Jennifer Martin lives in Fargo, ND, with

her husband and daughters. She has been a member of the Catholic Diocese of Crookston, MN, her entire life and has been providing “Spiritual Discernment” at St. Joseph’s Parish in Moorhead, MN, since 2010. Jennifer’s qualifications for supervising discernment are the receipt of her Masters of Pastoral Ministry degree from Mount Marty College, Yankton, SD, and her Masters of Theology degree from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Crowell, CT., as well as the completion of 4 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education and a self-designed 5th Unit of “Religious Leadership”. She is currently certified as a Catholic Chaplain through the National Association of Catholic Chaplains with endorsement through the Diocese of Crookston, MN. Jennifer works part time as an adjunct teacher for the University of Mary, Fargo, ND, where she currently teaches theology classes such as Suffering and Christian Healing, Contemporary Pilgrimage to God, Introduction to Theology, and an Organizational Leadership Seminar on The Values of the Benedictine Educational Philosophy. Jennifer has written and defended her Master’s Thesis, “Spiritual Discernment, Desiring the Gift of God’s Direction” and also writes for her personal blog, “A Catholic Woman’s Voice, the ‘Call’of Discernment to a Life of Theology”.

Spiritual Discernment can also be used in many other types of situations in which the desire is to seek out and follow the will of God: Business Decisions/Transitions Educational Cohorts An “Intentional” Way Of Desiring To Know God’s Will For Your Life

“In the light of faith I gain wisdom in

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the wisdom of the Word your Son; in the light of faith I am strong, constant, persevering; in the light of faith I have hope; it does not let me faint along the way. This light teaches me the way and without this light I would be walking in the dark.” Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue

HAVE YOU BEEN SENSING GOD CALLING YOU TO SOMETHING NEW? Are you experiencing transitions in your life that have left you feeling uneasy and uncertain about your future? Is there need for healing so that you can journey towards a more authentic you? Have you been wondering what your “vocation” in faith is? God may be calling you to the “holy virtue” of Spiritual Discernment. Spiritual Discernment within the Church’s sacred tradition can be traced through the intimate relationships that God has had with men and women throughout time. This rich tradition is authored and compelled by the Holy Spirit who assists us as we journey through our lives to become the authentic individuals that God has created us to be. It is an “intentional” time where we choose to look honestly and intimately at how we have chosen to live our lives and be in relationship with God. Through the use of formal program components as well as the use of a “Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory” we search spiritually for God to grace us with the revelation of His will for our lives at this particular moment in time. This Spiritual Discernment program is a 12week commitment of goal setting, learning, individual meetings and wisdom sharing in community. It is contemplative and inspiring, reverent and serendipitous, awesome and holy. Come and experience the marvels of God.

Program Components an essential way of communication with God. With a true and contrite heart each participant is encouraged to integrate time of silence and prayer with God; a time of adoration, contemplation, lament, and thanksgiving. Holy one of the sacred ways that God has chosen to “reveal” Himself to us. All are encouraged to reflect upon the Word of God during this time of spiritual growth. Sacred opportunity to engage the vast array of teaching materials the Church offers to fill our hearts and our minds with both knowledge and wisdom. a tool that can be used to process thoughts and experiences while providing insight into cultural systems and symbols. Some may choose to write and share while others benefit from its draw to inner dialogue. Presentations...are used to assist participants in looking deeply within their personal experiences. It is a clinical tool that incorporates the wisdom, experience, knowledge, and movement of the Spirit within the life experiences of group members. Goal Setting...speaks to the current life situation of each participant. It introduces the insights of writing a personal autobiography and taking a Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Individual Meetings...each participant benefits from weekly meetings with the Director to assist with personal processing and attainment of goals.

“Discernment is a journey of discovery and awareness of the unique, authentic personhood that God created in each of us. The Church calls all the baptized to seek out the fullness of their being and bring their fruitfulness as “hands and feet” of Christ’s continuing mission into the Church and into the world.” Jennifer Martin, MAPM, BCC, Th.M. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Spiritual Discernment has been a key factor in my journey to a deeper awareness of the Holy Spirit working in my life. Thank you for helping to open the ears and eyes of my heart to be better able to hear God’s call and see his hand in all areas of my life. I now look at all situations in my life and ask the question, ‘Where is God in this?’.” Mary Ellen P.