The College of New Jersey InterFraternity Council Constitution

PREAMBLE We, the fraternities at The College of New Jersey, in order to develop a greater understanding among Greek Letter organizations, to seek solutions to our common problems, and to assist each other and the College in attaining their educational and cultural objectives, do hereby establish this constitution. ARTCILE I – NAME The name of the association of fraternities under this constitution shall be the InterFraternity Council of The College of New Jersey.

ARTICLE II – PURPOSE The purpose of The College of new Jersey InterFraternity Council shall be as follows: A. The promotion of the relationships that is conducive to the general preservation of the fraternity community at The College of New Jersey. B. The improvement of the fraternity experience and helping the fraternity system to remain acceptable and relevant to student life as it changes on our campus. C. To serve as a forum for the consideration of the mutual interests of the member organizations. D. To be of assistance to any fraternity in the accomplishment of its goals or activities when such assistance is considered appropriate. E. To provide programs and activities, both rush related and social, for all member organizations to help improve their function and to provide common experiences that encourage cooperation and unity among organizations. F. To initiate resolutions and recommendations that will further the purpose and ideals of the member organizations at The College of New Jersey. G. To improve, monitor, and regulate the fraternal community and its chapters to the best of the InterFraternity Council’s and The College of New Jersey’s administrative, physical, and labor resources, exercised within reason and for the common good of the council and its member chapters.

ARTICLE III – MEMBERSHIP Section I: Membership shall consist of any national, international, or local collegiate fraternal organization in good standing with The College of New Jersey and recognized by the InterFraternity Council of The College of New Jersey.

Section II: Criteria for Membership Categorization A. Voting Member: A fraternity that is recognized by The College of New Jersey and the InterFraternity Council that has fulfilled the stipulations and criteria stated in the current membership obligations B. Re-colonized, New Fraternity, and Returning Chapters: A fraternity that seeks membership in the InterFraternity Council must first apply for InterFraternity Council recognition before becoming a voting member. The fraternity must meet the criteria set forth in the current membership organizations. Section III: Voting Rights of Member Fraternities A. Each voting member shall have one vote. Each voting member must be represented at all InterFraternity Council meetings by the president of that fraternity, and an InterFraternity Council representative chosen by that member fraternity. These representatives must have the authority to make any and all decisions on behalf of their respective chapter. B. Re-colonized member chapters, New Fraternities, and Returning Chapters do not have voting rights until deemed appropriate. However, they may express their opinions and are expected to report business during discussion at any and all InterFraternity Council meetings. Section IV: Any chapter that participates in a vote of any kind must be in good standing with the InterFraternity Council and The College of New Jersey.

ARTICLE IV – EXECUTIVE BOARD Section I: Elected Executive Board Members A. President, Vice President, VP of Judicial, VP of Recruitment, Secretary/Treasurer. Section II: Terms of Office A. Executive Board members will serve one-year terms from September to May of the academic year. B. A new Executive Board will be elected by the member organizations at the second to last InterFraternity Council meeting of the year. Section III: Eligibility The eligibility requirements for the InterFraternity Council Executive Board members shall fall into two categories: Requirements for pursuing office and requirements for maintaining office.

A. Pursuit Requirements: a. In order to be eligible to pursue an InterFraternity Council Executive Board position, an individual must: i. Be a full-time, matriculated student (12 credits or more) ii. Be in good academic standing with the College and maintain a 2.5 GPA iii. Be an initiated and active member of a recognized chapter in good standing iv. Recommended experience either through InterFraternity Council of InterGreek Council meetings as well as the executive board of his own chapter v. Candidates cannot be a President of another Greek organization or council (e.g. InterGreek Council) B. Maintenance Requirements: a. In order to be eligible to retain an InterFraternity Council Executive Board position, members must: i. Maintain full-time status at The College of New Jersey ii. Maintain good academic standing with the College iii. Perform his duties to an acceptable level iv. Belong to a chapter in god standing with The College of New Jersey and InterFraternity Council Section IV: Elections Procedures A. All elections will take the form of a secret ballot pending no motion for an open-hand vote B. Elected candidates must receive 50% plus one of the entire Council. Failure to achieve 50% plus one of the votes shall result in a run-off between the top two candidates receiving votes C. Men that are defeated in their initial attempt to secure election shall be eligible to drop down and run for other offices D. A chapter may not be limited in the number of members that may be nominated for Executive positions; however, a maximum of two members from each chapter may serve on the Executive Board E. A quorum must be present in order for a valid election to take place F. After two members from a single fraternity are elected to Executive positions, all other members from that fraternity will be removed from their respective ballot G. All elections will be presided over by the President of the InterFraternity Council H. The process of collections and tallying votes will be presided over by the President of the InterFraternity Council

