Notification No.1810/Ph-VI/Ph-IX/Ph-XV/Open Plot/ Auction/2012

Dated: 26-10-2012.

The A.P. Housing Board has proposed to conduct sealed Tender-cum- Public Auction for disposal of the following open plots in A.P. Housing Board Colony Kukatpally under Ph-IV, Ph-VI, Ph-IX & Ph-XV, Kukatpally. on: 22 -11 -2012 at 11:00A.M. Sealed tenders are invited from the interested parties / persons / firms along with requisite EMD. The sealed tenders are to be put in the tender boxes placed at 1st floor Gruhakalpa premises, Mukaramjahi Road, Hyderabad on 22.11.2012 up to 11:00 AM and auction will be conducted on: 22.11.2012 from 11:00AM onwards at Head Office (Meeting Hall) Gruhakalpa, MJ Road, Hyderabad. The sealed tenders will be opened after the public auction of each plot. EMD will be in the shape of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Director, (EDS) e-seva C/o Executive Engineer (Hg), Western division, APHB, Kukatpally, highest rate will be considered for acceptance of the auction / tenders. The V.C. & H.C., A.P.H.B., reserves the right to cancel any or all tenders/ auction without assigning any reasons. The interested parties have to submit D.D against EMD personally to the in charge at Head Office, Gruhakalpa building, 1st Floor, M.J.Road, Hyderabad and to be put the sealed Tenders in the box on 22.11.2012, 11:00 AM and the party can also participate in the auction. A final decision will be taken by Vice Chairman & Housing Commissioner, which is advantageous to the Board. The other terms and conditions may be obtained from office of the Executive Engineer (Hg), Western Division, 4th Floor, APHB Commercial Complex, Opp: Sivaparvathi Theatre, Main Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 72. , Phone No.23057233, Dy.EE, Ph.No.9849906401, 9949099394 and AEO Ph.No. 8978867805. Interested persons desirous of participating in the auction may contact Executive Engineer(Hg), Western Division, Phone No.23057233, A.P. Housing Board for further details of the plots which are put to auction viz., location, plot size, plot area, upset price, EMD payable and terms and conditions of the auction.

000/Rs. Nampally.000/Rs. Proposed upset price EMD to be payable Remarks 1.000/- TERMS & CONDITIONS : 1.000 16.000 25.44 194.J Road. The participants in the open auction / sealed tenderer should deposit Rs.000 16.000/Rs. Western Division.00.000/Rs. 12.00. 2.2.000 25. 1st Floor.000 25.000/Rs.27.5.1 Plot and @ Rs.22 328.55 60. 2.000/Rs.each in respect of plots mentioned at S. Market Rate per Sqyd in Rs.000 16.00 Lakhs in respect of S.2.000 25.88 252. If the participant desires to participate in the auction only should submit EMD i.000 25.2.000/Rs.25.000/Rs.000/Rs. and submit the sealed tender for particular plot on 22.000/Rs.00. 5.20.000/Rs.000/Rs.40.000 16. Kukatpally.00.000/Rs.40.000/- 14.000 16.000/Rs.000 16.000/. respect plot mentioned at S.D.66 194.00. Demand Draft before commencement of auction and soon after the auction is completed EMD will be returned duly retaining highest bidder’s EMD.00.000/Rs.000/Rs.000/Rs. . If any bidder wants to participate in the public auction / sealed tender for more than one plot. Nos.77 266. obtained in favour of Director.000 25.000 25.000/Rs.000 16.000/- Rs. HIG MIG MIG MIG MIG MIG LIG Stray Piece Stray Piece Open Plot 261/1 257/A 78/A 83 61 17 129 159 166 212 75 Adjacent to HIG Plot 64 Adjacent to HIG Plot 48 Ph-IV. The amount of EMD will not be accepted in cash.00.Nos.30 16.13. No Category Plot No. Date & Time of auction Sl. Gruhakalpa premises. 4. The tenderer need not deposit EMD for auction separately as he already handed over EMD to person in charge at the time of sealed tender.14 of KPHB Colony @ Head office.50.2. respect of plots mentioned at Sl. M. 6. 8.2.e.000 Rs.44 222.000/- Rs. 155. 3.000/.25. 11.44 194.000 25..000 16.25.3 &5 to12 each and Rs.2012 up to 11:00 AM.2. Hyderabad as EMD by means of D. KPHB PH-VI KPHB Ph-IX KPHB Ph-IX KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB Ph-XV KPHB 647.000 16.00. 9.000 20.000/Rs.50.3. and the tenderers if desires can also participate in the auction.4 and @ Rs.The details of Plots to be auctioned are as follows: Basic Rate per Sqyd in Rs.000 16. 66.000 16.000 10.2.25. KPHB Ph-VI.000/.000/Rs.000 25.000/Rs.97 Rs.000 10.000 20.No.2. Location Area in Sqyds. 10.000 25.2.No.20. (EDS) e-seva C/o Executive Engineer (Hg).000 25. He / She should submit separate Demand Draft for each plot.

