To: Dr. Karen C. Holt From: Cynthia Hatch Date: 12/16/2013 Re: Research Proposal: Technology’s Influence on the Writing Industry

The writing industry, like art, has always been influx with the changing societies of the world. That is especially true for the fast pace world of today, that seems to be constantly plugged. I am researching the effect of technology on the writing industry. Some of the questions I am looking to answer are:      What markets have formed due to the advances in technology? How has advertizing changed with the growth and influence of technology? How does technology effect book placement? How does technology support writers and the writing process? How does technology create/effect/target various audiences?

In short: How is technology shaping the writing world today?

I grew up immersed in the world of writing. My mother has been writing for 15 years and I have been following in her footsteps. She has brought into the writing world. This introduction has given me some experience with the professional world of writing; having attended some lectures at The Vermont College of Fine Arts, SCBWI schmoozes, conferences and workshops, and socializing with other writers and authors.


December 16, 2013

Every professional writer is interested in the lucrative part of the business. It is important to know the various venues and mediums one can put their work in. It is also important to know what markets one is competing with. The audiences that the different methods of advertizing appeal to are also crucial for writers of a particular genre. The material included will cover the various book venues are now open to writers and how well they are doing. (Strauss) The new, successful ways writers get established in today’s market. (Rambo) The direction advertizing and marketing is going. (Burke) And how technology has created a strong support for writers, and where they can go for that support. (Kelms; Grace) There is a lot of information about using technology to connect with readers and agents, advertizing one’s book, or even placing books. The information is often spread out over many different blogs, books, and articles. This paper is meant to take all this information and put it into one, easy to understand paper.

Description and Outline


Writer’s Support

Advertizing and Marketing

Markets and Sales

I will be doing mostly secondary research, looking over general studies that cover large scale trends. (Hassan) As well as the articles, blogs and books that cover the uses of technology and its effects in the area of books and writing. (Piper) I will be doing some primary research of interviews of writers and publishers on advertising and support found in the industry. This research will show that technology has a large effect on the writing industry.

December 16, 2013

Since much of my paper deals with current trends in book markets and advertising, I will be using mostly articles found online because they are going to be more recent and specific. The books I will be using are very opinionated so I will be using mostly statistics and hard facts that are listed in them. I will be taking a similar approach with the articles. Although I will make note of trends in opinions of the various writers of these books and articles to help assess which methods and mediums are stronger or more effective. I will mostly be looking for common approaches in advertising, and affirmations of what is working, or what has been used for a significant amount of time. I will also have to look at blogs for how social media is used in the industry and look for widely used gateways. By observing these trends I will be able to put together what the best ways to use technology in my professional writing career.

Some problems I have already encountered are finding articles or books that are specifically about technology affecting the writing world. I have been moderately successful at finding more specific topics under this idea, though. I will also have trouble getting a hold of publishers to interview; both because they are very busy and I do not personally know any. I will also have trouble finding articles about advertising specifically for books.

Annotated Bibliography
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December 16, 2013

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December 16, 2013

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