NJ - “Rapture has turned me off from … Afterlife.” - Dr.


Dr. Neil Johnson 37, from WV has been studying ourbeacon.com for several months. He loves everything about true Islam but the “irrational, dodgy and silly concept of Rapture has turned me off from any thoughts of Afterlife.” He states he knows that without faith in the Second Life, Islam cannot be for him. He has “looked deeply at Reincarnation and trashed it.” “Am I hoping against hope?

NJ - Any help possible Doc?”

SA- Dear Dr. Johnson, Peace and blessings!

Successful gentlemen like yourself create hope and make it a reality. In the given situation, we only need to contemplate from another vantage point. You believe that God is Omnipotent, Almighty. Right Sir?

NJ - For Sure!

SA - So, He is Able to do all things. Right Sir?

NJ - Right!

SA - Qur’an 30:50 …. He is Able to do all things.

NJ - Can He re-create? He can, but will He and how will it be?

SA - Okay, then He says:

30:50 Behold then these signs of God’s grace .Surely. only in accordance with His laws? He knows what lies open before humans and what is hidden from them. the Living. Neither slumber.Does He get tired? The Bible says “Yes” and it tells you that God needs rest. belongs to Him alone. and then. the Supreme. God’s promise is the unwavering truth. 30:11 He initiates the creation. He is the Reviver of the dead. nor sleep overtakes Him. He never gets tired: 2:255 (These directions. the Self-Subsisting Sustainer of all creation. and then repeats it. Who can intercede in His Court except by His Leave. No one can encompass a trace of His knowledge but through His laws. of all of you. the Originator of life. Does that ring a bell? SA .how He revives the earth after it had been lifeless. tidings and warnings come from God. and He will create it again …. and He is Able to do all things. it does! You might have come across Verse 2:255 commonly known as Ayat-al-Kursi in the Qur’an (The Verse of the Throne). Ultimately. The Throne of His Supreme Control extends over the highs and the lows. NJ . He created the first creation. all of you will be returned to Him.) There is no god but He. . 10:4 To Him is your return. No fatigue touches Him as He benevolently guards His Dominion and creation. in the heavens and earth. the One True God. Genesis 2:2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made. and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. He is the Glorious. His knowledge transcends time and space. All that exists in the highs and the lows.

passive phenomenon.Yes.That’s it Sir. Johnson! Will you happily welcome the Second Life? NJ . Congratulations! Nothing like Baptism required. respected Dr. the Dominating. OK! Won’t you long for an infinitely better form of life in an infinitely better environment? NJ . . and in an environment. 56:60 We have decreed death (designed the laws of death) among you. It’s entirely an exponential and active form of re-creation. So. that is (as yet) unknown to you. Thanks a lot! “There is no god but the One True God and Muhammad is His Messenger. the One.Of course.Our Resurrection is not a haphazard. I will! SA . and the heavens too will be replaced and they will come forth to God.14:48 The Day will come when this earth will be replaced with a new earth.” SA . I will. And there is nothing to prevent Us 56:61 From changing your forms and making you in a manner.