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Introduction: The following pages constitute the findings and research of the marketing mix assignment. This case study is comprised of 3 (three) parts. Part I has a basic introduction and includes an abstract, summary, contents list and cover page. Part II deals with an essay relating to the difference of the marketing mix of two selected products, and Part III comprises of three sections, each dealing with a posed question. At the end, there is a bibliography with relevant references.

2 - Contents List: TitlePage Number Title Page Part I (includes summary and content lists) Part II (includes essay part) Part III (includes question part) Bibliography 1 2 5 12 16 -2-|Page .MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Page | .

Jerome McCarthy is used widely among marketers. The products which can be seen are called tangible products. Products also can be classified into different types depending on their use.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Part II Page | .3 - Comparison of the marketing mix Definition of Marketing Mix The marketing mix of a product is an important tool to be used when marketing a product. Services which are intangible such as medical industry. Product A product is the item or service which satisfies the customer’s needs and wants.'place'. which starts off in a growth stage which is called the initial stage. An example of tangible products is telephone or mobile phone. and 'price' The classification proposed by E. It is often important when assessing the product or services marketing point. -3-|Page . hospitality industry are called intangible products.'promotion' ‘product’. It is a tangible good or a service which is intangible. followed by a stage of maturity and the last stage is called the period of decline where sales start decreasing. All products have a certain life span. and it is also divided into the 'four Ps':.

-4-|Page .Nowadays. A price that is harmonious with the remaining elements of the marketing mix should be set by the marketer. how to promote the brand name. Marketing efforts change during each stage of a product's life cycle. its survival.4 - The next step is considering and evaluating the marketing mix of the product. and the quantity that he will buy. as well as changing the demand. product popularity. Buyers who are more affluent may be attracted to buy because of brand image. and by extension. It is very important because the price of the product is important in determining the profit of the company. The products mix can be extended by adding on extra number of product lines or by increasing the number of products available under the line. buyers are also influenced by non priced factors. The price of the product is influential in determining the strategy of marketing. The price of a product normally determines whether a customer will buy it. Price This is the amount that the buyer pays for the specific product or service. Page | . how to make optimal use of the brands resources and how to adjust the mix so that different products complement the others. Product development strategies are also necessary. The sellers or market analyst should also think about how to market the product. attractive packaging and so on.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Marketers must take close attention on the different life cycles of the product and put their attention to solving the problems faced during the different stages.

There are 4 main factors in determining the promotion mix and they include the type of product. the dealer must be conscious of the buyer perceived assessment for the merchandise. personal selling and awareness programs. -5-|Page .5 - Promotion It describes all of the ways of contact that a salespersonmightemployin the direction ofmaking available information to diverse parties concerning the item for consumption. pull strategy. marketing penetration pricing and unbiased pricing. promotions. and selective distribution and franchising can be used by the marketer to complement the other aspects of the marketing mix. Page | . Marketers today recognize the importance of promotion. Strategies which can be as varied as intensive distribution. Place means the same as distribution. push vs. The different ways one can promote a good include advertisement. Three essentialpricestrategies are: market skimming pricing.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Whiledeciding the price. different emphasis is put on the different marketing tools. Depending on the product categories they’re marketing. exclusive distribution. buyer-readiness stage and the product life cycle. Place This refers to distributing the productat a place convenient enough for the consumer to access.

6 - In order to contrast the marketing mix of two different products related to technology.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Now that we have covered the basics of the 4P’s. I have chosen a cell phone based product which is Nokia 3310. -6-|Page . consumer and the market.A comparison will be done on the 4 P’s of each product in terms of product. the iPhone. promotion and how they relate to the product. and a Smartphone. price place. let have a look at the difference in strategies between two products. Page | .

and they include an in built camera. and operated by buttons one can press. 3350. The Nokia 3310 is a dual band GSM900/1800 mobile phone. The Nokia 3310 is shaped in a rectangle shape. and iPhone 4s. stop watch and a reminder function. and Bantumi. iPad. The next variable is design. it replaced the popular Nokia 3210. notepad. There are many features included with the iPhone. 3390 and 3395. video player. we take a look at product. 3320. heavy and durable phone with few features. or multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. 2007. iPhone 4. Space Impact. The first iPhone was and released on June 29. The iPhone also is very varied.7 - Product The main variable of product mix is variety. or mini-applications. calendar. iPhone 3. When we compare the product to the iPhone. as it comes in several models such as Nokia 3315. 3360. Nokia gained brand personality and market shares of 35% because of its quality. wide screen iPod. Snake II. we can see that the iPhone combine three productsa mobile phone. 3330. The Apple Company also does brand extension by marketing iPod. It can be used by a bare finger. The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Page | . Nokia 3310 has a mix of variety. The design of iPhone is very sleek and modern. and includes a touch screen on all models which is aliquid crystal display with scratch-resistant glass. -7-|Page . Released in the fourth quarter of 2000. It has four games. which combine features from the iPhone. Nokia network monitor.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Firstly. into one smart phone. which fits snugly in the palm. Pairs II. mp3 player. The 3310 is a small. The features of Nokia 3310 include a calculator. and widgets. and the different versions include iPhone 2. calculator.