The Plot will be put to open auction / inviting sealed tenders and advantage offer to the Board will be considered.towards cost of preparation of registration plan and Rs.towards conveyance charges to get the plot registered in his / her favour. APHB. Those who participate in the auction directly without sealed tender only shall submit the D. The D. For any extended period beyond three (3) months. 5. The V. The land shall be utilized for permitted propose with the permission to competent authority. 6. & H.. Beyond six months if the bidder fails to pay ¾th cost. Western division. 9. If the successful bidder needs 2nd three months time she / he should submit written request immediately before the expiry of 1st three months time. and registered in his / her name. the auction shall automatically cancelled duly forfeiting the ¼ cost and 1% auction expenses without notice . reserves the right of confirming or rejecting the auction bid of anyone or all.C. . Persons desirous of offering an amount higher than the upset price fixed by the Board as indicated above alone should participate in the tender cum auction. (EDS) e-seva C/o Executive Engineer (Hg).C. 8.Ds of highest bidders of tender / auction will be retained by the Board till a decision is taken by the Vice Chairman & Housing Commissioner on confirmation of auction. The highest bidder / tenderer shall has no legal right to claim the ownership of the plots till the tender cum auction is confirmed by the V. a simple interest at 14% per annum on the balance amount due to the Board shall be charged as decided by the VC&HC. & H. 7.P.. Further he / she has to bear the stamp duty and registration charges as per rules and regulations of Registration and Stamps Department.C. Housing Board and the plot will be put to re-auction.Ds to the Executive Engineer.C. The EMD amount will not be accepted in cash.2. The participants for sealed tender and auction shall deposit the prescribed EMD drawn in the shape of Demand Draft in favour of the Director. For violation of condition 4 above. Western division before commencement of auction.200/. The highest bidder / tenderer while depositing the balance 75% of bid amount should also deposit Rs. The highest bidder/tenderer should deposit 25% of the bid amount and 1% (One percent) auction expenses on the total bid amount Within 24 hours after the auction is closed and the balance of 75% bid amount should be remitted within Three (3) months from the date of confirmation of auction letter by the Vice Chairman & Housing Commissioner. Kukatpally from any scheduled bank payable at Hyderabad. & H. 10. 3. 4.Ds unsuccessful applicants will be returned to them after closure of auction. The D. on the request of the bidder only and subject to approval of the V.1. 25% of bid amount and 1% auction expenses remitted by the successful bidder will be forfeited to the A.000/.C.C.

18. If any water/electricity/telephone lines or poles passing/installed in the plot. If more than one person jointly / firm represented by the individuals. in the form and shape and condition in which it is available as on the date of tender-cum-auction and it shall be responsibility of the tender-cum-auction purchaser to satisfy him/her self about the condition of the plot before participation in the tender-cum-auction. No plot will be divided between the joint auctioners. As per approved layout by the Urban local bodies.e. 12.30 A. For further details and for identification of the plot. 20. The plot will be registered in favour of the tender-cum-auction purchaser only. The minimum stack in the auction is proposed to increase from Rs. to 5. Commissioner is the final authority either to accept or to reject any or all the bids and reserve the right to cancel the tender-cum-auction without assigning any reasons thereof. he / she should get the particulars recorded on the spot. The plot offered for sale will be sold in tender-cum-auction. Western division.P.M. 21. Housing Board. 13. The plots will be registered in favour of the highest bidder in tender-cum-auction purchaser only. Housing Board will not entertain any kind of objection after the bid is knocked down in favour of highest bidder/tenderer.P. roads. Any change of the name will not be entertained after the auction process is closed. 17. 22. and sites are shown. the plot will be registered in their name. as on the date by tender-cum-auction. The full particulars should be recorded at the time of auction. Single bid in the auction will not be accepted. In the event of change of name if any it shall be intimated by the successful bidder to the auctioning authority before the closure of the auction process. it is the responsibility of the tender cum auction purchaser to get them removed from the plot at his / her own expenses. The Vice Chairman & Hg. The APHB will not entertain any representation in the matter. 15. The plot can be inspected during office hours i. If more than one person participated in the auction for a single plot. The names of the auction bidder and the person in whose favour property proposed to be registered shall be recorded simultaneously in the auction forms and auction sheet on the day of auction only. The A. No representation shall be entertained after closure of auction. 10. 19. 14. Tender-cumauction of the site will be in the context of approved layout and on the basis of physical measurements.100/. . the Executive Engineer(Hg). A.and above..11. 16.M. KPHB colony may be contacted on any working day during the office hours.00 P.

No.000/per each member Cancellation of auction duly forfeiting the amount deposited earlier.20. happens to be holiday in unforeseen circumstances the auction will be conducted on next working day.10. the cost of the less area will be refunded at the auction rate. It should be pre announced that open auction be conducted first and then only sealed tenders be opened. 25. Inclusion of family members of the Highest bidder with proof.000/For inclusion of each name Rs. Sl. No further extension beyond six months.C.5. If any dispute/court case arises out of this auction. Extension of time after 3months with interest at 14% as decided by VC& HC 1% of the bid amount maximum of Rs.000/- 2 3 4 Extension of time after 3months. 5 N. if any excess area is arrived at the auction rate and if less area is arrived. The following additional conditions are incorporated in the tender-cum-auction notification.Rs.O.. Head Quarters & Municipalities – Rs.3. Extension of time beyond six months What amount can be charged. 24. Rural area other than Dist.000/Urban . Vice-Chairman & Housing Commissioner. the matter will be dealt in the courts of the Hyderabad/RR District Courts only. . 1 Section activities Deletion of one of the highest bidder at the time of registration. for obtaining loans from the banks NOTE: 1) The areas shown against the each plot is subject to actual measurement at the time of registration and difference cost will be collected.for urban for Rural Rs.10.23. 2) If the dates mentioned above.000/.