Section V: Voting A. The President of the InterFraternity Council will hold no voting privileges in the event of an election B. In a situation of a vote ending as a ties, the President shall vote in order to break the tie C. In a situation where the President is not present, the Vice President shall vote in order to break the tie Section VI: Officer Descriptions A. A detailed list of the descriptions of the Executive Board is contained within the Bylaws of the InterFraternity Council Constitution Section VII: Removal From Office If it is brought to the attention of the InterFraternity Council President that an elected member of the Executive Board is not performing the work required for his position, the member shall be reviewed at the next Executive Board meeting, held as an open discussion by all Executive Board Members. A. Reasons for recommending dismissal: a. Any two voting members feel the job is not being done adequately b. Missing two consecutive Council meetings without prior approval and/or notification from/to the President c. A sudden illness or injury that inhibits the member from actively engaging in his duties B. Procedures for dismissal a. The party bringing the charges must notify the President twenty-four (24) hours before the InterFraternity Council Executive Board meeting b. The names of the party bringing the charges will be kept confidential by the President c. The final decision will be made by the Executive Board in a closed vote, majority rule fashion C. In a time of crisis, the InterFraternity Council Executive Board has the authority to elect a current Executive Board member to a higher position, if such vacant position needs immediate attention (e.g. fraternity suspended, or a leave of absence) a. The Executive Board will accept nominations for the remaining vacant positions b. Fraternities with two members already on the Executive Board are not eligible to apply c. At the next InterFraternity Council meeting, regular voting procedures will resume

Section VIII: Officers as Representatives All InterFraternity Council Executive Board members may act as representatives for any member chapter upon request during any process pertaining to organizations beyond the scope of authority of the InterFraternity Council (e.g. Judicial, Legislative, Recruitment, Programming, as well as Social processes)

ARTICLE V – VACANCIES Section I: When a vacancy in an elected officer occurs, nominations will be held at the next InterFraternity Council meeting Section II: The election will be held during the next scheduled meeting following nominations

ARTICLE VI – MEETINGS Section I: Rules of Order All InterFraternity Council meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order, except in matters specifically provided for in the Constitution or Bylaws Section II: Regular Meetings The InterFraternity Council shall not hold regular meetings when in conflict with the school calendar. The Secretary/Treasurer shall notify all InterFraternity Council member representatives of all meetings by an announcement Section III: Special Meetings A special meeting of the InterFraternity Council may be called to order by the InterFraternity Council President when necessary Section IV: Time, Date, and Place of Meetings The President and the Executive Board shall set the time, date, and place of all InterFraternity Council meetings Section V: Policy on Meeting Attendance A. Definitions a. Lateness shall be defined as the chapter not being present at the time the meeting is called to order, but arrives at some point after the call to order and before the meeting has been adjourned

b. Absence shall be defined as the chapter not being present at all during the time between the call to order and the adjournment o the meeting B. Controls a. A lateness shall count as half (½) of an absence b. Should a chapter accrue three (3) absences in one semester, then that chapter shall have their voting privileges suspended for the duration of said semester c. Should a chapter accrue five (5) absences in one semester, then that chapter shall be charged with a violation in front of the InterFraternity Judicial Board d. Any and all excused absences must be approved by the President

ARTICLE VII – BYLAWS Section I: The InterFraternity Council shall be empowered through their legislative capacity to enact Bylaws to this Constitution Section II: Amendments to the Bylaws shall be voted on at the meeting following their introduction. A two-thirds (2/3) vote shall be required for passage