Poor people like farmers were able to buy a cellphone due to the low price and convenience.99 and you have to sign up for a 2 year service agreement. Desire andAction aimed at fulfilling the promotional objectives of the advertisers. as the target range was a very wide group of consumers. -8-|Page . the sales of the iPhone have been high. Monthly phone service charges starts at 59. a well known marketing communication model is an integrated approach generally adopted by advertisers to stimulate a purchase decision in the minds of the consumers through a linear progression of steps. It had affordable prices at about $150 onwards during time of launching. This is because Apple is known to improve its other products in relatively short intervals adding new features or improving performance while keeping the prices constant rather than dropping them. Analysts estimate that during the first weekend of sales. Apple seems to have moved away from the idea of selling an extremely prestigious and exclusive phone. as the price has been lowered with all future iPhone releases. Due to the modern design and extensive features. It uses skimming price strategy.000 phones were sold. it was cheap enough to suit all class of people. Apple plans to sell 10 million phones in 2008. on the other hand. Recently. The steps are Action or Awareness. The iPhone. notwithstanding the prohibitive pricing. between 500. it had become one of the highest selling phones in the world. the iPhone is one of the costliest phones in the market.000 and 700.8 .MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Price Nokia 3310 uses a pricing strategy that best suits the product. Page | . Due to its luxury brand status and excellent features. The iPhone 4 GB version sells for $499 and the 8 GB version sells for $599. Promotion Nokia follows the AIDA strategy of promotion. It is designed as a luxury product and targets high class individuals. Now the Nokia 3310 is available for a fraction of its original price due to the time period it was released in. Interest. is priced at a very high cost. Due to the affordable price and durability. AIDA Model. As such.

corporate users. iPhone managed to garner intense self promotion and also created an existing consumer base of loyal customers. Nokia products are available at Nokia gallery. according to additional AdMob statistics. Apple Inc. This phone sold extremely well. Place Nokia 3310 was sold widely. Nokia is more of an intensive distribution product as they try to make Nokia phones available in as many places as possible. Due to the impact of Apple’s previous product. And iPhone users are 57 percent male. being one of Page | . for the iPhone. Apples target segments include professionals. they decided to do aggressive promotions which started some six months before the actual release of the iPhone. Broachers. students. as well as established mobile phone dealership such as Carphone warehouse & Link and Retailers like Dixon & other electrical products suppliers. sign boards. Nokia is sold at the retail outlet Nokia priority as well as many authorized dealers at various places. Due to its wide availability. normally gives an announcement for its new products around the time of was one of the highest selling phones in the world. It is available throughout the world. and entrepreneurs. It was a popular phone in India due to its low cost. The smart phone market is still relatively small compared with general phone market.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Nokia advertisestheir products through TV. radio and newspaper. in almost all countries in the world. -9-|Page . The overwhelming majority of iPhone ad viewers come from North America.the most successful phones with 126 million units sold. which means that iPhone users are generally young and. the implosively popular iPod. bill boards. Posters Dummies and display stands. a quarter of all iPhone consumers are 25 and below while 46 percent are under age 35. up to 2010. According to a study. However. affluent. Advertising products and services that appeal to members of these groups is among the most efficient ways to advertise on an iPhone.9 .

will there be effective knowledge about the product or service. Without a suitable pricepoint that meets the target market's expectations the purchase will not take place. What is novel about the phone service activation strategy is that consumers sign up for AT&T cellular services via the internet on iTunes. and Apple online store.| P a g e . price. Therefore all of the basic four P's. Phones are sold in AT&T stores. place and promotion are important in a business. iPhone usually carries out exclusive distribution as they are sold at the iPhone showrooms or exclusive outlets. these are different marketing strategies of two products. Apple retail stores.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the US.10 . your marketing initiatives can work effectively together to ensure you keep leads in the pipeline and make the sales you need to increase your profits and grow your business. Marketing mixes are useful because through understanding and careful planning. product.If the product is not desirable no market will want to purchase it.10 - are generally given full power with regards to the price of the cellphone. Only through adequate promotion. The carriers Page | . no one will know where to find it. If the placement and distribution is not appropriate for the market. . Thistime Apple defined the 16 services that the iPhone has and of course the sign up method on iTunes instead of through AT&T. the marketing strategy and the services they plan to offer. As we can see.

