: 50/100/200. Trade Specific: Wizard. Cost: 5. and the Blur. (Willpower.Order Features Ablex Student. Duration: Immediate) The Fold. Description: A vicar of the Order emits a concussive force blast that explodes when it contacts a target. Cost: 10. (Willpower. any attackers within a ten Description: A vicar of the Order can confuse an opponent.

Conflagration. the vicar creates a massive fire. Ablex Tenant. Can now nullifying all magical effects in that area until the area is close large tears in the Fabric. the vicar removes the Fiend Description: A vicar of the Order may use magic to strike Possession from a single target. Trade Specific: Wizard. Duration: 1d minutes) destroyed. the disentanglement process is Weighted Soul. (Willpower. far too powerful and permanent.frame. DR Heroic. (Willpower. Cost: 20. banishment of a Fiend occurs. Divide. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower. Duration: Immediate) opponents at a distance with their fists. Description: A vicar of the Order may locate anyone by Duration: Immediate) name as long as the name is known. Damage: Willpower. bypasses Fiend armors. (Willpower to direct an existing flame and Hit. the vicar entangles a disentangled weighting it into place until such time as it’s body can be area in Azamar. Duration: Permanent) fire from nothing however. Immune to Fiend Possession. (Willpower. Cost: 15. Range: 5/10/20. Cost: 15. DR Moderate. Trade Specific: Wizard. Flay Fiend. Duration: from a Possessed body in Azamar. Description: A vicar of the Order now retains protection blast radius: 10/15/30. Cost: 20. Cost: 20. Cost: 15. Permanent. (Willpower. DR Heroic. Duration: Immediate) entangled again. Trade Specific: Wizard. DR Heroic. Trade Specific: Wizard. Disentanglement. the vicar disentangles Azamar. locates the exact distance and Description: A vicar of the Order can create and produce direction of a particular person. completely dividing it Immediate) from the mortal soul and returning it to the Blur. Duration: 1d days) Ablex Master. and the Blur in a fifty by fifty by fifty (50x50x50) flame from an existing fire. in the Fabric. (Permanent. closing the tear through which they entered Azamar. causing it streak out through unit volume region. against possession all the time. DR Heroic. Cost: 20. DR Heroic. Trade Specific: Wizard. however this is only a temporary entanglement. Cost: 10. completely Willpower +12/+9/+6. 75 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . (Willpower. Entanglement. Range: Description: A vicar of the Order may remove a Fiend 4/8/16. as well as some other Duration: Immediate) magical tools with which to deal with Fiends. damage of initial blaze: 10d/9d/8d. Trade Specific: Wizard. Trade Specific: Wizard. (Willpower to Hit. Ablex Colleague. DR Moderate. Cost: 15. Cost: 20. the Fiend is trapped in the target mortal body for the duration. temporarily enabling magic in that area for the duration. Description: A vicar of the Order may choose to entangle Duration: 1d rounds) an area that has been disentangled. The vicar cannot create the area until entangled again. Range: 3/6/12. Duration: 1d rounds) a massive fire at a set point and up to a certain distance. Brawl attacks. Inferno. which protects them from melee strikes to some Description: A vicar of the Order can now banish and return Fiends to the Blur as well as repair massive holes degree. Ablex Colleague. the Description: A vicar of the Order can invoke a massive Fabric. Macerate. Damage: Willpower +9/+6/+3. and the Blur in a small area. Vitality +16 versus Melee or (Willpower. magic no longer works at all in this the air at an intended target. Description: A vicar of the Order is capable of preventing a Fiend from escaping the possession of another body. (Willpower. NonDescription: A vicar of the Order may disengage Azamar. Damage: the Fabric. DR Very Difficult. Duration: 1d rounds) sending them back to the Blur while simultaneously Moniker. Trade Specific: Wizard.

able to see the great door of Vale End from a distance. and he remained at their side until they the Dragon Riders for the Kingdom of Azamar.VaLE END The unlikely companions stood in a circle in silence. Only after a great many years since the companions. native to the depths of the Inferium. accompanied by a small infiltration force conscripted by the high King Bowen. Vale End is a long lost entrance to the Inferium that council of the Dragon Riders for the greater good of all of Azamar. and Rahk’nur. where an argument and then battle followed. They barely survived the storm. leaving only Dav and Azalea to stand against it. With apologies and sorrow. holding back tears. Mogi. a massive entrance to was by the Wyvine Council of Olm. with years of experience in fighting Defilers. Mogi appeared and flanked the beast. Dav and Azelea led their newly combined group through the Inferium. and when they awoke. secretly devised a plan for claiming magical power for himself to seek revenge. Just as the Fon’dich was attacking again. of safe passage to Adrya Ampais. including their With nothing greater than luck. as the door for Vale End is large enough to allow a Dragon through it. In the loss of one friend and ally. considered a myth by most of the people in Azamar. Despite the path he traveled. Mogi. Azelea and her companions Immyr friend. a Tre’uoall Swordchanter. who defeated and disgraced took flight into the vast darkness of the Inferium. In crossing through Vale End. Dav placed the last of the stones on the burial place of his oldest friend. Medric. Dav. they found themselves imprisoned by Orcs within the outer sanctum. as Beren passed into the gates of Vale End. an Enfri Shadow. This gave Dav and Azalea time to gather the party and 76 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . who was slowly turning to the darkness within himself. A Fon’dich is an ancient and powerful creature. Mogi revealed the darkness he held within when he plotted to attack and unleash the power of the Defilers on Azelea and Medric while they slept. and Garn came upon Vale End accidentally. freeing the four prisoners. he gained many others amidst a struggle of survival. Dav. who were brutally attacked and murdered by a mob of Humans in the city of Krane. traveled around the world in search raided the Orc encampment. “Run! Go now!” shouted Mogi. This Fon’dich attacked the party without remorse. This other group included Azelea. Atop a great hill. also holds the name Dragon’s Gate. Garn. easily overcame Mogi. did they stumble on Vale In this act. Beren. they formed an alliance of sorts to seek out the End. crashing on an island following a storm while crossing the Sea of Abalos. striking at the Fon’dich with an arrow. a Shrave delegate and warrior. his loyalty for Dav and These three held tasked with similarly seeking the aid of Beren was true. in the face of betrayal. After weeks and as they ran short on supplies they were ambushed by a Fon’dich. Dav discovered his friend and confronted him. the Inferium under the control of the Orcs. For months Mogi secretly studied the path of the Defilers in reaction to the death of his family. The four remained imprisoned for several days until another small band of adventurers intentionally arrived on Vale End.

and stays on a path of some kind. It is ultimately the GM.When and Dav and Azalea stopped.” Azalea bowed her head. The primary Gods of Azamar include Mo. as collected from Ofvgar’s last journal ThE PaNThEON Understanding the Gods of Azamar is difficult since many early Anteprofidian Wizards declared themselves Gods or Demi-Gods. and Each deity in the Pantheon of Azamar provides benefits Mogi’s body appeared before them. These work like Character placing his hand on the last stone of Mogi’s grave. putting her arm over his shoulder. even the Crimson Gates.” Azalea began walking forward down the hill. This outcropping of powerful beings confused many people in Azamar. activated by a Cinema Point. Now. looked back. and are powerful beyond imagination. war torn and bloody.” . Dav into the world of the Gods. I truly know nothing. A debate exists dodged. Mo ThE WORLD OF AZaMaR “As I stand here atop this peak. The Gods are capable of crossing through the Fabric between worlds with general ease. The Ash Lord was “I am sorry. but automatically “It will. my friend. So long as the worshipper is He was barely recognizeable.” Dav spoke. who decides whether a benefit correctly activates for “This journey better come of something. and is The great hill where Mogi’s remains lie. He ran in the opposite direction. dropped to his knees and began ruffling through a sack and finally came to an old charm and waved his hand over Benefits of Worship it. Dav stood there a moment longer. once a member of the order of Gods. Forgive me. deeper into the about whether Zintar was a God since he was obviously Inferium. which is the main reason the Gods are Gods. an oblivion-like world. Human. Anteprofidian Wizard. Dav hesitated and looked at his life long friend who do this. Features. Shilutozenon. and Xujof. to their worshippers. Sychorax. watching and smiling. “Come. a Character when called. but ultimately the Gods in Azamar are limited in number. but was banished into just as the Fon’dich swung at him and he narrowly the Slip Realm. on the approach to Adrya Ampais. faithful. Xaraxamarath. then the benefits work. “Goodbye old friend. Providence beckons. is in the outer generally within the bounds of actions prescribed by a reaches of Vale End. Dav. It must. There was a cracking sound in the air like a whip. leading out onto Dragon Home.Ofvgar. as the Pantheon of Azamar includes many of the strange and powerful spirits that plague the world. they we at powerful enough to disrupt the Fabric completely.flee. Amonde.” A whisper on the wind answered his farewell. standing beside exist for the faithful without a need of purchase. I understand that of this world. run!” Mogi apologized. Most beings cannot 77 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . There are legends and tales about other powerful beings also discussed here. deity.

Disciple Benefits Illusions Tre’uoall. even when not Blur Touched. the character becomes incredibly difficult to Description: A targeted Character bathes in blue-green spot even in broad daylight. but the damage dealt by the Fracturing is far too extensive. making Mo the most unpredictable and difficult God in the lot. Shilutozenon is probably the most active God in the world of Azamar. and never answers the few followers committed to practicing what they believe the path of Mo. the 78 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . but does so normally in the form of a jester with a dazzling outfit of ever-changing colors. often concerned with tasks of stopping another Fracturing. (Sneak +6) wisps of light.Mo is the deity of laughter. and trickery. Shilutozenon does make attempts to repair and restore the natural order of Azamar. even for a God. Disciple Benefits Reparations Description: Surrounded by blurs and mirrored images to all onlookers. Mo rarely travels into Azamar. changes something. Mo most rarely manifests. Shilutozenon provides the followers of the path of nature. and leaves. (Heal Another’s Hit Points +6) The Traveler Suffering Description: The character moves suddenly in a blur of speed. and receives instant minor healing. (Vitality or Heal Hit Points +4) Shilutozen Sychorax Shilutozenon is the deity of nature and of the natural order. Instead Mo randomly visits the world of Azamar. typically visiting the largest center of followers. also called Auspians. able to with stand a little more pain or damage. (Move +4) Description: The disciple feels invigorated briefly. with some limited abilities to bestow healing and other minor magical abilities. change. Shilutozenon manifests as an animated tree.

though the artifacts always seem to have a limited time in Azamar. Many large communities of followers formed in the Second Millennia who started a completely perverse religion. who devote themselves to understanding the magic of creation and destruction within Azamar. which only gives the powers of the artifact for a brief period to the wielder. and few fully understand the God or the path of achieving enlightenment provided as lessons by Sychorax ages ago. often misinterpreted as a Revenant Fiend. +12) Description: The disciple concentrates and creates some fire from nothing. and persuasion. compassion. and misunderstood God. Xaraxamarath normally manifests as a dragon. most who lay eyes upon Sychorax run in fear and ignorance. often worshipped by a small faction of wizards known as 79 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . (Create 1 gallon of water) Description: The disciple may sway the opinion of others Cascade to the favor of Sychorax. eventually turning to cannibalism as a way of demonstrating devotion.Sychorax is the deity of beauty. Disciple Benefits Precipice Description: The disciple concentrates and creates some water from nothing. The followers of Xaraxamarath often receive powerful artifacts as gifts. Sychorax manifests typically as a blazing ball of light. Sychorax is a particularly powerful. a form that many believe is the original and true form of the God before ascending to the world of Amonde. (Deception or Persuasion. many believe the God had some part in the creation of Azamar as a home for the race of dragons. Sychorax avoids traveling to Azamar as a rule. Xaraxamarath is a dangerous and potent God. Disciple Benefits Brilliance Conjurers. (Create enough sudden heat and flame Xaraxamarath to ignite a campfire) Xujof Xaraxamarath is the deity of creation and destruction. While many myths surround Xaraxamarath. particularly in the area of misinterpretations of the path and following of passion and desire. desire.

the disciple can surround trade for these deals. is now banished to the Slip Realm and considered the deity of deceit. as well as the ability to communicate briefly with the agents of the equilibrium. of various individuals interacting with the deity before the first Millennia. In return the Ash Lord gathers and an Undead creatures in red and black wisps of light. they may choose to enact the will of Xujof. unequivocally healed. Regardless. taking them to Amonde for the afterlife. an attempt at this more than once (The target receives their wish. typically wearing contemporary apparel. mingling quietly within the various societies of Azamar. who make deals to grant the wishes of others. the disciple is completely and granting the target’s wish. Disciple Benefits Culling Description: This calls on a Collector. The Collectors exist in Azamar as ethereal beings believed by the followers of the equilibrium to do the bidding of Xujof by collecting the souls of those who die. via a magically binding. (Collectors manifest on a roll of six (6) on 1d. where one year later a pack of Gaunts longer give favor if abused) harvests their soul by force. and false bargains. Disciple Benefits Contract Description: The disciple binds a target. Range: and return to Amonde where the Ash Lord seeks to wreak 3/6/9) vengeance on the other Gods. by agreement. often painfully) 80 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . with the disciple) Ash Lord The Ash Lord was once the deity of the elements. For all intensive purposes. a deity of death. (On a roll of six (6) on 1d. Xujof predates all the other Gods. sends dark beings who Disruption manifest as Humans. The Ash Lord. good or bad. to briefly assist the disciple. on any nearby who have some relation. whether death or life. (A targeted Undead suffers 1d+21/21/21 Damage. is also known as the Eater of Souls. who soon bargain to relinquish their souls in Description: As if by command.Xujof is a deity also known as the grim. it is not entirely clear whether the being is a God or simply a being of ancient power. life. gain enough power to escape the Slip Realm permanently. vengeance. Where the deity is concerned. While Xujof is a powerful being. a year by any one disciple irritates Xujof. and the delicate balance between them. using them to causing it to suffer damage. where records exist at the Hall of memories. often referred to as the equilibrium. and he may no written contract. where they work as direct agents of Xujof. Fabrication Description: The disciple instantly returns to full health and purged of all poisons and disease. the followers of the path of the equilibrium receive minor abilities to heal and harm. Xujof normally manifests as an elderly Human. who may or may not answer. called the Collectors. harvests the souls of the people of Azamar.

Lasts 1d hours) to the Nooks and Crannies. and they used their vast magical powers to begin traveling to other worlds. (On a roll of six (6) using 1d a target must resist with Willpower. DR Moderate or sustain Madness. is a commonly held phrase in Azamar to lose something Syndia.Erachis Finn. The disciple changes shape to briefly mimic that of a Gaunt. the 81 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . On the world of the Nooks and Crannies. As told by the Minstrel Marleo Inarus. (All stats are raised. and it will win. the Nooks and the Crannies. the target may roll no more than two dice (2d). Then they went to war and in that war they almost wiped themselves out.” . and other tributes. Disciple Benefits Madness Description: By touching a target. until cured) “Knowing when and where. Tre’uoall. dividing their unified people into two factions. a disciple incites insantiy in the target. Soon there were very few of their people left to continue the war. In time they traveled to Azamar. and occasionally still do. unless already higher. the Shining Lady. allowing flight. Madness: On all rolls involving Intellect or Persona. is always more important than knowing where alone.Visage Description: The disciple temporarily possesses the abilities of a Gaunt. Goddess of the Moon. Guild of Spell Weavers. If we do not concede to time. until they are defeated or banished. Founder of the Guild Nooks and Crannies Syndia of the Cliffs Nooks and Crannies are powerful beings from another world who travel to Azamar through the Fabric. to those of a Gaunt. demanding sacrifices ‘Lo you seek the blessing of the Mistress of the Cliffs. they were a single people united in magic and reveling in the glory of their power. it will wait. time is without impatience. It but do you know her story? She is known many names. wreaking havoc and posing as Gods. but the world was left devastated.

Archalos was charged with guarding the Ancestral Torc of the North Winds. He made a deal with Angaresh. her silhouette against the moon. but he was bound from crossing into blessing. angry with Archalos chained him to the cliffs to watch the fall of man. Archalos coerced Syndia to join him in the heavens. the last of her god’s words. The day came when Syndia that man has been influenced by outer being. And winter wolf. were one in the sky. as a punishment. she accepted Mo’s offer. and divinity being leached out by the artifact. Mo placed Syndia in the night sky. It was on this day that Angaresh assaulted the kingdom of man. with great care. and the Ash Lord was the one pieces and carried it to the abyss. but Mo tricked watching of man. And because she only If you look up to the cliff as the moon rises. and thus she seeks to protect the institute of Winds could not be used. lover’s side. He convinced the Demon-lord to the politics of man. He sent griffin-vultures. She favors caught her love and they could finally be together. but The children of the night feel the pain of their mistress not next to Archalos as she had hoped. Xaraxamarath. and thus appeared before Archalos to angered Xaraxamarath and he plucked Syndia from Mo and placed her on the Cliff where Archalos once stood. The moon goddess often appears as either a young And thus it went. a mere human like you or I? She was the love of Archalos. Mo. for she has loss much more than we. As Syndia lay helpless. Syndia abandoned her But Archalos had more ambition than to be mere hero. It was foretold that the chosen would wield the Ancestral Torc in defense of mankind. Syndia was a mortal. Archalos knew of Mo’s deceitfulness and crafted his deal for man could no longer be trusted to protect himself. He beseeched Xaraxamarath vultures descended upon him. you can see wanted to be with her love. So be respectful when you seek her a flaming chariot. instead he pondered. every generation the chosen of Xaraxamarath was revealed. It was those that protect others selflessly. As the Mephistopheles descended upon the last sanctuary of man. Archalos was left to his fate as the griffinhe wanted to become a god. Only Syndia was there to protect her love from the ravenous beaks of the griffin-vultures. But did you know that when the world was young. Syndia. and wondered. and One. Bestowed to man by Xaraxamarath. She believes that man can better protect himself without Archalos there. In turn. the Ash Lord found Mo by a fast flowing river. forever crossing the sky in help ease her pain. Syndia vigilantly protects her the Ash Lord plotted. In either case. the hordes of Angaresh swept learning. to reward his servant. grant his wish. This too on Xaraxamarath. his wish and became a God. Syndia of the Cliffs forever chasing the Sun to be with her love. He placed her in the heavens as she asked. the Ash Lord inquired Syndia rushed to the Ancestral Torc of the North Winds as to what might happen if the hero Archalos received and used its power to withhold the torrential horde. when the Moon and Sun those that knowingly risk themselves for others. a charges from other worldly threats. Having been without his The moon goddess also recognized the Enlightened love. but will intervene if she finds to amass his forces and wait. Archalos was and howl on the nights when her sorrow is greatest to made the herald of the Sun. merely laughed and vanished Torc of the North Winds and she had not the favor of in the wind. Sages and Lore Keepers across Azamar use her 82 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Chained and defenseless. and grants boons to the day of the Midnight Sun. through the world. the Ancestral Torc of the North by learning. knowing the Ash Lord But Syndia was never meant to wield the Ancestral could not be trusted. who heard Archalos’ pleas. Xaraxamarath appointed Syndia as the protector of man. But Mo did not dismiss the banished Xaraxamarath. Syndia endlessly chased Archalos across maiden with silvery white hair or as a larger white the heavens. until the day they could be together. Archalos told Syndia how to use the Ancestral Torc and beseeched his love to endure where he had failed. the hero of Xaraxamarath. With nothing left. Mo appeared schemed himself. She pays no heed demon-lord of the slip. but is constantly reminded of her loss.’ the night. to rend the flesh of the new god. Against her wishes. but in the end he could not wait the griffin-vultures rent Archalos’ body into a thousand for his deity’s blessing. It would be great fun to play a trick and gloated over his masterful mischief. She is resolute in her Archalos granted them both their wish.Enlightened one. In his schemes. Archalos ignored his duty to his fellow man.

She toils endlessly to rid Azamar of his threat. (Permanent. but is aloof from most of the other Gods. She sees the trickster as a petty god that agitates the denizens of Azamar for his own amusement. possessing nothing but the burning desire to go home and never venture forth again. and even thieves avoid stealing from places under her protection. Her greatest adversary is the Ash Lord. the one-handed thief. dugs hanging low and empty upon her chest. lonely and miserable for all his wealth. DR Moderate. the disciple automatically gains a benefit to resist damage. To the eager and sly young rogue it manifests as Parkoxina. Some say that she has bestowed gifts to the children of the moon to fight the Ashlord’s minions. Vankoln.symbol to ward off possible harm to written texts. To the aspiring sorcerer. A disciple may bring up to 1d companions through the gate. To the greedy merchant it manifests as Marvanock the Miser. 83 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Vitality +24) Balmaricth Balmaricth is the deity of truth behind illusion and crosses the Fabric whenever it feels that showing someone the truth might serve the greater Truth of the world at large. In its most common guise. a disciple can divine the location of the closest open moongate while it is active. despite their inability to see it) Penitence Description: The disciple is briefly protected by the light of Syndia’s glow. Disciple Benefits Ambient Description: The disciple can see as if a full moon was high over head. it appears as Naalateth. his equipment and armor worn and patched. known only to the disciples of Syndia. Syndia thwarts Mo’s mischief whenever possible. thin and wizened. When the moon of Syndia is full each month. body covered with scars from whippings and brandings. this is a magical effect. the magician whose deals with the spirits left her possessed and made to act as a puppet for forces beyond her imagining. which are invisible to non-disciples of Syndia. The disciple may pass through the moongate and choose the location of any other moongate location in Azamar. (See in the dark for the disciple only. She is known as the light in the darkness. who has brought this fate upon her. despite any lighting conditions for a short period. Duration: 1 hour) Moongates Description: Under the moonlight of the moon of Syndia. it manifests to the warrior/hero who dreams of glory and wealth as the oneeyed and crippled veteran of far too many campaigns. a disciple can pass between one of many fixed locations where moongates appear. She show great respect to Xaraxamarath. bent and gnarled from a lifetime of toil and child-rearing. just as Marvanock is depicted in the stories told to children. To the blushing bride it manifests as the near-toothless crone Hanath. (On a successful Willpower.

Duration: 1d Minutes) • Day of the Fracturing (Illium:21) • Day of the Lance (Darvis:2) • Merryworth (Darvis:17) • Day of Ferell (Wench:20) • Fall of Zintar (Effrem:27) • High Dragons Day (Callofex:1) • Dragon Rider Festival (Callofex:3) • Day of Ofvgar (Callofex:24) • Day of the Nooks (Adannis:2) • All Wizards Day (Adannis:7) • Ambla’s Eve (Adannis:28) • Ambla Day (Ithirium:1) • Wisperrain (Malloy:5) • Day of the Crannies (Malloy:16) • Relldelfeld (Sychorium:10) • Evenstar (Sychorium:22) • Day of Graven (Sychorium:27) • High Mark (Parvis:3) • Reckoning (Xujovium:25) CaLENDaR Each year in Azamar includes thirteen (13) Months. DR Easy. each twenty-eight (28) days long. The Holidays in Order: (On a Search. Ithirium. equaling three hundred sixty four (364) days a year. Sychorium. (Immune to Sneak Attack and Execution while active. whether celebrated locally or not. (On an Empathy. Parvis. the disciple sees footsteps on the ground that glow. 84 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Many of the shared holidays involve the specific events in ancient history where all the people Breadcrumbs of Azamar participated. Darvis. Adannis. Effrem. as it also shows itself Holidays of Azamar to encourage those who labor under the delusion they cannot succeed. Denjer. and Xujovium. Ethrum.Yet Balmaricth is revered by many. The Month Names in order: Illium. most pierce illusions no matter how strong they might be. showing the path the disciple walked. and can grant its followers the ability to There are a number of holidays recognized across the world of Azamar. Duration: 1d Rounds) Prescience Description: A disciple can automatically know whether the spoken words are truth or falsehood. even when the speaker believes the words they speak. Search +24. Callofex. This is especially useful for finding the way back out of caverns and dungeons where there is little light) Corners Description: The disciple may briefly perceive reality in a wider view. of the nations are sensitive to and remain aware of these Disciple Benefits various celebrations. Malloy. Wench. Description: The disciple may perceive previously made footsteps as glowing prints anywhere a step was taken. preventing danger and sometimes finding clues. DR Moderate. a disciple of Balmaricth automatically determines whether something spoken is the truth or falsehood.

