Problem Chart (Final v 11), © 2007, Mike Jingozian for President

Shameful Legacy for Our Kids Rising State Debt

Impending Collapse of Social Security and other Programs

Living on Borrowed Money

Selling our Nation to Pay for Debt

$ Billion Tobacco Settlements Wasted Decreasing Wages Record Number of Bond Measures for Regular Expenses

What We Have Today Unsustainable - Heading for Collapse Due to Corruption & Our 2 Party System
Out of Control & Wasteful Spending
Vanishing Disposable Income Indecent Changes in Bankruptcy Laws (Debtors Prison) Staggering Trade Deficit Puppets of Big Business Swelling Credit Card Debt and Poverty Among Elderly Questionable Housing Market Soaring Property Taxes, Insurance & Utilities Unsustainable and Inequitable Entitlement Programs Formerly Illegal Interest Rates Releasing Vital National Secrets

Alienating Long-Standing Allies Severe Weakening of Our Military

Weaponization of Space Likely Increase in Biological Warfare Inept Trade Negotiations

Sale of US and Corp. Assets to Foreign Countries

Unreliable Weapon Systems Threats to Our National Security Unbalance d Joint Military Exercises

Not using “Real” Numbers in Revenue or Economic Projections Impending Bailout of Corp Pensions Spiraling Reliance on Lotteries & Casinos for Revenue Identity Theft Permitted among Illegal Aliens World Financial Centers Moving

Failure to Support Existing Democracies in Jeopardy

Soaring Costs for Terrorism & Security (Home, Business & Gov’t)

Immediate Nuclear Threats
Widespread Access to Weapons & Nuclear Materials

Staggering Personal Debt

Sale of Taxpayer Owned Assets

Increased Hatred & Terrorism

Dangerous Rise in Dictatorships

Outsourcing Critical Components of our Military

No Real Foreign Policy

Business Paying Less for Health Care

Soaring Cost of Living Corporate Subsidies

Impending Worldwide Economic Collapse
Corrupt Purchasing Practices Costly and Dangerous Military Industrial Complex Threat of Arrest for Demonstrations Decline of the US Corp

Wrong Incentives throughout Society
that encourage a Lazy, Unhealthy and Living on Debt Lifestyle

Decisions based on Ego & Power

Terrible Neighbors Not Fulfilling Financial Aid Promises Rehearsed, Distorted & Inauthentic Campaigns & Coverage

Allowing World Hunger, Poverty and Disease

Overthrow Governments for Self-Interest

Specific Problem Nations
Iran Iraq Russia China

Useless & Harmful Laws Based on Self Interest & Greed
Lying with No Ramifications

Certain Collapse of the Dollar
Increasing Bankruptcies & Foreclosures Lower Long Term GDP Growth

Tragic Loss of Good Middle Class Jobs Likely Stock Market Collapse

Likely Banking Crises due to Derivatives

Evoking “God” to Further Political Gain

Rampant & Self-serving “Feel Good” Legislation

Largest Consumer of Energy & Resources

Causing Hatred Throughout the World Lack of Credibility
Forcing a Fake Version of “Christianity” & “Democracy” onto Others
Highly Inefficient System World Food Distribution Catastrophe Permitting & Not Acknowledging Past Genocides

Debilitating Debt among Poor Nations

Treaty Violations

No Integrity or Leadership

Largest Contributor to Global Warming Afghanistan Syria Pakistan

Venezuela North Korea Ignoring Human Rights

Huge Drain on Resources

Immigration Fiasco

Illegal Signing Statements Legalizing Illegal Immigrants for Votes

Blatant Conflict of Interest & No Accountability
Equally Corrupt Gross Abuse of Favors & Perks Qualifications Not Even Considered in Appointments

Manipulation of Election Boundaries and Laws to Benefit a Small Minority Deceiving and Misleading Names of Legislation

Crippling Malpractice Insurance

Dangerous Shift of the Supreme Court

Legal System In Jeopardy

Judicial Corruption Activist Judges System in Disrepair

Economic Costs of Global Warming
Including Costs of Relocating Entire Cities Increased Costs for Auto Repairs, Snow Removal, Sick Time, Utility Repairs, etc. Crippling Debt among Farmers

Explosion of Weather Related Catastrophes and Associated Costs (Dams, Buildings, Bridges, Levies, etc.)

