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Our (5 Year) Plan
Although it is vital for us to be elected in 2008, it is more likely that we will achieve our first goal of getting elected in our 2nd attempt in 2012. Our (realistic) objective is to capture 5-7% of the popular vote and win 1-2 states. By achieving either of these goals, we will prove that this movement is viable and the only realistic, commonsense plan to change our dangerous trajectory. Even more important, this achievement will encourage widespread participation in government by talented and concerned citizens. There are numerous, well-qualified individuals who would like to serve in Congress. But, due to the corrupt environment, government only attracts a small minority of the general population. Therefore, it is imperative to prove that this movement is viable so that these individuals will be encouraged to participate.

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We believe that we can squeak-out a win in 2008. But, if this doesn’t occur, then we expect to see an overwhelming mandate in 2012. During the next administration, our nation’s problems will continue to get worse and grow in number. In the meantime, the Democrats and Republicans will continue to point fingers, avoid blame, create policy that benefits themselves over the interest of those who they swore to protect and steal from our kids while spending all their time fundraising, campaigning and protecting corporate interests. Now that’s a long sentence. As of today, the Congressional approval rating is 15% - the lowest in our nation’s history. We must end this 2-party system and only vote for Independent and 3rd Party Candidates. Any other vote is a wasted vote.


Fall 07

May 08

June 08

Summer 08

Fall 08

Leading up to Election

Develop Develop Message, Message, Policies & Policies & Platform Platform

Rollout Rollout Message to Message to Public Public

Receive Receive Libertarian Libertarian Nomination Nomination for Pres. for Pres.

Receive Receive Green Party Green Party Nomination Nomination for Pres for Pres

Appearing in Appearing in National National Polls Polls (2-5%) (2-5%)

From here, From here, anything’s anything’s possible as possible as the freak the freak show revs up show revs up to Nov 2! to Nov 2!
That’s right: This is our only chance - and it will only work if you support these two wonderful parties. Please join right now.

Although you may already be sold on RESET America based on what currently appears on our website, we have much more planned. In fact, we are apprehensive to share any of our message until the entire message is complete.

Call us if you want to help us win. For this to work, YOU must get involved. Take a stand for freedom and accountability. Join the Libertarian Party and Green Party right now.

General Election

Educate and Energize the Educate and Energize the American People American People to Empower Themselves to Empower Themselves
Attract Capable Attract Capable and Concerned and Concerned Fellow Citizens Fellow Citizens to Run for to Run for Congress Congress

2012 General Election
• Mandate to Apply the RESET ideas led by Michael Jingozian

• 5-7% of Vote • Win 1-2 Sates

Assist in Organization Assist in Organization and Campaigning and Campaigning Efforts of Qualified Efforts of Qualified Candidates Candidates
(Sorry, Presidency is taken!) (Sorry, Presidency is taken!)

• New Majority in Congress of Independent & 3rd Party Representatives

From here, who knows what is possible. As the election approaches in November, the political scene will eventually become even more vile and contemptible. The problems will continue to get worse while Congress avoids dealing with these issues in favor of fundraising and campaigning. By then, people will be searching for an alternative. What they will find is a strong plan to save our nation and planet before viable solutions disappear forever. This is Michael Jingozian and this is what I am committed to achieving for our country, our planet and our children.

With any luck, 2012 will also bring us a new Congress. This way, not only will we be able to address the “attackable” issues, but we can address all our serious problems. By replacing the Democrats and Republicans, we can truly “reset” our government.

The Democrat & Republican “Plan”
The Democrats and Republicans also have a plan. But their plan is a bit different. Their plan is to sellout our children’s future for campaign contributions. Other countries have serious plans: nation’s like China, Russia and the Arab Nations. Many of these plans conflict with the interest of America. Are we going to let the Democrats and Republicans continue to destroy America? These problems are increasing in number and getting worse. No on disagrees with us that the 2-party system is destroying our nation. (In fact, many people tell us that we only have a 1-party system!) The problems faces by our Nation and Children are serious and getting worse. We have a list of problems on our website (click the chart on the right-hand side of the website). Although these problems are numerous and getting worse, there are: o o o o Problems that we don’t know about yet Problems being hidden from us The Compound Effect of these Problems New problems emerging as a result of their interconnectedness.

We cannot expect to solve these problems with the same people who created them. The status-quo is the status-quo for a reason. If the President and the existing Congress really wanted to honestly address these issues, they could. The system is broken and needs to be “reset” (not “fixed”, but transformed).

What you get with the Democrats and Republicans
Status Quo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Afraid to tackle tough issues - only address “distraction issues.” Would rather see a program fail than see their opponents win. Flip-flop on issues for political gain while ignoring facts & data. Fail to consider the long-term ramifications of their policies. Won’t support a valid idea from the other party. Lie outright about data, budget projections and situations. Lie and manipulate news and the media. Use their positions for personal gain. Are too afraid to change their mind or admit they were wrong. Live in a separate class that is out-of-touch with voters. Sell out to corporate interests for campaign contributions. Manipulate election laws and destroying our democratic process.

What you get with the RESET America Team
Real Change

New Priorities New Balance of Power True Example of Democracy
Executive Branch (President)
Policies and Action in the Best Interest of our Nation and Planet

Executive Branch (President)
Administration and Policy not based in Reality

Legislative Branch
A Representative Congress consisting of Talented and Concerned Citizens

Judicial Branch
Slowly Eliminate the Harmful Effects of Politics in the Supreme Court and the overall Judicial System

Legislative Branch
Complicit Congress only concerned with Fundraising and Campaigning

Judicial Branch
Becoming increasingly Corrupt and Biased due to the Divisive 2 Party System

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