Hatch 1 Cynthia Hatch Br.

Hepner FDENG 201 10/07/2011 Research Proposal Topic: My research will be focused on nuclear power and how it is utilized by world. This topic can be of interest to everyone that is relying on both rural and urban power grids. I will research this topic under: nuclear power, nuclear energy, alternative power resources, nuclear power plants, and radioactive decay. Issue:   Is nuclear power a safe and viable power resource? Are there more environmentally friendly and socially acceptable ways of using nuclear power?  Are there other alternative sources of power that are as viable as nuclear power?

Significance: With the shortage of fossil fuels and the growing need for power worldwide, we find ourselves in a tight position to supply that power. Nuclear energy is a possible solution to the this dilemma. Everyone that relies on a power grid should interest in where that energy is coming from.

Hatch 2 My hope is that through this paper I will be able to find and express a better understanding of nuclear energy. This will allow me to come to my own decisions on whether or not nuclear power should be explored and utilized. I also hope to be able to help others make accurate and informed decisions on the subject in the future. Many people have misunderstanding concerning nuclear energy. I hope to be able to clarify those misgivings so that others can have a better understanding of how nuclear energy is utilized. The target audience of my paper is the general public, or in this case fellow students of Brigham Young University-Idaho. In the future though, I hope to be able to use this information to persuade everyone to truly understand nuclear energy and its potencial. Background: Nuclear power is gleaned from the energy given off as nuclear fission is performed on radioactive material. Several methods have been developed to gain this energy in the search for safe and efficient methods. Though my knowledge of nuclear power is limited, I am interested in it topic because I am interested in find truth; and I want to know the truth concerning nuclear energy. Being a physics major at this university has given me some opportunity to be exposed to the subject of nuclear energy. I have had the opportunity to attend colloquiums on the topic of nuclear energy and I have teachers who had close dealings with nuclear power. I also have access to experts in the field of nuclear energy that I can consult with on the topic.

Hatch 3 Methods: First I plan to better acquaint myself with the subject of nuclear energy so that I can have a better understanding of the processes involved. Then I plan to research the how nuclear power is being used today by reviewing articles and interviewing local experts. Then I’ll explore alternative power sources other than nuclear energy and how effective they would be.

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