I have vast potentials of ability. they would motivate me to work harder. It's all of the requirements. My skills include: Being positive & staying cool. Do it once too often and you’ve lost me. I am flexible and willing to put up with lower salary than my expectation. This is not merely showing up for work on time. I am xx .| P a g e . I can prove this part by proving that I can make profit for the company. I would appreciate perks and benefits as well. though. Let me know your after-hours on-call requirements. state it. I can understand the problems a business might face. In such conditions a candidate should not stick to office hours! Working in coordination to deliver any project is always counted as one of the greatest qualities of an ideal employee! Price:My price is the salary that I expect and the profits I bring to my company. productivity. If I am paid fairly. Now and then there may be situations when work pressures increases. It's also the price my employer must pay to receive the job product. you can expect to get quality work out of me. My skills are variable in nature.11 - a) Product:My product is who I am. It’s okay if I get my paycheck late every now and then.11 . . I can find myself lacking as I am shy by nature. If you require me to complete all paperwork neatly. and I excel in team leadership. Without communication I cannot prove my worth to others. However I will expect to be fairly compensated for my work. So having strong communication ability in any situation is a must. Perhaps intensive training and classes would be of help. As for my salary. I am always positive and determined in the face of any problem.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Part III Page | . However in this skill. Rip me off and you lose an employee.

I will look for a job that is located near my house and one that is easy for me to commute to and fro. I have written up my resume and posted it up to various job sites.12 . and no amount of prodding and nudging will make me leave my bastion in search of greener pastures.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Place: As for place. family and acquaintances with my superb skills. a homebody am I. Can I give up the Page | . and other social media websites so that I canlet my prospective employers have means to communicate with me. This word of mouth advertisement is very important.I have a page on my website with information for potential employers? I also use Facebook. All in all. must not be glossed over. This would be of immense help advantage to my future employer and I am sure that everyone will be waiting in a line to employ me. as traveling is ingrained in my nature. Promotion:In order to promote myself so that my skills can be known by prospective employers.12 . and motivated team leader. How far am I willing to commute to my job? Can I do this every day? This also includes how willing I am to relocate to a far location for my job. However I am willing to embark on far foreign business trips. I am slightly rigid when it comes to the issue of plan.comforts and convenience of my current location in order to pursue my dreams? No siree. and as such. I will be stubborn on this issue. b) . so it may prove to be a bit of a short coming. Myspace. this shows how flexible I am to adjust with the demands of location. Thus I analyzed myself in terms of 4ps. and one can come to the conclusion that I am a strategic go getter. I also promote myself by astounding my friends.| P a g e .

Traits that are related include honestly. If an employer can count on you to turn up. but a positive outlook and a pleasant disposition will make you into a well rounded employee. work in a focused manner.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Dependability/Discipline: Reliability is a very essential trait that must be inculcated from childhood and hurdles such as inexperience or immaturity just by coming to work on time and doing the work assigned to them.13 . A 1999 survey by Northern Virginia Community College revealed that work ethic ranked as the No. Communication Skills: . you will be sought after. Do you immediately rectify the situation or hide. 1 employee characteristic sought by employers. Page | .13 .| P a g e . Attitude: Even dependable and responsible employees may not have the most cheerful dispositions. You must also be flexible and enthusiastic in order to have a good attitude. A mere smile is not enough to do the job. Taking Initiative/Responsibility: Taking initiative of a situation gone wrong is an important character employees look for in a worker. So is having to be told not to make personal phone calls.A sign of discipline is being able to work without someone constantly supervising you. but being positive and having a disposition that is pleasant and cheerful will make you into a well rounded employee A smile alone won't get the job done. and not steal. whether it be through physically stealing or by stealing company time. reliability and work ethic. waiting for someone else to take control? Being responsible and mature and admitting to your mistakes and shortcoming will aid you in your workplace in the long run. surf the Internet or constantly text and tweet.

It is a gap between sellers and buyers. Flexibility: Flexibility is what employers look for in prospective employees. Are you flexible enough or do you stand hard like a rock and not change yourself? A little bit of flexibility goes a long way for your job and your family. communication skills are essential in virtually any job. Is your idea known to the world or do you have brilliant plans and Page | . be it flexibility to accept salary offered. whether one is able to adjust to their work or being flexible even in the face of difficulties. c)Produce a short outline of the gap and how you will fill the gap.14 - never share them? How many contacts do you have in order to develop and hone your communication skills? One must be willing and able to open up to various people in order to become successful in their job. The shouting tactics used by marketers in the past do not work anymore. speaking or using computers. You must also need to be a good communicator in order to fulfill ‘promotion’ part of the marketing mix. flexibility to change in locations or place.| P a g e . There is a gap existing in the market.MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Whether it is writing. This step process can be summarized as below:  Identify the existing process  Identify the existing outcome  Identify the desired outcome  Identify the process to achieve the desired outcome  Document the gap  Develop the means to fill the gap .14 . The gap analysis also can be used to analyze gaps in processes and the gap between the existing outcome and the desired outcome.

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16 - .| P a g e .MK0801F Exploring the Marketing Mix Page | .16 .