Why Hire Medical Transcription Companies?
Long gone are the days when the doctor dictated his case to a secretary who patiently typed every word o it on her old ashioned typewriter. !edical transcription o"tso"rcing is the hallmar# o the new healthcare era. !edical transcription $o% is& o co"rse& not everyone's meat. (t re)"ires hard wor#& m"ch patience& and many hard-earned lang"age s#ills. !edical transcription companies ma#e "se o advanced technologies and e*perti+e to cater to the rising needs o the medical ind"stry. , n"m%er o physicians& hospitals& clinics and health management companies %ene it rom transcription services. !edical transcription services provide assistance to almost all ields o healthcare incl"ding orthopedics& o%stetrics& gastroenterology& cardiology& radiology& and more. !edical transcription re)"ires the services o pro essionally trained transcri%ers to ens"re lawless medical doc"ments. (t involves preparing a variety o records s"ch as death s"mmaries& treatment histories& ollow-"p notes& re errals& la%oratory s"mmaries& cons"ltation reports& medical %illing& medical coding and so on. -ince medical transcription involves m"ch comple*ity and re)"ires the "se o high-end technology and trained personnel& it is ideal or medical irms and doctors to hire a good medical transcription company or the p"rpose. (t will ena%le them to devote their entire time on %etter patient care and avoid the tedio"s tas# o


doc"mentation. !edical transcription companies employ advanced systems s"ch as .L 7 transcription inter ace and record low management so tware to handle yo"r vario"s re)"irements.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Transcription Firm
.ere are the main %ene its o o"tso"rcing medical transcription services:

Cost effective: / shore locations provide opport"nities or getting the transcription $o% done at cheaper costs. /"tso"rcing to o -shore locations %rings lower per line cost& as well as lower la%or costs& and lower costs in ."man reso"rces managemnet& administrative and training areas. 0o" also save on ac)"iring and maintaining digital and transcription e)"ipments& and in rasr"ct"re. Quality industry experti e: /"tso"rcing allows yo" to get reco"rse to high-class pro essionals that stand-o"t rom the rest o transcription ind"stry. !ersatality of expertise: /"tso"rcing to good service providers ena%les yo" to ma#e "se o the services o specialists in yo"r speci ic healthcare area. -"ch e*perts can ta#e care o any #ind o records s"ch as operative notes& discharge s"mmaries& progress notes& and emergency room records. "dvantages of time# one differences: 0o" can also ta#e advantage o the time +one di erence at the o shore location. 0o" can get yo"r records transcri%ed overnight and "se them the ollowing day.


• Fastest turnaround time

Quality and accuracy: !ost medical transcription service providers #eep glo%al standards ens"ring world-class and 991 acc"rate .(2,, compliant transcription. $asy record manoeuvre: /"tso"rcing ma#es editing& sorting& proo reading and reviewing o records easy. %educed investments and &or'load: %y o"tso"rcing& yo"r investment and wor#load are red"ced tremendo"sly. Flexi(le dictation option: -everal o"tso"rcing irms o er le*i%le dictation methods s"ch as digital recorders and toll ree n"m%ers or yo"r convenience. Cost#effective: , n"m%er o pro essional irms o er yo" 30 to 40 percent cost savings.

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