Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the students of CLDH-EI as well as the professionals working in this institution. It will provide the students enough knowledge regarding on how people can acquire kidney disease which is conducted through urinalysis, which can give an idea of hydration and kidney function that can also indicate inflammation or infections in the urinary tract. This study was made to help people understand what are the reasons why they are suffering from kidney disease. This study will made us realize the significance of conducting urinalysis for us to evaluate function of the kidneys through the quality of the urine produced. Through this study we are able to determine the prevalence, components and association of urine abnormality with regard to age and gender of the patients. In this study we will be able to examine the physical sample using a dipstick analysis to evaluate the presence of certain substances and microscopic examination of the sediment which is slightly dependent upon the method of urine collection such as free catch, catheterization, or cystocentesis.

In this study we will perform urinalysis to be able to evaluate pyuria (white blood cells in the urine), hematuria (blood in the urine), crystalluria (crystals in the urine), the presence of abnormal amounts of glucose, ketones and protein, and urine concentration.

This research can also serve as a guideline for the students of CLDH-EI on what appropriate actions are needed to render a healthy lifestyle. . This research can supply knowledge to other people who are not aware of having kidney disease moreover. it will be helpful to the people in a way that it will provide better recommendations on how to prevent it and methods to get rid of having kidney disease.Through this study we are able to determine who are at risks with this kind of disease. And to evaluate dipstick urinalysis as a predictor of subsequent kidney and urinary tract disorders in apparently healthy adults.