The children or descendants who are heirs to inherit positions of nobility or religious status all use the title Dax (male) or Dane (female). as well as many other creatures that prefer darkness over light. Each location in Azamar includes a Toponymy section discussing the history of the names of each place. “As we aim at the stars. Human. Without doubt. from the High Tundra of Evercrow where large Ice Striders remain the dominant beast. Religious and spiritual leaders possess the title Issop. we recommend spending several months there traveling around to see the sights. The Enfri and Wyvine people have Councils who directly interact with the King and Queen of Azamar. Cartographer and Keeper of Lineage to the Crown GEOGRaphY Azamar’s surface is covered by oceans. The people of Azmar have long used traditional titles to address and refer to people of various stations and nobility. Obsalos. those who are not in direct heir of a position. The wisdom is not in knowing its name. Human. though unusual. Inferium Docent NObiLiTY The various Nobles throughout Azamar cling to their stations and titles. Tre’uoall leaders hold the title Thorn. Azamar. Elemental Emissary to the Crown. with a second who normally uses the title Holythe. In some situations.” . and sculpted cities whose size is breathtaking. “When a place changes.” . possess the title Rook (ambiguous between males and females). to the Dama Plains of Olm where the Harriers seem the perfect predator. There will always be more mysteries to uncover in a land filled with as much Magic as Azamar..Orisin Frostburn.” . Hall of Memories. but they do not appear to answer to any one individual Thorn. It is a place of many wonders and explored regions. the Geography of Azamar serves to provide a rudimentary guide across the many lands and seas. Anteprofidian Wizards believe that the true name of a thing gives them power over it. Evercrow. Founder of the Elemental Lyceum Toponymies The history of why places have names is as important as understanding what their names represent. without them we may only to the absent Gods and their followers. and the Orcish races. Azamar’s Inferium is a massive world of caverns. However. is but a single interpretation of this world. Regardless of the unique geology and residents of each place in Azamar. King and Queen occurs primarily when speaking of the two nobles who sit at the throne of Azamar City. we must keep our feet on the ground. lakes.“To honor the blood of nobility is to honor the blood of ourselves. rivers. To best familiarize yourself with Azamar. Azamar always seems infused with strange adventures and wild tales of lands and seas across its breadth. The nobles who govern smaller provinces and city-states are the Arune (male) and Arine (female) governors.. you see. It is for that reason some of the true names of places have never changed since they were learned. all these places will remain long after their names become forgotten. We must always make sure we look down. and only seeks 85 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . but the official title they typically use is Attriarch. Abalos. and the six major continents. Olm. before we look up. so does its name. So. The great world of Azamar is vast and offers many opportunities to the wayward adventurer. Each region of the world has unique features. The Inferium is home to the Immyr. The Immyr sometimes refer to their ruler as King. and Dragon Home. the name a place holds never changes. It is in nobles we see the best in what we see in ourselves.Alcor Escade. the Shrave.Terse Daan. The Shrave do not claim any leadership. carved catacombs. The Urbane and Bu’Col use the common Human references for nobility and cling to no others. but do not hold a dialogue with the King and Queen. instead basing their government on council alone. in order to protect the Azamar from the darkness within.. Wyvine. the map of Azamar. but in knowing all its names.

Surrounded by lush farmlands and rolling hills. “The worst thing about Abalos is not being there. Enfri The largest of the Enfri city-states and named after their people. The city of Enfri is the only city-state 86 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Abalos represented Eastern or Ab Alos. even in the for those magic users interested in association with the winter when snow dusts. once shared the similarly sized continent Obsalos. Before the continents separated due to the great fracturing. Those who visit Abalos do so with respect to the picturesque setting. specializing in the trade and exchange of Zurn stones and Enfrin Stout. and forests that make up the Abalos lowlands. as well as a lookup from where any point in Abalos is visible. though it is home to Gaunts and Choruans. the majority of the Enfri population lived in Ab Alos. Emissary to Olm the continent remains temperate. so the majority of the rain Abalos experiences is light and typically passes through at night. Toponymy Abalos was originally the Eastern portion of a larger continent. as well as from sea faring raiders. there are proud of the natural beauty that surrounds them another for the Elementals. rivers. as the Enfri people who dwell Within Enfri lie three Lyceums. The majority of the animals that live on Abalos are harmless. Abalos Rich with deep green forests and fertile lowlands. the Veil. rolling hills. When the fracturing occurred. the approach to the city of Enfri is a long one due to large winding roads and several checkpoints that provide information for a fee. Alos was originally a Southern peninsula of the major continent of Evercrow. the Tre’uoall allowed the Enfri to settle there in peace. Few storms make the trip over the high mountains that wall most of the small continent. The city of Enfri boasts a four level market. Alos changed hands many times. two vicious families of creatures best avoided.Zathiter Ge Dumarm. and a kingdom of the ancient Tre’ aid you on your explorations. Enfri. Before Alos broke from the main continent. but Enfri assume this is due to magic and less due to weather. and another for the Order of each day. one for the Asceromancers. Orb Lake occasionally freezes.” . but it remains primarily in use for those of royalty or the guests of the Enfri Assemblage. Abalos is a small continent fortunate in almost every resource. A faster approach is available through a heavy toll. It is the only place in Azamar where the coveted Zurn stone forms. Obsalos is considered a dangerous place to venture and thus the Enfri people who survived on Obsalos traveled across the sea to their new home. and there they remain. it forms natural protection from major storms. the mountain peaks most of various factions. Atop the plateau lie the convening chambers for the Enfri Assemblage. eventually landing in the hands of the Enfri. Enfri is the only city built into a plateau. The three Lyceums serve as embassies to the Enfri people as well as training and recruitment centers Abalos enjoys fair weather almost year round. Surrounded with massive plateaus and highland regions that loom against the lakes.

The region of Abalos was primarily a series Clay of farming communities who occasionally produced wild The military center of the Enfri nation. and a small provisions shop that focuses in the sale a ferry or along the riverside highway. descending hill in every direction. Orb straddles the of sundries. Orb provides a lavish 87 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . the massive. mastery. Orb Clay winds around hills and rocks until it approaches is small in comparison to any other city-state in Abalos.on Abalos designed for comfortably accommodating Toponymy non-Enfri people in large numbers. Eastern coast of Abalos. While the smallest in size. Clay is a city-state and imaginative feats of engineering. except the Crux of Zamaranth. Orb At a distance. The road leading to the magical Factions. Clay is a city named after an Enfri war hero considered integral in the defeat of Zintar centuries ago. it appears more a large tower with Elementals. Considered rich in this area of Abalos apparently develop a strong knack by any standards. the Enfri military uses Clay as a training for devices and gadgetry. as well as a location for conducting research and development on projects considered dangerous in nature. and it made centuries ago. though a fair ride of tavern. an inn. The Lyceums are for the Asceromancers and the safety. their military. Before the city held the to change despite the change within. along the road approaching it provides interesting access to the native wildlife in some the city. seeming to continue It provides a large magic market as well as Lyceums for all the dome-shape a great distance. appearing larger on the inside than the outside. the Zintar overwhelmed the Tre’uoall Kingdom and defeated city-state of Enfri keeps the name given. bare minimums for trade and rations. After Once a location exclusively used for central commerce. but has a name yet sense to change the name. Before Toponymy Zintar’s defeat. The governing council at Clay permits two side of a mountain and the water line of Orb Lake where Lyceums nearby in the forest. Orb is into a small courtyard area that provides stables. it was comprised of many small Enfri townships. the Frajorn became nullified. Outsiders allowed Near the approachable. since established. At a distance. While usually left open. Clay is a large dome surrounded by a The small city-state of Orb is the magical center of Abalos. a name derived from the Tre’uoall-Enfri treaty established long ago. a visible from the sea on a clear day. name of Frajorn. foreboding gates. but many travelers believe that the city is magical unto Clay remains mostly inaccessible to outsiders. providing itself. Clay was named Frajorn. as it regularly hosts emissaries from other nations. ground. The Enfri who live comprised almost entirely of Zurn stones. Enfri is rich in heritage. who have proven their loyalties to the Enfri four rip spires well known as feats of Enfri engineering people repeatedly.

which runs down through interconnecting underwater Remell offers limited. Clay Lake has. which surround the modestly through the center of Abalos. and geographic features of Abalos collected through the ages. aptly named nearby Zurn stone mine provides a rich wealth of Zurn Clay River. though few trust the engineering of these machines current. Other names Remell held are Urm. has a long run widen dramatically as it passes stones in the local markets. to reduce the travel time to below that of a large river and it demonstrates a strong Enfri. While some consider this sized city-state. the deep. and Wyvine throughout history. as the the name changed to Remell in respect of its original and structure itself changed hands many times between various latest names. Rem.amount of recreation activities for those wish to briefly visit Abalos without traveling deeper into the continent yet still seeing the wonder of the continent’s natural geography. After Remell was involved in the failed diplomatic attempts at negotiating peace with the Derisian followers Orb has experienced a number of interesting name of Zintar. is the basis for the current name of the city-state. agricultural. lies enough to use them commonly. but none ever returned. and Toponymy Upell. flora. and subsequently ransacked. the depth never falls provides hot air balloon rides. facility. gaping yawn. as well as pumps the water to the distance when ignited magically. likely the water makes it difficult to traverse the distance between the areas where the water is accessible in Toponymy the Inferium below and where it meets the surface. The name. It is a deep lake. some kind of military stronghold. due the Lake’s vast underground network of maze-like Despite all the technologies of Remell. which all help to keep the lake full of those travelers passing to and from the city of Enfri. to the Inferium. The river fed by Clay Lake. it directs all magic tunnels and caverns. Serving as a diplomatic and ambassadorial inlet for Abalos. capable of moving for sea-going Clay Lake has only held one other name. At the end of the widened region of the river. Amotavan Lake. the Amotavan vessels traveling by way of the river father inland to Enfri. The earliest name for Orb is Zurn. The Enfri facility Consequently. experienced little invasive wildlife from thus no Lyceum was ever established there or nearby. various townships and city-states. Polluted water returns as sewage from the various locations throughout Abalos Remell and the facility under Clay Lake does all of the cleaning to return the water cleaner than before. and all those who had fallen in service to magic Factions and political emissaries who seized it as peace. Remell was the Enfri capital city when their nation first established and inhabited the Ab Alos peninsula. meaning a large. but luxurious accommodations for caves and rivers. that provide ship thoroughfare up and down the river. changes throughout its existence. (the name held while it was the Enfri capital city). which produces an external light quite some it for cleaning purposes. A reasonable hike from shore. For a short period. on the native wildlife. as Bustling with a submerged Enfri research and development the inner core of the structure consists of Zurn Stones. Its original name. Lake. an extension of Clay Lake. Remell also region. Remell sits Toponymy against a river and offers convenient travel to the other side via a large bridge. The list is long. Notably. who fell within the ensuing months by Wizards local to Abalos. 88 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . is still widely used Remell serves as the first in a series of river dike stations within the Enfri population. once recovered. rumored to stretch out deep into the users to Orb to prevent visitors from assuming Remell uses Inferium. Orb was last named Carus and fell under the rule of some Zamaranth Clay Lake followers. Remell holds a large a series of massive cataracts that pour all that water down archive. Redrit. which provides travelers excellent information into the rapids leading out to the sea. A water year round. though largely interconnected magic to activate and operate their devices and machines. diplomatic struggles between the Tre’uoall. Clay Lake is remarkably clean. Some Enfri attempted to create craft capable of traversing the Remell is a city-state that played a strong role in depths into Clay Lake. Orb now dons a massive crystalline orb processes the water in the lake and intentionally processes on the roof. Enfri.

as few allow outsiders to approach it. called Blauthaer Valley. from where the Gaunts originate. they also declared the name of the lake as Carus. causing the entirety of Orb Lake to freeze solid for several days on end. was host to many battles and countless lives taken in the name of territory between two large Enfri families. Toponymy Enfri Lake has no discernable history in terms of nomenclature. Before the Enfri inhabited the whole of the Abalos continent. The flotilla within Remell Lake is capable of submersion as well as limited flight. however. At the height of the Great War. Orb Lake. place. and it attracts those who can pass into and out of the Slip Realm like a moth to a flame. now patrolled by guards. This ring of townships and villages formed an alliance and trade dominion. it does provide an excellent means for residents and visitors to enjoy the water well inland of the sea. the valley where Enfri Lake now sits was infertile grasslands where little more than a handful of villagers once inhabited. providing the settlers with water and food in relative safety. the lake is a closely held secret as the small river it provides to the sea is difficult to follow and in places . Enfri Lake is shallow by normal standards. Due to the shallow water. Orb Lake knew the name Portal Lake. The lake. the Enfri established a large number of townships and villages that surround Remell Lake. is a beautiful and peaceful 89 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Toponymy Named after the city-state of Remell most recently. when Orb started and went by Zurn. The Enfri nation sees Orb Lake as a treasure. where some industrious Enfri manufactured an Eastern shore line structure that includes a hot bath. but with cautionary reverence given its long history of magical inclinations. which create spectacular visuals against the water in the evenings. however. and is protected and preserved. The lake played a vital role in the early Enfri settlements of Abalos when it was just a peninsula of Evercrow. Remell Lake has only held one other name in Enfri history. Orb often activates a magical security system that indeed freezes the surface of the lake. Orb Lake has historically had many problems as a doorway to the Slip Realm. Remell Lake also has several tramways they lead to the various city-states through Abalos in case of emergency evacuations. similar to the city-state Orb. despite its magical foundation. the valley that preceded the lake. The lake. Remell Lake Remell Lake is a historical landmark for the Enfri nation. indicative of the fact that the founders of the nearby city knew of the magical properties before establishing their home nearby. Enfri Lake stays quite warm and hospitable for swimming. Enfri Lake is a large body of water that is the result of the series of dams and aqueducts placed by the Enfri. To this day. The lake is the native home of the lightning bugs also known as Wisps. remains steadily deep almost year round. This precautionary measure ensures the safety of passing diplomats and avoids unneeded conflicts with the Gaunts who inhabit the depths of the lake. Aclesia Lake. however. is where the Enfri constructed a large flotilla which acts as a refuge for the Enfri people in case another event like the Fracturing occurs. Toponymy Orb Lake carries a string of names. most days. Orb Lake only carried the same name as Orb at one other time in history. Enfri Lake is patrolled by Enfri engineer and military to prevent unwelcome inhabitants. establishing Remell Lake as the founding location for the now greater Enfri nation. Orb Lake Infested with Gaunts. The lake.Enfri Lake Used a recreational body of water. the villagers that lived in the valley moved upward and now many of them own the property lakeside. some Enfri believe the lake haunted and the Fabric thin due to the bloodshed so many centuries again though no magical analysis done remains on record. deeply entrenched as an Enfri cultural and historical site. such as the amphibious creatures called Choruans. when the Zamaranth followers overtook Orb and named it Carus. Orb Lake is constantly under surveillance by the Orb patrols to maintain that the ashen Gaunts living in and around the lake do not threaten any locals or visitors. When the lake formed. and until more recently did not exist. Orb Lake appears exclusively tied to the Slip Realm used by rogues and similarly aligned organizations. fed by several mountain streams. For all intensive purposes.

One of them is that Azamar will shape the course of the world. Tracking the river from the bay to Remell Lake serves as extremely difficult given these conditions. The first settlers who arrived were comprised of traders. perfect for growing crops. since it is where the earliest Tre’uoall tribes existed. Azamar entered a new era of prosperity and it was not until the start of the Great War when its people had to face real hardship. Enfri. farmers and warriors who protected the small colony they established. Advisor to the Enfri Council Azamar The lands of the continent of Azamar. know. The other is that I really do not know anything at all. They called Azamar by the name Oza’moora. Azamar taught tolerance to its citizens. the Tre’uoall called it Fasc Lake. rich with beautiful forests. Luminary and Elemental Wizard.” . Skirmishes between Orcs and the settlers led to border disputes between the Tre’uoall natives and the Orcs. the Orcish leadership became frustrated with hiding in the Wild Lands. is where modern civilization first began in the world over five millennia ago before the dawn of recorded history. and of magic. The Orc scouts discovered a series of caves within the upper tip of the Wild Lands and started constructing their own stronghold on the upper levels of the Inferium.Tchoshur Vill. keeping the more unpleasant creatures at bay.falls beneath the surface. While the Orcish threat was easily repelled. of other races. lakes and lush farmland. After the threat of the Orcs diminished. after a once well-known Tre’uoall general. a name handed down 90 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The nation of Azamar is one of the safest places to live because of a present and strong military and wizardry presence across the continent. Before the Enfri lived on Ab Alos portion of the peninsula. Toponymy The Tre’uoall view Azamar as their holy land. Home to the famed Order of Wizardry established by Ofvgar the Wise and the University of Azamar. “I know two things. mountains. and study the nature of the Blur. to better understand. sent their scouts to explore the underworld.

continent of Azamar. As the Tre’uoall began losing more and more territory to the settlers. haggle. the continent was renamed Azamar. Krane started out as a colony called Kranesstte. so therefore no longer are they “True” Tre’uoall. Azamar City is an elaborate kingdom and sprawling trade port that stakes its claim as the first settlement on the continent. despite its shortcomings. Krane first dealt with the nasty. the people were reminded of the horrors the previous generations endured as twisted. used mostly as a Sword Chanter originally named Xarguth. from the main Wyvine people. further increasing the nation of Azamar’s economic stance in the world. there is no historical evidence to these claims in 91 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . To this day. the name of the continent was first shortened to Ozamoor. After the city rebuilt itself. to better defend themselves rumors. Despite any myths and they erected the Great Wall. named after Dorsheen Kranesstte who Toponymy founded it. They view their cousins who settled in the cities as domesticated by the other races. The rulers of Azamar City always preached tolerance with everything to lay the foundation of a strong them by their gods and a name the first foreign settlers had trouble pronouncing properly. Azamar City Known as the “Jewel” or central hub of modern civilization. Krane The second largest city on the continent of Azamar borders the Uncharted Territories. There is a belief Uncharted Territories most of the First Millennia and was that the earliest Human explorers and settlers originated burnt to the ground at the beginning of the second due in the land of Olm and that they are a divergent tribe to attacks by Orc Raiders. showing no mercy in their hunger. Enfri and Wyvine languages. Though every once in a great while. The tents that most of its citizens lived in went down and many new buildings erected. vile creatures came from the darkness and attempted attacks on the Great Wall.” is a term derived from the Tre’uoall. Sadly. no creatures or forces of darkness have penetrated the Great Wall. This practice works in theory. standing structures. Established shortly after a declaration of Azamar City as the capital. but many people hold strong opinions against the Tre’uoall and other races less familiar to the Urbane and Full-Blooded Humans. Through open trading policies. Its docks always host a fury of activity as ships arrive to load and unload their cargo. At first it was mostly made up of tents dotted by a few Azamar City settled originally as the first Human colony. Modern Krane is a sprawling city of trade. The creatures would often attack swiftly. The modern Tre’uoall tribes occupy the Forests of Azamar in small communities. most of the remaining Tre’uoall departed into the Wild Lands or fled to join their nation at Evercrow as their land usurped for farmland. make a profit or even sightsee. then after the first great expansion and the Full-blooded Humans established the University. The Tre’uoall people had already been at war against the Orcs for centuries and were quite familiar with Orc tactics. and boasts the Krane had the roughest start out of all the cities on the largest and most densely populated city in the world. Azamar City. towards the end of summer the citizens of Krane throw a festival on the anniversary of the Fire that allowed them to rebuild their lives for the better. The festival. nightmarish creatures that would regularly assault the region at night. Many races make up its population and even small groups of Tre’uoall thrive here as they pass their knowledge and services along to the people willing to pay the price. making tolerance Toponymy more of a catchphrase than an instituted practice. and remains viewed as a fun story to tell those travelers passing through the region. after the first Human explorer training ground. The warriors who protected the settlers and the early colony often employed the services of Tre’uoall warriors when the Orcish threat was at its worst. the very first Sword Chanter of the Tre’uoall. The city is diverse. Haggled goods often flow between Azamar and Dorissit and allow weary travelers a night (or two) of rest. The city experienced the horrors of the who originally discovered the land mass. The new quality of living finally allowed the population to relax and expand safely. It was not until the Great Wall completed construction that the city finally began to flourish and find relief from attacks at night. All sorts of goods arrive from every corner of the world. many species arrive to trade. It is a Festival that encourages survival through union. dragging their victims into the darkness. Every year. Immyr. called Goden’Tesk or “The Festival of New Beginnings.

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Dorissit made an excellent place for the early construct it. Vor sits as an intricate set of many towers. Dorissit many notable features. it remained as an important gap overlooked by Zintar’s forces. In time. Dorissit literally means that. Dorissit but none as massive as the original watchtower. Dorissit grew to rival mastered archery long before the Tre’uoall. While a few tribes of Tre’uoall have small villages on the edges of the heavily forested area. but made far more massive than any other tower. considered conquered and often went overlooked. who types of weapon dueling. but the most prominent is the holds a long history as a trade port and is home to several Archon training ground permitting Tre’uoall and any Lyceums. Vor has As the northern most cities on the continent. a stoic reminder to any ships that enter the waters nearby of the accomplishment Dorissit Known originally as Hargin Vor. Two significant Orc tribes once resided in the Wild Lands. The Prefects at Dorissit protect the future people of Azamar. a magnificent sight at a distance. Azamar City in acreage. The ruling council wishing for a new beginning after the Great Wall completed. The the Lyceums. which became something of a citadel. and an aggressive race of creatures called the Kongamato. In time. Sitting the leading Enfri engineers commissioned to design and on stone. the Certamen Tre’uoall people are the finest of archers on the surface eventually grew to include sailing contests and specific of Azamar. Vor was the first tower erected to look over the bay. but not in populace due to the difficult terrain. and many people believe that their descendants remain. The original structure stands almost as high as nearby mountains and has wide base that resides deep in the Inferium. standing defiant to into the depths of the Inferium. the tower and its many children towers are Elementals to establish an intricate network of catacombs. a small dragon-like creature known as territorial. Wild Lands The Wild Lands are the rough and mainly uninhabited region in the North of the continent of Azamar. balanced even in the highest winds. the Hargin regularly makes use of this network of passages since portion of the name. Aside from the historical importance of Dorissit to the Tre’uoall. shortened the name of the city to Krane. The many towers that make up Vor vary in size. there are not paths and the terrain is difficult to cross without a scout or guide. dropped off as far greater structures they remain hewed in the stone long after their creation erected around in the world. Dorsheen Kranesstte. While many died in Dorissit during the Fracturing. so while uninhabited it remains well traveled by apothecary owners and their hired guards. an elusive art rarely taught to non-Tre’uoall. all with individually scoured moats and pits. each interconnected by retractable bridges. as many of them reach which stretch out in many directions as well as down high against the surrounding horizon. The city remains a fortress for the never went forgotten. The Wild Lands also offer many highly coveted herbs and fruits used for medicinal cures and similar treatments. “Birthplace of Dor” in Tre’uoall. to train of matches between the various elected champions of in the oldest of the Tre’uoall warrior paths of archery. leading to the world’s first Certamen. Toponymy As the birth place of the first Sword Chanter. The greatest of the Tre’uoall Sword Chanters gather each year to celebrate and honor Dorsheen in the catacombs of Dorissit. there Vor Vor was originally a watchtower constructed for overlooking the Wizard’s Bay. At several points within the main continent and helps to protect the many citizens who tower of Vor. massive pendulums hang allowing the great rely on steadfastness of the King and the many governing height of the super structure and making it incredibly well Prefects. second in the world only to the Shrave. Dorissit sits atop a cliff side overlooking Toponymy the Northern Ocean. it played a pivotal role in the defeat of Zintar during the Great War as a strategic location. The main creatures native to the Wild Lands are the reclusive Spindlers.and protect the many new inhabitants who flocked to the region to learn the ways of Sword Chanting. Aside from games of magic. Plant-based creatures. 94 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . a series who dare undertake the Archon initiation rites. Regardless of these rumors. a name given to it by and the many cities of the continent represent. but the feat of engineering several Millennia ago.

who nicknamed the passage the Crawl. often frequented by caravans making the trip between Vor and Azamar City. but slowly shrank due to the increase of the civilized populations. landed on the continent. Especially since Orcish Marauders use the tactically advantageous features for ambushing travelers The origin of the strangeness in the Uncharted Territories seeking passage to Vor. A region for at least a century. The remains with the brave souls who venture deep within the native Tre’uoall referred to it as Klixxsikrux. ships. on the continent. For the right price it is possible to hire a group of Scouts to navigate the Crag. There are even almost impossible to cross on foot. rumors exist of an ancient entrance to the to the Wild Lands. whether the legends are true even before the first settlers arrived on the continent. The region. One week Forest of Azamar. Within the mountains. which means region. remains an unsolved mystery.” Documentation exists within the Wyvine Hall of Memories that a group of The Forest of Azamar Wyvine explorers made landfall here after their ship made an emergency stop. the weather finally broke allowing the and continue to ride the traditional Tre’uoall steed. as a home to an ancient evil. population and the exploration by prospectors changed that. While travel through the Forest of Azamar Nestled between the lake and the Sea of Olm. where they follow long traditions after the storm. has in recent centuries increased Inferium. The party suffered an attacked by something is native to the Forest of Azamar. evidence is safe due to patrols by soldiers of the King. The vast emptiness of the wastes does little to inspire. Within caves The Forest of Azamar. “The Accursed Land.terrain is barren and rocky and its surface is not flat and Touched find it exceedingly difficult to use. While still considered very Toponymy dangerous. Folklore long surrounds the Wild Lands The Uncharted Territories have gone by many names. it is not suggests that the Crag was once an ancient road connecting unheard of for caravans to come under attack by bandits the Azamar City to where the settlers first landed their or Orcs looking to gather supplies or steal goods. once considered a region belonging of the Crag. the group to scavenge the land for the materials they needed to Nauvowl. Its Magic does not behave appropriately here as the Blur. While the Nauvowl make repairs.are no accounts of any people encountering Orcs in the stories of magical items misbehaving or just acting oddly. Creatures such as the dreaded Slane Worms thrive here. people often venture into the Wild Lands without return. The Fabric somehow collapsed in the Uncharted Territories. Its jagged features and chiseled rocky surfaces also give travelers the feeling of Uncharted Territories vulnerability. of The Damned. also known as the riding rat. there are non-native so deadly that only two survivors out of the original two creatures that entered into the region after Humans first hundred escaped. rumors include its The Wastes destruction by a powerful Fiend Lord or a secret sect hid a piece of the legendary Moonstaff after Zintar’s demise. During the day. the 95 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . eventually rescued by Tre’uoall scouts. The group of explorers remained The most prevalent Tre’uoall communities inhabit the stranded. mysterious group of cannibals worship and practice their Toponymy Dark Arts within these lands and there are even recent accounts of Orcs using the Territories to move their war The Wild Lands once referred to a much larger region machines and equipment. several networked caves link together to form a complex maze that Smugglers use Toponymy to hide stolen goods. pummeled by a mysterious storm. More clashes between Humans and the Tre’uoall Toponymy tribes are the result of an increase in the number of settlers with independent farms with hopes of encouraging trade The Crag received its name from the first wave of settlers in the region. The Crag contains many winding and narrow roads carved through the forest.

desolate corridor in the battle helped restore the area back to its natural best avoided when traveling. is some of the clearest water in the world. only foolish travelers venture to this corrupt and poisoned land. After completing the task. and the Tre’uoall boasted the massive city. Master Scout in service to the Crown of Azamar Evercrow Evercrow was once the heart of the Tre’uoall nation. A Toponymy young Wizard by the name of Ofvgar. meaning. wreaked havoc on the region. the temperature drops below freezing. however many Wizards still beauty. if ever do the Wastes have rain. bonding it to the Blur. despite the fact that it is the home of the Hazel. crafted-magically by the Anteprofidians. the Tre’uoall fell from within. the small group of visit the region in search of dragon bones. also leaving behind their massive skeletons scattered throughout. a creature known for speed and cunning. enough to rival the forces of the Wyvine nation at present. When The Fullblooded Human’s of Azamar established the University. (Speaking on Evercrow). “A place filled by the accursed. temperature reaches excruciating levels and rarely. Channeling their energies. millions of people strong and with a large military. the first Sword Chanter unlocked the power of Sholkaholm after receiving a vision. All travelers avoid the wastes for these many reasons. Best avoid it all together. Depending on the nature of the modern Tre’uoall.Pic Datchel. the Order of Wizardry gathered their concentrated powers together to meet this unexpected threat. betrayed 96 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Thousands Wizards renamed the territory Wizard’s Bay. It was here. political strength. The elder Tre’uoall believe that the waters connect to the Blur. referred to as Sholkaholm by the native Tre’uoall. Working with the royal family. the Order of Wizardry was at the height of Amidst their many achievements and at the height of their its power and influence. a gift from the gods. Adrya Orth. This bonded his blade to the bay and allowed him to wield a great magic. watching the seas for the warring pair of dragons is the source believed to have any signs of trouble. The legend goes that Dorsheen Kranesstte. The destruction unleashed by Azamar. In modern of years before recorded history. The battle was short and in the end the Wyvine fleet lay decimated by the Wizards. towards the end of the First Millennia that lookouts spotted the approaching Wyvine armada. who had participated The Wastes.they constructed a series of Lookout Towers on the edge of the Forest of Azamar. Urbane Human.” . always known as a vast. The Wizards Bay Toponymy The beautiful pristine waters of The Wizard’s Bay. Young Apprentice Tre’uoall Sword Chanters often make a pilgrimage to its waters to perform a ritual to bless their weapons. some still practice this ritual although most consider it antiquated or perform it in other bodies of water. At night. a pair of dragons broke times the Towers remain actively used by the Kingdom of out into an all-out battle. the lookouts patiently wait. It was the center of world commerce in magic and wine.

