Restoring AMERICA’S FAITH in Our Conservative Ideas
A life-long conservative, Governor Jim Gilmore understands that America needs honest, proven leadership to restore faith in our conservative ideas. We must elect a President who will stand up for our beliefs and protect life, honor our commitment to fiscal responsibility, protect our family values, and keep our nation’s military strong and our families safe.

Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs.
As the Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore demonstrated his promise to uphold our conservative Republican principles at every turn. Governor Gilmore passed the largest tax cut in Virginia history - reducing taxes on working families by $1.6 billion. And Gilmore helped create nearly 300,000 new jobs in Virginia by fostering a pro-business environment that helped attract new companies and encouraged existing businesses to grow and expand.

Protecting Our Family Values
While Governor, Jim Gilmore fought to protect life. Governor Gilmore implemented parental consent laws to reduce abortions, supported banning partial-birth abortions, and opposed any state or federal funding of abortions. Governor Gilmore also supports defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Strengthening National Security. Keeping Families Safe.
Govenor Jim Gilmore is an expert on national defense and terrorism. Gilmore served as the first Chairman of the Congressional-appointed Commission on Terrorism. As Chairman, Gilmore helped create the first comprehensive plan to protect America from future terrorist attacks. Today, many of the recommendations Gilmore made have been implemented including increased intelligence gathering resources and personnel and the creation of a new counterterrorism agency that helps federal, state, and local governments coordinate their anti-terrorism capablities and emergency response plans.

“I will fight to restore America’s faith in our conservative ideas. As I have travelled across America, I’ve witnessed the American people’s longing for a strong leader who will help rebuild and reunite conservatives by simply upholding their beliefs - that is why I intend to run for President.”

• Former Virginia Governor • Former Virginia Attorney General • Former Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney, Virginia • Married to Roxane, two sons - Jay and Ashton • Veteran - U.S. Army: Graduate, Army Intelligence School • Former Chairman, U.S. Air Force Academy Board of Trustees • B.S., University of Virginia • J.D., Virginia School of Law, University of Virginia • Former Chairman, Commission on Terrorism • Chairman, National Council on Readiness and Preparedness (NCORP) • President, USA Secure

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