Bueno1 Guillermo Bueno John Kubler English 114A 4 December 2013 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Our founding fathers and past leaders have sacrificed their life for the United States’ success. The United States is currently the worlds power nation and did not achieve this over night. It has taken the United States many bumps on the road and still is learning from their mistakes. Many argue that the United States go into war for the wrong reason, Charles V. Pena stated in the article “Bush’s National Security Strategy Is a Misnomer”, “U.S. security interests are not at stake in Saudi Arabia. At best, the relationship is an alliance of convenience, but even then it’s for the wrong reason: oil.” (14). In addition many argue that United States involvement in foreign affairs should be limited to little to no involvement; for example, in an article, by Kimberly Amade, she wrote, “The U.S. spends more on defense than anything else except Social Security. For FY 2014, the Federal government anticipates it will spend $618 billion for defense”, however, I argue that United States involvement in foreign affairs should be encouraged. In the article, “Bush’s National Security Strategy” Bush wrote, “Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof—the smoking gun—that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”(2). The United States have developed strong values, democracy, personal freedom that overall helps our country. We have positive values, our values have risen to be the most successful nation in world history and we cannot wait for another attack to create awareness for foreign policy. The attack on September 11th was a wake up call to the United States, the New York Magazine numbers say, about 3,000 innocent Americans were killed and caused lifetime illnesses for more than 18,000 Americans. This affected the nation as a whole, emotionally and fiscally. The American way of living has become the ideal dream life throughout the world and needs to be

Bueno2 preserved. The United States has flourished from thirteen tiny, undeveloped colonies to what it is today and should be shared throughout the world. One of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” (1). It is crucial for the United States to be involved in other countries to help them grow and become a greater developed country. Countries are undeveloped and suffer from ideologies that lack representation for their citizens. With great power comes great responsibility, therefore, I believe that U.S involvement in these countries is important in many ways. Many other people in other countries struggle to survive daily and fight for freedom. In the United States, we have freedom, education, and government assistance. In other countries theses are no more than just dreams in a Disney book. In the novel, Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, the author shows the struggle under no freedom and Marjane begins to confront the political and social realities of her world. The reader shows her slowly detaching from her customs. Marjane begins to hear stories of political imprisonment and torture; she begins to loose the comfort from God. As the Islamic regime comes into power, she feels that she cannot defend a faith represented by such fundamentalism. The imprisonment and execution of her Uncle Anoosh causes a break in her faith and she becomes lost and alone. Marjane begins to be influenced by western ideas and begins to fall for the western way of life. Many countries oppress its people. It not only takes away the material things that the people enjoy but it also takes away their identity and dignity. The novel helps show the perspective of a modern Iran persecuted and punished by a few "extremists." Freedom is an unalienable right that should never be taken away. Natural rights should not be given to every human. Furthermore, many countries, especially in the Middle East, take away many of their citizen rights and; Marjane helps shows the daily struggle of living in a country where public interest suffers from no representation. Marjane, like most citizens of these countries, begin to

Bueno3 question their strong religious beliefs and lack faith. Religion in Islam is one of the most important values that the Islamic people practice, and for them to begin to loose faith reflects the harsh conditions they suffer. Countries oppress its people and imprison them during revolution, and this causes its citizens to loose hope. Civil Wars are not easy to deal with, especially if your country is undeveloped. This results in loss of nationalism and no growth. This shows how United States involvement is crucial in many ways. President George W. Bush stated in document, “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America”, “People everywhere want to be able to speak freely; choose who will govern them; worship as they please; educate their children— male and female; own property; and enjoy the benefits of their labor.” (7). The U.S does a great job in implementing these factors in their own country so why shouldn’t they help spread freedom and prosperity to other countries. The United States has developed a great sense of security in our country. I personally feel safe leaving my house and being in the street. I respect our enforcement because they are here to protect us, and risk their own life for us. Other countries fear their own government police, and the book does a perfect job showing it. We have a great system to for our protection to help ensure safety for our country. Moreover, in the United States we turn to our own government for protection. We have established a strong security for our citizens, for example: policemen, firemen, and securities, to feel protected at all times. In the article, “Bush’s National Security Strategy” Bush wrote, “At home, our most important priority is to protect the homeland for the American people.”(5). The United States turns to itself for public protection but who do the rest turn to? The United States does so well on providing the best protection for their citizen in a great system that our own tax dollars pay for them. We have such a great system in our country that benefits everyone, while others fear their very own government. With great power comes great responsibility, and the United States is the symbol for democracy and leadership; so it is their responsibility to help other

Bueno4 countries. The world is a dangerous place. The United States has been isolated from foreign affairs before and it did not result well. The United States stayed away from the beginning of World War II, which resulted in a deadly massacre. Other than the massacre of Jews, there has been much genocide that their own countries cant control like the Rwandan genocide. With the United States becoming isolationist, this allows other countries to take the time to take over smaller countries and grow its power until it becomes a serious enough threat to either scare the U.S out of its isolation, or attack the United States when ready. I have been taught to always do what is morally right. Sitting back allowing others to brutally massacre each other is wrong. Stepping in to help those in need should never be thought about twice. We have helped many countries out misery for instance, one Iraqi stated, “We thank the Americans for get- ting rid of Saddam’s regime,” Our good deeds never go unseen and even if so, it should be our moral obligation to help those in need. The United States does have a large budget for its military. North Korea, Iran, and Iraq economy are only 1.5 percent of the U.S. defense budget. The United States has the largest defense budget, In the article, “Bush’s National Security Strategy” it stated, “Not only does the United States outspend most of the rest of the world, but its military is technologically superior to that of any other country.” We have the best National defense in the world along with the best technology. Other countries cannot support themselves financially nevertheless, in a war without support. What good does it do with the U.S spending most of our budget in our defense without putting it into any good use? The United States has no other superior military threat. Thus, this does not mean to retaliate into isolationist but rather be bestowed into us to use is for the common good. The United States is truly is the greatest country in the world if you look at it

Bueno5 accomplishments in history. The U.S started from the bottom and has made it to the top. There have been many mistakes that we have learned from, but it has not done anything but made a greater country. Isolating ourselves from the world and ignore human rights being violating makes what we have fought for decades pointless. We built this nation of the idea of freedom and not helping others in need destroys the legacy our founding fathers have left. We all are one world and shared the land at one point. Just because oceans separate us doesn’t make us completely different people, we still are human and deserve the best.

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