Opulaan held that name for as far back as any record exists. Getting to these ruins is something of a feat. which turned them into beasts beyond imagination. a fair distance from its original rocky cradle. Toponymy Evercrow’s name has not changed since Zintar unraveled it. Whispers and rumors exist of other treasures and trinkets left behind by the conquered inhabitants still sitting in the ruins of Adrya Orth. the High Tundra of Evercrow is a barren waste fraught with danger. and floats directly Zintar. though the Wyvine Hall of Memories may have information that predates Opulaan. as the mountain upon which Adrya Orth sits. created magically by the Order of Wizardry. Before Evercrow’s name was exposed. The mountain also contains the Adrya Orth vaults and Order of Wizardry’s archives. As well. when Zintar tore the Fabric. leaving it broken and crippled. torn from its base during the Fracturing. Getting to these places within the mountain means scaling the face of this floating mountain. massive waves tore across the ocean and enveloped much of the Azamar continent. killing millions of full-blooded Humans as well. To complicate the situation of 97 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The scattered shards of Evercrow are either poisoned and tainted by Fiend-magic or lurking with creatures twisted by the Fracturing. getting to the ruins of Adrya Orth on top. which contains a wealth of knowledge and treasures. and finding a way inside the city-state’s catacomb network. The ruins of the original city-state sit atop a mountain peak. and drew upon the magical energies held inside the very dirt. he forever shattered its power. who ripped open the Fabric. This surge of magical energy ripped apart the continent of Evercrow. Evercrow was the epicenter of the Fracturing. hewed by magic and chisel. it was Opulaan. Remnants of torn Fabric remain around Evercrow. it was torn apart by the Fracturing. he simultaneously murdered millions of the Tre’uoall people. Adrya Orth Adrya Orth is a husk of a once core city-state. No records exist of anyone successfully accomplishing this task. the land of the Tre’uoall nation. which is still shifting geologically. By exposing the name of that land. Devastated each year by harsh winters and magical storms.

Guradiin Ithural demonstrates mastery in carving where colossal effigies of famous Immyr hold up the roof of the mountain. and unleashing a Fiend Lord upon the Adrya Orth’s grounds. Toponymy Guradiin Ithural is an ancient city whose place in the Southern mountains of Evercrow dates long before the Tre’uoall nation ruled the continent.pilfering from the floating mountain with a ruined city on top. the Crux of Zamaranth claims a seat in the middle of the wastes. The surface capital of the Immyr. the outer sanctum of the approach to Guradiin Ithural presents a moat of sorts. The city gates sit at the top of several shelves of walls. Zintar and the Fiend Lord caused the Fracturing. and the land itself remains barren. which funnels any approaching army considerably enough to cut them down effortlessly. Within the mountain. Carved with massive chambers. While seemingly approachable. The entrance to the city. seizing advantage over the city. Guradiin Ithural is impenetrable. also providing tactically useful locations for Immyr guards and lookouts. inlaid deep within the southern mountains of Evercrow. located at the back end of a trench cut into the mountainside. which cross back and forth in approach to prevent direct assaults. a magical event never forgotten. but amplified the magic inside. the Zamaranth Lyceum is visible from the Western coast of Evercrow. and before was simply the Orthag Mountain. The ruins of Adrya Orth also provide a home to a High Dragon. The city-state of Adrya Orth was a work of quality whose existence cut short from within when Zintar deciphered the name of the continent. Guradiin Ithural has never changed names. The finest Immyr stone crafters carved Adrya Orth. working in unison with a committee of Anteprofidian Wizards elected by the Order hew the stone. records exist of the construction and carving of Guradiin Ithural. discovered how to release the energy of that name across Azamar. Adrya Orth was once and likely remains a prison for a being called the Gray Lord. The High Tundra exists in a state of constant change as magical storms ebb and flow across the frozen wastes. who appears to have nested in the central towers Toponymy Adrya Orth. A single. is a magnificent sight. Tactically. as timeless as the stone in which it is set. Guradiin Ithural is a work of stone crafting mastery. Zintar infiltrated the city. Unlike any other city-state in Azamar. the city-state falls deep into the Inferium and rises within to the peak of the mountain from where an overlook provides visage of any approaching the city. Zintar used an ancient and powerful Anteprofidian crystal which protected the city from external attacks. if not thorough. In that way. Protected by destructive and chaotic magic. stone-inlaid bridge crosses the divide. few dare this journey due to the harsh 98 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The Immyr built Guradiin as a place to establish commerce and trade with the people of Azamar who reside on the surface. As early as the construction of the Hall of Memories. Little knowledge exists about the Gray Lord’s imprisonment. and buttresses ornament the outer approach to the city. archways. Despite the inclement conditions. Guradiin Ithural High Tundra The High Tundra is the majority of the continent of Evercrow. Together. constructed in the Second Millennia and commissioned by the Tre’uoall nation. including a deep chasm. and consequently. The Immyr are paranoid. Massive columns. which glows from its depth with molten rock. dotted with several towers along its path for guard posts.

preventing most and magical conditions. the Zamaranthian wizards. this massive sheet of ice and snow probably protected the land below from greater damage. held the name Orthag. it was called Lake Opulaan. the High Tundra has little comfort to offer. and the dangerous magical storms and below freezing weather conditions. a fair elevation above sea level. The lake Inferium. it does have some nearby native creatures. which quickly tear apart all but the most powerful of spell effects. When the Fracturing occurred. Lake Loragaarn’s primary water source involves several mountain streams and rivers. however after the Fracturing the Immyr quickly and fed into the entirety of the Inferium. Lake Loragaarn is a place best avoided. The Immyr use Lake Loragaarn as a forward training ground for their military units and erected several forts about the region. Though these creatures are merely pests to the Immyr forces nearby. The High Tundra exists on an expansive plateau of ice and snow. Lake Loragaarn Toponymy Lake Loragaarn carried the name Lake Orthag for several Lake Loragaarn is a massive body of water supplied by Millennia. inadvertently supplying the Shrave nation with name changed when the Tre’uoall established their nation 99 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The Immyr patrol the shores of Lake Loragaarn regularly to prevent contamination by outsiders. and they attack first and ask questions later when anyone approaches. While cold before the Fracturing. Before the lake supplies quickly between the surface and the Inferium. Toponymy The High Tundra has kept the same name across the Fracturing. called Lurkers. The Immyr claimed the surface around the Lake and changed the use Lake Loragaarn as a central causeway for feeding name after their nation in the Inferium. somehow remaining clean despite the taint left in many places across Evercrow by the Fracturing. originally a safe traveling haven from thieves and rogues due to the long flat approaches. an ample volume of regular and clean water. as the It also consequently supplies the molten deep of the only major fresh water source on the continent. Without permission. Between the Frost Hulks. Even though the Immyr keep a close eye on the lake. and the large creatures known only as Frost Hulks. a far more formidable creature that prospered after the Fracturing. magic served to protect and warm travelers. the mountains surrounding the lake are teaming with Trolls. which now as all but negated under the conditions of the magical storms.

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

an especially dangerous race. Obsalos is a home to illegal mining kind in the Sea of Black Water is treacherous at best. flat. the Enfri people established strong defenses and took great measures to Toponymy prevent encounters. Obsalos Obsalos is a land with dangerous terrain and dangerous Sea of Black Water inhabitants.. the Sea of Black Water. The sea is considered a place riddled include Asazis. viscous globule. Few return from the Sea still undiscovered by pillagers.” recently began exploring the coasts to establish forward . Captain of the Enfri Fleet. A of Zurn stone.on the continent and felt the name of should match the name of the mountain range that fed it. We abandoned it defensible locations throughout Obsalos and wizards for good reason. criminal or not. none go back again. and large enough Obsalos’ native more aggressive and dangerous beings to consume any ship. both to the oceans of Azamar through the fractured portion vicious and hungry. there is nothing good wizard’s factions to establish Lyceums. known as the great Creep. making it nearly impossible to predict the remaining Therians appear mindless and apt to attack the location of the Creep. more forms making them difficult to spot. Few travelers.Ulien Merredor. empty promise to those seeking wealth and riches. and Zurn Warblers. Sailing of any of military might. The Sea of Black Water is an any who pass nearby. Trolls. Obsalos also is home to several creatures. All the water in the sea is tainted. There are many remaining in the mountains of Obsalos. airships that often end up in the hands of pirates. Now on the surface. Therians. The Creep is jet black in color. Reconnaissance Air Ship Dasherglem 102 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . with lost treasures and sunken ships that fell prey to the Obsalos offers many riches since the exodus of the Enfri Creep. Therians. Obsalos provide an appealing location for many of the “A land of corruption and deceit. creatures existed with the Enfri nation. Enfri. Rumors exist about recently named after the Creep. Many criminals and pirates take refuge in various townships throughout the rocky and mountainous The Sea of Black Water is a small body of water connected landscape. While most of these of Black Water. which continues to attract more treasure hunters nation left behind many inventions and hidden townships in search of riches and wealth. is a body of water now the Therians that speculates that the origin of the Therians tainted with horrible poisons and a strange gray sludge was in early failed Anteprofidian magic gone wrong. long The mountains and rocky hills that cover the majority of abandoned by those who once lived on its shores. travel of Evercrow. used in manufacturing non-sanctioned massive creature lives in the sea. it is a single massive being made of a thick. are creatures capable of shape shifting into various Once the Bay of Opulaan. and over the countryside of Obsalos at night without a great deal time the creatures were tainted as well.

Despite the criminal and pirate presence in Obsalos. This allowed a significant increase in the population of the more dangerous and aggressive creatures inhabiting the mountains. “Anathema is sacred to the Northern Wyvine tribes. It is our rite of passage as warriors. Aside from Grazen functioning as a trade and diplomatic center. Shur-Shor. Grazen remained as a center for commerce throughout. Grasslands Perambulation Master Anathema A rugged and heavily forested island whose interior is unexplored. most of the isle is a cityscape of buildings from one end to the other. Grazen is not known to have other previous names. the only factions with successful outposts are the Asceromancers and Tatuaxe. A remaining wilderness untouched by magic and people. it also serves as a home for some several thousand people who established permanent residence. it separated and moved off the coast. as a handful of small Lyceums work to establish themselves under various wizards’ factions. or Western Alos is a land filled with rich history. With a mild climate and easily traveled terrain. A few tall towers dot the cityscape. leaving it mostly barren. So far. much of it leveled and submerged. Immyr. Grazen quickly became a center for commerce between the Wyvine and Immyr. Toponymy Obsalos. which Grazen now slightly represents. addressing the shape of the peninsula. various wizard factions remain persistent to establish further outposts and eventually full-fledged Lyceums. and now merchants’ guilds and other organizations readily cover the isle. it remains a neutral ground between nations and many diplomatic negotiations occur in a central structure known as the Oculus. Merchant and Trade Commissioner for Guradiin Ithural After the Fracturing. While no official city-states or townships exist. Wyvine children go there by boat and camp on the beaches at night. they return the next day as warriors.Amvers Solch of Charn. It is a sight to behold. The entire isle is riddled with merchants. As a neutral ground. If they survive the night. 103 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . though many Wyvine still use Shur-Shor in reference to Graven. law enforcement is difficult and often caters to those with more money.” . but the island presents a peaceful and beautiful picture to behold. Grazen’s previous name was a word in Forleen. few people venture to Anathema willingly due to the creatures known as Shangilar.Feo Ojuran. previously known as Obs Alos. Zurn stone is also an attractive commodity to the wizards.” . Grazen Toponymy Previously Grazen was a much larger peninsula extending from North West Olm. but in the Fracturing. Despite a handful of attempts on the part of some criminal groups to gain a foothold on Grazen. Wyvine. or hoof hook. Obsalos was home to the Enfri nation. Before the Fracturing. which soon extended to the other nations. When the peninsula separated from Evercrow and Abalos was clearly more fortified. “Never have I been to a place so busy outside of Grazen. the Enfri naturally migrated from Obsalos. Grazen has a regular militia that serves as a guard service to enact local laws and help enforce merchant and other trade agreements and treaties. the remnants of Grazen were a flat land covered in short brush.outposts.

Anathema has a lush and green forest and a small mountain range. Traveling along the major roads means paying tolls and sticking to the designated paths and lanes. back. where a small flotilla of rafts provides strategic repair and resupplying to ships journeying from the far South of Olm. and the name they associated with the land on which they fought. Wyvine. In pictures. as a staging ground for Wyvine ships who moor to a rocky cliff along the Western coastline. or Gloom Rock. as well as their tolerance and compassion. While brash. The entirety of the beach coastline of Anathema holds large stone columns. Olm is a country of with a long history that demonstrates the tenacity of the Wyvine. The Wyvine established Anathema as a wilderness sanctuary of Olm long ago. and tail. a massive jungle and the largest desert. If we squander it. Despite all these hardships.Osrin Vurrel.Shangilar are ravenous creatures that live nocturnally. which the Wyvine who survive their childhood rite of passage on Anathema. and the bizarre Harriers of the Dama Plains. but is as hard as metal and as light as wood. which dusts over with snow in the winter. A Shangilar is a brutal and violent creature. It appears to have six eyes and two retractable large ears. the center of information and record keeping on Azamar. where dangerous creatures only approach in the regions distant from cities. Olm is home to some of the most exotic and most dangerous creatures of Azamar. as the Northern tribes called the island Shangilar Ebn. Anathema functions as well. they waged bloody wars. neck. they are also thoughtful as a people. as well as the longest road in Azamar. The whole of Olm remains in a military-state. This is the only sign of civilization on the beaches of Anathema aside from the campfire remnants from Wyvine rite of passages. “Few but Wyvine can flourish in a land as Olm. The earliest name used for Anathema appears associated with the Shangilar. they designated their country as Olm. a mix of quills and hair along its legs. such as the riding beasts used by the Wyvine. or island of the Shangilar. the Old Highway. Olm is also home to the Wyvine Nation and hundreds of Wyvine tribes belonging to the greater nation. Olm A massive continent. second to none. as well as a coastline comprised mainly of sandy beaches. describe as perfect predators. Head Minister of the Wyvine Nation Ascendant Council Toponymy Olm held one other name in its long history. Its feet include large claws. we deserve our foolishness. making them a dangerous and difficult mount to tame. which appears as a shadow. where the Wyvine enforce a curfew within cities and patrols roam the countryside regularly for criminals. the Gyets. This is why we live here and the great Shilutozenon gave to us this place. In the Proving Grounds. Olm offers many treasures. Later. there is an ancient race of flying creatures called Weth who the Wyvine occasionally use a flying mounts.” (Translated from Forleen) . which the Wyvine used to prevent usage within and protect the island from magic. All the guidelines for traveling within Olm provide particularly safe travels on their major routes. Olm has many unique creatures. The Shangilar’s reputation is rich with historical references and many pictures exist in the Hall of Memories. allowing Wyvine patrols to pass quickly on approach and giving way to larger merchant caravans. or little Olm. though Weth are very aggressive and extremely carnivorous. a word used to describe their tactical cohesion in war. Olm also boasts the Hall of Memories. either scales or a soft-shell. and the span of Olm reflects the Wyvine with undertones not fully understood. Deggoss was the name given to a battleground. large teeth and lower jaw tusks. When the tribes finally joined. the creature’s depiction involves a large beast with the head of a wolf. Toponymy Anathema was once called Olmvark. the Dama Fruit. Olm has the longest river in Azamar. however rumors exist that the Derisians violated the established treaties and inhabited the island. While no formal investigation occurred. Olm became associated with the idea of how the collective 104 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . the Wyvine nation suspects the rumors true and appears ready to send hunting parties to Anathema and eliminate the Derisians who live deep within. Deggoss. which causes invisibility on those who consume it. with its belly and underside lined by some kind of armor. Before the Wyvine tribes united Millennia ago. The continent has expansive grasslands and the unique orb lands.

and wheels. mainly barracks. at the edge of the Wyvine Grasslands and a peninsula. realizing the mistake of entering Wyvine territory. making them akin to massive tree houses. who normally retreat north. completely obscuring the view of the base of the city. and matches the height of the greatest orbs on the horizon. Each tower in Throng connects to adjacent towers. large Gloom Rock boulders form a wall. Throng did not did not previously exist. is a city that changed hands a few times before settling into place. During this period. Thiff The principal trade city for Olm. where the governing councils convene and many thousands of families live. Inside the trench. An underground river feeds Throng from below. The Wyvine did not. Since then. The Therians retreated hastily upon the open return of the Wyvine military. and drill. only open for those identified as welcome. and openly condemn the slave trade tolerated by the people inhabiting Obsalos.tribes functioned cooperatively after the Great War. Thiff provides mercantile Keldor and raw goods to the Azamar. Thiff resolved to enforce sanctions on the slave markets. sandy and filled with wetlands and prone to flooding. The region in the orb lands. Toponymy Thiff. Thiff became Blorhaal. wide plateau of rock. Keldor 105 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . providing them with all they need to survive prolonged winters on Olm. in that the Wyvine erected a basement level below the ground where the majority of the military forces sleep. Thiff also contends with the occasional Troll or Therian hunting party. Built from a plant called Reed Wood. The very tip of the capital city’s highest tower is visible from the Western and Eastern coasts. The outer border of Throng involves a deep trench filled with large pikes. The city towers high above the low lands. and an armory. the Therians established a foothold of the northern portion of Olm since many Wyvine warriors were far off at the end of the Great War. who feel that some innocent slaves died in the process. though in that time they named the city Cheld. the Wyvine forbid the use of magic within Thiff. many speculate as the largest single deposit of Zurn stone in existence. as well as for supplying military fleet and keeping the waters patrolled around Olm. invested in the naval who frequent Grazen. a region of Olm revered as sacred and a place no Wyvine would fight with another Wyvine. Throng’s floor is deceptive. Thiff is a city designed to function as a large flotilla should flooding ever persist to such heights. The city sits atop a short. Much of Throng involves large towers. Thiff is a city surrounded by sandy grasslands. normally involving eviction from Olm. the council debated about keeping the region and the city under Wyvine control. and several slavers took refuge in the grasslands amid the disputes. and prosecute to the extent of their laws. Throng stands against the backdrop of the orb lands. a feasting hall. despite is nascent state. Within this massive basement level are several buildings. This prompted the Wyvine nation to act harshly and eradicate the slavers from Wyvine territories. and left a foul taint on the peninsula to the North. The Wyvine permit few outsiders to the main city-state of Throng. where the bottom half of each tower is a thin column.Originally. escorts to those seeking duty-free travel within the borders of Olm. a tunnel crosses under the trench only where the major roads meet the city. After the Wyvine forces returned. Thiff. which is regularly closed. Loragaarn. After the Great War. and Abalos nations. like Throng is a newer city-state. a fishing village. eat. Keldor grew into the Wyvine distribution point for sharing goods with the merchants nations northern most city-states. Subsequently this reason for sacrosanct observation made it the perfect location for Throng’s founding and formation. where only a handful provides egress to the ground below via stairs or strange platforms involving ropes. Throng The great capital city of Olm. A ramp provides a single entry and exit point to Thiff. Despite the Zurn stone. an act that prompted negative reactions from Azamar and the Immyr. Toponymy Established as a unified capital after the Wyvine tribes unified under a single council. prior to the Great War. chains. There is a few places where entrance to the surface level leads up and allows travelers to the pinnacles above. congregate in large numbers nor outwardly socialize with the other people of Azamar openly or acceptingly. Treaties in place make Thiff an excellent Wyvine. once called Chulreturef.

structured around several hills. suffering little surprise from approach. including competitions to improve ship design and nautical warfare.remains a fishing community. once named Arjwarket. Through Keldor. Antern involves a series of traditional fortress walls that function as an outer sanctum to the city. The city. Fires beset the walls and some obscured structures within the city. Toponymy Keldor. The city center rests inland slightly. used for signaling and long distance argot between lookouts. It is renowned for its challenging and engaging curriculum. 106 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . the city-state sees continual and excited expansion over the past few centuries. has never seen conquest or pillaging. The best seafaring Wyvine hail from Keldor. The citystate is small. the Wyvine name for the wood used for most ships. demonstrate their military might. from the sea and nearby bay. The city center involves buildings all built with Gloom Room as exteriors. such as basket gardening. but is still massive in size. to techniques for Wyvine to sustain long periods at sea. the Wyvine also created and constructed a nautical academy open to anyone in Azamar. the Wyvine established new shipping lanes through the world of Azamar. where for centuries they compete in the water through various nautical challenges. Keldor grew quickly in the wake of the Great War. obscuring the city as a massive shadow against the mountains behind. leaving the city to look like it is always under a state of repair. which continues to date. it also serves as harbor for the majority of those ships needing repair. leading to a foray of new routes and trading partners. Known for progressive seafaring knowledge. but it carries heavy fees and is prohibitively difficult to gain entry. Antern is a city-state the Wyvine use for antimagic and scout training. Instead. and on high ground. as the Wyvine moved quickly to reinforce their borders and more than ever. link together with large bridges and scaffolding. Antern In the shadow of the Gloom Rock Mountains. Antern appears as if a mirage cityscape on the horizon. centered on maintaining the vast Wyvine fleet. when compared to the surrounding mountain range.

