I. Prelude II. Call to Worship – Hymn 73 III.

Opening Song:

Frances (Fanny) Jane Crosby ranks among the Church’s greatest writers of hymns and spiritual songs. Over the course of her more than 90 years of life, she composed more than 8,000 texts, many of which have been set to music and are today our favorite hymns of the faith like “Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine”. This prodigious output is made more remarkable still with the realization that Crosby2 was totally blind from six years of age; she praised the Creator and Light of the World for more than 80 years without actually seeing the work of His hands. It tells us that it is Jesus alone who opens the lifegate of salvation, so that all have the opportunity to be saved;that redemption is promised to "every believer", and that regardless of the magnitude of one’s sins, even "the vilest offender" who puts his or her faith in Christ, will immediately receive pardon from Jesus. proclaiming that it is God who has done great things, and the One to whom praise and adoration belong
“To God be the Glory” – Hymn 56

IV. Prayer of Worship and Praise (Opening Prayer) – “We’ve come to Praise Him” V. 2nd Song: The Wonderful Grace of Jesus song was by Pastor Haldor Lillenas in the year 1918 using a wheezy organ he bought from a neighbor for only 5$. "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" combines doctrinal truth with a buoyant melody and serves as a good vehicle for teaching the doctrine of grace. It touches on the availability, sufficiency, and efficacy of the salvation offered by grace through faith in Christ, and so carries an appropriate message for believer and unbeliever alike. “Katingalahang Bugay” Wonderful Grace of Jesus VI. GO “Missions’ offering” - Mission: We do not truly understand the gospel if we spend all of our time preaching it to Christians. The gospel is a missionary gospel. It is a communication of Good News to people and in places where the name of Christ is unknown. VII. Pastoral Prayer – “Be ye Holy” VII. Choir -- "Worship must be - Christ centered, Holy Spirit led, a Response to the Father, about Intimacy and Service and always lead to Transformation!" VIII. Our Weapon (Word of God) “We must allow the Word of God to confront us, to disturb our security, to undermine our complacency and to overthrow our patterns of thought and behavior.” IX:The worship that is empty handed is, according to the Scriptures, simply not worship at all. The bringing of an offering to God is pictured in the Scripture as a high and inestimable part of worship.": Tithes: X: Doxology XI: Closing Song with Benevolence fund offering XII. Closing prayer

Dayawon Sia. Akon nang kaluwasan Ang bugay ni Hesus ako na lambutan. Madalum pa sa kalalauran. Di sang dila masaysay. .Wonderful Grace of Jesus Katingalahang bugay. O matam-is nga ngalan ni Hesus. Dakung bugay kag tuman sa akon kag sa akon. Katingalahang bugay dakung bugay ni Hesus. Madalum pa sa kalalauran. Dakung bugay kag tuman sa akon kag sa akon. Talikala na huklas. Daku sa bug-os ko nga paglapas. Ako ang napatawad . Yara kay Christo Jesus. Espiritu ko gin luwas Ang bugay ni Hesus ako nalambutan Katingalahang bugay dakung bugay ni Hesus. Katingalahang bugay. Daku sa sala ko kag huya. Ginluwas di takus. Nagkuha akon lulan. Pagdayaway takus. yara kay Kristo Hesus. O matam-is nga ngalan ni Hesus. Dayawon Sia. Daku sa bug-os ko nga paglapas. Daku sa sala ko kag huya.