Public relations practitioners and communication cannot be separated because they related each other in a way to construct message

to audience. Because the mass media have enormous power to influence public opinion, it behaves global public relations professionals to understand how the media operate in different societies if they are to establish a strong working relationship with the media of different regions. According to the Collins Cobuild English anguage !ictionary, Communication is defined as the activity or process of giving information to other people or to other living things using signals such as speech, body movements, or radio signals. "o sum it up, it is anything that adds meaning to a message. Communication is an ever# changing process and the present communications have a great impact on the communication in the future. Communication is the e$change and flow of information and ideas from one person to another% it involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver . Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the e$act information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. &any of the problems that occur in an organi'ation are the either the direct result of people failing to communicate and or processes, which leads to confusion and can cause good plans to fail ( &istry, )aggers, odge, Alton, &ericle, *rush, &eliones, +,,-.. "his statement e$plain that in order to achieve ob/ective, P0 practitioner need to identified all those variables of communication concept and theories to informing people. Back to the 1uestion, to informing people about the danger of ac1uired immune deficiency syndrome (A2!3., i need to use variable of communication concept and related it with theories to make sure people will be inform about my information. "he first variable that i will use is audience. *rom a public relation perspective, the term audiences suggest a group of people who are recipient of something like message or a performance. Audience is a importance variables that need to focusing first. Communication must take into account the capability of the audience to receive the message. "he importance of audience is also central to Elihu 4at' uses of gratifications theory. 5riffin (+,6+. claimed that uses and gratification theory study media affect people must take account of the fact that people deliberately use media for particular purpose. 2n the mass communication process, uses and gratifications approach puts the function of linking need gratifications and media choice clearly on the side of audience members. 2t suggests that people7s needs influence what media they

2n this variables.. how they use certain media and what gratifications the media give them. the basic theory of communication by 3hanon . "he P0 practitioner needs to understand the comple$ and different of the audience about the state of mind of media user and try to match the medium and the message to meet their needs. "his approach differs from other theoretical perspectives in that it regards audiences as active media users as opposed to passive receivers of information.. Besides that. and empowers members of the audience to act on their interest and concerns9 (Broom. Public relations practitioners must frame their message to make the information must be understandable and immediately actionable. "he content determines the audience. 8 "he content should be framed in such a way that the information answer 1uestion.. <eaver model will be used to e$plain the term of message (figure6. "he author define that all information that we give to them through the message have the own interpretations that can answer those audience 1uestion. "he message must have meaning for receivers and its must be compatible with their value system. message (content. and receiver (audience.. *igure 6= Basic communication model "his theory consist source(sender. responds to audience interest and concerns.would choose. the stage of their age. As the P0. who the audience will receive the message and others. channel(medium. i also used message as variable to informing people about the danger of A2!3..:.+. Audience is the strong variable% they play a role in determining how any influence of media play out. since the audiences are known as a variable i need to identified them based on which group are them.. 3hannon and weaver model simply proposes that a message actually originates from 2 . 2t must have relevance to the receivers situation.

6:@A= p. in order to give the information to audience about the danger of A2!3. "he recipient then further passes on the message to its final destination or other minds of other individuals. <hen A2!3 publishing in television. ?e believed that individuals do not actually inherit violent tendencies. "he information then gets transmitted from the brain to the mouth and comes out as a signal which then reaches the recipient after /oining hands with several noises and other disturbances. As the P0 . Albert Bandura believed what audience learned through a process called behavior modeling. 3ince television can influence audience who watch the content like advertising. 2n the way to give information medium of communications is important to reach audience because message travel along these channels through media. >e$t. but they modeled them after three principles (Bandura.+.. 2 also use medium as the variables if communication tools. what we learn through e$perience.the person who gets the thought or has the information. 3o. and there are many social conventions that tell us which medium is appropriate. film. "he sender is also called the source of information or the information 3ource. "he social learning theory is the behavior theory most relevant to criminology. 2n addition.observation. "elevision is one of the popular medium which has high impact of message reach audience because audience prefer to choose television every day to know what happen around the world. P0 should know the suitable medium for each audience or receiver receive the information regarding danger of A2!3. 3cott. listening or reading and establishing symbolic relationships teaches us to e$pect different conse1uences in different situations for the same behavior. campaign and others i use social learning theory by Albert Bandura. Based on the stamen we can see that reinforcement are different for various people depend on the value system. but currently visual channels are becoming more common as technology e$pands. "he medium can tells the receiver something of our intention when sending the message. "urk (6::+. Bandura also argued that individuals learn response from observing others. ?e also believed that television was a source of behavior modeling. &ost medium are either oral or written. "he medium is the mean used to convey or transform the message. sender need to identified the content of the message and make sure that audience will receive a complete information depends on the medium that will be using for. either personally or through the media and environment. audience who see the advertising will being influence and this is how message reach 3 . According to >ewson.B.