before its population boost. and once named Frargh. The Wyvine funded a research facility and worked with the Asceromancers to build additional Lyceums for the Elementals and the Order of the Veil. consequently involves a great deal of Immyr architecture and framing upon which the Wyvine built to further enforce the military fortress. which is hard. most of the Wyvine in Olm Toponymy grow up eating very little else. than it is a true city-state. which allows Wyvine to train in close quarters combat. Antern inherits its name from the Immyr mine. Krom was consequently. Krom is the most diverse in population of all cities in Olm. Krom is more of a settlement or large fort. the Immyr enjoy many freedoms in Olm that other outlanders do not. despite their particular origin. though graduates often travel to the Proving Grounds in the South to test their mettle. Given the significant patronage towards magic in Krom. In this position. now abandoned. Antern connects to an ancient Immyr mine. was long ago a small farming village center. previously present there. However. and working against magical wards. welcoming those who 107 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . scouting. it attracted the attention of the Asceromancer faction.They also use it as a location to demonstrate their military might to outlanders. weaponless. After the Great War. the Immyr agreed to abandon the mine and withdraw from Olm as part of an alliance with the Wyvine high council. Aside from the unappetizing revulsion caused in the lack of flavor. though few in number. crops needed to produce it. due to the high production of the stronghold. Most of the diets for Wyvine involve eating grain-based bread called Frargh. The governing council marked Antern as the official military training ground. Toponymy Krom. However. and not particularly palatable. The Old Highway In return. Krom Named for the sheen of light reflected by the low lands into the clouds. Krom has a healthy population of Shrave who work with the Wyvine in developing various tactics. a loaf of Frargh contains enough nutrients to maintain most individuals for a month. Several wizard factions work with the Wyvine regularly supplying them with new wards and dilemmas to further train. it is the safest city-state in Olm for magic use and for wizards to roam. would otherwise see the tip of a lance without hesitation. who might believe the Wyvine are unprepared for another war. For this reason. Krom attracted many Wyvine interested in wizardry. it quickly grew in size and considered the magical center for Olm. Few other city-states tolerate any use of magic in Olm. The Wyvine and Shrave often conduct combat practices together. the Shrave are highly respected in Wyvine society. Antern. allowing them to build a Lyceum in Krom. who established a route through the region and an alliance with the Wyvine council. whose crops revolved around specific strange vegetables and fruits the Wyvine use as a staple in daily eating. tasteless. where a great number of Shrave go toe-to-toe with Wyvine and hold their ground.

are privy to the entire structure and layout of the Hall. paved or otherwise. Adjacent to the main chamber. hundreds of corridors lead to many other rooms and chambers. Within knowledge of five Millennia of information gathered the sands of the desert. Every treaty. namely to commemorate their ancient traditions. giving safety to Azamar. The Proving Grounds provides a center for resting. and formed by hollowing our portions of a large boulder. alliance. the Old Highway marks one of the great engineering achievements accomplished by the Wyvine nation. The Wyvine believe their people originated in succeed or not. The Hall of Memories separates by a massive chamber that falls five floors deep. as early hunter tribes of the Tre’uoall. A place is available for studying and learning more on any subject known The city-state is a sanctuary and oasis of sorts. Few know its absolute location. Hall of Memories More ancient than almost any other location in Azamar. and seen as The Wyvine Grasslands is a long unchanged region of source of pride for those who undertake it. The Old Highway is a heavily patrolled road. almost as large as a Wyvine is tall. As well. The task to acquire a scale is truly a pursuit accomplished by few. the ceiling of the Hall of Memories comprises of the roots and wood of the trees above. Zulls since its inception. The task given to most Wyvine is to acquire one of these scales. and humility with the world. and also are the largest creature in Azamar. Not only does the Hall of Memories hold and comfort for the days following to any initiates who the record of every Urikaurik. lie the Proving Grounds. wide enough for four wagons and often used as a central route for moving large military forces between Throng and Thiff. live large creatures called Zulls. and the width of three. about the length of even fewer have entered. the Grasslands. four High Dragons. It is a region of Olm where warriors go after training to further their knowledge. and few people if any. the Wyvines refuse.The longest road. Toponymy The Proving Grounds once held the namesake of Corb Zull. In some cases. The Wyvine were able to tap into this river and use it as a well in a place where little water sits on the surface. The structure and city-state has changed little in the past few centuries. eventually 108 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . patience. large enough to protect the inhabitants from wandering Zulls. but also to demonstrate its great length and width. the Hall of Memories resides in the floor of the Olm Jungle. in Azamar. and interacting with other potentials who through selection. become eligible to enter into the sacred deserts east of the city-state. Zulls do not shed their The Hall of Memories remains holding the same name scales. Resting partially in an underground maze. and was given the name Old Highway when it was conditioned and paved in sections. innumerable sums of knowledge. believing the Toponymy task below them or too simple. the large rock sits atop a large underground void that touched an underground river. armored from head to otherwise formed agreements and contracts remain in the toe in scales. also considered part of Within the annals of the Hall of Memories. It boosted the Wyvine nation’s economy considerably in the last several centuries. whether they Azamar. The Hall used those same trees to form the basis for the massive structure that forms it. or Zulls are massive lumbering beasts. or the Zull Gate. not too deep in the Inferium. Zulls are as tall as the wall of Krane. studying. The structure extends out in many directions. and thus manual removal of a scale is required. it also is the collectively seek to enter the Proving Grounds more deeply. Proving Grounds The Proving Grounds is more than just a city-state for the Wyvine. Toponymy The Old Highway was a traditional route used by the ancient Wyvine tribes when traveling to the Grasslands. and can burrow beneath the large Wyvine Grasslands sand dunes in the Proving Grounds. Hall of Memories. and they maintain and continue to patrol the Old Highway regularly . from every corner of Azamar. who learned greater strength and community.

which for many centuries the Wyvine lived on exclusively. a dangerous and cunning predator. Few people in Azamar can successful navigate the Olm Jungle without getting lost. Aside from the long history of the Wyvine people. but few are successful. the Wyvine journeyed to the Dama Plains to endure a test of cunning and hunting. as large as a person is and long lived. The Olm Jungle The Olm Jungle is home to some of the deadliest creatures in Azamar as well as the largest plants and trees. the Wyvine gathered the Dama Fruit at harvest and used it for tactical warfare with one another. The safest way to gather Dama Fruit is by teleportation. and the Dama Fruit. or perhaps because of them. Of the native creatures in the jungle. the Uumul is amongst the most dangerous and venomous. as the few paths are treacherous and seething with the life of the jungle. Toponymy The Grasslands always went by the given name. a fruit that grows on trees in the Dama Plains. Despite these facts. the Grasslands offer a lush vegetation. 109 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The Olm Jungle grows in size each year by about one percent. and learned to hunt invisible prey. Toponymy The Olm Jungle was once nothing more than a small patch of forest. many Wyvine believe the Uumul live for centuries. but it so quickly over grew the region. The Uumul is a type of giant spider. The jungle holds ancient secrets the Wyvine believe are the key to the very survival of every race on Azamar. but is home to the Harriers. In ancient times. and they seem determined to reacquire the Dama Plains again. the Wyvine built the Hall of Memories in the Olm Jungle long ago. Many travelers attempt to gather Dama Fruits each year. but the Harriers grew to such large numbers. and all Wyvine visit the Grassland early in life as part of understanding their lineage. though few wizards attempt such an endeavor. The land looks barren and empty. The Grasslands offer a solidarity to the Wyvine. The jungle is vast and covers a massive landscape of hills and valleys. Eating the fruit makes an individual invisible for a period. and the Wyvine worry about it over taking much of the Southern portion of Olm. For centuries. and the Wyvine tend to avoid most of the wild life native to the jungle. Harriers are vicious beasts that live in small groups. The Dama Plains The Dama Plains is a dangerous region of Olm. the Harriers ate the Dama Fruit. Toponymy Before the Harriers overran the Dama Plains it was a more peaceful region the Wyvine called Weiprion. The bay is home to a plethora of sea creatures. Bay of the Kraken The Bay of the Kraken is large trade region for the Wyvine nation and Southern Olm. the Grasslands was called Keatotetot.becoming a distinct people. small streams and waterways wind through the forest in search of the ocean. Only time will tell. the Dama Plains became too dangerous even for large war parties. the Wyvine changed its name from Darch to Olm Jungle very early in their history. though under Forleen. The Kraken surfaces once or twice a year. It defined their earliest rivalries. and understanding their future. or “sea breeze”. Many of the plants and animals in the Olm Jungle are highly aggressive. including a massive beast known as the Kraken.

Short-term exposure to the Inerth gets its name from the neutralizing nature of the water provides temporary supernatural effects from the island towards most magic users. a person Toponymy perpetually stuck in shadow. something along the lines of an oversized Clam. unless you wish a short life. since no one can refute his claims. Inerth is a statically held place where the Fabric and Azamar tie together. To those who visit the lake. on the island. . There. A great many people in “Accursed is the isle of Inerth. named Inerth when they discovered that most magic did yet a void with substance. where the skies dance with dragons in on the Fabric.and appears on the surface as an enormous floating hill. The only magic that works properly on Inerth. Ofvgar eventually disputed the name return to Bestowed with the effects of the Gloom Rock. and most Wyvine give of less difficult locations. Toponymy ending in a gruesome and painful death. a beast that outlives any Wyvine or other being on Azamar. same deadly place to travel. If the Gods could slip in and out of Azamar undetected you are lucky. many adventurers still hazard the journey to Inerth The Black Lake is fed from the Gloom Rock mountains. Inerth started with the name the lake and its water a wide berth. Only visit if you seek Ofvgar disputed that the island was a place of quiet where dismemberment. but remained the people formed a structured nation. It remains unchanged in name. a being as old as Azamar. Inadrya. conjecture that Inerth is the region in the world anchoring the Fabric. His theory remains undisputed. disemboweling. Despite such cautionary tales. Millennia. and eventually death. Inerth reverted in name. the Kraken is giant shellfish. it will be in the opposite order. and soon departed in search are willing to trust the appearance. Few return successfully. Bu’Col.” Magic does not work on Inerth like other places in . Archivist at the Hall of Memories “There are no Dragon Riders left in Azamar. since the Tre’uoall who discovered the island’s Black Lake held the name Gloom Rock Lake for several properties should remain credited in naming. in close proximity to Azamar. and subsequently all other nearby realities. Vice Council to the Order of Azamar. whose very presence strikes those nearby with an incurable disease. but and darkest beings in Azamar. While the water is power. Anteprofidian Researcher the beach until leaving. The Black Lake appears as if a large void.Stay far from Inerth Dragon Home. The Wyvine see the Kraken as a reverential beast.Tereb Rildresh. eventually changing in name when the Wyvine Eventually. Regardless of the truth to rumors and Black Lake tales. Many tales tell of the Grim. as the isle is home to particularly dangerous beings. This makes Inerth an extremely dangerous place for magic Dragon Home users. few not operate correctly there. likely because it does not draw the horizon. From a simple perspective. Dragon Home is a magnificent sight and is visible from is Anteprofidian magic. the Inerth. magic will not function. Human. Many visitors of Inerth fall ill and die within weeks of returning. Other stories tell of other such beings. The Tre’uoall originally Gloom Rock. lurk the foulest Azamar see Inerth as a portent to something sinister. though they report a sense of despair while Millennia. long-term exposure to the water will cause a person to undergo a transformation into a Shade. Inerth.Arregett Urrcy. From the moment an individual steps onto Wizardry. Many scholars 110 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .” by all the magic users in the world. The land itself is readily unexplored and uncharted. many who travel to recording encounters with the Kraken before the First Inerth return. worthy of many ages of respect. a word derived from the Anteprofidian movement. in search of famous treasures or rumored implements of where it gets its distinct coloration. meaning “against Toponymy magic”. but a time held the name. safe to drink. all ending in terrible and ghastly The Wyvine have watched and named the Bay since first deaths.

The city accommodates the presence of people as well as High Dragons. due the 111 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Pyrrewn played a crucial role in the negotiations as well as the eventual founding of Adrya Ampais. likely down into the Inferium and below in the Molten Deep. Evercrow. a place that they use for safety and as a fortress.flight. who served as liaisons in brokering the treaty. hands of a Zamaranth. where the High Dragons gave open access to their Tre’uoall Princess recognized as the first Dragon Rider. once a great city full of people. Adrya Ampais sits abandoned High Dragons and their Dragon Riders. often referred to as Ash Stone. and Olm. igniting the horizon. orange. originally named Pyrrewn after a Home. treaty established between the five major surface nations. Pyrrewn died in the Great War at the on the South Western coast of Dragon Home. Much of Adrya Ampais is made from a stone unique to Azamar. Constructed in magic. Dragon Home is a simple place. so many buildings and roads are larger than normal. Adrya Ampais No city on Azamar is as vast and visually stunning as Adrya Ampais. a landscape of mountains where High Dragons live and play. where the Dragons spew forth flame and magic. inner sanctums to presiding wizards and city council eventually became Dragon Home in conjunction with a members. Loragaarn. Abalos. and blue often illuminates the sky around Dragon Home. massive doorways and paths throughout the city evidence the strong ties the occupants held with the High Dragons. Adrya Toponymy Ampais runs deep into the side of the mountains of Dragon Dragon Home. The large island is mountainous and rocky. Red. and the Dragon Home. The caverns in which they live are vast and spread deep within the massive island. now an empty shell awaiting the return of peace in Azamar.

which tower as high as the mountain itself.white color often associated with white-hot ashes. some of them below the surface. Adrya Ampais. On calm winter day. The city-state’s shape is “The oceans of Azamar are vast and filled with adventure and peril. holding up the tallest buildings. Little else in Azamar is as beautiful.” . The city emanates magic. the Northern Ocean presents a Toponymy perilous journey to any seafarers due to large icebergs and treacherous storms that seem to cling to the coast Adrya Ampais is a relatively new city in the scheme of Evercrow. Tre’uoall. Keeper of Knowledge and High Archon a three quarter circle. Merchants who seek faster profits at the of time for Azamar. No one has since resided in or horseback. the inner structures the lowest. it is possible to abandoned by its inhabitants following guidance by the safely cross certain regions of the Northern Ocean on foot last of the Dragon Riders. 112 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . massive effigies of dragons act as buttresses. but dangerous by any measure. and its name never changed. The Northern Ocean More affected by the Fracturing than any other body of water in Azamar. where the outer structures are the highest. and was amiably Northern Ocean.Ilya Medritros. giving it a slight bluish glow. as if a giant coliseum or arena. The city-state comprises of four levels. where along the outer walls. jutting out from the mountainside in which it resides. The city appears a bright reflective spot on the horizon compared to the rest of Dragon Home. it was created and finished only a hazard of losing their lives often traverse much of the half century before the Fracturing.

though it sees some relief from this condition for a few short months each year. and Wyvine Nation all travel into the Sea of Abalos regularly for fishing and the commerce it produces. they are amphibious and tactical in nature. few creatures roam the Southern Ocean safely. While typically calm. Little remains known about the Foragers except the few killed and they always take their dead with them. brandishing weapons. it occasionally experiences storms that stray from the Northern Ocean. so most information relies on survivor personal accounts. Emdrethiva. Aside from the milder climate in the Sea of Olm is home to some more aggressive sea creatures. and revised their understanding of the world. the Sea of Abalos boasts the largest fishing economy in the world. used early on for crossing into the Southern Ocean. There are not native creatures in the Southern Ocean apart from the dragon population at Dragon Home. but attack in small raiding parties. the Sea of Olm offers mainly safe travel between Olm and Azamar. This solution took time and effort. but as the continent of Abalos formed Millennia ago. specifically a race of creatures known as the Foragers. This also attracts the greatest fish in Azamar. Toponymy Before the formation of the continent of Abalos the sea was called the Western Ocean. Many icebergs float off into the Northern Ocean as well during these few warmer months. the Cetacean. the Southern Ocean held the name Adrya Alaze. the Enfri negotiated that the ocean be renamed a to the Sea of Abalos as a sign of the peace between the various new sovereignties. but eventually stuck as the agreed upon name for the massive body of water. it received the namesake of Evercrow. in relation to the continent of Azamar. Aside from occasional dragon sightings. Few ships travel into the Evercrow Ocean unless they are intentionally trying to avoid detection on more official routes. The Enfri Nation. Evercrow Ocean The Evercrow Ocean remains typically afflicted with arctic weather. Sea of Abalos The largest ocean in Azamar. Kingdom of Azamar. As the first of the two moons of Azamar comes to full shine. Because of the disputed name between nations. Toponymy For many centuries. meaning the Great Void. most do not do so for long. Toponymy The Evercrow Ocean once belonged to the Western Ocean disputed between the Wyvine and Kingdom of Azamar. Toponymy For a short period in Third Millennia. they realized that the oceans are no void. It has been a long time since the Northern Ocean went by any other name. though the Wyvine disputed the name as the Great Ocean. making the traversing the North Ocean even more treacherous than normal. Foragers are rare and extremely dangerous.Toponymy The Northern Ocean was once the Bay of Evercrow. Now no one goes to Dragon Home or the magically fashioned city of Adrya Ampais unless seeking death or worse. the Wyvine called the Sea of Olm. given the equally horrible weather conditions and apparent curses laid across the region. The Sea of Olm rarely sees cold weather so icebergs and snow rarely occur on the open sea. for crossing to Dragon Home. considered the primary path 113 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The Southern Ocean The Southern Ocean is a frigid place. which are massive fish that sometimes grow to the size of a ship. When the Wyvine was comfortable with the oceans and attacking the many nations beyond. always wrapped in ice and snow and often treacherous to cross by ship or otherwise. The Wyvine and Enfri collaborated and devised a strange air and sea ship specifically for traveling around colder regions. the ice and snow melt and the warmed ocean waters allow for strong tides to pound the Western coast of Evercrow and the Northern coast of Abalos. Sea of Olm The most traveled body of water in Azamar. long ago when the island continents of Abalos and Obsalos were but a massive peninsula.

Few nations have traveled this route into the Inferium. The region is so heavily sailed that most pirates and some vile creatures shy away from the region since many ships frequently include military escorts. but many people believe that it is possible to reach almost any area in the Inferium from the Sea of Caverns.Sea of Obsalos While dangerous and sometimes frigid. raiding parties particularly enjoyed using siege weapons from the Obsalos shoreline. A few Enfri Nation submarines. and there are no other recorded names in the records at the Hall of Memories predating this given name. the Wyvine considered this area of water a part of the Hoarfrost Strait. Toponymy The Sea of Caverns has kept the same name since before the Great War. firing out into the ocean great distances to sink passing ships. a long narrow channel between Evercrow and Olm. Despite the change. 114 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Aside from the danger of pirate attacks in these waters. the Sea of Obsalos is a common trade route for the Wyvine traveling to sell and buy goods with the Immyr. This area of Azamar is plagued with pirate ships. explore and begin mapping this extensive network of tunnels. given permission and Wyvine escorts. Toponymy The Hoarfrost Strait originally held a longer and more dangerous channel. Several wizard factions have established Lyceums on the coastline of Olm to assist in the efforts and making the work safer for the explorers. the under currents in the Sea of Obsalos remain some of the most dangerous in the world. It is likely that this region went unchanged for Millennia and the wonder of it appeals to even the oldest of people in Azamar. The Hoarfrost Strait is a short and narrow sailing route between Olm and Evercrow where hundreds of ships pass through every month seeking to expand trade. Hoarfrost Strait Toponymy Before the continent of Obsalos formed. though this process will likely take several decades of work. stretching from the most Northern point of Olm to the most Southern point in Evercrow. who typically avoid Wyvine vessels due to past-experiences in losing to ships completed sailed by Wyvine patrols. This is also the home of a race of sea creatures known as Swinders. now a small narrow channel only a shadow of the former waterway. serpent-like creatures. Sea of Caverns The Sea of Caverns is an area of the ocean where hundreds of caverns are visible from the surface of the ocean leading down into the Inferium. large fast moving.

Damage: None. however intelligent. Target must make Stamina. instead forcing the people of Azamar are very dangerous. 115 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Like many worlds. warm and temperate environments and normally but typically a creature that frequents several forests travel in groups. Strength 3d. hold skill stats. Stuns a target for one (1) Round Read on for the summary guide to the bestiary of Asazi Toxic Bite. The bestiary provided. since in defeating them. them to rely on their natural dexterity and spiderinherited web spinning abilities. Azamar. it allows for easier customization later. decidedly native to Azamar. Persona 1d. While Asazis use their home. spending a great deal of time of Azamar. are territorial and attack anyone entering into their taking flanking positions and coordinating attacks territory. foraging for food by hunting smaller animals. Hit Points: 36 Initiative: 4d Move: 6 Vitality: 3d (+4 Natural Armor) Cinema Points: 3 Experience Value: 2 Dexterity 4d.BESTiaRY The world of Azamar is full of creatures. Please note that the creatures described in the bestiary are average creature templates. The Asazis use guerilla tactics and they do not move especially quickly. comes in alphabetical order for easier browsing. attack travelers unless they believe they can succeed preferring to feed primarily on small prey. Asazis only finding a mate once every ten years. They tend to avoid humanoids since rudimentary tools. This makes it easier throw a blanket creature at a group and handle the rolling as a GM. DR Moderate or take additional 12 Damage per Round Asazis Bearsloth The Asazis are an ancient and dangerous race of creatures. Intellect 2d. The Bear Sloth tends to live solitarily. As well. none of these creatures contained herein. their appendages do not allow most Bear Sloths livelong lives and quickly learn that for complex manipulation of objects. and the bestiary touches on a handful of the more notable creatures more commonly encountered or seen throughout. Range: 5/10/15. Ranged to Hit. there are still many forms of life to discover. and deriving more finely tuned creatures from these templates is a simple process. and will not to find a home in small caves or hollowed trees. They prefer The Bear Sloths are long range roaming creatures. while they will also not venture far from through ultrasonic chirps. Brawl to Hit. As such. Bear Sloths attack normally by surprise from multiple directions. They tend are aggressive. Aptitude 1d Features Web Slinger. Damage: Strength +6. and Azamar is a vast world filled with many strange creatures.

Hit Points: 100 Initiative: 1d Move: 9 Vitality: 6d (+1d Tough Hide) Cinema Points: 1 Experience Value: 2 Dexterity 1d. Permanent. Initiative: 3d Move: 8 Vitality: 5d 116 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . They live in small family groups. Intellect 1d. they are an extremely dangerous and aggressive creature. While unable to use anything more than primitive tools. +6d Search to find a scent and follow Hit Points: 60 it for food. Strength 6d. They are competent swimmers and travel records indicate they will swim great distances for food in the extreme winter months. They often find refuge in icy underwater caverns carved inside of icebergs. attacking virtually any other creature whether they know it or not. Aptitude 1d Features Choruan Choruans are primitive amphibious creatures who live in normally cold waters. Tracker. Persona 1d.

probably because of the connection to the Fracturing and their strange mutations. Permanent. Aptitude 1d Features Dexterity 3d. Move: 9 Hit Points: 50 Vitality 5d (+16 Armor) Initiative: 3d Cinema Points: 10 Move: 7 (Swim: 10) Experience Value: 4 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 3 Dexterity 3d. +3d Aquatic Vision. a massive shell. Gills. Some wizards believe that the council should form an expedition to establish Hit Points: 96 trade and peaceful relations with these people. Intellect 1d. Strength 5d. Choruans can breathe comfortably in and out of water. Strength 5d. Little other information remains available about this unique and ancient race. Choruans can see in water as Jump (from water) well as they can out of water. which changed across millennia. . No two Frost Hulks look alike. Experience Value: 3 Aptitude 1d 117 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) The Frost Hulk is native to the High Tundra. Aptitude 3d Features Furtive Ascent. While the creatures tend to move slowly and lumber.Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 2 Dexterity 3d. Wizards typically avoid Frost Hulks as the creatures are attracted to and enjoy eating them over other people. Strength 4d. Permanent. Persona 1d. Persona 2d. hulking feet. Once a large majestic beast. they can charge and quickly overtake most creatures effortlessly. eventually developing bipedal limbs and the ability to surface for short periods. Persona 1d. a slug-like tail. Frost Hulk Foragers Foragers are a race from the depths of oceans. the Forager quickly and quietly rises from and ejects from water as if jumping from a platform. Many accounts depict the Foragers as living in the depths of the Sea of Olm where they often attack seafarers who venture nearby. Intellect 3d. while Initiative: 3d many others oppose the idea altogether. Intellect 1d. Their race belongs to ancient civilization of deepsea life. but they all have common features such as multiple mouths. the entire race of Frost Hulks mutated and twisted due to the devastation in the wake of the Fracturing. and huge.

Range: 20/40/50. They move in a hop with great agility. or fall into a comatose state immediately for the duration. While the Wyvine do have pack animals for pulling wagons and carts. Move 9 Features Spitwad. Intellect 4d. Also stuns a target for one (1) Round with a foul smelling breath. the Wyvine only use Gyets for riding. Range: 3/6/10. Hit Points: 50 Initiative: 4d Move: 7 (Fly: 20) Vitality: 4d (Armor +8) Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 2 Summoning. Activation: Immediate. Strength 4d. It is best to escape as soon as possible Features if this occurs. This normally brings 1d other Frost Aptitude 4d Hulks running towards the Frost Hulk who called within three (3) Rounds. Immobilizes a target for 1d Rounds with a slime substance. Enslaved to abduct people from Azamar. These beings are servants to the Ash Lord and enter into the world of Azamar primarily in the land of Enfri. They eat very little. calling any other nearby Frost Hulks Dexterity 4d.Initiative 3d. Vitality 5d. Persona 1d. Most people kill Gaunts on sight. Gyet Gyets are the faithful and sturdy riding steeds primarily used in Olm by the Wyvine people. DR Moderate. (+16 Armor). Gaunt Paralyzing Sting. Damage: None. Ranged to Hit. Damage (Corrosive): 1d+12/9/6. but primarily enjoy grass and root plants that grow abundantly in the 118 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . to come running. on a Successful Brawl with the tail. a Frost Hulk emits a low growling whine that travels for miles. Ranged to Hit +1d. Gaunts drag these people back to the Slip Realm where the Ash Lord changes them into Gaunts as well. the victim must succeed with Stamina. able to navigate easily in small mountain paths and dense jungles. Bitter Breath. Duration: 1d Days.

