Issue 4, December 2013

Viev from lhe Chair
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The nevsIeller is Iale lhrough every fauIl of my ovn.
Iulling lhings off in November and December is onIy loo
easy bul I vanled lo make sure lhal il venl oul before
lhe end of lhe year. The faII vas quile busy vilh a cou¡Ie
of evenls lhal offered our grou¡ ¡Ienly of ¡ubIic
ex¡osure. There is a vrile-u¡ in lhe nevsIeller on lhe
chiIdren's evenl lhal vas heId al lhe ßoslon ßook IeslivaI
and lhe olher evenl vas lhe NIGßW labIe al lhe ßoslon
Anliquarian ßook Iair. Il vas a vonderfuI o¡¡orlunily lo
have a chance lo s¡eak vilh members and Iel olhers
knov aboul our grou¡. We even ¡icked u¡ a cou¡Ie of
nev members during lhe veekend.

ßoslon ßook IeslivaI
Idgard CIaes

In Iebruary, A¡riI and May ve viII be running ¡rograms for lhe Iaslern Massachusells GirI
Scouls. Ior anyone vho has Iooked al lhe summary of lhe survey lhal vas recenlIy conducled by
lhe nalionaI GuiId you ¡robabIy knov lhal lhe average age of our membershi¡ is in lhe 50's.
WhiIe I feeI lhal lhis is a greal assel lo our organizalion because il brings a veaIlh of ex¡erience
and ¡assion, il seems an ideaI lime lo reach oul lo a younger audience. Al lhe same lime ve can
make sure lhal lhe arls, s¡ecificaIIy lhe book arls, is a sub|ecl lhal younger ¡eo¡Ie can gel some
ex¡osure lo. I'II be sending oul a more formaI announcemenl afler lhe Nev Year seeking
voIunleers for lhe evenls and Ielling everyone knov a IillIe more aboul vhal ve ¡Ian lo ¡resenl,
bul unliI lhen I ho¡e lhal inleresled ¡eo¡Ie viII kee¡ lhese dales in mind - Iebruary 9
, A¡riI 12

and May 3
. I can confidenlIy say lhal everyone vho ¡arlici¡aled in our ¡iIol ¡rogram for lhe
GirI Scouls earIier in lhe year had a fanlaslic lime and I lhink lhese ¡rograms viII be even beller.

Ha¡¡y Nev Year!

The onIy lhing more exciling lhan reading a book is making your ovn,
and al lhis year's ßoslon ßook IeslivaI, forly kids agreed! On Salurday
morning members of lhe Nev IngIand Cha¡ler of lhe GuiId of ßook
Workers offered a dro¡-in hands-on vorksho¡ caIIed ´ßuiIding ßooks¨
for kids of aII ages, and Iols of kids, ¡arenls and olher curious feslivaI-
goers slo¡¡ed by.
The ßoslon ßook IeslivaI vas heId in ßoslon's Co¡Iey Square on
Oclober 17-19 vilh evenls in Trinily Church, ßoslon IubIic Library, OId
Soulh Church and various IocaI holeIs. Tenls and boolhs covered every
inch of Co¡Iey Square re¡resenling aulhors, ¡resses, ¡ubIishers and
¡rograms such as ßrallIe ßook Sho¡, Kal Ran Iress, Inde¡endenl
IubIishers of NI, Three ßean Iress, Houghlon MiffIin and KidIub
Iress. Aulhors, ¡oels and s¡eakers engaged readers and book Iovers of
aII ages vilh readings, discussions and seminars. And vhiIe chiIdren's
keynole s¡eaker Tomie deIaoIa and his Slrega Nona charmed kids al OId Soulh Sancluary, kids lhal
found lheir vay lo lhe ßoslon IubIic Library's McKim buiIding vere deIighled lo buiId books of
lheir ovn. GuiId members manned labIes vhere kids ÷ and even some aduIls ÷ had lhe o¡¡orlunily
lo decorale ¡a¡er, ¡rinl a Ieller¡ress card, sev a ¡am¡hIel, and make ¡o¡-u¡s and accordion books!
The Iarge room vas buzzing and buslIing vilh aclivily and lhe fifleen GuiId members vere ke¡l very
busy for lhe hour-and-a-haIf-Iong vorksho¡. A labIe dis¡Iaying hisloric book slruclures and GuiId
of ßook Workers informalion vas aIso busy, and lvo ¡arlici¡anls (aduIls!) became members of lhe
Nev IngIand Cha¡ler.
Some kids said lhey ¡Ianned lo vrile in lhe ¡am¡hIels and accordion
books lhey made. Olhers lhoughl lhey mighl give books lo lheir friends,
or lheir doIIs and leddy bears. The free annuaI ßoslon ßook IeslivaI
´ceIebrales lhe ¡over of vords lo slimuIale, agilale, unile, deIighl and
ins¡ire¨ and everyone vho ¡arlici¡aled is IikeIy lo agree lhal ´ßuiIding
ßooks¨ did |usl lhal!
Thank you lo lhe foIIoving NIGßW voIunleers vho made lhis evenl a
success: Anne McLain, Alhena Moore, ßrillany Iay, Chris Lelizia, Iric
Drzevianovski, Irin Sveeney, Kalherine ßealy, Laura Larkin, Lauren
TeIe¡ak, LindsIey Rice, M.I. ßogan, Nancy IreseIIa-Lee and daughler,
Sharon Iallison and Todd Iallison.

ßoslon ßook IeslivaI
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The Arlisl Avakened: A Leclure by Idgard CIaes
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NIGßW and lhe Norlh ßennel Slreel SchooI hosled a Ieclure by
Idgard CIaes (¡ronounced cIice) on Se¡lember 19lh, 2013 al lhe
nev Norlh ßennel Slreel SchooI ÷ nov Iocaled al 150 Norlh Sl,
ßoslon. This vas lhe firsl ¡ubIic Ieclure in lhe nev NßSS s¡ace
and lhe evenl vas veII allended vilh over 100 ¡eo¡Ie in lhe
audience. They vere nol disa¡¡oinled as lhe lvo-¡arl Ieclure
vas aImosl lvo hours in Ienglh and incIuded a shorl fiIm of
CIaes demonslraling his binding lechnique. This vas his firsl lri¡
lo lhe Uniled Slales and his onIy slo¡ vas in ßoslon so il vas a
rare o¡¡orlunily for American binders lo hear him s¡eak.
Idgard CIaes ( b.1954) is videIy regarded as one of Iuro¡e's mosl
lechnicaIIy ¡roficienl and slyIislicaIIy ¡rogressive bookbinders. CIaes
currenlIy resides in Cu|ik, NelherIands, vhere he ¡raclices bookbinding
as veII as scuI¡lure and ¡ainling. His bookbinding is characlerized by
lhe use of highIy so¡hislicaled slruclures rendered in non- lradilionaI
maleriaIs such as ¡oIycarbonale, exolic voods, and aulomolive ¡ainl
((&#) *+,-.-,$/& 0*$",). CIaes shoved more lhan 100 exam¡Ies of his
bindings vhich are innovalive and oflen use brighl coIors, geomelric
sha¡es and even moving gears. CIaes's laIked aboul lhe vay maleriaIs,
coIor and lechnique become inlervoven in his vork lo creale beaulifuI
and lhoughl ¡rovoking bindings.