. 2n advertising the message must not be false but typically has some sort of agenda.the audience. 2 will use semiotics theory because it is useful for public relations practitioners because it makes us think about how people use the information based on te$t. BarthesE theory of semiotics faces criti1ue in the assumption of a shared culture that presumes the shared meaning of signs. "he connoted message is created through the shared meaning of signs and the use of te$t. he believed family members and the mass media should provide positive role models for their children and the general public (Bandura. C2f violence in television causes people to be more aggressive. television can serve as deterrence if individuals focus on the positive 1ualities. 3ign has power and dominance to give informations to audience. "herefore. 3emiotic theory views communication as the development of shared meanings through the use of signs. p.. Albert Bandura7s 3ocial earning "heory has maintained an important place in the study of aggression and criminal behavior. ast but not least. Connoted messages are the basis for discussion regarding the application of this theory to modern corporate advertisement. image. ?e also believed television was a form of education and positive role models. 4 . 6:@A. sound and colour to construct their own versions of our message in advertising. than shouldn7t the good#hearted 1ualities in television cause its audience to be kinder to others (Cooke. 2n order to control aggression. 6:. "hrough the use of what Barthes calls connotation procedures.6::D. "he 1uestion in advertising is about how an image can be true while conveying the message that it desires to connote. images can be edited to convey a desired meaning based off of understood cultural signs.

posters and others. Tv causes violence says !ho " "he >ew Fork "imes Collins. Annette lavers & colin smith). (6:@A. P0 need to identified all variables before proceed to avoid all effort become useless. Bandura. 5.. Cooke.. Gnited 3tates of America= Prentice ?all. Social learning & personality development. public relations and communication cannot be separate because have a relation each other. newspaper. ?. Cutlip & center’s effectiveness public relations.. "o give information. (6::D. Elements of semiology (trans. 0. "his is how P0 informing people the danger of A2!3. maga'ine.. "he public relations practitioner serves as an intermediary between the organi'ation publics. Communications also not only moves information from one party in a relationship to another but also defines the relationship and social environment within which all people function. Barthes. "hey are a lot of type advertising that can be used give a message like internet. P. A. Broom. 3ince people seek to find this materials to get know the information regarding world issue. ondon= )onathan Cape. (6:A@. <hen audience saw this sign or symbol in advertising they automatically know that this symbol regarding the issue of A2!3. (6::A. As the conclusion. ( +..:. "he P0 practitioner has responsibilities both to the institution and to its various publics. >ew Fork= 0onald Press..*igure += A2!3 ribbon "he 0ed 0ibbon was used as an awareness symbol made to informing people be aware of A2!3. at the same time they can get know about this issue when see this ribbon as their first impressions. Cobuild english language dictionary #nd edition" helping learners !ith 5 . &.

&. This is )r" The realities of public relations(Jth ed. *rush. A.. ). H... Hol. (+. The public relations handboo$ (+rd ed. "heaker.. &ericle.-.. D... E. !. .California= <ardsworth. (+. ( 6::D. A. Gnited 4ingdom= ?arper Collins. )aggers. 2nc.. 4.6.. Alton. A. 6 . "urk.. 4. &!= Agency for ?ealthcare 0esearch and Iuality >ewsom... %sing si& sigma methodology to improve handoff communication in high ris$ patients" 'n advances in patient safety" (e! directions and alternative approaches. A first loo$ at communication theory (-th ed.. 5riffin.. ).. odge. Performance and "ools. >ew Fork= &c5raw#?ill.. 0ockville. Gnited 3tates of America= 0outledge. ). ).. &eliones. (+. 3cott. &istry.real English....6+.