NAIS Challenge 20/20, Water Scarcity, Background Research

By: Ana Paola Moreno, Andrea Ibarra, Maria José Román, Valeria Moncada Group Color: White Group: 7ºA

What is water scarcity?
Water scarcity is when we don’t have the water we need or also when you misuse the water we have. Physical water scarcity: occurs when there is not enough water to meet our needs. Economic water scarcity: occurs when human, institutional and financial capital limits access to water.

10 facts about water scarcity:
1. Only 2.5% of the water is fresh water. 2. 1 of 8 people on Earth searches for clean water. 3. Some people need to collect contaminated water that contains bacteria that will make them sick or also die, and with that water they do agriculture production.

4. Water scarcity occurs when the demand for water from all sectors is higher than the available resource. 5. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related illness like diarrhea. 6. Water is wasted and poorly used by all sectors in all countries. 7. By 2030 nearly half the global population could be facing water scarcity.

8. Instead of the situation getting better, it is going worse. 9. 1 of 6 people have no access to a toilet. 10. One-third of the population on the planet drink water that is dangerous for health.

Global Water Scarcity:

Continent Focus:
Our continent is Europe. The countries more affected in Europe are Belarus and Ukraine.

Countries most affected
-Ukraine is affected because of the contamination and water shortages. This problem is physical.
-Belarus is affected because water is exposed to the risk of contamination water is becoming inaccessible. This problem is physical.

What´s Already Been Done?
The EDM Project works in three areas, rehabilitation of natural springs; information campaigns and PR events on rational water usage; and educational programmes on sound water management for school children and teachers.

Ideas to solve the problem:
-Don’t let the water get contaminated, put them into tubes to be transported, not in lakes because it is not clean. -Get trucks to go and give clean water to all the people that don’t have access to it. -Don’t waste water because there is more people that also need it.

Water conservation at home:
-Taking a bath quickly, you would use less water. -Recycling water, use the water you used for other things. -When you brush your teeth, using a cup of water instead of opening the sink.

Water conservation in society:
-Instead of putting hand washers on the bathroom we can put disinfectant gel, you would not be using water. -Invent a shower with water limit, you need to use only the water that they are giving. -Construct areas where you could storage water that comes from the rain and when you need some you go for it.

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