Damage 1d+12. They are also somewhat clever in their attack. . the Harrier leaps onto a prey. Permanent. Aptitude 1d Features Mangler. While not particularly large. the Harriers discovered an advantage in eating the Dama Fruit lying on the ground with their prey. Intellect 1d. about half an Enfri. The majority of the Harriers in the Dama Plains regularly Hit Points: 24 eat of the Dama Fruit. Dama Fruit makes those who eat it. they use their quick reflexes and sharp teeth to overwhelm and swarm on prey. however they do not discriminate between creatures and will even attack far more powerful creatures without hesitation. The Wyvine council currently treats Vitality 2d (+4 Armored Shell) the Harrier infestation in the Dama Plains with great 119 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Hazels are bizarre and magical beasts that live in the wastes. importance. maintaining the predator-prey Initiative: 5d advantage. making them nearly impossible to hunt for all Move: 5 (Fly: 15) practical purposes. Hit Points: 48 Initiative: 5d Move: 14 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 1 Dexterity of Olm. Persona 2d. Intellect 3d. Strength 3d. Strength 4d. Persona 1d. on a successful Brawl. After consistently hunting down and devouring anyone who ventured near the Dama Fruit trees. as they seek to eliminate these creatures from expanding further. Harrier Hazel Harriers are an aggressive and intelligent predator that infests the Dama Plains. Hit Points: 36 Move: 10 Initiative: 3d (Invisible +1d) Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 3 Dexterity 3d. the Gyet Moves at 50 for one (1) Round. invisible for several days. Aptitude 1d Features Dash. They fly with great speed and travel in packs. entangling them with tentacles while biting them multiple times to deal lots of damage.

DR Epic to Ice. There is much speculation as to why the Dragons remain distant from the other Dexterity 5d. the Dragons have returned directions. There are unique Dread Gaze. Ice. In this way. Most give the Shrill. given Experience Value: 30 permission to establish the massive and magical Dexterity 6d. but some believe they are waiting until the Aptitude 1d races of Azamar have resolved their issues before returning. and resist or flee as quickly as Erosion. all creatures on Azamar. or Only time will tell what the High Dragons intend. Strength 6d. a Hazel can emit a deafening shriek that sometimes High Dragons the wide berth they apparently desire. Lightning. Intellect 1d. on any who stare into mainly that each family the eyes of the Dragon. Lightning. Willpower. city of Adrya Ampais. Hit Points: 200 and their memories run centuries. Features none since returned. Persona 1d. compared to the centuries Damage: 1d+48/45/42 they will spend as adults. stuns prey. Ranged to twenty years as an adolescent Hit +6d. The High Dragons spend only Breath Weapon. Ancient Wizards magical attacks) established a treaty with Cinema Points: 50 the High Dragons. The Persona 6d. the target stands stunned for one (1) Round. or Magic) the Wizards of Azamar. and only through their blessing were High Dragons are the most revered and honored of the Fiends and Zintar defeated. races. Without the High Dragons. throwing any creatures nearby with a force to other continents. Their lives span millennia. privacy and do not involve themselves in Humanoid politics nor will they weigh in on disputes over land Stormwind. The High Initiative: 6d Dragons live on the South Western Move: 25 (Fly: 50) isles long ago dubbed as Dragon Vitality: 6d (+24 Armor. Immune to nonHome. Wind. (called Earth). represents each major elemental force of Nature: Fire. Regardless. but they magnificent and powerful creatures worthy of the reverence most give them. Permanent. resist with a successful Stamina. many Wizards believe the war with the High Dragons Fiends was lost. They have interacted little with the many races of Azamar. approaching any Dragons Features currently results in the High Dragons immediately attacking the encroaching pursuer. Intellect 6d. High Dragons purged the Aptitude 6d city of its populace when the betrayal of Zintar occurred. and promise made by Wind. Strength 2d. exploring again beyond Dragon equivalent to the Dragon’s Strength +36. The High Dragons prefer possible. the High Dragons (Dragon’s Choice: Erosion. In recent years. cast out a massive gale force of wind in all or sea. remember every betrayal Flame.Home. 120 Cinema Points: 1 Experience Value 1 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Quintessence (Magic). Range: 30/50/100. DR Easy. differences between Invoke complete fear High Dragon families.

though if one were separated from the Experience Value: 1 others they are similar looking to small. albeit flying. any Dragon can summon other Dragons to its aid. The Hydrean never Cinema Points: 1 move alone. which generates a fair amount of light at night. Most Hydreans also emanate a dim instantly subject to Damage: 1d+120. When the Hydrean pass through an Move: -. they appear to suffer great damage from the Hydreans feeding on their Fiend life forces. making their Touching a Hydrean is dangerous as like their sea. Aside from very powerful magic or well-sealed physical barriers. Most Hydrean are small creatures. The only Fiends who appear completely unaffected by the Hydreans are Revenants.Teleport.overwhelming numbers completely impossible to resist faring brethren. the Hydreans are the least understood and the most feared. who do not normally use physical forms in Azamar. Activation: Immediate. They tend to have shifting Aptitude 1d iridescent and translucent bodies adorned by five or more tentacles. they appear by Teleport within 1d Rounds. they appear as an integral piece of the puzzle that is Azamar. light. consequently tied to the magical energies that are similar to the tears in the Fabric. such that anyone entering a cloud is poison by touch. Fiends distinctly fear Hydreans. They are also curious creatures and tend to approach living beings who venture to close. much larger than a coin. often taking that time to meditate in their presence. Beckoning. who will always aggressively swarm a nearby Fiend over any other creature. the jellyfish. though as a cloud. Some elder magic users theorize that the Hydreans are Hit Points: 12 a breed of creature whose sole purpose is the repair Initiative: 1d of the Fabric. Wyvine treat the Hydreans with reverence. they dispense a deadly if caught in them. Hydreans are extremely rare creatures to run across. . While Fiends appear immune to the affects of the Hydrean poison. The Hydreans tend to move gently with the wind. The largest Hydrean recorded Features was roughly the size of a small building and was solitary. Duration: Instantaneous. jellyfish. though there are disputes to the account. Swarm Cloud. Persona 1d. the Dragon can teleport instantly to any location in Azamar where it previously traveled. Strength 1d. considered lucky to encounter in the wilderness even at a distance. any tears in the Fabric are almost certainly and Vitality: 1d (Immune to non magical attacks) completely sealed and repaired. Intellect 1d. though doing so goes against recommendations. Whether a race honors or fears the Hydreans. They are a creature formed entirely of magic. they appear to move as desired. very little is able to protect an individual from touching a Hydrean in close proximity. never Dexterity 1d. Many magic users believe that attacking and killing Hydreans upsets the balance of magic on Azamar. Hydreans can suffer physical damage by attack. They appear to feed on the magical tears in the Fabric to some degree. as the clouds often grow in size 121 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) exponentially after their kind passes around a tear. the beckoning magically summons 2d Dragons to itself. Hydreans Of the strange creatures that roam the skies of Azamar.(Fly: 10) area. all Hydreans move as group.

Aptitude 1d Kongamato Often mistaken for a small Dragon. No one has ever managed to get it angry to find out what it would do. however does not have the strength needed to lift it. Aptitude 1d Features 122 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Persona 1d. the Kongamato is a creature that lives in the Wild Lands of the land of Azamar. this massive and ancient shellfish regularly stays surfaced. a Kongamato will take pack animals or food stores quietly in the night. The Kraken is a simple creature. In most recorded encounters. Hit Points: 500 Initiative: 1d Move: -. There is no creature in all of Azamar as large as the Kraken. The creature is large enough to swoop in and lift a wagon. Strength 4d. Intellect 6d. The Kongamato is highly territorial however it tends to attack natural prey. peaceful and relatively quiet. Intellect 2d. Strength 6d.Kraken While the Kraken lives in the Bay of the Kraken. happy to expose itself to the world. and no other Kraken exists. so far as anyone knows. Hit Points: 48 Initiative: 3d Move: 7 (Fly: 18) Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 3 Dexterity 3d.(Swim: 30) Vitality: 6d (+48 Armor) Cinema Points: 100 Expierence Value: 75 Dexterity 1d. and avoids most of the travelers who frequent the Wild Lands. Persona 1d.

Typically. Hit Points: 100 Initiative: 4d Move: -. with a specialized thrust a Kongamato can impale a single victim. on a successful Grapple. Damage 1d+12 Experience Value: 8 Korac The Korac is an extremely aggressive and dangerous sea creature. Intellect 2d. The Korac’s skin is coveted for the strength and nearly seamless runs between its scales. Strength 5d. the Immyr keep their kind 123 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Aptitude 1d Features Snatch. as well as one of the fastest swimming creatures in the seas of Azamar. it may swallow a humanoid victim (or smaller) whole without any further rolling. Brawl. They are incredibly difficult to kill and those few who have bested a Korac take great pride in that success.Impale.(Swim: 40) Vitality: 5d (+24 Chitonous Armor) Cinema Points: 3 Dexterity 4d. only to drag them underwater where it swallows them whole. They have attacked seafaring vessels. quickly emerging from the ocean and grabbing a hapless victim on deck. While the Lurkers are a nuisance. Lurker Lurkers are small creatures that emerged only after the Fracturing. Persona 1d. They are reptilian in appearance. they travel in small groups and seem drawn to living near Lake Loragaarn. but are humanoid in shape and capable of using weapons and tools.

Aptitude 1d Features Danger Senses. have magical roots that intertwine deeply with the Tre’uoall. Strength 4d. Hit Points: 24 Initiative: 4d Move: 5 Vitality: 2d Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 1 Dexterity 4d. Intellect 2d. a Lurker can hold its breath for 1d hours underwater. While they are a primitive race. Shifty. and previous encounters demonstrate their limited ability in organizing coordinated attacks. This binding causes devout loyalty between the two. The Immyr stay vigilant of this race of bizarre and dangerous creatures known as the Lurkers. Persona 2d. Nauvowl are ferocious fighters and gain Brawl +2d. capable of devastating attacks These humanoids thrive off hate and suffering and and moves swiftly when hunting through even the 124 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) Orcs . Aptitude 2d Features Animal Senses. Lurkers are extremely perceptive and difficult to sneak up on. a cunning creature. the potential for them to become a greater threat for the people of Azamar looms in the future. Intellect 2d. they never suffer Sneak Damage and have a bonus to Search +3d Scratch. the Nauvowl underwent binding by Anteprofidian magic to the Tre’uoall people. Lurkers easily hide from sight. Nauvowl. Sneak +1d Hit Points: 48 Initiative 4d Move: 7 (Sprint: 15) Vitality: 4d Dexterity 4d. several Millennia ago. Damage 1d+9 to all attacks Nauvowl Nauvowl are the loyal. most difficult of terrain. From historical records. fierce. An untamed Nauvowl is and are truly the stuff nightmares are made from. Nauvowl can sense danger prematurely. Strength 2d. in some cases making it possible for a Tre’uoall to share senses with a Nauvowl. Search +4d. often referred to as riding rats by many of the people across Azamar. and native riding Orcs are ugly monsters bred specifically for warfare animals of the Tre’uoall. Persona check for now. Long Breath. Lurkers communicate with clicks and pops.

Intellect 2d. Persona 2d. Shock Troopers Life expectancy for Orcs is rather low given the violent nature of their culture. Dexterity 3d. They then are taught to hone their abilities and study the world of Magic. Short Sword (Str+12/ x2). learning to manipulate it to serve the Gods of Orcish kind. These Orcs are rewarded with better equipment and are often in charge of protecting the Shaman in major battles. Intellect 3d. Expendable. Hit Points: 50 Initiative: 3d Move: 7 Warriors Vitality: 4d Warriors are the fodder of Orc culture. Strength 3d. They have survived numerous campaigns and have grown old by Orc standards. Strength 4d. Those Orcs that survive a number of successful campaigns go on to be trained as Shock Troopers by the Elders. Hit Points: 36 Initiative: 2d Move: 6 Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 4 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Long Sword (Str+18/ Vitality: 3d x2d). The Shaman are the Elders that serve the Circle of Detriment in Orc society. Persona 2d. Dagger (Str+6/x2). Hit Points: 36 Aptitude: 4d Initiative: 3d Move: 7 Equipment: Armor (+12 Vitality). Broad Axe (Str+36/x2) Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 2 Shamans Dexterity 3d. Cinema Points: 3 these ranks are continually replenished in Orc Experience Value: 4 infested strongholds.have been the natural enemies of the Dwarven race for generations. which is a rare occurrence. Aptitude 4d Equipment: Armor (+6 Vitality).

Activation: Instantaneous Rite of Concession. Duration: Immediate.) Features Activation. DR Moderate. the Sentinel is spotted by the player. Duration: Immediate. Damage: Willpower+6. Sentinels can be created from any of the major races. Strength 3d.Dexterity 2d. Duration: 1d Rounds. Persona 3d. Hit Points: 34 Initiative: 2d Move: 6 Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 2 Dexterity 4d. Even a creature. when an Orc Shaman blood lets. If successful. The Sentinel can imbue a bolt 126 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Aptitude 3d Attacks: (Primary) Bolt Rifle (Damage: 1d+21/+18/+15. players need to successfully Search. at a distance an Orc Shaman may swing a weapon and project that swing at a target through Magic. providing Dodge +4d. the Shaman may heal another’s Hit Points +15. In order to spot a Sentinel. suffering Damage immediately Sentinels Sentinels are animated Skeletons who are placed in a strategic position and who’s sole purpose is to guard either a location or items of magical importance. It is preferred that the victim is still alive was the curse is performed. it will reanimate and attack the players. Intellect 4d. making them nearly impossible to hit with ranged attacks for the duration. Willpower replaces Melee to hit. most consider the practice cruel and evil. Activation: Instantaneous Mauling Strike. Range: 25/50/100 Ammo Cartridge: 5 Conceal: Hard) (Secondary) Dagger (STR+12/x2. an Orc Shaman may trade one (1) Hit Point for one (1) Cinema Point as desired. Persona 3d. until careless adventurers who stumble into the trap reactivate them. long forgotten will still conduct their former Master’s bidding. Strength 3d. Activation: Instantaneous Rite of Healing. Intellect 2d. Once the player gets within 15 squares of the Sentinel. the practice itself isn’t sanctioned by the Order of Wizardry. Arrow of Corruption. While only a select few Wizards understand the procedure of how to create Sentinels. the Shaman raises a shield of impenetrable darkness that moves with the Shaman. A powerful curse Wizards that can place on both Humanoids and Creatures. Aptitude 4d Features Magic Dark Shield. They will remain dormant for long periods of time.

1d+6. Add extra Damage: +6. Immune to all nonmagical damage for Duration or until the Sentinel moves. the target suffers more Damage: Dexterity 6d. causing excruciating pain and suffering on Experience Value: 15 a target. (Brawl). strategic distractions. +6d Grapple Slane Worms A Shangilar is a unique and ferocious creature that lives only on the island of Anathema. Activation: Immediate Bite. also. capable of sensing prey on the surface and surprising them with deadly accuracy. The remains of the only defeated Shangilar lie in the Hall of Memories. the Shangilar can “see” with sounds and motion. +6d Search Seize. Aptitude 1d Doom Shell. Persona 1d. every new round until the Bolt is removed. (Brawl). and hunts by scent. Damage: Strength +6 Brawl. Intellect 3d. Strength 5d.with a curse. +6d Sneak Echolocation. Aptitude 2d Features Specialized Attacks Brawl. where intense studies of it occurred before it fully decomposed. The Sentinel can temporarily form an Features nearly impervious shell of magic. Descriptions of Shangilars come in a variety of conditions. Damage: Strength +48 Shangilar Claw. Strength 5d. The Shangilar employs an active camouflage. Hit Points: 80 Initiative: 6d Move 8 (Charge 20) Vitality: 5d (+36 Armor) Cinema Points: 25 These ancient and massive creatures and tunnel through all but the strongest of soil and rock. bested by a renowned Wyvine warrior who went on to great accomplishments. vision. the Shangilar often grabs and pins a target before attacking them prone. the Shangilar moves with intense speed while maintaining stealth. Its skeleton is still there on display to commemorate the accomplishments and successes of the Wyvine people as warriors. motion. Persona 1d. Few warriors face a Shangilar and survive to tell of it. Intellect 3d. Specialized Attacks Duration: 1d Rounds. Horn. Spiked Tail. Damage: Strength +9 Brawl. Hit Points: 60 Initiative: 4d Move: 10 Vitality 5d Cinema Points: 4 Experience Value: 5 Dexterity 4d. Damage: Strength +3 Burrowing: Slane Worms are efficient burrowers and can 127 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . in most depictions they are a blurry image. and sound. Bite. Strength +24 Shadow Move. Only a single Shangilar fell in defeat.

Intellect 4d. When appropriately camouflaged. an Acidic Spray. Aptitude 1d Features Intoxication. the Fracturing Slane Worm. Persona 1d. It slowly devours paralyzed victims. Ranged to hit. Hit Points: 60 Initiative: 3d Move: 3 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 4 Dexterity 3d. orange and yellow. The Spindlers were Swinders are the aquatic and distant relative to the once a benevolent race of creatures. reclusive. Range: 15/15/30. and dangerous beings Swinders whose roots run deep with magic. a Slane Worm receives a Sneak +2d. DR Difficult. the Spindler lures in prey to where it wants them. is able to resist the fast moving toxin and escape the Spindler Spindlers Spindlers are ancient. Slane Worms encountered in the wild have turned brown. While its primary color is green. Eventually the beasts went 128 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . through special smells. on a successful hit. Camouflage: In order to trick potential prey. Damage: 1d+24/21/18) Brawl to hit. with a potent toxin. a target with a successful Stamina. long ago both creatures was borne from twisted them into foul and corrupt beings. Slane Worms can change their skin color to match its surroundings. Sneak +5d Breath Weapon: Slane Worms have the ability to “cough” Petrifix.insatiable with their only thought as hunger. now the Northern Ocean. They emit a sweet and bewildering scent. relishing the fear and pain in their eyes with each excruciating bite it takes. tunnel up to Move 30. Strength 4d. the Spindler paralyzes a up either Fire or in some isolated cases. gray. attracting nearby travelers. victim to allow it to slowly move to them before eating. and snag them with tentacles barbed with poisonous thorns and spikes.

different paths and the Swinders grew smaller and sleeker, making them more streamlined for moving quickly through water.

Hit Points: 60 Initiative: 4d Move: -- (Swim: 20) Vitality: 4d (+24 Armor) Cinema Points: 3 Experience Value: 1 Dexterity 4d, Strength 4d, Persona 1d, Intellect 1d, Aptitude 1d Features Despite their avoidance of regular soldiers for direct Mutilation, a biting attack that leaves behind teeth in a combat, Sycoveen serve as vicious and sometimes deadly victim, Brawl +3d, Damage: Strength +42 combatants. Most Sycoveen train in various weapons and many are excellent at using magic foci weapons. Sycoveen Sycoveen often employ advanced tactics when forced into direct combat, or when ordered, employing tactics like Sycoveen are minions of the Fiends, a race of creatures overwhelming numbers, flanking, and ambushes. whose live to serve the dark goals of the Fiend Lords. Most Sycoveen live in the darkest corners of Azamar, Hit Points: 36 preferring remote caverns or unused portions of the Initiative: 3d Inferium. Sycoveen hunt and kill Immyr, Orcs, and Move: 6 Shrave, specifically considering them impediments to the Vitality 3d (+6 Armor) goals of the Fiend Lords. Sycoveen innately use Magic, Cinema Points: 5 borne from a corruption ritual which twists the children Experience Value: 2 of Azamar into their own young. For this reason, they Dexterity 3d, Strength 3d, Persona 3d, Intellect 3d, must steal the infants of the people of Azamar, and so Aptitude 3d their regular contact occurs normally in remote regions where their presence either goes unnoticed or they can Features avoid major military patrols. Signal, Sycoveens can raise an alarm when surprised 129
Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

through a series of quick incantations, alerting nearby allies to their exact location, (including any Fiends), Duration: Immediate, Activation: Instantaneous. Infernal, Sycoveen can quickly produce and throw a small ball of fire with a particularly good range, Willpower +6 to hit, Range: 10/20/40, Damage: Willpower +15/12/9.

Features Shapeshift, a Therian may shapeshift into any of the last five (5) things it touched, from a bucket to a creature, and takes on all the physical properties of that object. If the object does not have eyes, then the Therian cannot see, etc., the Therian’s Attributes and Hit Points adjust to match those of the creature or object it is mimicking, Duration: Until changed again, Activation: 1 Round.



Originally a faction of Wizards, the Therians abused magic and eventually forgot their identities, trading long life and innate shape changing. Therians are feared as powerful magical beings, capable of taking the shape and size of any other creature they contact touch. The caveat to this rule, is that the Therians cannot mimic Dragons. For whatever reason, the Dragons naturally prevent the Therians corrupted powers, countering them completely. Therians will threaten and attack just about any other creature, and often employ tactics many argue as evidence that the Therians have not completely lost their identities. Regardless of the history or effectiveness in combat, the Therians are a dangerous race of magical beings, and anyone of sound mind should fear and avoid them at all costs. Hit Points: 72 Initiative: 4d Move: 10 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 10 Experience Value: 10 Dexterity 4d, Strength 4d, Persona 3d, Intellect 4d Aptitude 4d 130
Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

Trolls are an ancient race of giant creatures who for centuries lurked in forests and mountain caves. More recently, these giant creatures wander closer and closer to civilization, developing courage enough to steal people from bed in the still of night for food. Trolls are aggressive and long lived, as well as capable opponents in combat even against small brigades of soldiers. Most trolls stand three to four stories tall and use their massive arms to reach down and snag enemies. Hit Points: 100 Initiative: 4d Move: 12 Vitality 6d (Tough Hide +8) Cinema Points: 3 Experience Point Value: 8 Dexterity 3d, Strength 6d, Persona 1d, Intellect 2d, Aptitude 2d Features Growler, the troll rumbles a low guttural growl that makes the ground tremble, sending all riding animals into frenzies for the duration, Duration: 1d Rounds, Activation: Immediate. Heave, trolls can toss large boulders with deadly accuracy, Ranged +6d, Range: 20/40/60, Damage: 1d+48/45/42

and wait patiently for months on a new meal source. They are uncomplaining and move with lightning fast reflexes when they believe their next meal is at hand. While incredibly fast, they are not strong and must rely on sharp reflexes and fast acting venom to subdue their victims. Uumul use a series of web strings to the ground to alert them of anyone nearby who may disturb their nest. When large groups of travelers pass by they are cautious in attacking, often waiting for the last in a line, or will follow them carefully until they make camp. Hit Points: 36 Initiative: 5d Move: 10 Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 3 Experience Value: 5 Dexterity 5d, Strength 3d, Persona 1d, Intellect 3d, Aptitude 1d Features Specialized Attack Venomous Bite, Brawl +3d, Damage: +9, with a successful Stamina, DR Difficult, a character may resist the venom, or become paralyzed for 1d Days.



Accustomed to high humidity and jungle Long used as the flying steed of the Wyvine, the environments, Uumuls make homes in the treetops Weth are a vicious creature originally introduced to

Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

While extremely rare. Wind Stalkers are as long as three to four war ships. Weths enjoy tunneling and can do so with ease even with a mount in place. (Dive: 90). Weths use sound to find and “see”. though there are those whom tried. which somehow calms the creature’s normally more erratic and aggressive behaviors. Burrow: 20) Vitality 4d Cinema Points: 3 Experience Value: 2 Dexterity 3d. they navigate using sound and do not distinguish well between friend or foe. Wind Stalkers are massive creatures. Intellect 1d. Such knowledge remains lost to time. which they use to 132 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . (Gliding: 15). capable of moving in and out of water and the skies above with ease. long before the Great War. Search +40 glide effortlessly on the wind higher up in the sky.the Wyvine by the Shrave. Persona 1d. serpentine like when seen at a distance. Intellect 3d. Wind Stalkers are the only known. Aptitude 1d Features Tunneling. Wind Stalkers are passive creatures who tend to avoid most civilizations and populated areas. These exotic and magical beasts have unknown origins. They have six glowing green eyes. natural predator to Hydreans. No accounts exist of anyone killing a Wind Stalker. Persona 1d. (Instantly regenerates damage. A Wind Stalker’s tail is massive and flat. Strength 6d. many accounts of Wind Stalkers take place on the high seas between the continents and realms of Azamar. Weth are excellent burrowers. To Humanoids. making them a revered and honored beast. they appear to prefer it. A Wind Stalker rarely shares the sky with a Dragon. and while they can fly without the wind. Those whose accounts include touching a Wind Stalker note that its skin is a deep iridescent black similar to a whale. though blind. large forward wings and two large spinal fins for maneuvering. Hit Points: 55 Initiative: 4d Move: 8 (Fly: 30. Hit Points: 144 Initiative: 6d Move: 30 (Fly). but recorded accounts note that Wind Stalkers move faster and with more grace. Activation: Immediate) Wind Stalkers The largest creature to share the skies in Azamar with the Dragons is a Wind Stalker. Strength 4d. Most Wyvine riders place bits or mouth guards on Weth when using them for riding. Echolocation. (Swim: 20) Vitality: 6d Cinema Points: 12 Experience Value: 20 Dexterity 6d. They follow the winds in the sky. Aptitude 1d Features: Regeneration: +36 Hit Points. as well as capable of long distance flight. who also use the Weth as riding animals in the Inferium. Some legends include vague references to an order that learned to befriend and ride the Wind Stalkers.

