Hsin-Yu Ou (Ashley) Honors 100 BA Experiential Learning Discussion Summary: Through his major in Neurobiology, Justin is deeply involved

in biological sciences. Specifically, he is interested in the research process and hopes to become more involved in research opportunities. Ideas and General Advice: Undergraduate Research Program (URP) holds information sessions that provides general information about research programs, such as how to find a research position. There is a course, General Studies 391: Research Exposed, that offers undergraduates a chance to learn about current research done by UW faculty. Attending UW Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is held in spring, is also a good way to find a research program that Justin might be interested in. He can also search for research position through the URP database. If Justin is also interested in doing research over summer or beyond UW, there is also a database for summer research opportunities. URP provides drop-in advising that can assist on application process, connecting with the faculty etc. Specific Activities: .Upcoming Information Sessions: Wednesday, Nov 6th 3-4pm and Tuesday, Nov 12th 3-4pm in MGH 171 .Research Title: Mouse Genetics, Cognition and Parkinson’s Disease Contact Information: Dr. Martin Darvas mdarvas@uw.edu Description: The focus of Dr. Darvas’ research is on identifying brain circuits and neurotransmitter systems that are relevant for basic mechanisms of learning, memory and decision making, and for cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease. Our goal is to define key neurotransmitter systems and brain areas and thereby identify new potential therapeutic targets. In addition, we investigate the interaction between neurotransmitter systems that are affected in Parkinson’s disease and thereby create more disease models that more accurately reflect the complexity of neurodegenerative disease. The Darvas Laboratory addresses these prevalent, urgent questions through experimental studies that utilize a combination of mouse genetics, viral gene transfer, behavioral, pharmacological, biochemical and histological techniques. Furthermore, we test hypotheses concerning specific mechanisms of neuron injury and how these are relevant for pathological processes in Parkinson’s disease. (URP Research Database) .Title: Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates program

Description: The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates program will be held during the summer of 2014 (June 17 August 22). This 10-week program on the University of Washington's Seattle campus will provide undergraduate students with opportunities to work on research projects with researchers and to take part in workshop training sessions in ethics, communication skills, and scientific presentation skills designed to provide the undergraduate scientist with a solid foundation for graduate study. (URP Summer Research at UW) Application Date: Now until Feb 1st, 2014