Australian students slipping behind in Mathematics and Science: OECD report (news 4 Dec 2013


Who is to blame for Australia's dramatic 'slip' in education results?

+ Science Educators Association of the ACT
+ An active professional association running many events and



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programs for science educators across the ACT. Consists of a group of dedicated volunteer science educators from schools, departments of education, tertiary institutions and science agencies. Members consist of primary, secondary and tertiary educators from all government, private and independent schools as well as science education colleagues from industry, government and the private sector. Organises the annual SEA*ACT Science Fair and the yearly ACT science educators conference, CONSEA*ACT. Supports many other events such as National Science Week activities each year.

+ We provide opportunities to sustain, enhance and share best
+ + + + + + + +

practice in science and education We encourage and support educators by: improving communication and networking between members of SEA*ACT and the wider community offering quality professional development and a forum for informed debate promoting equity in science education offering expert information on resources, learning and teaching strategies and curriculum innovation providing a focus for other groups and agencies to contact teachers of science providing quality leadership for science education in the ACT supporting the objectives of the Australian Science Teachers Association and associated policies.

+ All members of SEA*ACT are automatically

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members of ASTA (the Australian Science Teachers Association). ASTA webpage - ASTA professional learning portal Science Assist - ASTA’s Science Web -

+ Australian Academy of Science & the

Shine Dome - new "Science by doing" website,
but the Academy offers much more on

+ CSIRO Discovery & CSIRO Education + ANBG – Australian National Botanic

Gardens + Questacon – especially new facility at the Australian Mint Building

+ Intel, the computer company, is heavily into community development and part of this is educational resources, they will launch an Australian Science resource next year. ( + CSIRO's CREST program, which Harrison is registered for already. CREST is a program for the whole school, K-10 and beyond. (

+ Video: showing Intel science and engineering fair 2013: + CSIRO’s Scientists in schools program - + Publications: Scientrific & Helix

+ EngQuest – the annual EngQuest program to

supplement Maths and Science + Project Forest: a teaching and learning resource - + Murray Darling Basin Authority