Persona 1d. They are slow moving and prefer the warm sand dunes of the Wyvine Proving Grounds. a Zull can sense movement and the location of any movement on the ground nearby within a two hundred (200) unit distance.Zull The largest known land creature in the world. itself a legend. The only creature on record larger than a Zull is the Kraken. 133 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Aptitude 1d Features Vibrations. They have no known predators. the Zulls are relatively serene creatures unless disturbed. Aside from their fantastic size. so they rarely venture elsewhere. as the Zull scales strongly resemble the Zurn stone. Intellect 1d. myths surround these inconceivably mammoth beings since the earliest written records. Hit Points: 200 Initiative: 6d Move: 20 Vitality: 6d (+96 Armor) Cinema Points: 100 Experience Value: 100 Dexterity 2d. and no records exist of anyone ever killing a Zull. Strength 6d. rock like armor that grows in jagged and crystalline sheets. Some scholars speculate that Zulls are the source of the Zurn stone prevalent throughout the world of Azamar. which it automatically considers a threat and will attack. They bare thick.

Aptitude 1d Features Specialized Attacks: Bite/Peck. Hit Points: 40 Initiative: 3d Move: 5 (Sprint: 12) Vitality: 3d Cinema Point: 5 Experience Value: 1 Dexterity 3d.Zurn Warbler Damage: Strength +12) Flame Burst. In recent decades. and as such it quickly pecks. as they are extremely territorial with one another. Brawl to Hit. They are brightly colored flightless birds that can spit flames and evoke some minor magical effects it uses for intimidating opponents. Duration: 1d Rounds) Glow. bites. Strength 2d. (The glow produced has the following visible range: 100/75/50. Damage: Strength +6 Claw. shooting a fireball-encased substance at a target. at the shortest range the Zurn Warbler is identifiable in the darkness) Zurn Warblers are native to Obsalos. the Zurn Warbler is capable of emitting a faint light from its feathers. the Zurn Warbler has a voracious appetite. Intellect 1d. and claws an opponent in a flurry of attacks. the Zurn Warbler uses a fiery breath weapon. (Flurry of attacks all count as a single overwhelming attack. many pirates and smugglers and have set to capturing and selling these the Zurn Warblers as guard animals or for prize fighting. Persona 1d. enabling vision in darkness and to attract prey. Once struck the substance sticks to the target and stays lit for the duration or until immersed in water. 134 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Range:12/8/4.(Ranged to Hit. Damage: 1d+15. (Brawl). so they were once rare on other landmasses. Damage: Strength +3 Vorenter. (Brawl).

135 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

arrogant. possessing the ability Rakshai to shapeshift into any form they please. and they are large enough to devour a Human whole. the Revenants. the Agmai can employ its massive size to squeeze and opponent to death while Grappling. Wyvine. They surround themselves with Fiend servants to carry out such bidding The Rakshai are concise. Brawl: 4d. Military and Tactical Docent. capable of moving swiftly in Azamar. the Syetans. and the Xur. Excrete Acid Bile. Throw to Hit. Characters gain +2d Dexterity versus Creature). They have 136 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . plants. and paranoid as they so desire. deal Strength+4d Damage to opponent. Grapple. the Rakshai.” . Duration: 1d rounds. Hall of Memories. deals same damage for the Duration. Damage: 7d/6d/5d. and clever type to ambush random travelers. whose physical form is that of a large cat- like creature. and as such often fall at their hands when they step out of the Blur. Unfortunately. who wait for when they can rip through a tear in the Fabric and break into Azamar to wreak havoc and destruction. the Saturians. Duration: Immediate. a passage way and place from which to draw upon for magic. Former Wyvine General There are many Fiends that reside in the Blur. It is believed that the Fiends wage a war among themselves. and meat. Hit Points: 98 Initiative: 2d Move: 9 Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 6 Dexterity: 2d. Fiends. often lying in wait for weeks The Agmai are a self-involved. a handful are more well known than others due to their determination in attempting to step into Azamar. the magic users of Azamar are not nearly as inherently natural at using the Blur as the Fiends. Among those known Fiends are the Agmai. Throw: 1d Intellect: 1d Strength: 6d. Of those many Fiends. They brandish many weapons and are masters with all of them. Dodge: 2d. Fiend Lords come in many forms.Quirren Slace. (Creatures gain +2d Strength versus Character.FiENDS “Only through the greatest of sacrifice shall we know true victory against the Fiends. eating rocks. meticulous. using the Blur as the magic users on Azamar do. DR beat opponent’s Grapple by 6. Fiend Lords insatiable appetites. the Agmai vomits a massive wave of Bile at opponents in hopes of digesting them to make eating them easier. Range: 3/6/9. All Fiends are at Creature (Step 2) Scale for rules purposes. Grapple: 4d Aptitude: 1d Persona: 1d Features Squeeze. Agmai of Fiend.

+2d Sneak. and considered the strongest and most violent of the Fiends. Dodge: 3d. Tactics: 2d take on whatever form they choose in Azamar. Intimidation: 4d. Willpower: 3d 137 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Duration: 1d rounds. Revenants Hit Points: 48 Initiative: 4d Move: 5 Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 8 Dexterity: 4d. These beings Intellect: 3d. Search: 4d. Aptitude: 2d Persona: 2d. Revenants hold a reputation for deceiving those around them for years. Throw: 5d The Revenants are patient. Concealment. Archery: 5d. extremely Strength: 2d. same as the Tre’uoall Character Feature. the Rakshai uses a supernatural cloak to hide itself in plain sight. Brawl: 2d.Features Scent trace. Grapple: 1d intelligent and highly cunning. Melee: 5d. +3d Search. fierce. Duration: Immediate. Cat’s Eye. Survival: 2d. the Rakshai uses a keen sense of smell to locate a target. Duration: Immediate.

Aptitude: 4d Persona: 5d. dealing massive damage. Duration: 1d rounds. Duration: Immediate. Permanent and Passive. Willpower. Taint. Con: 4d. Willpower: 4d to lure the people of Azamar to their side so they may Features control them and use them as soldiers for their purposes. Shred. Dexterity: 4d. DR Moderate. Intimidation: 5d. Willpower. Search: 3d of summoning 1d minion Fiends to fight for them. The Saturians use persuasion and the seduction of power Languages: 4d. the Revenant magically rips apart a victim from a distance. or soak 6d Hit Points: 36 Damage. Sneak: 3d the only Fiend capable of actively tearing holes in the Fabric between Azamar and the Blur. Brawl: 4d. Revenant must roll. whose life instantly extinguishes in the process. DR Heroic. the Revenant appears and sounds like a victim of their choosing permanently. DR Willpower of target. Doppler. Grapple: 3d Duration: Immediate. Willpower. Archery: 2d. Melee: Summoning. Any who strike a They can bestow great magic to a person. specifically capable Intellect: 4d. Move: 6 Desecrate. Persuasion: 4d. Willpower to Hit. Dodge: 4d. Willpower. Duration: Immediate. which always comes at a great price. Duration: Immediate. dark force to any who lay hands upon Initiative: 3d or strike them. DR Heroic. and the plants to die. the Revenant is 4d. Strength: 4d. Experience Value: 5 any in the twenty by twenty by ten (20x20x10) high region (as designated by the Revenant). Saturians 138 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Disguise: 4d.Hit Points: 120 Initiative: 4d Move: 12 Cinema Points: 10 Experience Value: 20 Damage:Willpower+3d/2d/1d. the air to go rancid and fill with sulfur. all Revenants are cursed and tainted beings who emanate a violent. Range: 2/3/6. suffer Willpower Damage until they leave that area. the Revenant causes Cinema Points: 3 the very ground in Azamar to bleed a black fluid. By touch only.

the Syetan can change their form from flesh to Stone and vice versa as desired. Willpower. if successful the target is stunner. Syetans The Syetans have a specific physical form in Azamar. Statuette. Search. Duration: Immediate. and they move in numbers. Persuasion: 4d. Artisan: 4d Features Observant. Duration: Immediate. huge nails on the fingers.Dexterity: 3d. and huge powerful legs whose feet are hooves. Duration: 1d days. DR Target’s Willpower. Duration: Immediate. Melee: 1d Intellect: 2d. Scam. +3d Persuasion. DR Difficult. Languages: 3d. Dodge: 2d. Con: 3d. if successful. DR Moderate. the music can be heard up to a one thousand (1. the Saturian can magically entice a target into doing things they may not otherwise do. Duration: Immediate. Hypnotize. always being half the height of Humans. Willpower: 1d Features Inveigle. Their skin is often deep ash in color. if successful travelers will hear a distant flute playing and follow it to the Syetan. the Syetan gains +2d Archery to hit a target if detected. Sneak: 1d Intellect: 2d. with heads donned by horns. Hit Points: 24 Initiative: 2d Move: 5 Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 3 Dexterity: 3d.000) unit distance. Persona: 1d. long white teeth. the Saturian can magically cheat while Gambling. never coming through the Fabric without a squad of brethren to aid them. Duration: 1d rounds. they remain aware while in a Statuette-stone form. +3d Gambling. Intimidation: 3d. able to winning hands without trying. Lure. Search: 3d. Archery: 4d. Tactics: 4d Strength: 2d Aptitude: 1d 139 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Artisan. Gambling: 4d. Search: 3d Strength: 2d Aptitude: 1d Persona: 5d.

anyone within a twenty (20) unit distance of the Xur must succeed. the Xur may automatically attempt to grab a target and throw it into its mouth. of various shapes and sizes to both move and grab things to put into the massive mouth on the top of its body. Grapple: 4d. good at destroying and devouring everything around them.Xur The Xur are massive creatures. Throw: 4d Intellect: 1d Strength: 5d. on a successful Grapple. protecting itself from attack. Duration: 1d rounds. Considered mindless. and legs. Climb: 4d. the Xur emits low rumbling tones. the Xur quickly retracts its body into a massive shell-like husk. Willpower. Brawl: 4d. or stand stunned for the Duration. Bombard. Groan. Throw to Hit. arms. Duration: Immediate. the Xur are almost perfect soldiers Persona: 1d Features Slog. Damage: Strength+4d/3d/2d. they use a number of tentacles. Range: 3/6/12. Lift: 4d Aptitude: 1d Husk. Hit Points: 144 Initiative: 1d Move: 6 Cinema Points: 3 Experience Value: 8 Dexterity: 1d. Vitality +12. DR Moderate. Mouth: Strength+2d Damage. 140 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . though appearing to respond to the commands of other Fiends. which stun nearby enemies. Duration: Immediate. the Xur ejects a barrage of quills at an enemy.

141 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

and Kyle asks to leverage their last take their turn. they may opt to leverage their last Initiative roll and not roll in the new How it works: round. Only the winner of 1. highest Initiative advantage leveraged against an opposing to lowest. The Combat section includes examples that draw upon cinematic scenes to help with visualization of the rules. Combat normally uses a square grid to maintain a sense of scale and allow players to apply tactics. If a GM method tends to be more comprehensive. 142 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . The second method is having each individual Initiative Leveraging Character roll Initiative independently. the Player with the highest Initiative rolls for the group of Characters. asks them to roll Group Initiative. but Fred does. Initiative roll total against the new Initiative and Fred concedes. INiTiaTiVE Initiative is a tool for determining which Characters act more quickly in a Combat Round. Fred’s new Initiative roll total is a nine (9). A group of Players face Combat with a group of enemies 2. The group whose side won Initiative declares and takes and the GM. as Kyle has the highest Initiative among the. The individuals who chose to hold their actions now Group Initiative again. and sequence through the rolls in order of each Initiative roll. Combat is when at least one Character wants to attack at least one other Character. Fred rolls 2d for the enemy party. including Alicia and Terry. or group of Players wins an Initiative roll. totals seven (7). The first method is using Group Initiative. Fred asks them to roll 4. with the choice to use or hold the actions Kyle rolls Initiative for his group of Player Characters. All the Characters take their actions and get to the next Combat Round. How it works: The highest number wins the Initiative. the second Initiative in a successive round reduces rolling. which loosely represents about six (6) seconds of time. and Kyle’s last Initiative roll automatically wins the Initiative. individually. The dice rolling involved with Combat is described in this section and outlines many options available for combat. An integral part of Combat game play is in understanding that combat rolls are primarily Opposed Rolls. Combat runs under the basic premise of a Round. and the GM uses the highest Initiative of the Extras opposing the Characters. keeping their last Initiative. This time Kyle does not roll. Fred. The Character with the highest Initiative in each an Initiative may leverage the roll to the next Round. opposing group rolls and adds them up like any other. There are two basic methods in determining Initiative.COMbaT Combat uses specific rules to provide order and encourage action-packed and cinematic experiences. a 3d. actions first. Kyle’s 3. The group whose side lost Initiative now declares and Initiative roll totals fifteen (15) and Fred’s Initiative roll takes their action. The first method tends to be faster.

Derek the morale of enemies and overcome them without force. The three primary forms of Attacking are Brawl. spell casting. There are many options in Combat when Attacking. With a successful Sneak. the Character who dodges does so half the Character’s Move. Sometimes characters can use intimidation or other tactics to change If the Goblin Captain had not died in the attack. Derek declares that DR Moderate. or shooting). dodging the Goblin Captain to the ground. with a successful Athletics. and Willpower (when using a Magic Understanding Character Move is very important in terms Weapon or Power). and taking cover. it works the same way as Ranged does (4) indicates the Character can Move four (4) Squares in with a Bow. the Character who parries Move. ranged attacks. with a successful Athletics. a player subtracts one Difficult because of the terrain. the Character who was resisting does so successfully. If a Character has an Initiative of How it works: three dice (3d). This time he would have only three dice (3d) to use against his but this is more difficult. Each Character has a Move. DR Moderate. DR For each action during a round. Each following roll removes one die (-1d) is seven (7). When using Willpower with a Magic of Combat. no more actions may occur for mercenaries follow him on mounts. Running multiplies the character’s Move by two (Move The rule of thumb in Combat is. sneaking. On a successful Multiple Actions Stamina. opponent. At the end SNEaKiNG of the action. Throw. if the roll is Moderate 143 TaKiNG ACTiON Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . dead. After dodging some that Character in the Round. if a Character attacks and another is dodges or taking Multiple Actions.again. if a character chooses to continue running into the next Round. no more than three (3) actions may occur Daryl’s character Niv is running across a jagged. They add up the Damage. If two Characters grapple and one attempts an aggressive move on the other and their rolls Running tie. characters may take as many actions as they have dice in Initiative. If a critical roll occurs. missing the DR Difficult. “The tie goes to the x2). When Sneaking and attacking. Niv has an Athletics of die (-1d) for each following roll because of the previous 4d. otherwise it is half the Character’s Move. and Melee. one (1) on the Wild terrain. Daryl rolls his dice and gets a fifteen (15). Derek subtracts a die and rolls four dice (4d) to strike at the Goblin Captain with his broadsword.” multiplies the character’s Move by three (x3). could subtract another die and attack again. DR Difficult. Sneak is possible at a normal by parrying and their rolls tie. With his broadsword ready. Daryl must succeed on a Stamina. any direction. The three primary forms of Attacking at a range MOVEMENT are Ranged. hazardous in a Round. and so on. A Move of four Focus Weapon. How it works: and Niv moves fourteen (14) squares away towards more Derek is determined to end the existence of a Goblin cover from the mercenaries. To make matters worse for Niv a small band of Die followed by a six (6). Derek beats the GM’s roll so Ruk hits! Combat normally involves physically attacking (brawling. If a Characters attacks and another defends Search of the opponent. and the devastating blow drops grappling. DR Moderate. time. In order to continue Niv Captain that has given his character Ruk a very difficult running another round. during a Combat Round without rolling With combat. does so successfully. Grapple. (Dexterity 3d + Melee 2d). In a round. Running Defender. and moving. The Goblin Captain also subtracts one die and rolls to parry. the GM makes Daryl roll Athletics. DR successfully. (2d Dexterity + 2d Athletics). Niv’s normal Move action(s) taken. hitting. Climbing and Swimming and their rolls tie. rolls a die and gets a six (6)! This brings his total to 21. Daryl spends a Cinema Point. Ruk will take Multiple Actions and Ruk’s Melee die pool is five dice (5d).

To counter a Sneak roll. Damage through Combat usually occurs by a weapon. an Execution There is always the threat of injury. either roll exceeds another by twelve (12+). While Sneaking DaMaGE & HEaLiNG When Sneaking and attacking roll to hit a target. These threats come in many forms and eventually your Character will During normal combat take damage as a result. A tie Prone and Stunned Enemies means the Sneak fails. lighting conditions. unconscious. There are a few ways to heal If an attacker makes a non-ranged attack roll and an injury in Azamar. to gain control over a weapon. This multiplier is in the weapon chart for Weapon Grapples melee weapons. When taking damage. A Sneak multiplier does not affect ranged weapons. pain. as this is a Sneak attack. if Sneaking depends on environment. multiplier. Natural healing 144 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . of Sneak Damage based upon a melee weapon’s Sneak (if already holding a Melee weapon). the attack on the availability of medical treatment. typically x2 or x3. Healing is dependent primarily exceeds the defending roll by eighteen (18+). are typically more lethal at close range. Falling Damage follows a basic rule of falling five (5) units deals a base Damage: 1d+5. may not Dodge an attack.or better. Whenever taking damage a player rolls to “Absorb” damage by rolling Vitality and any additional protection provided by Armor or other Character Features. a Melee Weapon does an additional amount a Character can counter with Dodge. to gain control over a weapon. Drowning or suffocation damage occurs after a failed Stamina roll. or Melee. a Character suffers mental and physical pain and injury. with the difficulty determined by the amount of time under water or otherwise asphyxiated. (or roughly every six (6) seconds). adding seven (Damage: +7) each following round until dead or extinguished. The difficulty of While Grappling. Characters are automatically causes an Execution. or stunned. If the roll result is DR Very Difficult or better. still fragile creatures and die quickly from even minor injuries if untreated. and the occurs. During any attack. as ranged weapon When Grappling. Fire Damage deals a base Damage: 1d+14 the first Round. the damage is gauged on distance and that ranged weapons highest roll causes a Reversal and keeps the weapon. inevitability of death looming in Azamar. If an attack is DR EXECUTiONS Very Difficult or higher. and Execution may occur on the loser of the roll. Grapple. roll a higher Search roll. dealing a base Damage: 1d+24 per Round. adding five (Damage: +5) for each additional five (5) units fallen. represented by losing Hit Points. Enemies who are prone (unable to move). a Reversal and actions taken. No Dodge roll occurs. the enemy is Executed.

SCaLE Scale Small Character Large Very Large Dragon Modifier for Character Damage +8 Dexterity +8 Dexterity +12 Dexterity +18 Dexterity +21 Modifier for Challenger Dexterity +8 Damage +8 Damage +12 Damage +18 Damage +21 FLEXibLE SpELL CaSTiNG (OpTiONaL RULE) Some GMs may want to employ flexible spell casting. If a Character or ship is trying to hit or damage something across the Scale. Duration: Immediate. spending a Cinema Point. at the GM’s discretion. See the chart below on how to add dice to a roll when crossing different Scales. to cast a spell and declares this. and run off the Willpower Skill. Cure Magical Illness +4d Hit Points. or wand). may provide bonuses to casting spells. Remmy. The following table provides loose guidance: Sometimes a Character has a magical ability to heal by touching another Character. The basics of this are simple principals. Very Difficult Heroic Epic Magical Healing 2d+6 Hit Points.  A magic foci. To cast a spell. then we add more dice to a roll. so we have developed a Scaling system. Characters healing naturally under the aid of a healer via First Aid or Medicine. a Character in Azamar must possess BlurTouched and spend a Cinema Point. ring. Cure Disease 1d+6 Hit Points. Regenerate body parts Resurrection Not everything in Azamar is the same size. staff.Characters healing naturally do so at a rate of one (1) Hit Point per hour while at rest. How it Works: (Willpower DR based on the following chart. the Player describes the intent and desired effect and the GM assigns a DR to the  intended spell. do so at a rate of two (2) Hit Points per hour while at rest. This can range from simple injuries to curing diseases and otherwise incurable ailments. (such as an amulet.  Dave explains 145 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Activation: Instantaneous) Difficulty Easy Moderate Difficult Result +3 Hit Points +6 Hit Points.  After that. Remove Poison and Plague Example Spells                 Light or Levitate Small Object      Create Fire or Water                     Elemental Attack                           Teleport (sight distance)             Teleport (anywhere)                     Resurrection                                How It Works DR Easy Moderate Difficult Very Difficult Heroic Epic Dave wants his character.

worth about 500 Commons (this varies by region and economy). Leather. Leather.000 Commons (this varies wildly by region and economy). Cost: 50c Barrel. Zurns. Cost: 500c An Enfri Walking Chest is a miracle of modern technological innovation. Leather. Only wizards and master stone shapers can craft a coin from Zurn Stone. Small.that his character. Large. wants to conjure clean drinking water for the party into a large bucket. Cost: 5c Satchel. Cost: 60c Chest. Sack. Commons. Cost: 3c Satchel. Cost: 10c 146 Azamarian Steed. Enfri Waterproof. Large. Medium.  Michael tells Dave that his character casts the spell successfully and the water appears in mid-air. Leather. Hemp. Cost: 16c Most prices on goods in Azamar are set in terms of Commons. Cost: 1000c Hammock. Hemp. Enfri Walking. Small. Michael. the mark of the mint if only official and recognized producer of currency in the world of Azamar. Large Cost: 100c Chest. Wine 6c Bucket. Cost: 15c Flask. Cost: 50c Knife Sheath. Cost: 20c Backpack. (Olm). Hemp. Large. Cost: 10c Sack. Baggage Backpack. worth about 5. Leather. Cost: 70c Tent. Hemp. Large. Chest. Cost: 15c Firewood. The four legs of the walking chest can also neatly fold into the body of the chest making it compact and easy to store when not in use. Cost: 140c Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Remmy. and Zurns. Cost: 70c Bottle. making DR Moderate. Small Cost: 50c Satchel. Jems. Hemp.  resulting in a total of fifteen (15). Large. Cost: 32c Sword Scabbard. Small.  The GM.000c instead Saddlebag. Cost: 40c TRaVEL PROViSiONS Liquid Containers Barrel. cast from a variety of indiscriminate metals. whether forged or etched. sloshing and splashing into the bucket below dramatically. Cost: 500c Bed Roll. All coins bear the mark of the mint. which causes the chest to follow the holder of a specifically tuned crystal on its four rugged legs. with five dice. 40c Gyet. Created by the Enfri. Cost: 100c Tent. the only magical component behind the Walking Chest is the power source. Commons are metal coins. Saddlebag. Cost: 25c of using the Jem or Zurn notations. are craft from Zurn Stones. typically annotated as 200c or 1. Bundle.  Dave rolls  using Willpower for casting the spell. assigns DR Moderate to Dave’s spell. Cost: 13c PROpS MONEY The people of Azamar use three major forms of currency. Jems. Cost: 5c Glass Bottle. so they are considered a highly rare and valuable form of currency. Small. Cost: 43c Tent. Cost: 30c Chest. and volatile ore with roots in the very essence of magic. Cost: 12c Bucket. Medium. such as 2j or 1z. (5d = 3d Intellect + 2d Willpower). Cost: 17c Glass Vial. Cost: 6c Clay Jug. are craft from various gemstones. Cost: 12c Sack. widely varying their weight. Cost: 7c Sack.

Torch. Cost: 30c Waterskin. Cost: 300c Enfri Harness. Cost: 30c Enfri Carbide is a feat of modern science. Hemp. Cost: 25c Light Orb. slow burning material that is thick yet works great as a long-term fuel. bright. Hooded. Any well-stocked Enfri merchant can trade an empty canister for a new one. Cost: 600c These naturally occurring baubles are found deep within the Inferium. Cost: 2c Lamp Oil. with a slight offset in cost. Cost: 35c Climbing Claw. Cost: 5c Crampons. the Immyr sell them at premium prices. Cost: 100c Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Enfri. Oil. Cost: 4c Lantern. as the Enfri invented a long. per fifty (50) Unit. Cost: 5c An Enfri Fire Starter is a small canister that produces fire on the go. Enfri Fire Starter.Wood Jug. per fifty (50) Unit. Magic. thousands of times before it expends its fuel. Cost: 10c Lantern. Cost: 8c 147 Portable Lighting Candle. Cost: 15c Enfri Carabiner. Flint and Steel. often used in specialized torches and helmet lamps. Cost: 2c Enfri Carbide. per fifty (50) Unit. Cost: 20c Climbing Rope. Cost: 20c Enfri Carbide Torch. Cost: 125c Rope. mined specifically for their unique light production. Cost: 50c Rope. Cost: 9c Enfri Carbide Head Lamp.

Cost: 3c Soup. Tre’uoall. Cost: 25c Cream. One Day. restores full health. Common. Cost: 20c Liquids Absynth. Urbane. Cost: 12c Wine. Heals anything short of resurrection. Cost: 1c Spices. Immyr. Cost: 2c Eggs. Cost: 200c Wine. Cost: 20c Rice. Cost: 1c Rations. Military.SUNDRiES Foods Bread. Cost: 8c Ale. Cost: 100c Ale. Cost: 2c Thurm Essence. Cost: 2c Juice. Cost: 1c Butter. Berry. Cost: 15c Rations. One Day. Cost: 3c Wine. Cost: 30c Travelers Banquet. Fine. Assorted. One Meal. Cost: 1c Honey. Cost: 1000c Water. Flasked. Cost: 5c Nuts. Cost: 2c Salt. Wyvine. Cost: 500c 148 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Cost: 6c Milk. Cost: 2c Cheese. Cost: 5c Meat. Cost: 15cMead. Common.

