Course Code Course Title Class Contact Hours per Week Course Coordinator Course Coordinator Phone Course Coordinator Email Resource Links Course Coordinator Location Course Coordinator Availability : : : : : : : : : : Room No 5001 (Cellar) Cabin-B. 1. Wednesday 2:20 pm to 3:20 pm 2. Friday 2:20 pm to 3:20 pm Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities:  Software Engineering BIT302 To successfully complete this course student must have the knowledge of Software Process Models, Conventional Methods for the development of software, Effort Estimation Techniques, Structural and Object Oriented Methodologies. Student are required to have successfully completed the course BIT302 (Software Engineering) equivalent course or provide evidence of equivalent capabilities. BIT-459 Software Project Management (Elective-V) B.E 4/4 IT A & B Section II Semester 4 hours Mr. Mohammed Afroze +91 9885754500

Course Description: The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the conventional software Management performances, principles of conventional & modern software management, software economics, life cycle phases and the corresponding artifacts. The course also covers the planning of process, WBS, project organizations and responsibilities, Metrics for the quality and management. Future Project Management, next generation software economics and process improvement & mapping to CMM are also introduced.

Fourth Edition.cpdwise. Md. Prepare the Plan of project process. 4. Bob 9.hraconsulting-ltd. Afroze Course Coordinator N. Estimate the size of software product. University Examinations (75 Marks) 3. “Software Project Management”.uk/free-online-project-management-course. Joel Henry. http://www. Prepare different sets of Artifacts.wiziq. http://www. Software Engineering Book of Knowledge (SWEBOK) Overview of Assessments: Pearson Education. 5. Tata McGraw Hill. Mike cotterell. http://www. Overview of Learning Activities: 1.html 6. 3. 2. Class Test (20 Marks) 2. Group Assignments (05 Marks) Md.htm 7.Course Outcomes: On successful completion of this course students will able to: 1. Lectures and class discussions 2. Walker Royce “Software Project Management: A Unified Framework” Pearson Education. Exercises & Activity based group Assignment Works 3. Estimate the cost and schedule the project.zoho. 4. https://www. 5. Seminars Overview of Learning Resources: 1. Jubair Basha Module Coordinator . Distinguish between Conventional & Modern software management practices. 2. Pankaj Jalote “Software Project Management in practice” Pearson Education. Software Project Management.