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History of Singlish ii. Facebook Page ii. Purpose ii. Picture + Information b. National Identity d. Track Four Diplomacy b. Project Narrative 3. T-Shirt 4. Join the Campaign 2. Track Four Diplomacy ii. Causes i. About the Group Members i. Social Documentary e. Research a. About the Campaign i. Globalisation ii. Culture Diplomacy c.Hybrid Languages and Diplomacy 1. Demographics Change c. I Love Hybrid Languages a. Diplomacy & Arts and Culture a. About Us a. Picture Montage c. As a form of Arts and Culture 5. Site Map c. What we did b. Singlish’s role in Diplomacy iii. Change in Demographics e. Multicultural Integration iii. Future Trends f. Effects i. Evolution into a part of Arts and Culture d. Government Intervention iii. I Love Hybrid Languages Pictures b. About Singlish i. Our Recommendations g. Limitations . Influences i. Join the Campaign i. Home a. Government Intervention ii. Singlish as a form of Arts and Culture d. Examples b. Twitter Page iii.

Singlish Dictionary b. About Her ii.322685. Newpaper/Online Articles j. Interview Transcript b. Purpose ii. Fun Activities a. Summary iii.org/?p=24 http://www. Famous People 8. Summary iii. Interview with Dr Ooi Kee Beng i.google. Quotes i. Interview Transcript c.time.wikipedia. Results 7.html http://en. Bibliography 6. PowerPoint Presentation i.org/wiki/Cultural_diplomacy https://www.com/time/magazine/article/0. Guest Book 9.9171.00. Contact Us http://singaporewatch. Videos h. Screensaver c.com/search?hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws&btnmeta_news_sear ch=1&q=singlish&qscrl=1 Singlish Survey Questions Do you think you understand other cultures better when you understand Singlish? . Survey with Singaporeans i. Interview with Dr Alfiani Bte Fadzakir i. Summary iii.h. Poems f. Quotes g. About Him ii. Interview & Survey a. Games e. Wallpaper d.