Cost: 250c Morning star. Damage: Strength+6/3/1. Thrown Range and Damage. Common. Cost: 25c Robe. Cost: 40c Spear. but most are curved blades of varying lengths. Damage: Strength +35/x2. Cost: 16c Vest. Cost: 11c Great Sword. Dress. Cost: 300c Wyvine Lance. Cost: 700c Description: Each Tel’Veth blade is specifically forged by a master sword smith for a specific Sword Chanter. Cost: 29c Coat. Damage: Strength +27/24/21/x2. Cost: 150c Long sword. Cost: 20c Clothes. Cost: 600c Staff. Cost: 50c Halberd. Cost: 27c Clothes. Cost: 37c Shoes. Damage: Strength +45/x3. though they sometimes are found in various markets as souvenirs of old wars. Cost: 23c Sandals. Cost: 70c Mace. No Tel’Veth blade is created without a specific person in mind. Cost: 250c Clothes. Shea’Ahk (Chain Blade): Reach: 1/2/3. Cost: 200c Pants. Damage: Strength +6/x2. Cost: 50c Combat Clawed Gauntlets. Cost: 75c Jacket. Short. A trained Shea’Ahk warrior is a fierce some and deadly foe.Apparel Belt. Long. Damage: Strength +18/0. Cost: 30c 149 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . They are specifically created for those trained in fighting with a Wyvine Lance. Damage: Strength +21/x2. Cost: 20c Clothes. Winter. Cost: 130c War Hammer. Damage: Strength +51/x2. Jungle. Cost: 26c Stockings. Cost: 200c Description: The Shea-Ahk is the native weapon of the Bu’Col people. Cost: 1c Gown. Damage: Strength +21/x2. Damage: Strength +27/x2. Cost: 300c Ranged Throwing Dagger. Cost: 300c Short sword. Damage: Strength +24/x2. Damage: Strength +42/x2. Arid. Cost: 700c Description: A Wyvine Lance is a double-ended spear with three prongs on each end. Cost: 400c Great Axe. Enfri. Cost: 30c Dress. Winter. Cost: 50c Dress. Cost: 325c Battle Axe. ARMS Melee Dagger. Reach: 1/2 Damage: Strength +39/x2. Range: 5/10/20 Damage: 1d+24/21/18. Range: 2/4/8. Cost: 22c Gloves. Flail. Cost: 4c Tunic. Cloth. Cost: 29c Cloak. Cost: 13c Shirt. with a weight on one end and a deadly blade on another. Damage: Strength +32/x2. Damage Strength +12/ x3. Cost: 3c Boots. Damage: +48/x2. Damage: Strength +42/ x2. It is a chain whip. Each Tel’Veth blade is slightly different. Cost: 8c Cloak. Cost: 500c Tel’Veth Blade (scimitar). Traveling. Damage: Strength +15/x2.

which has Range: 3/6/9. Range: 10/30/50. Cost: 300c Heavy Crossbow. Cost: 850c Description: An Enfri Quarreler is a medium size crossbow capable of throwing many bolts in a very short period before needing to reload. Cost: 300c Long Bow. Cost: 50c Short Bow. while Staffs are used for those wizards looking for all out 150 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Range: 50/100/135. Wands are the standard Magic Focus. It uses a number of Enfri mechanical inventions. Damage: Strength +9/6/3. Damage: 1d +30/27/24. Cost: 500c Hand Crossbow. Fire Control: 2d/1d/0. therefore a distinct knowledge of their engineering is needed to maintain and repair it if broken. Without a Magic Focus. and Staffs. Damage: 1d +33/30/27. Range: 70/150/300. There are four basic types of Magic Foci. a wizard must spend a Cinema Point to fire a magical burst attack at a target. but they do not pack as much of a punch. Magical Foci Magical Foci provide a little help in focusing Magic. Damage: Willpower. Cost: 700c Enfri Quarreler. the Magic Focus fires this burst at a target. since only a very select group can use them.Throwing Axe. Rings. Range: 30/60/120. Amulets. Wands. Range: 20/30/60. though sometimes wizards make a business of fashioning and selling them. Damage: 1d +18/15/12. the cost of Magic Foci are cheap when compared with most other weaponry. Damage: 1d +24/21/18. When using a Magic Focus. Most Magic Foci are assigned. By rolling Willpower. making it easier to access the channels between Azamar and the Blur. Damage: 1d +24/21/18. a wizard simply activates a simply burst of magical energy through sheer will. Typically. Range: 2/4/8. Amulets and Rings are considered portable and very concealable.

Cost: 500c Ithurine. Range: 12/20/30. Range: 40/60/100. Range: 15/30/40. Cost: 700c Staffs Staffs are the most powerful of conduits. which also easily duel as weapons. Damage: Willpower +27/24/21. just in case. Cost: 350c Stone Wood. Damage: Willpower +18/15/12. Range 12/16/22. though those few made of rarer materials exert much greater capabilities. the needed help when desired. Cost: 300c Makes Common Metals. rarely are made of anything other than large pieces of wood. Cost: 300c Dragon’s Bone. Cost: 100c Eludanium. Vitality +1. They are far more limited than wands in their ability. Range: 5/7/10. tiny. Damage: Willpower +4/2/1. Cost: 200c Stone Wood. Damage: Willpower +9/6/3. Damage: Willpower +9/6/3 . Cost: 500c Azurite. though they tend to mark a Magic user as such. for instance accessing multiple rings at once will invoke a Corruption Event on a roll of one (1). Range: 6/9/12 . Damage: Willpower +9/6/3. Damage: Willpower +12/9/6. and often the crystal variation can Makes determine varying degrees in ability as well as the metal.combat. Range: 40/80/120. Cost: 850c AppaREL aND ARMOR Bracers Makes Leather. Makes Common Metal. Cost: 700c Dragon’s Bone. Range: 15/20/30. Range: 100/200/300. Damage: Willpower +12/9/6. Cost: 800c Common Wood. Damage: Willpower +21/18/15. Damage: Willpower +3/2/1. Cost: 200c Ithurine. Damage: Willpower +5/4/3. Only one Magic Focus is usable at a single time. though total of the Willpower roll as damage to the wizard. Cost: 700c Zurn. Range: 3/6/9. however. Dragon’s Bone. Cost: 300c Wizard’s Bone. Cost: 100c Ithurine. Range: 20/40/60. and lauded for their Amulets are semi-powerful conduits. Damage: Willpower +12/9/6 . Cost: 200c Common Wood. Damage: Willpower +18/15/12. otherwise the use Wands of multiple Magic Foci will overload and feedback the Wands are powerful conduits and easy to conceal. Range: 6/9/12. Cost: 600c Chimeranite. Damage: Willpower +4/3/2. Damage: Willpower +12/9/6. capable of providing greater abilities. Amulets tend to be a merge of metal and crystals. Range: 7/10/15. Cost: 10c 151 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . and typically great because you can have more than one at once. Damage: Willpower +5/3/1. Range: 20/40/60. Damage: Willpower +33/30/27. Damage: Willpower +21/18/15. Range: 15/20/30. Cost: 50c Eludanium. Staffs being large and difficult to construct. they can be easily lost or broken. While most wands are made from wood. Cost: 500c Dragon’s Bone. Range 60/100/200. Range: 9/12/15. Rings Rings are the easiest to conceal. Damage: Willpower +27/24/21. a rare few are made from the bones Amulets of powerful beings such as dragons. Range: 10/15/20. Range: 5/7/10.

Cost: 70c Heater. Vitality +6. Vitality +5. Steel. Vitality +3. Vitality +2. Vitality +6. Cost: 150c 152 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Cost: 100c Ithurine. Wooden. Cost: 30c Steel. Cost: 400c Helms Wooden. Cost: 70c Buckler. Vitality +4. Vitality +1. Cost: 150c Heater. Cost: 200c Ithurine. Vitality +1. Ithurine. Vitality +3. Vitality +4. Vitality +1. Vitality +2. Cost: 40c Buckler. Cost: 200c Ithurine. Vitality +1. Vitality +3. Cost: 400c Boots Leather. Vitality +4. Cost: 40c Iron. Vitality +2. Cost: 25c Studded. Vitality +6. Vitality +2. Vitality +2. Cost: 500c Shields Buckler. Cost: 200c Heater. Cost: 500c Ithurine. Cost: 50c Iron Vitality +2. Steel. Cost: 80c Steel. Cost: 100c Steel. Cost: 200c Gauntlets Makes Iron. Cost: 60c Steel. Wooden. Vitality +3.Iron. Ithurine.

Kite, Wooden, Vitality +3, Cost: 80c Kite, Steel, Vitality +4, Cost: 160c Kite, Ithurine, Vitality +7, Cost: 450c Scutum, Wooden, Vitality +5, Cost: 150c Scutum, Steel, Vitality +6, Cost: 400c Scutum, Ithurine, Vitality +10, Cost: 700c

Chain, Vitality +8, Cost: 400c Scale, Vitality +12, Cost: 750c Field, Vitality +16, Cost: 900c Plate, Vitality +20, Cost: 1250c Magic, Vitality +30, Cost: 2500c

Common, Vitality +1, Cost: 10c Illusionist’s Cloak, Vitality +2, Sneak +6, Cost: 35c Studded, Vitality +4, Cost: 40c Woven Ithurine, Vitality +8, Cost: 600c Magic, Vitality +10, Cost: 900c

The flora of Azamar is wide and full of variety. A number of plants are sold in markets based on utility. Aurascar is a simple fruit that provides enough nutrients and sustenance in a single fruit to last the heartiest of warriors a full day. The only downside is the taste. It’s horrible. Cost: 3c Dama fruit are sweet and delectable, but they are not sold for this quality. When an individual eats a Dama


Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

fruit, it causes the individual to emit a magical field that completely shrouds the individual in invisibility for a period. It is difficult to get due to some creatures called Harriers who prey on those who wander nearby the Dama Plains. Luckily, some seeds and a little magic allowed the farming of the Dama Fruit in small quantities under the supervision of the Wyvine Council.

holes, or when there is a need to entangle those who might cross it. The sap from Flinge makes a common wine. Strength DR Difficult, or crossing Flinge is a maximum of Move 2, Cost: 25c

Quepids are a volatile root plant that is not edible. When introducing a Quepid to salt water, it explodes violently. As hard as steel, the Quepid shell claimed many lives Invisibility Duration: 2d Hours, While invisible Sneak throughout the ages as a weapon used in ambushes. Those +21, Cost: 50c seeking to use Quepids as explosives must treat the plant Daggis Weed causes those who, willing to eat it, to levitate with caution, as even the slightest bit of salt water will slightly for a period. Those who eat the Daggis Weed cause the plant to explode, including sweat. leave no trace behind and no footsteps, however can move Explosion Range: 5/10/20, Damage: 1d+54/51/48, Cost: freely as if still on the ground. The phenomenon of the 60c Daggis Weed is still under research. Reed Wood is highly sought after for the ability to float Levitation Duration: 1d Hours, Cost: 20c regardless of time spent wet. Reed Wood comes from Flinge is a vine plant that grows very quickly, so quickly a tree that only grows on Obsalos, Northern Olm, and in fact that it often finds employment in setting traps over Eastern Evercrow, a region dangerous with vile creatures.

Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

Danger aside, many still make the journey to gather the Galleons are massive ships that ride on the wind designed super light wood for the many purposes it provides. for steady travel with large cargos and crew, capable of carrying two hundred passengers and operate with at least Cost: 15c fifty crew or more. Thurm is an exotic and difficult plant to grow, but highly Galleon, Cost: 100000c coveted for its healing abilities. Thurm produces a small amount of fluid per four to five plants, about a vials Frigates are dedicated war ships that ride on the wind and amount, that will cure any known disease or affliction, also use large oars for steady or fast travel, with moderate including magically produced diseases. It is a native plant cargos and crew, capable of carrying thirty passengers and to the Olm Jungle, and the difficulty in acquiring Thurm operate under at least twenty to thirty crew, at most. is very high as it is deep in unexplored areas within. Frigate, Cost: 150000c Thurm, eaten: Heal 50 Hit Points instantly, Cost: 300c



Enfri Airships are a pinnacle of Enfri technology, capable of soaring anywhere in Azamar. These ships are massive, Ground as a large as Dragons and they cross the sky with ease. Carts are medium two wheeled vehicles pulled by one or They fly using mechanisms that push wind by, as well as two pack animals, made mainly of wood. with large wings that help produce draft and steer. Enfri Airships can carry five hundred passengers and operate Cart, Cost: 1000c under at least two hundred crew or more. Wagons are large four wheeled vehicles pulled by two Enfri Airship, Cost: 1000z to ten pack animals, made mainly of wood. A wagon sometimes includes extra features, such as a cover, which aME aSTER haRaCTERS increases the price.




Wagon, Cost: 4000c

Game Master Characters are all of those characters that make up all the big and small roles the Game Master must Enfri Steedless Wagons are a remarkable six wheeled fill to give a game world depth and interaction. Game vehicle that uses a series of pendulums and mechanisms Master Characters, sometimes referred to as GMCs, also for momentum, made mainly of wood. It can move as fill out the story a GM tells to players. Some GMCs go on fast as a standard wagon pulled by ten pack animals. to fill major roles as antagonists and protagonists, while Enfri Steedless Wagon, Cost: 10000c others may exist briefly to fill small roles as barkeeps, merchants, and tavern owners. Sleds vary in size and ability, but most are similar in size to wagons, only they made for carrying passengers and The bigger the role a GMC plays, the more a GM should supplies across ice and snow, pulled by four to ten pack take the time to add details about that character. Minor animals. Most sleds will float briefly if they break through characters do not need character sheets or lots of assigned ice, but the pack animals pulling them will not making it stats and background details. In this context, the creation a dangerous affair. of a character depends primarily on the importance of the role a GM wishes that character to play; the bigger the Sled, Cost: 4500c role, the more depth the character required in character creation. In this section are examples of major characters, Sea which possess long backgrounds and play pivotal roles in Sloofs are sleek and sheer wind riding ships designed for the world of Azamar. As minor characters play such small fast travel with little cargo and crew, capable of carrying roles, we opted to leave out character templates for such ten passengers and operate under only three to five crew. temporary characters from the Azamar core rules. Sloof, Cost: 10000c 155
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major races amassed the largest fighting force they could and set off to meet Zintar. This army consisted over every An accursed fire rages deep within the pit of a soul of all soldier capable of wielding a weapon and volunteers from Defilers. However, Zintar’s soul seemed to burn brighter, every race joined in on the march. The two armies met and spew forth a hatred that tore at the very fabric of and a ferocious battle raged for three days, the united races Azamar. How can one being have such an impact upon of Azamar fought bravely against Zintar and his seemingly their environment? Zintar, a promising Sword Chanter invincible army of Fiends. During the more intense showed much strength, courage and constantly impressed moments of fighting, the continent itself was cracked and his superiors at any challenge thrown his way. However, separated from the continental shelf. Witnesses whisper whether it was his secretive goal or happened by chance, that Zintar tapped into the full destructive power of his history has not recorded how Moonstaff. he fell from grace. All that Towards the end of the third day of fighting, under is known is that his elders an ominous blood-red sky that was turning into asked Zintar to perform a dusk, a young Wyvine warrior and a squadron task that would take him of foot-soldiers closed in on Zintar’s position. deep into the uncharted A dramatic series of events unfolded territory of Azamar. What which allowed the Wyvine warrior an happens next will change the opportunity for attack. It is said that course of history. on that moment, time stood still. The warrior’s double-sided lance hit Zintar Zintar emerges from his most and instantly killed the Warlord. Upon recent quest, a powerful Defiler, witnessing their leader fall, the ranks corrupted by a demon within among the Fiends quickly began to his very own soul. Because of his deteriorate as the allied armies pushed transformation, he has only one goal in them back. Victory was theirs. After mind: complete and total destruction of the fighting, the young Wyvine Azamar. Zintar begins to attract followers warrior who dealt the killing blow to while preaching openly about the crimes Zintar was never found, many of his elders and the evils of the Order of Wizardry. During these times, believe that warrior perished skirmishes break out and Zintar’s power in the aftermath. grows. This causes further damage to the Zintar’s presence over Azamar Blur and sensing no other option, can still be felt today. Cults the Dragons become involved in that worship his dark deeds the fight. Zintar waits for the have sprung up throughout the appropriate moment and just land. Although most were hunted as when it looks as if he will meet his down and either executed or imprisoned, a few still demise, he calls forth the very demon that stirs within operate under a veil of secrecy, plotting to resurrect their him. It emits a powerful energy, darker than any have fallen leader. seen. Some say the ground quaked as chasms opened up. Powerful, dark forms emerged from the darkness and the Character Type: Defiler Species: Tre’uoall, Male Fiends stepped into the battle.


The deadliest war Azamar had ever experienced reached its catalyst. Fueled by a sense of urgency, the races of Azamar pooled their resources together in a desperate attempt to locate Zintar and after a frantic search, the scouts tracked him and his army just north of Adrya Orth. Quickly the

Hit Points: 80 Initiative: 5d Move: 8 Vitality: 5d Cinema Points: 12

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Experience Value: 15 Dexterity: 3d Athletics, 6d, Brawl 6d, Dodge 6d, Melee 6d, Ranged 6d, Riding 6d, Sneak 6d, Throw 6d Persona: 3d Command 6d, Intimidation 6d, Languages 6d, Persuasion 6d, Willpower 6d Intellect: 2d Academics 6d, Cultures 6d, Healing 4d, Politics 6d, Search 4d, Survival 5d, Tactics 6d Strength: 5d Climb 6d, Jump 6d, Lift 6d, Grapple 6d, Push-Pull 6d, Stamina 6d, Swim 6d

she is erratic and unpredictable in behavior. She may be as willing to talk to an enemy as kill them outright. She typically weighs her decisions with negotiation heavily on her current mood, though she enjoys the company of Humans dearly since she was raised by two Humans. She despises Enfri and Immyr, normally killing them on sight. Her hair is a pearly white, her eyes are a striking gold and silver. She carries a wand carved from the bone of a High Dragon and soaked in Fiend, Human, Tre’uoall, Immyr, Enfri, and Wyvine blood. She typically wears a very loose cloak a little else beneath, typical of the Derisians who follow the Anteprofidian magic Zintar taught.

Zamaranth took the remnants of the Derisians, once Aptitude: 2d Armor Smithing 6d, Engineering 6d, First all-powerful wizards, now crippled by Anteprofidian restraints on their magic. Zamaranth saw an opportunity Aid 6d, Navigation 6d, Security 6d to see Zintar’s legacy come to pass, and she knew that Equipment: Moonstaff, Unique Two-Handed Sword the world would forget his true power and devastation (Str+24/x3), Unique set of Full Plate Armor (Vitality over the centuries. As the world forgets about Zintar, Zamaranth plotted for his return and sought out an army +30), Unique One Handed Hand-Axe (Str+18/x2). for power. She opened the Crux of Zamaranth Lyceum in Evercrow, and has since been recruiting any who come Character Features to her as servants. They are loyal until they die, which is Abilities: Apprentice Sword Chanter (5), Cat’s Eyes (5), normally sooner than later. Danger Sense (50), Detect Magic (5), Expose Fault (5), Magic Affinity (5), Martyr (5-Creation Only.), Quick Character Type: Anteprofidian Wizard Draw (5), Refined (15), Reputation (10), Sword Chanter Species: Tre’uoall, Female (10), Tempo Fighting (20), Tributaries (5), Weapon Age: 3,486 years Hit Points: 266 Affinity (5), Weapon Mastery (15), Wyldborne (5). Initiative: 5d Spells: Arrow (5), Barrier (10), Blast (10), Breach (5), Move: 9 Conjure Element (5), Detain (25), Dust Lord (20), Vitality: 6d Elemental Union (5), Heal (5), Inspire (15), Purify (5), Cinema Points: 48 Reality Peak (15), Revulsion (20), Rupture (10), Shield Experience Value: 30 (5), Side Step (10), Spellbind (10), Spell Expansion (5), Dexterity: 5d Acrobat 5d, Brawl 4d, Dodge 6d, Hide Stricken (10), 5d, Melee 2d, Riding 6d, Running 3d, Sneak 6d, Pick Pocket 6d, Throw 4d ZaMaRaNTh Zamaranth is a defiantly beautiful Tre’uoall who maintains her beauty through magic. Standing 5’6”, weighing approximately 132 lbs, she draws on the life forces of her followers, aging them faster than normally, stealing their years for hers. The trade is that ability to draw upon Zamaranth’s Anteprofidian magic through the various amulets she distributes. She has adopted certain dementias over the long centuries she remained alive, so Strength: 6d Climb 3d, Jump 2d, Lift 3d, Grapple 4d, Push-Pull 2d, Stamina 3d, Swim 2d Persona: 6d Artisan 4d, Command 5d, Con 5d, Disguise 6d, Intimidation 6d, Languages 6d, Persuasion 6d, Willpower 4d, Intellect: 5d Academics 4d, Business 2d, Creatures

Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

3d, Culture 3d, Healing 6d, Politics 4d, Search 4d, Streetwise 2d, Survival 5d, Tactics 3d,

to hold, skepticism of Bowen’s true intent still runs amok. The threat of conflict occurs every day. In response, the Agent’s of Bowen have redoubled their efforts in holding Aptitude: 3d Argot 2d, Demolitions 3d, First Aid 5d, his rule together when Bowen is unable to be physically Navigation: 6d, Piloting: 3d Weapon Smithing 2d present. Bowen stands 5’8” tall and weighs roughly 200 lbs. He has a pale complexion, chiseled features, short, brown hair and wears a neatly kept five o’clock shadow. The facial hair obscures a scar on the left side of his cheek. He has deep grey eyes that captivate those who look upon him. He prefers to wear an elegant, well-tailored shirt with collar. His breeches are half cloth, half animal hide and scream the notion “rock star.” He walks with a slight Equipment: limp so in order to correct this he uses the assistance of a walking cane. Rumor has it that the cane contains the Robe of Shadows (+3d (+9) Sneak, Permanent when worn), spirits of vanquished political foes. No one can confirm Ring of Conveyance (+2d (+6) Persuasion: Seduction, or deny the rumor, but then again, no one really wants to Permanent when worn), Amulet of Evercrow (Absorbs life find out. energy of followers, day by day, if this Amulet is removed all of Zamaranth’s followers will fall dead instantly Character Type: Ruler of Azamar delivering all their life energies to Zamaranth. She added Species: Human-Fullblood, Male this special touch to the Amulet in case someone attempts Hit Points: 35 to remove it. If this occurs, she temporarily gains +500 Initiative: 3d Hit Points and +5d (+15) to all Rolls, Duration of this Move: 5 Effect: 1d Hours) Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 20 Armor: Ring of Stones (Vitality +20, Permanent when Experience Value: 12 worn) Character Features • Languages: All • All Elemental Features, (Was previously an Elemental) • All Zamaranth Features • Knows most Spells, Cannot use Ofvgar’s Spells • No access to other Faction Features Weapons: Dexterity: 3d Brawl 5d, Dodge 6d, Melee 6d.

