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PERTORMAh{CE REVIEW Police Department
I*lame: Marcel Sim (Chief of Police)

Current S/age: $26.50

Review Period: July 2013 t}ru


Review By: Reed R. Unterseher

Ratings: o'3-Good" should be given if a person is meeting the expectations and job Please note a rating of requirements for his or her level of experience, and is progressing at a normal rate of advancement.

4- Very

Excellent Good 3- Good

Work is exceptional; results far exceed expectations. Work is above expectations; fulfills all responsibilities. Meets expectations and job requirements.
meets the minimum requirements for the job. Performance does not consistently meet expectations. Performance does not consistently meet expectations. Not enough basis for evaluation, or not applicable.

2- Needs

Improvement Usually


N- Not

Unacceptable Rated

Comments: Ratings of "excellenf', 'heeds improvemenf'o or "unacceptable" should be explained in the REVIEWER'S COMMENTS section of this forrn. If other ratings are designated, written comments are optional.




Produces expected quality and quantity of assignments; maintains control of workspace; complete assignments on time and to specifications; follows policies and procedures; keeps complete records and insures follow-up; attention to details.
Chief Sim has provided the City of Lincoln with the best qualiQt, performance and service in the Cities history.


N123I5 i*

Demonstrates proficiency with computer systems and programs.
Chief Sim has ensured his Offtcers are trained and proficient on all systems. Chief Sim continues to absorb new systems and operation methods. His operatorskrTls with MicrasofrOffice and
associated programs have vastly improved.

Demonstrates the willingness and ability to perform the job Effectively while operating within safe work practices. Respects and Maintains City equipment.

N12 315

Chief Sim has been a strong advocate of preparedness and preventive maintenance. He has ensured that the vehicles and all the equipment in them are maintained and inventoried at every shift change.

Is clear and concise in speech,


12 315

writing and presentation; actively listens; encourages input from others; accepts instructions well. exercises tact and diplomacy. Demonstrates good working relationships and teamwork; see problems and works to correct
the situation; proves effective feedback. repartwriting skills are often commented onfavorably by the States Attorney and outside Iaw enforcement agenciex He checks all the departrnents reportsfor quality control before

they are submitted.



12 3 4I

Accepts responsibility for his or herwork completes assignments on a timely basis and shift priorities when necessary; meets deadline; maintains good attendance and punctuality.
Chief Sims' commitment and dedication to the City of Lincoln connot be questioned. He has provided the City with au*tandw performance and seruice. He has controlled costs and overtime despite a vety high call volume. To my knowledge he has not missed an appointmenl deadline or suspense.





Consistently responds to internal and external customers'needs in a timely and courteous manner; takes initiative to examine customer requests to property identiff and resolve customer concerns; presents a good department image to the general public.
will be an excellent opportunity for him to grow as he tains and mentors his Officers on the standards of customer service expected of them.
The next year



12 3 4l

The abiliy to see an uncompleted task and complete itwithout being told. Introduces new or original ideas. Looks for and takes on additional tasks.
Chief Sims' personality r's such that initiative and/or motivation wiII never be a cancern. He sets a vety high standard for himself and therefore his Afficers as well.

Self Development Recognizes own performance strengths and weakmess. Improves weaknesses by establishing and accomplishing


planning/training. Improves own capabilities to meet changing demands and job requirements. Seeks opportunities for Professional growth and development.

Action Plan Goals for the coming year: Objectives, key Results, Resources and Date of Completion

further action plan required.

Areas of concem and/or need for growth and recommended action: (Could include plans for training, change of position or transfer.)

furcher action required.

Changes in job description

if appropriate: None

Employee's comments: I acknowledge that this evaluation has been discussed with me and I understand my signature does not imply agreement ol disagreement. Additional comments (if any).




r(* )aeiJ 4 r',0* Revier{rer's Signature Date
Recommended wage increase: $5.00

Overall Performance Excellent


, 1,., Yery Good
Needs Improyement


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