Enormous Infrastructure Decay and Repair Costs

Facts Withheld & Manipulated

GDP vs. Quality of Life
Worldwide Pollution (Air, Water, Soil)

Hiring and Promoting Similar-Minded People

“Shadow Gov’t”
EPA, FCC, FDA, OSHA, FEMA, IMF, FED, FDIC World Bank, FTC, SEC Dept. of Homeland Sec. and all other agencies

Blatant Election Fraud

No Difference Between Parties Just Looking Out for Themselves
Protecting their Turf Promoting Polarization Critical Positions not Elected by the People Disgraceful Campaign Practices Increasing Restrictions to Free Speech Pardons in Exchange for Campaign Contributions

Election Corruption
Disgraceful Influence Permitted by Lobbyists

Treasonous Actions
Violations of the Constitution Disgraceful Sales of Federal Lands

Misleading Advertising Criminal Fundraising Practices Popularity Contest NonDemocratic Primary Process

Selection of Judges (and other Nominees) Highly Politicized

Throw Away Society

News Censured by Gov’t
No Savings Among Young

Unwillingness to Speak the Truth about Issues

Spiraling Costs for Waste Disposal Emergence of “Coastal Refugees”

(Higher Costs for All Raw Materials inc. Clean Air, Water & Food)

Resource Depletion

End of our Way of Life for Generations
Laws & Regulations Designed to Benefit a Small Minority Politicians Exempt from their Own Laws No Accountability in Corp America Biased News Coverage Unfair Tax Laws

Unfair Advantage to Incumbents Likely Return to the Draft

Breakdown of Balance of Power

Old Thinking Old Ideas Old Procedures
No Urgency or Desire to Correct these Problems Collapse of the Family Structure

Inadequate Response to Emergencies Out of Touch w/ Common People Unethical Media Practices and Reporting

No Difference Between Parties Rapidly Shrinking Middle Class
Families Don’t Earn Enough to Pay their Bills

Lower Life Expectancy & Quality of Life
No Personal Responsibly
Poor Education regarding Unhealthy Diets and Lifestyles

No Energy Policy
Stem Cell Research No Effort Towards Conservation

Destruction of Our Planet
Drilling in Alaska

Becoming a Police State (Personal Liberties being Threatened)

Increased Hard Drug Use (Meth/Crack)

Soaring Costs of Higher Education

Corruption & Collusion with the Media
Drama over Facts Fascination w/ Celebrities

Increase in Poverty & Homelessness

Spiraling Health Care Costs

Deterioration of Our Immune Systems Restricted Access to Safe and Legal Abortions

Rapid Rise of Illness & Disease
including the Spread of AIDS & other STDs Bird Flu & other Pandemics

Collapse of Public Education
and rise in Illiteracy

Not Representing the Needs of the People
Misguided Spending Priorities Demise of the Fishing Industry Disruption of World Eco-System

Unsustainable Population Explosion
Diminishing Land Resources

Worldwide Deforestation Reckless Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Genetic Engineering of Food Cloning

Worst Personal Health among Industrial Nations

Huge Number of Uninsured

What can be Worse than all this?
The “Compound Effect” of these Problems New Problems as a Result of the “Interconnectedness”

Food Supply Safety System in Jeopardy

Alarming Increases in Social Problems
Shameful Mistreatment of Veterans

Surge in Violent Crime (and Higher Prison Costs) Rapid Increases in Traffic Accidents & Road Rage Alarming Obesity among Kids

Rise in Teenage Pregnancies Poor Treatment of the Mentally Ill Permitting Human Trafficking Escalating Suicide Rate


Rapid Death of Species & Plants
Possible Cures Lost Forever

Predicated Wars for Clean Drinking Water

Aging Population

Problems we “Don’t Know” about yet

Most Dangerous, Valid Solutions are Disappearing Quickly

Soaring Depression

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