Persona: 4d Command 6d, Intimidation 5d, Languages Dragonbone Wand, Range: 250/500/1,000, Damage: 4d, Willpower 6d. Willpower+6d/7d/8d (18/21/24), All Damage is Elemental Lightning Intellect: 3d Academics 4d, Creatures 4d, Culture 3d, Healing 3d, Law 5d, Politics 5d, Search 4d, Survival 4d, Tactics 6d. LORD NiCKOLaS BOwEN Referred to as either Lord, or the Champion of Azamar by his subjects. Lord Nikolas Bowen is credited with establishing treaties that helped push the peace-process along. Alliances between the major races have been reestablished with the exception of the Tre’uoall who seclude themselves from active involvement. Among Bowen’s talents, he is a skilled warrior and a cunning leader often leading his troops to victory no matter what the odds. Strength: 3d Jump 2d, Lift 2d, Grapple 2d, Push-Pull 3d, Stamina 3d. Aptitude: 2d Weapon Smithing 3d. Equipment: Handcrafted Walking Cane (Str+18). Character Features

While the fragile treaties among the major races continue Abilities: Auroran (7-Creation Only), Empath (10), Quick 158
Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

Strength: 4d Climb 2d. Tactics 4d. Search 5d. Expose Fault (5). Weapon Affinity (5). Aptitude: 3d First Aid 3d. the battlefield and his cold. calculating mind is always Spell Storm (35). Brawl 5d. Weapon Smithing 3d. Spellbind (10). Intimidation 5d. Vraacch is well respected with the troops and the other agents know well enough not to refuse their assignments. Although many dismiss these claims as ludicrous. Upon entering Vraacch’s private quarters. he assigns the missions to the Agents. Law 3d. Weapon Mastery (15). Stamina 4d. Weapon Mastery (15) tribal style tattoos cover his left arm and he is always wearing black. Character Type: Leader of the Agents Species: Human-Urbane. Whatever her motives may be. Con 4d. Blast (10). From his office within Bowen’s fortress. While not as charismatic as the Lord. Summon (10) analyzing the situation for the most efficient strategy. He stands 6’ 5” and weighs close to 280 Spells: Arrow (5). Riding 4d. Weapon Affinity (5). Quick Draw (5). Sentry Evasion 3d. Intellect: 3d Academics 3d. Vraacch is the newer face of Azamar. Streetwise 3d.” She is a mysterious presence who only speaks when casting a spell and rumors of her true alignment with Vraacch run amok all over the city. Grapple 3d. Disguise 4d. Most say after at 5’ 4” tall with a medium build. Sneak 3d. most are taken back by the luxurious setting but those. Breach (5). Vraacch has an olive toned skin complexion. Male The Agents of Bowen act as enforcers to the Kingdom’s Hit Points: 48 rule. The Witch has even demonstrated the ability to teleport Agents from Vraacch’s office to their assigned locations. Cinema Points: 9 Experience Value: 8 VRAACCH BOWEN’S AGENTS Vraacch is the only Urbane who holds rank among Bowen’s agents. Swim 2d. Equipment: Unique Two-Handed Sword (Str+30/x2). Lift 2d. she appears to remain loyal to Vraacch and her powerful magic’s help aid the Agents in the field at all times. To the public. He is a massive force to be reckoned with on (5). Agents that report to Vraacch have reported strange occult and rituals performed on them just before setting out on assignment. Most are quick to notice his chiseled She does her best to hide her true heritage being a Tre’uoall features. Rupture (10). Dodge 4d. She stands nonsense approach to just about anything. he does infrequently addresses the subjects only when the situation requires it. Survival 2d. Running 3d. Most of these agents are loyal. Persona: 2d Command 6d. Creatures 4d. Melee 6d. who even posses the slightest bit of observation notice the presence of the woman only known as “the Witch. Archery 3d. 159 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . but some do Move: 7 Vitality: 4d have their own hidden agendas. Dexterity: 3d Acrobat 3d. Tempo Fighting (20). Hide 3d. Push-Pull 2d. Jump 2d. Detain (25).Draw (5). Dagger (Str+12/x2). or when Bowen is touring Azamar keeping the treaties between the races alive. she prefers to dress encountering him for the first time that the man is devoid in a variety of grays and keeps a dark green cloth tied of humor. Conjure Element pounds. Vraacch always makes his best effort to keep his body in ThE WiTCh its optimal shape. as only told by drunken patrons at the local tavern fond of spinning tall tales. Purify (5). Creedulient (15). Willpower 4d. keeps track of movement and reports his findings to Bowen. his neatly kept appearance and finally his noand does not wish to draw attention to herself. Banded Leather Armor (Vitality +12) Character Features: Abilities: Blood Ties (7-Creation Only). they carry out Lord Bowen’s bidding when he is Initiative: 3d unable to.

It is believed that his enslavement gave him a unique perspective into the workings of magic. Traverse (15). the Wyvine ability to nullify magic. inspiring changes in life and inducing magic into it. Elemental Union (5). On an attempt to get a powerful relic. he threw it into the Sea of Olm while crossing the ocean to return. and that Wyvine War Scholar became the first known act of Defiance. Cultures 4d.around her head to hide her ears. Healing 4d. Ofvgar’s Crimson Glow (5). Intellect: 4d Academics 3d. This is. The ancient and powerful relic may sit at the bottom of the ocean. What most beings fail to realize is that the Witch is actually much younger than she lets on due to her ability to disguise herself. Aptitude: 2d Engineering 2d. freeing him from centuries of slavery and carrying out heinous acts. Equipment: Ceremonial Dagger (Str+6/x2). Female Hit Points: 24 Initiative: 2d Move: 5 Vitality: 2d Cinema Points: 9 Experience Value: 6 Dexterity: 2d Archery 3d. He also retrieved the relic he was sent to take. Survival 2d. this only enhances her mysterious presence. When touched. those fluent in secret languages may have a chance at communicating with her. Stamina 2d. Laconic (3) Spells: Arrow (5). Character Features Abilities: Cat’s Eyes (5). Character Type: Enslaved magic-user Species: Tre’uoall. Creatures 3d. an assortment of magical spell books and components that are kept in Vraacch’s quarters. the source of the race of people known as the Foragers. Languages 4d. First Aid 3d. Disguise 3d. When the Wyvine returned to the Wizard they waged an epic battle. using him for centuries as a means to an end. Persona: 5d Artisan 3d. Levitate (5). Intimidation 4d. Darken (10). the Wyvine slave came upon another relic in some ruins. Willpower 5d. DiVawD EDGOT A Wyvine War Scholar. Illuminate (5). it broke the control over the Wyvine by the Wizard. an ancient and powerful Wyvine Lance. Blast (5). which gives off a creepy impression to those who encounter her for the first time. Dodge 2d. some scholars speculate. Inner Radiance (6-Creation Only). Strength: 2d Push-Pull 2d. Her white hair is long. straight and her eye color is a shocking silver. 160 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Spell Expansion (5). Inure (5). making it possible for him to not only learn Defiance. She hardly ever speaks to anyone. and a shrunken head that dangles from her belt. However. Old-Worn Robes. Conjure Element (5). Melee 2d. Fly (10). Persuasion 3d. so he could outlive his normal lifespan and be easier to control through magic. Search 4d. but instead of returning it. who was long ago enslaved against his will by a Necromancer through transformation into an undead known as a Ghoul.

Aptitude: 2d First Aid 2d. having committed many great feats of valor. seeking to redeem the wrongs that he carried out on behalf (Undead Characters are no longer under the Player’s of the foul Necromancer. Undead: Divawd has been placed under a powerful. Security 5d. Throwing Dagger (Range: 2/4/8. Intimidation 3d. Melee 6d. Brawl 5d. Persona: 3d Command 4d. Short Sword (Damage: Str+15/x2). Piloting 2d. Deception 3d. Survival 4d. Sneak 3d. there are Centuries later. Lance Reaper (10). Jump 2d. Range: 5/10/20 Damage: 1d+24/21/18). but him. Stamina 4d. DR Heroic.but also to activate and use it. Riding 3d. Languages 4d. Empathy 3d. the Wyvine teaches the use of the Lance to no known natural cures. Character Type: War Scholar Species: Undead-Wyvine. control once the curse or infection completes. evil 161 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Push-Pull 3d. Lance Inept (5). Dodge 5d. unless the brain is destroyed. The Wyvine unlives on curse and is considered Undead. (Magic may cure the Undead other Wyvine and serves to protect the Hall of Memories. Grapple 4d. Throw 2d. Strength: 4d Climb 2d. Damage: Str+6/3/1). Thrown Range and Damage. Male Hit Points: 80 Initiative: 3d Move: 7 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 7 Experience Value: 5 Dexterity: 3d Athletics 3d. Ranged 3d. Studded Field Armor (Vitality+16). Search 4d. GM’s where he resides today. The Undead cannot die to this day. Equipment: Wyvine Lance (Damage: Str+48/x2. on a series of complex Healing checks. key to the Hall of Memories. Character Features Abilities: Fame (5).The council named him the Guardian of Olm several decades ago. Intellect: 3d Medicine 2d. Photographic Memory (5-Creation Only). It is through his service to the people of Azamar that he truly seeks forgiveness for acts long forgotten by all. Lance Prime (20). looking for knowledge of how to Discretion) end his curse. Willpower 5d. Tactics 3d. a title bestowed on only one other at the Great War.

162 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

Tre’uoall. Whatever ritual the Shaman is preparing. signs of a struggle took place. Helpful Hint: Game Masters.Lady Invac of Evercrow. The characters are given descriptions of the party and the proper equipment and are asked by Vraacch to leave at the first sign of daylight. Being creative often leads to the most memorable encounters! Episode Three There are five Orcs total. A party consisting of three adventurers traveling from Krane to Azamar failed to check in and have been missing for two days now. when they were suddenly ambushed. GETTiNG STaRTED This adventure is best suited for 3 to 5 players in addition to the Game Master. The Shaman leads the group while it is the Shocktrooper’s job to keep the warriors in line. A ROaD TO ADVENTURE Introduction The characters. is the spark of potential. a female Tre’uoall who matches the description of one of the missing party members. change the number of adversaries they have to face. which is rare for those who deal with the agents. Perhaps in the Orc’s camp there are two Shock Troopers? One specializing in ranged combat as the other fights along side the Soldiers in the Melee. DR Moderate. Her fate lies in the hands of your players! Quick Start Outline Episode One: Audience with Vraacch. one Shocktrooper and one Shaman who appears to be conducting some sort of ritual. Upon further investigation. Sword Chanter Praescentian Episode One The characters are assigned by Vraacch to travel to the last known whereabouts of a party of three adventurers’ that have failed to check in. Then they will notice a survivor. they will stumble into an Orc camp. This is a good roleplaying opportunity to give a little insight into the world 163 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . It takes approximately five hours of game play to run The Road To Azamar. leader of the agents contacted the characters himself. three warriors. The characters primary goal is to investigate their last known location and to bring them back to Azamar. Episode Two Three-quarters of the way to Krane have the characters make a Search check. She is tied to a tree being guarded by the Shocktrooper. Last known contact was in the city of Krane where an Agent assigned them to travel to Azamar to undertake a very important assignment. no matter where the location. have been hired by an Agent of Bowen to conduct a search. and make the Shaman even more deadly. We are fools to overlook those willing to brave the darkness before them for coin. it looks as if it will be performed on the surviving Tre’uoall.” . Those that pass will find a wicked-looking arrow stuck deep in a tree. His presence often demands your full attention. which have worked together on a previous quest. One of the players catches the smells of something cooking in the wind. where the party was camping. don’t be afraid to give your Player Characters a run for their Cinema Points! If you have a group of five or more Players. This is the area. If they choose to locate the source of the smell. Vraacch. Or you can always tweak the stats. the characters are approached by Vraacch while his bodyguards lurk in the shadows.ThE ROaD TO AZaMaR “In the heart of every rogue. Vraacch is one big imposing figure.

” woods off the trail. Thankfully it was never If the players pass another Search check. but the Orcs for the most part stay away Hit Points: 24 from the city itself. traveling between Azamar and Krane is relatively quick. came from a rather large custom-made crossbow. the city was attacked by something in that came from the Uncharted Territories. Those who succeed Description: She is a young Tre’uoall. an unconscious Tre’uoall who fits Janrise’s • Kronk (Wyvine. “Two weeks ago. If the characters are being cautious. Those well-versed in to her companions and is always ready to take on any projectile firing weapons will determine that the arrows challenge at a moment’s notice. Her most prized 164 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . recent Orc sightings have become increasingly more frequent prompting the rulers of Azamar and Krane to warn travelers of the potential danger. Episode Two: The Investigation Begins The journey to the scene takes about a day’s worth of travel on horseback. She is tied up against the tree while being • Janrise (Tre’uoall. Most striking are her deep investigate further. appearing to be will notice a wicked-looking arrow lodged into a nearby coming out of the adolescence stage. entrance close to the Shaman. they will see signs of a struggle and calculating. Melee 2d. The other party was on its way from Krane. Those who are encountered may be questioned for information or bartered with. The missing party that the characters are searching for is allow them a few moments to observe the Orc’s camp. Intellect: 3d Survival 1d. The source of the smell is located deeper into the Krane were able to defeat it. She has fair. A Languages check. Persona: 4d Con 1d.of Azamar. However. Dagger (Str+6/x2). Female Warrior/Smuggler) guarded by the Shocktrooper. made up of: The Shaman is conducting a ritual and is “cleansing” their captive. steel blue eyes. Languages 1d. Initiative: 3d The characters have that evening to gather their equipment Move: 5 before they are set to leave Azamar at first light. It is not uncommon to encounter travelers being escorted by mercenaries. There have been reports by travelers of Character Type: Smuggler Orc sightings and one instance that involved a direct Species: Tre’uoall. After any encounters with travelers have. the characters make Search checks. Ajran. If the characters choose to skin and golden blond hair. Dexterity: 3d Dodge 1d. Male Barbarian/Thug) description. The If none of the characters have been there. One sticks close to the Shocktrooper while the other two guard the camp’s After that incident at Krane. healthy horses if they do not already Cinema Points: 5 Experience Value: 2 have horses of their own. DR Moderate able to make it past the Great Wall and the brave soldiers of they will notice the smell of something cooking in the air. Strength: 2d Aptitude: 3d Argot 1d. She travels light compared they will find two more arrows. Scimitar (Str+24/x2). DR Easy will allow a character to Master can bring up current events. the party departed the city. the Lord of Krane restricted travel due to fears of any other creatures wandering the land JANRISE around Krane. They are Vitality: 2d provided with fast. Persuasion 1d. Three days later. you the Game arrows themselves are covered with Orcish handwriting. Thanks to the connecting road. Female Warrior/Bodyguard) are scattered throughout the camp. Character Features: Abilities: Apprentice Sword Chanter (5): +3d attack/+2d damage when using Janrise’s Scimitar. The three Orc Warriors • Myssa Levhrehl (Tre’uoall. pale tree just beyond the road. Female confrontation. for example: decipher some of the writing. Equipment: Banded Leather Armor (+6 Vitality). DR Moderate.

Orcs Hit Points: 50 Initiative: 3d Move: 7 Vitality: 4d Cinema Points: 4 Experience Value: 3 (Shock Troopers) Dexterity: 3d Brawl 3d. DR Moderate to Difficult depending on the circumstance. Dodge 2d. Jump 2d. Equipment: Armor (+12 Vitality). She is very well traveled. the Orcs will detect their presence. Bite (Str+18). Heavy Cross Bow (Damage: 1d+27/24/21. Range: 100/200/300. your Player’s could be in for a nasty surprise if a clever Orc sets them loose on the Player Characters! Dexterity: 3d Athletics 2d. Intellect: 3d Creatures 1d. native to the Inferium) Hit Points: 30 Initiative: 3d Move: 8 Vitality: 5d 165 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Sneak 2d. Persona: 2d Command 2d. Have them roll for initiative. who is still tied up to the tree. Aptitude: 4d Engineering 1d. strapped with the Orc’s equipment and are decorated in fearsome war paints. Broad Axe (Str+36/x2). It looks as if the Shaman is done with his ritual. Long Sword (Str+18/ x2d). Ranged 3d. The Shocktrooper will bark commands at the Warriors while he draws a heavy looking crossbow. Running 2d. Melee 4d. tied to a tree far enough away to avoid detection by the Player Character’s unless those actively searching make a Difficult Search check. Shock Troopers. Weapon Smithing 2d. Brawl: Bite 3d. have the Players make several Sneak checks. Domesticated Species: Owogs (Canine’s.possession is a map of the land of Azamar that is almost Cinema Points: 1-3 (Varies) Experience Value: 3 complete. After the players decide on their actions. He is now approaching Janrise. Ammo: 6* Conceal: Difficult) * The Shocktrooper’s Crossbow Bolts are magically imbued Owogs Creature Type: Tracking Animals. Grapple 3d. Willpower 3d. If the fighting in the Orc’s camp starts and the Owog’s haven’t been detected. Those players who are more observant will recognize the crossbow as the weapon that fired the bolt they found lodged in the nearby tree. Attacks: Front Claws (+6 to Climb. Push-Pull 1d. Armor Smithing 2d. Strength: 4d Lift 1d. Strength: 5d Climb 2d. Complication: A pair of Owogs stand guard near the camp. Stamina 3d. Owogs often carry saddlebags. Survival 1d. Episode Three: Rescuing The Captive Upon closer inspection. Stamina 3d. Intimidation 2d. Aptitude: 1d Persona: 2d Willpower 2d. having placed some sort of magical effect on a ceremonial dagger. Intellect: 3d Search 4d. (Permanent Owogs receive +9 to Search when tracking by listening or by sent) Owogs are native to the Inferium and have been domesticated by the Orcs for the purposes of tracking prey and hunting. Creature Features Tracking: Owogs posse an almost supernatural talent when tracking their prey. Dodge 3d. Damage: Str+12).

looking at the orders the players do not even recognize the language its written in. Engineering 3d. throw you a huge curve but do not panic. Keep in mind as you run this scenario it probably will not Persona: 3d Command 4d. Melee 3d. it is only a game! imbued with 1 Magical Power). Piloting 2d. captive. Orcs Hit Points: 36 Initiative: 3d Move: 7 Vitality: 3d Cinema Points: 2 Experience Value: 2 (Warriors) Dexterity: 3d Brawl 2d. The Shaman Dexterity: 2d Brawl 2d. Reward creative players with Cinema Points and give them a moment to rest up. Culture 3d.through either magic or a physical being should be the next priority. They then are taught to hone their abilities and study the world of Magic. give them Equipment: Misc Magical Trinkets. Dagger (Str+6/x2). Running 1d. written in a language they do not recognize. Strength: 3d Stamina 3d. Intimidation 3d. Survival 4d. Orcs Warriors are the fodder of Orc culture. Dodge 2d. Expendable. Dodge 2d. Weapon nature of their culture. Life expectancy for Orcs is rather low given the violent Aptitude: 4d Armor Smithing 1d. Willpower 4d. Languages go as you anticipated. Ceremonial Dagger (Str+12/x3). He suspects the players are out to rescue the Shaman. he will attempt to pick them off one by one with his Heavy Crossbow. Players will always be Players! Aptitude: 4d Argot 1d. they will also find a scroll on the Shaman. Push-Pull 1d. Willpower 1d. These Orcs are rewarded with better equipment and are often in charge of protecting Equipment: Armor (+12 Vitality). Tre’uoall Isolationists have written the orders in their own dialect. will use his spells to his full advantage and stay close to the Intellect: 4d Creatures 4d. Short Sword (Str+12/ the Shaman in major battles x2). Troopers by the Elders. Heal (5). Make sure. Hit Points: 36 these ranks are continually replenished in Orc infested Initiative: 2d strongholds. Finding a translator . They have survived numerous campaigns and have grown old by Orc standards. After the Battle The Shaman are the Elders that serve the Circle of Detriment in Orc society. of successful campaigns go on to be trained as Shock Persona: 2d Intimidation 1d. Search 4d. Those Orcs that survive a number Smithing 1d. Stricken (10). arcs. One of your crafty players may 3d. learning to manipulate it to serve the Gods of Orcish kind. Move: 6 Vitality: 3d The Shocktrooper will use his ranged weapon to his Cinema Points: 5 advantage. Ranged skill. Cost 1 Cinema Point to activate. Grapple 2d. First Aid 4d. which is a rare occurrence. Shaman. Janrise is unconscious and the players when they search the Orc’s camp will come across the remains of Kronk and Myssa. Stamina 2d. as a Game master you are flexible and if your players come up with a really cool strategy. He will send his Warriors into melee range Experience Value: 4 (Shaman) while they engage the Players. Searching the Orcs. Remember. They give the Shocktrooper +1d to his Intellect: 2d Survival 1d. Healing 6d. Strength: 3d Lift 1d. Warriors. Potential Story Arcs The Scroll of Command: A group of fractioned. Do they bring the Scroll of Command back to the agents 166 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Melee 2d. it may lead to a more memorable encounter and unlock potential story Spells: Shield (5). Magical Staff (usually a chance to make it work. Martyr (5).

When they failed to arrive. When running its best to keep an open mind. Since her party has been defeated by the Orcs. She is well traveled and knows just about every corner of the land of Azamar. “thanks for running. Write them down so you can flesh out the details. Vraacch approached the players since they have worked before to track down the missing party.the agents really concerned about their disappearance? Let your Imagination go Wild! You may come up with Story Arcs of your own when running this scenario. We are always happy to help. you can always email us or post on our Blog with any questions or comments you may have. listen to your players and do not forget to have fun! While Game Mastering (or GMing) is a lot of hard work. she. What is this job that Janrise was hired to do? Why were 167 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . Through persistence though. the real reward is hearing your players tell you. of Bowen or do they take it upon themselves to find a way to translate it? The Tre’uoall Captive: Her name is Janrise and she is the last survivor of a group of adventurers who were hired to take a job in Azamar by the agents of Bowen. she may change her mind although initially she will wish to part ways at the nearest city after their Adventure is complete. Her main weapon is a custom Scimitar and she makes a living smuggling both purchased goods (legal and otherwise) and information. at first is reluctant to attach herself to another adventuring party. we had a lot of fun tonight!” Good luck! Remember.

The name of a people.A porous material capable of simple and powerful shaping for use as a magic foci. They are a short stalky people who have foul deeds earns them the hate and anger of all the other races of Azamar demonstrated historical resilience against the odds.World of the gods Ampais . Inferium.A blue-tinted metal that occurs in the mountains Inferium . able to trace lineage back to the Anteprofidian wizards and ages before the Fracturing.The hardest known metal in Azamar. when it gets too hot.The Immyrian word for “Good” Gyets . broken into small pieces and scattered throughout the world.The title of any of the ancient followers and Moonstaff .Dragonbone is a literal meaning for the Fiend bone woven together.An ancient word meaning “of the sky” Shrave . supporters of the infamous villain.The descendants of the Fullblooded Human and Ithural .An ancient word meaning “corrupt” Therians .This term is used in reference to those 168 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . who dwell in the Molten Deep of the Inferium. powerful.The most accomplished and famous Anteprofidian wizard to date Immyr. Orc . Orth . Slane . These beings are rare and often simply burns instead of melting. It is sold by the Ofvgar . Forleen . Fracturing . It was shattered after Fracturing. a moment that killed millions of people instantly. They are typically hunted until defeated due to Chitonous – Armored their volatile nature. as they get it from within the Inferium.An undead being who has overcome the mindlessness of undeath. likely due to some magical properties of the beneath the surface of Azamar. It also opened a gaping hole in reality. Immyr .A rogue band of wizards who dared research Fullblood . Derisian . armor and magic foci as it takes magic Chimeranite .An interesting material that holds the to shape it. commonly primary inhabitants of most of the forests of Azamar. as the very bones of a Dragon. allowing the Fiends to pass into Azamar and storm across the world in conquest.The name of a people.An ancient word meaning “of the mountains” Humans who remain. constantly at war with the Orc people for powerful techniques of wizards from the first Millennia their underground territories. property of metal and stone.One who can directly trace lineage to Nauvowl . Guradiin .The native riding animal of the Wyvine. a creature native to the plains of Olm. It is believed that a person region.This pivotal event was the moment when the world of Azamar was torn in half by magic. almost making extinct all Humans. but is also extremely light and durable. Dragonscendant . Many Shrave can claim direct descent from Dragons.The Immyrian word for “Place of the Mines” Tre’uoall people from the third Millennia. Enfri . where they possess a mighty empire and inhabit the many reaches of the lower Inferium. Azurite . This object is utterly corrupting material used as a rare source of magic foci.The name of a people.The vast underground network of caverns of Evercrow. made from and powerful. a race whose long history of and nation.The name of a proud people. Eludanium . who dwell in the Anteprofidian . people.GLOSSARY Adrya . forged from Dragonbone and Dragonbone . their capital city. the Wizards were unable to destroy it permanently. constructed by the Fiends.A term used for describing the ancient and upper Inferium. language.An ancient word meaning “great city” Amonde . It is prized for the use of constructing magical may travel from one end of Azamar to the other in the foci. Without magic. Zintar. used for weapons.The legendary riding rats of the Tre’uoall a specific Dragon. Bu’Col .The native language of the Wyvine people. it Lichdom .The ancient staff of power used by Zintar. They are the Ithurine .

and the outcome was transformation into a tree.The name of an ancient people. The Zamaranthians operate primarily out of Evercrow.shapechange in the extreme.Those Bu’Col and Tre’uoall who are born in the wilderness.A type of stone. light in weight. Zurn stone is also used to forge priceless armor and weapons. unleashing thousands of Fiends onto the surface of Azamar. The myth of the Wizard’s Bone tree. it casts a darkness on anything that touches it in its raw form. swearing their lives to her cause of returning Zintar to power. Zamaranthian . Wizard’s Bone wood possesses great potential for use as magic foci. 169 Demond Thompson (order #5095446) . aside from those direct descendants. Urikuarik . These few are closer to nature and magic than others. dispersing it as if it did not exist.The name of a people who live in the very upper reaches of the Inferium. who claim closest relation to the Fullblooded Humans of old. not only changing size and shape. Wyldborne . They are larger by a head or more than all other races in Azamar. and prize the ability to betray others for self-improvement. sometimes-lasting decades. Tre’uoall .The name of a people native to the continent of Olm.A powerful and destructive Tre’uoall wizard who caused the Fracturing to occur long ago. They are clever and deceitful as a people. Zurn . who claim strong ties with the Fullblooded Humans of ancient times. and they have a unique ability to negate magic.This is a rare and extremely valued type of tree. is that an ancient wizard challenged another. Wizard’s Bone . and nearly impenetrable. but also taking on the more innate properties of the targets of their change. which got its name long ago.The followers of Zamaranth. inheriting some of the basic idealisms of their ancestors.The long and solemn journey a Wyvine takes to find the self. wreaking havoc and killing millions. Eventually they became corrupt shape changers. Wyvine . and the most treasured form of Currency in Azamar. the most infamous of the Derisians.The history of the names of a place. Toponymy . Zintar . Urbane .

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Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

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Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

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Demond Thompson (order #5095446)

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!!!!!! !!!!!! &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !!&&&& !!&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !!!&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !!!&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&!&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

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!&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& !&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&&&&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& &&& Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .

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Demond Thompson (order #5095446) .